(Note: The idea for this story was provided to me by my loyal reader, Rod F.  Thanks Rod.)

It was a Friday and I left work early.  I had decided that rather than go out and hit the bars, I would relax for a while then go out for a leisurely dinner then return home and watch a movie.  As a realtor, I had met with my last client for the day and headed for my condo overlooking the bay. I was on the twelfth floor and had a fantastic view.  It was a two bedroom condo however in  my work, I often worked from home so the second bedroom had been converted to my office. There were two balconies, one off the living room, and the other off the master bedroom, both of which were private and unable to be seen by my neighbors.

Once home, I showered and after grabbing a beer from the fridge, I headed out onto the balcony, totally nude.  I loved the feel of the ocean breeze blowing across my body.  After a while of watching the surf on the bay, I went in and dressed for dinner.  I was soon on my way to my favorite seafood restaurant over the bay.

My regular waiter saw me and greeted me with a beer in his hand when he came to my table.  He knew my routine.  I ordered my dinner and as I looked out over the bay before checking out the customers.  Just a couple of tables away was a young, good-looking, muscular sailor in uniform.  I could tell he was nearing the end of his meal.  I motioned for Jim, my waiter, to come to my table.

"What can I do for you Mr. Rice?"

"Jim, add that sailors bill onto my check.  I want to pay for his dinner."

"Will do, sir," he replied.

The sailor motioned for Jim just after Jim had delivered my meal.  I watched at the sailor asked for his check.  Jim leaned forward slightly and said something.  The sailor spoke back to Jim and Jim pointed over in my direction.  Mine and the sailors eyes met and I showed a smile.

The sailor came to my table and said, "Sir, I thank you for paying for my dinner, but it really wasn't necessary.  I can afford it."

"I'm sure you can, but when I can I like to show my appreciation to our men in uniform that are serving our country. I'm Mark Rice.  Why don't you sit down and have a beer with me."

He smiled and said his name was Brent Sims as he sat down.  We began to talk and I found out that he was a radar man on his ship and that after three months at sea, they were in port for two weeks for routine maintenance. he said that rather than stay aboard the ship and continued his duties he decided to take a seven day leave and relax. 

I finished my meal and as we had another beer, I asked if he had any plans for the evening.

"I don't have any definite plans. Why do you ask?"

"I don't either and I am totally enjoying our conversation, and would like to continue it. I was wondering if you would like to join me at my place for a while."

"Well, sure," he replied.

I paid the check and we headed back to my condo.  As we drove, he said that he had been in the Navy for two years but never got tired of seeing the water.

"Well, You will get a good view from my place," I said.

"Really?  Where do you live?"

"You see that high rise up ahead on the left?"  He said yes and I said, "Well, I have a condo up on the top floor."

"Fuck, man, are you serious?"

"Sure am," I replied as I turned into the garage.  We entered the elevator and I pressed the number 12 button. 

We got off and as soon as I opened the door and let him in, he went straight to the balcony and looked out over the bay.  "What a fucking  view!" he exclaimed. After a moment he returned to the living room as I retrieved two beers from the fridge.

Handing him one, I said, "Make yourself at home."  He sat on the sofa and I sat in my regular chair before kicking off my shoes.  Moments later he removed his shoes.

Our continued conversation revealed that he was raised on a farm outside of Omaha, Nebraska. A ear after he joined the Navy, his parents were killed in an auto accident.  Being their only relative, he inherited everything.  He decided to sell the farm and possibly make a career of the Navy. I found out that he was just shy of his twenty-first birthday and had no other family. 

The conversation continued and he told me about his job and I told him about mine.  Then just before midnight, he said that he should be going.  When I said I would take him to his motel and asked where he was staying, I was appalled at what he said.  The motel he named was a 'rent-by-the-hour' dump near the docks.

"Brent, that place is a dump.  Why are you staying there?"

"It was convenient to the base. That's the only reason, but you're not really in any shape to drive.  I'll get a cab."

"Like hell you will.  I may not be in any shape to drive, but you're not in any shape to fend off any muggers.  You're staying here until tomorrow. The only thing is, you will have to share my bed.  It is a king and plenty big for both of us."

"Mark, I don't want to put you out," he said.

"You won't be and I don't want to read about you in the morning paper."

He smiled and followed me to the bedroom. Once there, he asked if he could shower.  I said yes and we both began undressing, me slower than him.

As he removed each piece of clothing, my heart raced faster.  I had never planned on making any sexual advances on him and still didn't, but it was going to be hard not to.  His body was awesome.  His muscular chest was covered with a light to medium coating of soft brown hair and his soft cut cock was at least seven inches in length.

Once he was nude he noticed me looking at him and said, "Man, I'm sorry if I offended you.  On the ship we dress and undress in front of each other all the time.  I don't think anything at all about being nude in front of a guy."

"Hey man, I'm totally cool with it.  I'm not offended and neither am I shy either."

He went to the shower and I finished undressing and pulled back the bed covers.  I slipped in and pulled them over my semi hard cock.

When he returned from the shower, he had a towel wrapped around him, but the bulge at his crotch was obvious.  He couldn't help but notice me looking at it and as he dropped the towel, he said, "Having been at sea for three months is not easy on a guy.  The old hand job is only a release and in no way satisfaction. I had considered finding one of the whores that is usually at the bars near the base."

No telling what you might catch, either."

"I know.  My best bud on the ship told me that if the girls don't look clean he will find a guy and let the guy blow him.  He swears that the men blow better than the women, and tht there is no drama."

"Well, it sounds like he knows what he's talking about.  Have you ever tried it?"

"No, not yet, but I have definitely considered it.  He does have me very curious. I stay horny."

I noticed that the conversation had him almost fully erect. Laughing, I said, "I stay horny also and you are definitely right about a hand job." I tossed the covers back and revealed my rock hard cock.  He burst our laughing, and said, "Fuck, man, we're acting like two young teens just learning about sex."

"You know, you're right.  Did you and any buds ever experiment together?"

"Yea some but just jerking together.  We talked about blowing each other neither of us wanted to go first because we were afraid the other wouldn't do it also.  What about you?"

"Me and my brother were like that.  We jerked together and ach other.  He was a year older and we decided to try blowing.  We both knew if the other refused to return the action, there would be one hell of a fight, then dad would get involved."

"So you have tried sucking another guy?" 

I decided to come clean and be honest.  "Yes, Brent, I have.  In high school, I dated and fucked cunt, but soon realized that my sexual preference was sex with another male.  Brent, I'm gay, but I promise you that in no way was I planning on doing anything with you.  I respect you too much to do that."

"Mark, I believe you. If you were going to try anything, I don't think you would have told me that you are gay." We got quiet for a moment, before he said, "Let's get some sleep."

I turned out the light and tried to go to sleep.  After almost an hour, I got up and went out onto the bedroom balcony.  A moment later, Brent stepped up next to me.

"You couldn't sleep either?" he asked.

"Nope," I replied.

He placed his hand on my shoulder and said, "Mark, come back to bed and show me if my bud was telling me the truth."

"Are you telling me that you want me to suck your cock?"

"Yep.  I'm curious and this is my chance.  If I don't like it, I know that if I say stop, you will."

"Yes, I will," I replied, looking into his moonlit face.

he returned to bed and remained uncovered.  I lay next to him and as I gently began stroking his semi hard cock, I began licking and gently sucking first one nipple then the other.  He moaned softly.  I licked my way down to his crotch and began gently sucking one ball then the other.  Another soft moan.

I then licked up the underside of his hard shaft and when I swallowed his cock in it's entirety, he said loudly, "Oh, Mother Fuck, Yea."

I steadily worked his cock with my lips and tongue and soon brought him to a roaring climax, with him arching his back off the bed at least a foot. he soon collapsed back onto the bed and looked into my face as I milked his cock dry before swallowing every delicious drop that he had fed me.

I lay back beside him and asked, "Well?"

"Man that was something else.  I don't think I have ever had a climax that satisfying before.  It was fantastic. I have never had any chick go all the way like that."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it.  I know I certainly did."

We pulled the covers up over us and soon I heard him snoring softly.  I smiled and was soon asleep myself.  Just at daybreak, I awoke to find him spooned in behind me, with his arm laying over me. I instantly got boned. After a few moments, I eased out of bed and went to the kitchen and started coffee. After pouring a cup I went out onto the balcony, thinking about what had transpired the night before.

A moment later, I felt Brent step up beside me.

"How'd you sleep?" I asked.

"Like a baby," he replied. "I haven't slept that good in ages."

"I'm glad," I said, turning towards him.  I noticed him glance down at my cock.

An instant later, his hand wrapped around my cock and as he began slowly stroking it, it began to stiffen.  Extremely quick, I was rock hard and saw him smile. Then, without any hesitation, he dropped to his knees and began sucking my cock, swallowing more with every forward movement. Before long, I neared my climax and told him so but he never slowed down.  Suddenly, my cock exploded into his mouth and once he had me drained, I saw him swallow.

After he stood, I couldn't hold myself back and I leaned in and kissed him passionately, our tongues soon exploring each others mouth. When we parted, I asked, "What made you do what you did?"

"Mark, I have to be honest with you.  After what my bud told me about letting guys blow him I became curious.  I began checking out other guys cocks in the shower and wondered what it would be like to suck one.  However I knew that if I made any suggestions it would end my career.  Meeting you was my chance to satisfy that curiosity."

"And just what do you think?"

"Man, I have to tell you, it was awesome. I was totally into it, and I hope you let me do it again."

"Well, to let you do it again, you will have to be here with me, and I have a solution to that."

"And that solution is?"

"Lets get dressed, go get some breakfast, then go get your belongings and you spend the week with me."

"That sounds perfect to me," he replied.

We did just that and once we had returned to my condo and stripped, he came up to me and pressed his lips to mine and offered his tongue.  I accepted and offered mine.  After the kiss, I smiled and asked, "Before this morning, you had never kissed a guy before, right?"

"Right, but I immediately liked it.  I had never found a woman that enjoyed kissing like that.  I'd try it and they would pull away.  I was thrilled when you started kissing me the way I like to kiss."

He reached down and began fondling my cock.  I suggested we go to the bedroom.

Once there, I lay him on the bed and we had our first sixty-nine.  He said it was the hottest thing he had ever done.

That evening, we hit a gay bar, with him in disguise in cast the shore patrol saw him.  he was in total awe and the openness of the activity.  When returned to the condo, I asked if wanted to try something else new.  He was quick to say yes.

I got the lube and had him fuck me and he loved it. But after filling my ass with his huge thick load, he insisted that I fuck him.  I told him what to expect pain wise but he insisted.  I made my entry and took my time and by the time I climaxed he was telling me how great it was.  After filling his no longer virgin hole, we showered together, washing each other.

That week, sex was more often that I had had in years.  He never got enough.  When I finally had to take him back to the naval base, it was a sad moment.  He had admitted that he was totally gay and would have to learn to control his actions.  The I surprised him.

As I handed him a key, he asked "What 's that for?"

"It's a key to my condo for you to use anytime your in port."

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed, and asked me to pull off into a secluded area.  We had experienced a sixty-nine before leaving the condo, so I didn't h\think that was what he had in mind.  Once out of sight, he grabbed me and we kissed passionately before he said, "I can never thank you enough for the best week of my life and helping me find who I really am."

I drove him to the gate and we shook hands like the best of friends that we really were.  I knew I would miss him.

We e-mailed each other often and had developed our own code to express our sexual needs for each other.  I truly looked forward to seeing him again.

Time passed and about three weeks later I was returning to my condo after showing a property to a couple when I saw a hot muscular Marine thumbing a ride.

TO BE CONTINUED....................



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