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Chapter Seventy-Six

Last Days in Vietnam

Sister was familiar with the paperwork that had to be filed so we let her get it started on our behalf. She did not offer much encouragement, though, that it would be done by the time we left Vietnam. She said it could sometimes take years.

We were determined to stick it out. Sister was right, it dragged out. Jason kept extending his enlistment as we waited for the process to go through all the red tape. When my enlistment was up, I extended too. I extended a second time.

Finally, we were given the green light to take the boys home with us. Toby threw us a party to celebrate our good news. Afterwards, Jason and I went to the Trent to have our own private party to celebrate.

We had arranged our extensions so we would both be discharged at the same time. We both had four more months in country. We did our jobs-I racked up more kills--but I found myself being a lot more careful than before. I had a new responsibility now, and I was scared that fate would deal me a bad hand. We never talked about the time we had left. Too many times a guy would start talking about his short time and what he was going to do with his life when he got back to the States, and the next thing, he didn't have a life, and he went back in a body bag. It was like a curse to talk about your short time. We just knew how much time we had left. We did agree that if one of us got it, the other one would take both boys.

I was in one of the "military surplus" stores gathering up a few items, both American and Vietnamese, that I wanted to send home as souvenirs. Some of it was probably illegal, like the bayonets and the clips of live ammo, but that wasn't a problem for the elderly shopkeeper. It would've been a problem if I'd shipped it myself, but he said it would be no problem if he shipped it. Of course there was an extra fee for that service. I didn't know how he got by with it but I didn't care and I was happy to pay the extra fee. I told him that I would be in country for a while yet, and my brother would notify me when it arrived. He understood my meaning; don't try to screw me. I turned around from the counter, stuffing the receipt in my pocket, and ran right into another guy head-on. It was like hitting a brick wall. I muttered something in the way of a grumbling apology and moved past him.


I stopped and turned around.

"Brant! Levi Brant!"

"Damn, I thought that was you," he said, smiling broadly.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I asked.

"Buying up stuff to start my own mercenary unit," he joked.

"I don't doubt that," I said. "No, what're you doing here, in country?"

"Well, fuck, dude, the same thing you're doing here. We went to the same school, remember?"

"How could I forget," I said. "Hey, you prick, I woke up and you were gone. You didn't even bother to say goodbye, or say where you were going."

"You were sleeping so good, I didn't want to wake you. I kissed you goodbye, though," he joked.

"Damn, you haven't changed a bit," I said.

"Wellllll....maybe a little," he said with a tight grin.

"How long have you been in country?"

"Long enough to have three confirmeds," he said with a wide grin.

"Hell, they're all confirmeds, they need the count," I said.

"I would've been here sooner but I got delayed when my parents were both killed in a small plane crash."

"Damn, I'm sorry to hear that."

"I got a thirty day delay over that," he went on, showing little concern over the death of his parents. "Then I got this wild hair up my ass, decided I wanted to be a medic."

"What the hell for? You wanta patch 'em up after you take the shot? There's not supposed to be anything to patch up after you take the shot."

"Hell, I don't know, I let this guy talk me into it. So I got trained as a medic, then focused back on what I really wanted to do, and here I am. Hey, fucker, I got a hotel room, you wanta go have a few beers and see what kind of mischief we can get into?"

Damn, I wanted to. I remembered the good times I had with Brant, and he was looking even sexier then before with his smooth muscles bulging out of his clothes. Shit, his arms looked like they might rip out his shirtsleeves. Same for his pants. And Jason and I did have an understanding. And I was fucking Richards on a pretty regular basis. Still, I felt guilty; like this was a test of my loyalty, even my love for him, and I was a little disappointed that I lusted after this big hunk. "Damn, I would love to, Levi, but....well, there's this guy."

"I understand. Fuck, bring him along," Levi said.

"He's not with me," I said. "I never know when I'll see him."

"Where do you meet up?" Levi asked.

"At Toby's. Do you know it?"

"No. I haven't been here long enough yet to know my way around. We can go to Toby's, wait around." he said.

"If you don't mind taking a chance that you'll be wasting your time," I said.

"I got nothing pressing," he said.

I laid aside the stuff I was going to buy and told him I would be back. Then we went to Toby's.

Toby was surprised to see us walk in, and he gave me a suspicious look as he set two beers on the bar.

"That okay?" I asked Levi, shoving his beer closer.

"Hey, my mama always said I would eat anything that didn't eat me first....same applies to beer. I ain't particular."

"Apparently you're not, hanging around with this guy," Toby said.

I introduced Toby and Levi and noticed the way they both looked each other--especially at each other's arms--when they shook hands across the bar. I explained the connection between me and Levi and we told some stories about our training together, leaving out the sex. When Levi went to the rest room after his third beer, Toby eyeballed me across the bar.

"What?" I asked.

"So, how does he fit into the scheme of things?" he asked. "Not that it's any of my business."

"If you're talking about me and Jason, he doesn't," I said.

He laughed and scowled. "Come on, you're talking to me--Toby--you're not going to let this hunkin' stud off the hook and toss him back."

"Actually, we came here to see if Jason had been in," I said.

"He hasn't," Toby said. "So where does that leave you and the hunk? I'm only asking because if you're going to toss him back I'm going to tackle him and drag his tight, awesome ass upstairs."

"I've never known you to take such a personal interest," I said with a smile.

"I am now, only after you guys got personal with me. I know you and Jason have an understanding. You're going to get out, go back home and make a life together. Neither of you said that outright, but you're taking two little boys back with you; that adds up to making a life together."

I smiled, with a frown. "I don't remember telling you any of this," I said.

"Jason did. He was really excited about where your lives are going."

"So am I," I said. "I appreciate your concern, Toby, but our understanding didn't exactly exclude things like Levi."

"So you didn't take a vow of celibacy."


"So it's an open relationship. Why does it exclude this particular specimen?" he asked, nodding to the back.

"It doesn't. I'm here with Levi, instead of in his hotel room, because I want Jason with us."

"And if he shows up, you're sure he'll jump on that," Toby said.

"You saw Levi. Wouldn't you?"

He looked away from me, at Levi coming back from the rest room. "Hey, I would throw him on the floor right here behind the bar," he said.

"No show yet, huh?" Levi said as he sauntered sexily back to the bar and slid his tight ass onto the stool.

"There's no reason to think he will, or won't. It's always a chance," I said. Then I looked to Toby. "Listen, if he shows, tell him I was in, and we're at.....?" I turned to Levi. "Where are we, by the way?"

"Barnes Hotel, room 302."

"Oh, the Barnes. Pretty classy," I said.

"It was the first place I saw. It is nice. And I got that little inheritance," he said, smiling.

"We'll be at the Barnes, room 302," I told Toby. "If Jason comes in, tell him to meet us there."

"We'll leave the door open for him," Levi said with a big grin.

I didn't leave Toby any more confused than I was. I didn't know why I felt our understanding had to exclude Levi except that the muscle stud was someone special to me and I thought I needed to turn away from special guys like Levi unless Jason could be in on it. I even told myself on the way to the hotel that we were going there to wait for Jason. I knew that probably wouldn't be true in the long run but it salved my conscience while I delayed the inevitable.

The Barnes Hotel wasn't the Hilton, but it was a far cry from the Trent. The room was a suite with the bedroom area separated from a living room area by an oversized couch that stretched across the room and one end curved away from the bedroom. There was a wide, private balcony overlooking a small, lush, even more private garden three floors down. There was a large three-tiered fountain bubbling water.

Levi called room service and asked them to deliver a cold six pack. "Might as well get started on a good buzz," he said. He started unbuttoning his shirt. "Hell, might as well get comfortable too," he added.

I was all for it, getting naked with the hunky stud, but I wanted to curb any sexual activity till Jason showed up....if he did. And if he didn't....well, I wasn't sure I could resist Levi's advances, or even his presence. Wasn't sure? Godd, why was I even bothering to kid myself! I still had our agreement to an open relationship to hang my hat on, but I really wanted Jason there.

It was a pleasure to just watch the guy undress. He was really a thing of male beauty and perfection, as much if not more so than Jason, and I could feel my lust growing as each garment was removed, his still boyishly smooth muscles rippling beautifully.

"Aren't you going to get undressed?" he asked.

"Yes, but I like watching you first," I said.

When he was down to his shorts he stopped. "This is as far as I go until I see some bare flesh," he said.

There came a knock at the door.

"That's probably the beer," he said.

A young man in hotel uniform stood properly holding a six pack carton with one hand, his other hand supporting the bottom. He did a bit of a double-take when he saw Levi, and I had started taking off my clothes as well.

"Your iced beverages, sir. I just removed them after a few minutes in the freezer," he said.

Levi laughed. "Iced beverages. I like that. Hell, dude, where I come from, it's cold beer." He walked over to get some money from his pants thrown over the back of the couch, and I saw how the boy's eyes--he was probably eighteen or nineteen--were glued to Levi's ass. He glanced at me and saw that I was watching him, and he gave me a tight, embarrassed smile. I smiled back and it seemed to put him at ease, like maybe we understood each other. Levi sauntered back to the door to give him his tip, and I saw the boy's eyes raking over his muscular body, lingering for a few seconds on the front of his shorts.

"Here you go, dude. And thanks."

"If you need anything else, sir, I would appreciate it if you asked for Aaron."

"Aaron. That's not a local name; that's American. You look sort of American."

"My father was an American," he said.

"He must've been here before the war even started," Levi said.

"Things were just beginning to boil over. He was an advisor," the boy said. "Please ask for Aaron. I am here to make you happy."

"And I'll bet you could do just that," Levi said sort of under his breath, like he was sharing a secret. "I'll be sure and ask for you, Aaron."

"Yes, sir. And I can refer you to services that are not provided by the hotel," he said, in the same under-his-breath tone. "If you need women....or girls....drugs....or boys....," he added.

"Dang, sounds like you've got your own little concession stand going," Levi said, laughing.

"Anything you want or need, sir. If I can't find it, I will provide it myself."

"We'll call you," said Levi. As he was about to close the door, he said, "Hey, when you get time you could bring up a stack of extra towels. No rush, just when you have time, or you happen to be coming this way again."

"Yes, sir," the boy said happily.

"Can you believe that?" Levi said, laughing, as he closed the door. "Fucker's got his own little prostitution ring and his own little drug cartel. Hey, you caught that last, didn't you....if he can't find it, he'll provide it himself."

"Yeah, and I saw the way he was looking at you. That was a proposition if I ever heard one," I said.

"Well, if your buddy doesn't show up....so, tell me about your buddy."

I told him about Jason; the military Jason, nothing about our relationship. Levi listened with great interest. Then he said, "Okay, now tell me the good stuff about him. What's he look like? What's he into? How's he hung?"

"He's good looking. Tough looking, really. You'd have to play it by ear as to what he's into."

"Unpredictable, huh," Levi said.

"Yeah, something like that," I lied.

"How much meat is he packing?" Levi asked again.

"He's hung," I said, holding my hands out wide.

"Aww, fuck, nobody's built like that," Levi scoffed.

"You'll probably get to see for yourself if he shows up," I said.

"And if he don't show, then I won't know if you're telling me the truth or not."

"Nope, I guess you won't," I said.

"Listen, I know you wanta wait on your guy--I can tell he means something to you--but we could go ahead and sorta make out, couldn't we, without getting into the good stuff," Levi said as he came over to take my pants that I'd just taken off. He folded them over his arm then hung them up. He felt my bulging shorts.

"I'll take that as a yes," he said, laughing, as he walked up to me. He put his hands on my hips, reaching his fingers around to grip the sides of my butt. "Goddamn, I remember those times we had back in school. Hottest sex I ever had, and I've had a lot of sex since then."

"Oh, really."

"You know when you said I hadn't changed a bit, and I said, 'well, maybe a little'. Actually I've changed a lot. Actually most of the sex I've had has been with other guys, pretty much to the exclusion of girls." He had pressed his body against mine from the waist down and was moving his hips back and forth so our thighs and our cocks rubbed together.

"Are you telling me you've turned gay, Levi?" I chided him.

He laughed. "Fuck, no, I didn't turn gay. I was gay all along and just didn't know it. After you, I got to thinking about all the girls I fucked, and the women--fuck, a couple of them were the girls' mothers--and I realized that none of those times measured up to what we did. I've fucked women since then, like sort of a test, you know, and I still like it and all but pussy and tits just don't do it for me like a guy's tits and ass and especially their muscles."

"So maybe you're a little bit bi," I said. "I mean, this hardon you're pushing against me isn't caused from talking about the women you fucked?"

"Fuck no," he said, laughing. "This hardon is caused from feeling you, stud. Oh, I'll probably still fuck a woman now and then if the circumstances call for it, but I know I'll always go back to guys for real satisfaction. Listen, I'm so fuckin' hot I can't settle for just looking. I've gotta feel. If I go over the line of just making out, you let me know, and stop me till your guy gets here."

He was maneuvering us to the couch. When his legs touched the back of the couch, he tumbled back with me on top of him. He cocked his knees up on either side of me to cradle me between them, and wrapped his muscular arms around me.

"Kissing is making out, right?" he murmured as our lips brushed together.

If it wasn't, we redefined it as such. Godd, the guy could kiss! His tongue in my mouth was on the strong offensive and it was like my tongue was being attacked. He had me trembling by the time we broke.

"Fuck, you've had some practice," I said, breathlessly.

"At a lot of things," he said as he brought one arm up over his head. His bicep curled up the size of a small grapefruit. I leaned over to kiss it. "Now that is sexy," he said as he watched me.

I outlined the bulging muscle with my tongue and traced the bluish veins, following one into his armpit. He had just enough hair there to be sexy, and I began licking his armpit, wetting the hair. He cringed.

"Oh, fuck!" he said softly. "Fuck, nobody ever did that to me before."

"How's it feel?"

"Like it tickles and I wanta laugh, but I can't 'cause it's not just a tickle, it's....fuck, I don't know, man, it just feels awesome."

I sucked some of the hairs into my mouth and tugged on them with my lips. Suddenly he clasped the back of my head and pressed my face hard into his armpit then locked his arm around me. "Ohhh, fuck, yeah, lick my pit, man....ohhh....ohhh, I swear, you could make me cum doing this."

I literally ate his armpit, till he stopped me, shoving my head away.

"Goddamn, how do you come up with this stuff?" he said.

"You've got sexy armpits, and sexy arms," I said. "And a sexy neck." I moved over and began kissing his thick, muscular neck. His cock throbbed hard between our bellies. He moaned and writhed under me and clasped my butt with his big, rough hands. He shoved his hand down the back of my shorts and kneaded my butt like bread dough and pulled them apart and rubbed my asshole with his fingers.

"Ohh, Godd, I wanta fuck you so bad," he whispered. "But that'd be going over the line. When that stud of yours gets here, he's gonna wanta fuck you, that's for sure."

"His mother taught him to share," I said. All the while I was praying that Jason would show. Not just because I wanted him there, but because I knew if he didn't show up I would go right on with Levi without him, and I didn't want to do that.

"I want him to fuck me too," Levi said. "Do you think he would?"

I chuckled. "When he gets a look at your ass, he'll probably rape you."

"What I would really like is to get fucked by both of you at the same time. I've never been double fucked before, but if he's as big you say he is, I don't know if I could handle both of you."

I didn't know my prayers were being answered; that is, we didn't hear the door open. We didn't know anyone was in the room till he spoke.

"Started without me, I see."

I tensed at the sound of his voice, then looked around. He was in uniform, bulging out of it, and suddenly I had a hard time breathing. I was a little short of breath from making out with Levi, but it was more than that. I was so thankful that Jason was there and greatly relieved that he didn't look or sound upset. I rose up and Levi rose up as I stepped off the couch. I was surprised that Levi felt compelled to offer an explanation as he sat up.

"Nothing serious, dude, just a little making out till you got here," he said.

"Looks like I got here just in time," Jason said, noticing our hard cocks.

I went over to Jason and we hugged and he surprised me with a quick kiss on the lips.

"Jason, this is Levi Brant. We were in sniper school together. Levi, this is Jason Seaborne, also a sniper. And my inspiration."

"I feel like I already know you," Levi said as they shook hands. "And dude, you didn't lie," he said to me. "At least not so far."

"Nice place you've got here," Jason said, looking around.

"It'd be even nicer if you weren't so overdressed," Levi said. He had a beer in his hand. "You get this when you get out of those clothes."

"Damn, a real hard ass," Jason said as he loosened his tie.

"Harder than you know. Bet you could soften it up, though," said Levi.

Jason was checking Levi out as he began taking off his clothes. "You work out," he said to Levi.

"Not really, except for lifting for football in high school," Levi said. "This all just happened."

"Muscles like that don't just happen," Jason said as he peeled off his shirt, revealing a massive, solid chest that rivaled Levi's.

"They do with hard work and the right genes," Levi drawled.

Jason smiled and I wondered what was coming. "What was the name of that holler where you grew up?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

Levi tossed his head back with laughter. "We're gonna get along just fine. Sleepy," he said.

"Sleepy Holler? was out of Huckleberry Finn," Jason said.

Levi roared with laughter. "No, dumb ass. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Headless Horseman, Ichabod Crane. You didn't stay awake in literature class, did you?" he said pointing two fingers into the right side of Jason's chest. He blinked and said, "Dang, Dude, you are one solid motherfucker," as he tapped his fingers harder against the muscle.

Jason dug his fingers into Levi's chest, or tried, but barely made a dent. "No more than you," he said.

I could see they were going to get along, and I thought one reason was that Jason, by invitation, had walked through an unlocked door to find Levi and me only making out. If the door had been locked he might have been suspicious. When he was down to his shorts--a pair of tiny camo briefs--he reached over and took the beer from Levi. Levi didn't try to keep it from him even though he wasn't naked; he seemed very satisfied with the tiny briefs. And little wonder; Jason looked almost as good in them as out. I got turned on every time I saw him wearing them.

Levi was sitting at one end of the couch, I was at the other end, leaving plenty of room for Jason, but he took the big oversized chair across from us instead. I couldn't help comparing the two muscular men. Levi was more bulky, and smooth, where Jason had that sexy spattering of hair across his chest and sprinkled over his abs. They each had a sexy treasure trail.

"There's room for you over here, dude," Levi told him.

Jason got up and came over to the couch and sat between us. Levi downed the rest of his beer and reached over his head to set the bottle on the table.

"I had the beer sent up to get a buzz, but you got me buzzing just coming through the door," he told Jason, laughing. He suddenly reared back with a frown. "Well, fuck, I never even bothered to ask if you're even interested in guys."

Jason grinned and chugged down the rest of his beer and handed the bottle to Levi. He set it on the table then moved in close to Jason and leaned down and began licking his chest as he brushed one hand down over the front of his briefs.

"OOOhhhhh," Jason moaned softly, clasping his hand around the back of Levi's head. He put his other hand on my thigh and began searching upward till he cupped the front of my shorts. His hand felt good.

"Are these regulation now?" he asked, giving the bulge a hard squeeze. "'Cause I never got issued anything like 'em."

"You can have mine if you take 'em off of me," Jason said.

I saw Levi making his way down Jason's stomach, feeling the bricks of muscle, and tracing the crevices between while he spread his fingers over the front of Jason's shorts and began massaging the growing bulge.

"Damn, you're gonna be bustin' out of these shorts real fast," he murmured. He took several minutes before he slid his hand inside the shorts get his first feel of Jason's cock and explore it inside his shorts. He murmured something then withdrew his hand and began kissing his way down Jason's torso. It didn't take him long to reach his destination where he put his wide open mouth over the bulge and began chewing on it.

"Aww, fuck, you're eating me alive," Jason moaned, humping himself up into the hungry mouth.

Levi had the material soaked in no time and Jason's cock quickly expanded and escaped the confines of the tiny briefs. Levi moved to his hip to capture the bulging head and lick up the ball juice that was flowing out. When he pulled the waistband down under his balls, I took hold of the waistband and tugged on it, and Jason rose up so I could pull his shorts off of him. His cock stood up over his stomach, bucking and throbbing. Levi's hand wrapped around it and he rose up from Jason's chest to get his first look.

"Fuck, man, you didn't lie!" he exclaimed as he fisted the huge tower of meat.

"What's all at this about lying?" Jason asked.

"I told Brad to tell me all about you, and he did, but when he got to this, sorry but I accused him of lying," Levi explained. "I said nobody could be built like that. I stand humbly corrected. Godd, this is fuckin' awesome!" He began stroking it, his eyes filled with deep admiration. "Fuck, I never seen a cock this size in my life!" Then he looked at Jason. "Before I met Brad, I was straight, or thought I was, but I gotta say, you and this could've turned me around even without Brad's help."

Jason laughed. "Brad has that effect on people," he said.

"Well, this is gonna be a real challenge," Levi said as he leaned over and took Jason's cock in his mouth.

"OOOhhhh....ohhhh, fuck," Jason moaned softly. Again, he laid his hands on Levi's head to guide him. "Shit, how long did you say you've been gay?"

Levi just laughed around his cock and kept sucking. I slid off the couch and got between Jason's legs and began licking and sucking his balls and found myself lapping up Levi's drool that was running down the shaft of Jason's cock. He was really doing a serious number on him; even I was impressed the way he tried repeatedly to go all the way down. He rose up at one point, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Fuck, I'm gonna get lock jaw," he joked. Then he pushed Jason's cock down to me. "You've got more right to this than me, I shouldn't be hogging it," he said.

I accepted Jason's cock with gratitude and began sucking him while Levi worked his way up his rock-hard abs. As he came to his chest he spent a lot of time on his tits, then I saw him move to the side of his chest.

"Brad tried this on me and it felt pretty good," he said as he buried his face in Jason's armpit. Jason liked it; I felt his cock lurch in my mouth.

I alternated between sucking his cock and bathing his heavy balls with my tongue, and licking under them, titillating the crack of his ass. He scooted down on the couch so his butt was out over the cushion so I could get to him better. I worked my shoulders under his thighs and pushed them up so I could have better access to his ass. Finally, Jason eased up off the couch.

"Let's get in a better position," he said.

We all moved for Jason to stand up. When he did, Levi and I were both on our knees and we both went for his cock. We shared it, first one then the other of us sucking on it, then Jason held our heads and fucked his cock back and forth between our open mouths. After a bit he stretched out on the couch with one leg thrown over the back, and pulled his other leg up so one of us could get between them. Levi got on his knees beside the couch and continued working over Jason's upper body, making occasional forays downward to suck his cock when I didn't have it in my mouth. I spent most of my time rimming his ass.

"Fuck, I can't get over the size of this thing," he said.

"Remember what you said you wanted to do?" I asked him.

"Yeah, but I didn't say I was going to," he said.

"What's that?" asked Jason.

Before I could answer, Levi did. "I told Brad I wanted to fulfill a fantasy, and get double fucked, but that was before I saw this," he said, squeezing Jason's cock.

"You know the old saying, a journey starts with one step. Getting double fucked starts with one cock," Jason said.

Levi laughed. "Now that is fucked up philosophy if I ever heard it. But I would like to give it a try, just yours, if you take it easy on me," he added. He reached under the couch and brought a bottle of lube and a condom. "You need this?" he asked Jason, holding up the condom.

"Not unless you do," Jason said.

Levi tossed the condom aside and uncapped the lube. He drizzled some lube on Jason's cock and I reached out to work it up and down the shaft. Levi handed the lube to me and rose up to stand on the couch. Jason reached his hand out for me to put some lube on his fingers, and as Levi straddled his hips and squatted down, his asshole was met with Jason's thick fingers, rubbing and probing through his hole.

"Whoa! How many of those are you gonna use on me?" Levi gasped softly as Jason shoved one finger up inside him.

"All of 'em," Jason replied. "Unless you want to sit on my cock virgin cold and tight."

"Ohhhh... .Ohhhhhhh, fuck!" Levi moaned as he squirmed around on Jason's probing finger. "No, I'll take your fingers first. Fuck, Brad, you never told me about his fingers! Ohh, Fuck, man.... Geezusss! Awwwhhh, save some for your cock, dude, you could make me cum just doing this."

"Don't worry, I'll feel it when you're that close, and I'll back you off. I want that tight, bubble ass of yours; trust me, you're in for a good, long fuck."

"Oh My Godd!"

Again, we didn't hear the door open and I thought Jason had locked it when he came in, but there stood Aaron, the hotel boy, with an armload of towels that Levi had requested. He stood in the doorway like a statue, his mouth open and his eyes wide.

"Close the door," I said, motioning him inside.

He quickly came in and closed the door behind him, leaning back against it, still holding the towels. Jason and Levi weren't paying any attention. I was waiting for him to take the towels in the bathroom, but he just stood there, gaping. Finally, he came to and walked across the room to the bathroom, nearly stumbling over a chair as he couldn't tear his eyes away from the three of us. He came back out, still staring and he seemed to linger with each step. When he got to the door, he didn't leave. He started to; at least he had his hand on the door. But then he turned and leaned back against it again.

"Please, can I just watch?" he begged. "Please. I promise I won't say anything or be in your way. Godd, I've never seen anything so beautiful and sexy in all my life."

"Hell, I don't care," Jason said to me.

"Me either," said Levi.

"Okay, but lock the door behind you," I told the boy.

His hands were shaking so bad he could barely get the door locked. He turned around again and immediately began groping his crotch. "Is it okay if I take my cock out?" he asked nervously.

I was about to tell him yes, when Jason spoke up. "Hell, kid, why don't you just take off your clothes and come and get in the middle of this," he said.

"Ohh, Godd Yess! Thank you! I'm off duty, I can do that!" he blurted out in a whimper. But he didn't move.

"Well?" Levi said over his shoulder. "You gonna join us or not?"

"Yesss! Yess! I just can't....believe....I mean this is like stepping into a dream," the boy said, breathlessly. He came toward the couch, his hands shaking as he took off his jacket and tossed it on the floor. It was as if the situation had just soaked in, and he was suddenly tearing at his clothes. He was naked in no time. Beautifully naked, with the body typical of a Vietnamese with American blood. He was tall, with narrow hips and wide shoulders, very nicely put together, and with the trademark oversized American cock that was fluffed out in a wide arch over his balls. He came and stood close to me where I was licking the insides of Jason's thighs, and his balls, and up the shaft of his cock to Levi's spread ass; I had a total feast before me. I reached out with my hand around the boy's thigh and pulled him closer. His big rubbery cock swung out in my face and I took it in my mouth.

"Ohhhh....Ohhhhhh, Goddd, I never dreamed I would ever be in on something like this.....big studs like you, with all those muscles, and....Godd, that HUGE cock," he said, eyeing Jason's cock as Levi slid upward. "Fuck, how big is it?"

"He might let you find out if you wanta measure it with your tight little ass," Levi told him.

I thought the boy was going to swoon. He tasted good, especially the overflow of precum that was pouring out of his cock. But he was so hot from the visuals that he blew his load after barely twenty or so strokes of my mouth. He let out a little screech and tried to pull away from me to save himself, but I held on. I wanted his load. I wanted to taste him. He gave up his load in great torrents that gushed into my mouth, warm and thick and fresh tasting. I swirled it around the head of his cock till he was drained then I swallowed his cum. His legs were shaking and I thought he might collapse. I urged him down and he came to his knees beside me, gasping for air. I was a little surprised; I thought he would've had more experience.

"Nobody ever did that before....took my load and swallowed it," he said. His eyes were glued to Jason's thick cock, now disappearing into Levi's ass. "How big does it get?" he asked again in a whisper.

I put my hand on Levi's butt and eased him all the way up so Jason's cock popped free of his hole, slick and quivering.

"Oh! Ohh Godd!" the boy gasped, his hand over his mouth. "He's a stallion!"

"You wanta try riding this stallion?" Levi asked him.

He gaped at the throbbing meat, wanton and fearful, but already nodding.

"I don't know if I can, I've only been fucked a couple of times," he said softly as he reached out and wrapped his hand around the slick shaft. "I can't even get my hand around it!"

"You care if he takes a ride?" Levi asked Jason.

"I don't care who rides it, as long as he can stay on," Jason said.

Levi rose up and stepped back off the couch. "Your turn," he told the boy.

The boy was visibly shaken at the prospect of impaling himself on the huge tower of meat, but he was already stepping up on the couch to take Levi's place.

"If I can't take it, I'm sorry," he told Jason.

"You'll do fine," Jason assured him. "Never had anybody yet who couldn't take me. Just don't kill yourself. Ride down on it nice and easy, take your time and enjoy the ride."

He was ready to sit on Jason's cock till I stopped him. I leaned in and began kissing and licking his butt. Jason wrapped his arms around his shoulder and pulled him down, bending him over so his butt spread apart for my tongue.

"Ohh, fuck! Nobody ever did that before either," he said.

"You've been hanging with the wrong crowd," Jason told him. "How about kissing? You ever been kissed by a guy?"

The boy's reply was muffled with Jason's mouth. We held him like that for several minutes while we kissed and rimmed him. Levi was on hand with the lube. I reared back and he squeezed some lube in his ass. I worked it in deeper with my fingers while Jason swallowed his groans and whimpers. When he began to loosen up I announced that he was ready.

"He says you're ready to get fucked," Jason said. "Are you ready?"

"Yesss! Godd, yess!"

I guided Jason's cock to the boy's clenching asshole. Levi stood in front of me, his thick cock bobbing up and down. I reached for it and he thrust toward me. I opened my mouth and he began fucking it.

"Man, I'm all empty," he said. "You wanta see what you can do about filling me up with some hot man meat?"

"I don't know if you'll feel me after taking him," I said.

"Oh, I'll feel you," he said as he sat on the arm of the couch and laid back, his legs spread in the air. I got to my feet and stood at the arm of the couch. "You won't need any lube," he said. I aimed my cock and entered him. Despite Jason's size, Levi was snug and alive. His asshole clamped around my cock and his insides closed around me like a glove.

After a short time Jason rose up, holding Aaron tight, and changed position with the boy under him. Aaron whinnied again as Jason plowed into him and began fucking him again.

As I began fucking Levi, Jason leaned over and started kissing him. At one point Jason straightened and slowed his hips as he stroked the boy's cock against his chest. "Listen, why don't you go stand behind that guy and show him what you can do with this hunk of meat." With that he pulled his cock free and pulled Aaron to his feet.

The boy looked at me, wide-eyed, as if to get my permission. I smiled and nodded. He stepped off the couch and came around behind me with the lube. He drizzled lube on his cock and aimed it. "I've only done this a couple of times, too," he said. He went in like a hand in a tight glove, with surprising ease, and surprisingly little pain. He was a perfect fit, and I knew I was in for a long, hard fuck, because he had already shot off his first load. I thought Jason would go behind Aaron and fuck him but instead he leaned over Levi, then rose up and mounted him in a sixty-nine position.

Our four-man orgy lasted well into the night. The boy outdid us all with his stamina. Unlike the three of us, his cock never went down.

Levi got his fantasy, three fold. The three of us took turns double fucking him. The three of them double fucked me. Levi chided Jason but he didn't succumb to being double fucked. Aaron was scared out of his mind when he realized that his turn had come, but he didn't wimp out on us. He took us like a man.

There was every combination of sixty-nine. Except for brief showers, the sex never stopped. It actually didn't stop in the shower. We just moved from one position to another. The room became stuffy and took on the smell of male sex, and we moved out on the balcony and fucked over the railing. I'd never had so much wonderful sex in my life. My cock was almost numb and my nuts ached, and I ached inside from the perpetual intensity of it, and the constant strain on my prostate.

I said the boy outlasted us. The rest of us fell asleep in a naked pile on the bed. When we woke up Aaron was gone. Right away we jumped out of bed and checked our pants and our wallets. There was nothing missing. Instead, there was a note.


This has been the most wonderful, incredible time of my life. I will never forget you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. If you are ever here again, Please, Please, Please ask for me.


The three of us showered but we didn't manage to get into our clothes without another round of sex. Levi wanted to be double fucked one more time. We accommodated him. He was so fuckin' proud that he was able to handle me on top of Jason. We showered a second time and got dressed that time and Jason and I left, with Levi's addresses, both his unit and back home.

Chapter Seventy-Seven

Last Kills

I reported in and Colonel Whitaker motioned to a chair. He motioned for his orderly to close the door on the way out.

"You had some misgivings about Richards at first. How's he working out for you?"


"You trust him. You can count on him."


He called for his orderly. "Send Richards in."

Richards came in and was motioned to the other chair. "No interruptions," the Colonel told his orderly.

"This conversation never happened and this mission never happened. It is classified top secret. You can't talk about it to anyone. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir," Richards replied.

"Yes, sir," I replied as well, wondering WTF!

The colonel unveiled a map of Vietnam with the surrounding territories; China, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. "You're going to Da Nang then south to Kon Tum. That's thirty miles or so from the Cambodian and Laotian borders. You're looking for two snipers, possibly three. They're hit and run, as you guys are prone to do, they cover long distances, and they're good. We're counting on you being better. They know right when and where to hit. They wait till our supply vehicles are on a high, craggy stretch of narrow road then they take out the drivers. The trucks tumble over the cliff and there are people down below ready to pour in and gather up what's salvageable that's strewn down the hill. Sometimes they'll take out four, five, six trucks at a time. We're not only losing men and equipment; we are re-supplying the enemy in the process. Now, it is believed that the snipers move in and out of Cambodia and Laos with impunity. It is up to you to remove that impunity and take out this threat to our drivers."

I couldn't believe what I thought I was hearing. "Are you saying, sir, that we are to cross over into Laos and Cambodia?"

"I didn't say that." He gave me a steely-eyed look that told me not to ask anymore stupid questions. "You do understand your mission."

"Yes, sir," I replied. I well understood what he had not said. "May I ask why we're being sent? Don't we have snipers up there?"

"Not as many as we had. They asked for my best."

I laughed softly. "Well, sir, I guess we are your best since we're the only team you have. When do we go?"

"You'll fly to Da Nang tonight. I'm guessing you'll need a week or so to plan, to talk to people up there and reconnoiter the area. You were in Intel, you'll know who to talk to and the right questions to ask. Take longer if you need to. You'll be on your own schedule. Just don't fail."

"I never plan to fail, Sir," I said.

"There's one more thing." He dug in a drawer and brought out a poster about ten by twelve inches in size. "These have been popping up," he said as he turned the poster for me to see. I did a double take. It was a wanted poster with four photos of snipers. My face was on the poster! So was Jason's, along with two others I didn't recognize.

"Geezuss," I said. "I've got a bounty on my head."

"And a pretty hefty one. Fifty thousand dollars is a lot of money to these people."

"Fifty grand is a lot of money to me," Richards put in.

"Don't get any ideas," I growled.

"What about me? Aren't I worth anything?" Richards asked and we broke out laughing.

Colonel Whitaker brought out a wallet sized card of the poster and handed it to me. "There are a lot of people carrying these around as well. Civilians. Probably even kids. Stay low, and you should be in disguise as much as possible. Let your beard grow," he said.

I looked at Richards. He didn't shave more than once a week if that. "You don't have to worry about it, your picture's not on the poster," I told him.

Then the Colonel handed us each a small weather proof pouch. "Here's your ticket out, if you're a good negotiator. Obviously, it's not going to stand up to fifty grand but it might get you out of a tight spot."

I could tell by Richards' face that he didn't know what was in the pouch. I did. It was money to buy our way out of any unpleasant situation. I didn't ask how much. It didn't matter; it depended on the situation, and I knew it wouldn't be worth crap to anyone who had seen the poster with my picture on it.

"Any questions?" Neither of us had any questions. "Get your gear together, then maybe get a few hours' sleep."

"This sounds big," Richards said as we were walking back to our hooch.

"It just got bigger with that fifty thousand dollar bounty," I said.

"Well at least my picture's not on it, I can go and do and get stuff we need."

"If we're seen together, you're part of the package," I said.

"I hope you can grow that beard fast," he said.

I dumped my pack on my bunk and got out my list. I'd done this enough times but this wasn't routine. No mission was routine but this one deserved special attention and I wasn't relying on memory. I went down the list, checking off each item.

"We know what we gotta have, don't we?" Richards said as he dumped his pack too.

"No, we don't. Check everything off. Make sure you've got everything and if you don't, go to supply and get it."

"Fuck, I hate going to supply," he said. "It's like facing the Holy Inquisition."

"If they give you any shit, tell 'em to see Colonel Whitaker."

I dozed but I couldn't sleep. Not because of the mission, but because of the poster. Jason's picture was on it, too. I was worried sick. Our time left in Vietnam was suddenly more valuable. We were both now hunted men, which meant our chances were greatly diminished. I wondered if he'd seen the poster. Godd, I wanted to see him so bad.

We flew out at some Godforsaken hour and landed in Da Nang at some Godforsaken hour. We were in Da Nang only long enough to climb in a helicopter in the pre-dawn hours to be flown to Kon Tum where the actual planning would take place. A Corporal Campbell met us at the helipad and drove us to the command post to report in to Captain Morris. He was short and to the point.

"You boys get yourselves some chow and hot coffee and report back. Campbell, show them to the chow hall."

"Yes, Sir."

It was funny, the way Richards was eating so fast. I told him to slow down; hell, I was going back for seconds.

"The captain's waiting on us," he said.

"He'll wait," I said. "We're on our own time."

Richards didn't drink coffee but he did this morning because the captain had told us to. I laughed and said, "You don't have to drink it, Richards, it wasn't an order." Couldn't help loving the kid's innocence. It was just hard to comprehend sometimes, that there was a trained killer hiding behind that innocent face.

We reported back in to the captain.

"As soon as we get you squared away my staff is at your disposal. Let them know whatever you need and wherever you need to go. I'll have a Jeep and driver standing by."

"Is it known, Sir, who we are and why we're here?" I asked.

"It's strictly need-to-know," he said.

I wondered if even the captain was totally aware of our mission; to go into Laos or Cambodia if need be to pursue the troublemakers. We were put up in a six-man hooch that was so small we had stacked bunks. We were introduced as new guys with no mention that we were a sniper team. I told Richards not to get too friendly with our bunkmates. We had to stay focused on the mission.

In the planning room just off the captain's office we poured over maps of the area from Da Nang and Kon Tum and across the borders into Laos and Cambodia. The room was off limits to all but us and whoever we might ask in.

We drove the route between Da Nang and Kon Tum to get a feel of the terrain and try to determine the routes the snipers might take to move in close enough to do their dirty work and their escape routes. We talked to guys who were in the convoys that were attacked.

I wanted to get a closer look at what I was seeing at a distance. I requested the Jeep and driver--Corporal Campbell--for several days and nights to take us on the narrow roads leading out of Kon Tum and along the borders of the two neighboring countries where the snipers allegedly sought safe haven. I needed to get inside their minds, and I needed to be in the bush--in their space--to do that. I gave no indication to Campbell as to why I was asking him to take us where I was directing him. I established several routes that I would take if I were in their shoes and pin pointed the places where I would hang out my shingle and set up the shot against US supply trucks. I drew my own more detailed maps and diagrams and made notes but I wouldn't discuss anything with Richards until we could be alone.

I wasn't too pleased with Corporal Campbell. He seemed disinterested and impatient. He made it known that he wanted to get back to Kon Tum where he had a girl waiting. He even complained when he had to drive an extra distance here and there for me to have a better look at a particular area. And he fell asleep on his watch. I was furious.

I kicked him awake and he came up swearing.

"Let's get something straight, Campbell. Your sex life is on hold till I'm finished with you," I told him. "And if you go to sleep again on watch I'll see you court martialed."

"You don't outrank me, you know," he growled.

"Soldier, I outrank you and your captain in this particular situation. So don't push me. When I get pushed I push back, and when I push back it can be brutal."

"What the fuck is that, a threat?"

"You might say that."

"I may just report you to the captain," he said.

"I wouldn't."

"No, I wouldn't either," Richards put in.

Corporal Campbell tried to be more cooperative after that but I'd decided I was done with him. I would sign out a Jeep and do my own driving. By the time we were heading back to Kon Tum he had figured us out.

"You're snipers, aren't you? You think you're going to nail those pricks? Hell, you won't even find them, they pop up from a different spot every time."

"That's not our problem," I said in an attempt at denial. "We're a recon team. Our specialty is maps and diagrams." I didn't know if he believed me or not.

As much as I didn't like Campbell, I found out later that Richards had taken a liking to him. We were taking a walk back at the compound after chow and I was complaining about him when Richards said, "Well, he's sure got a nice cock."

"What? You had sex with him?"

"I was just trying to help him stay awake," he quipped.

I grabbed him by his shirt. "You pull a trick like that one more time, you are off my team. You understand? No more sex till this mission is done. Not with me, not with Campbell, not with anybody, not even your fist. You got that? You stay focused!"

"Yes, sir. Sorry."

"Don't be sorry. Be focused." Then I calmed down a little. "Look, this is too big to be fuckin' off, even for a minute. They sent for the best, and that's us. I don't want you thinking about anything but the mission. You know what we have to do; I want you to study the maps and the routes, I want you to go over and over them in your head till you've memorized every fuckin' bush and tree out there. I want you to see the terrain like your own back yard. I want you to check and double check your equipment, I want you to clean your rifle and clean it again. I want you to get it in your head that those snipers are going to be dead, or we're going back in body bags."

"Yes, sir, I understand."

"And stop calling me sir."

Captain Morris let us be on our own time. He would ask from time to time how it was going--the planning--but there was no pressure, except that they were still operating and killing our drivers. That was pressure enough for me and I dug in. So did Richards; I could see the difference in him after I'd reamed him for having sex with Campbell. We went over everything one more time. I studied all the reports to see how the snipers operated. They were thought to be random but I could see a pattern. Two patterns, because I'd also determined that there were, indeed, two snipers. I wasn't so sure about a third one. They appeared two days running then disappeared, heading across one of the borders, I was sure, but just far enough into Cambodia or Laos to rest and regroup in a safe haven. I didn't want to follow either of them there unless we had to.

One evening when we were in the planning room the door opened. There stood Campbell.

"Can't you read!" I bellowed. There was a sign on the door, Absolutely No Admittance!

"I was just looking for Richards," he said with a smirky grin. I knew the captain wasn't in his office or he would've stopped him.

I flew into him like a tornado. Not loud, but lethal. I hit him so hard it knocked him back through the door and he sprawled across the floor of the office. I closed the door and put a chair against it then turned to Richards.

"See what that blowjob got us?" He wilted under my glare.

When we were leaving I told the captain what'd happened and added that Campbell had guessed that we were a sniper team.

"He'll be out of here in twenty minutes," he said.

"Not to Kon Tum. He's got a girl there," I said.

"Da Nang. He'll be in lockup for a while."

That suited me fine.

I said Captain Morris didn't pressure us, and he didn't, till another one of his drivers was killed. I knew without him saying so that we had to go with what we had.

"I'm going to need some traffic on the road to flush them out," I told him.

"There will be a convoy, you just make damn sure my trucks stay on the road," he said.

We were at a disadvantage because there were no pictures of the snipers, but Richards got a real good look at our man one time through his scope. So did I but his scope was more high powered than mine. I asked him if he would recognize him again, he said yes. I focused on him. We set up the shot at night, well hidden by the brush that managed to thrive in the rocky terrain.

"You feeling lucky?" Richards asked as we were getting into position.

"You find the son-of-a-bitch, I'll take him out," I said.

"If he's out there, I'll find him."

He did, and I did. We both did our jobs like clockwork.

"It's him," Richards said. "He's good. He's scoping out our position."

"I don't care if it's him or not, he's pointing a gun at us, he's dead." A few seconds later, he was; gone in a cloud of smoke before he could get off his shot. Richards wasn't so sure he was dead.

"He blew back in a cloud of dust, how can we be sure you didn't just wound him?"

"You must've blinked. His head disappeared before he did," I said.

"One down, one to go," Richards said.

Another driver was killed, another truck lost. Captain Morris was pissed, but no more than I was.

We went right back out. We set up shop in another area where we could focus on the area where the shot came from. We watched and waited for three days before he reappeared. Richards got a good look at him as he was getting into position and locked the guy's face into his photographic memory just before I took a shot. I missed and he disappeared.

"Son of a bitch!" I swore under my breath.

"He'll be back," Richards assured me.

"He shouldn't be coming back, he should be fuckin' dead!" I growled. It really pissed me off that I'd missed. I vowed it would not happen again. I went over and over it in my mind; my position, the windage and elevation, my aim, even how I'd pulled the trigger. I was convinced I'd done everything right. I would do everything more right next time. I would not miss a second time.

We waited and watched and moved-Richards thought we could improve our position--and waited and watched some more, till he came back, at a different location. Before I could take aim he took another shot but missed the driver, only did some minor damage to the truck. He had moved too. He was well positioned, shooting through an opening in a bunch of rocks. I knew he had pulled back from the opening.

"Okay, we've got his pattern," I said. "He don't show up but every two or three days. The cocksucker is running across the border. We're going after him."

We couldn't take a Jeep and we couldn't be driven. We had to go on foot and it was a long way. We packed up and left immediately. We moved fast, without letup except for a couple of hours of sleep here and there. Time was not on our side.

"How the hell are we going to know where to look?" Richards asked.

"We look were we would be hiding," I said. "I'm inside the fucker's head, we'll find him. I'm hoping it's when he's coming back this way, that'd make it a lot easier, but it'd be just as nice to get him where he sleeps. You just remember what he looks like."

We were settled in to eat, then grab a couple of hours sleep. I told Richards, "You know we're in Laos."

"No shit!"

"You also know, if anything happens, we did not exist."

"What do you mean we didn't exist?"

"It can never come out that US troops crossed into Laos or Cambodia. It'd be an international incident."

"So we just....never were? What about our families? They know we existed."

"Our families would be notified that we went MIA somewhere south of Saigon. We just wouldn't ever be found."

"Geezuss, that's creepy."

"So, to save our families from the grief of not ever knowing, we are going to take this son-of-a-bitch out and get back to our outfit."

"You've got a weird way of putting things into perspective, Courter."

"You wrote your letter, didn't you?" I asked.


We saw his smoke. It was about dusk. We didn't know it was his smoke but we moved on the possibility that it was. And it was. Richards confirmed it.

"Looks like a Boy Scout camp," I said. It looked like a half dozen tiny figures around a small campfire. Through my scope I could see them laughing, eating, drinking and smoking, having a good time. "Check 'em out," I told Richards.

He already was, moving his rifle slowly back and forth as he peered through the scope. "That's him! Third one from the right. He's smoking something, probably getting high before he goes out again. You've got a clear shot. Fuck, like ducks in a shooting gallery."

"Are you sure it's him?"

"Do not doubt my memory," he said with stern confidence. I liked that. Richards was coming into his own.

"I count five others," I said, and Richards confirmed. "That's five against two unless I can take down another one."

"That's not such bad odds, is it?" He smiled. "This'd be my first time fighting our way out."

"And that's what it'll be unless they panic," I said. "First, last and only time."

"Well, hell, you're gonna take the shot so what difference does it make? Hell, that's what I'm here for." Then, "You are going to take the shot," he said.

"Has a sheep got an ass?" I said. "Just one thing. If we're gonna die, I do not want it to be in Laos."

"We're not gonna die. Hell, I wanta live to see if a sheep's got an ass. I never fucked a sheep before."

I had to wait till I stopped laughing. "Okay, we take the same route out of here then swerve north to get back," I said. "Any questions?"

"Yeah, when are you gonna blow this prick away?"

I took careful aim while calculating another hit that would even the odds a little more. Then I took the shot to his heart. There was a split second of shock on his face before he slumped over. I fired another round into the chest of the man closest to him. I fired another round but they were scrambling. I thought I might've wounded a third man but we couldn't hang around to confirm that.

"Pack it up," I said.

I quickly realized it was a mistake to take the same route back but I wanted to travel through familiar terrain till I was sure we were back in Vietnam. It must have been along the sniper's route as well because they caught up with us. We were tired from traveling without sleep; they were well rested. I didn't know--still don't--if we were in Laos or Vietnam when the firefight started. It didn't fuckin' matter at the time.

It was fierce for a short time. Richards performed admirably. He was fearless. I was glad I had him along. We searched the three bodies and took what was considered valuable information and headed out. We were dragging ass before we stopped to rest and sleep. I wanted to be damn sure we were back in Vietnam. Not that it was any safer but I didn't want to die in Laos.

We reported in to Captain Morris immediately upon our return to be debriefed. I reported that the mission had been accomplished.

"And then some," Richards added, referring to the other three we'd taken out.

"Geezusss Keerist! You guys smell to high heaven. Go shower and get into some clean clothes, grab a bite to eat, we can do this later."

The shower felt great, and quite honestly, it was good to see Richards all naked and wet. The juices were starting to boil again but that would have to wait. We ate heartily then reported back to Captain Morris.

He just sat looking at us. I glanced at Richards; I wanted him to be the one to tell him.

"We got 'em, Sir," he said, trying not to beam with pride. "We got 'em all," he added.


"One at the site of the supply route, we had to track down the other one," I said. "We took out three more in a firefight but I don't think they were snipers." I dug in my pocket for the stuff we'd taken from the three dead men. "I don't know if any of this is important or not," I said as I leaned forward and laid it on his desk. He pushed it aside.

"You're sure it was them," he said. "I mean, you didn't have a picture."

I glanced at Richards. I knew I had to tell the captain about the miss.

"They were both at the site of the supply route. I missed the second one but Richards got a look at him in his scope. I would never doubt Richards' memory," I said.

"But you'll know for sure when the bastard doesn't show up again," Richards said.

Then I added, "We had to go in to get him, Sir."

He nodded. "You know this won't be a confirmed kill."

I shrugged. "Doesn't matter. He's gone."

"What about the third one?" the captain asked.

"There is no third one," I said.

"How can you be sure?"

"I studied all the information you had, then I went over it with a fine tooth comb. I established patterns for two. There was no evidence of a third. If there was he was likely one of the other three we took out."

"I'm taking your word for that."

I nodded and asked, "When can we go back, Sir?"

He called his orderly in. "Tell 'em to fire up a bird, get these boys back to Da Nang."

"Yes, Sir."

He turned back to us. "You can grab the first flight back to Saigon from there. Or, hell, spend a day or two in Da Nang."

"We might just do that, Sir," I said.

He stood and so did we. He put his hand out. "Damn fine job. I can't thank you enough." Then he shook hands with Richards. "And I'll report that to your CO," he added.

We exchanged salutes and left.

"Are we really going to spend some time in Da Nang?" Richards asked as we were leaving.

"Might as well. Unless you're anxious to get back and find that sheep."

We stayed overnight in Da Nang. We didn't see the city. We only went a little ways off base to a nice restaurant that somebody recommended, where I treated us to steaks and beer. I wanted to show my appreciation to Richards.

"I've gotta tell you, Richards, you've surprised the hell out of me," I started. "Where the hell did that come from out there?"

"What? Out where?" he asked with a confused look.

"Wherever the fuck we were in that firefight. Goddam, you were some kind of fuckin' demon. You were fearless."

He laughed. "Oh, I wasn't fearless. I was scared out of my fuckin' gourd. That's probably where it came from, from being so damned scared."

"Well, I just wanta say, you've earned my respect."

"Thanks, that means a lot coming from you. Especially after you wanted to send me packing."

"I'm sorry about that. There were some other things that got in the way there. Just know this; I wouldn't want anybody else at my back."

He nodded, smiling.

When we were finished eating we walked back to the base. I'd paid for our supper out of the money pouch.

"Hey, do we get to keep the money they gave us?"

"If they don't ask for it, don't volunteer to give it back," I said. "If they don't ask for it, you'll get your half."

It was a nice night, cooled down some from the heat of the day. At one point I slowed my stride and lingered back a little. Richards asked me what was the matter.

"Nothing, I was just watching your ass," I said.

"Do you wanta get a room?" he asked excitedly.

"We've got a room," I said.

"Temporary quarters on base? We can't do anything there."

"We can if you don't make a lot of noise."

"Man, I need to get fucked so bad. That is if it's okay to think about sex now."

"We're gonna do a lot more than think about it," I said.

We declined an invitation to go to the PX for a beer and play pool. We retired to our room. It wasn't anything fancy; just a small, narrow room with two bunks, a desk and chair and a night stand with a lamp on it. It reminded me of another time in a similar room; a time out of my past. A time that wasn't real but I remembered it anyway. This was real.

I was surprised how I'd been able to shut down my libido and redirect the hormones to the mission at hand. Now it was time to let those hormones fuel my libido, which was triggered by simply watching Richards' ass when we were walking down the street. I wasn't surprised at how fast he was out of his clothes. He got some lube out of his shaving kit and had his ass lubed up and ready by the time I was out of my clothes.

I fucked his brains out. Again, and again. He spent most of the night with his face in the pillow or with the pillow over his face to muffle his outcries. He needed it bad and I gave it to him. I needed it too. We fucked ourselves into exhaustion. We slept good. We practically dragged our asses to the helo pad the next morning.

With the successful mission under my belt I was given leave to Saigon. My time was winding down and the CO said I probably wouldn't get any more assignments. I had a lot of leave time accumulated and the Colonel knew about the two boys Jason and I were taking back to the states so my leave was for thirty-six days if I needed it.

"Just ride it out and get out of here in one piece. It'd be a good idea to stay out of sight as much as possible. There're a lot of people looking for you. Good idea, growing the beard. And wear civvies."

Richards was unhappy that I wouldn't let him tag along but I was on another mission; to see Jason.

"You said I've earned your respect," he said.

"You have but you're your own man this time out."

I hitched a ride and was dropped off within easy walking distance to Toby's. He seemed unusually glad to see me; almost relieved. He set my beer on the counter, shaking his head as I parked on a stool.

"Goddamn, it's good to see your sorry ass come through the door."

"What about Jason's sorry ass?"

He shook his head more somberly.

"How long since you've seen him?" I asked.

"Not since you met up with him before."

"Oh, fuck."

"Yeah." He took out his wallet and handed me a card that I was all too familiar with.

"I've seen it. The big poster, too," I said.

"I'm worried, Brad. I've been worried sick about both of you. Where the fuck have you been anyway?"

"I was sent up to Da Nang. A little problem they wanted me to take care of. I didn't have a chance to let you know." I didn't mention Kon Tum.

"How much time have you got?"

"Thirty-six days if I need it. The war is pretty much over for me."

"You need to get out of this fuck hole," he said.

"Not without Jason and the boys," I said.

"Brad....man, you have to consider the possibility......"

"No," I cut him off, shaking my head. "That will not happen. I went through hell to get back here and find him; I'm taking him back, alive this time. And two little boys are depending on us."

"Just don't hide your head in the sand," Toby said. "Have you got a place to stay?"

"I thought I would get our room at the Trent and hang out here."

"You can bunk with me," he offered.

"Thanks. I'll be okay."

"It may be a long wait. I don't want to see anything happen to you."

I took the picture and held it up beside my face. "No resemblance," I said.

"You're going to need laundry service. I''ll have somebody come pick up your clothes and I'll send them out to my laundry lady and get 'em right back to you."


I checked into the room and hit the shower. I was soaking up the hot water while there still was hot water when suddenly I was aware of someone in the room; I felt a presence. I looked around to find a Vietnamese teenager standing beside the chair where I'd laid my clothes. He might've knocked but I didn't hear him.

"My clothes are on the chair," I said.


He didn't make any move to get my clothes; he just stood there looking at me in the shower. All right, maybe this was more than laundry service. Or maybe he was waiting on a tip. I decided to find out. "You wanta toss me a towel," I said, as I was turning off the shower. It was a ruse and he had to know it; I could've leaned out of the shower and grabbed the towel myself.

He didn't toss it. He didn't even bring it to me. He took the towel off the hook and held it out wide for me to come to him. When I went up to him he moved around me and wrapped the towel around my back.

"I love Americans, you do so much for our country and our people," he said as he began drying me off.

I had a feeling this was more than about showing gratitude. When he had me dried off in back he rose up from drying my legs and moved around to my front. I wasn't hard but I was fluffed up, from the shower and from the attention he was giving me. He noticed but continued drying me off; my arms, then under my arms, my chest and down my stomach. He bypassed my manhood and squatted down to dry my legs again. When my manhood was all there was left he sort of fell forward onto his knees and looked up at me.

"May I, please?"

I didn't know if he was asking permission to dry my manhood or suck my cock but I gave it for whatever he had in mind.

"Sure," I said.

He dried my manhood, almost tenderly. I got fluffed up even more. When he lowered the towel he looked up at me again.

"May I?" he asked.

I nodded. He scooped up the head of my cock into his mouth and drew it right into his throat, smashing his face in my pubes.

"Awwwhhh!" I moaned softly as he sucked and milked my cock with his throat muscles. I laid my hand on the top of his head and saw him smile; he was so fuckin' cute. He kept it up, drawing my cock deeper and deeper into his throat. I wondered if he could hold me like that till I got completely hard. He did. Then he sucked his way off of it, moving his mouth back and forth as he slowly pulled off. When my cock popped free and swung up at a sharp angle he reared back with a wide-eyed look.

"Yeah, you took it all," I said. "You should be proud."

"I've never seen such a big cock," he said, stroking it with his fist.

"It wasn't too big for you, though," I said.

"Can I have your cum, please?"

You can if you can get it out of me."

He did. It took him a while but I thought he intended it that way. He was no novice. When he said he loved American GIs, I think this is what he was really talking about. He seemed to love the head of my cock. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself, the way it flares out wider than the shaft, almost menacing. He spent a lot of time, partly to lap up my ball juice that kept oozing out. When I told him I was getting close he reared back off my cock and stroked it, aimed at his open, eager mouth. I let him jack me right up to the edge then I took over; I could give him a more explosive cum if I did it myself. He was a perfect target, at least at first. I blew the first huge rope of cum directly into his mouth, saw it splatter against the back of his throat. It set off his gag reflex but it was a dry swallow. I gave him another, then another, with perfect aim. I could see his tongue being coated then submerged in the pool of semen. My hand got shaky then and I shot the stuff all over his face. He tried to move his mouth to catch it but we didn't coordinate and I blew all over his face. It was running down his chin but I scooped it up with the head of my cock and fed it to him. I leaned in to squeeze out the last of it directly onto his tongue, then I used my cock to scoop up what was on his face and bring it to his mouth. He seemed grateful, sucking and licking it off like a hungry kitten. There was a lot of it, and he had a deer-in-the-headlights look, like 'what am I going to do with it.' I don't think he was expecting there to be so much of it.

"You don't have to swallow it," I told him.

But he did. He gulped several times, opening his mouth each time to show me he was swallowing it. Then he took my cock back in his mouth and sucked the last of it out of me.

"I think you've got it all," I told him after a moment.

He let my cock go and sat back on his haunches, just gazing at it. "Thank you," he said. "Thank you so much."

I'd never seen anyone so humbly grateful for my cock or my load. I cupped my hands in his armpits and brought him to his feet. "You don't ever have to thank a guy for that," I said.

"I am grateful that you are in my country. I want to show respect," he said.

"You did. Great respect. And I thank you."

"It was good, then?" he asked.

I laughed. "It was awesome. You are awesome," I told him.

He smiled then turned and gathered up my clothes. He glanced back at me as he was going out the door. "I be back soon with your clean clothes."

I stretched out on the bed to bask in the aftermath of his terrific respect. The surroundings of the room brought back old memories. I let some of them in....I blocked some of them.

The laundry lady must have had a washer and dryer; the boy was back in record time with my clothes, neatly folded. He stayed to watch me get dressed, handing me each piece.

"I go in army next week," he said as he was helping me into my uniform shirt.

"That's good, to fight for your country," I said.

"It's more good that you fight for my country. We wonder why you do it," he said.

"Sometimes we wonder too," I said. All I had left was my pants and boots. He picked up my pants and held them out for me. I stepped into them he drew them up round my waist. He knelt down to button them for me. He lingered, though, with the white bulge of my briefs in his face. I thought he might want to give me another blowjob. I didn't encourage or discourage him; I let him make the decision. I still thought he wanted to, but he began buttoning my fly. He put my boots on for me and tied them. I reached for my belt on the back of the chair but he took it from me. He laced it through the loops and secured it in front. Then he gave the front of my pants a hard squeeze and stood back.

"There, you in fine shape again," he said, smiling proudly.

I gave him a tip but he refused it.

"No, I no take money for show respect," he said.

"Not for showing respect," I said, grabbing his hand. I put the money in his hand and folded his fingers around it. "For getting my clothes." He accepted that.

For a while I beat a path between the Trent and Toby's and down an alley close by to a little mamasan-papasan café to eat. I trusted them and their customers who were mostly older people who looked tired of the war.

With my beard grown out nicely I began to venture out. I visited the orphanage and played with Devon and Kyle and ate with them a couple of times. I explained to Sister Mary Margaret about the wait. She said they would pray for Jason, and to keep me safe as well. I spent a lot of time at the chapel, praying to the guardian saint whose name I did not know. I spent a lot of time on my knees, begging the Almighty to bring my man back safe and to get the four of us out of Vietnam.

When I left the chapel I went back to the military surplus store and gathered up the stuff I'd picked out to send back home, when Brant had interrupted me. I reminded the guy again that I would be in country for a while. I'd heard of guys buying up stuff right before they left and when they got home, it never arrived.

Chapter Seventy-Eight

Leaving Vietnam

We were ready to leave, I thought. We were on our way to pick up the boys when Jason suddenly punched me in the arm.

"We've got one more piece of unfinished business before we leave," he said as he took a side street.

I had no idea what he was talking about till I saw the church up ahead. I stopped. "Jason, you don't have to do this."

He stopped and turned around. "Are you backing out?"

"No. Hell no, I just don't want you making promises you might not want to keep."

He shrugged. "Well, you can come or not, but I've got some debts to pay off before I leave."

Of course I went with him. He dipped his fingers in the holy water font and made the sign of the cross then strode up to a pew near the grotto and close to the main altar. I was pretty sure, now, that he was Catholic, and not just following my lead with the rudiments. He stepped into the pew and knelt down, leaving room for me. My head was more full of thoughts than prayers but I did thank God and His saints for listening to my other prayers and bringing this man back to my side. I had my arms resting on the back of the pew in front of me, my hands folded, my eyes closed. Suddenly I felt his hand take mine and our fingers entwined.

We remained till Jason crossed himself. He glanced at me and stood.

"Give me your ring," he whispered as he was taking his off.

I removed my ring and gave it to him and he put his in my hand.

When he stepped out of the pew he went up to the grotto and stuffed some money in the slot of the metal box then picked up two reeds. He lit them both on a small burning candle then handed one to me and pointed to a small candle to light it. He lit the one beside it. He snuffed his reed out in the sand took my hand in his. He slipped my ring on my finger and held out his hand for me to do the same. Then together, we lit one of the large candles. We stood for a moment and watched the candles flicker then he wet his fingers and snuffed out both of the smaller candles we'd lit.

"That oughta do it, do you think?" he said.

It wasn't exactly a marriage ceremony but I understood the symbolism; the two smaller candles had become one light. I nodded, with a tight smile and we walked out of the church.

When we left the church I led us into the military surplus store where I bought four pairs of tan pajama pants in two different sizes.

"For the boys, for when they older," I said.

"How about we get us a pair," Jason said.

I bought two more pairs.

Leaving Vietnam was emotional on several fronts. Just leaving the country after all the time we'd spent there, and me fighting so hard to return, would have easily been enough to stir the emotions, but we were leaving with two little boys in our charge. Then there was saying goodbye to Toby, and picking up the boys at the orphanage and the goodbyes there. It was more than that; we were saying goodbye to Vietnam, and the war and to our past that had brought us together.

At the orphanage the sisters sent Devon and Kyle to get their bags; heavy cloth satchels that the kind women had obviously made. They both rummaged through them to check that they'd gotten everything. Devon ran back to retrieve something he'd forgotten. Kyle followed close behind. When they didn't return one of the nuns started to go check on them but I stopped her.

"Let me go," I said.

I found them sitting side by side on a narrow bed. They looked up at me with the saddest faces I'd ever seen and I could see they had been crying. I squatted down.

"You got everything?"

They nodded but then Devon dumped his satchel out on the bed. I was touched by his meager belongings and there was a flash of anger at the spoiled brats back home that had everything. There was a tattered Crayola box containing eight well-used crayons, a little bag of marbles, several sticks of chalk, a St. Christopher medal, a pair of chopsticks, a small American flag and some miniature army toys; a Jeep, a tank and a truck, all US Army, I noticed. I wondered where he'd gotten them.

"Where's your chain?" I asked, picking up the medal.

"I never had a chain," he said. "I just lay it out. Sometimes I sleep with it under my pillow. He's the saint for soldiers."

"I lost my medal," Kyle said.

"And what's this?" I asked of the colored picture Kyle was holding.

"We made it for the sisters," he said.

I gently took the picture to look at it.

"We drawed it ourselves."

"And colored it," Devon put in as he was putting his stuff back in the bag.

"Well, let's go give it to them," I said.

They seemed reluctant to leave the room. I picked them up, one in each arm, and they put their arms around my neck.

The boys didn't want to leave the nuns or their friends. They gave the nuns pictures they'd drawn and colored, and they fought back tears when they hugged their friends goodbye. But they held on tight to us when we picked them up to leave.

The boys were a little fearful but excited about getting on the plane. We got them settled in and the stewardess came by and gave them pillows and blankets. We were preparing for takeoff when it seemed to hit Jason. He was seated on one side of the aisle with Devon, his arm around him, and Kyle and I were opposite them. Jason looked over at me and I could see the muscles in his arm bulging where he was hugging the boy tight.

"Do we know what we're doing?" he asked.

"No. But now is a hell of a time to start worrying about it," I said.

"Everything I've been through here, and this is the scariest thing I've ever done," he said, looking down at Devon.

When we were airborne and the excitement of the plane wore off, the boys went to sleep. I thought it odd that neither of them had said anything. Jason lifted the armrest that was between him and Devon and pulled the boy against him in a more comfortable position. I did the same with Kyle. Then we seemed to go off in our own private worlds. It dawned on me, how it happened that I had Kyle snuggled against me and Jason had Devon. There was never any discussion about which boy we would take. I looked over at Jason.

"What?" he asked with a weak smile.

"You ever wonder how you ended up with Devon and I ended up with Kyle?"

He shrugged. "No, never thought about it. You picked up Kyle and I picked up Devon. That's just how it worked out. Why, you wanta trade?"

"No," I said, laughing. "Do you?"

"No," he said looking down at Devon. "I'm getting attached to the little fucker."

"Hey. You gotta clean it up," I said. "You can't go around calling him the little fucker."

"I know." He smiled down at the boy. "But he is, a cute little fucker."

"I just thought of something," I said.

"Whatever it is, it's too late now," he said. "What is it?"

"We forgot to get the pictures from Toby."

Luckily I had remembered to get my money that Toby kept for me.

Jason looked over at me. "We didn't finish it," he said.

"We gave it our best," I said. "We made a difference."

"Do you think so?"

"You know we did," I said.

The red tape wasn't over. When we landed, we were pulled aside and taken into a small room; something concerning the boys' papers. A supervisor was called into the anteroom, where several brief phone calls were made. I could tell Jason was getting impatient. So was I, but he was starting to get angry.

"Would somebody please tell us what the problem is?" he asked, finally, in a tone that bordered on surly. Nobody answered him. I knew it was a mistake to ignore him. He walked over to the supervisor, a smallish, pale man, and stood in front of him. "Excuse me, I just asked you a question."

"We don't have an answer just yet," the little man said. "Suffice to say, the documents for the one boy are lacking on several counts."

"What counts?" Jason asked. I told the boys to stay put and went over to join him.

"Which boy?" I asked.

The man took the papers from one of his people and looked at it. "The one named Kyle."

"That would be my son. You should be talking to me," I said. I shot a quick glance at Jason and saw the look of surprise. I was surprised myself; we had not discussed how we would refer to the boys, or even which one each of us would claim as our own, although that had pretty much been settled on the plane.

The man looked at the paper again, then looked at me. "You're the boy's father? This makes no reference to that, only that you are his sponsor."

"So be it," I said. "What is the problem?"

One of the officials handed him another paper, pointing to something. The man looked back at me.

"Ah, so. Well, neither of the boys' documents bears the official seal of the Vietnamese government," he said.

"Meaning what?" I asked.

"The boys will very likely have to be returned to their native country," the man replied.

Jason was all over the guy in an instant. "You're gonna play hell sending either one of those boys back there!" he bellowed. He snatched the papers out of the guy's hand and inspected them himself. He showed them to me, pointing to the seals over the proper signatures.

"These papers are signed and sealed," I said, calmly as I could, handing the paper back. One of us had to keep his cool.

"Not by the current legitimate government," the official said.

"That was the official Vietnamese government when the papers were finalized," Jason said. "If you're suggesting we have to go back and start this all over again, forget it. Who were you talking to on the phone? Get 'em back on the phone, I wanta talk to them."

Jason's aggressive attitude rattled them, and they seemed not to know what to do. Jason snatched up the phone and handed it to one of the other officials.

"Mr. Seaborne, we are trying to get this straightened out," the man said, with a helpless look at his supervisor.

"No, you're not! Not if your idea of getting it straightened out is to send those boys back, which is not going to happen."

Finally, I'd had it. I put up a hand to quiet Jason when he was about to say something else and I looked at the other three.

"We could take these boys back and go through all the red tape again and by the time we're back here the official seal of the Vietnamese government wouldn't be official. They change governments over there more often than you change your socks. Now, you've let every long-haired, dirty, pot smoking, anti-war scum waltz right through, and you're detaining two Marines and two innocent little boys returning from Vietnam. Now you call whoever you have to call, you call the president if you have to, but you get it straightened out, because we're not spending more than about five more minutes here. We are going home. And if you have any ideas about stopping us from leaving, you'd better call in reinforcements, because I'm disgusted and I'm pissed, and he's getting that way, and it's going to take more than you to stop us from walking out of here." I nodded toward Jason.

After a couple of minutes of consultation, the man made several more rather frantic phone calls. I wasn't sure if we'd scared him and he was calling for reinforcements, but when he hung up he handed our papers back and told us we were free to go.

"It's mighty nice to be free in my own country," Jason snarled as he snatched the papers out of the man's hand.

It was late; dark outside. We walked out of the terminal and stood in the soft evening breeze. Jason and I looked at each other, and I knew what he was thinking.

"I know, strangers in our own land," I said.

"Here we are, no place to stay, no place to go and no way to get there. Hell, I feel like a motherless child. And I'm hungry." He laughed. "We didn't plan this very well, did we?"

"They have car rentals, we can find a motel, then get something to eat and talk about where we're going from here," I said.

"Are you boys hungry?" Jason asked the boys.

They didn't answer and it suddenly hit me why. They were afraid to say they were hungry, for there hadn't always been enough food at the orphanage. I squatted down to their height. My gut tightened as I thought of Jase in my dream; this was all too familiar to me. I had burned his memory in that ashtray in Toby's, but he would return at times like this.

"Listen, guys, we have plenty of food here. So it's okay to say if you're hungry."

"Oh, Geezuss," Jason muttered under his breath as it hit him too. It really upset him. He choked up.

"So are you hungry? How about a real American hamburger, and French fries, and a milk shake?" I asked.

They both answered, "Yes," at the same time.

"I can see you're going to be a lot better at this than I am," Jason said. I wanted to tell him that I'd already had some experience, from another time.

We rented a car and found a motel across from a Burger King. We went to eat before we checked in. I had the thought that our first meal together in the United States should be a big celebration, but watching the two boys eat, it was a celebration. What every kid in the US took for granted, was a feast for these boys. It was a major event just watching them eat.

When we had eaten, we drove over to the motel and checked in. When we went in the room there was only one bed.

"Damn, couldn't that woman count?" Jason said.

"There'll be room," I said. "These little guys are probably going to be sleeping mighty close anyway."

Despite the late hour, we put the boys in the shower together. I quickly realized it was the first time they'd ever been under a shower. It was funny; they pretended it was raining. I made a phone call to the front desk to arrange for late checkout because I knew we would be sleeping in the next morning. When I went into the bathroom, Jason was in the shower with them. I was surprised, but shouldn't have been.

"Thought I might as well get them used to no modesty," he said as he was turning Kyle around to rinse off his back.

They spent an inordinate amount of time in the shower. I looked in on them again.

"This may take a while," he said. "I think this is the first time they've been in a shower."

When I went in again, Jason set Kyle out of the shower. I dried him off and took him to put him to bed. I dug around in the single bag that their clothes were packed in and came out with only one pair of well-worn pajamas.

"Are these yours or Devon's?" I asked.

"We traded back and forth but Devon can wear them," he said.

"Okay, then how would you like to sleep in one of my T-shirts, like a night shirt." I thought about what Jason had said, about the modesty thing. "Or do you want to sleep like this?"

"You mean naked? We weren't allowed to do that," he said.

"You are now," I said.

Smiling, rather proudly I thought, he crawled into bed naked and I tucked him in. I went back to get Devon. I told him Kyle was sleeping naked and asked him if he wanted to or if he wanted the pajamas. I assured him it was okay if he wanted to sleep naked. He said yes, he wanted to sleep naked, like Kyle.

"Might as well get them used to it," I said to Jason when I went back into the bathroom to join him in the shower. There was no hesitation as we wrapped our arms around each other and pressed our bodies together. We needed each other as much as the boys needed us.

"How are we going to handle this part of it?" he asked huskily. "We can't get them used to this."

"We'll just have to be careful," I said, just before he locked his mouth around mine for a hard, passionate, moaning kiss. When we parted I went slowly to my knees. Taking his cock in my two hands, I looked up at him. "Right now I'm going to give you your first blow job on American soil."

"Uhhh....." He smiled down at me. "It won't be my first one," he said.

"The first from me," I said.

We ended up making hard, passionate love on the bathroom floor. We were home.

Next morning I happened to hand Jason's shirt to him and felt the weight and a bulge in the pocket. "What's this?"

"Dirt," he said.


Nothing else was said.

Chapter Seventy-Nine

Meeting Our Families

Back home--my home--we checked into a motel, for lack of a better place to stay, then went to see my brother and his family. He was quick to tell me that I had package from a surplus store. Jason said he wasn't in any hurry to see his brother. I wanted to meet him; I held a deep curiosity whether he was anything like the man I remembered in my dream. When my brother found out we were staying in a motel, he insisted that we check out and stay with them. I mean the whole family insisted on it, including Hunter and Melissa; maybe especially Melissa. I suspected she might have ulterior motives about Jason. My brother knew of Jason, but not the extent of our relationship. And I had not told them about bringing the boys back; I had not even told them when I was being discharged.

Everyone was delighted with the two boys but I could tell already that Jason would take some getting used to for them. He wasn't good at meeting people and I could sense his attitude as a bit distant and moody, withdrawn, even with me at times. My brother liked him but just didn't know what to make of him.

"You have to understand, Brian, he is a highly trained killer, putting it mildly, and he's going to take a while getting used to being a civilian."

"You were a sniper," he reminded me. "How're you handling it?"

"Actually, it's too early to tell. But he was better at it than I was, and he did it for a longer time," I said. I laughed. "But don't worry, you don't have to be concerned that he's going to go nutso and slit everyone's throat in the middle of the night."

The living arrangements at Brian's were okay, but a bit crowded. Jason and I and the two boys shared the spare bedroom, with one bed and two sleeping bags. Hunter's bedroom was down the hall, so we would be sharing a bathroom. Melissa and the "marrieds" were downstairs.

"Well, now it starts," Jason said as we were settling in that first night.

"What starts?" I asked.

He motioned toward the queen-sized bed. "Do we put the boys in the bed, or do we raise eyebrows by us taking the bed together?"

I laughed. "I don't think anyone is going to be coming in to check on our sleeping arrangements. And if they do, hey, we're just making do. I think the boys would be more comfortable on the floor than we would."

We put the two boys in the tub together while Jason and I took the shower, but not together. One of us watched the boys while the other showered.

As we were drying them off, Kyle asked in a whisper, "Can we sleep naked here, too?"

It must have shown on my face that I wasn't sure it was a good idea.

"Sure, let 'em," Jason said.

"All right, but let's not tell anybody," I told them.

We tucked the boys into the sleeping bags on top of pallets of quilts and blankets then crawled in bed. Jason looked at me with a pained smile. "I'll be glad when we're all in our own place," he said. "Wherever the hell that may be," he added.

"We can start looking after one of us gets a job," I said. "We never talked about it; do you have any ideas what kind of place you want to look at?"

"Definitely out in the country, with trees and a big yard," he said. "We need plenty of room for the boys to roam around and grow up. We have to have one huge tree for a treehouse."

I had a place pictured in my head, but it was from my past and such a place probably didn't exist.

"We can still make do, here, for a while," I said with a mischievous grin as I shoved my leg between his thighs and nudged his balls.

"Careful," he whispered.

I ran my hand down his stomach, into his pubes and found his cock. It began to swell in my hand. Just then a cute little head appeared over the edge of the bed.

"Can I sleep with you like before?"

Jason and I looked at each other and smiled. "Now it starts," he said again. Then he rolled over and pulled Devon into bed with us.

"Come on, Kyle, it's okay," Devon said as he was being tucked down between us.

Kyle crawled in too, and Jason tucked him down between us along with his brother. It was a wonderful moment. We were all naked, but there was nothing sexual about it. That was over the instant we heard the boy's voice. It was just a wonderful, warm feeling, having the two boys tucked safely between us.

The warmth from our bodies made the boys go right to sleep. Jason and I lay there with them tucked down between us and just looked at them.

"I'm glad you talked me into this, I think," Jason said.

"It didn't take all that much convincing," I said. "In fact, I think it was your idea to bring Kyle."

"Was it?" he said, smiling down at the boys. He brushed his hand across Kyle's forehead then did a surprising thing; he kissed him.

"Could I have one of those?" I asked.

We both rose up and leaned over the boys to kiss. It turned passionate and we had to part.

"Are we going to do that in front of them?" he asked.

"We just did," I said.

"When they're awake."

"I don't think we should," I said. "They'll think it's the norm and I wouldn't want them to say something and expose themselves to ridicule."

"They're going to figure out real quick that they have two dads while the other kids have a mom and a dad."

"No, they each have only one dad," I said. "And that's not so unusual."

"When will we tell them, about us?" Jason asked.

"When they're old enough to start figuring things out on their own," I said.

"Do you think your brother knows?" he asked.

"He's never given any indication if he does."

"Will you tell him?"

"If and when the time is right," I said.

Jason put his hand lightly on Kyle's chest. "This isn't going to be easy, is it?"

"We never signed on for easy," I said.

Chapter Eighty

Jobs and Finding a Place

The next morning we sat on the back porch drinking coffee and pouring over the ads in the newspapers Brian gave us, and he threw in a few suggestions of his own where we could look for work. I circled a few ads, made some phone calls, and then borrowed my brother's pickup and ventured out to look for a job while Jason stayed back to watch the boys. I got lucky; the place gave hiring preference to veterans and I was hired at the first interview as the foreman of a large warehouse operation. I was happy as hell; even happier that my time in the military and service in Vietnam meant something to them. Jason also found a job in a different warehouse. Brian told us they were both owned by the same guy, plus he owned several more.

With jobs in place we needed transportation to get to work. Brian called the dealership where he bought his vehicles and told them he was sending two guys over and to treat us right. They did. Partly because of Brian, and partly, I thought, because in conversation they learned that we were both Marine snipers and Jason was a Navy SEAL. Jason picked out a new black Dodge Ram, four-door pickup. I couldn't tear myself away from a used Jeep. When we went inside to close the deals, the salesman asked about financing.

"Show me some payment plans," Jason said.

"We'll pay cash," I said.

The salesman blinked.

Jason turned and gave me a scowl. "I don't think so," he said.

"Cash," I said sternly. "Call the First Equity Bank, I'll authorize the transfer."

The salesman looked at Jason, waiting for his approval.

"Okay, I guess it's cash," Jason said.

"You guys seem to be sort of together in this; are these separate ownership, or will both names be on both titles?"

"Both names on both titles," Jason said.

After that we went house hunting. The plan was to find a place to rent while we took our time looking for a place to buy. We both wanted to get out of Brian's house and into a place of our own. Not familiar with the area, we went to an agency to guide us. His question about our wives made me know that he was curious about our situation, two men buying property together.

"We're both widowers, and now single dads," I lied. "We need a place to raise two little boys."

"Oh, how sad. But wonderful that you've teamed up," he added quickly.

Jason added his own lie. "Yes, we met at a support group, and decided we might be able to help each other out."

"Well, I'm sure I can find a suitable place to rent, but you know, if you're serious about buying right now, I've got a place I would like to show you first. It's a few miles out in the country, a large old farmhouse that sits back off the road, twenty acres with a woods and a creek, the perfect place to raise two boys. It even has a small stable for ponies."

Jason and I looked at each other. It was faster than we'd expected and we had agreed that we wouldn't rush into anything. He reminded me of that.

But I said, "I say we look at it."

It was more perfect than the agent had described. Jason was duly impressed. It was more than that for me; I was taken aback, even confused, by the surrealism. It started as we were driving up the lane; a vaguely familiar lane. After a tour of the house, I found myself walking toward the woods, leaving Jason and the agent talking. I went past the stable where the barn should have been. There was no footbridge, and the creek was wider, but beyond the creek it looked familiar and for a moment I was seeing it through a veil, from a perspective far off, from a different time. I felt a chill go down my spine as I gazed at the spot across the creek where.....

"Ohh, Goddd!" It was a hoarse whisper; my own voice. And I heard a voice, not mine, asking ..... "That okay this way?"

"Oh, Geezuss, Jase, you don't know...."

I thought I heard thunder, like an echo in the distance; an echo from another time, and it was my voice echoing back to me.... "Ohh, Yess, fuck me! Fuck me, Jase. Godd, yes, don't stop!"

I felt sweat breaking out on my forehead and I felt suddenly dizzy, as if I might black out. The voices kept on, the words coming so fast that I could barely make them out.

"You were wonderful, Jase."

"How do you want it?" he asked.

"On my back, with you on top," I said.

The thunder grew suddenly louder in my head--deafening--a crescendo building up to a lightning flash and I closed my eyes against it, but the voices kept thundering in my ears.

"Was it me fucking you, or were you thinking of my father?"

"It was you, Jase; it was you fucking me."

"I love you, Son."

"Dad!...... Dad.....Don't Leave Mmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Everything suddenly became more intense, inside and all around me, and I had the sensation of spinning out of control as incoherent thoughts washed like a roaring tide in and out of my brain.

"Brad? What do you think?"

I jumped. It was Jason and the real estate agent who had come up behind me.

"I've been here before." The words came out in a frantic whisper, not an echo from a distant past, but my own voice, here and now.

"What? Brad?.... are you okay?" Jason asked.

I felt a strong hand on my shoulder and looked around to see Jason standing there with a confused scowl.

"You okay?" he asked again.

"Yes," I answered quickly. "Yes, I'm fine."

"You were looking a little far out there for a moment," he said.

"I was just visualizing us here, and the boy....the boys.... Excuse me." I walked away, along the creek bank, leaving Jason and the real estate man standing. I needed to be alone. I went further, where the woods wrapped its solace around me. I fought down emotions that threatened to choke me and my eyes welled up with tears.

"It was a dream." I uttered the words quietly but with emphasis, as if to convince myself once and for all. But a voice from my past haunted me.... It was in this place! I tried to conjure up the voices again and when they wouldn't come I spoke the words myself from memory. "Was it me fucking you, or were you thinking of my father?.. .It was you, Jase; it was you fucking me.... I love you, Son.... Dad!... Dad.... Don't Leave Me...."

Why did I remember the words if it wasn't real? Can a dream be that real? I looked back at Jason and the agent standing there talking and no doubt wondering what the hell was going on with me. I started walking back and Jason came to meet me.

"What's wrong?" he asked as we approached each other.

"Nothing's wrong. Do you like the place?" I asked.

"No, let's back up. You were visualizing us here, with the boy, you said."

"Yes, the boys playing back in the woods, all of us swimming in the creek." I pointed to a huge oak. "That'd be a great place for a tree house."

"No!" he said emphatically. "You said with the boy, then you corrected yourself. You were off someplace back there. You were breaking out in a sweat."

"Hot flashes," I said, laughing nervously.

"No, man, I heard you say you'd been here before. This is a place out of your dream," he said.

I nodded, trying to fight down the emotions. "It all flashed back all of a sudden. I heard his voice......"

"Who's voice?"

"We can't go there," I said, shaking my head.

"We can look for another place," he said.

"No," I said quickly. "This is perfect, for us and the boys."

"Brad, you're going to be living it all over......"

I shushed him with a flick of my hand. We were back where I'd left the agent.

"Would I be correct in assuming that you're no longer interested in renting?" the agent asked. "Do you need a couple of days to think it over? I can take it off the market for a couple of days."

I knew within minutes that I wanted the place. I had to have it. I didn't need time to think about it. But I went into the house with Jason to talk it over.

"Are you sure about this, Brad? Whatever you had before.... you can't bring it back here," he cautioned. "Are we going to be living with ghosts from your past?"

I laughed again. "I'm going to be living with ghosts for a long time, it's just a matter of which past they're from. I want this place, Jason. I want it for us."

"Well, let's see what we can work out in the way of payments," he said.

"We can get the payments down to whatever we want with a large down payment," I said.

Jason was edgy about me using my money to make the sizeable down payment.

"It's the perfect place. Let's don't make money an issue," I said.

"That's easy for you to say, it's your money," he said.

I heard the agent come up onto the porch. I didn't want to have the conversation in front of him.

"Do you like the place?" I asked Jason.

"I love it. It's the perfect place to raise the boys," he said.

That was enough for me. I walked out on the porch and told the agent we would take it. We went back to his office to take care of the paperwork. Jason balked again when the agent, assuming correctly, asked for both our names and other pertinent information.

"Put it in his name," Jason told him.

I put up a restraining hand and the agent leaned back in his chair.

"Would you excuse us for a moment," I said.

"Certainly. Take your time. There's a café next door if you want to discuss it over a cup of coffee. Tell them to put it on my tab."

"That sounds like a good idea," I said. We went next door and I ordered coffee at the counter then we went to a booth. "You wanta tell me what that was all about?" I asked, not bothering to hide my irritation.

"I just don't want my name on something that doesn't really belong to me," he said stubbornly.

"Geezuss, Jason, after all we've been through, I can't believe we're even talking about anything so trivial. And I'm telling you right now, I'm not going to have this conversation over every little decision that comes along."

"I don't consider this a little decision," he said.

"Well, it's a pretty damned simple one," I said. "It's the ideal place for the boys, and us, it's for sale, and we can afford to buy it." I could tell by his tight-lipped expression that I wasn't getting through to him.

"We never really talked about how we would do this; build a life together," he said.

"I didn't think we needed a blueprint," I said curtly. "I thought we knew each other well enough to know how things would be."

He shrugged.

"What the hell is the problem?" I asked.

"You already paid for my truck. I don't like you paying for everything."

"Correction. I didn't buy you a truck. I bought us both two vehicles. Both of our names are on both titles," I said. "Look, we both needed something to drive. We need a place to live. We're going to need all new furniture. I've got the money to pay for it. If it was the other way around, you would be doing the same thing and you know it."

"I just don't like it," he said.

"Okay, how about this? I make the down payment, you make the monthly payments."

He thought about it for a moment then put out his hand. "All right, I can handle that."

I made the down payment large enough that his payments would be easy to make.

Since the place was vacant, we had immediate occupancy. We had a lawyer at the closing--one that my brother recommended--and while we were there we asked him if he handled adoptions. He was reluctant, said he was not well versed in arranging adoptions, nor was he anxious to do so. He said he would contact an agency.

"There wouldn't be any agency. We already have the children," I said. "We brought them back from Vietnam when we were discharged from the Marines."

"Oh, well, then if you've already gone through that red tape, their papers would no doubt be in order. It would be more a matter of formalities. Certainly, I would be happy to do that for you."

The eight-room house had four bedrooms, but when we showed the boys through and give them each their pick of rooms, they weren't enthused. That bewildered us at first, the way they looked at each other--boys always wanted their own rooms, I thought--but then it struck us both at the same time.

"They want to stay together," I said under my breath. Jason nodded.

"Tell you what. How would you guys like to have bunk beds and sleep in the same room?" he said.

They smiled at that, but then they asked Jason and I where we would be sleeping. When we showed them the room that would be ours, they picked the room right next to it for their own. Neither of us objected, although we would have preferred they take the room further down the hall.

"Well, I guess we'll have to be careful and quiet," I said as we were going back downstairs.

So along with the rest of the furniture that we bought, we got bunk beds, along with dressers, desks, chairs, lamps and rugs for the floors. The boys helped pick everything out for their room. They were excited to help set up the bunk beds and had their say in how the room would be arranged. By the time we finished it was late and we went out to celebrate our new home. I had something more in mind but the boys wanted Burger King. When we got back they wanted to use the rain shower again. We left them to it and waited in our room. It was heart-warming to hear them laughing and giggling. They came bounding out of the bathroom, naked as the day they were born.

"I think we started something," I said.

"Hey, it's just the four of us," Jason said with a shrug.

They seemed happy when we tucked them in that night, Kyle in the top bunk and Devon in the lower one. Jason and I went back downstairs and I poured us each a glass of bourbon. The rest of the house didn't seem to be as welcoming as the boy's bedroom and we went out to sit on the porch. I knew it was going to take me some time to get used to it because of its resemblance to the house in my dream.

"We might as well have left the rest of house empty of furniture. I can tell we're going to be spending most of our time out here, at least in good weather," Jason said.

"It may take a while for it to feel like home," I said.

He laughed softly, shaking his head. "Hell, I'd be just as at home out there," he said, looking to the woods. Then he looked around at me. "It's still in me, Brad. We're home, but part of me is still over there. God help me, part of me misses it."

"Anytime you feel like sleeping out there....it's your woods," I said. "If you want me along, just say so."

When we looked in on the boys just before going to bed ourselves we found them sleeping together in the lower bunk. I stood there choked up, looking down at the two boys wrapped around each other, and I saw Jason make a swipe at his eyes. We left them.

"It's going to take a while for them to feel safe apart," I said as we left their room.

"Well, hell, we feel more content sleeping in the same bed, why shouldn't they," Jason said.

"I was thinking, though, for the sake of appearances, we should set up another bedroom," I said.

"For one of us?"

"Yes, for appearances. It can be a guest room. And I think we should set up another bedroom with bunk beds, for when one of the boys is ready to move into it on his own."

"Why would we need bunk beds in both rooms?" he asked.

"They'll have friends staying over."

"And you don't think they'd mind sleeping together with their friends?" he said with a grin.

"We won't know about that for a while, will we?"

Jason and I made love that night, the first time in our new home. I saw as he was fucking me why he had insisted on the low dresser with the huge mirror when we picked out the furniture, and the two large standing tilting mirrors. We could watch ourselves in bed.

"Do you suppose we should get a lock for the door?" Jason asked as we were later lying together.

"No. I don't want the boys to feel isolated or locked away from us. We'll just have to be careful. If they happen to come in we'll just tell them we were wrestling or something."

"That'll work for a while," he said.

Next morning we went in to check on the boys and found them dressed, sitting on the lower bunk. They had made up their bunks.

"We didn't know if we should leave our room," Kyle said.

Jason and I sat on either side of them. Jason put his arm around Devon.

"Guys this is your home now," he said. "You can go anywhere you want in the house."

"What about outside?" Devon asked.

"Outside, too. It's all yours for as far as you can see. Just don't go back to the woods and the creek by yourselves."

When Jason took them downstairs I couldn't resist checking under Devon's pillow. The St. Christopher medal was there.

One morning I noticed the small glass jar sitting on the dresser on an OD Army green handkerchief. It contained the dirt Jason had brought back from Vietnam. Later, one morning I woke up to find myself alone in bed. I dismissed it, thinking Jason had gone to check on the boys. When he didn't return I got up to check on him. He wasn't in the house. Suddenly I knew where he was. I went upstairs to slip on my jeans and boots and noticed the jar of dirt was missing from the dresser. I didn't bother to go look for him. I knew where he was. I didn't mention it next morning and neither did he.

Chapter Eighty-One

Jason and Hunter

With us already having legal custody of the boys, the adoptions sailed right through. We avoided the investigative process, but Jason and I had to appear in court with the boys to formalize everything.

"You know, if we wanta trade, this is our last chance," Jason joked as we were walking into the courthouse.

"You're not going to trade us," Kyle said with a worried look.

I realized they were thinking we might trade them off.

"Do you boys like the arrangement we've had so far?" I asked.

"Yes," they replied in unison.

"Well, then, we won't change a thing," I said.

Jason and I received a little lecture from the judge first, about the responsibility we were taking on, both moral and legal.

"You realize that you will be totally responsible for these boys for their rest of their lives even though the legal responsibility will end at eighteen. That means food, clothing, a place to live, education, and moral guidance."

"We've pretty much been doing that, judge," Jason said.

"Your honor, if I may," the attorney began, then he went on to explain how Jason and I had extended our enlistments twice in order to remain in Vietnam until we could bring the boys home with us.

The judge listened intently but didn't comment. "Well, then, let's see how the boys feel about this," he said.

He asked the appropriate questions of the boys--were they happy where they lived, did they have their own rooms, were they happy with the living arrangements--and he asked them to describe their home and their rooms. They were excited telling the judge about their rooms and even described the woods and the creek. I could tell the judge was more than satisfied with their answers. Then he did the darndest thing. He came down off the bench and sat on the step leading up to the bench, and beckoned for the boys to come to him.

"Now, boys, you all came into the courtroom before I did, and you were all sitting over there together at that table, so I don't really know who matches up with who. I don't know which one of these men is asking to be your father. So before I approve these adoptions, I want each one of you to walk over and put your hand on the shoulder of the man that you know to be your Dad. Do you understand?"

"Yes." They marched over to us and put their hands on our shoulders

"This is my Dad," Kyle said.

"This is my Dad," said Devon.

"Well, gentlemen, I believe that settles it," the judge said as he stood up. He went back to his chair and set about signing the documents. He handed them to the bailiff.

"You may pick up your papers at the recorder's office. I wish you the best of luck, and I would also say that you have made this one of the more rewarding days of my career." He stood and we stood, he smiled and went to his chambers.

"Well, boys, I guess you're stuck with us," I said.

Kyle asked, "Does this mean we can call you Dad now?"

We just looked at each other. I guess we never thought otherwise, and I was a little surprised that they felt they had to ask. We picked the boys up at the same time, holding them tight.

"Yes, you can call us Dad, 'cause you're stuck with us for the rest of your lives," Jason said.

Hunter and Melissa were delighted to be aunt and uncle to Kyle and Devon and they visited often. Several times the boys wanted Hunter to stay all night, and he slept in their room in the upper bunk. I never noticed or even suspected that he might have ulterior motives for his frequent visits, especially considering the age difference, till Jason brought it up. I would've more expected it from Melissa.

"I gotta say something about your nephew," he began as we settled into the chairs on the porch after supper one evening to watch the boys playing.

I waited, I guess with a scowl.

"It's nothing to scowl about," he went on. "It's just that I'm getting....uhh....well, I'm getting vibes from him."

"What kind of vibes?" I asked. I knew, and maybe I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. I wanted Jason to spell it out.

He laughed. "What kind of vibes do you think? Is there a chance that there's anything there?"

"I suppose there's always a chance," I said. "But a word of warning. Have at it with Hunter, if it comes to that, but be damned careful about messing around with Melissa. My brother would kill you. And I thought she would be the one you would be getting vibes from."

"I was going to mention that," he said. "I think I am getting vibes from her, too."

"I'm not telling you not to, just saying you need to be discreet," I said. "And for God's sake, with either one of them, take it away from here. Little boys have big eyes and ears, and it could easily get back to Brian."

How It Happened

We decided to buy the boys each a pony, and Jason and Hunter had gone to pick them up on Jason's day off while I took the boys to a water park to keep them occupied till the ponies were delivered. We had cleaned the junk out of two of the stalls but had not fully prepared them for occupancy so as not to tip the boys off.

Hunter climbed up in the loft and threw down several bales of hay and straw. He called down to ask if that was enough and Jason told him to throw down some more bales. When he came back down Jason was cleaning out a third stall.

"This will be a good place to stack bales so we don't have to be climbing up in the loft so often," he said. "And we can use it as a tack room, for the saddles and bridles and blankets," he added.

Hunter set about spreading clean straw in the other two stalls while Jason stacked the extra bales in the third stall. They unloaded the two ponies into their stalls and while Hunter was putting out feed, Jason unloaded the saddles and laid them over the side of the partition and hung up the bridles and halters.

"The boys are going to be so surprised," Hunter remarked as he came out of the stall and latched the door. He looked into the third stall where Jason was spreading a horse blanket over a stack of bales. "And you're covering up the bales for what reason?" he asked.

"Guess," Jason said as he slowly turned around. His shirt was open down the front, revealing his washboard abs, and he had undone the first three buttons of his fly. He watched for Hunter's reaction.

"Oh, Fuck," Hunter said in a surprised tone.

"Yeah, something like that," Jason said with a grin as he shrugged his shirt off his shoulders.

"Ohhh, Fuuck!" Hunter said again when he saw Jason's muscular upper body. "How did you know? When did you know?" he asked as he went into the stall.

"I caught your vibes early on," Jason said.

"I was hoping you would, but I was scared to try anything too open."

"Why? You strike me as a guy who goes after what he wants."

"Maybe I am, but I'm not stupid. Look at you, man. And you're a Navy SEAL. Fuck, you could kill me in two seconds flat and not leave a mark."

"That I could," Jason said, without a smile. "But why would I want to do that? Look at you."

"You like what you see, really?"

"Fuck, yeah. Almost as much as you like what you see."

Hunter swallowed hard. "I guess I should ask....what you do."

"Nothing you don't want."

"Fair enough," said Hunter. "Do you like to fuck?"

"As the fucker, or the fuckee?" Jason asked.

"Either or both," Hunter replied.

"I'm a top," Jason said.

"I can be either," said Hunter.

"Today you're gonna be a bottom."

"Yes, sir."

"I think you like it hard and rough," said Jason.

"Do I have a choice? Just don't brutalize me."

"I'll stop just short of rape, how's that."

Hunter quickly shed his clothes, except for his T-shirt and he'd put his boots back on. He started to peel it off but Jason stopped him.

"Leave it on. You look hot like that, with your butt sticking out under your T-shirt. You've got a great ass."


"How long have you known? How long have you been doing this?" Jason asked as he took Hunter's arm and led him to the covered bales. He eased him back onto the bales and reached up on a shelf for a jar of lube. "No condom, okay?"

"Okay by me, I like my meat rare," Hunter said. "To answer your question, since late high school. The thoughts and ideas were creeping into my head back in grade school I but didn't understand them and I was too scared to act on them."

Jason walked around to the side of the bales and waved his cock in Hunter's face.

"Fuck, that's huge," Hunter said as he leaned his head over and took the big cock in his mouth. Jason started feeding it to him.

"Don't cum," Hunter said. "I don't mind taking your load, but I want you to fuck me, really hard."

"You'll be walking funny when I get done with you."

"Fuck, man, you even sound hot. Do you do this stuff with Uncle Brad?" Hunter asked.

"You're getting personal. And when you're talking, you're not sucking my cock."

"Sorry." He went back to sucking Jason's cock.

Jason began playing with Hunter's ass. Hunter raised his legs up and held them out wide. Jason uncapped the jar of lube, scooped some up and began fingering him.

"MMMmmnnnn!" Hunter moaned loudly around his cock as he squirmed on Jason's thick, long fingers. "Godd, you've got big fingers."

Jason spent twenty minutes or more getting Hunter heated up, till he was breathing so hard he was almost gasping.

"Godd, you've got me so hot!" he gasped around Jason's cock.

"Are you ready for some real ass work?

"Show me what you've got."

"No, not yet. I'm gonna fuck you, but you're not ready to know what I've got."

"Damn, you are a cocky fucker."

"Only with good reason," Jason said as he moved around to the end of the stack of bales.

"Fuck, I love the way you talk like that."

Jason took hold of Hunter's ankles and shoved his legs towards him. "Hold your legs against your chest, or spread 'em on either side of your head."

Hunter bent himself in half, with his knees on either side of his head. "Fuck, this is such a vulnerable position."

"It's a fuck position. This is vulnerable," Jason said as he took Hunter's feet, crossed his ankles and positioned his feet behind his head. "

"Ohh, Godd, this is gonna be brutal," Hunter whispered.

Jason didn't bother with more lube on his cock. He took his stance and began rubbing the head of his cock against Hunter's slick hole.

"Ohh, don't tease me," Hunter moaned softly. "And you don't have to be easy with me. You're big, but I can handle you."

"Wasn't planning on it," Jason said. With that he shoved the head of his cock through the tight hole and sank about half of his cock through it.

"AAAwwwhhhh!" Hunter cried out, pressing his head back against his feet.

"You said not to go easy."

"Ohh, Fuck!....I know....I j-just wasn't expecting that."

Jason laughed. "What were you expecting, with the head of my cock pushing against your hole?"

"You're bigger than I thought, and you went in pretty deep," Hunter said.

Jason looked down, laughing. "Deep? You've only got half of it. Are you sure you can handle me?" he goaded him.

Hunter squirmed against him then with a look of fierce determination; he hunkered his hips up off the bales and humped his butt up to meet Jason's cock. His ass swallowed the remaining inches and he ground his butt hard against his loins.

"Is that handling you okay?"

"Ohh, Fuck! Damn straight!" Jason gasped. "Ohh, Geezuss, feels like your ass is gonna squeeze my cock off."

"Fuck me, or I might," Hunter said. "Godd, I wish I could get my legs around you."

"Maybe later. Right now I like you in this wide open, you're-gonna-get-used position," Jason said. "Gives me operating space."

"Use me, then. Fuck me, you big stud. Show me what you've got."

Jason pulled back till Hunter's asshole squeezed the rim of his cockhead, then he shoved back in, hard and deep.


He did it again.


"That easy enough for you?" Jason asked.

"Fuck me hard, man. Fuckin' rape me," Hunter groaned huskily.

Jason fucked him hard. He fucked him so hard that they moved the top layer of bales almost a foot across the stack. One of the bales that Hunter was lying on slid off and his upper body was suddenly tilted downward, so he was upside down in a ball. Jason crawled up on the bales to follow him and continued fucking him. It was dead air in the stall and Hunter's body soon glistened with sweat. Beads of sweat popped out on Jason's chest and ran down his stomach. Sweat dripped from his face and Hunter licked it off his lips.

It was a hard fuck, with neither man giving the other any quarter. They were heaving in the stale air, gasping for strength to go on.

"I'm gonna cum in you," Jason said.

"Yess! Do it! I'm getting close too! Make me cum!" Hunter said.

Jason gripped Hunter's cock and began jacking with hard strokes, pounding his fist against his balls. Close as they both were, it was another ten minutes of grueling fucking before Hunter exploded. His body tightened and convulsed violently, then jolted hard as his cock erupted with great streams of semen that shot out over his head and landed with soft splats in the straw behind them. More streaked across his face and neck, and then his chest and stomach. He was still coming when he felt Jason's hot sperm spurting deep inside him.

"Awww, Fuuucckk! I can feel it!" he cried out with a loud whimper. "Ohh, fuck, I can feel you shooting in me!"

Jason stayed buried to the hilt as he pumped his man-seed deep in the youth's bowels. When it was finished he teetered over him for a moment then collapsed on top of him. They stayed like that for a moment, their upper bodies sliding gently against each other with their cum and sweat as lubricant.

"Damn, you are one hot fuck," Jason said finally.

"Back at you," said Hunter. "But I can't breathe."

"I could do this again, but Brad and the boys could be here any minute," Jason said as he disengaged Hunter's feet and pulled him upright.

"Yeah, wouldn't wanta have to explain to the boys what you're doing to their Uncle Hunter."

When I got home with the boys, Hunter had gone to return the horse trailer that the seller had provided to transport the ponies. Jason greeted the boys and me at the barn door.

"Dad said you've got a surprise for us," Kyle said.

Jason frowned. "I don't know what it would be. Only thing out here is a couple of fat cats and a few less mice."

Just then the boys saw the ponies. They cried out with delight and jumped with joy.

"Ponies! That's the surprise!"

"Oh, those. Well, I found them wandering along the road, must've got out, so I brought them in here till we find out who they belong to."

"No you didn't," Devon said. "They're our ponies. You even got saddles."

The boys wanted to ride them, but we convinced them that they first had to learn how to handle the animals and take care of them. We showed them how to feed and water them, and then how to put the halters on, and let them lead them outside to brush them.

I noticed the blankets spread over the bales in stacked bales in the third stall.

"That stall over there, are we looking to buy another horse?"

Jason laughed. "That's, uh....what I guess you could call the stallion's stable."

"You nailed Hunter."

"Fuck! Did I ever! Damn, your nephew is one hot fuck."

"Should I be jealous?" I asked.

"No. Actually, I cleaned that stall out for us, Hunter and I just broke it in," he said. "By the way, I'm sure Hunter would like to make it with you, too."

"I don't think so," I said.

Chapter Eighty-Two

The Boys in School

Summer ended and it was time to enroll the boys in school. Both Melissa and her mother offered to take the boys to school. I was surprised and amused that Jason was the first to decline their offer. At the school, we were only two of four men in the lines to register our kids.

"I see you got stuck with the job of registering, too," one of the men said to us.

"I'm a single parent, but I'm not stuck with it," Jason said.

At the registration table we both pulled up chairs. Jason handed Devon's birth certificate to the lady first.

"Do you have a certificate of pre-school completion?" she asked.

Jason frowned and glanced at me, then looked back at the woman. "No, he's just starting school."

"Your son is six years old; he was never enrolled in preschool?" she asked.

"I brought him back from Vietnam, I don't think they had preschool over there," Jason said, with a little sarcasm.

She scowled as she studied the birth certificate then stood and excused herself. She came back with another lady who took the other chair on the other side of the table.

"Mr. Seaborne, we really should enroll your son in pre-school before entering him in first grade," the second woman said.


"Well, he would be at a disadvantage with the other children who already have a year of schooling."

"He's been disadvantaged all his life, he can catch up," Jason said.

By her doubtful look, she was not convinced.

"What is pre-school, anyway?" Jason asked. "If he's in school, he's in school, I don't see anything pre about it. I just want him enrolled in first grade."

"You would not be doing him a favor," she said.

"He doesn't need any favors. I would just be enrolling him in first grade," Jason said.

I could hear the impatience in his tone and I was sure the women could as well. I think they realized he was going to be a tough nut to crack and they bowed to his wishes. He made it easier for me to enroll Kyle. I was noticing that Jason was okay around kids, but adults in general seemed to piss him off.

We were given a list of books and school supplies. We bought the books at the school's bookstore. There was a list of places in town where we could buy supplies.

"Damn, they expect a six year old to do all of this? I never had this many books when I was in high school," Jason said of the stack of books and workbooks.

We hired a sitter/maid to look after the boys every day till we got home from work. We didn't want to put that burden on any of the family. Sylvia was a middle-aged woman, slightly overweight, with an easy smile and an easier laugh, and she loved the boys. Loved them but didn't let them get out of line.

We got our first notices of teachers meetings the second week of school; a get-acquainted function held in the evening when most parents could attend. Jason asked me if I was going.

"Yes, we're going," I said emphatically.

"Oh, Lord," he said, laughing. "What did I get myself into?"

"Fatherhood," I said.

Once he was exposed to it, I was surprised how Jason got into the boys' schooling, and being a father in general. I could sense some curiosity on the part of others about two big, masculine guys with young sons, and no women in the picture. Some--a bold few--voiced their curiosity. We told them our wives were dead and that we'd met at a support group. No one verbalized the unasked questions about Jason and I being together every time. At the second teachers meeting, Jason was hit on by one of the mothers. That was funny.

The boys adjusted well and did well in school. But the teacher voiced her concern that they were extremely close and could hardly bear to be separated on the playground. She suggested to the principal that one of them be assigned to the other first grade classroom, and we got a note to that effect.

I didn't like the idea. Jason was pissed. Like I said, he was very impatient with adults. But we talked to the boys about it first and asked if they didn't think it might be a good idea so they could make more new friends. They started crying.

"Do you want to handle this, or do I?" Jason asked.

"You can handle it, but I'm going with you," I said.

We met with the teacher, Mrs. Halperin, and the principal, Mr. Clark. When Mr. Clark began to explain the plan, Jason stopped him cold.

"No," he said, very emphatically. "They need to stay together."

"Mr. Seaborne, we really think it would be best for......"

"No," Jason said again, this time with his hand up in a warning gesture, and that I'm-warning-you-don't-fuck-with-me look on his face. "You need to understand that we took these boys out of an orphanage, in a place where American blood was scorned."

"We understand, but eventually......," Mrs. Halperin started to say.

"No, Ma'am, you don't understand." He instantly realized how curt he'd been and he leaned back in his chair with a sigh. "Mrs. Halperin, we have an eight room house, with four bedrooms, and we thought that Kyle and Devon, like all boys, would want their own rooms. But they didn't want to be apart. So we bought bunk beds and put them in the same room. They both slept in the same bunk. They need each other, because deep down in their little souls, they still believe that each other is all they've got. So do not separate them." It wasn't a request or a plea; it was an order.

"All right," Mrs. Halperin said. "I guess I didn't fully understand. We will keep them together. Perhaps next year we can assign them to different rooms."

"Perhaps," said Jason, with a tone that left no doubt that he would be the one to decide.

We were walking back to the Jeep.

"Well, I thought that went well," Jason said.

"Yes, it did," I said with a tight smile.

"What the hell's that smile about?" he asked.

"Just that they don't realize how well it went," I said.

"That's not all it's about," he said.

"No, it isn't," I said. "You're surprising me, Jason. You're one hell of a dad."

"So are you. So why does it surprise you that I am?"

"I don't know. Being a dad is just so....so out of character for you."

"Somehow I think being a dad is going to build character,"
he said.

We had mentioned birthday parties on two of their earlier birthdays but they shied away from the idea. We weren't sure why except that they were still very tight and we thought it might be that they thought nobody would come. We tried a different approach for their thirteenth birthdays. It was Jason's idea to make it an all-school party and take the ponies to school for the kids to ride. He talked privately with Scott Hendricks first to see if he thought the school would go along with it. After the ugly confrontation with Scott's mother, Jenna Hendricks, over the skinny-dipping scandal he thought he might soften her up. She could have great sway over the school board and the principal.

She didn't say no but she set down a lot of rules and conditions. We would have to provide complete insurance coverage for the event and hold the school and the board harmless. We had no problem with that; we would take out event coverage. And she had approval over every aspect of the event. In return we asked for teachers and parent to volunteer to help keep the kids corralled.

I hired an ice cream truck to furnish frozen treats and found a party store to provide hats, balloons and party favors. I tapped Melissa and Hunter to help with the rides, and Hunter would clean up after the horses. As it gained momentum, some mothers came up with party games and even volunteered to make cupcakes.

The night before we took the boys to Burger King--always their choice-and gave Kyle a new St. Christopher medal and both boys shiny silver chains. We also gave them the pajama pants we'd brought back from Vietnam.

We made a big hit. The kids loved the ponies, nobody got hurt and we let them feed and water the animals. The party was a grand success; the most fun event in memory several parents told us. The boys made a big hit, too; they wore their pajama pants to the party.

As a return favor to Scott Hendricks for softening his mother up to the idea of the school party, we invited him and his son to a cookout and to go skinny dipping, as promised.

Chapter Eighty-Three


The boys grew in stature, and made their official passage into puberty just weeks after their thirteenth birthdays. We saw the evidence on the sheets. The boys and I were fixing breakfast one morning when Jason called me from upstairs. I went up to see what he wanted. He was in the boys' room, holding up a sheet, with a tight, smile on his face.

"What?" I asked.

He held the sheet out to show me the considerable wet stains.

"Uh-oh," I said, laughing softly.

"Yeah. Both of them," he said, taking the sheet from Kyle's bunk.

"Holy Shit!"

"Yeah, the little fucker is like a pony. You could almost wring it out," Jason said with a sense of pride in his tone.

"It's good they reached this stage at the same time," I remarked.

"Well, we need to talk to them," I said with a sigh.

"Yeah, sometimes Sylvia does the laundry and she doesn't need to deal with this."

"I'll take care of it," I said. The moment I said it I remembered another time out of my past.

"You're going to talk to them?" Jason asked, surprised.

"No, we're going to talk to them. I meant I'll take care of the laundry thing," I said.

They had adjusted well to being separated at school, and they were in separate bunks by this time, but still in the same room. Several times they shunned the idea of one of them moving into the other bedroom but Jason and I decided it was time to fix up the second room anyway, also with bunk beds. The boys were not overjoyed, but they were accepting. But we still found them sleeping in the same room now and then, and sometimes together in the same bunk.

For the talk, we waited till they were showered and in bed. Jason and I went up to bed early and found that it was a night that they were sleeping in their own rooms. We called Kyle into Devon's room.

"What's up?" he asked with a worried look as he crawled across the bottom bunk to sit beside his brother, both of them with their backs to the wall. Jason and I sat on the edge of the bunk, me carrying an armload of hand towels from the laundry room.

"We just want to talk about something. Don't look so worried, it's nothing serious," Jason said. He looked at me. I looked at him with a tight grin that essentially tossed the ball back into his court. I wanted to see how he handled this.

"You said we were going to talk to them," he said.

"One of us has to start," I said, waving a hand toward him.

"All right, guys, I'll get straight to it. You boys know what the word jack-off means."

I nearly burst out laughing. The boys did laugh.

"Yes," they both said.

"Okay, you know what it means," Jason said. They got the worried looks on their faces again. "Stop looking so worried. You're not in trouble over it. We don't care; it's a perfectly natural and normal thing to do. All boys do it. We're only concerned about the evidence we find on the sheets and pillowcases. That's not a big deal either, for us, but sometimes you know Sylvia does the laundry. And Sylvia has girls, not boys, so she probably doesn't understand about boys growing up into men."

I saw the boys' worried looks turn to embarrassment. It was time for me to take over.

"It's really not a big problem, boys," I said as I handed half the stack of towels to Kyle and half to Devon. "Use these, and put them in the hamper in our room. I'll tell Sylvia we're going to do all the towels and washcloths ourselves."

Their embarrassment slowly turned to relief.

"That take care of it, guys?" I asked, squeezing Kyle's thigh.


"Sorry," Devon said sheepishly.

"No need to be, we understand," I said.

"Yeah, we've been there, done that," Jason put in with a grin. "But like I said, Sylvia has daughters. She wouldn't understand about boys."

I was happily relieved with the way things went. Then Jason did the darndest thing.

"Listen, guys, there is something else," he said, as he reached into his pocket. "Devon, I noticed the other day when you were getting out of the shower that you're a little red and chafed. Here, use this. It'll make it feel better." With that he handed them each a small bottle of lube.

The boys blinked with wide-eyed surprise then smiled, first at each other, then at me and Jason.

"You guys are the greatest dads in the world," Kyle said.

"Yeah, we thought we were in trouble, especially when you mentioned the messes we left," said Devon.

We both laughed. "Hey, we were your age once," I said.

Jason stood up. "Well, good night, guys. Sleep tight. Or whatever you're gonna be doing," he added jokingly.

The boys were still laughing as we left their room.

"Well, I think that went well," Jason said as we were getting into bed.

"It went shockingly well. Damn, you never cease to amaze me. Lube?"

"Towels?" he said

The boys were at the age where they thought they were old enough to be left alone but we didn't completely trust that. It was okay for them to be by themselves when they got home from school till one of us got home from work, but we didn't like the idea of leaving them alone at night on the rare occasions when we went out. That wasn't often, but when we did, we called Melissa. Jason suggested Hunter one time but I vetoed it.

"You don't trust Hunter with the boys?"

"Frankly, no, not completely, not at this age."

So it was always Melissa. They didn't mind all that much except that they thought we were treating them like little boys, but they liked Melissa.

It was one of those nights when Jason and I were going to dinner and a movie we both wanted to see. Melissa couldn't drive over so I went to pick her up. Jason drove her home.

It was just after midnight when we got home from the movie; it was past two when he got back from driving her home. I knew right away when he walked in the bedroom, what'd happened, and he knew I knew it. I wasn't upset about it, she was old enough to know her own mind, but I was curious.

"Did you take the scenic route?" I asked.

"I have no idea where we were."

"What do you mean? You know the way there and back."

"Not the way she took me."

"So you nailed Melissa."

"Yeah, I did. Sorry."

"Why're you sorry? We've both been expecting it, haven't we?"

"Have you?" he asked.

"Melissa's a hot little number. And that boyfriend of hers..... I don't know where the hell she dug him up and I wonder more why she stays with him."

"I don't know either, he's sure not keeping her happy. She was like a mink." Then he blushed and apologized again. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be talking like that about your niece."

"Go ahead, I'd like to hear about it."

"Well, she started things by saying she was glad I volunteered to take her home."

"As opposed to me taking her home."

"She thinks you're a prude. I had to laugh at that. I told her you're a lot of things but a prude is not one of them."

"And where'd it go from there?" I asked.

"She remarked what a beautiful night it was, with the moon so bright, and she asked if I wanted her to show me the scenic drive. I said sure and she told me to turn off the highway. Like I said, I have no idea where she took me but we ended up at an overlook way above a valley. She wanted to get out and walk around so we did. I asked her about her boyfriend, if he ever brought her there. She said sometimes but it was the way she said it that got me, like it was no big deal, like not very exciting for her. Like I told you before, I've been getting vibes and I mentioned her boyfriend on purpose, to sort of remind her that she had a boyfriend. It didn't seem to matter a whole lot. Then it didn't matter for squat when we were walking back to the car and she stumbled. I don't know whether it was on purpose or not, but I caught her and suddenly there we were with her in my arms. It was kind of awkward. Neither one of us said anything. I helped her back to the car, around to the passenger side. I opened the car door and helped her into the seat and all of a sudden she threw her arms around me and kissed me. I was taken aback, but not too surprised, and I kissed her back. Then real quick it got to be more than kissing. She was laying back in the seat, pulling me down with her and next thing I knew, I was on top of her, and that's right where she wanted me, I could tell that by the way she was squirming under me."

"When we broke the kiss and came up for air, she blurted it out, 'Godd, I have wanted this for so long,' or something like that, I don't remember exactly."

"Before you cut to the chase, I trust you used a condom," I put in quickly.

He scowled at me. "What kind of a dunce do you think I am? You know I always carry condoms on me or in the glove compartment. But I don't need to cut to the chase with all the details. I fucked your niece. I hope you're not upset with me."

"I'm guessing you made it good enough that it won't be the last time," I said.

"Well, she sure made a lot of noise," he said. "But I decided I wouldn't do it again without your okay."

I laughed. "You don't need my okay, Jason, and Melissa certainly isn't going to ask my permission. Just so she saves enough of you for me."

He smiled and leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. "Don't worry, fucker, I'm not going to run out of steam anytime soon."

Chapter Eighty-Four

Beyond Puberty

One night Devon went up to bed early, leaving Kyle and me watching television. Jason had gone out.

"Is he not feeling well?" I asked Kyle.

"I don't know. He's been moody the last couple of days," he said.

I waited a little while then went up to check on Devon. I found him crying. I went in the room and sat on the edge of his bunk. "What's the matter, buddy?" I asked, rubbing his shoulder.

"Nothing," he said between sobs.

"Doesn't sound like nothing," I said.

"I can't tell you."

"Sure you can. There's nothing you can't talk to me about, or Jason. Nothing. Not ever," I assured him.

"I know you say that but I can't tell you this. You're gonna hate me if I tell you."

"Nothing you could do could ever make us hate you, Devon," I said, rubbing his back. His sobs were subsiding but he didn't say anything. "You'll feel better if you get it out," I said.

"I think I'm gay," he said in a tiny voice.

"What makes you think that?" I asked calmly, still rubbing his back.

"Because of the way other kids talk."

"Other kids are calling you gay?"

"No. But the way they talk......"

"Devon, turn over and look at me," I said.

He slowly turned over under the covers and wiped his eyes.

"Now, you don't have to tell me what the other kids are saying, just tell me why you think you might be gay."

"Because of how I feel."

"How do you feel? I don't think gay is a feeling," I said.

"How I look at Kyle."

"No, looking at Kyle, however you look at him, doesn't make you gay either. Tell me how you feel," I said.

"I don't know.....it's just how I feel....I love him."

"He's your brother. You're supposed to love him. He loves you, too."

"I don't think the way I love him. I don't think he thinks the things I do. I think I might love him too much."

"Why do you think you love your brother too much? I don't think that's possible."

"Because I....I have feelings....about things."

"Devon, you're going to have to be more straight forward with me," I said gently.

"I have feelings that I wanta do things."

"With Kyle?"

"Yes. Promise you won't tell him."

"I won't tell him. I promise," I said. "But you haven't told me what things."

"I want to touch him, feel his muscles. I want to touch his..... I love sleeping with him, especially when we're naked, when I can feel his bare muscles against me. We....we sometimes get hard when we sleep together. Both of us. Most of the time. Nothing's ever happened, but I want it to."

I laughed softly. I couldn't help it. He frowned, with a hurt look.

"I'm not laughing at you, Devon," I quickly assured him. "I'm laughing because I'm happy."

"You're happy that I might be gay? I'm not."

"No, no, not that. I'm happy that you are discovering these things about yourself. Not that you're gay. Nothing you've said would make anyone think you are gay. You're a normal boy, with normal feelings. It's your body reacting, that's all."

"When the other guys at school are laughing and talking about gays, they don't make it sound like it's normal."

"In the first place, most of those boys have no idea what they're talking about. They're just repeating what they've heard others say, like their older brothers, or older friends. And secondly, you would be surprised how many of those boys are having the same feelings you are."

"I can't imagine which ones it would be," he said.

"Does Kyle talk and laugh with the other boys about it?" I asked.


"He wouldn't if he knew how you felt about it."

"You won't tell him, will you?"

"No. Not unless you say I can."

"I don't want you to tell him."

"Then I won't. But I'm sure he would understand if you told him how you feel. And by the way, what you said about me hating you if you're gay. That's not true. I don't care if you're gay or straight, or bent in the middle. We love you, no matter what."

"You won't tell my dad, will you?" he said.

I gave him a sad look. "I don't like keeping things from Jason," I said. "And if he were home, he would be the one who came up to check on you and he would be the one having this conversation with you."

"No he wouldn't, 'cause I wouldn't be telling him what I told you."

"Why? It would be no different than telling me. Trust me, he would understand."

"It would be a lot different, trying to tell him. You and my Dad are different."


"He's gruffer."

"Gruffer?" I said, smiling

"Yes. You're easier to talk to."

I laid my hand lightly on his chest. "Listen, Devon, I would like your permission to tell Jason what you've told me. Let's see what he has to say about it. I'll bet he won't be gruff at all. I'll bet he will be as easy to talk to as I am. You just have to give him a chance. You know, he's as new at this as I am, raising boys. He and I have to learn along the way."

He thought about it for a moment then told me it was okay to tell Jason. "But if he gets mad, I don't wanta talk to him," he added.

Jason came in late. He said he was meeting some guys he worked with for a beer, but I was sure he was with a woman. We had not openly discussed that part of our relationship but I knew about him and Melissa and I wanted him to know that it was okay to seek female companionship. But I didn't want him to sneak around about it. I was reading when he came in. I watched him undress.

"We have to talk," I said as he was getting in bed.

He paused with one knee in the edge of the mattress. That stance, his naked body with his big cock swinging out from his loins, took my breath away, as it usually did.

"Okay," he said, putting his hands up in a defensive gesture. "I met this woman at the bar. We took off for a little while. But I didn't lie to you."

"I never accused you of lying," I said. I thought I should stop him before he went any farther, but it was an opportune time to lay the issue out on the table.

"I've been wanting to talk to you, too," he went on as he climbed in bed. "We never covered that aspect of it when we talked about ground rules; about women, not even after I fucked your niece."

"It never occurred to me, but I suppose we should've," I said.

"When we had that conversation at the Dragonfly....when I told you I loved you, I never said I was gay. I never put a label on myself."

"There's no reason why you should," I said

"You don't seem the least bit upset that I was with a woman tonight," he said. "Just like you weren't upset over Melissa."

"I'm not. Being with a woman takes nothing away from me; or from us," I said.

"Actually, it adds something to us," he said. "I'm so boned up for you after fucking her......"

When he put his arm across my lower stomach I pulled it up across my chest.

"Normally, I would be flattered, but there's something we have to talk about."

He looked at me and withdrew his arm, a confused look on his face. "You mean this....me seeing women....isn't want you wanted to talk about? Damn! I just outed myself!" he said, laughing.

I laughed. "We were going to talk about that, but it's Devon we need to talk about right now."

"Devon? What's wrong? What's he done? Is he okay?"

"He is, and he isn't." I went on to explain what Devon and I had talked about.

"Damn! The first time he really needs me and I'm out fucking around with a woman."

"Don't lay a guilt trip on yourself, that is not an issue," I said sternly. "In fact, he said he wasn't sure he would've told you if you were here."

"Why not?"

"Because you're gruffer," I said, smiling.

"I'm gruffer?"

"You're not easy to talk to," I said.

"He can say anything he wants to me."

"But he doesn't feel that he can really talk to you. I told him he could. I told him I was going to tell you what we talked about, then you would talk to him about it, and he would see how easy you are to talk to."

He folded his arms over his head and let out a big sigh. "I said you would be better at this than I am." He stared at the ceiling for a long moment. "What if he is gay?" he asked quietly.

"What if he is?"

"How do I handle that?"

"You never had any trouble handling me," I said.

"You're not totally gay."

"Gay enough," I said.

"But he's just a boy. He's my son."

"Will it bother you if he is gay?" I asked.

"No, absolutely not."

"Then you'll handle it just fine."

"Maybe I should talk to him now."

"No, don't wake him up," I said.

"Tomorrow, then. It's Saturday, I'll talk to him tomorrow."

Chapter Eighty-Five

Skinny Dipping

One night when we were lying in bed, Jason announced that we needed to purchase a van.

"What the hell do we need a van for?" I asked.

"To haul the boys around with their friends. Like driving for school outings and field trips."

"School outings and field trips are during school hours, which is during work hours for us," I reminded him.

"I can use vacation days," he said.

"You're really getting into this school dad thing," I chided him.

We bought a van.

He got into it with a little too much gusto. First, when he suggested the nature outing for Kyle's class be held at our place. Their assignment was to gather leaves and plants and identify them. He drove into town to pick up a van-load of kids, and as was customary, he took the boys; the girls rode in another larger van. The outing went well, with the usual horsing around; boys teasing the girls and the girls running and screaming when being chased with captured frogs or lizards. The van of girls left first. As the boys were preparing to load up for the return trip to school, one of them asked if you could swim in the creek.

Kyle told him, yes, we swam in it all the time. The boys wanted to go swimming and Jason temporarily lost track of his senses and let them. No one had come prepared with swimsuits, of course, so the boys gleefully stripped down and went in naked. He did manage to keep them corralled in one place where the water wasn't too deep and where there was a sandbar where the non-swimmers could go wading. He sent Kyle to the house for towels. He made his final mistake when he succumbed to the boys' urging and stripped down himself.

He was met with consternation when he arrived back at school late with his cargo of laughing boys, well into the last class time, and it was worse when it was learned that they had gone swimming. And even worse when it was realized that they had, of necessity, gone skinny dipping. It took less than twenty-four hours for all hell to break loose.

There was a meeting called and Jason was "invited" to defend his actions. I made the suggestion that he might be wise to seek legal counsel but he refused.

"Hell, I didn't do anything wrong, and showing up with a lawyer would imply that I did."

I went to the meeting with him, partly because I was concerned, but mostly to see how the school board and the principal handled Jason. I smiled at the thought of it.

The president of the school board was an all too typical overweight, hair-in-a-bun, nose-in-the-air, spectacles-on-a-chain woman named Jenna Hendricks, who gave the very clear impression that she ran the school board single handedly. I would not have crossed her without very good reason. She introduced the subject matter and then invited the principal to speak, followed by two indignant mothers who railed against the indecent exposure of the boys to one another and worst of all, to the adult Jason Seaborne. One of the women even implied that our household should be investigated with the thought of removing Kyle and Devon. That pissed me off, and I quickly submitted a written request to the board to be heard. When Mrs. Hendricks invited Jason to come to the podium and give an accounting of himself, he stood at his chair and began to speak. She interrupted him and told him he would have to speak at the podium where he could be heard. He stood his ground. I was proud as hell. I was just as proud to count him as my best friend.

"Can everyone hear me?" No one said they couldn't so he ignored the woman and went on. "You all should understand first, that I'm not here to defend myself because I haven't done anything that needs defending. I am here to speak my piece since everybody else is. You all know the circumstances of this so-called incident that's been blown way out of proportion. It was a nature outing at our place where the kids gathered leaves and plants for a science project, and I think a few of them caught some frogs and a turtle. The girls and the boys came in two different vehicles. I picked up the boys and brought them out to our place. When it was over, the girls left first. We were loading up when one of the boys asked about the creek, did we ever go swimming in it. Kyle told him yes. I realize I should've waited and invited them back at a later date for a cookout or something, but the boys got so excited with the idea of going swimming, and I gave in. I know, it made them late for their next class, but at the time, that just didn't seem to matter. I don't know what they missed in that class, but it couldn't have been all that much, to warrant this ruckus. And if it was, well, their teachers are taking themselves way too serious."

As he spoke, I looked around at the people watching him. I saw a lot of different reactions, from intent interest, to approval, to disdain, to envy, to what might be said to be lust. He had dressed up a little to come to the meeting, in a nice white-and-blue-stripe, short-sleeve sport shirt that fit him well, especially across the chest, and the sleeves hugged his big arms rather tightly. His slacks fit well too, hanging low on his lean hips, and no one could help noticing how his butt stuck out, filling the material in back. You could even see his butt muscles flex when he shifted his weight from one leg to the other.

"Mr. Seaborne, did anyone wear swimsuits?" someone asked from the crowd.

"No, Ma'am, it was a nature outing, nobody was expecting to go swimming."

"Did you go swimming with the boys?"

"Yes, I thought I should be in there with them. I kept them corralled in the shallow part but I thought it would be safer if I was in the water with them."

"Did you wear a suit?" a man asked.

Jason looked at that side of the room, searching for the questioner. Then he turned to the table where the school board was seated. "I would like for the gentleman to stand to ask his questions," he said, looking squarely at Mrs. Hendricks

"Standing is a courtesy, not a requirement, Mr. Seaborne," she told him.

Jason looked back at that side of the room. "Well, if you're not man enough to stand and face me, you won't get an answer," he said. "That's all I've got to say."

Mrs. Hendricks held my request in her hand then called on me.

"Mr. Courter, I believe you wish to speak."

I stood up and went up to the podium. I wanted to face these people; I wanted to eyeball the woman who had pissed me off.

"This reminds me of the Salem witch hunts," I said glancing at the board behind me. Then I faced the crowd and looked squarely at the two women who had spoken first. "I am infuriated with the implication that anything inappropriate happened on the day in question. I am more infuriated at the suggestion that my household should be a target for investigation. And I am putting you on notice that if I hear one more such reference, I will have the perpetrator in court till hell freezes over. Let me make it clear that I have the resources and I have the inclination to do that." I stood silent for a brief moment to let it soak in then went back to my chair. As I sat down another man stood up.

"I would like a chance to speak, Madam President."

Mrs. Hendricks looked at the clock then nodded, with a distinct frown.

"My name is Scott Hendricks and my son--and Jenna Hendricks' grandson--was one of the boys on that nature outing who went skinny dipping. He had a blast. He was so excited when he came home from school, he couldn't stop talking about it. I've never seen him so excited over a day in school. I would like to ask how many people in this room have ever been skinny dipping." He paused but no hands went up. He laughed. "Come on, don't you all sit there and lie to me. You know damn well you have and I know damn well you have cause I've been skinny dipping with some of you. Including some of the ladies, I might add. Now are you going to come clean or do I have to start naming names?"

I didn't think anybody believed he would actually name names but it broke the ice. A few hands went up, all men at first, then more hands, till more than half the hands were up, including a few women.

"All I can say is the rest of you are lying or you don't know what you're missing. Now I wonder how many of you know Jason Seaborne and Brad Courter; if you know that they were both Navy SEALs and both of them were Marine snipers. That they both served several tours of duty in Vietnam, that the two boys they are raising--their adopted sons--were plucked out of an orphanage over there, that these two men extended their time in Vietnam at least twice, waiting on the paperwork so they could bring the boys back home with them. Frankly, people, for the first time in my life, I am ashamed of this community. I am ashamed to be here talking about this. I'm ashamed of those who thought it right and necessary to even have this meeting. I stand with Jason and Brad, and I most certainly stand with Jason. And for the record, Mrs. Halperin, I would like to know exactly what the boys missed at the beginning of that class." He remained standing, waiting for answer. Mrs. Halperin conferred with two of the board members then told him it was spelling. "My son gets straight A's in spelling, so he didn't miss a damn thing." Then he sat down.

I was proud of Hendricks too. He got it all right except that I wasn't a Navy SEAL. But what did that matter in this situation?

Without further adieu, Mrs. Hendricks said it was late and adjourned the meeting

Jason and I were quickly surrounded by well wishers, mostly men, who were talking and laughing about going skinny dipping when they were boys. Several of them were fathers of the boys who Jason had let swim in our creek.

"What're you looking at?" I asked Jason, noticing that he kept looking away at the door.

"I just identified the nutless prick who didn't have the balls to stand and face me," Jason said. "He just slipped out the door."

"Aw, that was Franklin Prine," Scott Hendricks said. "I don't think he's ever been naked in front of another human being in his life. Probably still undresses in the closet. Hell, he doesn't even have any kids. I don't know what he was doing here in the first place."

Jason followed him out.

"Uh-Oh," I said, and several of us followed Jason out.

"Hey, Mr. Prine!" Jason called out to the man. He turned around, but with a look that he might take off running. "I would like a word with you."

"I really don't have the time."

"Yeah, you do. I just made the time for you," Jason said as he approached him. The man was at his car and leaned back against it with one hand on the door as if he were prepared to make his escape if that was necessary.

"Whatever it is, I hope we can be civil about it," the man said.

"I was just wondering why you're so curious about whether I wear a swim suit to go swimming."

"I was asking the question, I thought for obvious reasons," Prine said.

"You should have been more obvious about yourself asking the question," Jason said. "I like a man to face me when he's accusing me of something."

"I wasn't making an accusation."

"You were either making an accusation--that I was corrupting a bunch of young boys--or you were way too interested in knowing if I go swimming naked."

"Please, this conversation is getting out of hand."

"It got out of hand back in that classroom when you opened your mouth, hiding behind a couple of women," Jason said.

"I was not hiding. Now I'm leaving." He started open his car door but Jason pushed it shut.

"You leave when I say so," Jason said in a quiet tone. "My buddy told those women he would have their asses in court till hell freezes over. I'm not so much for hiring lawyers to settle my differences. I tend to take care of things myself, and I'm putting you on notice, buddy, if you ever make another crack like that you will need a doctor, not a lawyer."

"Are you threatening me?" the man asked with disbelief.

"Yes." With that he reached around Prine and opened his door for him. "Don't forget to fasten your seatbelt."

None of us said anything when Jason walked back to where a few of us were standing.

"So, you are Jenna Hendricks' son," he said to Scott Hendricks.

"Yeah I don't think I'm going to be invited over for Sunday dinner any time soon, but she'll get over it. But it needed to be said. This was intended as a lynch mob, and I wasn't going to stand by and let it happen, especially over something so silly."

"Well, I appreciate your speaking up," Jason said.

"You're welcome. But there is a price," Scott said.


"I get to bring my son and come out and go skinny dipping in your creek."

"Any time. Bring Prine with you," Jason drawled.

I noticed Jason kept glancing around to the parking lot where most of the others had pulled out. Scott Hendricks had noticed too. He clasped his hand on Jason's shoulder.

"Listen, if you're interested, I could just about guarantee success," he said under his breath, nodding in the direction where Jason had been looking.

"Oh, really," Jason said.

"I'm not the only one who's seen how she eyes you at school functions."

"I've sorta noticed that too," he said with a smile. "What's her name?"

"Do you want the formal version?....Mrs. Jackson. Or the friendly version?.....Stella to those who know her."

"Is she still married?"

"Widowed," Scott said.

"Shame, she's so young to be a widow. How well do you have to know her to call her Stella?"

"I think that depends on the guy. She'll tell you when it's okay."

"Well, I guess I'll start out with Mrs. Jackson and maybe it'll get around to Stella real quick," Jason said. He looked at me. "Okay if Scott gives you a ride home?"

I laughed, shaking my head and walked off with Scott Hendricks.

Chapter Eighty-Six

Jockstraps - A Rite Of Passage

We watched with pride as the boys developed into young men, filling out with smooth muscle, and by the end of eighth grade, growing hair in the appropriate places. Kyle was developing a little ahead of Devon and he started wearing sleeveless T-shirts to show off the hair under his arms and they both walked around naked upstairs, proudly showing off their young manhood. Our lesson early on about modesty was taken well.

Before high school we took them shopping for new school clothes. The grade school didn't have an athletic program, but the boys played ball in the schoolyard, and it was expected that they would go out for sports in high school. It was nearing the time in their lives for another rite of passage..... jockstraps.

I had decided that I would order them special jockstraps for high school from a catalog I used to order mine and Jason's undergear, but I wanted to first face them with the issue and get them used to the idea. I was curious how they would react. We skipped the sports department at the clothing store and drove to the next town to the mall where there was a Sports Authority. I wanted them to get the feel of the atmosphere of the place. They had a good assortment of jockstraps and cups. Jason and I began taking various ones from the racks to check them out, and it was easy to put the boys at ease by handing the packages off to them to check out as well. After a few minutes, when all the packages had been returned to the racks, we told them to pick something out.

"You need two, one for practice and PE classes, and one for the games, which you never wash, by the way," Jason said.

They looked at him then at each other with their faces screwed up.

"Never wash them? That sounds gross," Kyle said.

"It's not gross, it's good luck," I told him.

Both boys reached for the same kind and both picked out small size. Jason and I reached for them at the same time, and laughed.

"Guys, I think you'd better go with a medium," I said.

They were embarrassed, but proud that I'd suggested a larger size.

At home we tore open the packages of underwear and T-shirts and removed the tags from the shirts. They both hated the tags at the back of the necks. When they were tearing open the jockstrap packages, Jason told them they'd better try them on. I knew it wasn't necessary; that he simply wanted them to get used to them before starting school. We were in the living room, and they started to go upstairs.

"Right here is okay, I want to see how they fit," Jason said.

"We can't take them back anyway, can we?" Devon said.

"No, but if they don't fit, we'll get new ones," I said.

I had a new appreciation for the physical attributes of the boys as they stripped down to their shorts and T-shirts, then pulled off their shorts to put the jocks on. They didn't need instructions from us, but we both helped by straightening out the waistband and the leg straps to check the fit.

"How's that feel?" I asked Kyle.

"Feels fine," he said, looking down at himself with pride. I knew part of the pride was from the dark hairs sticking out of the sides of the well-filled pouch.

Jason was nodding his approval as he tugged up on the waistband of Devon's jockstrap. The pouch lifted and fell heavily. Jason laughed and said. "Hell, at this rate you're going to be back there buying a large, like next week," he joked.

We finally got around to inviting Scott Hendricks and his son, Heath, to a cookout and to go skinny dipping. We all went swimming but then us three men got out and left it to the boys.

"I want to thank you again for the invitation," Scott said.

"It was long overdue," I said.

"Heath was really looking forward to it, getting together with you guys and going skinny dipping."

"Sounds like they're making up for lost time," Jason said, referring to the yelling and laughter back at the creek.

I didn't know if Jason saw it but Scott seemed pensive, even moody.

"Something on your mind, Scott?" I asked.

"Nothing important," he mumbled.

Jason was quick to pick up on that. "In Vietnam we had a saying with a reverse meaning. Guys used to say Don't mean nothin' when they we really saying it meant everything."

"I meant it's nothing I need to bother you with."

"What, I'm not good enough to be bothered?" Jason said.

"Naw, it's not that," Scott said, laughing. He got up out of his chair then and moved a few yards down to sit on the railing. "Okay, I'm reluctant to bring this up and I'm moving a safe distance in case you're offended......."

"And?" Jason asked when he didn't go on.

"Well, the widower thing never added up for me. Two military guys meeting at a support group and raising their boys together....both wives out of the picture so soon....you couldn't have been married very long and both of your wives died awfully young.....it's all just too convenient, at least for me."

"What are you saying? Or asking?" Jason asked with a gaze leveled over his beer.

"First, know that I'm bringing it up for a reason and you're the only ones I could think of to talk to about it."

"Then let's get to where you're going with it," Jason said.

"It's concerning my son." He paused at my raised brow. "I'm fairly certain he's gay."

"You're just as certain we're gay," I put in.

"No, but I think you're in a man-man relationship, and I've got no problem with that. From what I can see you've got a far better family situation than most homes. I just don't know how to approach Heath."

"Is there a reason why you think you need to approach him?" I asked.

"Only that I don't want him to deal with it by himself. I've told him he can talk to me about anything but I don't know if he'll come to me with this."

"What makes you so certain he's gay?" I asked.

"The way he looks at other boys, and even men. Maybe you didn't notice how he was checking out your boys, and both of you, when we were swimming. He could hardly keep his eyes off of you."

"Come on, Scott, that's normal as apple pie," Jason scoffed. "Hell, every guy does that when the opportunity's there. It's just naturally checking out the competition."

"I think it's more than that. I have a feeling he's probably done things with a couple of his friends when they stay over."

"If he has I would rack that up as young boys messing around. Boys do that, you know, experiment with their sexuality. I did it, you did it....hell, at that age they're romping through puberty, the hormones are raging, I think you might be just buying trouble."

"It just nags at me. I wanta be there for him. I want him to know it's okay, I don't give a fuck if he's gay. Geezuss, he's still my son."

"So, what do you want from us?" Jason asked.

"He deeply admires the two of you, being Marines and you a Navy SEAL, and both of you being snipers. He watches war movies and reads military books. All he talks about is being a Marine since he met you. So I thought if you and him could get closer....you know, maybe talk about things military, maybe he would feel comfortable confiding in you, and open up about his feelings."

I noticed that he was speaking directly to Jason.

"If he tells me things he doesn't want me to repeat, I won't," Jason stated flatly.

"I respect that," Scott said. "But if he opens up to you and sees your reaction, he might feel more comfortable talking to me, if you encourage him to."

"Yes. I was kinda hoping you would feel that way. Whatever passes between you and Heath stays between you and Heath, unless he wants to tell me," Scott said. "I just want him to be happy being gay."

"Alright, here's what we'll do......."

As told by Jason

So we had gotten around to having the cookout but we had not gotten around to why Scott thought his son, Heath, was gay, except for the way he looked at other boys and even men, and his obsession with the military. My mind was on the mission at hand, although I wasn't sure how I would handle it. I knew it was sometimes hard for boys to relate with adults and hold a conversation so I'd arranged in my head a list of things we could talk about that he would be interested in; school, sports, girls, the military. Anything to get him to open up and maybe give me a clue as to what Scott was thinking about his son's sexual orientation. I did not want to be wrong about this.

Heath stayed the night and the next day being Saturday, I didn't take him home till early evening and I took him to an army surplus store on the way. He was wide-eyed with all the military gear, and full of questions. I took note of the things he picked up to look at and when he went through the store again I noted the things he went back to.

"These would be neat to have in my room," he said as he examined the hand grenades.

"That's called a pineapple, and that's a smoke grenade," I explained as I picked those up and handed them to him. "This is a smoke grenade," I said, handing him a third. "Do you want those to sit on your dresser?"

"I don't have that much money."

"I've got it," I said. "If you don't think your parents will freak out, we can make your room look like a supply room."

By the time we left, young Heath was almost outfitted for combat.

Back in the truck he started asking more questions about the Marines and all the training. I filled him in as best I could for a boy that age and found that he was already pretty well informed himself. He told me his dream of joining the Marines when he turned eighteen.

"Don't tell your mother I said this but you can join when you're seventeen if they sign for you. You can actually join while you're still in high school but you still have to graduate."

"I'll tell them I learned it from a recruiter," he said.

"You got a girlfriend?"

"No. There's a girl that likes me."

"Just one?" He shrugged. "Trust me, stud, there're a lot more than one that's got her eye on you."

"I couldn't date a girl anyway till I get my license."

"You could take a girl to the movies, have your dad drive you," I said.

"Anyway, I don't have time for girls," he said in a dismissive tone.

"Sports keep you busy? But hey, that's half the reason for going out for sports, to attract the babes," I joked as I reached over and squeezed his leg. "Girls love a guy wearing a jockstrap." I laughed. "I remember when I was in school, every time I pulled on my jockstrap I used to think of a girl and be wishing she'd be there later to pull it off of me."

"I'd rather be putting on a Marine uniform," he said. That tone was still there; like he really didn't want to be talking about girls.

"There's time for that," I said, trying to think of another way to get to him. But then he opened that up for me.

"Do you really think I'm a stud, Mr. Seaborne?"

I was taken aback, but he'd just veered off on the path I was looking for.

"Don't you have a mirror in your room?" I joked.

"'Cause I don't feel like a stud inside."

I eased my foot off the gas pedal. "Heath....is there something you need to talk about?"

"I wish I could."

"You can," I said. "I'm not your dad but I'm raising two boys about your age, I'm used to listening."

"I could never talk to my dad about it," he said.

I turned on the turn signal. "Maybe we oughta take the long way home," I said as I turned onto a gravel road. "You wanta talk to me, Heath?"

He took in a deep breath and let it out, sounding like he was dreading what he was about to say. But he didn't speak. "Heath, buddy, you don't have to....it can wait. I'll still listen anytime you're ready."

"I bet your boys never talked to you about anything like this," he said.

"Maybe they have, and maybe not. I won't know till you say what's on your mind."

"I don't know how....except to....maybe say your....your hand felt good on my leg," he stammered.

"It did, huh."

"Yes, I get feelings about things like. Feelings I don't think I'm supposed to have."

"I don't know if there's any way to control feelings," I said. "They're there, and they come out all on their own. That's what I think, anyway."

"And I liked watching you when we were swimming," he said. "Mr. Courter, too, but you're more rambunctious than he is."

I had to laugh at that. "You don't have to call us mister. Jason and Brad will do fine," I told him. Then I said, "You're a pretty impressive swimmer yourself."

"I didn't mean just about how you swim."

"I think I know what you mean, Heath," I said. "And it's okay to have those feelings. Doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you."

"I wonder if my dad would agree with that."

"Don't underestimate your dad," I said sternly. "A father's love is unconditional."

"I just don't want him to hate me," he said.

"I can't think of anything you could do that would make you dad hate you. He stood up for me at a school board meeting one time. Why do you think he could possibly hate you?"

"For feelings and thoughts I have....for things I wanta do."

"Heath....I think we're dancing around the issue," I said quietly. "Why don't we level with each other and say what we really mean?"

"You mean me say what I really mean."

"Alright, but I'll go first. You said you liked watching me when we were swimming. Then you said my hand felt good on your leg. Those things mean something....something deeper than you're saying."

There was a short pause then his words came tumbling out. "I said 'em because I like you, Mr....ur, Jason, and you....you're the one I wanta do the things with that I think about all the time, and I think you know what I mean."

"I do," I said gently. "I can't speak for everybody but I think it's okay to have those thoughts and feelings, and it's okay to act on them but it should be with somebody your own age."

"So I....I shouldn't have put my hand on your leg."

I reached over and put my hand over his as I turned into the vast wilderness park. The speed limit was twenty so I eased up on the gas and let the truck move on its own. Some ways into the park I turned into one of the many narrow, winding lanes that led back to picnic areas, ponds and just plain wilderness sites. I drove into a tree lined area that had a couple of picnic tables and little else. We couldn't be seen from the road and I parked the truck facing out so I could see anyone coming in.

"If we can't do anything, why are we parking here?" he asked.

"To give you a chance to say everything that's on your mind," I replied.

"Are you going to tell my dad what we talk about?"

"Not unless you can tell me I can. I think you should tell him yourself."

He looked straight ahead for a long moment and I longed to know what he was thinking. Finally I asked him.

"I'm thinking who's it gonna be, besides you. I don't know anybody else I can trust."

I reached over and squeezed his shoulder. "I want you to know, Heath, I'm not rejecting you."

"It feels like you are," he said. "If I was older, would you have sex with me? And how much older would I have to be?"

"Eighteen, or closer, and with you having some experience."

"What have you got against virgins wanting to learn?"

"The thing is, Heath, I like everything about you, too," I said. "You don't know how hard it is to be having this conversation with you. I want more than anything in the world to be part of your first experiences. It would be an honor and a privilege to show you everything you want to learn, but I would be betraying your father, and in the long run, you. I have no right to betray your innocence. But I will be here for you; you can call me anytime and ask any questions you want."

He was quiet for a moment, then he said, "Well, I guess we might as well leave, then."

I started the truck and drove back to the main road leading out of the park. As we were leaving the park, he said, "Back there, I was thinking about asking if I could at least jack you off and see you cum. Would you have let me?"

"Let's leave things the way they are," I said. "But I want to say how much I admire your courage. Not many boys your age have that kind of courage. And while you've got that courage built up I think you should talk to your dad when you get home; tell him what you've told me."

"You don't think he'll hate me?"

"I'll bet you a steak dinner that he'll grab you in a big hug and tell you how much he loves you and how much he admires your courage."

It was a little late when I got him home so I decided I'd better deliver him to the door.

"Did you have fun?" his dad asked him as the boy went past him into the kitchen.

"I had a great time."

Scott stepped out on the stoop and let the door close behind him. He didn't say anything but the question was all over his face.

"He doesn't know it yet, but with your help, Heath is going to be fine," I said.

"So you're not going to tell me."

"He didn't say I could."

"Did he say you couldn't?"

"No, but he needs the chance to tell you himself."

"Do you think he will talk to me?"

"I would bet on it."

Later that night Heath called me.

"You won the bet," he said.

"I'll still buy you that steak dinner," I said.

Chapter Eighty-Seven


How It Happened

Kyle had come into Devon's room after they'd both gone to bed.

"How come you've got your shorts on?" Devon asked, seeing him in the doorway with the soft light from the nightlight behind him.

"I put 'em on just to come down the hall," Kyle said as he peeled them off and tossed them up on the top bunk. "You mind if I sleep in here tonight?"

"Naw, I was hoping you would," Devon said.

Kyle shoved himself up into the top bunk and stretched out. "We're soon gonna be high schoolers," he said.

"Yeah. Are you scared?"

"No. A little nervous maybe, but not scared. It's not like we're going to be the only two freshmen."

"Are you going out for sports?" Devon asked.

"Hell, yeah. So are you," Kyle said.

"I don't know if I am or not."

"What? Why not?" Kyle asked, leaning down over the edge of the bunk. "You're a natural jock. You're going out for sports. Besides, that's the way you get the chicks. Jocks attract chicks."

There was a long silence.

"You asleep?" Kyle asked softly.

"No. I'm not sleepy."

"How come you're so quiet, then?"

Devon took in a deep breath and let it out. "There's something I need to tell you, Kyle. I need to bring it out before we start high school, 'cause it's going to be a whole lot different than grade school with PE classes and the locker room and showers, not like it was in grade school." He was quiet for a moment then he went on. "There's a reason I'm not going out for sports, Bro. I'm gay."

The air in the room seemed to be dead still, as if it was frozen. Suddenly, Kyle jumped down from the upper bunk and sat on the edge of Devon's bunk.

"What the hell makes you think you're gay?" he asked.

"Just....feelings I have....thoughts that creep into my head."

"What kind of feelings and thoughts?"

"Just....feelings I have....thoughts about....about guys....like sexual thoughts."

"You're fuckin' serious," Kyle said, surprised.

"You think I would joke about something like that?"

"Do you have feelings and thoughts about girls?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah, about as much as I do about guys," Devon replied.

"Then you're not gay. Gays don't have feelings for girls."

"And straight guys don't have feelings about other guys," Devon said.

"At the very worst, you're bi, dude," Kyle told him. "Bi guys have feelings for guys and girls both."

"I don't wanta be either," Devon said. "I wanta be straight, like you and every other guy I know. But I can't help these feelings, and the thoughts that keep creeping into my head."

"I don't think there's anything you can do about it," Kyle said. "I don't know, but everything I've read, you're born that way. It's like you've got the gene or something."

"Does that mean my dad isn't a hundred percent straight?" Devon asked.

"Naw, man, there's nobody straighter than our dads," Kyle said. "You must've got it from your mother's side, or maybe it's just a stray gene that slipped in from generations back. A freak of nature or something."

"I don't like the way that sounds," Devon said.

"I'm not calling you a freak."

"It don't make sense anyway, Kyle. Genes don't just slip in. You get 'em from somewhere in your past."

"Well, it sure as hell wasn't from your dad."



"You said, at the very worst I'm probably bi....at the very worst, those were your words. That makes it sound really bad, and it makes me wonder....what you think of me."

"I don't think any different than before. It was a bad choice of words. Heck, it don't make any difference to me if you're bi, or even gay. We were brothers before you told me and we're still brothers."

"We're not brothers," Devon said. "Not real brothers. We don't have the same dad."

"But what if we had the same mom?"

"We don't know that for sure."

"We know it if that's what we believe," Kyle said.

"We don't even know if Jason and Brad are our real dads," Devon said. "We've both got American blood, but our mom was probably a prostitute. We could belong to anybody, and Jason and Brad just happened to be the ones to choose us. We don't know for sure where our genes came from."

"Where the hell is this crap coming from anyway, Devon?" Kyle asked. "You keep saying our mom 'cause that's what you wanta believe, but we don't know if it's even true. I don't know about you, but Brad is my dad, and nothing's going to change that. Jason would be pissed as hell, and really hurt, if he knew you were talking like this. Just be glad they took us out of that orphanage and brought us to America. If you could have a choice, right now, of any guy on the planet that you'd want to be your dad....would it be anybody besides Jason?"


Kyle clasped his hand around Devon's face. "And think about this, dude. I'm your brother, and there's nothing you can do about that either. And if you ever try, like disowning me or something, I'll kick your ass." Then his tone changed and he seemed to choke. "I love you, Devon. I love you more than anybody else on the planet, and that includes Brad." With that he leaned down and kissed him on the mouth. It wasn't a passionate kiss, but it wasn't exactly a brotherly kiss either. It was a kiss of love. Their lips undulated against each other but their tongues didn't meet, and Kyle broke away before they did. "Don't you forget it," he said hoarsely. "And if you tell anybody I kissed you, I'll break your face."

Suddenly Devon rose up and put his arms around Kyle's shoulders and pulled him down on top of him. He hugged him tightly.

"I love you more'n anybody on the planet too, Kyle, and I thank God every day that they took us out of that place together. I would've died if they left me behind, or if they took me and left you. I don't think I would've left without you."

"I wouldn't have left you behind either," Kyle said.

"If anything ever happened to you......"

"Nothing's gonna happen to me, Devon. I'm gonna be fine, now and always. We both are."

"As long as we're together," Devon said.

"We'll always be together," said Kyle. "Now, are you going to let me up?"

Devon released his hold on him and Kyle rose up, still sitting on the edge of the bed. "Listen....don't worry about being bi. Nobody's gonna know; I don't think you even know for sure. I didn't have a clue, and I'm closer to you than anybody else. So don't worry about it, cause if it's true that means you play both sides of the fence, and heck, that might not be so bad. And there's something else......"

"What?" Devon asked.

"I don't want this to sound like it's gonna sound, like I'm wanting something from you, or trying to use you, so promise you won't take it that way." When Devon didn't say anything he said again, "Promise."

I promise."

"Well, if you ever wanta sometime act on those feelings you're having, to find out for sure about yourself, well, you can do it with me, and I promise nobody'll ever know."

There was dead silence as the two boys just looked at each other, and Kyle suddenly felt panic that he'd said the wrong thing.

"I didn't mean anything except....I'm just saying, if you try it and you like it, well, maybe you're right about your feelings, or.... if you try it and you don't like, well, then you're not bi. I don't mean anything else by it, Devon, I swear."

"I know you don't," Devon said.

"You were looking at me funny," Kyle said.

"I was just trying to imagine what it'd be like....doing it. It was all just feelings and thoughts in my head till you said that, then it just hit me that it could actually happen."

"Well....." He punched Devon playfully in the stomach, then stood up. "Don't be afraid to ask." He walked to the door and was gone before Devon could stop him.

Chapter Eighty-Eight

Brotherly Concern

I was reading the paper, when Kyle came into the living room one evening.

"Well, are you boys ready for high school?" I asked.

"I am but Devon's scared about it."

"He'll get past that."

"Dad, I need to talk to you about something."

He sounded tentative, almost timid, which was very unlike him. He usually just blurted things out. I put the paper down and pulled my feet off the ottoman, motioning for Kyle to sit down.

"I've been about to burst with this, Dad. I can't deal with it on my own, and you're the only one I can talk to.'

"You look really worried, Son; what is it?" I asked.

"It's about Devon. You can't mention that I talked to you. Promise."

"I promise."

"Not even to Jason, 'cause I'm breaking a promise to Devon, talking to you."

"All right," I said.

"Promise again, because I know how tight you and Jason are."

"My promise is my promise, Kyle," I said. "But before you say anything, are you sure you don't want to think about this? If you made a promise to your brother....if he's in serious trouble......"

"He's not in trouble, but it is serious."

"All right, it sounds like you have thought it through. So what's up with your brother?"

"There's a lot up with Devon. Biggest thing is, he thinks he's gay. I think he's bi, but he thinks he's gay, but I don't know the whole difference."

I hoped I showed no reaction, just a steady look. I didn't want to register alarm, or reveal that I already knew about Devon's concerns about his sexuality and so did Jason.

"What makes him think that?" I asked calmly.

Kyle went on to explain what Devon had told him, and added, "I told him he's probably bi, 'cause he still thinks about girls in that way too. I told him it didn't matter to me either way, and it wouldn't matter to Jason either, or you."

"No, it wouldn't matter one bit," I said. "But, Kyle, I don't know what I can do or say. You made me promise."

"Yeah, that was dumb, wasn't it," he said. "I would like for you to talk to him. Better yet, I wish he would talk to Jason."

"If you release me from my promise, maybe I can work something out," I said.

"You're released. But I wanta tell Devon first that I talked to you, that I broke my promise to him."

"All right."

"Thanks, Dad."

"I'm proud of you, Son, for being a brother to him."

"That's nothing to be proud over, he is my brother. But that's another thing. He doesn't think we are real brothers. He doesn't think you and Jason are our real fathers."

I scowled, surprised. "Where is that coming from all of a sudden?"

"I don't know, but I do know he's been thinking about our moms being prostitutes. Or our mom. He wants to believe we had the same mom 'cause that'd make us real brothers. I told him I am his real brother, no matter what, and if he don't stop thinking like that, I'm gonna kick his ass."

"Ohhh," I lamented. "We do need to talk. You tell him as soon as you can that you've talked to me, so we can get this straightened out."

"Don't say anything to Jason yet, till I talk to Devon," he said.

"Jason isn't home yet. He said he was going to pick up feed for the horses on the way home from work."

Kyle barely had time to get back upstairs when I heard Devon.

"You told! Damnit, Kyle, you promised!"

After that I heard only murmured tones. I heard Jason drive up and went out to meet him. I waited till he backed the pickup into the stable and we started unloading the bags of feed. He saw the concern on my face and asked what was the matter.

"We have a bit of a crisis."

"What now?"

"There's apparently been some talk about their mothers being prostitutes, and them not being real brothers, and us not being their real fathers."

He shrugged, nonplussed. "I'm surprised it hasn't come up before now. What's the crisis?"

"The gay thing has reared its ugly head again."


"Well, Kyle came to talk to me after promising Devon that he wouldn't say anything. They're in the process of working through that right now. Then I think it's time for a family talk."

"Yes, it would be good to get it out of the way before they enter high school."

I smiled.

"What?" he asked.

"I love the way you handle these things. I told you, you would be a great dad."

"I think the jury stays out on that permanently," he said.

"Close up here, I'll get you a beer," I said.

When Kyle and Devon came downstairs, Jason and I were sitting at the kitchen table having a beer. Devon had a tight, angry scowl on his face.

"Can we have a beer?" Kyle asked.

"You can split one," Jason said, much to my surprise.

Kyle got a beer out of the refrigerator then motioned to a chair for Devon to sit down. He set the beer in front of him and took the other chair. Devon pushed the beer away.

Kyle pushed it back. "You first," he said but Devon pushed it away again.

"Brad says we've got something we need to talk about," Jason began. He looked at Kyle then at Devon who had suddenly picked up the beer and was chugging. Jason reached over and took it. "Splitting a beer means fifty-fifty," he said, and handed it to Kyle.

I got up and got another beer and set it on the table. "Here, you can split another one."

Kyle sipped the beer he had, eyeing his brother over the top of the bottle.

"You do the talking, you started it," Devon said in a surly tone.

"If I did, it's only because I care about you and I'm concerned about you."

"Not enough to keep your mouth shut," Devon said sullenly.

"Let's back up. Tell me how this all got started," Jason said calmly. "I don't like to see you boys at odds with each other."

"He broke a promise," Devon said. "You've always told us a man's word is his bond. That means a promise, too. Well, Kyle's word's no good."

"I'm sorry, Devon, but I had to talk to somebody. I'm a kid, same age as you, I didn't know how to deal with it."

"There was nothing for you to deal with!" Devon said raising his voice. "All I expected you to do was listen. And maybe understand."

"I do understand, and I listened but...... "

"This isn't getting us anywhere," I said. "Kyle, you said you listened, how about you telling us what this is all about."

"Yeah, you already blabbed, might as well tell everything you know," Devon said, still in his surly tone.

There was a moment of tight-lipped hesitation before Kyle finally spoke.

"Well, we were talking about starting high school, and were we going to play sports. I said I was, but Devon said he wasn't going to."

Jason frowned. "Why not, you're a great athlete."

Kyle looked at Devon as we waited for his answer and when it wasn't forthcoming, Kyle answered for him.

"Because of what he thinks is his sexual orientation, and he doesn't think he can handle it, being around the other jocks."

"Because I'm gay. Call it like it is," Devon growled.

I glanced across the table at Jason, and in that look, I didn't think we knew which one of us should or would handle it. I hesitated, hoping he would pick up the ball. He stood up and pushed his chair back. "Trade me chairs," he said to Kyle.

Kyle jumped up and Jason sat down right around the corner from Devon. Kyle took Jason's chair.

"We had this conversation a while back, didn't we, Son?" he said, laying his big hand over Devon's.

"Not exactly this one," Devon said quietly.

"What's different?" Jason asked.

"I didn't know then. Now I do."

"You don't know now," Kyle said. "You don't know if you're gay or bi."

I put up a hand to quiet him.

"I know the feelings I've got....the thoughts I have," Devon said. "Even thoughts about my own brother."

"If that was for shock effect, Devon, it didn't work," Jason said calmly. He squeezed Devon's hand. "Thoughts and feelings don't make you anything but a boy wrestling with his curiosity. Even if something like that happened it wouldn't mean you're gay. It'd make you two brothers messing around, experimenting with sex. It makes you normal teenage boys. Look, I don't want you putting a label on yourself. You are who you are....not what you are...who you are. Being gay is not a disease. And there are certain things that have not changed, and won't. You are still my son, and it doesn't make any difference one way or the other about your sexual preference. I love you now and always, no matter what. Is that clear?"

"I guess so," he replied timidly.

"No guessing, you know it."

"I know it don't make any difference, not to any of you, that I'm gay, but I'm still the one who has to deal with it with other people, and I don't know how I'm gonna do that, even without playing sports. I just wish I didn't have to go to school. I just wish I could die!" He pulled his hand back from his dad's hand and laid his head in his folded arms and began to sob.

Kyle was the first to react. He stood up, shoving his chair back so hard it fell over with a loud clatter. He left it and went around the table. He wrapped his arms around his brother and physically turned his chair around as he knelt down in front of him. I could see that he was starting to cry too. Jason made a move to rise from his chair but then looked at me and sat back down. I think we both realized that this moment belonged to the boys, as brothers.

"Don't say that, Devon! Don't you ever say that again! I told you I don't care if you're gay or bi or whatever, I love you, Brother, and I couldn't live without you. So if you ever decide you're gonna kill yourself, you tell me 'cause I'm going with you. We're brothers, dammit, even in death." He barely got his last words out, they were both crying so hard."

Jason and I sat with tears rolling down our faces, neither of us knowing what to do or say. As much as I knew we both wanted to reach out, this was between brothers. After a couple of minutes Kyle swiped his nose with his forearm and went on.

"And you don't need to worry about school, or playing sports. I want you to play baseball, and football 'cause I want you on the same team as me. And I want you to be on the swimming team. I can't do that 'cause I'm not as good a swimmer as you. Nobody's gonna know anything about this, Devon, and if anybody ever gets any ideas about it, if anybody says anything, they'll have to deal with me. I'll take care of it. I promise, nobody's ever gonna hurt you Devon. Nobody. Not ever." By that time he was crying his heart out again; the two boys holding each other and crying together.

Jason and I were wiping our own tears. Jason got up and wet a cloth and handed it to Kyle. Kyle pressed the cool cloth to Devon's face as they moved away from each other.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," Devon replied, nodding, still choking down the sobs. He made a swipe of eyes with his forearm and another swipe of his nose with his other arm. Kyle pressed the cloth to his eyes.

"I'm sorry I caused you this trouble," Kyle said.

"You didn't cause me any trouble, you just brought it out in the open," Devon said.

"But I broke my word, now my word's no good to you," Kyle said.

"Yes it is. I was mad at first but you broke it for me. You did what you thought you needed to do, and I'm glad you did. So your word's still good."

Still kneeling in front of his brother, Kyle looked up at Jason, then at me. "You knew all along."

"Yes. But it wasn't our place to say anything," I said.

"You could've told me too, before now," Kyle said to Devon, sounding a bit hurt.

"You're older now, better able to understand," Jason put in quietly.

Kyle turned back to Devon. "And I won't laugh at any more fag jokes, or tell any," he said.

Devon managed to laugh. "No, you tell your fag jokes and we'll both laugh at them," he said. "If you stop telling or laughing at fag jokes somebody might get suspicious."

We all managed to laugh, and Kyle stood up.

"I don't know how we deserved you two guys," Jason said.

"I don't think we're anything anybody deserves," Kyle said.

"Yeah, it's more like we're a pain in the ass," said Devon.

We managed to laugh again and it felt good.

"Well, there is one thing for certain," Jason said. "We don't need to have this conversation again, because Kyle pretty much said it all."

"There is something else," I said. The boys looked at me. "Whether Jason and I are your real dads, whether you're real brothers. And about your mothers. It's time to try to unravel this puzzle for you. One of you--I don't know which one--was brought to the orphanage by a woman in a red dress." I knew that all along but I had intended to let that piece of the puzzle go missing. "There was a bar in Saigon where Jason and I used to go, called the Dragonfly. A lot of women who worked there wore red dresses that made them stand out for American GIs."

"Prostitutes, you mean," Devon said.

"Yes. Ling was a prostitute. Jason and I both knew Ling. But there were a lot of American GIs who went to the bars with their dates; women who were not prostitutes, and a lot of those women got pregnant. It boils down to this; we don't know for certain who your mother was," I said, looking at Devon. "Or yours, Kyle. It may well have been Ling who dropped one of you off at the orphanage, but she did not take you both there. The math doesn't add up to support that."

They were both looking at me with blank stares and I realized I might be talking over their heads, or maybe it just wasn't soaking in.

"Okay, here's the math, and the truth of it" I said. "Jason and I both had sex with Ling within a short period of time. If she was pregnant with one of you....by Jason....she could not have gotten pregnant by me. Do you understand?"

It soaked in for Kyle first. "Yeah, if she was already pregnant, she couldn't get pregnant again. And the short period of time was within the nine months."

I could see Devon understood too.

"We don't know for certain whether Jason and I are your real dads, or if you are real brothers."

"It boils down to this," Jason said emphatically, slapping his big hand in the middle of the table. "None of it matters. It's what we believe that matters. As long as you believe I'm your dad, as long as you believe he's your dad, that's all that matters."

"It has to matter that you believe I'm your son," Devon said.

Jason got up and went around behind Devon's chair. He put his hands around the boy's neck and pretended to choke him. "Listen you little shit, if I ever hear you questioning that again I'll take you back in the woods and whup your ass." Then he pulled him up out of the chair and pulled him into a tight hug. Kyle came around to give me a hard hug. The matter was settled.

When the boys had gone back up to bed, Jason and I went out on the porch.

"Do you think we should've told them about us?" I asked.

"No, they've got all they need to deal with right now, without dealing with us," he said.

"Have you ever thought it odd that you ended up with the bi or gay son, and I got the straight one?"

He gave me a funny look. "No, it never entered my mind." Then he laughed. "But they probably got them mixed up in the adoption process," he joked.

Chapter Eighty-Nine

High School

The boys excelled at sports. In high school, their first year, Kyle was the second string quarterback on the junior varsity squad. Devon was a tight end. Yeah, Devon not only went out for sports, he excelled. He preferred to hang with other boys, mostly jocks, while his brother divided his time between his male friends and girls. This was the year they learned to drive, both the truck and the Jeep, so they would know how to drive stick shift. They were only allowed to drive up and down the lane but it was hard to keep them out from behind the wheel. They began to take a keen interest in their bodies. They were filling out nicely but that didn't satisfy them; they were in a hurry to grow bigger and stronger. We bought a set of youth weights and all of the peripheral equipment and set up a workout room. Jason bought mirrors and we set up a workout routine. It was fun to watch them try not to strut around in their new strength and awareness.

Their sophomore year Kyle moved up to varsity as second string quarterback. It didn't bother Devon that his brother moved up. He was proud of him. Kyle was equally proud of his brother's prowess on the swim team. It was time to get their driver's license. They had enough experience that they passed the test with flying colors and after grilling each other on the written they both aced it. We had the talk about drinking and driving and drugs, and insurance. That summer was the year of their growth spurt. Almost overnight it seemed, Kyle shot up to nearly six feet with his body packing on tight, lean muscle, while Devon's slightly shorter frame became layered with thick muscle. Their mutual admiration was heartwarming to see.

By their junior year they both made varsity on both the football and baseball teams, and Devon was named captain of the swim team. Their social habits changed since they were both driving. I honestly didn't know about their sex lives. They didn't volunteer anything and I didn't inquire. I just knew that Kyle was always trying to fix Devon up with dates or inviting him to double date with him.

"You're bi, dude, that means you like girls too," Kyle told him.

I had forgotten all about the special jockstraps I was going to order till Devon mentioned that he had lost one of his. I told him I would get him another one. I phoned in the order the next day and asked for second day delivery. I ordered three each; a Marine Corps jockstrap with the emblem on the pouch, a Phys Ed jock with a big number 7 on the pouch, and a lace-up. They were impressed and delighted.

"Man, these are neat!"

"Yeah, these are sharp as hell. Everybody's gonna be so jealous. Everybody's gonna want one like 'em."

Everybody was jealous except the coach. The boys came home with the news that he said they couldn't wear them. Kyle had worn his Marine Corps jock and Devon Phys Ed jock. The coach saw them and asked if they had anymore crazy jockstraps and to go get regular jockstraps.

"Now that's a bunch of horse shit," Jason said. "Do you want to handle this one, or do I?"

"Well, I haven't met the coach up close and personal. What say we both go get acquainted," I said.

Jason called for an appointment and we were scheduled for the next day after school. The coach's office was just off the locker room and we arrived early enough to walk in on a few dozen young, boisterous, naked jocks. The coach waved us into his office. He didn't introduce himself but he asked us our names.

"Jason Seaborne. I'm Devon's Dad."

"Brad Courter. Kyle belongs to me," I said.

"What can I do for you gentlemen?" He seemed unusually stern, like he didn't want us there.

I thought I would handle it, but Jason spoke up first.

"It's pretty simple. You can let our boys wear the jockstraps we bought for them," he said.

"The jocks they brought in aren't regulation."

"You have regulation standards for jockstraps? In high school?" I asked.

"And since when would a Marine Corps jockstrap not be regulation, anywhere?" Jason asked.

"We were both Marines. I bought them special," I said in a calmer tone.

"And they ones with the big seven on the pouch? Is that supposed to be some kind of advertisement?" Coach asked. "And the lace-up thing....I never seen any like those before." He leaned back with a sigh. "I suppose I could reconsider letting them the Marine jocks, in honor of your service, but the lace-ups, and the Phys Ed jocks....that big number on the pouch....well, it gives off a certain connotation. I just don't think they're appropriate."

"That was the highest number available on the Phys Ed jocks," Jason said with a sly, knowing grin. It didn't bring a smile to the coach's face. "Look, Coach, can we cut through the bull? We're all men here. If you're saying the number seven gives some hint as to the boys' size, we just walked through the locker room full of naked jocks, they've got no secrets from each other."

Just then, there was a light tap on the door and a muscular youth stepped into the office, wearing nothing but his jockstrap; a white jockstrap, with a large "8" hand-drawn on the pouch.

"Excuse me, coach, we need the key to the gear locker so we can put stuff away."

The coach got some keys out of the desk and tossed them to the boy.

"Was that regulation?" I asked.

The coach sighed. "Well, it looks like your boys have made a fashion statement. I probably oughta know where you bought them because everybody's gonna want one just like 'em."

"I'll send the catalog to school with one of the boys," Jason said.

"Better yet, get the styles they want, and the sizes, I'll order them for everybody," I said.

Even Jason did a double take over that.

"That's a lot of jockstraps," Coach said.

"Have 'em pick out what they want," I said.

And so the matter was settled.

Jason and I never missed a game, and I went to most of Devon's swim meets. Jason went to those that he could. I was a foreman so I could arrange time off easier than Jason. I made casual mention of that in talking with my brother one time and next thing we knew, Jason's foreman was offering him time off to go to Devon's swim meets. Jason and I were quickly accepted as simply the dads of the two athletes, and nothing more. I suppose there were those parents who had their suspicions about us, but it didn't matter, not to us, and not the boys.

"Did you ever think that those two scared little urchins we took out of that orphanage would come to this?" Jason asked at a football game.

"I wonder if they ever think about it," I said.

Both boys made a lot of friends, many outside the realm of their teammates. They were proud thinking of themselves as athletes, not jocks, and we were proud of them for that. They were fiercely supportive of each other, and Kyle tended to be a bit protective of Devon. The "fag thing" never seemed to come up that we knew of. I still had no idea about their sex lives but Devon seemed to be happy in his skin. I think that could be attributed to our acceptance of who he was.

We had upgraded the weight room with heavier equipment, intended as much for Jason and me as for the boys. They were able to handle the heavier weights now but they worked out at school a lot. We encouraged it, saying it was a good idea for them to work out with the other boys, where it would tighten the bond as a team. They both took to the weights naturally, and their bodies responded well. We gave them an advantage by buying supplements, like protein drinks, energy bars and protein powder, and discouraged them from eating a lot of junk food. Along with their natural growth process, the results were most gratifying. By the start of their senior year, they were two of the best built boys in school, and I thought two of the best looking. I might have been prejudiced on that last count. The one thing that was very noticeable was their flawless complexion, thanks to their Vietnamese heritage. They gained a high level of self confidence but remained grounded.

Devon was as popular with the girls as Kyle even though Kyle was more the ladies man and dated more. Part of their popularity was because they were athletes, and the way they wore their uniforms. They were absolute perfection in both their baseball and football uniforms. Tall, slim-hipped, broad shouldered with solid muscle depth that was obvious even under the uniforms just by the way they moved. Kyle's butt was prominent in his football pants, made more so by the way his dark colored jockstrap showed through the material, framing his taut butt muscles. Both boys were blessed with butts that flexed and churned when they walked, and they attracted a lot of attention. Devon attracted even more attention in his Speedo swimsuit, the way he filled it out, front and back. I was careful to observe people watching him at swim meets. His private audience was varied; boys and girls, women and men alike. Besides how he looked, he was like a torpedo in the water. Their athletic abilities didn't overshadow their academic achievements, however. Devon always made the honor roll while Kyle moved on and off of it.

It wasn't too long after our second, serious birds-and-bees talk that Kyle told me he was in love. I didn't ask, but I naturally assumed it was with a girl. He volunteered that it was, just so I wouldn't be confused about it, he said.

"I guess we ought to have another quick birds-and-bees talk," I said. He sighed and rolled his eyes, to which I responded, "Sex is like drugs and alcohol, we're not going to stop talking about it. I just wanted to remind you about condoms."

"I know all about condoms, Dad," he said.

"I know you know all about them. Most boys who get girls pregnant know all about condoms. Do you have any?"

"Yes, I, uh....I do, as a matter of fact," he said.

"Why the hesitancy?" I asked.

"I borrowed some of yours."

"Borrowed? You're going to give them back after you've used them?"

He laughed. "You know what I mean. I'm sorry, I should've asked you, but I didn't know if I could buy them."

"Yes, you can. But there's no need to be hesitant about that," I said. "So you think it's going to come to that; you really have feelings for this girl?"

"Yes, I do. And yes, I think it's coming to that. It's gotten close several times."

"Is this Sara that you've talked about?"


"Not to interfere, but would it be too much to ask that I meet her before you have sex with her?" I said, half jokingly.

He laughed. "No, it's not too much to ask, but it'd better be pretty soon," he said.

"Invite her to dinner," I said.

"I don't know....maybe I could just bring her over and invite her in for a little bit, just to get acquainted," he said.

"You don't think I could put out a decent dinner?"

"No, it's not that, you're a great cook. It's just that....well, our living situation is a bit different, and I don't know how comfortable she would be having dinner with four guys, all guys."

"Tell me we're not an embarrassment to you," I said.

"You're not an embarrassment, Dad. I just would rather work Sara into things a little at a time."

"All right. Bring her around. No invitation to dinner. I will only offer her a coke," I said.

I told Jason about Kyle's concerns over the girl he was "in love" with. He just laughed.

"You know what I oughta do? I oughta kiss you right in front of them."

"Oh, Godd, he would shit his pants." Deep down, I was truly concerned about my son's feelings about his family, and his own confusion. He was not only straight, with a brother who was undeniably gay, I had to wonder if he might be having sex with his brother. There weren't that many towels in our hamper anymore, which led me to wonder if Devon was taking personal care of his brother.

But we hit it off just fine with Sara and that led to an invitation to dinner. She was fine with having dinner with four guys. She even told us that she's heard people say how they admired Jason and me, the way we were raising sons without their mothers.

The boys were growing up too fast, growing out of their clothes on a too-regular basis, and at times I feared, outgrowing us. They were, after all, seniors; it was the natural course of things. It really hit home when we celebrated their eighteenth birthdays and they reminded us that they were 'legal' now.

To which Jason replied, "We say what's legal in this house, and if you ever get the idea that we can't back that up......"

"We were just kidding, Dad," Devon said, laughing.

"Yeah, I'd rather face a cop any day than either one of you," Kyle put in.

Chapter Ninety

Goodbye Virginity

How It Happened

They had just finished working out and Devon was sitting on the stool in his lace-up jockstrap waiting for Kyle to finish showering so he could have it. He eyed his brother's Marine jock laying on the floor. He glanced at the shower, saw that Kyle had his back to him and quickly picked up the jockstrap and held it up to his face. It was still warm, and smelled of his brother's male musk. When he saw Kyle turning back around he quickly tossed the jock on the floor.

Kyle pulled back the shower curtain and grabbed the towel Devon threw at him. Devon loosened the laces of his jockstrap and peeled it down.

"I never mentioned it before but you've really packed on the muscle these last several months," Kyle said.

"Just trying to keep pace with you," Devon said.

"Don't work too hard at it, I don't want you passing me, it wouldn't be good for my ego," Kyle joked. "Anyway, just wanted to tell you I'm proud of you."

"Thanks." They brushed against each other when Devon stepped around him to take the shower. He wondered if Kyle felt it the way he did. In that moment, he felt a surge of courage, likely prompted by his brother's remarks about his body along with the lingering effect of inhaling his Marine jockstrap. It was time, he decided, for the agony to end.

"Hey, you wanta sleep in my room tonight?" he asked.

"Yeah, we haven't done that in a long time," Kyle said. "I get the top bunk."

Devon rushed through his shower and went to his room without drying off completely; he was still drying off when he went into his room. Kyle was stretched out on the top bunk in a pair of tiny, white briefs, flipping through a Playboy.

"Any good articles in that issue?" Devon asked.

"Yeah, and it's shaved smooth as a baby's butt," Kyle said. "Godd, I would love to try eating a pussy."

"Well, you know what they say, real men don't fuck what they won't eat," Devon joked.

"Shit, look at this," Kyle said, holding out the magazine turned to a full page photo of a gorgeous woman with her fingers lying loosely over her smooth pussy. "She makes my mouth water."

"Alright," Devon said.

"That doesn't do anything for you? Really?" Kyle asked.

"She's a very beautiful woman," he said. "But, sorry, we have different tastes."

Kyle went back to the magazine, occasionally reaching down to brush his hand over the front of his shorts, while Devon finished drying off.

"Listen, Kyle......" It came out before he was fully prepared and he felt his breath come short.

"What?" Kyle asked, peering out from the magazine.

"One time you...it was a long time ago....you said....you told me, don't' be afraid to ask. Do you remember that conversation?"

"Yeah, I remember," he said quietly.

Devon paused, not for effect, but because he had to draw on his courage that was waning. "Well I'm asking."

Kyle seemed to freeze for a second then the magazine slowly descended to spread across his chest. Saying it was one thing; the prospect of it actually happening was something else entirely. Even curious as he was, he wasn't sure....but the words of his dad came rushing forth; You're only as good as your word.

"What, you didn't mean it?" Devon said, rather timidly. "You wanta change your mind, it's okay."

"No. No, I....I meant it," he said huskily. "Are you sure, Devon?" he asked huskily as laid the magazine aside. "I mean, you could take some time to think about it and....."

"I've had plenty of time to think about it," Devon cut in as he moved toward the stacked bunks.

There was a brief moment of hesitation then Devon brushed his hand along Kyle's bare thigh. When his brother didn't recoil he moved his hand across the front of his briefs to feel his manhood bulging naturally inside the heavy pouch. He was surprised he wasn't hard from looking at the magazine.

"You always look so big, I don't know if I can," he said.

"You don't have to take it all," Kyle said. "You don't even have to really do it; all you need to do is try it, to see if you think you like it."

"What if my dad or Brad come up?"

"If they see the door's closed, they won't come in without knocking," Kyle said.

"Do you think they would know what we're doing?"

"They would probably think we're jacking off," he said, laughing. He reached down and brushed his hand over his brother's hand that was curled around his pouch. "Your hand feels good."

"You feel good, too," Devon said.

"We should do it if we're going to, before they do come up," said Kyle.

Devon tugged at his briefs and Kyle lifted his butt up off the mattress so he could take them off.

"Godd, you're so big," Devon said, tossing the briefs aside.

"Not much bigger than you."

"You won't cum in my mouth will you?" Devon said as he took hold of his brother's cock.

"No, not unless you want me to," Kyle replied. "You don't even have to do it long enough to make me cum, just enough to decide if you like doing it."

"It wouldn't be fair to leave you with a hardon." Kyle's cock grew in his hand, longer and thicker, the head swelling out with each pulsation.

"I know how to take care of a hardon as well as you do, Bro," Kyle assured him. Then suddenly his cock was enveloped in the wet heat of his brother's mouth. "Ohh, Goddd.....Ohh, Godd, Devon!" he cried out softly. He closed his eyes tightly, as if he was afraid to look. His body was reacting but his brain was a little slow on the uptake. He couldn't get his head wrapped around the fact that his brother was sucking his cock! "Ohh....Oh, Fuck, Devon, I can't believe you're doing this." He opened his eyes and looked down. His eyes confirmed what his body already knew. Sure enough, Devon's full lips were locked around the girth of his cock, sliding up and down the shaft. He was amazed how much of his cock disappeared into Devon's mouth each time.

Devon, for his part wasn't in a decision making mode. It wasn't like Kyle said, that he would decide whether he liked sucking cock. That decision was made, if not before, at least the instant his mouth touched his brother's warm, live cock. His mental process was simply experiencing this newfound pleasure, the taste and feel of man flesh in his mouth and subconsciously settling into the knowledge that he loved sucking cock.

He slurped his tongue around the wide-rimmed head, delighting that it made Kyle's cock lurch and swell even harder. He relished the taste of his precum that seemed to be in constant supply. Sometimes his cock pushed so much of the stuff out that Devon wondered if he was cumming. It was a time of more discovery, that he liked the feel of Kyle's smooth, hard muscles too. He knew he would; he'd admired his body, even had a hard time keeping his eyes off of him when they worked out, or were in the bathroom together. He ran his hands up and down his solid thighs, and up around his butt muscles that were clenching with each thrust of his cock. The greatest happiness was that this was his brother, living under the same roof; he could have this pleasure any time he wanted. With that thought, he strived to give Kyle the best blowjob he could so he would want it too.

"I changed my mind, Kyle. I want your load," he said hoarsely as he stroked the thick cock.

"You want me to shoot in your mouth?"

"Yes. Will you?"

"Fuck, yeah, if that's what you want. You gonna swallow it, or do you want something spit it out in?"

"I don't know. I just know I want it in my mouth. I wanta feel it and I wanta see what you taste like," he said.

"Where's your towel, just in case," Kyle asked, looking all around.

"I've used 'em all."

"Not the cum towels, your wet towel," Kyle said. "Never mind, here," he said, handing him his shorts that he'd taken off and tossed on the bed. "Here, just in case," he said.

Devon took the shorts in one hand, his other hand around his brother's balls as he continued sucking his cock.

Kyle tried to hold off. He slowed his brother down a couple of times and stopped him completely once. But it was so good he couldn't fight it, and after a while he didn't want to. He wanted to experience the ultimate sex with Devon.

"I'm cumming!" he gasped hoarsely, when his trigger tripped on its own, taking him by surprise. "I'm cumming, Bro!"

Devon nodded and moaned and sucked him all the harder. Suddenly he felt Kyle's cock stiffen and bolt in his mouth as his legs trembled and his upper body shook. Then he exploded. Warm, thick cum spurted into his mouth, coating the back of his throat and filling his mouth till his tongue was covered with the stuff and he got the full taste of him.

"MMMmmnnnnn!" he moaned and whimpered as he swirled the stuff around the belching cock, savoring his first taste of his brother's cum. He couldn't believe how much Kyle was cumming, and within seconds, he had to make his decision because his mouth was filling up. It was an easy decision. He had come this far, he wasn't going to shrink from the ultimate pleasure for both of them. He dropped the shorts and began swallowing. Kyle's semen was thick, almost globby, and he had to swallow the stuff down in hard, audible gulps. But he did it, and with great pride and pleasure.

When he was finished, Kyle put his hands on the sides of Devon's head to ease him off of his cock. "I can't take any more, Devon," he gasped. "You made it too good, fuck, almost unbearable."

Devon pulled back from the still hard cock, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, and still swallowing his own spit to wash down the taste of his brother. Kyle sat up with his legs slung over the on the edge of the bunk and leaned back against the wall. Devon started to ask him how it was but he didn't get a chance.

"Fuck, that was unbelievable! Awesome!" Kyle said. "I never felt anything like it! Thanks."

"I should be thanking you," Devon said. He stood between his brother's muscular legs, his arms resting on his thighs.

"No, don't ever thank me for doing that to me," Kyle said. "I can't believe you took my load. I thought you would get off of it."

"I wanted to do it right," Devon said.

"So....how was it?" Kyle asked, sitting up.

"Great! I liked it," Devon said. "I guess that means I'm gay, for sure, huh."

"I don't know," Kyle said. "I don't know if liking it one time makes you gay or if it takes more experience, or how many times it takes. But if you liked doing it, what difference does it make? You don't need a fuckin' excuse, or a label."

"Do you want to sleep in here?" Devon asked.

"If you want me to, but we'd better unlock the door," Kyle said. Devon went over and unlocked the door. "Did you mean sleep together, both of us in the same bunk?" Kyle asked him.

"Yes, if you want to," Devon replied. "Do you think our dads would think it's weird, we're seniors in high school."

Kyle laughed. "Aren't you forgetting something? Our dads sleep together, and they're grown men."

Kyle crawled into Devon's lower bunk and they settled in together. Their size made it a tight fit, but they eagerly became entangled, with Kyle spooning Devon.

"Kyle, did you ever wonder about that....our dad's sleeping together?"

"Yeah, I've wondered at times. Especially since there's another bedroom down the hall," Kyle said.

"Maybe they're like us in a way. We don't like to be apart. Maybe they don't either, after all they went through together."

"You wanta know what I really think? And you can't ever mention to a soul that I said this," Kyle warned.


"I think it's because they're like us in another way....like we just discovered with each other."

"You mean....they have sex."

"Hell, yeah, why not? We did, and they're tighter than brothers," Kyle said. "Does it bother you that they might be having sex together?"

"No. In fact, if I let myself think about it....I think it would be really hot."

"Listen, we never talked about it, but we can't ever mention to anybody that they sleep together," Kyle said.

"I don't talk much about anything in our household," said Devon.

"You feel good, Bro," Kyle said.

"So do you. And you tasted good. I liked your cum. And if you wanta do it again, I will."

"Maybe later."

They did it again later, and again the next night, and the next.

"This could become a habit," Kyle joked one time when they were lying together in his lower bunk in his own room.

Devon laughed. "I wonder if anybody's noticed and wondering why we use so many bath towels."

"Yeah, and so few hand towels," Kyle said.

How It Happened

"Kyle, I've been thinking about something," Devon said as he shoveled the manure-laden straw into the wheelbarrow outside the stall.

"How can you even think at all in this smell," Kyle said, tossing another pitchfork of the same mixture into the wheelbarrow. "I've been thinking we ought to get rid of the ponies. We're too big to ride them. We should get real horses that all four of us can ride."

"Do you wanta know what I'm thinking?" Devon asked.

"You're gonna tell me, aren't you."

"There are several levels of virginity, you know," Devon began thoughtfully.

"Uh-oh, this is gonna be deep," Kyle said.

"What we're doing together, that's one level of my virginity gone," Devon went on. "If I ever fuck a girl....."

"And you will, I'm gonna see to that," Kyle cut in.

"If I ever do, that's another level of my virginity gone," Devon said.

"Geezuss, what's left? You fuck a girl, your virginity is gone, period."

"For you, maybe. Not for me."

"What do you mean? What's left?"

"Me getting fucked myself."

Kyle stopped in mid-motion and let the pitchfork down. "What?"

"Getting fucked," Devon said again.

"You're talking getting fucked in the ass."

"That's the only place I've got to get fucked."

"That's not the last level of your virginity, Bro, that's the last bastion of being straight."

"I'm not straight. Geezuss, you haven't figured that out yet? Who the fuck do you think has been sucking your cock five times a week, the tooth fairy?"

"Okay, the last bastion of being even bi," Kyle said.

"You said not to attach labels to myself, yet you keep doing it," Devon said.

"All I mean, Devon, is there's no turning back from that. It'd be just like a girl giving up her virginity, there's no getting it back."

"I wonder how many girls ever want it back? I want you to do it, Kyle."

Kyle slowly let the pitchfork come to rest against the side of the stall, as if he no longer had the strength to hold it.

"You want me to fuck you."

"You never thought about it?"

"No. I never thought about it," he said.

"Well I have. A lot, lately. I know guys do that, and I wanta find out what it's like, and you're the only one who can show me. We'll be going away to college and we might not be roomed together or even get to see each other that much, so I want it to happen before we go."

"Geezuss, Devon."

"Will you do it?"

"Yeah, I....I guess so, if that's what you want. But I....I've never done anything like that, so I wouldn't know what I'm doing any more than you."

"It can't be all that much different than fucking a girl, and I know you know what you're doing there," Devon said.

"Oh, I think it's gonna be a whole lot different than fucking a girl," Kyle said.

"I've been thinking a good time would be when your dad goes to check out that warehouse his company is buying. I heard my dad say he's going with him, said he's not going to turn him loose in the big city that far away."

"All right, I guess that'd be a good time," Kyle said.

The boys drove Brad and Jason to the county airport to catch a connecting flight in Chicago to San Diego. Both men seemed uneasy about leaving the boys alone.

"Dad, we're seniors in high school, we can take care of ourselves," Devon assured them.

The boys saw them off and headed back home.

"Well, we've got four whole days all to ourselves, what're we going to do with them?" Kyle said as they were driving back.

"You've forgotten already?"

"No, absolutely not. I meant besides that. That's not going to take four whole days." He saw Devon's sudden sullen look. "Hey, what's the matter?"

"You make it sound like some chore you need to get out of the way."

"I didn't mean it that way. I just meant....well, face it, Devon, it's not gonna take four days. First place, you might not like it, but if you do, and I fucked you for four days, you wouldn't be able to get out of bed, then we would have that to explain when they get home," he said, trying to make light of it. "Actually, I'm excited about it."

"That's good to know."

"Aren't you?"

"Excited, and a little scared," Devon said.

"I was just thinking, it'd be great to have a couple of girls come out and stay all night one of those nights. Man, it would be awesome to have a girl in bed for the whole night. And you could have that experience, too, with a girl."

"You don't have to be the one to do it, I can wait," Devon said.

"I wanta do it, if you want me to."

"I told you I want you to do it, but I would prefer you not be thinking about girls when you do it."

"Devon, I'm not gonna be able to help comparing it with fucking a girl."

"Maybe it's not a good idea anyway, us being brothers," Devon said.

Kyle grabbed him by the shoulder. "Hey, you said you wanted me to fuck you, you're not backing out on me now when we've got the house to ourselves for four whole days."

It was late when they got home from the airport. They stopped on the way for hamburgers, and after doing the chores they headed upstairs. Nothing was discussed about what was about to take place. Devon showered first and flushed out, something he'd read about and practiced.

"Took you long enough," Kyle said when he came into his room drying off.

"We've got four days, what's your hurry?" Devon said. While Kyle was in the shower, he got the room ready; their dads' room. He set out four candles that he'd hidden in his closet and lit them, then spread two large beach towels across the bed. Then he laid out the lube.

Kyle came in carrying his towel and sporting a hardon.

"Looks like you're anxious," Devon said.

"It's hard for your mouth, it don't know anything about your ass yet," Kyle said. He came up behind Devon and wrapped his arms around him as he pressed his cock into the crack of his ass. "Nice touch. You look good in the candlelight," he murmured in his ear.

"You feel good in the candlelight," Devon said.

"I really do wanta do this, Bro. It's not gonna be a chore, I want you to know that. I wanta do it because you want me to, but I wanta see what it's like too," Kyle said as he eased Devon over to the bed. Devon let himself be pushed across the bed, his arms and shoulders over the other side. Kyle climbed on top of him. He laid his stiff cock in the crack of his brother's ass and began humping him.

"It'd be better if I laid on my back, long ways on the bed. I would be more like a girl for you."

"Okay, but you don't have to be a girl for me. Just be who you are, my brother," Kyle said as he rose up and stepped back off the bed.

Devon turned and stretched out on the bed on his back, his legs splayed wide apart. Kyle crawled between his legs and ran his hands up and down Devon's legs.

"Is it okay to go in when I'm ready?" he asked.

"I think I know what you're asking," Devon said. "Don't worry, I'm clean enough that you could drink a beer out of my ass."

"Oh, really," Kyle said with a broad smile. "Well, maybe we should just see about that." He climbed off the bed.

"Where're you going?" Devon asked as he headed for the door.

"To get us a beer."

He came back with two beers in one hand, plus the one he was drinking. He reached his hand out and Devon took one. He finished guzzling his and set the bottle on the floor. He set the other one on the nightstand then crawled between Devon's legs again. He lifted Devon's legs up and pushed them toward his chest, tilting his butt up off the mattress.

"Pull your legs up to your chest," he said as he pushed his legs farther.

Devon wrapped his arms under his legs and pulled them down till his knees were against his chest, leaving his butt upturned and spread open. Kyle scooted up on his haunches as he reached for the beer from the nightstand.

"Fuck, man, what're you gonna do?"

"You said I could drink beer out of your ass," Kyle said, and he began pouring beer into the cup of his brother's butt crack.

"Aahhh! That's cold!" Devon cried out.

"Your ass will warm it up," Kyle said. "But I don't like warm beer." With that he bent down and began slurping the beer.

"Ohh....ohhhh," Devon gasped as he felt his brother's tongue flicking his asshole through the cool brew.

When he'd sucked it all up he poured more into the crevice. This time he dug his fingers into the pliable muscle surrounding the hole and stretched it open to let the beer run down into Devon's ass.

"AAAaahh....Oh, Fuck, that's cold!"

Kyle laughed. He let his hole close up and sucked up the rest of the beer from the cup. He took the bottle again and filled the ass cup then poured the rest of the beer into his own mouth, but he didn't swallow. He pulled Devon's asshole open again to let the beer run down inside him. Then he leaned down and clamped his mouth tightly around the hole and forced the mouthful of beer into his ass.

"Ohhhh, Fuck, I don't believe what you're doing!" Devon gasped.

Kyle rose up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "You don't lie, your ass is super clean. If I told you I wanted to drink that beer that's inside you, you think it would still taste like beer?"

"Probably, but it'd be warm beer," Devon said.

"Let's find out." Kyle got off the bed and lay on the floor, leaned back against the bed with his head laid back on the edge of the mattress. "Sit on my face and draw me a beer," he said.

"Shit, Kyle, I didn't know you were such a pervert," Devon said, laughing as he got up and straddled his brother's head. He set his ass firmly onto Kyle's face and felt the seal of his mouth around his asshole. Then he pushed and squirted the beer back into his brother's mouth.

"MMMMMnnnnnn!" Kyle moaned as he drank the warm beer. When he had it all, he shoved Devon's butt up off his face and got to his feet. "Fuck, it does still taste like beer." He reached for the lube but then hesitated. "You know what, I don't know if we should be doing this in our dads' bed."

"Why not? You think that'd be defiling their bed?" He laughed. "You don't think this bed's not been defiled? I think it'd be a deed of honor and privilege, something they would be proud of, knowing you gave up your virginity in their bed."

"Do you really think they have sex together?"

"Yeah, I've decided I do think that," Kyle said. He squirted some lube into his brother's ass then. "I've had just enough beer to get a buzz and fuck your brains out," he warned.

"I've had just enough to let you," Devon said.

The warmed lube slid together as flesh touched flesh. Kyle applied pressure with the head of his cock and felt his brother's asshole giving way. Then it opened up and swallowed his cockhead.

"UUUhhhh!" Devon gasped.

"Ohhh, Fuuuucckkkk!" Kyle moaned as he checked his entry. "I know that's gotta hurt some, but don't back out on me," Kyle said. "Oh, Godd, this is wonderful. Please don't back out on me."

"Oh, My Godd! Your cock feels like a ball bat!"

"Squeeze your ass right around my cock, work it out," Kyle said. "Oh, yeah, that's it....squeeze hard. I don't wanta hurt you, you gotta try to work through it."

"The pain's going away already. If you fuck me, it might go away faster."

"If you're sure." Kyle eased his cock in all the way, till he was pressed hard against Devon's spread butt. "Ohh, yeah, squeeze it hard around my hairs," he said. "Let me know when you're ready."

"I'm ready," Devon said.

Kyle withdrew part way and began fucking him. "Ohh, Godd, Devon, I never felt anything like this in my life!"

"Better than pussy?"

"Pussy don't even come close. Awww, shit, I wanta fuck you so bad."

"Ohh, Kyle....Kyle, it feels so good. If there were ever any doubts left about me, you're fucking 'em away. I can feel myself being more gay with every stroke."

"I wanta cum inside you," Kyle said as a warning.

"I want you to. I wanta feel it. Breed me, brother."

"You're not gonna have my babies," Kyle said, laughing.

"Maybe not but I want your baby juice inside me."

"I was wrong, Devon, I think I can fuck you the whole four days our dads are gone. You're gonna have so much baby juice in you it'll be sloshing around when you walk."

It was a wonderful fuck, alternating between slow and fast and neither boy holding off because they knew they had plenty of time for repeats. Kyle liked to watch his cock sliding back and forth through Devon's hole.

"I wish you could see this, how your hole pulls outward on the back stroke," he said.

'I sorta can," Devon said, nodding to the mirrors.

"Aw, fuck, now I know they're having sex together. Look at all the mirrors and how they're positioned."

After that they moved from one position to another so they could watch themselves. Devon liked it best to watch when he was on his hands and knees.

"This is the hottest sex I've ever had," Kyle said.

"How much sex have you had to compare with?" Devon asked.


"Does Brad know?"

"We talked about it. I even told him I took some of his condoms. Llsten, I really do wanta cum in you, okay?"

"Are you close?"

"Been close most of the time, but I wanta make your first fuck the best I can."

"If it was any better I don't know if I could stand it."

"I wanta make us cum together," Kyle said as he squeezed some lube onto his hand. Then he reached around to take hold of Devon's cock. "You can hump your ass back onto my cock and fuck my fist at the same time. Just keep me posted on how close you're getting so I can work mine up too."

The fisting worked for the better for both of them. The harder Devon fucked his brother's fist, the harder he fucked back onto his cock. Suddenly he stopped.

"I wanta turn over on my back again," he said. "I like watching your muscles and I wanta watch you when you cum."

They quickly changed positions and Kyle took hold of his cock again. "You can still hump your ass and my fist," he told him. Toward the end he was humping like crazy, thrusting his cock through Kyle's fist and throwing his butt around wildly.

"Godd, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" he groaned loudly.

"Yeah, me too! Ohhh....Awww, fuck....Ohh, Godd, I'm gonna explode! Fuuuucckkkk, it's cummin'."

"Fuck me, Kyle! Fuck me hard," Devin whimpered.

When Kyle blew his load it set off Devon's trigger and he splattered his whitewash all over both of them. Kyle lay down on top of him and slid around in the warm mess then rolled them onto their sides.

"Holy Fuck!" Kyle gasped.

"You can say that again for me," said Devon.

"Godd, I never had sex like that ever in my life. And the beauty of it is, we can do it all the time, any time you want it," he added.

"You're good, Kyle. You must make the girls awfully happy."

"Well, I never got any complaints so far," he said. "But this was the best I ever had, really and truly. Even when I shot my load it was like no other time. My cock felt like a cannon going off. Man, I was wondering where it was all coming from."

"I felt that too," Devon said.

"You were sure as hell feeling something. When I was fucking you from behind, you were humping like a mare in heat."

"Only because you were fucking me like a stallion. Hey, do you want me to sit on your face again so you can see what warm cum tastes like?" Devon asked.

Kyle howled with laughter, punching him. "You fucker! I'm not that much of a pervert! Besides, I know what my warm cum tastes like, I've tasted my own."

They lay catching their breath when Devon said, "That was awesome, Kyle. You were awesome. I'm glad we did it. Thanks for showing me what getting fucked feels like."

"Shit, Bro, don't thank me."

"I'll be ready to do it again whenever you are," Devon said.

"I'll be ready in a few minutes."

"If you can get a girl to come out, I'd be okay with that too. For you, not for me. I know now much you want to have a girl in bed with you all night."

"What about two girls?" Kyle asked.

"You don't need to do that. I'm okay with who I am. More okay now than I ever was."

"But that's the point, Devon, you don't know for sure who you are. Don't you want to fuck a girl and see what that's like? And then decide if you like just guys or if you might be bi."

"If I don't want to fuck a girl, don't that tell you something?"

"Shit, Devon, it's like dad putting something new on the table and you say you don't like it when you've never even tasted it."

"Do you want to call a girl or not?" Devon asked.

"Yes. But if you don't want to fuck her, that leaves you out in the cold."

"Make the call, live your dream. She won't be staying for four days, we'll still have plenty of time together," Devon told him. "Just be sure to use condoms; she can have your baby. Go call Sara."

"Uhhh....it's not gonna be Sara," Kyle said.

"Why not? I thought......."

"Sara and I are dating but I'm not fucking her," Kyle said.

"What do you mean, you're not fucking her?" Devon asked in disbelief.

"We did....I have....but she always feels guilty afterwards, so we have sort of an agreement. It was her idea actually. She said it would be okay if I sought out other girls for that, she wouldn't hold it against me."

"So, are you going to call a girl or not?" Devon asked again.

"Yeah, should I ask her to bring a friend? She would feel more comfortable bringing a friend along."

"Only if you can handle both of them," Devon replied. He didn't even want to see the girl.

Devon was hiking back in the woods when he saw her drive up and he saw Kyle come out on the porch to meet her. He couldn't tell who the girl was but she was surely hot to trot, the way she greeted him with a kiss and one leg wrapped around him. He watched them go inside and gave them time to get started before he went back to the house and curled up on the couch.

"Where's your brother?" the girl asked as she and Kyle were undressing each other.

"Out somewhere. Probably in the woods. He loves it back there. He's probably swimming in the creek."

"He won't bother us, then."

"Only if we want him to," Kyle joked.

"Kyle! You sound like you want us to have a threesome!"

He was naked and hard and he moved against her. "That would be up to you," he said huskily. "Have you ever had two boys at the same time?"

"You're getting awfully personal," she cooed between his kisses.

"Can't get much more personal than this," he said, pressing and rubbing his hard cock against her stomach. "So, have you?"

"Yes, if you must know."


"The boys?"

"Yeah, who were the two boys?"

"That's too personal," she said.

"You want me to go find Devon? Would you be up for that?"

"If you want him in on it," she replied.

"I don't know if he'll come. Are you sure you wanta do it?"

"I think it would be awesome to have two brothers," she said. "But first....." She put her arms around his neck and kissed him, easing him towards his bunk. "First I want it to be just you. I've wanted you for a long time, Kyle, but there's always Sara."

"Sara and I have an agreement that we can date others, but she doesn't have to know anything about this," he said.

"And she won't from me." She reached between them to take hold of Kyle's cock. "Godd, you're so big," she whispered.

"Not too big, I hope."

"Not for this," she said as he slowly sat on the edge of the bunk.

"Oh, Godd, you're gonna....," He choked off his words as he took hold of the edge of the top bunk just as she took his cock in her mouth. "Ohh, Marcia! Ohh, fuck, that is so good!"

He thought she would give him some head as a warm-up exercise but she didn't stop. And he couldn't stop her. Not even when the build-up went past the point of no return. He wanted to stop her....he wanted to fuck her... but he couldn't retreat, couldn't hold back.

"You're getting me close," he whispered.

"MMmmnnnn!" she moaned, nodding.

He reached one hand down to clasp the back of her head and took a handful of her hair.

"Take it!" he whispered as he gently fucked the girl's mouth. "Ohh, Godd, take it, Marcia....take my load....please don't stop!"

She didn't stop. She took his load and swallowed it and then spent a long time draining him, and licking and cleaning his cock

"My Godd, that was incredible!" he gasped. "I wasn't expecting that."

"I happen to think a boy's cock is the most beautiful thing in the world. Along with his body if he's built like you, but his cock is the crowning glory for me. I love giving head. It's like worshipping your manhood."

"And you love it all the way, I see," Kyle said with a sly grin.

"You must think I'm a total slut,"

"No. No, I don't." But he knew he didn't sound very convincing. He did think she was easy, that was the reason he called her, she had a reputation for putting out. All the guys knew that about Marcia. That was the reason she was so popular. He'd heard stories that she liked to give head but he wasn't expecting her to swallow. He quickly tried to redeem himself. "I see you as a girl who happens to have a healthy outlook on sex. Nothing wrong with that. If it's okay for guys, it's okay for girls, that's my take."

"I bet you won't talk like that when you're in the locker room with your jock friends."

"I don't talk about stuff like that in the locker room with my jock friends," he stated flatly. "I listen to what they have to say but I don't talk about it."

"So that's how you found out about me?" Marcia asked.

"Well....yeah," he replied honestly. "So I'm glad some guys do talk about it," he added with a mischievous grin.

"Do you still want to fuck me?"

He blinked, taken aback. "Wow, I never had a girl talk like that before, come right out and ask me. But yeah. Fuck, yeah. I'm good for more than once."

"I thought you would be, that's the reason I got you off like that. Boys tend to last longer their second time; or so I've heard."

"You heard right."

After he'd fucked her the first time--they were lying together, recuperating--she asked him if he was good for still another.

"Yeah, sure, I'll be good to go in a few minutes."

"Do you want to see if your brother wants to join us?"

"I'll go see but I don't know if he will." He paused at the door. "If he does come, he might wanta just be alone with you, if that'd be all right."

"Yes, of course, but I really would like for him to join us. I've never had two brothers before. Not at the same time anyway."

"Maybe later," Kyle said.

He went downstairs, still naked, and found Devon sprawled on the couch. "Hey, dude," as he shook his shoulder.

"I'm not asleep," Devon growled. "Who could sleep with all that noise? Godd, has she got any brains left? How many times have you fucked her?"

"Just once. She gave me head first so I would last longer. She's ready for it again. Do you wanta come up?"

"Is this your idea or hers?" Devon asked.

"Both. She thinks it'd be awesome to take on two brothers. Her words....awesome."

"Tell her thanks, but I don't think so."

"Come on, it's your chance to prove something," Kyle said.

"Prove what, to who?"

"Prove to yourself that you're bi, not gay." He was tugging on Devon's arm.

"I don't know what your big hang-up is about me being gay. Why do I have to prove it to you?"

"Come on, show me what you've got," Kyle said. "Or, hey, if you want her all to yourself, I'm sure she'd be agreeable to that. She thinks you're hot," he added.

"No, we'll do the three-way," Devon said, getting up off the couch. "I want you there, to see what you've got."

"Great. She's ready and waiting. And hey, if you really want to get adventurous....she's shaved."

Devon couldn't deny the twinge of excitement at seeing the girl naked and waiting for them. She got up off the bed and sidled up to him and started to undress him.

"I can do this," he said, brushing her hands away, but she wouldn't be put off.

"Not while I'm here," she said. "Please, I want to. I love taking a boy's clothes off; it's like unwrapping a Christmas present, especially jocks, when I find all those muscles under the wrapping."

He lifted his arms for her to take off his shirt. He slipped out of his shoes as she was undoing his belt. He saw Kyle stroking his cock and smiling. When she pulled his jeans down he grabbed hold of his shorts to hold them up.

"Those are coming off next," she said as she pulled his jeans off and tossed them aside.

When she reached up to pull his shorts down, without thinking, he clasped his hands over hers. She moved her hands to the front of his shorts, folding them over his hard bulge.

"Doesn't feel like you've got anything to be embarrassed about or ashamed of, no more than your brother has," she said.

When she tugged at his shorts again he let her pull them down. His cock swung free and tapped her cheek. While he was working his shorts off his feet she began stroking his cock, kissing it and admiring it.

"This is one of the most beautiful and perfect cocks I've ever seen," Marcia said as she showered it with kisses and licked the ball juice coming out of the wide slit each time it throbbed. "Ohhh, you taste so good."

As his focus turned to the matter at hand, Devon forgot all about whether he was gay or bi. He wanted this; his cock was demanding it.

"This belongs in a museum, behind glass," Marcia told him.

Kyle laughed. "I don't think that's where he's going to put it."

They put Devon in the middle, Marcie facing him. She was all over him in seconds while Kyle wrapped his arms around her to play with her tits. Whatever his orientation, Devon's body didn't know or care that it was a girl he was with. She cared a lot, and she showed the way. He fucked her. At first he mostly let himself be used, let his body become the instrument of her pleasure. The thing he liked best was sucking on her tits that Kyle held out for him and Kyle slipped his fingers in his mouth for him to suck on too. As Marcia's momentum built Devon took over and quickly fucked her into submission. Within minutes she was his slave.

She made it sound like he was a total stud but when it was over she immediately rolled over and took on Kyle. Devon slipped out of the bed and went back to his room. He lay in his bunk pondering the whole ridiculous scene. It was good sex according to his body, but that's all it was; it was something to satisfy his cock for the moment. It felt good but it wasn't the holy grail of sex that all the boys ranted about, and he decided he would have need for no more of it. He was glad, though, for the experience and that Kyle had the chance to have her in his bed for the whole night.

Early next morning Kyle came into his room to wake him. He opened his eyes to see his brother dressed.

"Where's Marcia?"

"She had to leave. We showered and I sent her on her way."

"How was the rest of your night?"


"How many times did you fuck her?"

"Lost count. Godd, she was insatiable. I think she's a true nymphomaniac. I could've used a little help. You got her off, you know."

"What do you mean, I got her off and you didn't?"

"Yeah, a couple of times, but you sent her into orbit."

"I don't get it; you only fucked her twice?"

"No, I said I lost count, but I got her off twice; gave her the big O. So did you. She said not many guys can do that to her."

"I didn't know."

"Well, we know you're not totally gay," Kyle said.

"Not even if I said I don't want to go there again?"

"You will, stud. You will," Kyle said with a smirk.

Chapter Ninety-One

Football Camp

How It Happened

Kyle and Devon attended the same football camp but were in different squads so they trained separately, ate at different times and lived apart in different dorms. It wasn't a famous-name camp, but one sponsored by several high schools with college football players as the training staff. Despite that, it was expensive, mostly because of the diet. There was a trained sports nutritionist on staff to plan the meals and actually do and oversee the cooking.

Devon arrived with no lack of confidence, but would quickly learn that there were dozens of other athletes that equaled his level of talent and confidence. One of those athletes would be a big, ruggedly handsome boy named Jake Studt.

Jake walked through the dorm on the day of arrival and tossed his bag on the bunk right next to Devon's. Devon took an immediate liking to Jake, even from a distance. Simply from his physical presence, Devon decided he was a guy who would be easy for him to like, and he wanted to get to know him better.

"Anybody got this bunk?" he asked to all around him.

"You do now," Devon said.

"Jake Studt," he said putting out his hand. "Line backer."

"You think?" Devon said, looking him up and down.

Jake laughed, an easy laugh. "Tight end when I have to," he added. "What's your name?"

"Devon Seaborne, tight end. Running back when I have to."

"I guess they sort of mix us up for training. Except for the quarterbacks. They're in a club all their own, bunch of prima donnas."

Devon decided not to mention that his brother was there as a member of the quarterback club.

"Well, it was a long fuckin' drive out here, and I don't have air conditioning. I'm gonna hit the showers," Jake said.

"I don't know if they've got the water turned on," Devon said.

"Then I'll get a bunch of guys to piss on me. I gotta get this grime washed off."

Oh, Godd, I'll volunteer, Devon thought to himself. There was a small foot locker at the end of every bunk and Devon began unpacking his stuff out of his gym bag into the locker. It was mostly to be busy as he watched Jake undress, so he wouldn't be caught staring. But he took in every inch of the big guy's perfectly muscled body as each piece of clothing was removed. When he was down to his shorts--a pair of very tiny briefs that strained to contain him--he grabbed up a towel and headed to the showers. Devon watched his tight bubble butt, barely covered, flexing inside the snug, white material. He wanted to rush to the showers himself so he could see the guy take those briefs off, but he didn't want to appear obvious. Jake hadn't taken any clean clothes with him, maybe he would come back naked. Devon reminded himself that he only had two weeks; if he was going to establish a friendship he needed to do it right away.

Studt returned from the showers with a towel around his waist. Devon almost died when he whipped it off beside his bunk, revealing his bare butt up close.

"Attention everyone!" one of the college counselors called from the door. "Everyone over to dorm six immediately for processing!"

Guys started to scramble, and Jake muttered aloud that he needed to get dressed and another guy said something about putting his clothes on too.

"You're okay just like that. There's no one here but football players," the counselor said.

Jake shrugged. "Well, what the fuck," he said, and headed out of the dorm with the towel around his waist. It came loose and fell off and he said "fuck it" and draped it over his shoulder. Devon followed close behind, nearly breathless at the sight of his bare, muscular butt.

In dorm six there were two lines to have their release forms checked, then everyone was weighed and their height measured and recorded. Devon was no stranger to blatant nakedness among jocks-none of them were-but he suddenly found himself in a state of mind that almost rattled him. These guys were the cream of the crop; the most perfect specimens he'd ever been around, especially Jake Studt. How was he going to get through this?

From there they were guided to the doctor and his young PA for a general physical. That consisted of listening to their heart and lungs, examining their ears, noses and throats, and then checking for hernias. Devon was right behind Studt as he was being checked for hernia. He had to fight to keep his eyes off the guy's awesome ass.

At six-two, well over two hundred twenty very solid pounds, Jake stood out, and gained the immediate respect of the other boys, especially seeing him in all his naked glory. He looked more like a college player. The guy was a stallion. But with all of his attributes, he was easy spoken, friendly, and both funny and serious, and to himself, he was no big deal. But he was; Devon could see that by the way others were watching him, trying to be discreet.

His manly attributes didn't go unnoticed by the young PA. Devon stood a little bit to the side, out of the line, so he was able to see the PA turn on his stool to face Jake.

"Damn, coach, what are you feeding these guys?" he joked as he shoved Jake's thick, heavy manhood aside to check his groin.

When they were finished in dorm six they were taken to another dorm, most of them still naked, to be issued uniforms. One set consisted of a new jockstrap, dark blue satin athletic shorts, a dark red pair of shorts, two T-shirts--one white, one gray--sneakers, two pairs of athletic socks, and a baseball cap with the name and year of the football camp across the front. A second uniform was issued, consisting of football gear; shoulder pads, a pair of cleats, white football pants and a dark red, mesh jersey, and a dark blue one.

"Take everything with you and return to your dorms. Put on the blue shorts and gray T-shirt and report to the dining hall."

"What about the jockstraps?" someone yelled.

"If you have to be told to put on a jockstrap, you don't belong here," came the answer.

Back in their own dorm, Devon and Jake both ended up standing between their bunks to don their uniforms. It wasn't on purpose, it was just how it happened that they were standing so close. Devon's mouth was so dry he almost choked as he watched Jake pull the jockstrap up and then heft his manhood and tuck it in the pouch. The mesh material strained to contain the heavy weight, to the point that the threads stretched apart to reveal the dark hue of his manhood.

Devon saw Kyle in the dining hall but he was sitting with his group and they didn't have a chance to talk; they only waved across the room. Devon was proud that Jake sat beside him. The head coach introduced the sports nutritionist, a youngish man in his thirties.

"Gentlemen, welcome. My name is Randy Bales. I'm a certified sports nutritionist, I hold a degree in sports medicine, including massage therapy, and I also oversee your diet. I want to stress that every bite of food you consume over the next fourteen days is intended for muscle growth and energy, and that includes an abundant supply of protein drinks, protein shakes and protein and energy bars as well as other sports and bodybuilding supplements, all of which are available any time of the day or night at the two fueling stations on either side of the dining hall. Take all you want and eat all you take. I recommend that you take smaller portions and go back for seconds. If any of you brought snacks, shit-can them. You eat only what's put in front of you.

"Some of you will gain weight; some of you will lose weight. I promise each and every one of you will notice a difference in your physical wellbeing as well as your physical appearance at the end of this camp. You will be more solid and more ripped. Your girlfriends will like that. Take careful note, what we do here will be a good foundation to build on when you go back home."

There was a break after lunch when everyone was to lie on their bunks and rest. Devon didn't get much rest with Jake lying next to him, back to naked, and he was still smarting from lunch when Jake's muscular, hairy leg kept rubbing against his. He couldn't help wondering if it was on purpose. And he wondered about them putting on their uniforms, if Jake had purposely stood between their bunks, so close, when he could've more easily stood on the other side of his bunk.

Some guys slept. He thought Jake might be asleep, but when one of the coaches came to call everyone out, his eyes snapped open and he got right up to put on his uniform.

The first session set the tone for the entire two weeks. Listen, learn, and then do it. The doing part was the toughest. They had to do it over and over and over again, till they got it right, whether it was individual instruction or running drills. There were no slackers. It became obvious from the beginning that every boy there would meet his own potential, and the counselors were good at recognizing that potential, even when the boy didn't.

Devon got yelled at as much as anyone else. Jake got yelled at. Even the prima donna quarterbacks got yelled at.

"You've got better than that in you! I wanta SEE it!"

"What the hell was that!?! My grandmother could block better than that!"

"My Godd! Are you sure you're in the right place? This is not volleyball camp, this is football camp!"

"Are you okay, Buttercup? Do you need to lie down with a cold compress?"

It was a constant barrage but nobody took it personal. Every boy there knew it was for his own good.

One of the young coaches came up to Jake and grabbed him by the top of the head. "Excuse me, Studt, do you have your jockstrap on, 'cause I think you lost your balls out there on that last play."

Jake replied, "No, sir, I got 'em right here," as he grabbed his crotch.

"Then play like you got 'em!" It looked funny because Jake was so much taller and bigger than the coach.

There was no goofing off and at the end of the day butts were dragging, and after showers and eating, everyone was anxious to hit the racks. And it was truly the end of the day; starting to get dark. Conversations were in low tones and usually short.

The week went on and Devon was happy to feel that Randy Bales was right; he really was feeling a difference in his body.

"You're doing okay out there, Seaborne," Jake said quietly when they were lying in their bunks on Friday night after lights out. He lay on his side and Devon was having a hard time keeping his eyes chest high. They kept wanting to shift down to the big, meaty cock draped over Studt's massive thigh, reaching to the mattress.

"I feel like I am," Devon said. "I'm surprised how they can cram so much into such a short time."

"I was hoping to have a little bit of spare time," said Jake. "I would like to go explore the woods."

"I doubt you'll get the chance."

The athletes took full advantage of the excellent food and the supplements. By the end of that first week Devon could feel and see the improvement in himself, both physically and mentally, as well as his performance on the field. He had gained four pounds and he felt tougher. The weekend was not a traditional weekend. Saturday and Sunday were like the other five days. There was some grumbling about having to work on Sunday but the coaches shrugged it off.

"Somebody paid good money to put this together, gentlemen, and neither we nor you are going to waste a dime of it!"

The hardest part for Devon was maintaining his concentration and focus. He had other things on his mind besides football--namely, Jake--and he was worried that there was only one week left.

"Doesn't look like you're going to get to explore the woods," he remarked to Jake as they were walking back from breakfast one morning. "They've got every minute of the day planned out."

"But not the nights," Jake said.

Devon blinked, taken aback. "But how? When? You can't just take off and miss bed check."

"I won't miss nothin'," Jake said. "The moon's been out nice and bright every night. I'm going to sneak out after lights out. You wanta come along?"

"Yeah, hell yes," Devon said, his heart thumping with excitement. Godd, to be alone with Jake Studt back in the woods on a moonlit night!! It was more than he had ever hoped for. "When?" he asked anxiously.


"They sometimes come in for a second bed check," Devon reminded him.

"It's just a cursory check with flashlights; they don't ever walk through," he said. "I'll stuff my pillow under the sheets. Beyond that, well, I'll take my chances. Anyway, what's the worst they can do? It's not the Army, they're not gonna court martial me."

"They could send you home," Devon said. Jake shrugged it off. "With the moon shining so bright, we'll be easy to spot," Devon pointed out.

"You just follow me," Jake said. "I've been checking out the terrain and I've got the route planned out in my head. Oh, and when we sneak out, we wear just our blue gym shorts and carry our shoes. No white socks, and carry your T-shirt, stuff it down inside your shorts."

"You're talking like you're in the Army," Devon said, laughing.

"I am."

"You're fuckin' not," Devon scoffed.

"Okay, it's the Guards, but it's the same training," Jake said.

"No shit! You're in the Guards, for real?"

"Yeah, I signed up last year. When I graduate then I talk to the recruiters and decide if I wanta go into the Marines, the Army Rangers, or be a Navy SEAL."

"Damn, and the coach was questioning if you had any balls?"

"He's just doing his job. I get it a lot worse at guard training."

When the dorm was quiet, well after lights out--it must've been about eleven thirty--Jake rose up from his bunk and Devon could see him reaching for his clothes. He reached over and touched Devon's shoulder. Devon rose up and reached for his gym shorts. He slipped them on then tugged his T-shirt from under the edge of the mattress and stuffed it inside his shorts. Then he picked up his shoes and followed Jake out of the dorm, crouched down so they wouldn't be seen passing by the windows.

Just outside, Jake looked all around then took off running toward the dining hall with Devon right behind him. They ran between the hall and the last dorm, toward the row of trees that lined the drive, and within seconds they were in the dark shadows of the trees. They stopped to slip on their shoes then ran the short distance to the woods.

"I feel like a kid on Halloween," Devon said as they slowed to a walk in the safety of the woods. They put their T-shirts on as they walked. They were not the first to explore the woods, there were paths leading in several directions.

"Yeah, it just feels good to do something once in a while that you're not supposed to do," said Jake. "And I've had a lot of that on my mind lately."

"Oh, really. Like what?"

"Well, actually, it's been just this past week," Jake said.

"I don't know how you've had time to think about anything but football."

"Oh, I've thought about a lot more than football." He stopped and turned, blocking Devon's way on the path. "Okay, here goes. I know I'm taking a big chance here but I'm bigger than you so I know you're not gonna hit me or anything or tell anybody if I tell you not to."

"I wouldn't hit you anyway, even if you weren't bigger than me, and I wouldn't tell anybody anything you didn't want me to. So what's the big chance are you taking?"

"Our friendship," Jake replied. "I know it's only been a week but I hope it's a friendship 'cause I never got to know anybody so fast before or take such a liking to anybody so quick."

"I feel the same way, Jake. So, are you gonna tell me or not?"

"Well....what would you think if I told you I'm gay? That I think you're about the hottest thing I've ever seen in or out of a jockstrap in all my years of playing sports, and I lured you out here for devious purposes?"

Devon couldn't find his voice for a moment. He was so stunned he could barely catch his breath.

"You're not saying anything," Jake said. "So how bad have I fucked up?"

"You haven't fucked up at all, Jake," Devon said in a low, shaky voice. He had to force his words and they came out hoarse and weak. "But I gotta ask you now, what you would think if I told you I'm gay, and you just made me the happiest guy on the planet?"

Jake laughed, softly at first. "Oh, fuck," he said as he broke out in a happy laugh. "No fuckin' shit! I don't believe it. Come here." He grabbed Devon by the arm and pulled him to him. "How gay are you? I mean, what've you done with guys? I haven't done all that much-I've been too scared-so it's all been in my head. But I wanta learn. Are you into kissing?"

"Godd, Jake, I've been nervous as hell since you walked in the dorm and took the bunk next to mine," Devon said.

"So have I. And I took the bunk next to you on purpose. Hey, can we take this off?" He tugged at Devon's T-shirt and he raised his arms to let him pull it off over his head. "You've got too good a body to keep it covered up."

Devon laughed. "Look who's talking. Fuck, I've been almost afraid to look at you, for fear of boning up." He tugged on Jake's T-shirt but Jake pulled it off himself.

"Look all you want. Feel all you want." He took Devon's hands and placed them over his thick pecs. "Hell, bone up all you want, 'cause I'm going to." He reached down and groped the front of Devon's shorts. "Ohh, that feels nice."

"Geezuss, Jake, you're making me weak in the knees," Devon said.

"What all have you done?" Jake asked again.

"Everything I've done has been with my brother."

"Kyle?!! Wow! That is hot! Is he gay too?"

"No. But I've been giving him head for quite a while now. He's straight, but he lets me do anything I want. And he fucked me just recently."

"Oh, Mann, I so wanta know what that's like, fucking a guy. And see what it's like to give head. I said I haven't done all that much. Actually, I haven't done anything, except in my dreams. You never told me if you're into kissing."

"I wanta be into everything with you," Devon said.

"Ohh, Fuck," Jake whispered as tilted his head down and brushed his lips across Devon's mouth and pressed his bare chest against his.

"OOOhhhmmnnnn!" Devon moaned softly as Jake pressed his lips harder on his mouth. Then, "Oh, Godd, Jake!" as Jake's tongue pried his lips apart and darted into his mouth. He felt light headed. Of the few girls he'd kissed, none of them came close to this kind of excitement. He was trembling inside, then outside, his hands shaking as he clasped them around Jake's muscular shoulders and his taut butt. The kiss brought passion to the surface that he'd never felt before, not even with Kyle. Jake was devouring him. Both of their cocks were hard, throbbing against each other through their shorts. Jake's hands were all over his body as far as he could reach which with his long arms was pretty much all the way around. Ohh, Fuck! Now they were down inside his shorts, squeezing his bare butt.

"Now I know what that's like," Jake said breathlessly.

"For your first time kissing another buy, that was hot as fuck," Devon said.

"You make me hot as fuck," Jake said. "Tell you something else. When we were got our uniforms and went back to our dorm to put them on, I got between our bunks on purpose."

"I wondered," Devon said. "There was more room on the other side of your bunk."

"Too much room. I don't like that much room between us," Jake said. Then he pulled one hand out and groped between them, feeling Devon's hard cock.

"I gotta try this before I burst," he said hoarsely as he put some space between them. He went to his knees, pulling Devon's shorts down. Devon's cock sprung free, nearly hitting him in the face. "Whoa! Maybe I better rethink this," Jake said, laughing. But he wrapped his big fist around the thick shaft and moved his hand up and down a few times. "I guess the first step is to take it in my mouth, huh."

"No, the first step is to....b-but I shouldn't be telling you how to do anything," Devon said.

"No, I don't mind, I don't know what I'm doing."

"You said you're gay, but I don't know how you know that for sure if you've never done anything with a guy."

"So, what're you saying?" Jake asked.

"I'm saying, if you just kiss and lick it at first, maybe you won't like it and you can back off and say you never sucked cock and maybe you're not as gay as you think."

"Oh, I'm sure," Jake said. "I've just been looking for the chance to prove myself. But I'll do as you say." He kissed all around the underside of Devon's cock then began licking around the shaft. As he moved up he discovered his precum that was practically cascading down over the wide head. "Oh, Mannn! That's good stuff. Did you cum?"

"No, that's just precum," Devon said.

"Man, you are really pumping it out," he said as he licked it off. "Ohh, I love your precum. Can't wait to taste your cum. I wanta see if it all tastes the same. Fuck, I'm talking gay and I haven't even sucked cock yet. But I've tasted my own cum. Ohh, MMnnnnn, I gotta have this." With that, he took Devon's cock in his mouth, locking his lips around the shaft about half way down.

"OOOOHhhhh!" Devon groaned loudly as he dug his fingers into Jake's hair. "Ohh, Godd, Jake your mouth feels so good. And you're so fuckin' good looking, and I look down at that handsome face and your broad shoulders, and those full, sexy lips wrapped around my cock and I can't believe it's happening."

"Believe it, dude. I like doing this to you. Godd, I wanta eat you alive." And he went back to sucking him and roaming his hands all over his body.

Devon stood it all he could. He wanted so bad to suck Jake too. He wanted to kiss and lick and make love to his magnificent body. "Jake....if you wanta lay on the ground, I could do you too....we could sixty-nine," he said.

"Yeah, we could do that," he said as he took Devon's shorts off and tossed them aside. He stood up. "Fuck, I never dreamed sex with a guy could be so hot! Well, I dreamed it, I but never imagined it would be this hot." He held Devon at arm's length, his big hands clasped around his shoulders, as he devoured him with his eyes. "Godd, you are so beautiful," he whispered.

"You're embarrassing me," Devon said.

"Whatever." He turned Devon around, facing away from him. "Listen, I want you to walk over to that spot where the moon is shining through the trees, making a bright spot on the ground."

"What do you want me to do when I get there?"

"Just stand there. I wanta look at you in the moonlight."

"You're crazy, Jake."

"Yeah, I know, you make me crazy. Just do it."

Devon walked toward the spot, feeling a bit foolish, but wanting to please Jake. And it felt strangely good that the big jock wanted to look at him.

"Godd, you've got an awesome butt," Jake said hoarsely.

He moved into the spot and it was like a spotlight shining on him, except it was a softer light.

"Stand just like that," Jake said.

He stood with his back to Jake, still feeling dumb, but gradually that feeling went away as he began to appreciate that this hot guy was so into him.

"Now turn around, real slow," Jake said, his voice closer now.

He turned around to see Jake barely a half dozen yards from him. He was naked, his cock standing up at a sharp angle, throbbing and bobbing up and down.

"Godd, you are beautiful," Jake said. "You're like a woodland nymph."

"I don't know if that's a compliment or not," Devon said.

"It is," Jake assured him as he moved into the wide bar of moonlight. "Trust me, it is," he said again as he took Devon in his arms.

They kissed again, a long, hard kiss that throbbed in their loins.

"I'm ready for that sixty-nine if you are," Jake said.


"I'll lay on the ground, you get on top," Jake said.

Jake stretched out on the ground in the soft spotlight of the moon and Devon straddled Jake's body with his knees on either side of his head.

"Aww, yeah, bring that big fucker to me," Jake murmured as he pulled Devon's cock down to his mouth. "MMMmmmm!"

"Ohhhh!...Ohh, Fuck!" Devon gasped. Then he muffled his own groans with Jake's big cock in his mouth.

The woods was quiet except for the moans and the soft slurping sounds of their mouths servicing each other's cocks. Devon was surprised how good Jake was at sucking for a first timer, and happy that he kept trying to take his cock in his throat, like he was doing to Jake, despite his size; he was bigger than Kyle.

"Fuck, how do you do that?" Jake asked breathlessly. "I keep choking and gagging."

"I've had some practice with my brother," Devon said. "But I think you're trying too hard. Just go with it, and when your throat is relaxed enough it'll open up."

Several times they had to ease off to keep from cumming. Once Jake pushed Devon's head away roughly and gripped his cock hard in his fist.

"Ohh, Godd....I was so close! I almost lost it. I don't wanta cum yet. Not for a long time."

"You about knocked me out pushing my head away," Devon said, laughing. "Do you wanta go ahead and cum a load, Jake, then keep on going, then you can last a long time," he said.

"I can if you can. I just didn't want it to end."

"It don't have to end. Let's make each other cum, then," Devon said. "Then, do you wanta fuck me?"

"Oh, Man, I was hoping and praying you would say that."

"I was hoping and praying you would want to."

"Fuck, now I wanta cum so I will last longer when I fuck you." Jake said. "Listen, when you said let's make each other cum....were you saying to cum in each other's mouths?"

"Yes. But only if you want to. I want your load regardless. You don't have to take mine. I'll warn you when I'm close."

"You don't have to. If you're taking mine, I'm taking yours."

"You don't have to do that, Jake," Devon said. "I'm used to it, with my brother, and I want to. I like the taste of cum. But you might not."

"I won't know if I don't try it, will I? And I love your precum," he said.

"Aww, Fuck, Jake, you're making me so happy."

"No happier than you're making me. I love doing this, Devon. I love sucking your cock, and having you naked."

"Hearing you say that almost makes me wanta cry," Devon said.

"It's nothing to cry about, dude."

The end was far from near. Even though they didn't talk anymore--they devoted every breath, every ounce of energy, to giving each other pleasure--it was nearly an hour before the woods around them came alive with their louder moans and choked cries. They had rolled onto their sides and then further so that Devon was lying on the forest floor and Jake was hunkered over him, feeding him his thick, cock in hard, steady, deep-throat thrusts. Suddenly Devon was losing it and just as suddenly, his mouth was being flooded with warm, thick semen belching out of Jake's big cock. He savored each spurt as it coated his tongue till his mouth was filled to overflowing and the stuff began to run out the corners of his mouth and down his face. He clasped his hands around Jake's round, firm butt to pull him down into his throat. He choked with emotion from the sheer, ecstatic pleasure of the moment. His head was spinning by the time the moment passed. He felt Jake's throat muscles milking the last of the cum out of him and realized that he had finally deep-throated him. When he coughed, Devon pulled his hips up.

Jake pulled Devon down on top of him with his legs spread out from Jake's face.

"Man, that was something else!" Jake gasped. "Can't believe I did it all. I sucked your cock, I ate your load, I deep throated that big fucker. Your cum tastes good."

"Yeah, so does yours. I can't believe you did it either, Jake. I can't believe any of this."

"Hey, we ain't done," Jake said as he leaned up, easing Devon off of him. He rose up and turned around to lie beside Devon in the thick grass. "You wanted me to fuck you, remember?"

"How could I forget a thing like that?"

"I'm ready when you are," Jake said.

"You can't be. You just shot off."

Jake took Devon's hand and guided it to his cock. He was still hard.

"I said, I'm ready."

"Geezuss, Jake, you're a machine."

"No, I'm just a horny fuck that found the sexiest dude on the planet who wants my body."

"Oh, Jake, if you only knew how bad," Devon said.

"Then I'm ready." He put his hand on Devon's hip and rolled him onto his stomach.

"You might want me on my back, like a girl; you're probably used to that," Devon said.

"If I wanted a girl, I wouldn't be out here with you," Jake said.

"Have you ever fucked a girl?" Devon asked.

"Yeah, more than one and more than one time, but not one of those times can match what we just did."

"With so much experience with girls....I mean, you kept going back for more pussy....what made you decide to go the other route?"

"Well, I never had any trouble getting girls, being a jock and all, so it was more or a less a given in my circle of friends that you fucked the girls you dated. It was assumed that's the reason they wanted to date you so they could say they got fucked by this jock or that one, so you couldn't disappoint them. I went along with it, till I realized I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. You're dating a girl for the sex and you're doing the sex because it feels good. But there was always something missing, something lacking, and I realized I was searching for something better; a girl who could make me feel something the one before didn't make me feel. It was like I was looking for the ultimate pussy, and every one I fucked wasn't it. Like searching for the holy grail of sex. In a nutshell, that's what boys are taught from the get go, that girls hold the secrets of the universe between their legs. The holy grail of sex hidden behind a bush between a girl's legs. Well, it ain't so. In fact, I think it's the other way around. I've seen a lot of girls naked and it dawned on me one time, it's like something's missing. You look at a picture of a naked woman and what do you see? Especially one with a shaved pussy, you see a hole, a little slit, like somebody forgot some parts in the assembly, and you, the guy, are expected to make do and do your manly duty and go on an expedition inside that hole to discover the pleasures of life. I look at other guys in the locker room and there's nothing missing. It's us, the male species, that's got the secret of the universe right there between our legs. We're the ones with the instruments of ultimate pleasure. No more searching for the Holy Grail, we've got it right here between our legs," he finished as he grabbed hold of his cock. Then he asked, "Did that make any sense?"

"It made more sense than anything I ever heard, Jake. You're a real philosopher," Devon said.

"Well, I might've been a little off base. The holy grail of sex might be hidden between a pair of hot buns like this," he said, squeezing Devon's butt muscles. "But it'll take some exploration into the valley between to find the hole of heaven to see what pleasures lie beyond."

"That'd be almost romantic if it wasn't so sexy," Devon said.

"Fuck, I didn't mean to ramble on like that, but it's how I've come to feel. I'll fuck you on your back in a little bit, cause I wanta see your body and watch your muscles move when I fuck you. But first I want you like this so I can see and feel that awesome ass in my hands."

Devon spread his legs as Jake got between them. Jake squeezed his taut butt muscles, pulling them apart.

"Fuck, your ass feels so good in my hands," he said hoarsely. "I can't even begin to imagine how it's gonna feel locked around my cock." He spat in the crack and worked the twin mounds together. Then he spat again and worked it around with his thumb. More spit and he probed through Devon's tight hole.

"OHHhhh," Devon gasped.

"That hurt?"

"No. It feels good."

Jake worked him with his thumb for a moment, then used both thumbs, probing deep and stretching his asshole. He spat again and the stuff fell into Devon's gaping hole. Then he spat on his cock.

"I'm going in, okay?"


"I'll try not to hurt you too much."

"Don't worry about it, I can handle it," Devon said.

"Godd, I never wanted to fuck anybody so bad in all my life."

Devon rose up on his elbows and braced himself. It was going to hurt. Jake was thicker than Kyle, more like a beer can, and he was going to stretch his hole something awful. But he just knew it was going to be the best feeling on earth when Jake went in deep and the pain dissipated. He never wanted to be fucked by anybody so bad in his life, not even by Kyle. He felt Jake's hot cockhead bear down against his asshole.

"Listen, I figured it'd be better if I go right in, no pussying around it, just get it over with," Jake said.

"All right. Do it," said Devon.

Jake pushed, hard and Devon's asshole burst open and locked tightly around his cockhead. Devon clamped his mouth over his forearm to stifle his outcry and he bit down to divert the excruciating pain from his asshole to his arm. Oh, Fuck! He's gonna kill me! But Jake didn't let up. Once the head of his cock was through the hole, he bore down hard, shoving his cock down into Devon's ass till his loins were smashed against his butt muscles.

"I'm in."

Devon couldn't speak. His air was lodged in his lungs, threatening to choke him. It hurt so bad he thought he might pass out, but he didn't want to let on. He was afraid if Jake knew it hurt so bad he would pull out.

"You okay?" Jake whispered in his ear, then he nibbled on it. "Fuck, you feel so good. I am so fuckin' happy you let me do this. I know it had to hurt, and I know I made it hurt worse 'cause I'm so big. Godd, I'm sorry, Devon, please forgive me, but you feel so good." He kissed the side of Devon's neck. "However I hurt you, Devon, I'll make it up to you, I promise." He went on kissing the side of his face and when Devon turned his head, he found his lips. "I'll do anything you want. I'll even let you fuck me. I would never say that to anybody else but I'm saying it to you 'cause I think I'm in love," he said as their lips met. "Godd, I am so fuckin' happy right now," he whimpered in Devon's mouth. "Please....please tell me you're okay, that I didn't hurt you too bad."

"I'm all right Jake," Devon said in a hoarse whisper. "Truly, I am. You talked the pain away."

Jake moved his hips, moving his cock around deep inside Devon's ass. "Seriously? That don't hurt?"

"Noooo!" Devon cooed, squirming back against Jake's cock. "It feels good. I love your big beer can cock, Jake."

"Can I fuck you then?"

"You can fuck my brains out," Devon said. "But you may have to carry me back to the dorm."

"I'll carry you all the way back home if I have to," Jake said. With that he eased up till Devon's ass-ring was clenching tightly around the rim of his cock. Then he eased back in. "Ohhh, Goddd, I never felt anything like this in my life!"

"I'm glad, Jake. I'm glad my ass is so good for you."

"I was hoping it would be good ever since the minute I laid eyes on it. Fuck, I've been drooling over your ass for a week. I knew it was gonna be good when I watched you walking into this spot of moonlight. I've always thought there's nothing more beautiful than a man's naked body, like those ancient statues, and when you were standing there in the moonlight you looked like one of those statues."

"You don't have to flatter me, Jake, you're already fucking me," Devon chided him.

"I'm not really fucking you, that's just my cock revving up inside you. But I'm ready to fuck if you are."

When Jake said he was ready, he wasn't fooling around. He fucked Devon hard. Once again the woods was alive with the quiet moans and gasps of pleasure, and the soft sounds of flesh slapping and sloshing against male flesh. Once again Devon thought he might black out; it was that good. He fought to hang onto his sanity and keep from floating off. Finally, he made his plea.

"Jake, I want to be on my back, where I can see you, and I need to hold onto you. You're making it so good, it gets so intense I keep having the feeling I'm gonna float off and I wanta hold on to you."

"Sure." Jake rose up but didn't pull his cock out. He carefully maneuvered Devon onto his side, then onto his back. "Anything you want, Lover. Any fuckin' thing you want," he whispered as he leaned down and resumed fucking him.

Lover! He called him lover. "Ohh, Godd, Jake, fuck me. I want you to fuck me all night."

"How about we skip football tomorrow. You think they would miss us? I could fuck you all day, too," Jake said, laughing.

"Ohhh....OHHH....Ohh, Godd, Jake, it's getting good again! I feel like I wanta scream, it's so good!"

Jake leaned down again and brushed his lips over Devon's mouth. "Scream, Lover. Scream in my mouth, I'll swallow your screams just like I swallowed your load."

Jake fucked him hard, he fucked him gentle; he fucked him every way he knew how. He nearly fucked him crazy. Kissing him, swallowing his cries and groans, it was more like he was making love to him. Devon's hands were all over him, exploring his muscular body. He gripped his arms and shoulders and ran his hands down Jake's sides to clasp his hands around his tight, slim waist. He drew his hands in to feel his tight, hard abs, trailing his fingers along the deep ridges between the bricks of muscle.

"You like my muscles, don't you," Jake said.

"I can't tell you how much I love your body, Jake; I can only show you," Devon said.

"Yeah, show me. Feel 'em all you want. I built 'em up for you, Lover. I didn't know I was doing it for you but I was 'cause you were somewhere in my future and I didn't know that either, but they're all yours, Lover. Every ripple, every ounce of those hard muscles....it's all yours."

Devon couldn't believe the things Jake was saying to him. His hands were on his chest now, rubbing across the thick pecs, squeezing the solid muscle, tweaking his turgid nipples. Suddenly he leaned up and clamped his mouth over the right one.

"Aww, fuck yeah! Suck it, Lover. Suck my tits. Ohh, Godd, I never even knew I had feelings there! Ohhh....Ohh, fuck, do it, Devon, suck my tits. You're gonna make me cum!"

Devon was nearly in ecstatic panic by the time Jake shot his hot load of passion deep in his bowels. It felt like a volcanic eruption of molten male lava; nothing like he'd ever felt with his brother, Kyle.

There were several minutes of quiet except for their hard breathing, with Jake's muscular weight on top of him. When Jake finally moved, he smiled, his face squarely over Devon's.

"I wasn't sure I got you off," he said as he squirmed on top of him, sliding in Devon's cum. "Now I see I did."

"You got me off so hard, it was like an out of body experience," Devon said weakly. "I've never felt anything like it my life."

"Me either," said Jake. He brushed his mouth across Devon's lips and his cock throbbed inside him. "I don't wanta ever move from this position," he said.

"If we stay like this they may have to pry us apart if my cum dries," Devon said.

"Nothing's gonna pry you away from me," Jake said huskily.

But they parted and Jake shoved himself up. Devon's cum clung to their chests and stomachs like strings of glue.

"Fuck, what a mess," Devon said.

"It's not a mess. It's beautiful," Jake said as he began smearing it around. "There, it'll be dry by the time we get back to the dorm."

"Fuck, I don't wanta leave," Devon said. "I wanta stay right here and look at you in the moonlight. You're so beautiful, Jake. Your body is so awesome."

"Fuck, now you're embarrassing me. I know I'm built but nobody ever called me beautiful."

"I don't wanta leave here, Jake."

"I don't want to either but we should get back in case they check the bunks up close," Jake said as he began easing himself up from Devon, pulling his cock out of his clenching ass. He laughed. "Feels like your ass don't wanta let go of my cock either."

Devon squeezed his asshole harder, trying to hold him in. Jake tugged harder and finally his cock popped free and he pushed himself back onto his haunches. He gazed down at his bunkmate.

"What?" Devon asked.

"Just lookin' at you," Jake said. "Let's don't go back. Fuck football camp. Fuck football. Let's keep goin' through the woods and go off someplace by ourselves where nobody can ever find us."

Devon smiled up at him. "I would've never thought it; that big muscle jock that walked into the dorm, being a romantic," he said.

"I'm not, 'cept for you. But I'm talking fairyland. We do gotta go back," he said as he shoved himself to his feet. He put his hand down to pull Devon to his feet and their bodies came together again.

"If we stay like this.....," Devon said.

"I know," Jake said, and moved away from him.

They walked back in the eerie quiet of the night, still naked except for their shoes, carrying their clothes. Devon was almost trembling with the emotions still wracking him like volcanic aftershocks. He thought of Jake's semen inside him, in his stomach and deep in his bowels, and he wanted to shout with joy. Jake's big hand moved incessantly as they walked, from his shoulder, down his back, down over his butt, then back up to his shoulders.

"I don't know how I'm going to get through the next few days, I can't keep my hands off of you," Jake said.

"What're we going to do, Jake. We go to different schools, so far apart."

"Not so far apart. We can see each other. We can arrange it. It can't just stop here. Unless you want it to."

Devon stopped and Jake's arm slipped around his waist.

"I don't ever want it to stop. I......" But before he could go on, Jake's fingers on his lips silenced him.

"I gotta say something first. Back there, when I said I thought I was in love, maybe it was just my hormones or testosterone talking. But not now. My hormones are satisfied for the moment and I still feel the same way. I am in love. I know it sounds crazy, a guy being in love with another guy, and especially this guy being in love with another guy, and especially since we just met, but man, its like you've kicked me in the balls and I am so crazy in love with you I can't fuckin' see straight."

"Jake, maybe you need to th......."

"Think about it?" Jake cut in. "I have thought about it. I was thinking about it the whole time we were having sex back there, only it wasn't just having sex. All the other times with girls, that was having sex. I was making love to you, man. I don't know if you felt it, but it felt like it to me. I never even told you this, but shit, I've got a girl back home, and when I was fucking you, I was thinking, how am I going to break it off with her, 'cause this guy I'm fuckin' is the guy I wanta be with for the rest of my life." Then suddenly he stepped back. "But maybe I'm moving too fast for you," he went on, with his hands held up in a defensive gesture. "Maybe you don't feel the same way. If you don't, just say so, and I'll back off, but that don't mean I'm giving up. All I want, Devon, is a chance to make you love me. I know I can do that if you just give me a chance."

Devon reached out and clasped his hands in Jake's hands.

"You already had your chance," he said.

"And I blew it," Jake said. "I fuckin' blew it by talking too much, all that philosophy stuff. Fuck, I never did learn to keep my mouth shut."

"No. What you did to me....Godd, the way you made me feel, it was like I was suckered in deeper and deeper with every stroke of your cock. You don't have to make me love you, Jake. I already do."

"Ohh, Fuck!" Jake gushed. "Aww, Devon, you've made me the happiest guy in the world. Then we'll work it out, about seeing each other," he said.

"Let's just get through the next few days, finish football camp then we go home and I'll call you," Devon said.

At the edge of the woods they stopped.

"Before we go back....," Jake said.

"Yeah, we'd better put our shorts back on," Devon said.

"Before we do that...." Jake pulled Devon into a tight hug so their naked bodies were smashed together from head to toe, chests, abs, cocks, thighs. He worked one leg between Devon's legs as he kissed him passionately. "I wanted to kiss you goodnight."

The kiss was dangerously passionate. Their cocks started coming alive again and they quickly broke away to pull their shorts on.

They crept back into the dorm and into their bunks. Devon didn't sleep for a long time. His last image of Jake was the big stud lying on his side smiling at him as he imagined Jake's live semen still inside him.

Morning came and they dragged themselves out of bed and got dressed to go for chow.

"Where'd you guys disappear to last night?" another boy asked as they were walking to the dining hall.

"We went for a walk," Jake replied.


"What?" Jake looked perturbed.

"You guys, going for a walk in the moonlight."

Jake grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him around, an angry look on his face. "Listen, fucker, that dog's barking up the wrong tree. And if he don't wanta get his nuts cut off, he'd better stop barking."

"I didn't mean anything by it, man, I was joking," the boy said, wrenching out of Jake's grip. He walked on ahead of them.

"I overreacted. I gotta watch that," Jake said quietly.

The last few days of camp were grueling but worth the pain and sweat. Devon had to really concentrate on staying focused. Even out on the field he had a hard time keeping his eyes off of Jake in his tight, white pants with his jockstrap showing through. His ass was mouth watering, and Devon longed for the chance to bury his face between the hard, round muscles. There was so much he wanted to show him. But their night in the woods would be the only chance they would have to express their feelings for each other till they got home and arranged some way to get together again.

Late afternoon on the next to last day they encountered Randy Bales.

"Seaborne! Studt!" a voice boomed. They both froze, fearful that someone had noticed the way they hugged. There was Bales standing with his hands on his hips, waiting for them to approach him. As they trotted toward him he walked toward them.

"Yeah, Coach Bales," Jake said, with exaggerated respect in his voice. Bales wasn't one of the coaches but all the staff were addressed as coach.

He was biting his lower lip with a concerned look on his face. "Look, guys," he said in a low tone. "This is none of my business, but I'm gonna make it my business. You guys need to be more careful."

They looked at him with feigned confusion, trying not to look embarrassed, or guilty, but they both knew what he was getting at.

"Hey, we were just goofing off," Jake said.

"No, not the little hip thrust--yeah, I saw that, too. I also saw you coming back from the woods the other night, naked, and saw you kiss in the shadows before you put your gym shorts back on."

"Ohh, Geezuss!" I gasped.

"Oh, Fuck!" Jake said.

"Hey, it's no sweat. I'm not passing judgment. I just wanted to point out that if I saw it, others could've seen you. Maybe did. I understand, but there are too many out there who don't. Stuff like that can ruin your college sports career, scuttle your scholarship. I know it shouldn't make any difference, but it does."

"Wow! I thought we were in deep shit. Thanks, Coach," Jake said.

"You could've easily been in real deep shit," Bales said.

"Thanks again, for understanding," Jake said.

"No problem. Just be careful."

As they were turning to go, Jake paused and turned back.

"Coach Bales."


"You said....you....understand....."

The young jock/coach smiled. "I understand, that's all. Let's just say I'm broad minded."

"Thanks, Coach," Devon said. They started to walk away but he stopped them.

"Wait. That's not all."

They back peddled to where he was still standing.

"If I'd seen you guys going into the woods instead of coming out, you might've had company."

"Ohh, Fuck!" Jake groaned.

"Listen, I haven't seen your names on my roster for massage therapy," Bales said. "You boys haven't had a pulled hamstring or sore muscles that need my expert attention, have you?"

"We, uh....I guess we never thought of it," Jake said.

Bales laughed. "Or maybe you've worked the kinks out for each other. Hey, I said I understand."

"Now that you mention it, Coach, I do have this pain in my right shoulder and I feel a twinge in my lower back a certain way I move."

"How about you, Seaborne?"

"Right hamstring, Coach," he said.

"So, is it too late to schedule a massage, it being next to last day?" Jake asked.

"No. My schedule's been pretty much freed up the last couple of days. I could work you in later this evening if you like."

Jake looked at Devon. "What do you think?"

"If it wouldn't be an inconvenience, being on your own time," Devon said to Bales.

"My time is your time, twenty-four-seven," Bales said. "How about eight o'clock? That would give us plenty of time before lights out. You know where my office is?"


"See you there. Come to the back door, it'll be unlocked."

"Wow, can you believe this, us getting together with Coach Bales?" Devon whispered as they walked away.

"Hey, think about it! A three-way!" Jake said excitedly.

Going in the back door, they didn't have to go through the dorm and be seen by the rest of the staff. Bales was waiting on them, sitting at his desk with some papers and record books. He got up and locked the door. He was wearing a form fitting T-shirt and very short athletic shorts with slits up the sides, and sneakers.

"We'll start you out in the horse tank, get your muscles relaxed," he said, nodding to the large, stainless steel whirlpool. "Strip down and grab a quick shower first."

The boys stripped off their clothes while he sat on the edge of his desk watching them.

"We don't have this kind of facility at our school," Devon said as he was turning on one of the two showers.

"Neither do we," Jake said, going to the other shower.

"I think it should be required but there are financial restraints," Bales said.

"What's this for, by the way?" Kyle asked. He was holding a flexible hose with a slim, stainless steel, rod-like instrument about eight inches long attached. "Is it supposed to be a shower head or something?"

"It's called the wand. I had it out for cleaning," Bales said. "I'll put it back where it belongs."

"What's it for?" Jake asked.

"It's used to flush out for rectal, or prostate massage," Bales replied as he was disconnecting the hose. But then he stopped. "So you boys have never had a massage?" he said.


"Me either."

"Well, if you want to go for the total massage experience.... do you want to have a go with the wand?" he asked. "It's not rocket science. Just repeat the process till the water flushes clean. I'll help you if you want."

Well accustomed to the authority of the player-coach relationship, if the coach suggested it, he thought he should do it. "How about you, Dev, are you gonna do it?" Jake asked.

"If you are. Let me finish my shower," Devon said. He was used to flushing out but he'd never used or even seen a wand.

"Okay, Coach, show me," Jake said bravely.

Devon stood at the edge of the shower and watched Coach Bales coat the wand with lube then he lubed up Jake's ass.

"Aww, Coach, you ain't gonna have to use that thing, your fingers feel good," Jake said, laughing.

Coach Bales bent Jake over with his hand on the small of his back then slowly pushed the wand through his asshole. Jake barely winced. He shoved it all the way in then reached up and turned on the water.

"OOOohh," Jake moaned. "That feels good; nice and warm. And it's filling me up fast. Oh, Coach, it feels like I'm gonna explode."

Coach gave it a few more seconds then extracted the wand. "Okay, go in the stall," he told him. Then he scrubbed the wand good and gave Devon a questioning look.

"Be there in a second," Devon said. As he was finishing his shower Jake came out of the stall.

"It don't hurt, Dev," he said, "and I feel ten pounds lighter."

"You don't look quite so full in the face," Devon joked.

Jake went up to the coach and bent over for his second flush. Coach filled him up and sent him to the stall again.

"I guess I'm ready," Devon said as he bent over. He'd flushed out before but it was nothing like this. The wand was way bigger than the tips of those plastic bottles and the warm water gushing into his ass made him feel bloated in seconds. "That's good, Coach," he said over his shoulder.

"Okay, go to the stall," Coach said.

"Water's clear," Jake called out from his stall.

"Okay, you can jump in the whirlpool," Randy told him. "It's a one man tank but two guys will fit in it."

When Devon came out and joined Jake in the whirlpool. While they were languishing in the tank, Bales prepared the two massage tables with clean, disposable sheets and adjusted the head rests. Then he took a stool and sat beside the tank and they talked.

He gave them about a half hour in the tank, talking about school and girls and their plans after graduation. When the timer went off he tossed them two towels then went over to stand between two massage tables.

"Listen, guys, you probably shouldn't tell anybody about the wand. It's not made available for everybody. Honestly, I installed it especially for you when you said you wanted a massage. Very few guys are astute enough to get the full treatment that you're getting," he said as they were drying off. He patted the tables and told them to stretch out on their stomachs, faces in the head rests.

"You should be nice and relaxed. I intend to take that relaxation to a new level," he said as the boys stretched out on the tables. "I'm going to use light body oil, it's easier to wash off," he told them. He started by massaging their feet and gradually worked up to the calves, first Jake then Devon. He went on to do a cursory rubdown to spread the warm oil all over their bodies, moving back and forth from one to the other.

"Mann, that feels good," Jake murmured.

"Yeah, wake me if I doze off," Devon said.

He started working on Jake, massaging his powerful shoulders.

"Right about here?" he asked as he dragged his fingers the muscles of his right shoulder.

"Yeah, there," Jake said. "That feels good, Coach."

Bales worked the shoulder for several minutes then moved across to the middle of his upper back and his neck.

"You have a very powerful neck. Do you wrestle?"

"Yes. Wrestling and football."

"Looks like you do lots of the old wrestler's bridge," Bales said.

"I hate that exercise."

"You can't argue with the results," Bales said. He continued to massage his neck and upper back and shoulders, then moved down his back. At the base of his spine he gave him a smack on the butt and told him to just stay relaxed while he worked on Devon.

"And now you, Seaborne. Let's have a look at that hamstring. Right leg, right?"


"Yeah, I can feel the tightness," Bales said as he began massaging the thick muscle.

Devon winced under the man's rough hands even though there was no pain at all.

"This is probably the most vulnerable muscle in your body. And the most difficult to heal."

Bales dug his hands into the muscle, moving up and down the back of his leg, pressing hard at the very top, into the lower part of his butt, gradually working his thumb into his asscrack.

"How's that feeling?"

"Better, Coach. Lots better."

"You've got great legs. Do a lot of squats?"

"Yeah, thanks."

"You can tell if a guy's got good legs just by looking at his butt," Bales said as he gave his butt muscles a hard squeeze. "Good solid butt, too."

"Thanks, Coach."

"You boys are both very well-muscled," he told them as he went over to a cabinet and came back with a warm towel that he laid over Devon's thighs.

"Don't even compare me to him," Devon said. "He's got muscles where he's not even supposed to have muscles."

"Well, he is about the best built boy here," Bales said. He chuckled, saying, "I can see why you let him drag you off to the woods."

"I'm glad you understand about stuff like that, Coach," Jake said.

"In the few years I've been doing this, I've already pretty much seen it all," Bales said. "I just wanted to warn you to be careful. Okay, Seaborne, just relax while I get back to Jake's lower back."

He turned to Jake then and began massaging his lower back, just above the upward curve of his butt.

"Ahh, yeah, Coach, right there," Jake moaned softly.

It wasn't just "right there" for he was also massaging that upward curve of his butt.

"That feels real good, Coach."

After a couple of minutes he trailed his hands roughly over Jake's butt and moved to his legs.

"How about you, do you have any hamstring problems?"

"No, not really."

"Little wonder with these legs. Your thighs are massive. You're built like a rugby player."

"Funny you should say that, I like to play rugby, too," Jake said.

"But here you are at football camp."

"We don't have a rugby team. Athletic board said it's too dangerous and they don't want the liability. So it's just a bunch of us guys getting together to play."

"That doesn't make any sense. There are far more injuries in football than rugby. You need to do some research and present the athletic board with some facts."

"Maybe I'll do that. Maybe we can get a team up."

"How many guys do you have playing?"

"Just nine of us. We break up into two teams of four and five guys."

"Well, hell, you've got enough guys for a team of sevens if you can find some competitors," Bales said. "It's a great sport, and you're built for it. Those guys have plenty of padding; it's called muscle."

"I like the uniforms," Jake said.

"You're talking about those skimpy shorts," Bales said.

"Yeah, the way they fill them out."

"Well the shorts don't leave much to the imagination but they get a little help from special made rugby jockstraps," Bales said.

"They wear special jockstraps?" Devin asked.

"Yes, and special for very specific reasons," Bales said. He went over to his desk and came back with an ad. He handed it to Devon under the head rest.

"Wow, I've never seen jockstraps like these. Here, listen to this. The game of rugby involves a lot of physical activity and has a high potential for injury to the body, including the delicate area of a man's crotch. If you are a man who plays rugby, and you are concerned about having the proper protection for your man parts, wearing a rugby jockstrap under your rugby uniform is a must, and the best place to find....Our rugby jockstraps come in a wide variety of colors and styles and we are certain that we will have the perfect rugby jockstrap for you....these jockstraps come in a mesh material that will provide function and a good look for your package, and it comes in a variety of 6 different colors to choose from."

He stopped to laugh.

"I never heard of a jock company concerned for the look of your package," Jake said.

Devon read on.

"If you want a jockstrap that has a cool design on it that will make all the women read all about your package once you're off the rugby field...."

Jake burst out laughing again.

Bales was laughing with them. "In an interview one time a reporter asked a rugby player why they all wore such brief shorts. The guy replied, for the ladies, they show off our butts and and legs for the ladies."

"Okay, there's more," Devon said. "One particular brand is the perfect jockstrap for you. This jockstrap has a contoured pouch that provides excellent support and a nice looking profile that will provide stellar support on the rugby field, and look good when you're with that special lady in your life....we have comfort clothing, to pieces that will make you look sexy in the bedroom....specializes in clothing and accessories that will make every man look hot."

"Wow, they really do design them for the ladies," Jake said.

"Well, yes and no," Bales said. "The way the ad reads is somewhat of a cover. We host rugby camps, too. Wrestling is considered secretly to be a gay sport and I tend to agree that wrestling might attract gay athletes because of the hard and tight physical contact. It's nothing compared to rugby."

"What do you mean?" Devon asked.

"Let's just say rugby players advertise their bodies for more than the ladies," Bales replied.

"No, say what you mean," Jake said. "You said you host rugby camps. What happens at those camps? What've you seen?"

"Well, it's nothing to find two rugby players sleeping in the same bunk. If I had a rugby team in here right now, there would be an all-out orgy."

"Wow, I'm gonna sign up for rugby camp next year," Jake said jokingly.

"Now, before we get too far into this, we need to be certain we're all of the same open mindset," he said as he rubbed their shoulders. He stepped over and turned the light dimmer switch, turning the light down to a soft hue.

"Close your eyes and relax. Don't try to grab onto any thoughts, let your mind drift off," he said as he took off his shorts, leaving him in his jockstrap. Then he went around to the side of Jake's table and urged him in a gentle tone to over onto his back. "You, too, Devon," he said as he moved back to the head of the table. He released the head rest and held Jake's head in his hands, massaging his neck. As the boy's neck muscles relaxed he let his head down and moved to his shoulders and pecs as he pressed his jockstrap against the boy's face.

Jake responded as expected. Bales felt the boy's lips moving, then felt his tongue as his mouth opened to embrace the bulging pouch. They played jock tag for a couple of minutes while he continued to massage his pecs, squeezing his nipples.

"How're you doing over there, Devon," he asked.


"What're you thinking about?"

"Nothing. You said to let my mind go blank."

"Good boy."

As Jake's mouth was massaging his jock pouch he reached down and pulled the pouch to the side, smashing his balls against the boy's open mouth. A moment of that then he eased back and slid his cock between the Jake's slack, welcoming lips. He eased in till the head of his cock pressed against the opening of his throat. He tested the spongy muscle to see how welcoming it would be, then shoved through and buried his cock to the hilt. Jake barely groaned. Bales held firm for a moment then began fucking the boy's throat. After a couple of minutes he pulled out and lifted Jake's head and brought the headrest up into place. He went around to his side and urged him back over onto his stomach with his head face down in the headrest. He patted his shoulder, and told him to relax, then he moved over to Devon.

"You gotta be kidding," Jake said.

He took Devon through the same routine but the boy wasn't as readily accepting as Jake. When Bales tilted his head down and pressed his jock against his face, Devon turned his head to the side. Bales didn't push it. He gave him a moment or so then reached down and pulled his jock pouch aside and smashed his bare balls into the boy's face. There was barely any hesitation then before Devon's mouth opened and he felt his tongue licking his balls. He entered the parted lips and after a gentle massage of the boy's throat with the head of his cock he pushed through just as he had done with Jake. He gave him a quick throat fuck and withdrew, then returned Devon to his original position on the table, on his stomach, just like Jake.

He got a bottle out of the drawer and drizzled oil over both boys' butts till it ran down in their cracks then set the bottle aside.

"I have to say, you both have very open and healthy, mindsets," he told them as he began working the oil deep between their taut butt muscles giving particular attention to their puckered holes with his thumbs. "Keep your eyes closed," he said.

"MMmmmm," Jake moaned softly.

"Ooooooo," moaned Devon.

He massaged the inner slopes with his fingers as he rubbed harder against their clenching assholes. After a moment he pushed through with his thumbs.

"Ohhh!" Devon gasped softly.

"Ohhh, fuck," Jake gasped.

"How's that feeling?" Bales asked.

"Okay," Devon replied.

"More'n okay," Jake said. "I gotta ask, Coach, are Dev and I getting the same treatment right now?"

"Yes, you are."

They both lifted their heads at the same time and looked around.

"Fuck, man," Jake said, seeing Coach Bales probe Devon's ass the same at the same time he was doing him.

"Feels good, don't it?" Devon asked.

"Yeah, I think I like this kind of massage," Jake said.

"Let's see if you like this any better," Bales said as he probed deeper to find their prostates.

"OHHHHH, Fuck! Ohhh, Mannnn!" Jake cried out. "Oh, Geezuss....fuck, what's that?" he gasped.

"That's your prostate. It's what makes you different from a girl, besides the obvious male equipment. It's the nerve center of your male sexuality. Do you like it?"

"Fuck, yeah," Jake said.

"Yesss! Absolutely," said Devon.

"Then we'll move on to the next phase," Bales said. He moved from between the tables then shoved them together. He reached under and latched them securely then moved around to Jake's side where he peeled off his jockstrap.

"I usually use a special massage instrument for this phase of the massage but I'm convinced you boys would be more accepting of the real thing," he said as he climbed onto Jake's table between his legs.

"Are you gonna fuck us?" Jake asked, his voice weak and shaky as he reached out for Devon's hand.

"Only assimilation," Bales said. It was an instantaneous change of mind brought on by the way he reached for his teammate's hand. He sensed something between the two boys, the way they were looking at each other and gripping each other's hands.

He laid his cock in the crack of Devon's butt and began humping the oil-slick muscles. Devon responded well, but Bales didn't penetrate him. It took great effort to rise up from the beautiful boy but he did it, and moved over onto Jake's table. He gave him the same treatment and he responded as eagerly as Devon, humping up against the slick, thrusting cock.

He switched back and forth from one boy to the other, noting how they writhed on the tables and cocked their tight butts for him, like they begging to be fucked.

"I'm kinda confused, Coach," Jake said as the man was dismounting to move over to Devon. "I thought you were gonna fuck us."

"Do you want me to fuck you?" Bales asked.

"Well, we were sort of expecting it. I was, anyway," Jake said. "How about you, Dev, were you expecting to get fucked?"

"Yeah, especially after we flushed out," he replied.

"Truth is, I sensed something very special between you two boys and I was reluctant to take it to that level. Tell me, are you both virgins?"

"I'm not," Devon said.

"I am," said Jake.

Bales smiled, nodding. "All the more reason you should take it to the next level together; just the two of you," he said as he climbed off the table and smacked both their butts. "Not that I'm not going to regret this decision," he added.

The boys went to the showers where Bales was turning on the two shower heads. When Jake and Devon shared the one shower, after a brief hesitation, Bales took the other one. They were inviting him to, after all.

"I have to say, it's been a real pleasure having you boys at camp," Bales said after an awkward silence.

"But not as much pleasure as you'd like, right Coach?" Jake said, laughing. "You can still change your mind, Coach," he added.

"Don't tempt me."

"Well, you did leave us high and dry," Jake drawled.

"Could I make that right in another way?" Bales asked as he moved under their shower with them.

"You wanta make out, Coach?" Jake asked. "We could go for that, couldn't we, Dev?" Without waiting for the man's reply he gripped him by the neck and pulled into a hard, passionate, three-way kiss. The next moments were a frenzy of thrusting, lashing tongues and deep belly moans.

After several minutes Coach Bales extracted himself from the frenzy to go to his knees.

"Awww, fuck yeah!" Jake moaned as Bales took his cock in his mouth. Ignoring the man's choking gasps, Jake took over and guided Coach Bales' head back and forth between his cock and Devon's while the two boys kept kissing. They had to ease him off several times to keep from cumming, till suddenly, Jake took hold of Bales' head. Bales looked up at him.

"We wanta do you, too, Coach." He didn't wait for an answer. Together they eased the man onto his back under the shower spray and got on their knees, straddling his legs, then they devoured him like two hungry wolves.

Coach moaned loudly and laid his hand on their heads. After a few minutes he stopped them.

"This is not right. I feel left out while your two cocks are going to waste."

The boys quickly turned around to offer him their cocks.

"No more stopping till we come," Jake said. ""We want your load, Coach. Warn us when you're ready."

The afternoon of the next day everyone was packing up their gear. Devon had his stuff strewn on his bunk when Jake began tossing his stuff out of his footlocker onto Devon's bunk as well. Devon wondered why. They began sorting through stuff and Jake picked up his jockstrap to put it in his bag.

"Uhh....that's my jockstrap," Devon said quietly.

"I know," Jake said and stuffed it into his own gym bag. Then he picked up his own jockstrap and tossed it to Devon. "We don't wash 'em, okay?"

Just then Coach Bales strode into the dorm. "Check your lockers, make sure you've got everything. We don't UPS." He came up to the boys at their bunks. "You boys got everything?"

"Yes, sir," Devon said as he held Jake's jockstrap in his hand.

Bales smiled, nodding. "Don't lose what you've got," he said quietly as he squeezed their arms.

"We won't, Coach. And thanks for everything you showed us," Devon said.

"And everything you didn't show us," Jake said. "You left the best part to us."

Saying their goodbyes, the boys were all hugging each other. Jake saved his last hug for Devon. He came up to him in the parking lot and dropped his gym bag.

"Well, dude, we made it."


It was an awkward moment; they couldn't say what they wanted to say or express how they felt.

"I wish I could tell you goodbye the way I want to," Jake said.

"It might delay things," Devon joked.

As their final goodbye, they hugged each other tight, and Jake gave him a gentle thrust of his hips.

"Just so you don't forget what we talked about," he said quietly as they parted.

"Not a chance," Devon said.

"And don't forget, we don't wash 'em."

"I won't. I'll wear it to sleep in," Devon said.

"Yeah, me too....till we're together again."

"Load up! Let's go!" an impatient voice yelled out.

It was Kyle yelling from the school van where the other boys were already loaded in.

"You've got my phone number," Devon said.


Devon rushed to get in the van. As he took his seat Jake walked up to slide the door shut. Then he stood back and waved. Devon waved back, with a sad, empty feeling trying to overtake his immense happiness.

"Do you realize we've been here for two weeks and haven't even talked to each other," Kyle said to Devon as they were driving away.

"Yeah, it's been great," Devon said.

It was a long drive home, and very soon the boys were asleep. Devon thought Kyle was sleeping till he spoke.

"Hey, Bro," he said in a quiet tone.


"That guy who closed the door to our van......."

"Later," Devon said.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Continued



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