From Part 1...........

I drove him to the gate and we shook hands like the best of friends that we really were.  I knew I would miss him.

We e-mailed each other often and had developed our own code to express our sexual needs for each other.  I truly looked forward to seeing him again.

Time passed and about three weeks later I was returning to my condo after showing a property to a couple when I saw a hot muscular Marine thumbing a ride.


Part 2.........

I began slowing as I pulled over to the side of the road.  I finally came to a total stop just past the hot Marine as he began headed my way.  I had lowered the passenger window and when he stepped up beside me and leaned down, I asked, "Where you headed, Bud?"

Flashing a big beautiful smile, he said, "Down to Bay Front Drive," he replied.

"Hop in," I replied.  "That's where I'm headed."

He quickly slipped into the seat next to me and as I pulled back onto the roadway, he said, "I really appreciate you stopping.  I'm Trent."

"I'm Mark," I replied.  "What you got planned for today?"

"Oh, just kill time, I guess.  I can't do much because I'm low on cash. With luck, maybe I can find a quick way to make a few bucks."

"I see," I replied as I headed to the bay front.  "You got any plans?" I knew there was only one way a male like Trent  could make some quick cash along Bay Front Drive. 

"Oh, I have a way," he said, looking over toward me.  "I'd be glad to show you in appreciation for giving me a ride," he added as he placed his left hand on my right thigh and began rubbing it

As my cock quickly stiffened, I asked, "What all are you willing to do?"

"Just so you know, I'm not gay, or bi" he said.  "I love pussy, but I will give another guy a blow job in exchange for a fee or he can blow me.  And I definitely do not get fucked, but if the guy is willing to pay my fee, I'll gladly fuck him if that is what he likes."

"Trent, you willing to show your appreciation for the ride at my place," I asked, glancing over at him.

"Sure, why not."

As we drove toward the bay front, I casually asked, "Have any of your employers wanted more that you were willing to do?"

"At times, but I can handle myself if necessary," he replied.

We arrived at my condo and once inside I asked what he wanted me to do. 

"Why don't you get comfortable," he said as he glanced around.

I quickly stripped  and sat in my regular chair.  Trent walked closer and as he looked at my rock hard cock, he said, "Looking at your condition, I would be willing to guess that I'm not the first to service you."

"Nope, and I'm sure you won't be the last," I replied as he dropped to his knees and lifted my cock toward his open mouth.  A second later he had swallowed my cock balls deep.  He was good at what he was doing and I moaned softly in pleasure.  I was curious if he would take my load and swallow and decided real quickly that I would remain silent when my climax neared.

Moments later, my climax drew near and I was loving the pleasure he was giving me.  Without any warning, I said loudly, "Oh Fuck Yea!" as my load began firing volley after volley into Trent's mouth.  It my surprise he began swallowing without any problem.  It was obvious he had sucked and swallowed many times before.

As he pulled off my cock, I looked at him and said, "Why don't you join me and get undressed also?"

"What for?" he asked.

"Maybe I want more to happen.  Just get undressed and find out."

His attitude about not being gay or bi had really pissed me off.  If he wasn't bi I wasn't gay.  I decided to teach him a lesson, which is definitely not my normal style.

Looking into my face, he slowly began to remove his camo pants and top.  Moments later he stood before me totally naked. He was a beautiful specimen of a man and turned me on tremendously. My cock began to slowly stiffen again.

Without saying anything, I reached into the side table for my tube of lube.  His eyes widened, thinking I was going to fuck him. 

"I told you before, I don't get fucked," he said nervously.

"I never said I was going to fuck you," I replied as I began lubing his cock then my ass.  I desperately wanted  his big beautiful cock in my hole. I turned my ass to him and leaned over into my chair for him to begin his entry.  Once he was in me balls deep, I turned my head around toward him and said, "Just so you know, this is a freebie.  I'm not paying for it."

He didn't argue and fucked my ass expertly.  Feeling his huge load fire off deep in me was awesome.  My cock was now fully boned and ready for more action.

He pulled out and I tossed him a rag to wipe himself off with. Once he had wiped off the lube, I smiled and said, "My turn."

He looked at me questioningly and as I began lubing my cock he said, " told you before, man, I don't get fucked."

"You will this time," I said.

"What makes you think you can make me?"

"First off, I'm as built as you are and have a black belt. And secondly," I said, picking up my cell phone and pressing a couple of buttons, he began hearing himself say he was willing to suck cock or fuck ass for a fee, "if you resist, this recording gets played for your base commander.  I just don't like the way you try to play straight."

He knew that if I took the tape to his base he would be disgraced and kicked out of the Marines.  He slowly relented and turned his rear toward me.

I lubed him up and deciding to be a nice guy, I went in as gently as I could. He moaned in pain continuously to start, and I could see tears running down his face, but after a few minutes, he quieted down and began to gently slide back toward me and I moved forward in his ass.  I took my time and by the time I climaxed, I heard him say softly "Oh fuck yea!"  I knew he had started to enjoy it.  I reached my climax and as my cock erupted, I held it steady in his ass.  To my surprise, he reached back and pulled me into him balls deep as his ass milked my cock dry.

After I pulled out, I looked at him and said, "Now you have another way to make some money.  Guys will pay more for your ass than they will for you mouth."

 He asked to shower before he dressed and after he stepped into the shower, I casually joined him.  After drying off, we both dressed and I stepped out onto the balcony.  he soon joined me and  as he did, I said, "I'm sure you know that most of the guys selling sex are down to the left.  Just be careful and watch out for the Shore Patrol.  I've heard that at times they will act as a john and pick up military guys for sex and once they agree they get hauled to the brig."

He thanked me and I walked him to the door.  Before he could react o grabbed his head and pressed my lips to his and offered my tongue.  He tried to resist but soon relented and accepted mine and offered his.  After the kiss, I smile and said, "Guys will likely pay more if you are willing to kiss and make out."

With a shocked look on his face, he thanked me.  I shook his hand and said, You know where I live.  Feel free to stop by anytime."

He just smiled before heading to the elevator.  I went back to the balcony and a moment later, saw him exiting the building and crossing the street before heading down Bay Front Drive. After taking a few steps, he paused and looked back up toward my condo.

I ordered Chinese sent in and after eating I went to my office to go over the next days schedule.  I was just finishing up when I heard my buzzer sound.  Pressing the talk button, I said, "Yes?"

"Mark, It's Trent.  May I please come up?"

I could hear desperation in his voice and sais sure as I pressed the button to release the door lock.  Moments later, my door bell rang.

I opened it to see Trent's face scraped and slightly bloody.

"What the fuck happened?" I asked as I stepped back to let him in.

"I had made a few bucks from a couple of guys when a couple of boozed up teens tried to roll me.   I won out and they left in worse shape that me.  I decided to call it a night and see if I could clean up here before going back to the base."

"When do you have to report back?" I asked as I shut the door.

"Tomorrow night by midnight," he replied. 

 "Stay here tonight then,'' I replied.  "Go get yourself cleaned up."

He undressed and after he was in the shower, I tossed his fatigues  and underwear and socks into the wash.  he returned from the shower and his cuts and scratches looked much better.  I told him where his clothes were and he laughed and said, "I guess I have to stay naked."

"Well, if it will make you more comfortable, I'll join you," I replied as I stripped off my gym shorts, which is all that I had on. He looked at me and smiled. When his clothes were dry, I took them out of the dryer and folded them.

We sat and talked and after a few beers,  I suggested that we hit the sack and that he would be sleeping with me.  We headed for the bedroom and after laying down, he looked over at me and asked, "You up for a sixty-nine?"

"Always, " I replied.

He flipped around and in an instant we were aggressively sucking each others cock.  we climaxed only seconds apart and after  e had both swallowed our reward, he flipped around and kissed me passionately. After the kiss ended, he looked at me and said, "Mark, I have a confession to make to you."

"I'm listening."

"Today you made me admit things to myself that I have tried to deny for several years.  I have been sucking guys since my late teens.  I kept it hidden form everyone I knew.  I figured that if I joined the Marines, I could change and be straight.  Then, I found I couldn't change but tried to convince myself that I only had sex for cash, making me a male prostitute.  However, after I left here today, I realized that I had to admit to myself that I was totally gay.  You were really the first to fuck me and  I have to admit that by the time you climaxed, I was loving it.  I realize now that I am gay and have to keep it hidden from the military and keep my encounters to a minimum and only with people I can trust."

"Trent, I hope you consider me one of those that you can trust."

"Most definitely," he replied before kissing me again.  We talked and besides getting fucked for the first time , when I kissed him before he left he said that the kiss was also a first for him and that he enjoyed both.

We went to sleep and the next morning he seemed to be a new man.  Instantly, after awakening, he wanted sex.  This time we made out passionately before lovingly fucking each other.  There was sex several more times before I took him back to the Marine base.

He knew that anytime he was in town he was welcome to visit, but I did not give him a key as I had done Brent.  Brent then Trent.  Who would be next?

Trent visited every couple of weeks and we had great sex.  Then, after six months or so, when he visited me he said that it was his last time.  He said that his unit was being shipped out to North Carolina for training before going to the middle east.  We had hot sex all weekend.

A week later, I returned to the condo to find Brent, reclining on my sofa facing the door, totally nude and his cock as hard as stone. I had a shocked look on my face when he said, "I need you, baby.  Get out of those clothes."

In seconds I was totally naked and we were making hot passionate love in my bed.    He was in port and only had a weekend leave.  We made up for lost time and the sex was awesome.  I took him back to base late Sunday and we bid farewell. For now.  I knew my feelings  for Brent were gradually growing stronger.

I buried myself in my work, although Brent was always there in my thoughts.  About two months later, I had a call from a new client, wanting to meet.  he was a captain in the Air Force and was nearing retirement and was looking for a retirement home close to the water for he and his wife.

TO BE CONTINUED....................



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