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A Marine Called Jason Part X

Chapter One-Hundred-Six

Home Alone

I got the boys up then went down to start breakfast. I went into the living room to cover up Blackburn's bare ass first. The rug was still damp and sticky. It would need to be cleaned. The boys came down one by one, still in various states of undress, and pitched right in, setting the table and pouring juice. I sent Colby back up to wake Jason.

"And make sure he's up, don't let him go back to sleep," I said.

He returned, smiling. "Is he up?" I asked.

"Is he ever," he said, laughing and shaking his head.

"One of you go wake Blackburn."

Colby was closest to the door.

"You better stand back when you wake him don't forget, he's a trained killer," Jordan said.

Colby came back in the kitchen with smirking grin.

"Did you get him awake?" Nolan asked. "Did he hit you or anything?"

"No, he was already awake. He was up too." The boys snickered. "The rug's all damp and sticky."

I pretended not to hear.

Blackburn came into the kitchen; he'd slipped on his briefs, for all the good they did. His "up" had gone down some but he was still sporting a very obvious bulge, quite proudly, it seemed. I thought he liked showing off to the boys.

"Good morning, sir." From all around the kitchen, the boys greeted him.

"You want coffee, sir?" Braden asked.

"That sounds great."

"How do you like it?"


Braden rushed to get his coffee while I noticed how the boys watched the big, muscular Marine. They bordered on ogling him. He was something to behold, that was for sure, and it was good to see such admiration in their eyes. The way Colby and Braden looked at him, their eyes following his every move, was something beyond mere admiration. Same with Nolan. Twice I made eye contact, and the boys looked away.

I told Braden to fill my thermos with coffee. "Better go back up and kick Jason in the ribs," I told Colby. "Make sure he's up this time."

"Don't have to worry about that," he joked.

"Don't come down without him this time," I said. "And don't take too long," I added with a knowing glance. He looked away again but with an equally knowing smile

Colby came back down a few minutes later with Jason in tow, wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

"Was that too long?" Colby quipped under his breath.

Colby and I were starting to understand each other.

"Somebody get the toast out of the oven," I said. "Why am I having to tell you boys what to do this morning? You know the routine."

As I often did, I picked around as I was making breakfast and I didn't sit down at the table to eat. I finished eating what I wanted standing up. I wished I could stay back but I was the foreman and duty called. I went around the table, kissing each boy on the top of his head. I wondered when the older ones would tell me they were too old for it.

"You'll be here when I get off work," I said to Blackburn.

"If you don't break my plate," he said.

"Good. Stay as long as you can."

"Yeah, we wanta take you horseback riding," Colby said.

"You just want him to stick around so you can drive his car," Little George said.

I left for work, leaving Jason to get the boys off to school and clean up the kitchen.

How It Happened

As told By Jason

I wished Brad could've stayed home from work but I knew he wouldn't make such a whimsical decision. He had too strong a sense of responsibility. On the other hand, I didn't mind all that much being left alone with Warrant Officer Blackburn. I thought about him during the night. I couldn't get over his ass! I woke up thinking about him; and now as a challenge, his ass was something to be breached. He had an ass that cried out to be fucked. We sat at the table, lingering over coffee.

"Well, I was thinking last night that I'd take you horseback riding today but it sounds like we'd better leave that to the boys," I said.

"There is something I think we oughta do," Blackburn said.

"What's that?"

"Brad said you guys have talked about converting the fireplace to gas."

"I don't know squat about running a gas line."

"I can do it if you wanta go pick out a unit to set in the firebox."

"It's a great idea, but it wasn't what I had planned for excitement," I said. "How about we go pick out the unit and we can install it tomorrow, if you can stick around another day."

"I like your plan better," Blackburn said. "That'll give us time for you to show me around the place. I would especially like to explore your woods and see the creek. Is the creek good for swimming?"

"Sure. The boys go skinny dipping all the time."

"Now that sounds like a plan."

"Why don't you go ahead and shower while I clean up here," I said.

"Why don't we both clean up here and both go up and shower," he said.

"Fuck, we're just full of good ideas this morning," I joked.

Cleaning up didn't take long. Showering did. There was nearly always more than one boy in the shower but it wasn't designed to hold two men our size. Brad and I didn't even shower together although we often sat and watched each other shower. But Blackburn and I squeezed in. It was a nice, tight fit. I still wasn't sure what to expect from the guy but I was getting a good idea from the way he so willingly squeezed into the shower with me. I decided to play it by ear and work him up to the ultimate goal that I had in mind; and I was willing to do about anything to fuck his ass.

We traded the soap back and forth, washed each other's backs. He offered first.

"Is this SOP in the Marines now?" I asked.

"It's been known to happen," he said.

He washed down to my butt and stopped and handed me the soap and turned his back to me. I washed down to his slim waist and over the curvature of his butt muscles then slid my soapy hands around front and washed back up his stomach and chest, taking it a step further than he had with me. He didn't say anything or tell me to stop. The sensual quickly turned sexual; when I washed back down his solid abs I started washing his hard manhood. I gave his cock a few strokes with my soapy hands then moved back around to his butt. I wanted it to be good and clean. He had moaned softly and thrust his cock through my fist when I washed it. He was more verbal when I washed his ass.

"Ohhh, you should work in a spa, you have very talented hands," he said.

"It would have to be a sex spa," I said.

"Is there any other kind?"

I finger-scrubbed his crack, paying extra attention to his asshole. He let out a gasping moan when I shoved two fingers through to wash inside.

"Is this what's called deep cleaning?" he asked over his shoulder.

I scrubbed his ass clean as deep as I could reach. He was facing the shower spray. "Now lean over so we can rinse," I said.

There wasn't room to lean very far but the water cascaded down his back, over his butt and into the crack of his ass. I caught the water in my hands to rinse in deep. Then I squeezed down to my haunches. I swear my heart rate jumped as I gazed at the twin mounds of perfectly shaped muscle and worked them in my hands. He straightened, pressing himself against the side of the shower and jutted his butt back as far as he could, right in my face. The water continued to cascade down his back and into his crack. I buried my face in his ass and that dammed up the flow and the water flowed over my face. I reached around to stop him from stroking his cock. I didn't want to get him off; this was only foreplay. I was saving the best till later. I rimmed him for several minutes. I had to force myself to stop. He moaned and whined when I did.

It might have ended there but I couldn't get enough of him. I was mesmerized by his body. His muscles were like a drug. I kept kissing his butt. Then I kissed down his hamstrings, and on down to his bulging calves. Even his feet were sexy. I lifted one and sucked his toes. Brad would've been surprised at the way I was acting. I was surprised myself.

"Ohhh, fuck, I never had anybody do this stuff to me before," he said.

I made my way back up his legs and spent another moment on his butt before I explored his back and his broad shoulders with my mouth. I kissed the back of his arms as I turned him around. I kissed his bicep and when he raised his arms I buried my face in his armpit. I nuzzled his thick neck and moved down to his chest. I would be hard pressed to choose a body part but his chest was a work of art, with broad, thick muscles, like two big slabs of beefsteak. I kissed across the left side till I zeroed in on the nipple. He groaned and put his hand around the back of my head as I sucked and nibbled on it. Then I moved to the other side to give it equal treatment.

"My Godd, you're beautiful," I whispered hoarsely as I made my way downward again. It was unlike me but I felt naughtily like a bitch in heat. I'd never felt like this before, not even with Brad. He often mentioned how far I'd come but he would never believe this of me.

Blackburn's stomach was like twin stacks of bricks with the edges smoothed off. I kissed down and back and forth, covering every inch of the crevices separating his ab muscles. I trembled inside as I moved lower. His cock was standing out with a sexy curve upward. I pushed it aside to make my way down his left leg. I covered it with kisses, back and forth, down to his knees. Godd, even his knees were sexy. Then I moved back up the inside of his other thigh. I pushed my face into the apex and he set his feet apart to give me more room. I nuzzled in under his balls, then opened up to let one of them fall into my mouth. As I sucked and licked and mauled it I looked up at him, across the furrowed plain of his stomach. It was the first I fully realized that I was worshipping his body, and it was a wonderful feeling. He was like a god to me, fully deserving of my humble worship.

I passed by his cock again with a quick kiss, then I stood up.

"Godd, you are so hot!" he gasped.

"That was just a preview," I said as I stood and opened the shower. I stepped out and tossed him a towel, leaving him with his raging hardon.

He was surprised and I thought a little disappointed when I started getting dressed.

"We're leaving it like this?" he asked.

"Got errands to run, remember?" I said, leaving him in agony.

We got dressed and drove into town to pick out an inset unit for the fireplace. I thought I should wait and have Brad help pick it out but Blackburn convinced me that I should surprise him. We grabbed a sandwich and a couple of beers at The Pub while Blackburn went on about how anxious he was to go swimming in the creek. I was anxious too; anxious to finish what I'd started earlier in the shower. To what end, I didn't know yet, but I was sure as hell going to push the envelope.

"What's your name, by the way, besides Warrant Officer Blackburn?" I asked on the drive home.

He laughed. "I would tell you but I'm afraid you would call me that."

"If it's your name, why not?"


"Sebastian. That's a classy name. Hell, yeah, I'm gonna call you that. So will the boys; they're gonna love it."

"You're not gonna tell them."

"Hell yeah, I'm gonna tell 'em. Sebastian Blackburn. It's got a good ring to it."

"Actually, it's Sebastian Montgomery Blackburn."

"Then I'll call you Monty," I said.

"No, absolutely not Monty. Sebastian will do fine," he said.

When we got home we unloaded the unit in the shed. We would install it tomorrow and surprise Brad when he got home from work. Sebastian was anxious to go swimming. He said he had to use the bathroom first. I grabbed a blanket and some towels. I waited on the porch, wondering what was taking him so long. He finally came out and we headed for the creek.

"You guys have got your own little piece of paradise here," he said.

"We like it. It was the first place we looked at. We thought it would be the perfect place to raise our two boys. Turns out that was more true than we imagined. We couldn't have this bunch of boys we've got now if we didn't have this place."

I undressed in slow motion as I watched Sebastian take off his clothes. That in itself was live art in motion. I was surprised that I was so struck by his male beauty but he mesmerized me. When he was naked I guided him to the spot where it was safest to wade out into the water then dive in. It wasn't safe to do a real dive off the bank. I watched him wade in and when he dove under I hurriedly took off the rest of my clothes.

We swam and frolicked like a couple of teenagers but it didn't get grab-ass or physical. We simply enjoyed the water and the freedom of swimming naked. Several times he floated downstream then swam back against the current. There was some competition but we didn't declare it so. He was a good swimmer but I was better. We didn't make anything of it. I was anxious to get out and get on with other things but I gave us a respectable amount of time in the creek before I announced I was getting out. I thought Sebastian might have wanted to get out too, but didn't want to be the one to suggest it and lead the way.

He was floating downstream when I got out and he swam back while I was drying off. I tossed him a towel when he came out of the water. That was a beautiful sight too, the water sheeting down his smooth muscles.

He was only half dried off when I threw the folded blanket over the trunk of a huge fallen tree and guided Sebastian to it.

"I wanata finish what we started," I said. "I hope you want this as much as I do."

He didn't say anything but he didn't balk at me bending him over it on his stomach, as if he was expecting it.

"Fuck, your ass ought to be declared either criminal or a work of art," I said as I kneaded his butt muscles.

"Let's call it a work of art, and you're the sculptor," he said.

I didn't waste any time dropping to my haunches and burying my face again in his gorgeous butt. I thought that's what he was expecting; the reason he bent over the log so willingly. I went right for his hole, licking and flicking it wildly.

"Godd, yeah, I love that!" he groaned.

When he was duly excited, his asshole clenching and quivering and acting up in general, I dug my thumbs into the ring of muscle around it and pulled it wide open. I licked the delicate folds and forced spit into his hole then shoved my thumbs deeper to stretch him open more.

"Fuck, I could crawl up inside here," I murmured as I watched past his clenching hole, the delicate, pinkish walls undulating. I drove my tongue in as deep as I could.

"Ohh, Godd!!" he cried out. "Man, you're really in there!"

I worked him good. I wanted to show him how deep I could go, show him how good it could feel. I was amazed how I was able to stretch my tongue so far out of my throat and into his ass. I wondered if I could reach his prostate. I didn't but I sure tried.

"Ohh, Godd, this is so hot," I gasped when I came up for air.

"That hardly describes it," he said. "I can't believe how deep you can shove your tongue up in there! Fuck, you practically did crawl up inside me."

"I wish I could go deeper," I said. "I wonder if there is a way to have my tongue stretched."

I rimmed him for a long time, easing off when I felt he was getting close. I wasn't going to let him cum; I wanted to build up a head of steam. After a while I began alternating my tongue with my fingers. Even then I avoided his prostate. I wanted to see steam coming out of his ears. I could do this all day, I thought, and skip the other. I actually hated to move on, but I couldn't let this opportunity pass. Victory was so close; I had to strike while the iron was hot. I rimmed so long that my legs were cramped when I stood up and my tongue was getting a little tired.

I didn't give Sebastian time to wonder why I stopped rimming him. I immediately replaced my tongue and fingers with the head of my cock rubbing against his slick hole. He looked over his shoulder with a funny, what-the-fuck look but I was happy and not surprised that he didn't object. I rubbed harder up and down his ass crack, focusing on his relaxed but not loose hole. I eased against it and his ass muscle closed around the curvature of my cockhead but I didn't go in. I wanted to be absolutely sure he was open to that.

"You want this, don't you," I said. It was half question and half statement.

"No," he replied. "But yes."

"Which is it?"

"I don't want to want it, but I do," he answered. "You've made me want it."

Whatever, I thought. I pushed forward and watched the head of my cock disappear inside the sphincter and felt the tighter muscle lock around the rim. I felt him wince.

"I've never done this," he gasped nervously.

"I know."

"Didn't think I ever would."

"Bet you didn't."

Our exchange was irrelevant, as was any pain I might have been causing him. But maybe talking took his mind off of what was happening. I couldn't imagine him being scared of anything but maybe he was scared of this. It's not every day a man feels his virginity being bored out of him. Only happens once. And it can be pretty scary for a man who didn't intend it to happen in the first place.

"Ohh, Geezusss!" he gasped. "Fuck, man, you're big!"

His asshole was squeezing the hell out of my cock. I eased in a little deeper and saw his back and shoulder muscles tighten but I wouldn't call it a wince. Maybe he had worked through the pain and it was the pleasure rippling through his body. I clasped my hands around his lean waist and gathered the strength in my butt and the back of my thighs--I loved the feeling of raw power when I did that--and shoved my cock deeper. I didn't know what a man's share was but I supposed I'd had my share of virgins and every time it was like losing my own virginity all over again. This was like that, as I felt Sebastian's insides spreading, adjusting to the intrusion, opening up for my cock. I came up against some obstacles, maneuvered past them and finally smashed my loins hard against his spread butt. I twisted my hips around, lodging my cock firmly inside him.

"Ohh, my Godd," he moaned softly.

"How does it feel to have another man inside you?"

"You'll have to wait till I can find the words."

"Are you ready to get fucked?"

"I am getting fucked," he said.

"No, you've just been penetrated. You're technically still a virgin."

"I've got a cock in my ass, how can I still be a virgin?"

"Your virginity is technically intact till I fuck it out of you, till I make you cum, and it gushes out of you. It's called the virginus ejaculus."

"Where did you read that? Or did you make it up?"

"I wrote a paper."

"You are so full of shit."

"And you're full of cock." The conversation was dumb but I was giving him time to get accustomed to my cock stretching his insides. I twisted my hips to lob my cock around inside him again then eased back. I pulled back till his asshole clamped tightly around the rim of my cockhead and pulled outward. It held on tight, wasn't letting go. But I was curious; I pulled all the way out. I was clean as a whistle.

"You were ready for this," I said. " So that's what had taken him so long in the bathroom.

"I had a feeling it was going to happen," he said.

Right, I thought, a feeling and a desire. I watched his asshole, gaping open, clenching at the air. I eased my cock back through and watched it close lovingly around the head. It was fun to watch. I shoved all the way in again, paused for a couple of seconds, pulled back, then started fucking him.

"Oh Godd, I hope I can handle this," he moaned.

"You won't," I said. "I'm gonna fuck your brains out. You won't be able to think straight."

"I had the....f-feeling....you m-might....ohhhh....Oh, Godd Yess! Do it! Fuck me! I don't wanta be a virgin anymore. Fuck it out of me!"

"Yeah, baby, I'm gonna drill you so hard you're gonna think you were born with a cock up your ass."

Visuals are important. Besides the exquisite feeling of his ass squeezing and caressing the full length of my cock with each thrust, I thrilled at the sight of his now loose sphincter stretching outward with each withdrawal and clinging tightly to the gristle-rim of my cock head to keep me from pulling out all the way. But I did anyway, leaving his hole gaping and clenching at the air. Then I popped it in and out in a staccato rhythm. That drove him nuts. Then I shoved in deep and fucked him some more. It drove him nuts some more. He was clawing at the blanket like it was a life preserver. I showed him no mercy. On the contrary, I had us on a roll and I wanted to drive him closer to the edge. Not over it, just keep him at the edge.

In a surprise move that sent wails of surprised pleasure through the woods, I pulled out and squatted down and buried my face in his ass and drove my tongue inside him, deeper than ever before. I wasn't big on eating ass but Sebastian's ass was like an aphrodisiac. It had me drugged. He was so wide open I was able to even get my lips inside his asshole. He howled with pleasure and grabbed hold of clumps of the tall grass on the other side of the log.

"Oh, My Godd!" he whimpered, bringing the volume down. "My Godd! My Godd! My Godd!" He wailed again when I stood and drove my cock into him again. "Godd, what're you doing to me! Ohh....Ohh, Godd, Jason....fuck me, you big stud....fuck me!" Then his voice trailed off in whimpering groans as I continued to pound his ass.

I was in a frenzy myself. After several minutes of the brutal pounding I dropped to my haunches again to devour his ass like a hungry wolf. I relished the distinctly male taste of him. He was whimpering like he was crying. I stopped rimming him and smacked his butt and told him to turn over. I wanted to watch his muscles when I fucked him, and see him cum. It was gruff, like an order. He responded like a good Marine taking orders. He scrambled to stand and lay back across the log. Together we lifted his legs onto my shoulders. My cock found its way like a heat seeking missile and I slammed into him again while he clung to the blanket. His upper body was suspended out over the log by the strength of his bulging abs.

His face was a grimace and it turned me on that I could cause this muscle stud such unbearable pleasure. I dropped his butt just below the curvature of the log to give us better leverage and I fucked him harder. He acted like he wanted to scream but couldn't. If I wasn't fucking his brains out, I was fucking him out of his mind. I wished Brad could be here to see it. I wished they could all be here--the boys, too--to watch and learn.

His eyes came open, wide-eyed with disbelief of what was happening to him and I knew he was about to explode. My butt and thighs ached but I never let up. Suddenly he clasped my forearms and hung on for dear life.

"Come, Marine! Let me see you cum!" I told him.

He nodded. "Yesss! Godd, Yessss!"

The next instant his cock bolted steely hard up from his stomach and sent a huge rope of cum sailing up over his head to land somewhere in the grass and weeds. Another followed, then another before the fourth one landed on his shoulder. Another hit him in the face. I lost count of how many salvos streaked across his neck and chest and stomach. He choked and moaned and gurgled, unable to cry out.

His climax set mine off. I slammed hard into his quivering ass and leaned into him for balance and switched to auto pilot. I was the provider of the white hot ammunition and the instrument of delivery but I was not in control. All I could do was stand and let it happen. Stand and deliver. If I fucked him out of his mind, I faded off myself for a moment.

My legs were shaking and my knees locked, and leaning hard against Sebastian's butt was all that kept me standing. I was afraid to move for fear that my knees would buckle. Sebastian was gasping for breath. I suddenly realize that I'd stopped breathing and I sucked in a big cleansing breath to get my breathing started. I leaned over him with my hands on the blanket, supporting myself on trembling arms that I knew were not going to support me. I shoved up and adjusted my stance to stand on my own two legs instead of leaning against Sebastian for support.

"Holy fuckin' shit!" I breathed as I stumbled back to lean against a small tree. My cock pulled out of Sebastian's ass with a loud suctioning sound, leaving his hole gaping. He collapsed back across the log, bent in half. I watched his impressive cock pulsate and sway around as it slowly lost power. Mine was still hard, as if it were angry because I had extracted it from its tunnel of exquisite pleasure.

After a couple of minutes Sebastian tried to raise up but despite the strength in his incredible abs, he couldn't. I moved to pull him upright so he was able to rest back against the log.

"What the fuck just happened," he said, swiping at the streaks of cum on his face and neck and shoulder.

"I don't know but I think it might go down in the annals of sexual history," I said, laughing weakly.

Sebastian slid down the blanket to sit in the grass and lean back against the log. I sat down beside him.

"I have never experienced anything like that in my entire life," he declared.

"How do you feel about giving up your virginity? Do you think it's gone?" I asked.

"I don't think there's even a ghost of it left," he said. "Do you do that every time? If you do, Brad is the luckiest fucker on the planet."

"He's never complained, but frankly, no, that was totally out of orbit," I said. "Don't tell him that."

"It feels like Niagara Falls is draining out of me," he said.

"It felt like I shot Niagara Falls in there. Stand up, I'll take care of it."

He gave me a confused look but stood up. I was still in a state of frenzy. I took him by the hips and guided him back. "Sit on my face." When he still had the surprised look, I told him, "Even if I hadn't acquired a taste for cum, I can't get enough of your ass." He laughed and sat back on my face with his gaping hole squarely over my mouth. I licked and sucked and ate my own cum out of him. He had to push away when his legs were shaking so bad.

"Godd, Jason, I never dreamed anything like this would happen."

"Your ass could be addictive," I said.

He laughed again. "I've had a lot of compliments on my butt, but I never had it called addictive."

"Do you wanta jump in and wash off?" I asked.

"Later. Right now I'm so weak I would probably drown."

"I wouldn't let you drown," I said as he sat back down beside me.

"I'm going to forever thank the gods for leading me here." Then he asked. "Will you tell Brad about this?"

"Of course. But not how incredibly good it was."

"Have you ever made it with any of the boys?" he asked.

"No," I said emphatically. It would make them feel like they have to have sex with us in order to have a place to live....that would make us no better than the people they ran away from."

"Brad indicated that you still enjoy the company of the ladies. Did you ever think about getting married?"

"Thought about it once, briefly, before I met Brad. But he took away all the reasons why I should. And I'm not the whore monger he likes to make me out to be," I added, laughing. "I still have a craving for pussy but that's narrowed down to two or three women. Four if you count a daughter of one of them."

"You're fucking mother and daughter both!!??"

"I'm not fucking the daughter but I am having sex with her. At her mother's request, by the way."

"No fuckin' way!"

"Yeah, way. God's truth," I said.

"How're you not fucking the girl but still having sex with her? And how did mama-san go about requesting you have sex that you're not having with her daughter? I mean, how did that even come up? And how old is she, anyway?"

"Her mother assured me she's eighteen, just recently. She looks younger, but I'm not going to question her mother by asking for ID. How it came up? We were talking about her daughter and I was saying I didn't think I could raise a daughter. She was amazed that we were raising so many boys. I told her I thought boys were easier to raise. She said Cindy has never given her much trouble but she's afraid it's coming. She's developed an intense interest in boys; one boy in particular. When she talked to her about it, she suggested birth control but her daughter wouldn't hear of it. She said it wasn't going to go that far with this boy or any other boy. But you know how that goes. I said it was too bad teenage boys aren't mature enough to figure out other ways to make a girl happy that wouldn't necessitate birth control. She caught my meaning and said, jokingly I thought, that maybe I could show them. But that's not an option unless the boy wants to do it."

"You didn't answer my first question; how're you not fucking the girl but still having sex with her?"

"Same thing I did to you," I said, wagging my tongue at him.

"No shit! You're eating an eighteen year olds pussy?"

"On a regular basis," I said. "I think she's pretty much dumped her boyfriend. Poor sucker, he's never going to get any sex with her as long as I'm licking her clit."

"You are the luckiest motherfuck on the planet."

"I wouldn't argue that," I said. "But now....I would like to hear about my son. How you met him, how you got to know him."

"How much detail do you want?" he asked with a wary look.

"Tell me everything," I said. We settled back against the log for me to hear how he met Devon.

How It Happened

Told by Sgt. Blackburn to Jason

First time I saw him was in a bar. He was getting a lot of attention, not just his outgoing personality but his body. He was hot! Muscles all over the place, bulging out of his shirt. The shirt wasn't too small or anything, it just had a lot to cover up so it was stretched. You could actually see his stomach muscles ripple under his shirt. Jeans, no belt. His ass was holding up his jeans. The attention was coming mostly from his buddies, or guys he'd just met, I couldn't tell which. From the women too, of course. He wasn't rude or anything brushing the women off, but he was obviously having fun with his buddies. I decided right away that I was going to get to know this guy.

He had a lot of people around him, mostly guys, many of whom I judged to be from his outfit. When there was a break in the action at the bar--a couple of guys left--I moved in and took the stool right next to him. I saw the way he looked at me in the big mirrors behind the bar and I was sure he'd noticed how I lifted my eyes from looking at his ass on the stool. I didn't care, if it sent a message, all the better. His eyes followed my arm when I brought my beer up to take a drink and I thought, okay, it just might be that he would like to get to know me, too.

Since he had openly noticed my arms I returned the favor and took it one step further. "How big are those arms?"

"I don't know, I never measured them. Looks like about the same size as yours," he said.

"That'd be about nineteen inches," I said.

He just shrugged, like it was no big deal.

"Sgt. Blackburn," I said putting out my hand.

"Corporal Seaborne." We shook hands over the bar and I thought our hands lingered together a split second longer than what would be considered normal. I asked him what outfit he was in and moved right into talking about things military which is a good and natural way to start bonding. I told him I was going to be doing some training with his outfit.

"Not training the troops; helping plan maneuvers," I explained.

"You mean there's a plan? I always thought it was organized chaos," he joked.

"You'd be surprised how much planning goes into organized chaos," I joked back.

We didn't get to talk very long; a couple of his buddies he was with came by and said they needed to be leaving.

"Maybe I'll see you around," he said to me as he slid his tight looking ass off the stool.

"You can count on it," I said. I was part of planning the maneuvers but I would definitely make it a point to be on the ground and see those plans put in effect; sort of hands-on. I intended to plan some hands-on of my own. More specifically, to maneuver the stud into bed and get my hands on his military equipment. Maybe a couple of his hot buddies, too, if I was lucky.

I didn't see him for quite a while after that. I went to the bar a couple of times but he was never there but then he probably couldn't get a pass as easily as I could. It was on maneuvers I'd planned when I ran into him directing a detail of men unloading supply trucks. He saw me first.

"Still looks like chaos to me," someone said and I knew it was him.

I turned and there he was, bursting out of his T-shirt and looking even sexier with it soaked with sweat.

"But very well planned chaos," I joked back, trying not to stare. Godd, he was so hot and sexy, and the sight of him set the wheels into motion.... the how, the when, the where. I didn't even know if he would be interested or what all he might be interested in but I was going to find out. I probably wouldn't have been so direct but I had an advantage; I would be leaving when maneuvers ended so I wouldn't be around to deal with any guff if he turned me down.

He stood aside from his men and we chatted for a few minutes while I ogled him discreetly, or thought I was being discreet. But he saw how I was looking at him, I could tell by the look on his face. Not an angry look but a mix between WTF and Oh, Really. I quickly rallied to my senses, I thought, with a dumb remark that turned out to be not so dumb after all.

"Sweat makes you look even bigger," I said and even as the words were coming out of my mouth I was wondering, where the hell did that come from?

He laughed an easy laugh. "I'm looking forward to getting more rank so I don't have to sweat so much. Sergeants don't sweat, do they?"

"Depends on what we're doing," I said. I was sure the cocky banter was more than just banter for the sake of being cocky but I didn't know how to pursue it to make sure. I needn't have worried.

"I bet you planners even get to go back for a hot shower and a nice clean bunk in the barracks every night."

"It's been known to happen, depending on how badly you guys have turned our well laid plans into chaos," I joked.

"Why don't you come to my tent after chow and see how the real soldiers live," he said, making it sound like a challenge. "Being a corporal does have some privileges; I get my own tent to myself."

His last remark made me more certain that it wasn't just a challenge, it was also in invitation.

"How would I find your tent?"

"Straight back from the HQ tent, about forty yards. I'll leave the left flap open and watch for you. It'll be late. Come after dark."

Work had stopped at the trucks.

"I think I'm needed," he said.

"Looks like we've got some contraband, Corporal Seaborne," one of the men said as he lifted the lid of one of the crates. "Bourbon."

I could see several quarts of bourbon tucked in among the bags of beans and rice, along with several pints. He took one of the pints and handed it to me. "BYOB," he said. Then to his men, "That goes to the HQ tent."

By this time, after Brad had turned me on to sex with guys, I'd done some experimenting around whenever a guy came along who showed some interest. Nothing serious, mind you, like getting fucked. I was always a top. So I had enough experience to have a pretty good idea what to expect when I visited Corporal Seaborne in his tent. Even if nothing happened it would be a good opportunity to try to lay the groundwork for a later time. I just needed to find out if there was a spark of interest.

At the appropriate time--well after dark--I took the pint of whiskey and lit out to find Seaborne's tent. There was a lot of activity in and around the site and there were a lot of the tents with one or both flaps open. But he'd said he would watch for me. I didn't want to ask where his tent was or appear to be looking for him so I walked around the area till I heard my name and then he was waving me in.

I crawled inside and he pulled the flap down and started lacing up the flaps. I noticed he had shed his fatigue pants; he was in his briefs, t-shirt and boots. Was this part of the invitation or was he just getting comfortable after a hot day. I didn't care which, I liked what I saw and if it was the latter it was up to me to turn it into something more. I moved up in the tent, out of his way, onto an air mattress and a sleeping bag.

"Did you bring the bottle?" he asked as he finished lacing the flaps.

"Yes." I took it out and handed it to him.

He opened it and handed it back to me. "Rank has its privileges, Sarge," he said.

"Fuck that," I said and handed it back to him to take the first drink. I could sense some tension; we were both unsure. I started talking about the maneuvers.

He said things were going good, he was sure, due to my planning. He said he just hoped we hadn't planned for them to move on to another staging area.

"That's not in the plans but the colonel can change the plans at will," I said. I wanted to bring things to a more personal basis. I thought it might bring out something of who he was as a man. I asked about his family.

"I have a brother about the same age as me," he said.

"About? Not twins?" I asked.

"No. You can tell I'm not a hundred percent American blood."

"Yes, but it looks good on you," I said.

"Neither is my brother. We were brought back from Vietnam when we were little boys, by these two Marines. They might be our real fathers, or not. We'd like to think we're real brothers, but that's doubtful. But it's never mattered. We are brothers and they are our dads."

"You never knew your mother?"

"Never had a mother. Our dads never married." He chuckled softly. "It used to get real funny when people wondered about these two big, strapping Marines raising two boys in the same house. I can't say I've missed not having a mother, our dads have been everything to us."

We were sitting there cross legged, passing the bottle back and forth and getting a buzz on, and the conversation started getting a little fuzzy. He mentioned a buddy of his--also a Marine--stationed in Korea. He mentioned him, said his name was Jake, but he didn't talk about him much. Just said I should see his arms.

I still didn't know what was going on in that handsome head of his. I was looking for a chink in the armor, anything that would give me a clue. I took another short drink and passed the bottle off to him. He waved it off.

"If I drink anymore I'll have a hangover. I've got a good buzz, that's all I need to make me sleep. Dump it when you're finished I can't have an opened bottle in my tent."

"Are you ready to sack out?" I asked.

"I am if you are. Are you staying?"

"Am I invited?" I asked.

"Sure, I got you an air mattress and sleeping bag, didn't I" he said.

"I won't be able to go back to that nice, cozy barracks for a shower and clean clothes in the morning so I hope you don't mind me shedding these," I said as I started taking off my clothes.

"I always sleep naked and save my underwear," he said as he was unlacing his boots. He tossed them aside then peeled off his T-shirt and shorts.

I was glad he did so; it made it okay that I got naked too. We stretched out beside each other on our backs but sort of tilted toward each other.

"Would this be considered fraternization, a corporal and a sergeant sleeping naked in the same tent?" he asked jokingly.

"Hell no, it's two men sharing a tent on a warm summer night. I don't have my rank on and neither do you," I said. "Seaborne, if you were a buck private I wouldn't even be in this tent. But you're a corporal and from what I've observed you'll soon be of equal rank with me."

"I hope you're right."

I was still thinking it was odd that he hadn't talked anymore about his buddy, Jake, so I asked. "So tell me about this Jake guy," I said.

He told me they met at football camp back in high school and how they hit it off and became good friends.

"Well, there's hitting it off, and there's hitting it off," I said. I was far from slurring my words but my brain wasn't entirely in control of what came out of my mouth.

"We got pretty tight that week," he said.

"Well, there's pretty right, and there's tight," I said.

"We got tight," he said.

Okay maybe that was the chink in his armor. "That happens in sports and in the military," I said.

There was a long silence. "I'd like to tell you more, Sergeant, but if I did I'm afraid you would either bolt and run, or you'd feel like you had to do something about it. Anyway, I have a gut feeling you know what I'm talking about."

"Well, I do have a gut feeling that your gut feeling might be right," I said. "Why don't you try me."

"When I said Jake and I got tight at football camp, I mean we got as tight as any two guys can get. Physically and emotionally tight. Hell, even spiritually tight. It was like he steamrolled over me by his mere presence and I didn't know what the fuck I was even thinking."

"That's a great start but you can do better than that," I said.

"Better than what?"

"You're still dancing around the issue, and you're dying to let it out."

"We had sex. He fucked me."

"That felt good, didn't it, letting it out," I said.

"Yeah. Felt real good," he said. He'd been talking to the tent. Now he rolled more onto his side and looked at me. "You've known all along, haven't you?"

"No. But I had hopeful suspicions from the time I walked in the bar and saw you that first time," I said.

"Oh, really. Hopeful?"

"I don't know if you're gay or if you just happened to fall hard for this one guy, and I don't care. I'm straight myself, but not averse to having sex with other guys when the opportunity arises. I was hoping the opportunity would arise with you."

"Has it?" he asked.

"I don't know. I'm not averse to it, but it's your call."

"Are we still dancing, Sergeant?" he asked with a sexy grin.

"No, just being sure."

"So, if I reached out and did this......," as he brushed his hand across my chest and part way down my stomach, "....you wouldn't

think it's weird?"

"Would it be weird to you that your hand is starting to give me a hardon?" I said.

"I would be disappointed if it wasn't," he said. "Can I finish your hardon for you?"

"You won't be able to stop it," I said.

He brushed his hand the rest of the way down my stomach and curled his thick fingers around my growing cock. "I was asking permission to go down on you, Sergeant."

"Permission granted, although you don't need it. And you can stop calling me sergeant."

"I like it," he said as he moved down on his sleeping bag. "I like the idea of being outranked." With that he took my cock in his mouth.

"Ohhhh, fuck!" I moaned softly as he started moving his mouth and lashing the head of my cock with his tongue. As he sucked I got a little too loud and he paused to tell me to put a sock in it, and he handed me his shorts to put in my mouth to muffle the sounds.

He didn't confine himself to my cock. He licked and sucked my balls, he kissed and licked the inside of my thighs and under my balls. He kissed all over my upper body, even licking my armpits.

"Fuck, I love your muscles," he murmured.

"I like yours, too," I said, for my hands had not been idle.

"I don't want to freak you out, Sergeant, but I've prepared myself for this every morning since we met in the bar." I didn't know what he was saying till he asked me, "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Hell, yess!" I hissed.

"We just have to keep it down," he said as he stretched out on his stomach. "And if someone happens along you just roll off into your sleeping bag." He spread his legs out wide.

He used spit and so did I then I mounted him. He muffled his groan in his sleeping bag as I entered him but he didn't cry out.

"Okay?" I asked when I was buried deep as I could go.

"Yeah. Do it. Fuck me."

It was a strain and a challenge to keep quiet but it didn't deter from our pleasure. I fucked him half the night, in every position we could dream up except standing on our heads. My cock wouldn't go down and neither did his. I lost count of how many loads we shot. I think he managed to retrieve most of them.

I'd been listening intently and sort of snapped out of my trance when Sgt. Blackburn stopped.

"That's about it," Blackburn said. "Except for....well the rest isn't important."

"It is if it's about Devon," I said.

"Well there was that one time when we got one of his buddies involved."

"Tell me about it," I said.

"Well, it turned out, your boy wasn't getting any action till I came along. You know, he didn't want to take a chance and out himself. He asked me how I met guys; how I'd caught on to him, 'cause there was one guy in particular in his outfit that he really wanted to connect with. I told him it was mostly body language and eye contact then get a conversation going. And a little buzz can be helpful. We went to a bar where a lot of his guys hung out, hoping this guy would be there. Luckily, he was. Devon pointed him out and I could see why he wanted to connect with him. I was pretty anxious to myself. He was in uniform, wearing PFC stripes. They saw each other and the guy waved us over to the bar. On the way I whispered to Devon to watch and learn. Devon introduced us. His name was Alex and he had a very impressive pair of buns overflowing the bar stool. He offered to buy us the first round. I took the stool beside him and Devon sat beside me. We had a good view of ourselves-all three of us-in the mirror behind the bar.

"I started the conversation, asking about their outfit. Suddenly he recognized me.

"Hey, I've seen you around," he said. "You're one of the trainers."

"Well, more a strategist; you guys are already pretty well trained," I said. "What I wanta know is, how do you put up with this guy?" I asked, nodding to Devon.

"He's okay for a corporal," Alex said. "He doesn't get in your face unless you're fuckin' off."

"While I was talking I let my knee come in contact with his thigh. He eased away, which I expected. He wanted to know what was coming up in the way of maneuvers. I told him I didn't know; that was above my pay grade. I wouldn't know much sooner than he did. Now I was talking to him in the mirror. I wanted to see if we could make eye contact and I wanted Devon to see it if we did. I watched him closely as I let my knee touch his leg again. We made eye contact. It wasn't a deer-in-the-headlights kind of look but he did look a little surprised, like he was suddenly figuring things out. We held our gaze for two or three seconds while I sorta rubbed my knee against his leg. The die was cast; I decided it was time to go to the restroom and see if he would follow me. I got hit on at the urinal by another guy but Alex never showed. Maybe I was mistaken about him. Then maybe not. On my way back to the bar he passed by me on his way to the restroom. I went on to the bar; I couldn't turn around and follow him.

"I'm not sure I connected," I told Devon.

"I think you did," he said, smiling.


"He asked me if I knew if you were gay 'cause you were rubbing your knee against his leg."

"Want me to make a move?" I asked.

"You already did, didn't you?"

"That was just feeling him out. When he comes back, I'm going to suggest we get a cab and go to another bar. You watch for your cue."

Alex agreed to leave; I thought he knew something was brewing. Outside I hailed a cab and we all piled in the back seat; Devon, then Alex, then me. I handed the driver twenty bucks and told him to drive around. When I settled back in the seat I pressed my knee against Alex's leg. This time he pressed back. That was all I needed. I laid my hand on his thigh and squeezed the hard muscle, then moved my hand up into his crotch. He glanced around at Devon, his eyes wide. Devon looked down at my hand which was openly groping the PFC. I started undoing his belt. When it was open and I was fumbling with his pants he undid them for me then raised up out of the seat for me to pull his pants and shorts down. He was watching for Devon's reaction the whole time.

I took hold of his fluffed up cock and balls in one hand and he tried to spread his legs apart. I pulled his pants and shorts down to his ankles so he could. He got hard in no time; impressively hard.

"Fuck, take a look at this," I said to Devon.

"Yeah, I see it," he said.

"I guess rank don't mean anything, does it, in situations like this," I said.

"It don't to me," Alex said.

"Man, I can barely get my hand around it." Then I said to Devon, "feel this thing."

He reached down and took hold and I moved my hand.

"Yeah, it's big," he said.

"Probably no bigger than you guys," Alex said.

I thought, "Yessss!"

Devon wasn't letting go of his cock; in fact he was squeezing it and when Alex shoved it through his fest, he started stroking it.

"We're pretty close to the same size," he said. "How about you, Sarge, you wanta compare?"

I didn't hesitate but before I shoved my pants down I got out another twenty and handed it to the driver and told him to keep driving. By that time he knew what was going on in the back seat of his cab and he was heading out of the city.

We were comparing cocks but Alex's cock was the center of attention; Devon was still stroking it.

I asked Alex, "Have you ever had that thing sucked?"

"Not by a guy. Are you gonna do it?"

"No, but he might."

He snapped his head around to Devon with a wide eyed look of surprise.

"You! I thought......"

Devon asked him, "Do you want me to?"

"Fuck, yeah."

"It's gotta stay between us," Devon told him.

"Sure. Hell, yeah, I won't tell a soul. You could make my life miserable."

"Yes, I could. But I'd prefer to make your life pleasurable."

He leaned over then and went down on him. The kid came right up out of the seat.

"Holy shit!" he gasped. "Aww, fuck....Godd, that feels good!"

Well, it ended up costing me fifty bucks before Devon got him off but it was worth every dime. I thought the kid was passed out. He almost passed out again when he realized Devon had swallowed his load.

"Shit, man, this is gonna be great. I wish I'd known before," Alex said.

"For your information, he likes it the other way, too," I told him.

"What other way?" Then it dawned on him what I was talking about. "Fuck! You mean the back door? Can we do it now?"

I told him, "Sorry, I don't have enough cash left."

"Hold on," the driver said as he turned into what was more a lane than a road. He turned off the engine and twisted around in the seat. "No charge if I can watch."

We started out in the back seat, getting naked but it was crowded so we all climbed out of the cab. The driver stood back to watch while your son bent over the trunk and Alex plowed him.

I didn't say anything for moment. I was out of breath just listening to him.

"Is it weird that I've got a roaring hardon hearing about you having sex with my son?" I asked, finally, laughing.

"I think he would be proud of that."

"That wasn't the end of it, was it, between you and him?" I said. "How long were you stationed there?

"About three months in the Grafenwhoer area. And you're right, that wasn't the end of it. We got together as often as we could, once a week or so. Devon and some of his buddies had pooled their money and rented a small, two room apartment for entertainment purposes. We met there on his scheduled days. Even after I went to Frankfurt, we managed to meet up. Your son is one of the hottest men I've ever met."

"He would be happy to know that," I said.

"He knows it, I told him enough times.

I fucked Sgt. Blackburn again, at his request. Actually he begged for it. I hadn't intended to make him beg but I was rimming him again, and using my fingers and he realized he was begging for my cock. The second time was slower and easier and twice as long. Then he wanted to fuck me. I let him, on my back with my legs up in the air and my hands clasped around his hard butt muscles. That was almost as big a draw as his cock, those bowling ball butt muscles.

Then Blackburn suggested we might have time to install the heating unit in the fireplace but I didn't want to be in the middle of that when the boys came home from school. I knew they would want his attention. When they came bounding in the house they went right to the refrigerator and cupboard. They were excited to see Blackburn. I told them after they had their snacks to change their clothes and get their chores done first, then they could do all the things they wanted to do and show him. They were happy when Blackburn volunteered to help them with their chores. But the younger boys were disappointed when he went off with Colby and Braden and Nolan on the horses.

"They always get to do their stuff with him," Little George complained.

I made a mental note to mention to Sebastian that the younger boys were hurt that he wasn't spending time with them.

I had supper started when Brad got home from work. I could tell he was anxious to hear about my day. I decided I would tell him, up front.

"So how did things go with you and Sgt. Blackburn?"

"I got his cherry."

He blinked, taken aback. "No kidding! You fucked Blackburn!"

"Bent over that big fallen tree back in the woods."

"Damn, I would give anything to see that!" he said.

"We can probably do an encore," I said. "With audience participation.

"Where is everybody?" he asked.

"The younger boys are out playing. Colby and Braden and Nolan took Blackburn horseback riding."

"I guess we should slow down supper," Brad said. "How was he?" he asked with a sly grin.

"Hot as fuck," I said. "But not as hot as you."

"That's guilt making you say that," he joked.

I pulled him into a hard kiss. "Nobody's as hot as you," I assured him. "How do you want to do the three way? Let's plan it," I said.

"Question is, where? We would have to keep the noise down in the bedroom. And we can't do it in the living room, we would probably end up with an audience."

"Let's take him out to the hayloft," I suggested. "We can sneak out after the boys are asleep."

So that was our plan. Brad went on up to get cleaned up for supper. As he was leaving the kitchen he said, "We'll feed the younger boys then you'd better put everything on warm, it'll likely be late when the others get back."

They returned earlier than we expected; the younger ones were just finishing up. I had my suspicions about the ride.

It was lively around the table, made more so by our guest, and especially after I let it out that Blackburn's name was Sebastian. I managed to secretly tell him how the younger boys were hurt. He said he would make it up to them. After supper he took the younger boys out for a game of touch football, then drove them into town to the ice cream parlor. It was late when they returned and they were tired.

Blackburn and Brad and I watched television and talked till we were sure the boys were asleep. Brad went up to check on them.

While he was gone I asked Blackburn, "So, how was the ride?"

"Fuckin' awesome."

"With emphasis on fucking," I said. "Which horse did you ride, Roman or Gladiator?"

"I rode both of the horses and all three of the boys rode me."

"You've come a long way," I said. "So now, would you like to spend the night in the hayloft?"

His eyes lit up along with his smile. "That'd be awesome! The three of us, I presume."

"Yes. I told Brad about us."

"All about us?" he asked. "Now he gets a turn. It's no more than fair."

"He wants to fuck me too?"

"He's gonna fuck you. Don't say you don't want us to, we both know better. You loved me nailing your ass thrown over the log."

"I was afraid you were saying both of you at the same time."

"That's a possibility," I said.


"You might be a muscle stud, but there's no fuckin' way you could stop us if we decide to," I said.

"You wouldn't rape me."

"That's a possibility too. Depends on how cooperative you are."

"Geezuss, you're sending chills down my spine, talking like that," he said.

It turned out to be more than a mere possibility. It turned to a strong probability as I rimmed Blackburn's ass and fingered him while he was sucking Brad's cock. He protested, even tried to fight us off but it was a futile, half-assed attempt. He knew he couldn't and we all knew he wanted it. We fucked him separately first then we double fucked him. Then we let him fuck us. It was one of the best nights of sex ever, with the man I loved and the man I almost worshipped.

Brad and Blackburn said their goodbyes in the loft. Blackburn said he would have to be gone before Brad got home from work the next day.

Blackburn and the boys said their goodbyes the next morning after breakfast, before they went to wait for the school bus, the younger ones first, while the older three lingered back. There were some tears.

"We're never going to forget you, Sgt. Blackburn," Nolan said.

"What? No Sebastian?" trying to make light of the moment.

"It's Warrant Officer Blackburn to say goodbye, it shows more respect," Colby said.

"I just want to thank you boys for your hospitality and for showing me around," he said as he rubbed one hand across his bare chest--he was still in his briefs--a habit I'd noticed. "And we'll see each other again."

"I don't think we will," Colby said, and the other two shook their heads in agreement.

"I think I hear the bus coming," I said.

Suddenly, Braden surprised me, and probably all of us by grabbing Blackburn in his arms and giving him a tight bear hug. Blackburn was visibly taken by surprise but quickly recovered and wrapped his massive arms about the boy to hug him back. Then Braden suddenly broke away and whispered goodbye and ran out the door.

Nolan was next. He went hard into Blackburn's open arms and hugged him tight. "Thanks for everything," he murmured.

Colby seemed to hold back but Blackburn pulled him into his arms and the boy seemed to melt against him. Colby laid his head on Blackburn's bare chest. It was brief; the bus could be heard rumbling up the road.

"I could drive them to school," Blackburn said.

"The bus, Colby," I said.

We were left in a quiet, emotional moment. He went to the door to watch Colby running to catch the bus then watched it as it pulled away.

"I'm never going to forget those boys," he said.

"And you probably won't ever see them again," I said. It sounded a little accusatory.

"I fully intend to," he said. "I would like for them to write to me."

"If they do, you'd damn well better write back," I said. "They really look up to you. I don't want to see them hurt."

Blackburn and I had breakfast together then we set to work installing the heating unit in the fireplace. When it was installed he pulled the blinds and lit it. It worked fine.

"You and Brad are going to enjoy this."

"Yes. Thanks for nudging us to do it," I said. "Do you want to try it out, for effect?" I asked.

He smiled, gazing into the dancing flames. "You know I do, but no. You and Brad need to initiate it." He showered, packed and we said our goodbyes.

"I wish I'd had a chance to meet Kyle," he said as he was about to leave.

"Maybe next time."

"Have the boys write me," he said.

Brad and I initiated the fireplace. He was so surprised when he came in from the kitchen and found it burning. The boys liked it too. We couldn't get them to go up to bed. Finally, Colby took care of that.

"Come on, everybody upstairs. Brad and Jason want to be alone."

We were both taken aback. He gave us a wink and a smile as he left us alone.

"I'll bet you're sorry you introduced us all to Blackburn," I said.

"Not at all. I'm glad you enjoyed him. I'll bet you'll miss him."

"Not for long. You make him easy to forget," I said.

Chapter One-Hundred-Seven

Trouble In Our Lives

The boys were down for a few days after Blackburn left but they bounced back and life went on. We had our share of troubles. More than our share, we thought, since Kyle and Devon never really caused us any trouble.

We found some questionable reading material in Jacob's room. It wasn't hard core porn but we had to deal with it; try to contain it, so to speak, and put it in context. And we didn't want Adam and Little George exposed to it. Not yet anyway.

We drew on Judge Thompson's advice that he gave us in our initial conversations to keep close tabs on the boys, when the matter of trust came up and Jason naively remarked that you had to trust your kids.

"No, you do not trust kids," the judge said emphatically. "You keep tabs on them. You nose around their rooms."

It was hard for us to do because we'd never done that with Kyle and Devon. But coming from where they did, they were a different breed.

I handled the porn issue. I confiscated the two magazines and confronted Jacob with them after school. He was about to go out the door to do chores when I stopped him.

"There's something I want you take up to the hayloft," I said as I pulled the magazines out of a drawer and laid them on the counter. I wasn't angry but it was okay that he was embarrassed, and maybe a little scared.

Jacob turned pale at first, then a soft red. "It's just pictures; they're not actually doing anything in the pictures," he offered.

"Close enough," I said. "Have any of the younger boys seen these?"


"Not that you know of," I said. "I found them and I wasn't even looking. What's to say the younger boys haven't found them?"

"I guess nothing," he replied meekly. "How much trouble am I in?"

I sighed, trying to keep from laughing, or even smiling.

"You're not in big trouble," I said. "Look, I understand your curiosity, Jacob; I've been there myself. But you can't be so careless with little innocent minds in your room.. So I want you to take these out to the hayloft and find a good hiding place for them."

"Wow," he said, heaving a sigh of relief. "All right, I can do that."

The drugs Jason found in Jacob's room was the real trouble. He was upstairs helping Jacob and Little George move furniture, rearranging their room. I heard, "What the hell is this!" Nolan and Jordon were outside letting off steam, wrestling around in the yard. The rest of us were in the living room watching television. Then, "Geezuss Christ, Jacob, how long has this been going on?"

Nolan and Jordan heard the ruckus and came inside. I got up to go make a pot of coffee; it sounded like we were going to need it. The other boys followed me and we were all in the kitchen when Jason came downstairs with Jacob in tow; literally in tow, with a vise like grip on his shoulder. He looked pale. Little George was a safe distance behind and he came over closer to me when they came in the kitchen. Jason was as angry as I'd seen him in a very long time. Angry enough that the boys cowered back. They had never seen him this angry.

Jason slammed the plastic bag on the kitchen table and jerked Jacob front and center.

"Hear me good, boys!" he bellowed. "I will never find this shit in my house again! Do you understand me?!!" There were a few weak "yes, sirs" before he continued. "If I ever find out that any of you are using this shit, you will wish you had never come here." He jerked on Jacob's shoulder. "You come with me. We're going for a walk," he growled as he half dragged him out the door.

There was silence in the room except for Colby getting cups out of the cupboard.

"Man, he is pissed," one of the boys said quietly.

"That's not the word for it," I said.

"What's he gonna do to him?"

"Is he gonna hurt him?"

"Only enough to get his point across," I said. I wasn't sure myself what Jason might do. Jacob came back in the house by himself. He was still pale.

"I'm supposed to tell you I won't be going to school next week," he said, his head down. Then he rushed out of the room and up the stairs.

I went out to find Jason. He was standing in the yard with his shoulders slumped, sobbing. I went up and laid my hand lightly on his shoulder.

"I hit him," he sobbed. "God help me, I hit him, twice."

I squeezed his shoulder. "He'll get over it," I said.

"I won't." And he never did.

I stayed with him for a moment, till he told me, "I'm all right. Go to him."

I went up to Jacob's room. The furniture was still in disarray where they hadn't finished rearranging it. Jacob was sprawled on the top bunk on his stomach, sobbing. I laid my hand on the small of his back.

"Jason is sorry he hit you. He'll never forgive himself."

"It wasn't his fault. I just wanta stay, Brad," he said, turning over.

"He just put that ball in your court. It's up to you what you do with it."

He sat up then and jumped down off the bunk.

"Where're you going?"

"To see Jason. I need to talk to him."

Jacob was out the door by the time I came into the kitchen. The boys were still standing around in a daze. Colby handed me a cup of coffee.

"Where's he going?" he asked.

"To talk to Jason."

"What'd he do to him? What's going to happen?"

"They'll work past it. We all will," I said.

A while later, Jacob came back inside, without Jason. Then Jason came through the door, looking sadly forlorn, almost beaten. I could tell he was hurting inside. Then Jacob made his mea culpa. I felt as proud of him as I felt sad for Jason.

He picked up the plastic bag off the table. "This is bad shit," he said. "You all know it, and I know it. I was stupid for using it. I got Jason so mad, he hit me." Jason turned away, toward me. I handed him a cup of coffee but he waved me off.

"This is my fault," Jacob went on. "Even Jason hitting me is my fault 'cause I got him that mad. He did it because he cares about me, because he loves me. He loves us all, him and Brad, and I'm here to tell you right now, if I ever find out any of you are doing this shit......" He held up the bag. ".....I will personally kick the shit out of you. That includes you, Colby, and you, Braden. And you, Nolan. And if I can't get the job done, Jason will help me."

That brought some laughter and eased the tension in the room but Jacob wasn't laughing. Neither was Nolan, I noticed. It turned somber again. "Don't ever do this to them," he said pointing a finger at Jason and me. "Don't ever make them so mad they feel like they have to hit you to straighten you out. They don't deserve that kind of treatment from us. You hear me?! Don't ever......!" He choked up then and rushed over to Jason. He threw his arms around him and sobbed into his chest. "I'm really sorry, Jason. I will never disappoint you again."

Jason was already teared up and tears ran down his face. "We're okay, Jacob. We're okay," he said as he hugged the boy close. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. "And I promise I will never, ever hit you again," he said, choking on his words. "I will never hit any of you."

We never had another problem with Jacob.

As it turned out, we shouldn't have had the problem with Jacob in the first place. None of it was his doing. I went to the barn early that evening and was approaching the feed room when I heard low voices. I paused to listen more closely it was Jacob and Nolan.

"Why'd you do that, stick up for me like that?" Nolan asked.

"I didn't stick up for you, I covered for you. Why didn't you stick up for me?"

"I....I couldn't. I wanted to but I just couldn't. I'm always the one in trouble around here and if he knew the truth....I was afraid he would send me packing."

"And you didn't give a shit if I got sent away?" Jacob said.

"I did, Jacob, but I knew you could make it right, somehow."

"He hit me, dammit! Twice! I've never seen him so mad. He scared me. You made him do that, Nolan, and you didn't have the balls to stand up and take the blame for any of it. Why'd you hide your shit in my room anyway?"

"I figured they'd never snoop around your room for drugs with the little kids in there with you."

"So, when are you gonna find your balls and own up to it? I feel like shit all the time because they think I let them down. Things are never going to be the same between me and them unless they know the truth."

"Why didn't you tell them the truth?" Nolan asked.

"I thought you would. But when you didn't, well, things went too far and there was no backing out. I'd already taken the blame."

I was sick, and angry. Jason would be, too, on top of being livid. I could almost picture his rage and I feared for Nolan but I couldn't let it pass. When I rounded the corner and appeared at the door of the feed room, Nolan blanched. Jacob had a dead-pan look.

I said simply, "Finish your chores; we'll talk about this after supper," and walked away.

They took longer than usual with chores. The other boys were gathering around the table when Jacob came in.

"Where's Nolan?" I asked.

"He was heading this way before I left the barn," Jacob said.

"Shit!" I swore softly as I headed for the door. I saw him running down the lane.

"What?" Jason asked, following me.

"Get your boots on," I said. "He's run away. Damn, somebody just picked him up!" I grabbed the truck keys and ran out the door. Jason was in the truck by the time I had it started and backed out.

"What the hell's going on?" Jason demanded.

"You'll find out." I tore down the lane, gravel flying behind me, and swerved out on the road.

"Did you see the vehicle that picked him up?"

"It was a pickup; I couldn't make out the color," I replied.

Around two curves there was a pickup some distance ahead. I floored it. Closer, I started honking. The driver slowed a little as he looked back, then he speeded up.

"Cut him off," Jason said.

I roared past the truck and slowed. When he started around me I swerved across the road and stopped. The other pickup skidded in the gravel and came to a jolting halt half off the road. Jason jumped out and ran to the truck as the guy was getting out.

"What the hell are you doing!" the driver demanded.

Jason shoved past him and strode up to the open door. "Out," he barked at Nolan, cowering against the opposite door.

"Hey, I was just giving the kid a lift," the driver said.

"I know. You're not in trouble; he is. OUT!" he barked louder. "NOW! Before I haul your ass out of there!"

Fear-struck, Nolan climbed out of the truck. He tried to shy away from Jason but he collared him by the neck and took him to his pickup.

"You're okay," I told the other driver as I went back to the truck.

"I don't know what the hell's going on but I'm getting tired of hauling your ass back," Jason growled.

"You didn't tell him?" Nolan asked timidly.

"No, I'm going to let you tell him," I said.

I parked the truck off the road and we sat there for a brief moment.

"Well?" Jason said.

Nolan started crying.

"Why'd you run away?" Jason asked in a gentle tone, laying his hand on the boy's back.

"Brad found my drugs," he sobbed.

"What? Your drugs? Jacob......."

"They weren't Jacob's drugs. They were mine. I hid them in his room because I didn't think anybody would ever suspect him of doing drugs and you would be nosing around his room."

"And you stood by and let him take the blame?" Jason asked, in the same quiet tone, but there was a quiver in his voice.

There was an agonizing silence and I prayed, Dear God, don't let him explode.

"Son-of-a-bitch," Jason swore softly as he suddenly got out of the truck. He slammed the door and kicked the side of the bed so hard it rocked the vehicle.

"What's he gonna do?" Nolan asked fearfully.

"He won't hit you," I said. "He said he would never hit any of you boys and he won't go back on that. I might, though," I added.

Jason circled the truck till he was in front.

"Son-of-a-fuckin'-bitch," he yelled as he slammed his fists on the hood. "Where did I go wrong with you, Nolan! How do I reach you!"

"He's never done anything wrong with me," Nolan said, his voice panicky. "He's been nothing but good to me."

"You need to tell him that," I said.

"I can't. I've hurt him so bad, I can't face him."

"You better find your balls, son," I said. I reached over and opened the door. He hesitated for a long moment.

"This is between you and him. Get it straightened out," I said.

He climbed out of the truck and closed the door but stood there for a moment. He looked at me, saw no sympathy there, then moved slowly toward Jason. I couldn't hear what was being said but it was only a moment before they were in a tight bear hug. They came around to the side and climbed in, Nolan in the middle. He sat hunched over, his head in his hands. Jason stared out the window. Nothing was said all the way home.

Back home, Jason got out of the truck and held the door open for Nolan. "Inside. The others are going to hear this," he said.

The boys were eating when we went in. Everything stopped and forks were laid down, or dropped. Nolan took his place at the table while Jason and I fixed three plates.

"I'm not hungry," Nolan said when I set his plate in front of him. I left the plate there.

"Okay, Nolan's got something he wants to tell you," Jason said.

They all looked at Nolan.

"The drugs were mine," he said quietly, staring at his plate.

Jason stared at him. "Talk to them, not your plate," he said.

"Yes, sir."

"I brought the drugs into the house," he said.

"And hid them in Jacob's room," Jason finished for him in a calm but still-angry tone.

"Yes, sir."

"And? This is your story, Nolan."

"I hid them in Jacob's room because he's got the little ones in there and I didn't think anybody would go looking in there. And I let Jacob take the blame."

"Anything you wanta say to Jacob?" Jason asked.

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry."

"Look at him when you say that," Jason said.

It was visibly hard for him to face Jacob. "I'm sorry, Jacob."

Jacob remained stone-faced.

Suddenly Nolan shoved his chair back and went over and stood at Jason's chair. "You can hit me, Uncle Jason. I deserve it; Jacob didn't."

Jason reached out and put his arm around the boy's back. "I said I would never hit any of you again."

Nolan turned to Jacob. "Then you can hit me, Jacob. Twice, like you got it."

There was a couple seconds hesitation before Jacob stood up from the table, I thought, to give Nolan a hug.

Instead...., "Damn right," he said and slugged Nolan so hard he went sailing backwards on the floor. "Once'll do it," he growled then walked out of the house.

Shock reigned in the room. I was dumbfounded; Jason was wide-eyed, the other boys didn't know whether to laugh or what.

I got up to get a wet cloth for Nolan's bloody nose while Jason, without getting up out of his chair, reached down to pull Nolan to his feet.

"Don't forget you asked for that," he said dryly as I was holding the cloth to the boy's nose.

Nolan nodded. He wasn't mad. I think he was too dazed to be anything but surprised.

"He sure hits hard," he said, finally. The boys broke out laughing and quickly, Nolan was laughing with them.

"Soon as you get the blood stopped, Nolan and I are going into town," Jason said to me.

I didn't ask why.

Shortly after Jason left with Nolan, Jacob came back inside. Everyone was quiet as he strode up and sat down and started eating his supper. He took several bites then looked all around the table. "Any of you ever brings drugs in this house, you're getting the same thing. That includes you, too," he said, pointing his fork at Braden and Colby. "You may be bigger than me but I'll smack you with a two-by-four while you're sleeping."

Nobody said a word.

Jason returned after about an hour, alone.

"Where's Nolan?"

"He's in jail."

I stifled a gasp.

"What....charges?" Braden asked hesitantly.

"Possession of illegal drugs, what do you think?" Jason replied.

"How....long....do you think he'll be there?" Colby asked.

"That'll be up to Judge Thompson."

When supper was over everyone scooted up to bed. They seemed to steer clear of Jacob.

When Jason and I were doing the dishes I asked him, "How long do you think he'll be there?"

"The judge will call me in the morning, we'll decide then. There are no charges filed; it's just a tactic to scare the hell out of him."

The thing that got Little George in trouble was, he stole something. That took us by surprise; we thought it would've been Nolan to do something like that but he seemed to have straightened up after spending the night and most of the next day in jail. We had come back from town and just inside the kitchen a magazine fell out of his jacket; Playboy. It might have been amusing except that I knew instinctively that he'd stolen it.

I picked it up before he could. "Where'd you get this?" I asked.

"I saw Billy in town and he sneaked it to me."

Jacob jumped on it before I could. "You're lying, Little George. If you got it from another guy it would be tattered, and the pages would be stuck together."

Little George was standing funny and I pulled him to me by the front of his jacket. "What else are you hiding?" I asked, feeling his pockets. I found a harmonica. "Little George, I am so ashamed of you, and so disappointed," I said, trying my best not to get angry. "You know you're going to have to return these things and make it right."

"We'll take care of it," Colby chimed in.

"Yeah," Braden agreed. "We've been there, done that, we know how to handle it." He glanced at Nolan. "You could come along, too."

We let Colby and Braden and Nolan take Little George right back into town. We waited. It was some time later when we heard them coming up on the porch. Things had not been completely resolved.

"I don't know why I had to pay for it when I gave it back," Little George was complaining.

"Because you stole it, you little jerk."

"And I had to pay double for the harmonica," Little George whined as they were coming in the door.

"Did you get it straightened out?" Jason asked.

"I had to pay for the stupid magazine even though I took it back. And they made me pay double for the harmonica."

"You're lucky we didn't make you give it back, too," Colby said. "And by the way," he said to us, "We'll need to drive to school next week. Little George will be working at the drug store after school, sweeping and mopping the floor and we'll have to pick him up."

I could tell Little George was on the verge of crying. Suddenly he burst out in sobs. "I'm sorry I stole stuff, but it's not fair. Colby and Braden stole televisions and stereos and they didn't get in this much trouble. And Nolan brought drugs in the house. It's not fair."

He was the most pitiful thing I ever saw, standing there with all of us, so alone, crying and sobbing. I wanted so bad to pick him up and hold him, but Colby beat me to it. He knelt down and pulled the boy into his arms so he could cry on his shoulder.

"That's the whole point, Little George. Trust me, we didn't get by with anything. Jason all but stomped our butts in the ground. We just don't want you to think you can get by with stuff and get in real trouble like we did."

Braden chimed in. "If somebody had caught us and made us take it back and pay double for the little shit we stole we wouldn't have stole televisions."

Jordan got in trouble when a girl's parents thought he was getting a little too friendly with their daughter. I happened to answer the phone when her father called when we were eating supper. I listened, then, "Thanks for calling, I will be getting back to you."

"Who was that?" Jason asked.

"Some girl's father. A girl named Kathy. Do you know a girl named Kathy?" I asked Jordan. I first thought I would take him outside to discuss the matter but then thought better of it. It would be good for the other boys to hear it. We had not kept the others' secrets.

"I know her," he said.

"How well do you know her?" I asked.

He shrugged.

"Her father seems to think you know her pretty well."

Jordan's face started turning.

"I said I would call him back. What am I supposed to say to him?" I asked.

Jordan dropped his head. "Okay, it was the day I missed the bus and you had to come and get me. I told you it was detention but I lied. I went to her house right after school." He sighed. "I get kidded a lot about my tattoo. Some guys noticed it in the locker room when I was bent over drying my legs. They all think it's neat and they started telling some girls about it. Kathy was asking me about it and said she would like to see it. She made it sound....well, sexy....and said I could come to her house and show it to her. Well that sounded even sexier. Her parents wouldn't be home, they were working."

"You surely realized where that could lead, baring your butt to a girl," I said.

"I did, but I didn't care. I really didn't have sex in mind till we were in her house alone and we were going up to her room. Then it hit me, what an opportunity it was. I almost left, but then we were in her room and she was undoing my belt, and I sort of froze. Anyway, I showed her my tattoo."

"Did she like it?" I asked.

"She thought it was neat."

"So, you showed her your tattoo....." When he didn't reply right away I said, "Please tell me you used a condom, Jordan."

"No, no! Nothing else happened!" he said quickly. "She didn't even see anything else. I realized it was a great opportunity but I was scared her parents would come home early. She wanted me to stay but I told her I didn't have a condom. She said she could get one of her dad's."

I blinked. "Oh, really."

"Yeah, but when she went to get it I pulled up my pants and shorts....I was dressed when she came back."

"Well, I guess that's all I need to know." I went to the phone to return the man's call. He was still very irate and said he didn't think I would call him back.

"I've talked to Jordan. There was no real intention of having sex when your daughter invited him to your house, at least not on Jordan's part. She wanted to see his tattoo....yes, he has a tattoo on his butt....why don't you ask her about the tattoo." I paused for a moment to let him continue to rant. "He saw the opportunity but he was scared. You will be happy to know, though, that your daughter acted responsibly, she offered to get one of your condoms for him."

Dead silence. Then a click.

"He hung up on me." I heard giggling in the living room.

"You see, Little George?" I heard Colby say. "You get in trouble you get reamed. But you do the right thing, they defend you every time."

"Why're you always talking to me, like I'm the only one who gets in trouble around here?"

They moaned that it was too early when we sent them off to bed. Maybe it was but Jason and I needed some alone time.

"Come on, we'll shower tonight and play drop the soap," I heard one of them say.

"No, No, not drop the soap again. Moleste! Moleste!" another yelled out to everyone's laughter.

Jason shook his head, laughing. "What'd we ever do to deserve this?"

Braden and Colby didn't cause us any more real trouble except for their wild carousing around. It was their reputation that followed them and caused the trouble. We never thought much about it the first time the sheriff came out to question Colby and Braden about some petty crime that'd happened in town. They had a solid alibi; they were home with us. Then it happened again.

We were all outside when the sheriff's car drove up. The boys were taking advantage of the last days of fall in a rousing game of football. Jason stood down on the top step as the sheriff got out of his car. I stood at the porch railing. The football game stopped and the boys gathered closer to the porch.

"Need to talk to your boys again," the sheriff said.

"What about?" Jason asked.

"There was a robbery at the gas station convenience store......" He was directing his question at Colby and Braden. He didn't get it finished.

"I asked the question, sheriff, you talk to me," Jason cut in sternly. "When was it?"

The sheriff turned back to Jason. "Last Wednesday night, around eleven o'clock, closing time."

"None of these boys were off the place any night last week," Jason said as he moved down to the bottom step.

I knew he was going to handle it but I was seeing red and I jumped in first. I walked down past Jason and stood in front of the sheriff in a face off.

"Sheriff, this is the second time you've been out here to question these boys, with no good reason as far as I can tell," I said as I moved past him to his car. "Next time you'd better come with some evidence, or you and me and my lawyer are going to be standing in front of Judge Thompson." I went over and opened his car door and held it open for him.

He was taken aback and embarrassed and didn't know what to say. Wisely, he didn't say anything. He tilted his hat with a nod and got in his car. I closed the door. He backed up and drove off. The boys stood silent for a moment then they started cheering.

Nolan's next contribution to our troubled lives was when he took off with Jason's pickup one day after school. I noticed it was gone from its parking spot, but Jason was in the shower, getting ready to go to work, and a quick headcount revealed that Nolan was missing.

"Oh, shit," I murmured to myself.

Jason came down, his usual upbeat self. He loved his job and was always anxious to go to work.

"Hey, where's my truck?" he asked, glancing out the window.

"I think Nolan's got it," I said.


"Well, he's the only one not accounted for."

"That little shit! I'll kill him!"

"Take mine," I said, tossing him my keys.

"When he comes back....if he does......"

"I'll take care of it. I'll call you," I said.

It was late in the day when the big Ram came up the lane. We were about to sit down to supper. Nolan came bounding up on the porch and in the door.

"I know I'm in trouble," he said.

"That would be an understatement," I said.

"Does Jason know I took it?"

"Well, it was gone when he was ready to go to work, and you were missing," Colby said sarcastically, "so he naturally drew that conclusion, you dope. What the hell made you do such a dumb thing?"

"I don't know. It was just sitting there....it's such a beautiful truck. It was like it just drew me to it. I've driven it before, you know."

"It'll probably be the last time," Jordan said. "You are really stupid, Nolan."

"What do you think he'll do?" Nolan asked me.

"I don't know," I said with a doubtful look. "He was pissed, I can tell you that. And it's not like you behavior has been stellar of late."

"He said he would never hit any of us," Nolan said.

I got up and went into the dining room, to the desk. I returned to the table with some papers. This could be another learning experience, I thought. I laid the bill of sale in front of Nolan. "See that?" I said, pointing to the bottom live price.

"Yeah. Wow, he paid a bundle for it."

I shoved the insurance policy in front of him. "This is what we pay every six months for insurance," I said. "It says very clearly in there that the coverage is valid only for licensed drivers, which you are not. So the whole time you were joy riding in Jason's beautiful truck, this policy was not in force. If you had wrecked it......." I threw up my hands. '

"I'm sorry."

"No, no, sorry just doesn't cut it anymore for you. If you had wrecked it the insurance wouldn't have paid for the truck. If you had caused other damage, like plowed through a fence or into somebody's house, we would've been responsible for the damage. Out of pocket, because the insurance was not in effect. If, God forbid, you'd hit another vehicle and killed somebody, we--Jason and me, not you--would be held responsible. There would be a lawsuit. And since there was no insurance, we would lose everything. This house, the land, our savings, probably our earnings for years to come. You boys would end up in foster homes because we would have no place for you. Last, and not least, it'll probably be a cold day in hell before you ever get behind the wheel of one of our vehicles."

"Man, Nolan you were really stupid," Little George said.

"Are you going to tell Jason? I mean, that I really was the one who took his truck."

"No, of course not," I said with a scowl. "You are."

I called Jason at work to tell him his truck was back.

"Driven or towed?" he asked.

"Driven. It's okay," I assured him.

"Okay, thanks."

I told him how I'd handled the situation and the rest would be up to him. I told him Nolan was scared shitless. He said good. Nolan was sweating blood and next day was Saturday, so Jason wouldn't be leaving to go to work. It was classic, the way Jason handled it. He never said a word. Everyone was waiting with baited breath, even me. But not a word.

Later in the afternoon he tossed his keys to Nolan. "You wanta run into town to the feed mill and pick up the feed order?"

Nolan reared back with a surprised scowl. "No!" he said emphatically.

"Why not?"

"I don't have a license."

"So? You're a good driver."

"But the insurance wouldn't be any good."

"Oh. I guess I never thought of that. Good thinking."

That was the last it was mentioned as far as I knew.

Adam, I have to say, never caused us any trouble. I don't know how he managed, with the influence of the other boys all around him. Maybe he took note and learned from their mistakes.

It was a stormy night, and Jason and I had just finished making passionate love--yeah, we still did that--and we were lying in the aftermath talking about our houseful of boys. They had taken on distinct personalities as we got to know them, and that caused feelings to develop.

"You know, we never talked about the end game with these boys," Jason said.

"What do you mean, the end game?" I asked.

"Where it ends. Where we leave off and they go off on their own."

"They leave when they're ready. Or when you tell them they're ready," I added with a chuckle.

"What's that about? You're laughing," he said.

"They'll probably be afraid to just strike out on their own till you tell them it's okay, afraid you'll come after them," I said.

"I care about 'em, Brad. Too damned much. I try not to, but I find myself thinking of them as my own, just like Devon. And so do you, you can't deny it."

"But you're the authority figure. You're gruffer than me." He laughed. "You're the one they know will decide when they are ready to leave. It's too far down the road to worry about right now," I said as I turned onto my side with my back to him. I snuggled back against him as he spooned me.

We were barely asleep when we came awake to a light tapping on the door, then a little voice, "Uncle Jason." It was Little George. I didn't know exactly when, or why, but the boys were calling us uncle now.

Jason rose up. "What is it, Little George?" I sat up too.

"It's Nolan. He's shaking and crying. Well, he's kinda crying, it's more like he's breathing funny, like he's scared or something. He didn't want me to come and tell you."

Jason got up and went to check on him. I stayed in bed and told Little George to stay too. Jason was back in a few minutes.

"He went to the bathroom, I told him to come in here," he said.

"What's the matter? Is he scared of storms?" I asked.

"He said no. But I think the storm's caused a throwback to something that happened, he just won't tell me. Or maybe he doesn't remember."

"Or doesn't want to," I said.

"Do you want me to go back to my room now?" Little George asked.

"Just to get your blanket, then come back in here," I said. He smiled and rushed off, leaving me with Jason's questioning look.

"I think it's better if we have Little George in here with us," I said.

"He would never harm Little George," Brad said with a scowl.

"No I meant better if we're not alone in here with Nolan," I said.

The boy came bounding in with his blanket and seeing the space on Jason's side of the bed he crawled into it. Nolan came in wearing his tiny briefs that resembled a band-aid bulging with his oversized manhood.

"I'm okay, sometimes really bad storms make me a little crazy," he said.

I lifted the covers on my side of the bed and motioned to him. Looking at the boy, I was glad I'd told Little George to join us.

"No, really, it's okay, besides I'm too old to....."

"You're never too old to have someone care about you, Nolan," Jason said in his gruff tone. "Close the door, the other boys won't know. And Little George won't tell."

That was all the convincing it took. He went back to close the door. When he came to the side of the bed he could see that I was naked--he already knew that Jason was naked--and I held my breath waiting to see if he took off his shorts. He didn't and I was both disappointed and relieved. I moved over, back to back with Jason, and the oversized boy climbed in beside me with his back to me. There was no room for much space between us and I didn't even try. I laid my arm over him and spooned his lithe, muscular young body and he snuggled back against me. He was still trembling.

I would like to say that I was completely in control but his body against mine aroused me. He wasn't asleep yet and I knew he was aware of my cock against the small of his back. There was nothing sexual about it. The boy needed this. I laid my arm over him and squeezed his chest. He grunted and took hold of my hand.

Chapter One-Hundred-Eight

Coming of Age, In A Sense

As told by Brad

We kept in touch with Jake and Devon, as close as we could through letters, and the boys delighted in putting together packages to send to them. They weren't big on writing letters but they always wrote notes to include in the packages. That's what I thought, anyway. We would not learn till much later that Braden was writing regularly to Devon, and Colby was writing to Jake. I wasn't sure why they wanted to keep it secret. Maybe it had something to do with what they were writing but I never inquired or snooped.

Surprisingly, all of the boys heard from Blackburn as well. They were very proud of that, and eager to share the letters with us. Most of the time. I noticed that Colby and Braden and Nolan didn't always offer to share their letters. Taking Judge Thompson's advice, on this count I nosed around. I found the letters, thought to be well hidden. I was quite relieved that I didn't find any reference to sex between Blackburn and the boys. I never told Jason that I nosed around.

Kyle never moved back home. I told him we would make room for him, that he had priority over the other boys, but he wouldn't hear of it. He said he needed to be on his own and start establishing himself as he was in the last years of law school.

We were like proud parents when Colby and Braden graduated from high school. His "brothers" were proud of them too. Neither of them had decided what they would do with their lives and they seemed embarrassed that they were still living with us.

"You're not living with us, boys. This is your home," I told them.

"But even your own sons moved on," Braden said.

"As soon as you've decided what you want to do," I said.

"Just as long as you're out by the time you're thirty five," Jason said in his droll tone.

Colby said he wanted to talk to Blackburn about going into the military.

"Why do you need to talk to Blackburn? You've got two warriors right here," Braden reminded him. I think he thought Jason and I were offended. We weren't.

"Better to talk to Jake or Devon," I said. "They're more familiar with today's military than Jason or me, or Blackburn. Then talk to a recruiter."

Braden thought he might want to go to veterinary school; he had taken a liking to the horses and the other animals. But he didn't want to be separated from Colby. They were much like Kyle and Devon in that regard. We suggested they work the summer and think it over.

I got the surprise of my life a couple of nights later when I came home from work. It was a fluke that Jason and Braden were both at work and the other boys were all gone as well, occupied with their friends. That almost never happened. I went upstairs and shucked my clothes in the bathroom to shower. I was sort of looking forward to the evening alone. I took my time in the shower and afterwards splashed on Jason's favorite good smelling stuff, to be ready for him when he came home in the middle of the night.

I gathered up my clothes to put them in the hamper in our bedroom. Curious, I thought, that the lamp was on in our bedroom, but I never thought anything about it. One of us had left it on. I stopped cold in the doorway and the clothes fell to the floor.


He was lying in our bed on his side, wearing a skimpy pair of briefs that he must've borrowed from one of the younger boys. His stance was as if he'd been waiting on me, which he indeed had been.

"Thought it'd be a good time," he said.

"For what?" I asked.

"I'm eighteen now," he said as he pressed his hand over the front of his briefs.

He didn't have to remind me; we'd celebrated his birthday only a week before, but he was reminding me of something else.

"I know you are," I said, my voice hoarse and weak, as I gathered up the clothes I'd dropped. I deposited them in the hamper and turned back to the bed. Oh, Godd, I thought, had the day come? He turned on the bed and lay on his stomach facing the foot. Ours was a big old iron bedstead with scrolled ironwork. He pressed his head against two of the iron bars.

"If you'll bring that over here to me," he said, tilting his head a little with his mouth open.

"Geezuss, Colby!"

"You can't be surprised," he said.

"I am," I declared.

"Well, then I kept my secret well," he said.

From the hamper I'd moved past the bed to my dresser to get the pair of shorts I'd laid out especially for Jason. They were brief, bright gold with dark blue trim, including a blue seam down the center of the pouch which accented everything. I pulled them on and went back to the foot of the bed. It wasn't that I wanted to reject him-I didn't; I wanted it as much as he did-but something was holding me back.

"Wow! Sexy," he said. "Bet Jason really likes those." He reached through and traced a finger down the blue seam then cupped the pouch.

"We shouldn't be doing this," I whispered.

"Why not? We've both been waiting for this day, haven't we? I know I have. I've wanted it since I first came here. And I think you have too, you were just holding to your principles. Even when Blackburn was here, you didn't weaken. There's no need to be strong about it anymore. I'm legal."

He hunkered up on his knees and reached both hands through the iron scrolling of the foot of the bed. He kept mauling the pouch of my shorts while he put his other hand around the side of my thigh to urge me forward. When he rose up I got a glimpse of his hard cock suspended under his stomach, pointing at me. Strangely, in all the time he'd been with us, I'd never seen him with a hardon. It looked menacing from that angle. He looked nearly as big as me. Whatever was holding me back, I weakened; I didn't resist his urging. I couldn't. I moved to the foot of the bed and thrust my cock through the iron scrolling and straight into his waiting mouth. He moaned loudly with delight. I made some noise myself. I was surprised that he was able to take my cock all the way down his throat, but he never hesitated or flinched. He clasped hold of my butt to pull me in tight with his face pressed hard against my pubes. Then he urged me to fuck his throat. I was mesmerized, watching his handsome face down there with his full lips distended around my cock. He didn't let up till I eased him back.

"Am I doing something wrong?" he asked.

"Godd, no. But I don't want this to be all about me,"

"Okay, we can make it about me too," he said, as he quickly turned around on the bed and pressed his butt back against the iron bars. The bars spread his butt apart and his tiny, smooth asshole winked at me. I felt his hole and found it slick with lube. I shoved a couple of fingers in him and he pushed back on them. He was ready, already lubed up.

This wasn't what I meant but I couldn't refuse him. I set the head of my cock against his clenching hole and shoved. His asshole spread open and swallowed my cockhead. I buried the remaining inches deep inside him and he wriggled back onto my cock with soft groans. Before I could move, he began fucking his ass back and forth on my cock. When I suggested the iron bars were in the way he turned around sideways on the bed, offering me his ass and I moved around to the side. Again, my cock barely touched his ass when he shoved back on it.

"Godd, you're so big," he moaned. "You're reaching all the right spots."

"You're nearly as big as I am," I said, reaching around to take hold of his cock.

"Yes, but I can't fuck myself," he said.

I fucked my way up onto the bed, on my knees between his spread legs, bearing down on top of him. He arched his butt up to the perfect angle to be taken. He was wildly willing, with an incredibly live and educated ass and I wondered how much experience he'd had. I had to work to try to detach myself enough to hold off. I did not want this to end.

"You wanta fuck me on my back? I'd like to watch your facial expressions and your muscles."

"Any way you want it," I told him. Right then I would've fucked the boy on the courthouse square with the mayor and Judge Thompson watching.

He wasn't bashful about telling me what he wanted us to do and how he wanted us to do it. We broke from fucking; he joked that the "old guy" probably needed a rest. It wasn't much of a rest. When I stretched out on my back, he straddled my chest and started fucking my mouth. Again, I didn't resist him. I put my arm between his legs and shoved my thumb in his asshole. He wriggled his butt to help me find his love nut.

"Ohh, fuck, yeah! You found it! I love that!" he moaned, tossing his head back. He loved it a lot. He rode my thumb hard as he fucked my mouth and brought himself off. He held my head in a vise as he fucked my throat brutally. He froze with his cock lodged deep in my throat. I kept massaging his prostate with my thumb and seconds later he was belching rope-like spurts of cum down my throat. He was oblivious to my choking till he was finished, then he eased his cock back and saw the tears in my eyes.

"Fuck, man, I got carried away. Sorry."

"It's okay. Except you damn near drowned me. But I'm not complaining."

"You want payback? You can drown me," he said.

"No, but I was hoping to get that load in my ass," I told him.

He was visibly surprised. "You want me to fuck you? Hell, yeah!" He was quick to accommodate me. His cock had barely dipped and the mention of fucking brought it back to life almost instantly. He pulled me down on the bed and brought my legs up on his shoulders.

"I've got a lot of moves, just tell me how you like it best," he said as he eased his cock inside me.

"Ohhh, fuck, Colby, any way you wanta do it," I moaned. He felt so good, and the fact that he was a smooth, horny, muscular teenager made it all the better. And yeah, he had moves! He fucked me crazy. He didn't last as long as I expected, being his second time, but he gave me a hard, wild fuck with the exuberance that only a teenager has, and he gave me his second load in my ass. I couldn't feel his cum but I experienced the unmistakable act itself. His big cock bolted inside me and he went into convulsions; it was like an earthquake.

As we were resting he asked me if I thought Jason would be interested in having sex with him. I told him most definitely. What about a three-way? I assured him we would both be up for that.

Jason was going to be so surprised.

"He must be a fuckin' animal in bed," he said.

"He's got some pretty awesome moves," I said. "Tell me, have you done this with any of the boys?"

"Do you want a list?" he joked.

"I presume with Braden, or Nolan?"

"Both. Braden and I were having sex before we came here. And Jordan and Jacob," he added.

"I had no idea. I never heard or saw anything," I said.

He laughed. "We kept quiet. And there was plenty of other opportunity besides in bed. Back in the woods, in the barn, up in the hayloft." He laughed again. "Hell, even on the school bus."

"On the school bus!"

"Yeah, during the winter months it's dark. We never fucked though, at least not that I know of. We just knelt down between the seats and gave each other blowjobs. Great way to start the school day."

"I can imagine. What about Blackburn?" I asked.

"You mean when he took us along to his motel to pick up his bag? No. I think there could've been. There was some horseplay and wrestling around on the bed, and some serious grab ass but Blackburn ended it before it got that far. Can I ask you something now?"

"Of course."

"Have you or Jason done anything with any of the other boys?"

"No. Not for lack of wanting to," I said.

"Shame, 'cause I know they'd like to. They think you're both hot. How come you decided to make it with me?"

"You made that decision for me."

"So all they gotta do is come on to you?" he said. "I'll tell 'em," he added, laughing.

"I didn't say that. Don't tell them that."

"You know what would be fun? Have an orgy. You and Jason, me, Nolan, Jordan, Braden and Jacob all naked in a heap. Fuck man, all this talk is making me horny again," he said squeezing his cock.

"Breathing air makes you horny," I said.

Between intermittent, napping rest periods, we had sex till we heard the truck pull in. I glanced at the clock on the night stand as I got up and went to the window.

"Huh. He's by himself, I wonder where Braden is."

The phone rang just as I heard Jason coming into the house. I picked it up but didn't speak; Jason had already answered it.

"Uncle Jason, this is Braden. I just wanted to let you guys know I'm spending the night in town with a friend from work."

"Okay, stud, have fun," Jason said.

"It's not that kind of stay-over, he's just a friend," Braden said, laughing.

"They always start out as friends," Jason said, laughing as he hung up.

We heard Jason come upstairs quietly as he could, then heard him showering. We pretended to be asleep when he came in.

"Well, well," he said quietly as he crawled into bed on the other side with Colby in between us.

We came awake from our pretended sleep.

"I see I've been missing out on something. When did this start?" he asked.

"Just tonight," I said.

"About damn time. Come here you sexy little fucker," he said, hugging Colby against him.

"Your sexy is on the other side of me," Colby said. "You should see the shorts he's wearing."

"I'll see 'em when I take 'em off of him. Where's your shorts?" he asked as he manhandled Colby's manhood.

"I don't know, they came off a long time ago."

Colby was insatiable. Jason and I took turns fucking him, at his request. Then he reminded me that I'd said he could fuck me. Gladly. And that was the best of all, Colby fucking me while Jason fucked Colby. It was in the wee hours of the morning when Colby went quietly back to his own room. We didn't want the other boys to discover us in bed together. Jason and I lay wide awake.

"So, the time has come," he said quietly.

"Apparently so," I said. "By the way, he initiated it."

"You don't have to explain yourself."

"I do, on that account."

"He the first one?"


"Word gets out, he won't be the last," Jason said.

"The boys think we're hot."

"Which boys?" he asked.

"Braden, Nolan, Jacob, Jordan."

"Will Colby tell them about this, do you think?"

"I told him not to, but I'm sure he'll let them know somehow."

"I'm surprised and I'm not," he said. "Braden called to say he was staying over with a friend. Just a friend, he insisted."

"I doubt it too. Braden and Colby were having sex together before they arrived here."

He rolled over against me and threw an arm and leg over me. "Are we gonna be up to this; two old codgers trying to handle five horny teenagers?"

"Colby didn't sound like it was an old codger fucking him." I said.

We didn't know how Colby informed them but over the next few weeks we connected with the other boys. In each case they initiated it. We'd agreed it would be that way; if they wanted it, they would have to come after it. Our lives turned into pure bliss. It was sex at nearly every turn; secretly and quietly in our bedroom, in the horse stall, in the hayloft, back in the woods, in the pickup, front seat and in the bed. We even went horseback riding....bareback, in more ways than one. I was amazed at their stamina; I guess I'd forgotten how it was to be a teenager. They came to us in pairs and three's and we took them on. No one ever complained about being unsatisfied, least of all us. We were never sure who arranged it but one of the boys arranged for Little George-he was not so little anymore-and Adam to stay over with someone. That night-all night-the six of us had unbridled sex in our bedroom. A whole new world had opened up for us.

Chapter One-Hundred-Nine

Devon Home On Leave

As told by Brad

We didn't realize that Devon and Kyle had been talking about going back to Vietnam. It was Jake's idea that they go; if Devon could get leave, he and Kyle could fly to Korea where Jake was stationed and the two brothers could travel south to Vietnam. Jake, of course, longed to see Devon, but he would stay back and let the two brothers make the journey by themselves. But Devon, still under military rule, was unable to get permission to make the trip. They would have to wait till his time was up in Germany.

Devon's return home was an emotional time. I had never seen Jason so emotional. Devon had asked Kyle to pick him up at the bus station; he wanted to see his Dad and me as he'd left us, at home in our natural habitat. Jason was on pins and needles waiting for them to get home. He paced the floor and paced out on the porch. He paced in the yard. He looked at his watch as he drank half cups of coffee. He was standing at the kitchen door when his pickup turned into the lane but he didn't go out. He seemed to freeze.

"God, it's been so long," he whispered.

The two boys got out of the truck and Kyle grabbed Devon's duffle bag out of the back. When he fumbled it, Devon laughed and took it from him and tossed it onto his shoulder as if it was nothing. When he came toward the house Jason went out. Devon was all smiles. As his dad approached him he let the duffle bag to the ground and the two men embraced for a very long time. Then I knew why; Jason was crying and he couldn't let go.

They finally parted and came toward the house; Kyle picked up the duffle bag. I couldn't believe how Devon had developed. He looked so much bigger than when he left. Inside, it was my turn to hold onto Devon and shed a few tears of joy. I poured more coffee and we sat around the table and talked. There was so much to say, so many questions.

"Where are all the rug rats?" Devon asked.

Kyle laughed. "They're not rug rats anymore. Wait till you see them."

There was the usual mundane conversation, about his flight home and the like then Jason fired off a barrage of questions about his stay in Germany. But Devon was more interested in our lives with the boys. After a while there was an awkward pause when everybody looked all around at each other, each of us, it seemed, waiting for the other to speak.

"Shall we tell them?" Kyle asked.

"Good a time as any," Devon said.

"What?" Jason asked. He looked fearfully anxious.

They told us about their plans to go back to Vietnam; and asked us if we wanted to go with them. It set us both back in our seats, not that they were going--we always expected they would someday and we had kept all four of our passports up to date--but the idea that Jason and I would go back with them. All we could do was look at each other for a moment.

"I think we'll need to think that over," Jason said before I could say anything.

"You'll have plenty of time to think it over," Devon said. "I have to go out west for some more training then we'll go from there."

"Where will you be stationed next?" Jason asked.

"California, at the Marine Warfare Training Center. It's mountain training, in the Toiyabe National Forest. I learned to ski in the Alps, now all I have to do is learn to shoot at the same time." He smiled. "It's right on the border with Nevada so it'll be a good excuse for you guys to come out to California and go to Las Vegas."

I saw the worried look on Jason's face and I understood. It was a warfare training center. They were planning for something big. But neither of us said anything.

Jason kept pumping Devon for more about his time in Germany, as did Kyle. He told of some of the places he'd visited in Europe and said he had pictures but he didn't elaborate with a lot of details that we were waiting to hear, specifically about Blackburn. Finally, Jason brought it up.

"We heard you met up with one of Brad's old trainers; a guy named Blackburn."

He reared back with surprise. "You know Sgt. Blackburn!"

"Yeah, he was one of my instructors. He dropped by for a visit He's CWO Blackburn now."

"Wow! Small world."

"I'm curious if his training techniques have changed any," Jason said.

"I don't know how he was before but I can say he's smart and he's tough. He commanded respect."

"Yes, that's how I remember him," I said. "Nobody fucked with him."

"Not the way he was built," Devon said. "He had muscles in his shit."

"That's more or less what he said about you," Jason said.

"Oh, really." Suddenly he started turning a reddish glow under his natural olive skin. "You know, don't you," he said.

"He told me some stories but we would like to hear it from you and see if the stories jive," Jason said.

"Look, I got to know Blackburn pretty well," I said, "So nothing you tell us going to surprise me."

"If you got to know him as well as I did, then you already know the story. There's probably not much more I could add," Devon said. "But why don't you tell me what you know and I'll fill in the blanks."

"Well, he said he was in Germany helping with some kind of training....."

"Actually he was humping the maneuvers, I think he was in on the planning," Devon interrupted.

"So you met in a bar where you were having a good time with your buddies--he said you were grabbing a lot of attention--and he asked you how big your arms are. Are your arms really nineteen inches?"

"I don't know. I told him I thought mine were about as big as his and he said his were nineteen inches so I want with that."

"Remind me to measure them," Jason said.

"We had a couple of beers but I didn't see him again till we were actually on maneuvers and he was out there. He said he'd been back to the bar but never saw me. I was sort of flattered that he would go looking for me like that."

"You discovered some contraband booze when your guys were unloading a truck?"

"Yeah," he said, laughing. I confiscated a bottle and gave it to him real quick. I couldn't be caught with it. I asked him if he would bring it to my tent later, we would share it."

"Did he?"

"Yeah. I didn't know if he would, but he did. I was a little surprised; he could've just kept the bottle for himself. We'd finished off the bourbon and we were talking about rank and I told him I was looking forward to making Sergeant so I could have his privileges. I was kidding him about getting to go back to the barracks to a hot shower, clean sheets and a hot meal. He said it wasn't all it was cracked up to be and he said after the bourbon he could get a good night's sleep anywhere. I asked him if he wanted to stay in my tent. It was a two man tent; I just didn't have a sleep buddy, so there was an extra air mattress and sleeping bag."

"So he stayed?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think he wanted to prove he could be just like the rest of us. I asked him it would be considered fraternizing 'cause he outranked me but he waved that off, said we all looked the same without our clothes."

"I'd told him about my brother, and about my buddy Jake who was also in the Marines and he wanted to know more about them. So I told him about meeting Jake at football camp. You can probably tell when I talk about Jake I don't always think straight and he figured it out when I mentioned about us getting real tight that week at camp. I remember he said the damnedest thing....he said, 'That happens in sports and in the military,' and I was pretty sure he'd figured me out so I sort of opened up and started talking about us. We were still dancing around the issue but I was getting more and more sure of him, and the more I talked the more questions he asked and I suddenly found myself spilling everything."

"You told him everything?" I asked.

"I told him we had sex. All of a sudden I didn't care. I wanted him to know--he was so fuckin' hot--and I finally blurted it out that I was hoping for permission to go down on him. As you can imagine, that destroyed any inhibitions that were left."

"So did you?....Go down on him?" Jason asked.

"Oh, yeah. He was fine and everything was going along just as I'd hoped, then he gave me the shock of my life. He asked me if I wanted to fuck him. Duh!! Has a goat got an ass? Hell yeah! But don't ask me to tell you all the details, I couldn't begin to describe it and do it justice."

"What about Alex?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, tell us about Alex," I chimed in.

"I don't remember anyone named Alex," Devon said with a frown.

"Oh, we got the impression he was a buddy of yours," I said.

"Alex....I think he was a PFC....and a taxi....?"

"Oh yea, Alex," he said, laughing. "We were buddies at the time but we never stayed in touch. Hell, I'd forgotten about that. Blackburn set that up. He hit on him in a bar and later we all shared a cab. Blackburn handed the driver some money and told him to drive, didn't tell him anywhere to go and that pretty much set the tone for me. Next thing I know we're making out right there in the back seat of the cab."

"Alex was sort of uneasy, being a PFC with a corporal and a sergeant. But he got over it real quick when he realized it was US making out with him. Fuck, he had a big cock. He was a virgin with guys. We drove around for quite a while and things were getting hot and heavy, and Blackburn let it slip that I liked to get fucked. I know he did it on purpose. Anyway, fucking was out there now but then Blackburn was running out of money. So the cab driver drove out of town and parked down a narrow road so we didn't have to stop, and he could watch."

"We all piled out of the cab, naked, and before I knew it, PFC Alex had me bent over the truck and was drilling me a new asshole. Godd, he could fuck! And he was so damned thick. Man, I was trying not to walk funny when I got back to the barracks." He looked at us with a little smirk. "That about do it?" he asked.

"Except for the part about renting an apartment," Jason said.

"Aww, man, there's just too damn much to tell. I don't wanta waste our time on that."

"Damn, you make me wanta go talk to a recruiter," Kyle said.

"You stay right where you are, in college," Devon said. "We don't want the family to be all brawn and no brains. Come on, let's go have a beer."

"Before you go......" Jason went to a drawer and came back with a tape measure. "Give me your arm," he told Devon.

"This is embarrassing," Devon said as he flexed his right arm.

"Holy shit!" Kyle exclaimed.

"Eighteen and a quarter," Jason announced proudly. "You're awesome, Son."

The two boys left to have a beer, leaving Jason and me basking in his return.

"Listen, I'm sleeping on the couch tonight," Jason said, with a smile when he saw my bewildered look. "Do you remember when you told me about getting vibes from Devon?"

"Yeah," I said, still confused.

"If he's still sending out vibes, you don't need to show restraint anymore. You didn't need to back then, but definitely not now."

"I appreciate that, Jason, but I haven't felt any vibes from him," I said.

"You might when he sees I'm on the couch."

"I can't believe you're setting us up," I said.

"Not that, I'm just creating an opportunity," he said.

I was tingly at the thought of taking advantage of that opportunity. It was strange, going to bed alone with Jason in the house, and it left me lying in bed wondering if anything would come of it. I thought Kyle and Devon would want to spend as much time together as possible. I reached over and turned the lamp down another notch, then lay and gazed at the door that Jason told me to leave open part way. That's when I noticed a note taped to the door. I got up to check it out.

"Well, son-of-a-bitch," I swore softly. It was Jason's printing in big, bold letters; "Devon, Welcome Home."

I dozed off a couple of times and finally went to sleep. I came awake with the drowsy awareness that there was someone in the room. I opened my eyes to see Devon peeling his polo shirt off over his head. Godd, he was massive! I stirred and he saw I was awake.

"I took the welcome home note as an invitation. Tell me if I'm wrong," he said.

"You're not wrong," I said, sitting up. "Your dad put it there."

"We wondered what the hell when we saw him sleeping on the couch. We figured it out when we came up and sat the note on your door."

"What did Kyle think?" I asked.

"He smacked me on the butt and told me to sleep well."

"I expected the two of you to spend your time together."

"We'll have our time. Right now I wanta collect on those vibes I was sending out before."

"I didn't feel any vibes from you this time," I said.

"Are you feeling them now?" he asked cockily as he undid his belt and fly.

"More like I'm being stalked," I joked.

"You are."

"I can't believe what I'm seeing," I said as he pulled his jeans off and kicked them aside.

"So if I'd looked like this back then.....?" he asked as he climbed into bed.

"It's better now when I don't have to exercise restraint," I said. As he was lying down I pressed my hand against the hard plate of his stomach. "Talk about abs to die for! How did you develop your stomach like this?"

"Under Jake's tutelage. His body is the benchmark. Then I just kept doing what he taught me. Of course the Marines helped but I doubled my efforts because I wanted to live up to his expectations."

"I really don't think he had those expectations; they were yours," I said as I ran my hand over his upper body.

"But he instilled them in me," he said.

"No inhibitions, no pretenses, I'm a big boy now," he said as he wrapped an arm and a leg around me and pulled me into a tight embrace, followed by a hard and passionate man kiss.

The emotion behind it took my breath away. It was like being transported into a dream that I had dared not have; at last in a sexual embrace with this muscular teenager turned Marine.

"Godd, you've got muscles bulging all over the place."

"It makes me feel good, and proud, to hear you say that. You and Dad were my first inspiration, Kyle's, too."

I reached down between us, sliding my and over his rock hard abs again to grasp his cock. It was so thick and meaty; a real man's cock. "Did I inspire this?" I asked.

"You inspired the condition it's in," he said. "You know I love you, Brad. You're like my second dad. So this is not all about sex; I want you to know that. I wanta fuck you so bad, but I want it to feel like I'm making love to you."

"I don't think we could separate the two if we tried," I said.

"That was sort of a request, so is that a yes?" he said with a big grin.

"I think if I said no, I would get raped," I joked.

"I'm so fuckin' hot for you right now, you might get raped anyway. I've thought about this, and actually, I wanta fuck you twice," he said. "First time to get the sex out of the way, then I want to make love to you."

He was playing with my ass, squeezing the muscles and sliding a wetted finger along the crack. "Ah, yes," he murmured when he felt the lube. He used it to massage my hole and probe through. His fingers were thick and strong and I cried out when he found my love nut. "Yeah, you're mine," he said as he used two fingers. He wasn't gentle. He added a third finger and probed and twisted and gouged my ass to open me up. All the while he was smothering me with kisses.

"Godd, this is going to be so good," he whispered as he came on top of me. I brought my legs up and he pushed them against my chest. Looking down he said, "Fuck, man, your ass looks good enough to eat."

"The lube is edible," I said.

"You think of everything," he said as he bent down and buried his face in my spread butt.

He began flicking his tongue at my hole like a darting snake, sending eddies of excitement all through me. "You're nice and open," he said as he flattened his hands around my butt and spread it wider.

I could feel the air wafting through my hole.

"I can see inside you. I think your asshole's flirting with me," he said.

"It's begging," I told him.

He laughed then shoved his thumbs inside me stretched my hole open wider. "Better put the pillow over your face, I'm gonna tongue rape you," he warned.

I'd barely grabbed the pillow before his tongue was driving deep inside my ass, licking, lavering the delicate lining, fucking me, driving me crazy. I cried out in the pillow and I could tell Devon was laughing. "OhMyGodd.... OhMyGodd.... OhhMyGodd.... OhhMyGodd...."

I jerked the pillow aside. "Oh, Godd, Devon, fuck me! I can't stand this! I want your cock!"

"Coming right up," he said as he hunkered over me and the next instant he was impaling me on his big, thick cock, all the way in.

"OHHHHhhhhh!" I groaned. "Oh Godd, it's in so deep!"

"You said you wanted my cock, I assumed you wanted all of it," he said, holding me tight. I could feel him purposely causing his cock to throb and it sent waves of pleasure through me.

I couldn't recall when I'd been so overwhelmed with sex. Something about this boy-man Marine humbled me. He held me for a long time, his hard muscles pressed against me.

"You know, when you're a teenager growing into a man and you don't know when it's gonna happen--actually be a man-and you think when you're big enough and strong enough to dominate your dad, that's when you're a man. That's what I used to think. But now that I am a man, none of that's important. Don't get me wrong, I like this domination position but it's not about domination; it's about love and respect and admiring your dad as a man. I know it's sorta mixed up but that's how I feel about you, Brad."

"I understand the mixed up feelings," I said. "We brought you here as a little boy, and that little boy will always be tucked away in the recesses of my mind. And now I've got this hot, muscle-stud Marine on top of me that used to be that little boy, with his big cock throbbing deep inside of me....It's hard to get my head wrapped around it."

"Well, it's good we understand each other," he said as he slowly withdrew to the head then eased his cock back in. "I'm gonna fuck you now. I don't know if it's gonna be hard and rough or easy loving, or if it's gonna be two times or a dozen times, I'm just want it to be mind boggling sex that we never forget."

"Are you capable of anything but mind boggling sex?" I chided him. Then, "Ohhhh....Ohhh, Devon, that feels so incredible," I moaned. "Godd, yes....fuck me.....however you want....just don't shortchange yourself in the process."

"Whatever you're feeling, Brad, I'm feeling. And more, 'cause I'm thanking my dad for setting this up for us, and I'm honored and humbled to be plowing in where my dad's been plowing for so long. I'm glad you brought him around, Brad."

"What do you mean, brought him around? It was his idea to sleep on the couch."

"No, I mean back in the beginning....back in Vietnam, when you made him love you."

"I didn't bring him around. He came around all on his own."

"I don't think he would say that. I think he would say you made it impossible not to love you."

"Sounds romantic, but it doesn't sound like Jason," I said.

He didn't talk after that. I would've like to hear more of his deep feelings that were suddenly surfacing but I was happy with the gentle quiet of our breathing and soft moans and the slick, wet sounds of flesh penetrating flesh. It wasn't rough but he drove home his man love in hard, thrusting terms. I returned the favor. It would be hard tell how many times we fucked each other, or if it was one continuous fuck exchange.

Devon's time was up all too soon and he had to head on to California Jason was still worried-we both were-but we never spoke of it We didn't hear from him for a long time and that worried Jason more. Finally, we got a short note.


Communications will be short and sweet; no time for ourselves. You know that drill, Dad. I would very much like for you guys to come out this way. I might not be able to spend much time with you but that doesn't mean you can't come out and enjoy sunny California. San Diego is an incredible place-lots of Marine eye candy. I was able to visit there for a couple of days before training started. And it'd be fun for you to go back to where you took SEAL training. I heard some guys talking about Palm Springs, apparently a real hot spot in the desert. Never went there but hope to when this training is over. If you go there, let me know what it's like, and what to expect. Please consider it. I don't care if we only get an hour together, it'd be worth it to me.

Closing for now.

Love you both.


We wanted to go but weren't at all sure about leaving the boys at home to fend for themselves. It was horrifying to think of all the trouble they could get into. When we mentioned it their excitement was unlimited, I thought not because we would be getting away, but that they would be left alone. They were disappointed at our reluctance.

"We can manage by ourselves," Jacob said. Colby and Braden will keep us in line."

"I don't know," I said, shaking my head. "Can we trust you? I mean, really, considering all the trouble you've been in."

"We won't get in trouble," Nolan said solemnly. "That's a promise.

Of all people to speak, I thought.

"I don't know, we'll have to think about it.

For the next several weeks the boys seemed dead set on proving that they could be self-sufficient and trusted. Chores were done on time without any prompting from us. They got up and got themselves ready for school without us saying a word. They pitched in to help with meals and jumped right into cleaning up and doing dishes. It was almost amusing. One night at supper we let them know that we'd caught on to what they were doing.

"Look, guys, we know what you're doing. We know you can take care of yourselves. We don't know if we can trust you to stay out of trouble."

Jacob got up and went into the living room and came back with the Bible.

"Everybody, hands on the Bible, now," he said. "Now repeat after me. I do promise and solemnly swear....that I will not get in trouble....while Uncle Brad and Uncle Jason are gone. So help me God."

It was sort of cute, and they convinced us of their sincerity. We went to California. We wrote Devon that we were coming. He was elated, but he couldn't give us a definite time that we might visit him. We had planned on staying at the del Coronado Hotel. I had seen and admired the grand old lady when I was in SEAL training but staying there was way above my pay grade at the time. We were going to splurge. Devon fired a note back saying the Del was super first class but then he recommended the Navy Lodge as an alternative; he thought we would fit right in, and we would likely get preferential treatment if we showed our military ID. We reluctantly switched our reservations.

We flew to San Diego and rented a car; a convertible; neither of us had ever driven a convertible before. I was still having misgivings about not staying at the Del, especially when I saw it again, but Brad pointed out that we could still try to get a room there if the Navy Lodge didn't suit us. It did; in spades, and we sent Devon a note with the address and phone number where he could reach us.

The place was perfect; oversized room with an equally oversized bed, kitchen, oceanfront with a great view, even a furnished open deck. I felt right at home. It was like an octagonal porch with all the windows open. I stepped out to smell the ocean. It was intoxicating.

Brad remarked about the bed, "Damn, I've never seen such a big bed. It's big enough to hold an entire platoon."

"And it probably has," I said.

"Are you trying to tell me something?" he asked.

"No, I never stayed here; never had that much free time. But there's a lot of Navy here that's not in SEAL training, I'm sure a lot of them put it to good use."

The whole atmosphere was greatly conducive to sex and we took full advantage of it. We even slept and had sex out on the open deck. We were high enough up that we couldn't be seen but if anyone had been walking along the beach they could've probably heard us.

We'd been there for two days and after one particularly rousing bout of fucking, Brad remarked that I had not once mentioned going back to where I'd taken SEAL training.

"I will; I'm working up to it," I said.

I could tell Brad didn't understand but he left me to it. When I did decide to go the next day he asked me if I wanted him to along. Of course I did.

I reported in, showed my ID, told them when I was there and asked if I could have a look around. The youngish, muscular sergeant nodded and stood up.

"I'll escort you myself."

It was good to be back but not as nostalgic as I'd expected. When we were shown to the dive pool I laughed, shaking my head

"Brings back memories?" the sergeant said

"Yeah, and not all good ones," I said

"That's probably a universal feeling," he said. "But the bad ones were probably the most beneficial."

"I'm not going to argue that," I said. I turned to Brad. "They blindfolded us, bound our hands and feet and threw us in.

"I don't think I would have any good memories of that either," Brad said

The sergeant asked, "Was there any part of the training that you didn't use?"

I looked at him, right into his dark blue eyes. "Not one damn thing. Most of it subconsciously but it was there to draw on."

"You remembered the lesson on how to handle pain," he said

"Only too well. Face it and pile on more pain," I said.

Brad laughed. "So that's the reason you're not afraid of anything. He's not, you know," he said to the sergeant. "He would wrestle the devil himself and probably win."

"No probably about it," the sergeant said.

I laughed. "There were never any probabilities in BUD/s."

"Where'd you bunk?" the sergeant asked, motioning to the sleeping quarters.

Walking into the barracks was like coming home. I found my room and damned if the place didn't wrap itself around me. It was occupied but there was no one there at the time. I looked around, absorbing the smell of the place then walked out. It was enough; I'd had my fill.

"Well, I won't take up any more of your time, Sergeant. Thanks for the tour."

"Thanks for the privilege," he said.

We walked quietly back to the car. I felt like Brad was expecting me to say something but I didn't have anything to say except I was glad I'd come.

We spent leisurely time swimming and lying out on the beach. There was some great eye candy roaming around the beach, mostly clad in Speedos or other skimpy suits. It was obvious by the haircuts, the air of confidence and their healthy looks that they were mostly military.

It dawned on me that I'd seen this one guy every day in the same spot only a few yards from our deck. He was always by himself and spent a lot of his time basking in the sun or gazing out at the ocean and other times I would see him writing in a journal. He was long and lean but well-muscled with a tight-as-a-drum body. He looked awfully young; I wasn't sure if he was military or a high school kid.

One time Brad had gone back to the room to start a light supper while I did some serious power swimming in the ocean. As I was walking back to our room I paused alongside the kid and asked, "Hey, are you paying rent on that space?"

He smiled.

"I'm in the room with the deck," I said, motioning to the open deck.

"This is where a lot of the older guys stay when they come back," he said. "I don't mean to imply that you're old, but I think you are probably retired."

"No offense taken. Not retired, just out. I've noticed this is where you always hang out."

"Does it bother you that I'm so close?" he asked.

"No, no, not at all," said.

"I like this stretch of the beach. I have such great respect for those men. That includes you and your buddy."


"I would like very much to talk to you about your service if you would."

"Is that a school assignment I see you working on?"

"No, it's sort of a journal. Mostly, notes, actually; impressions of guys I see or meet. I hope to write some stories. I've got some outlines started."

"Tell-alls, huh?"

"No, no. I don't use real names. I keep a list of guys' real names along with a short bio so I remember who they are but then I assign pseudonyms to protect their identity."

"You sound serious about this," I said.

"I am. So would you ask your buddy and consider talking to me?"

"What's your name?"


"We'll think about it, Charlie."

As told by Brad

We were sitting out on the deck with cold beers and watching the ocean and the sea gulls and the eye candy. The breeze coming in off the ocean was taking on a chill as the sun slipped lower. I'd never seen so many hot looking men in my life.

"There's some mighty fine manhood romping along this beach."
I remarked. "We could probably hook up with somebody if we put ourselves out there."

Jason had picked up the phone book and was flipping through the Yellow Pages, marveling at the size of the directory. Suddenly he stopped and spread the phone book out on the coffee table in front of us and flipped several pages back and forth.

"They're advertising escorts in the Yellow Pages, female and male," he exclaimed. "And all-male spas and health clubs, even as far as Palm Spring and Palm Desert."

"Find anything interesting?" I asked.

"Damn, look at this one! It's even got a picture. And listen to this: There's a lot to like about me. Reasonably good looking former Marine, 6-3, 240 pounds, all muscle, with enough of that muscle-weight in the right place to satisfy. Likeable straight but I can be gay for pay. $200 first hour, $150 next hours. This ex-Marine delivers. I come with a promise of satisfaction. Out calls only. Want two of us? I have a buddy. Call 619.... Fuck, I think I'll call this stud, what do you think?"

I studied the photo. The guy wasn't lying; there was a lot to like about him. He was a god. "If you think you can handle him," I joked.

We talked about going to Palm Springs. Interesting as it sounded, we had not yet heard from Devon and we wanted to be on hand when he contacted us.

We decided to do the interview. Charlie was delighted. Jason told him in a most unique way. It was early afternoon and he went out on the deck to see if he there. He was, with his journal.

"Hey, Charlie, do you still wanta do that interview?"


"Come on up, then." He leaned out the window and extended his arm down, they locked hands to forearms and he pulled Charlie up through the window.

"Have a seat, Brad'll be out in a minute."

Charlie had quite an array of swim suits; he alternated every day. That day he had on a rather baggy, but not unattractive boxer suit. It was obvious he wasn't wearing a swimmer's jock underneath. Very obvious. I saw Jason noticing, too, and I wondered where he might take it.

Charlie had a well-organized list of questions for us, from our boyhood, when and why we'd decided to go in the military, thru basic training and beyond, then he got down to the nitty-gritty of war and the business of being a sniper. I was surprised how Jason opened up to him, and pleased that was able to. I could see emotions surfacing from time to time and I thought it might be good therapy. It was for me. At one point as the interview was winding down Jason commented on his swimsuit and asked him where he got it.

"There's a swim shop just down the street. You should check it out. They've got everything imaginable, from boardies to string bikinis. I hate boardies but I like something a little less revealing than a bikini."

"Pardon me for saying so but that one you've got on isn't concealing a whole hell of a lot a certain way you sit and when you walk it's banging the drum."

"Really! I thought....."

"Hey, I'm not complaining, just pointing out that it's not doing the job you were hoping for," Jason said.

Charlie stood and looked down at himself. "You're right...I never noticed."

"I doubt anybody's complaining," I put in. I'd noticed too the sizeable appendage visible beneath the loose fitting suit.

"We've embarrassed you," Jason said.

"No, not really....it's okay," the boy stammered.

"Looks okay to me. Looks real fine," Jason said, staring intently at the boy.

I saw Charlie's face flush as he obviously interpreted Jason's meaning.

"I would be lying if I said I didn't notice how both of you fill out your suits," he said. He flushed a little more. "I make notes about that in my outlines."

"Oh, really," Jason said, waving him closer. "Tell me, what're your stories about?"

"About Marines and Navy guys mostly, and how they meet, sometimes in basic training, or in SEAL training, or in combat, or on leave. All kinds of scenarios. How did you guys meet?"

"He tried to run me down with a Jeep," Jason said.

I laughed and said, "And he stopped it with his bare hands."

"We'll give you your story, Charlie, but....." Charlie was standing close and Jason reached out with his hand around the boy's thigh and pulled him closer. "First things first, okay?" he said as he groped a big hand full of Charlie's swim suit.

"Oh!" Charlie gasped.

"I don't know why you'd want to conceal this in the first place," Jason said as he groped and squeezed harder. "Shit, kid, I've been around a LOT of naked men and I don't remember ever seeing anything like what I'm feeling."

"I know I'm pretty big," Charlie said timidly.

"That's not pretty big, that's magnificent big."

He was thoroughly enjoying making this kid uncomfortable. He waved me over to have a look. I sat next to him, both of us now face to face with the front of Charlie's swimsuit. Jason gradually and steadily failed to surprise me but this was another display of boldness that I hadn't expected. Suddenly he started tugging the suit down. Charlie made a cursory grab but the waistband slipped from his fingers and he stood there looking down at his suit slowly being pulled down off his hips. The boy was thick and meaty with the bluish veins attributed more to older men as more and more of his cock was revealed. Jason pulled the suit nearly to his knees before the boy's cock swung gently to freedom. I stifled a gasp. He was gargantuan; easily ten inches long.

"Holy fuckin' shit!" Jason said laughing.

"It doesn't get much bigger," Charlie offered, sounding rather apologetic.

""Are you apologizing?" Jason asked. "Fuck, dude, it don't have to get any bigger as long as it gets hard," he declared.

"It does but it takes a little while," he said, almost apologetically.

"Wanta show us?" Jason asked.

"I could, I guess. But it'll take a minute."

"Take all the time you need," Jason said.

We sat and watched Charlie pull on his cock and stroke it. It began to expand in all directions and I was anxious and excited to see how big he would get. I was visualizing twelve inches or so. It was easily the biggest cock I'd ever seen hanging. I saw how intently Jason was watching, but my mouth was watering.

"Has this thing ever seen the inside of a pussy?" Jason asked.

"Yes, about two months ago. It was an older woman."

"Well, you'd wanta be mighty careful popping some young cherry with this, that's for sure. Were you cherry?"

"No, but I haven't had much sex with girls; they're scared when they see how big I am."

"So you switched to guys?" Jason asked.

"I wouldn't say I switched, exactly, but I have had more sex with guys. Guys aren't afraid of my size; in fact they get excited when the see how big I am. But it's mostly older men."

I couldn't take it any longer. I grasped the boy's hips and turned him squarely to me. "Let me help you with that," I said, then I leaned in and scooped up the head of his cock into my mouth.

"Ohhhh!....Ohhhhh!" he cried out.

He was huge but I was determined. I sucked his cock in till the head was pressing hard against the opening of my throat. Then I made a swallowing motion and pulled him into my throat. He gasped again and held onto my head and groaned and whinnied the whole time I was swallowing him. It was such an exhilarating feeling to pull the huge sausage-like meat deeper and deeper into my throat. His legs started shaking as I pressed my face hard into his pubes.

"My Godd, I don't believe this!" he whispered.

I heard Jason chuckle. I held him like that for a couple of minutes, thrilling to the steady pulsations that were filling his cock with more and more of his life blood. He'd said it didn't get much bigger but I could definitely feel it snaking deeper down my throat. I was anxious to see how big but I was in no rush to withdraw.

"Are you gonna give his cock back to him?" Jason asked me.

I had to withdraw then to keep from choking on my laughter. I stifled it so I could pull back slow and easy. I saw Jason's eyes bug out as more and more of the huge cock came into view. I was mesmerized myself, knowing that there was at least an equal amount of the boy's meat still buried in my throat.

"Well, holy fuck, how much more is there?" Jason said.

I eased back and the great cock swung up like a battering ram, not ram-rod hard but definitely bigger. I stuck with my original prediction of twelve inches and I could barely get my hand around it.

"Godd, it's magnificent," I said hoarsely.

"Now that is what I call a cock!" Jason declared as he wrapped his hand around it.

Suddenly the boy backed away from us, pulling up his swim suit. "We shouldn't be doing this," he said.

Jason and I sat there, baffled.

"I have certain principles," the boy continued as he grabbed up his journal.

I felt like shit. "Hey, I'm sorry. We didn't mean to compromise your principles," I said.

"No, no, it was my fault. I let you......"

"Really, we're sorry," Jason said.

"Thank you. Thank you so much....for everything." He seemed like a caged animal looking for an escape and I realized that he didn't know the way out since he'd come up through the window.

"Here, this way," I said as I showed him through the room to the door.

"Thanks again."

I went back to find Jason sitting there, drop-jawed.

"What the fuck...."

I was shaking my head. "I'll get us a beer."

I'd just returned with two cold beers when Charlie appeared again.

"I'm sorry I rushed out like that. I....I changed my mind, if I can. I wanta do it if you still do."

"First, tell us why you rushed out," Jason said.

"I was raised to believe that sex before marriage was wrong and sex with other boys was very, very wrong, and I've been trying to refrain but it feels so good to get my cock sucked and I'm not being very successful sticking to my principles. Especially with all the gorgeous military men all around. I can say that because I know I'm gay. I've wanted to have sex with those men so bad and for so long but like I said, it's always older men who want to suck my cock. The Marines and Navy guys all want their cocks sucked. I want to see what it's like to get my cock sucked by real men. I never had anything feel so wonderful and I'd like to finish it.....if you will."

I didn't know what to say, or do.

"I don't want to get you all fucked up in the head," I said.

"You won't, I promise. It's if you don't do it that my head's gonna be fucked up. I fucked that woman but it didn't feel anything like what you were doing. I don't know if I'll ever have the chance again....but if you don't want to....."

"I do," I cut in. "You have the biggest cock I've ever seen. It's magnificent and I would really like to show you, all the way."

"Oh, yes, that would be wonderful. I'm sorry I acted like such a baby."

The boy was so nervous he could hardly speak. Jason stood up and went around behind the boy and wrapped his muscular arms around him.

"Calm down," he whispered. "My buddy will take care of you, all the way to the end. I'll help him. Just relax. You okay?"

"Yes," he hissed, nodding his head.

"You sure?"


"Good. Let's get this suit off of you and lay you out on the couch."

I took my cue and pulled the boy's suit down. He lifted his feet for me to take it off of him. Then Jason guided him to the couch.

"Just lay back and relax," he told him.

I knelt beside the couch and lifted the massive cock up off his belly and tilted it my way to take it in my mouth. He whimpered with joy. Jason knelt beside me and began kissing his stomach and chest and sucking his nipples.

"Oh, God, nothing's ever felt this good in my whole life."

I pulled his rubbery meat into my throat like a python swallowing its prey. I pressed my chin into his balls that Jason was pushing up for me and I held him there to pulse and throb and expand. I wondered if he could actually reach into my stomach like a scope. Jason worked his way down to join me and began sucking the boy's balls. The huge cock was a novelty to me and I had a wonderful time with it. Jason listed the boy's right leg up and tilted his hips sideways so he could reach his butt. Charlie whimpered and lay his forearm across his eyes as Jason began rimming him.

I didn't suck the boy as much as I let him use my throat for his pleasure. He used me at various depths but the head of his cock never left my throat. If his cock ever got bone hard it didn't faze me; my gag reflex seemed to be turned off.

Jason had replaced his tongue with his finger and I felt Charlie's cock expand sharply in my throat and I knew he'd found the boy's prostate. While he finger fucked him he kissed his way back up his stomach and chest and was nuzzling his neck. Charlie wrapped his arm around his neck.

"How would you like to get fucked?" Jason whispered hoarsely.

I thought, Oh Shit, I didn't think the boy intended for things to go that far.

"Will it hurt?" he asked timidly.

"Maybe a little, at first," Jason said. "But you won't notice it much 'cause you'll be fucking my buddy's throat."

"All right, I trust you," he said after a brief hesitation.

I was worried the kid's "principles" would kick in and he would freak out again. I didn't realize it at the time but Jason had used the lube that we'd left out there. I never let go of Charlie's cock; or rather he didn't let it go. Jason tilted Charlie more onto his side and I had to crawl up on the couch to keep servicing the boy. Jason stood and positioned himself, ready to enter him. I held my breath, thinking this could turn into a total cluster fuck in an instant. He shoved in and I knew he'd penetrated him by the sudden groan and Charlie's body tightening; his cock also bolted in my throat.

I couldn't really gauge the entry but Charlie wasn't stopping him. I was proud of him for that. I gauged it then when Charlie and I were shoved harder across the couch and I knew Jason was all the way in. I knew, too, when he started fucking him, by Charlie's moaning. He was liking it! I was surprised that he'd taken to fucking like a duck to water but I guessed his principles didn't matter so much now. But I also wondered fleetingly if this might not be his first time; maybe he was putting us on. Whatever; it didn't matter. It wasn't a love fest; it was pure sex.

Maybe ten minutes into it I felt another sensation overtake Charlie's cock that was still gliding back and forth in my throat; a fluttering sort of pulsation, then the warmth of his cum being deposited deep in my throat. It was a new experience for me. I'd taken loads in my throat before, but not like this. Jason must have known that the kid had gone off but he kept fucking him and the steady thrusts kept Charlie's cock going as if he had not cum at all. Luckily, as for most guys who are exceptionally well hung, Charlie's cock never got steel hard so my throat wasn't getting sore. A few minutes later Jason was building up his head of steam; grunting and pounding Charlie's ass, pushing us harder against the back of the couch till my head was wedged in between the couch and Charlie's loins. Charlie groaned again and I knew he was feeling Jason's load shooting in him, and he might have had another orgasm himself, I wasn't sure.

There was a long aftermath before any of us moved; Jason had forced himself squarely on top of Charlie and I was in a twist under him. Finally, Jason pushed himself up and stood off the couch.

"Fuck, that was awesome," he said.

I eased Charlie onto his side and together we extracted his long, rubbery cock from my throat. I got a taste cum as the head of his cock dragged across my tongue. Charlie rolled onto his back, one leg fell over the edge of the couch and his enormous cock lolled over one thigh.

"Fuck, I still can't believe the size of that thing," Jason said as he reached down to pull Charlie to a sitting position. His cock literally lay out on the cushion.

I sat up beside him.

"That is one awesome cock," I said.

"I hope I didn't hurt your throat," he said.

"No, it was all good."

"How'd you like getting fucked?" Jason asked.

"I can't even begin to describe it. I just knew I wanted it after what you were doing with your fingers. I had no idea I had feelings like that in my ass."

"How about your principles?" I asked, for I was seriously concerned.

"Lies. All lies," he said. "I'm going to write about this."

Charlie got dressed and left and we didn't see him the next day or the next.

We still did not hear from Devon. Jason had not forgotten about the ad for the male escort. He called him and arranged for him to come to our room at two in the afternoon the next day. He said he knew the place and told Jason he would come by way of the beach. We sat out on the deck to wait for his arrival.

I spotted him first; or who I thought had to be him--Jason was searching the other direction. He was wearing a tiny, dull colored swim suit and nothing else. By tiny, it was little more than a pouch held up with a very narrow waist that clung to his hips. I didn't say anything till he was closer.

"Here he comes, I think."

Jason turned around.

"Fuck, I hope so," he said.

We got a better look at him and the swim suit as he came closer. It was a dull grayish-green with black piping, made of some kind of thin, stretch material that molded itself around his manhood. There was a lot of give to the material which allowed his manhood to shift beautifully as he walked. The weight pulled it down so that there was a line of hair above the top.

"If that's him, you got yourself a winner," I said.

"It's gonna be him whether it is or not. If he's not the one I called, well, I'm gonna drag his tight ass in here anyway. Geezuss he is built!"

I laughed. "Just the way you like 'em."

"Fuck, look at that suit he's got on. Looks like he was poured into it. Or it was poured over him."

When he was close enough to see us, he turned in our direction.

"Is one of you Jason?" he called out as he approached.

"Right here," Jason called back.

"Great!" he said as he came up to the side of the deck. "Okay if I just climb in?"

"Yeah." Jason put an arm down to help pull him up.

The guy was truly breath taking, especially the way the pouch of his suit jiggled and bounced then settled to become a sack supporting his manhood.

He seemed to have the same appreciation for us. "I'm Dan, and I think I'm glad you called," he said with a big smile as we all shook hands.

"I'm definitely glad I called," Jason said, eyeing the mighty bulge of his suit. "I've never seen a suit like that; it's awesome."

"It gets the job done," Dan said.

"With great effort, obviously," I said as I hefted the weight of the pouch in one hand. He was heavy and I was looking forward to what he had in there.

"You want a beer?" Jason asked.

"Sure, thanks."

Jason left and came back with three beers. We sprawled on the couch that went around half the deck under the windows. Not close but the way Dan sprawled, his legs laid apart, his knees touched ours and neither of us pulled away. The front of his swim suit rested on the couch.

"You guys military?" Dan asked.

"Marines," I said. "He's Navy and Marines."

"No shit," Dan said.

Jason said, "Your ad said ex-Marine. You know there's no such thing as an ex-Marine."

"I know. I put that in there to throw off the snoops. Ever since those guys got in trouble for making gay porn, the Marines is pretty sensitive about shit like that. Stating that you're a Marine, or SEAL or Navy, they take that as being active duty and I've heard of guys being set up. An ex, they don't bother, nothing they can do about it. Are you guys together, like in together?"

"Since we met in Vietnam," Jason replied.

"No wives or girlfriends, then."


I took it as long as I could, just looking at Dan. I reached down and cupped his manhood in my hand as I'd done before. He hunkered down further on the couch. Jason took my cue and started feeling his chest and stomach. He was really attracted to muscle; mine or anybody else's. He was still attracted to women but it was about equal now, between women and men.

After a couple of minutes I slid off the couch and got between his legs on my knees. I leaned in and buried my face in his crotch. He put his hand on the back of my head.

"There's a lot of meat in this pouch," I said as I began mouthing it. It was soaked in no time, and transparent. I could even make out the veins through the thin material. I wet it thoroughly before I rose up so Jason could see. In the process the suit had pulled down even more till the root of his cock was showing.

"Looking at that suit, I feel overdressed," Jason joked. He and I were both in our shorts.

I leaned down again and carefully took the suit in my teeth and tugged it way out and down then nuzzled my face in under his balls to leave his suit under them. His manhood tumbled out on my face. Jason took time out to take off his own shorts and I did the same. He reached down for Dan's cock and balls and held them up in my face but he went back to kissing all over his upper body. I knew that he would somehow have us in a position where he could go for Dan's ass, if I didn't beat him to it. I thought about vying for it but there was plenty of this man to go around.

Dan's cock was big and meaty with a network of bluish veins that gave his cock a macho edge that I loved. He was cut but there was enough left to form a slight collar. He was overflowing precum and I licked it up as fast as he produced it. He tasted wonderful and it made my mouth water for more. He looked to be about nine inches hard, thick enough to be a challenge, but I would take him. A cock this magnificent should not be denied anything.

"You said you could be gay for pay?

"I put that in there for a reason, too. I don't often get guys like you. So I put that in there in case I get a fat slob or a real swishy twink. They get their money's worth but if they want more, like for me to fuck them or reciprocate, it costs them more. If it's a really bad situation, I jack the price up out of sight."

"Do you ever still get a taker?"

"I did once. I told the guy it would be an extra thousand dollars to suck his cock and he paid it. The price has been higher ever since that debacle. God, it was awful."

"How much to be gay for us?" Jason asked.

"No extra charge. Getting guys like you is a blessing. Besides, you're Marines."

"In that case, why don't we get on the floor in a position where I can get to your ass. I'm hungry, and your ass is mouth-watering."

Dan didn't hesitate, I thought maybe because Jason had indicated that he wanted to rim him. I wondered how quickly he would've responded if he'd mentioned fucking him. I wasn't sure he would be that gay. I could be wrong.

Dan assisted in stretching me out on the floor and straddled me in a sixty-nine position, offering his ass up for Jason's pleasure. Can't say how happily surprised I was about that, to have the big stud go down on me. I was amazed how good he was and I didn't believe he got that way just from charging guys extra for blow jobs. There was something too intent in the way he did me. Jason devoured his ass, slobbering and moaning like a little pig at the trough. I saw him wetting his fingers and then heard Dan moan again.

I was wrong. It was nice to look up and see Jason's big cock come into view, aimed at Dan's ass. He set his cock and pushed in and I felt Dan's groan around my cock. The way he took Jason's thrusts and devoured my cock I wasn't so sure he was all that much "gay for pay." Especially when some time later he lifted his head and looked under his belly at me.

"Hey, Brad, do you wanta break from this and go back and help your buddy out with my ass?"

I didn't understand; it felt and looked like Jason was doing just fine on his own till Dan added, "Sometimes it takes two."

Holy shit, I thought, he wants us to double fuck him! Gay for pay, my ass! I didn't hesitate. I slid out from under him and went around to join Jason. Dan slumped down with his head and shoulders on the floor and Jason moved up onto his. I hunkered in and aimed my cock just under Jason's. It was a bit awkward but Dan's ass opened up nicely and received my hard inches. When we were firmly lodged and positioned the two of us began fucking him.

It was beautiful. We used our cocks as one, we fucked him in tandem; we fucked him hard, we fucked him easy. It as a roller coaster fuck that had Dan groaning and clawing the rug and begging for more and harder. Beads of sweat formed on the small of Jason's back and ran down his ass crack onto my cock. The sweat beading up on my forehead dripped onto Jason's back. We fucked him till my thighs screamed for relief. The pain was worse than anything I remembered going through as a green recruit in basic. But the intense pleasure fueled my lust and I fucked on.

The climax was a domino effect triple explosion. Jason went off first. He didn't announce it-none of us did-and I knew he was cumming only by the sudden bolting throb of his cock against mine followed by a series of pulsations that sent streams of hot semen into Dan's ass that washed back over my cock. He set me off but not before I felt Dan's ass muscles go crazy with fluttering squeezes around both our cocks followed by an incredible rectal massage that threatened to squeeze the life out of my cock. In the end we came together, my cock beating a rhythm to his quivering ass. The room rapidly took on the wonderful aroma of sweat and cum and it seared my nostrils like a drug.

I started to move first, struggling to keep the strength in my legs.

"Don't move off of me, I'll float away," Dan said in a weak whisper.

I pulled my cock free and Jason's came with it. Cum gushed out of Dan's ass and ran down his balls and the inside of his thighs. We staggered backwards and fell back on the couch.

"Fuck, I think I'm paralyzed," Dan moaned as he tried to move.

We didn't come to his aid; we let him struggle to push himself up and fall back on the couch between us. A path of cum trailed behind him.

"I have never been so thoroughly fucked," Dan said with weak, happy laughter.

"I've never been so thoroughly surprised," I said.

"Me either," Jason said.

"Why do you say that?" Dan asked.

"I thought you would offer your body to us but never anything like this. When you said gay for pay, I never expected you to reciprocate the way you did."

"Well, I don't want to disappoint you," he said. "If we can shower I'll revert to my macho top mode."

"I kinda liked the mode we were in," Jason joked.

Coming out of the shower we didn't dry off. I came out first and cleaned the cum off the floor and the couch then joined Jason and Dan going into the bedroom.

"Listen, about your fee," I said. "We've already used up the second hour."

Dan looked at his watch. "I think your watch is fast, my watch shows barely an hour."

For the next couple of hours Jason and I explored every inch of the Marine's body. He was a master at edging. Jason and I both got off with little more than muscle worship while he continued to hold back the goodies.

"Geezuss, man, what do we have to do to get a load out of you to share?" I complained.

"Why didn't you say you wanted my load," Dan said. He stood off the bed and told us to get on our hands and knees, butts facing him. He lubed us up, roughly, I thought, and plowed into Jason like a young stallion mounting his first mare. While he fucked Jason he fingered me. Then he switched to my ass and fucked me crazy while he fingered Jason. The guy had found his calling; he was a master cocksman. After about a half hour he said he was going to build up a head of steam to blow his load.

"When I give the word, you guys turn around here and get your payload."

By the time he gave the signal I thought I was going to explode from the intense pleasure he was pumping into me. I was dizzy just turning around to face him. Jason joined me and we were like two puppies, on our hands and knees facing him with our mouths open. He took a minute to jack his load up then he exploded, first on Jason's face, then mine. He aimed back and forth, splattering our faces intentionally between aiming into our mouths. I couldn't believe he could produce so much cum after just having shot a load a short time ago.

His legs were shaking as he stumbled back in the chair.

"I wanta see you guys lick up the mess I made on your faces," he said, sounding out of breath.

We would have probably done it anyway but having him ask for it made it more exciting. When we finished and sat on the edge of the bed he got up and came over to his, his cock in a tight fist.

"Been saving this for you, put your heads together," he said.

He loosened his grip on his cock and more cum came gushing out onto our tongues. He didn't have to ask; we joined together in a kiss and exchanged his cum back and forth till it was all swallowed.

"This has been incredible," Dan said as he shoved himself up out of the chair.

"Let me get your money," I said.

"I know you said you don't watch the clock, but my watch isn't slow," I said as I counted out the bills on the dresser.

"That's not necessary," he said as he pulled on his shirt.

"Maybe not necessary but well earned," Jason said.

"Thanks. And if you're ever in San Diego again, give me a call. First hour is free."

We were beginning our second week at the Navy Lodge when someone on staff delivered a letter to our room.


Finally time for a short note with some good news. We will have a half day free time on Wednesday. This before heading to another location which I can't divulge. There won't be any need to get a room, I will only have a few hours; we will be moving out Wednesday night. Can't wait to see you both. I've drawn a map, hope you can make it out.

Love you guys,


We checked out of Navy Lodge and headed north. We'd decided to drive to Palm Springs after seeing Devon and then head home so we wouldn't be needing the room.

Devon must have aced map drawing; his directions led us right to the gate of a non-descript compound with a guard shack manned by four armed guards. Non-descript but security was tight. One of the guards asked us our business and for our ID. The way he was scrutinizing us I wondered if he would let us pass. Then he handed our ID back and said he would get us an escort. One of the other guards made a quick phone call and another slapped a sticker on the windshield.

"This allows you to be in the area where the escort will take you, and only in that area. Do not drive anywhere else on your own. When you are ready to depart, have security call and you will be escorted back out of the compound. You can pull over there and wait for your escort."

I gave him a mock salute and pulled over. A couple of minutes later a very camouflaged Jeep pulled up in front of us and the driver waved for us to follow him. There was another Marine in the seat beside him riding shotgun and a third in the back seat behind a machine gun.

"These guys are serious about something," I said.

"Which makes me wonder all the more what Devon's training for," said Jason.

"It may be just that....training," I said.

They dropped us off at a Quonset hut with no markings.

"We'll be back to pick you up," the driver said.

The guy riding shotgun got out and escorted us to the door. Inside was a lounge of sorts, with rather uncomfortable looking chairs and couches arranged to offer some semblance of privacy, coffee tables with magazines on them, end tables with lamps, and a table with a coffee pot on it. A young corporal sat at a desk in the back of the room. We walked back and stated our business and he told us to have a seat, he would get Corporal Seaborne. We went back up front and sat down.

I watched Jason as we waited with his head down. He had one hand wrapped around the other, squeezing his knuckles. He glanced up at me.

"I'm not gonna lose it," he said emphatically.

"Here he is," I said when I saw Devon come in the rear door. He was a sight to behold the way he strode up to us, his bloused boots tromping on the board floor, his upper body fairly bulging out of his white t-shirt. He looked massive, even more so than the night in bed. He felt massive when he gave me a hard and tight hug after he'd hugged his dad.

"Damn, it's good to see you guys," he said as he waved for us to sit down and sat himself.

"You're looking good," I said.

"I feel great," he said.

"Looks like the training suits you," Jason said, a little less enthusiastic.

"So, how have you guys been? Did you see San Diego?"

"Very little, but what we saw was impressive," Jason said with a tight, knowing smile.

"I wanta hear about it," Devon said.

"Not here, not now," Jason said. "Time is too valuable. I wanta hear about you."

Devon leaned forward with his elbows on his knees, his big hands clasped. "There's not much I can tell you, Dad, except that the training is mind boggling and the instructors are awesome."

"Listen to 'em," Jason said.

"Oh, Dad, my mind is so open, it's like a sponge soaking stuff up. The more I learn the more I have to learn and the more I want to learn. I'm eating it up. There is no doubt I made the right decision leaving college."

"You're moving out tonight," I said.

He looked at his watch. "Less than two hours. Sorry I can't tell you where I'm going."

"We understand," Jason said.

"I will tell you this," he said, leaning closer. "We're training with some awesome guys from other countries. We're learning from them, they're learning from us. It's a tight bond. I don't know if the training comes close to what you had as a SEAL, or if the bond is as tight, but if the goddamned politicians would leave us alone we could take on and defeat any force in the world."

Jason smiled, glanced down then back up. "I'm so damned proud of you, Son."

Devon swallowed hard but he didn't tear up. "You don't know what that means to hear you say that. Those words, Dad, make it all worthwhile."

There was an awkward silence.

"So how's Kyle doing?" he asked me.

"You know Kyle. Always focused. He chose his path and wild horses couldn't pull him off of it," I replied.

"He makes the dean's list all the time," Jason put in proudly.

"And the rest of the boys? I can't believe you left them alone for two weeks," he said, laughing.

"We got a promise that nobody would get in trouble," I said.

"Made on the Bible," Jason said.

"Well, let's just hope the house is still standing when you get back."

"What do you hear from Jake?" I asked.

"Jake's good," Devon said, nodding and smiling. "He likes it over there, says it's good duty and he feels like they're doing something important."

"It's a fuckin' powder keg, that's what it is," Jason said. "Don't be surprised if you find your tight little ass over there."

"Man, that would be great!" Devon said.

I chuckled. "Yeah, I bet Jake wouldn't mind one bit having your tight little ass over there with him."

"I sure as hell wouldn't mind it," Devon said.

Just then the corporal came up from the back. "Sorry to interrupt," he said addressing Jason and me, then to Devon, "Your departure time has been moved up."

Devon gave him a mock salute and stood up. "Duty calls," he said. "But I know you guys understand." He pulled Jason into a tight hug then parted and held him at arms' length by his shoulders. "Dad I don't know if I ever told you how grateful I am that you took me out of that orphanage."

Oh shit, I thought, Jason's gonna lose it and he so did not want to do that. He quickly recovered and smacked Devon in his stomach.

"Hell, I didn't have much choice. Every time we came around to the orphanage you followed me around like a puppy. I couldn't shake you, I had to take you."

"You were my American hero," Devon said. "You still are."

Jason shook it off. I thought he was shaking off his emotions.

"You don't need a hero, Son."

"Well....." He turned to me and I pulled him into a hard, brief hug then he parted. "You guys take care. I'll see you when I see you. Tell Kyle hey, and the other boys." He gave a mock salute, turned and walked away.

We watched him traverse the length of the hut and disappear out the door. He never looked back. The corporal said he'd called our escort back to the gate.

Chapter One-Hundred-Ten

Side Trip to Palm Springs

Driving out of the compound we headed for Palm Springs. We would find a place to say and hopefully get a flight out the next day. It was a quiet drive for the first several miles, Jason in his own silence and me in mine. It was nearing dusk and the sun was low behind us.

"I'm sorry we didn't have more time with him," I said finally.

"We didn't have any time with him, really," he said. I looked around with a confused look. "You saw how he walked away without looking back. He was that way the whole time. His body was there with us but his head was somewhere else."

"I've seen that in you," I said

It was his turn to be confused.

"Back in the day, you could be fucking my eyeballs out-your body performing magnificently-but in your head you were off somewhere else already on your next mission."

"I never realized it," he said. "Those times with you were what kept me going; gave me purpose. If it hadn't been for you, Brad, there wouldn't have been the incentive to get back to some semblance of civilization. Without you to come back to, I could've stayed out, lived in the fuckin' jungle and kept right on killing."

"I wasn't complaining," I said.

Some ways down the highway I noticed Jason groping himself, at times rather vigorously.

"Perverted as it might sound, seeing that boy gave me a real jolt; turned me on."

"Somehow I think he would be flattered to know that," I said, laughing. Then, "You want me to do something about it?"

"Wouldn't mind you giving me a hand."

"I was thinking of more than that," I said with a smirk.

"Fuck yeah! Who not? I never had a blowjob driving down the highway in a convertible."

"Only because this is the first convertible you ever drove," I said I scooted closer to him in the seat. The desert nights were chilly and we'd both donned light jackets but had worn shorts. I found he'd undone the top buttons. I undid the rest and pulled the fly open. "Wanta raise up so I can get these off?"

He lifted his butt up out of the seat and I tugged the shorts and his briefs down to his knees. His cock was rising and I took hold of it to help it along. He was bone hard in about a mile and I leaned over and went down about half way.

"Ohhh, fuck!" he moaned softly, laying his right hand on the back of my head.

As I was sucking him I felt the car speed up and I cocked my head around without letting go to see he was passing a semi. Instinctively, I started to raise up but he switched hands and laid his right arm across my shoulders.

"Stay put," he said.

He drove past the semi, not too fast, so the driver would get a good look. Suddenly the guy blasted his horn and then he was yelling out his window. We couldn't hear what he was saying but I cocked my head around again enough to see he was laughing and giving us a thumbs up and waving us over. Jason passed him and sped on without stopping.

We did the same thing with a big delivery van where the driver was high enough to look down on us. Got a similar reaction except we could hear what that driver said out his window.... "Hey, can I have some? Pull over!" But we didn't stop.

I didn't exactly give Jason a blow job in the true sense of the word. Rather, I stretched across the seat with my head on his thigh and thoroughly enjoyed him for miles. He drove at a very modest rate of speed in order to extend the pleasure. I didn't get him off. I didn't intend to. I was thinking ahead, that if we checked into one of the places we'd read about he would have a good head of steam built up.

Driving into Palm Springs, the way it was lit up, I wondered if we'd made a wrong turn and ended up in Las Vegas. There was no shortage of places to stay. Driving along the street there were vacancy signs everywhere. Jason commented that there were so many motels he wondered what else the town offered that brought so many visitors.

Where we would stay was a spur of the moment decision; he simply turned in. It didn't look to be anything fancy but we were checked in by an impeccably dressed young man with a smile made brighter by his near sparkling teeth against a dark tan. By impeccably dressed; a starched white, sleeveless shirt that was cut off to show his perfect abs, and a bow tie, and black tuxedo pants.

Before he checked us in he told us, "So there is no misunderstanding, I would like to make you aware that we are a clothing-optional, all-male facility."

Jason and I looked at each other and shrugged.

"We're both military, we're used to all-male clothing-optional," I said.

"Wonderful. Enjoy your stay and if there is anything you need, just call the desk or speak to one of our attendants."

"Well, maybe we picked the right place," I said under my breath as we went back out to park the car and get our bags.

The place was deceiving; the ambience lay beyond the façade of the main entrance where the motel was arranged in a quadrangle around a large pool half hidden by lush plants with palm trees protruding majestically skyward. We went along the walkway under the second floor balcony and I noticed how dim the lighting overhead was. Despite the hour there were a few men in the pool. Inside there were two double beds, a small table and two chairs along with the standard dresser and huge mirror. On the nightstands were condoms and lube displayed on white hand towels embroidered with the words "Cum Rag."

"I see they think of everything," I said.

We'd barely gone inside when there was a knock at the door. I opened it there stood a gorgeous college-age hunk with a basket of fruit and a bottle of wine.

"Compliments of the management," he said.

"Well, thank you. We weren't expecting this," I said.

"We do everything we can to make your stay an enjoyable one," he said.

Jason had come to the door and we watched the boy walk away, his tight looking butt flexing in the skimpy black shorts which was all he wore.

"Damn!" Jason swore under his breath. "I wonder if he meant everything?"

"Thought you were tired," I said.

We didn't bother unpacking, but tossed our bags on the other bed and opened them. Jason was standing at the window looking out over the pool.

"Come here," he said. I went over beside him. "I never noticed before but take a look at the far end of the building, back in the shadows, up against the building."

"What am I looking at?"

Sure enough there were two guys barely visible right at the corner of the building in more than a casual embrace. It looked like one guy had the other one pinned against the building and they were kissing passionately and groping each other. They were naked.

"Oh, fuck, they're making out."

"Now at the far end of the pool, back in the bushes where the two short palm trees are sticking up."

Sure enough there were two guys mostly hidden by the bushes, one of them on his knees in front of the other; two silhouettes having sex.

"And the other end," Jason said.

Almost right down below us were two more men on a bench, one on his back with his legs up in the air and the other one rimming him. In the same sweep I saw two guys in the dark end of the pool, one humping the other. I didn't think they were fucking-that surely wasn't allowed in the pool-but they were doing the next best thing.

"I do believe we stopped at the right place," Jason said. "I think we oughta go for a walk, maybe take a swim."

"Thought you were tired," I joked again.

"This place is very rejuvenating," he said.

I was surprised when he dug out the gold and blue swimsuit he'd bought at the swim shop back in San Diego.

"It is clothing optional," I reminded him.

"Packaging. Anticipation!" he said.

So I dug out my new swim suit as well. It was Navy blue with a zipper down the front, concealed by a paired red and white stripe down the pouch. Jason's suit had snaps down both sides. We'd left San Diego before we had a chance to wear them.

"Damn!" Jason swore when he saw me in mine.

"Likewise," I said, and we stood together, admiring each other in the mirror.

"Let's go shake this place up a little," he said.

"Do you want to stick together or split up?" I asked.

"Whatever happens," he said.

We left the room and went into the pool area then walked in the direction of the bushes with the small palm trees. I heard someone whisper, "Oh, fuck, over here," but we walked on. We stopped at the end of the pool, just inside the growth of lush greenery, barely yards from where a man stood leaning back against one of the palms with the other man on his knees, sucking his cock.

The man standing saw us and waved us in. He put his arm out to welcome Jason closer while I stood back a little. Jason eagerly accepted his welcome; he ran his hand across the man's hairy chest. The man kneeling reached up for the front of Jason's swimsuit at the same time the other man slid his hand down the back.

"I don't usually let strange men get this familiar," Jason said. "What's your name."


"What's his name?"

"Blair. You're over dressed, you know," he said.

"I can see that."

"Want me to do something about that?" Kevin asked.

"If you think you can handle it," Jason said cockily.

"What's this? Snaps. Hey, I drive big rigs, I can handle a few snaps," he said. Then I heard the tiny sounds of the snaps being undone. My cock was bulging mightily against my own suit but I held back to enjoy the scene playing out.

"But can you handle what you're turning loose?" Jason asked.

I could barely see the swimsuit fall open.

"Holy shit!" he groaned as he took hold of Jason's hard cock.

"Think you need to go back to driving school?" Jason chided him.

Kevin squeezed the kneeling Blair's shoulder. "Hey, dude, see if you can handle this," he said, easing the boy's head back.

"Fuck! Handle it how? What do I have to do with it?" the boy asked.

"Deepthroat, like you were doing me."

Jason's hand that had been rubbing across Kevin's broad chest and down his stomach moved on down to take hold of his cock.

"Man, if he's taking this beer can all the way in his throat, he can sure as hell handle mine."

"But you've got an inch or so on me."

"You wanta try it, then?" Kevin asked him.

"Maybe later. Right now I'm loving your hairy chest and abs if you don't mind."

"Don't mind at all, but how about giving them a little more loving," he said as he clasped his hand around Jason's head and pulled his face against his chest. "Like a little tongue and nibbling. Aww, yeah....like that....ohhh, yeah, lick it....suck it....ohh, fuck, yeah."

I liked watching but I needed more-some flesh contact-but I didn't want to intrude on anything so erotically beautiful. I joined another way. I lay on my back in the thick, cook grass and scooted up so my face was against Blair's butt. He lifted up on his knees so I could slide further under. I was heading for his cock but he settled his ass down on my face. Good enough. He smelled good and his butt felt good in my hands. I pulled it apart and flicked my tongue out. He moaned around Kevin's cock and set down hard on my face.

I couldn't see all that was going on above me but when I heard Jason moan I knew Blair had his cock in his mouth. The moans that followed were interchanged between Jason and Kevin; the boy was having a feast. So was I, but I had a yearning for Blair's cock. I eased him up a little and maneuvered him back so I could suck his balls. He got the hint and rose up higher and pushed his cock down for me. I let him shove it in my mouth and he pushed right into my throat. Okay, I'd asked for it. It was not a comfortable angle but I let him fuck my throat.

After several minutes he suddenly reared back from the two cocks, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Guys, I hate to give up but I've been doing this for at least an hour and my throat is getting sore. I have to take a break. Maybe more later?"

Kevin and Jason helped him to his feet and steadied him till he was able to walk away.

"That's some terrific head we're letting walk away," Kevin said.

"Would you settle for just good head? My partner and I could probably handle that for you," Jason said.

I was surprised but not incredulous as I rose up to my knees in front of the truck driver. His cock, although not as big a Jason's, was menacing in its girth. It more resembled a club than a beer can; I couldn't get my hand around it.

"Why don't you concentrate on my chest that you like so well and see if your partner can handle down under," Kevin said.

With a soft moan Jason went back to sucking the man's tits and rubbing his hand across his hard, hairy stomach, occasionally moving lower to squeeze his cock or heft his balls.

Kevin's cock was a real mouthful; I thought my jaws would lock trying to take the head in my mouth. I couldn't give it my usual attention because of the size but I enjoyed doing my best. It was an awesome cock attached to a real man and that inspired me. I was able to look up and see Jason's face buried in the man's armpit, then kissing his bicep. The tongue bath continued all over his upper body, moving lower and lower till finally he came to his knees beside me to share his cock. There was plenty of cockmeat for both of us. We gave him both of our mouths around the head and he fucked between our lips. Jason moved down and under to his balls. Jason took the right one in his mouth and mauled it rather roughly, I thought, even tugging on it. Kevin liked it so I took the other one. We sucked and mauled and played tug-of-war with the stallion-like balls.

"Aww, fuck yeah, chew on them big fuckers....pull on 'em," Kevin groaned as he clamped his big hands around our heads to hold us in place. I would've returned to his cock but he wouldn't release his hold. Moments later he was cumming. He still didn't let us off of his balls. His big cock bolted and quivered above us and then the stuff began to shoot out in long, thick ropes, landing with soft splats on the grass beyond. He was cumming like a bull. I wished we could have captured and shared it but he didn't release our heads till he was done, his legs trembling.

Finally he dropped his hands and together we licked the cum off his cockhead. Jason took it in his mouth to drain him.

"That was fuckin' incredible," he said. "I've had plenty of blowjobs up and down the road but nobody ever did that to me."

"Glad to oblige, but it was a shame to waste all that cum," Jason said.

"Yours is the first cock I wasn't able to deep throat," I told him.

"If you guys are up and about early in the morning, I'm in room number 44," Kevin said as he stumbled out of the bushes.

"That was one for the record books," I said.

"Yeah, cock and balls both," Jason agreed.

We explored on around the pool, passing most windows that didn't have the drapes pulled. One room had the lamps on, one with two very young looking guys rolling around on the bed in full view. They looked like high school boys. Others were dimly lit, displaying naked men sleeping. A room, close to the end was empty but as we approached a guy in his mid-thirties came around the corner and entered the room. He invited us in but Jason politely declined. The man said he would leave his door open in case we changed our minds.

We walked back around to where we'd seen the two men having sex on the bench. They were still there but had advanced from rimming. The guy was now arched up over his partner, fucking him ferociously. We moved into their space and Jason boldly began playing with the guy's butt. He looked around with a smile while the other guy reached out for his thigh and took hold of his cock. He urged him to straddle him and the bench so Jason could feed him his cock. I took over playing with the other guy's bowling-ball ass. In a gesture of welcome he reached back and pulled his butt apart. I didn't need a picture drawn. I straddled the bench behind him and used spit to lube up my cock and his ass. I needn't have bothered; he was already well lubed up. I entered him so easily that I wondered if he'd already been fucked. He was a good fuck, doing all the work of riding back and forth on my cock as he fucked his partner. None of us knew we had company till I felt hands on my butt. He was a welcome intruder; I didn't want him to explore any of the other three. He stood and welcomed my hand when I used lube from my own cock to slick up his and then he took his stance behind me. I wasn't open and loose but he entered me like I was. I cried out a little but I didn't miss a stroke and within four strokes I was riding all the way back on his cock.

It quickly became a five-way fuck frenzy that I wanted to last all night but soon my legs were trembling and my butt grew sore, not from the pounding fuck I was receiving but from the constant muscles flexing, driving my cock into the other guy's ass. It started to peak when the guy behind me started emptying his balls in my ass. The heat and the power of it set me off and I felt my balls tighten and then explode, sending what had to be a hellacious load deep in my benefactor's ass. He cried out, Oh Fuck, he could feel me cumming and the chain reaction continued as we all tumbled down in total sexual defeat. Jason barely managed to unstraddle the bench and fall to the ground. When all the flesh cleared the man lying on the bench was a mass of limp muscle. Oddly, none of us spoke. The original fucker stumbled off. I didn't' know where the guy went who was fucking me. I helped Jason to his feet and we left the guy lying on the bench.

We wanted to go for a swim but Jason said, jokingly, that he was so weak he was afraid we would drown so we went back up to our room. He was even too tired to shower. We woke up sometime in the night with Jason spooning me with his hard cock sliding languidly along my ass crack. I reached back and guided it to my hole and he entered me using the cum-lube that the other guy had left behind.

Next morning we ordered room service which was delivered by a good looking college jock type who was actually wearing a lace-up jockstrap. He was tanned all over, with short cropped hair and square-jawed features that gave him the rugged appearance of a serious jock. In other words he was hot. When he bent slightly to place the tray on the table, Jason whistled. The boy calmly went about arranging our breakfast from the tray to the table.

"You stay bent over like that you won't have to worry about serving our breakfast to us," he said. "That's a mighty nice pair of buns. Just back up here and breakfast will be served."

He smiled over his shoulder and said as he straightened, "Thanks; one for each of you."

Jason got up and closed the door. "Can you stay?" he asked.

"That depends on the two of you," he replied. "What do you want to do; how long it would take."

"Server's choice," Jason said.

"If you're serious....."

"Absolutely, we place ourselves at your service."

"What I really would like is....well, I've never been double-fucked and I would really like to see what that's like, especially by two rugged studs like you."

"We can show you what it's like," Jason said. "How long it takes will be up to you. We can take all morning, or fuck your brains out in a matter of minutes."

"Somewhere in between, then."

"You're not a virgin," I said.


"Good, that'll make it easier."

He was an eager, sweet, rugged fuck. He lasted barely ten minutes. It took him another five minutes to regain his composure, and his balance, so he could walk out of the room without stumbling. We gave him a sizeable tip.

Checking out, the desk clerk brought out a basket of swimsuits and asked if any of them happened to belong to us. Sure enough, there were our swimsuits that we'd left behind the night before.

Chapter One-Hundred-Eleven

Devon finished his training and returned home on leave to spend some real time with us.

It was chaos when the boys came home from school. Adam, Jacob and Little George rode the bus. Colby, Braden, Jordan and Nolan drove in right behind them.

"Damn, I'd say they're not rug rats," Devon said as he watched them coming into the house.

Kyle laughed. "Which is raising the question in your mind, which ones are you going to have to sleep with," he joked.

"Seven boys packed in two rooms, where am I going to sleep?" Devon asked.

"We'll work it out," I said.

"Knowing you, you'll probably end up taking turns, and blame it on sleep walking," Kyle said.

"Colby is the only one who is eighteen," I said.

"Do I fuckin' care," Devon said under his breath as the boys were coming up on the porch. He was joking of course. We all knew that he would spend his first night home with Kyle. The only question was where? Jason solved the problem with a phone call.

"You guys've got a room at the motel," he told them.

I knew it pained him, after not seeing Devon for so long, to send the two brothers off by themselves but they needed the time alone. But so did Jason and Devon.

When I suggested the same arrangement for them for the next night he said he didn't need that.

"We're a family, we've got no secrets," he said.

"What've you got in mind? We are pretty crowded," I said with a curious grin.

"They can both sleep on the floor in our room, like they used to," he said.

"Oh. Okay. Yeah right. That'll work." I wasn't sure exactly what he was thinking, what might go down, but I was sure that we were not talking solely about sleeping arrangements.

After a proper homecoming with the younger boys, Kyle and Devon headed off for the motel. Colby and Braden and Nolan were disappointed.

The next night we made a show, for the benefit of the other boys, of rolling out the sleeping bags on either side of our bed and providing pillows and blankets for Kevin and Devon in our bedroom. Jason closed the door and left the lamp on low.

"I feel isolated over here," Devon said.

"So do I," said Kyle.

"Why don't you move your sleeping bags together on one side of the bed," I said.

"I've got a better idea," Devon said as he stood beside Jason's side of the bed. Kyle got up and stood at my side.

"You want us to trade and take the sleeping bags, is that it?" Jason said, laughing.

"No, we want you to scoot over," Devon said.

"If it's all right," Kyle said.

Jason lifted the cover without hesitation and moved more to the middle of the bed and Devon crawled in beside him. I did the same with Kyle. It was a warm feeling, besides the body heat we all four generated. So much that we eventually threw off the covers.

It was a little odd; these were not little boys sleeping on the floor on either side of us. They were men, in our bed

"I still want to be close to my brother," Devon said as he rose up and crawled over Jason to lie between us. Kyle took his cue and rolled in beside Devon, pushing Jason and I to the edges of the bed. . So the boys ended up sleeping between us in our bed.

I didn't realize Jason was uneasy till he said, "Before I get up and go down on the couch.... I need to know that we're all completely okay with this."

"Feels okay to me," Kyle said.

"You're not going anywhere," Devon said.

Our night together "as a family" wasn't a raucous night of sex. It was a night of making love and expressing love in the truest sense. Having already had their night together, the boys seemed focused on us. I'd thought for some time that Kyle was more bi than straight and now I was convinced of it. He initiated it from the moment he crawled in on my side of the bed and I let myself be swept along. He wrapped himself around me and began kissing me. I heard the soft moans from the other side of the bed and when the boys moved between us, Kyle took up where he left off. The kissing was intense but he went no farther except to press and writhe against me.

I respected his straight side and with a tremendous amount of courage I moved down in the bed to suck his cock. I didn't know if he would stop me but I was willing to take the chance. I didn't know if he would reciprocate in kind but I didn't care about that. On the other side of the bed, Jason was moving down in the bed between Devon's legs.

"I've missed you, Devon," he said as he took his cock in his mouth.

"Ohh, Dad," Devon groaned softly. I was sure Devon would reciprocate.

We weren't blood, but the love was there and that love fueled the passion. I marveled again how far Jason had come since we'd first met and I was sure Devon was surprised how adept he was at what he was doing.

"Godd, Dad, that feels so good the way you take it all the way," he said.

"I don't want you to hold back," Jason told him. "There's plenty of time for more, I want this to be a culmination of our love."

Wow, I thought. He had indeed come a long way.

"Dad....please, I wanta do you, too."

"Later. Right now this is about you, and coming home," Jason said.

The moans and whimpers coming from that side of the bed was almost as good as sucking Kyle's cock. A good while later I heard Jason choking and fighting his gag reflex, which could mean only one thing; he was taking Devon's load. Devon confirmed it with his own whimpering moans.

Then, "Godd, you taste good," as Jason rose up and moved around to lie over Devon to kiss him.

"Geezuss!" Devon gasped after a moment. "That was awesome, Dad."

"You know what was awesome? I took your seed that was the seed of my loins that created you. We've come full circle."

I was jolted for a moment and I think the boys were too, from the dead silence. I wondered if Jason had actually forgotten that these boys were not our biological sons.

There were barely moments that passed before he was recovered.

"I wanta say something that's gonna sound awesome," he said hoarsely.

"What?" Jason asked.

"I wanta fuck you, Dad, if you'll let me."

"I would be proud for you to!"

Kyle followed his brother's lead and a moment later Jason and I were both being mounted. He reached out for my hand and twisted toward me. I met him in the center of the bed and we kissed.

Later, Jason fucked Devon. I never fucked Kyle. He never gave any indication that he wanted me to and I had to respect that. Some time later, Devon climbed out of bed and lay in the sleeping bag. Kyle joined him.

Much later, after we'd slept for a little bit, Jason got up and set a chair in front of the door then came around and lay on the floor with the boys. I joined them, and the passion returned.

Next morning was chaos again, with Devon and Kyle home and getting the boys off to school. After they had left for school Jason called in to say his son was home from Germany and could he have the night off. I had to go in to work.

That night Kyle and Devon went out for a beer. Jason and I went to bed early, to wait for them, leaving the younger boys eating popcorn and watching a movie.

"I'm not sure I'm up to another night like we had last night," Jason said as we were getting into bed. I wondered if he meant physically or emotionally.

I thought/hoped he would elaborate on the day with the boys but he didn't and I didn't ask. Instead we talked about the boys' idea of us going to Vietnam.

"What do you think about going?" Jason asked me.

"I'm inclined not to," I said. "I've tried to imagine us going back and other than seeing Toby again, I come up empty. My life is what we've got now. I've put Vietnam and the war behind me."

"That pretty much says it for me, too," he said. "Besides, we don't have valid passports."

"That's the reason we'll give the boys," I said.

There was a pause and I heard him swallow, hard, like he was swallowing a lump in his throat. "I'm going to tell you something that might piss you off," he began. He paused.

"Something that happened today?" I asked.

"Yes. I made love to your son."

I didn't say anything for a moment.

"Aren't you going to say something?" he asked. "I need you to say something, Brad."

"I'm not upset. And it doesn't surprise me all that much."

"We went up the hayloft; the three of us. We all knew why we were going. He fucked me first. Then when he was fucking Devon I was watching them and my eyes were glued to Kyle's awesome ass and I just had to try making a move."

"I'm glad it happened. I've thought for a long time that he is more bi than straight. I'm sure of it now, and after our night together."

"It wasn't just sex. I love Kyle like my own," he said.

"I know. You said you made love to him. It saddens me that others can't have the kind of intense love that we have. Especially if they're like we are, not blood."

"Where Devon went to California....they're training him for the Middle East, you know," he said, his voice subdued.

"I think he volunteered for that school. I would bet on it," I said.

"I'm sure he did, too. I couldn't stand to lose him, Brad. My life would be over if anything happened to him."

"You can't say that to him," I said. "He wants you to be proud of him."

"He didn't have to do that for me to be proud of him."

"Yes he did. You set the bar, Jason, did you really expect him not to try meet the challenge?"

"He more than met it."

"He would not say that."

We were asleep when Devon and Kyle came in. Like before, we'd spread the sleeping bags out on the floor but the boys set a chair at the door and crawled into bed with us. Jason fucked Kyle again and left the the lamp on for me to watch. It was very erotic and stimulating and, I thought, for my benefit. Devon and I watched together, entwined and stroking each other's cocks.

"Should we show them how it's done?" Devon said quietly.

While they were still at it, I fucked Devon. Then in the quiet of the night we talked. We had the conversation again. Jason was lying with one leg thrown across Devon's thighs and his arm across his chest.

"They trained you for the Middle East," he said. "It's a powder keg over there."

"Yes, I know."

"You volunteered for that school, didn't you? Why?"

"Yes, I did. Because I'm trained to fight and there is no war in Germany. Why am I hearing this?" he asked. "You would do the same thing. You did do the same thing. You volunteered for everything you did as a SEAL and as a Marine."

"I didn't have anybody worrying about me," Jason said.

"Then I'm the lucky one," Devon said.

"I couldn't stand to lose you, Son. My life would be over if anything happened to you."

"I'm a good soldier, Dad. I'm trained to fight. That training made me a very highly trained killer. I am better trained and better equipped than the enemy. Nothing's going to happen to me."

"He's proud of you, Devon, he just can't find the words to say it," Kyle put in.

We had a laugh over that.

"Yes, I can. I am so proud of you, Son, it hurts inside. I just wish I could go with you."

"Now that would be really awesome," Devon said. "But you'd be doing it to protect me. You did your job. It's time for you to sit back and let me do mine. I'll be okay, Dad. That's a promise."

I didn't know if Devon hooked up with Colby till Jason told me later that he had. In his truck with Kyle driving while the other two made out.

We drove Kyle and Devon to the airport to catch their flight to Korea. On the way we told them places they might want to find.

"There's a bar called Toby's. It's close to where a military compound used to be. We used to see it from the guardhouse. And a little park with a fish pond and overhanging trees. Toby's is just past the park. Tell Toby hey for us," Jason told them. "And find out if the Trent Hotel is still there. Toby's is gay friendly, by the way. Or it was."

I put in my two cents worth. "There's also a bar called the Dragon Fly. It's the opposite direction from Toby's, quite a ways further downtown. It was a favorite hangout. Some pretty hot women used to hang out there," I said, directing the last remark to Kyle.

"And one more place," Jason said. "On the way to the Dragon Fly you'll pass by a small chapel, if it's still there. Go in and light one of the big candles at the foot of the saint at the grotto." They looked at him funny. "Just do it," he said.

"And see if Toby's got a younger bartender still working for him," I said. "He wouldn't be a kid, but younger than Toby." Jason gave a glancing look. I wasn't expecting to say it either but it was one more ghost from my past that needed to be faced.

"Oh, and one more thing," Jason said. "At Toby's, be sure to order Bia Saigon. That's a beer."

Just as they were about to board the boys came back over to us. "This Dragon Fly, where all hot women are.....," Kyle began.

"You won't find her," I said.

They nodded and walked off to board the plane

Chapter One-Hundred-Twelve

Kyle and Devon Return to Saigon

As Told by Devon

I was deeply disappointed that I didn't get to spend any time with Jake, barely fifteen minutes after all the time and distance that had separated us. It was as if I'd been struck dumb when I saw him, so big and proud and strong in his uniform. He didn't move either for the first full moment we laid eyes on each other. I didn't know who moved first then, but the next instant we were in a tight bear hug. It was like hugging warm stone, his body was so hard under his uniform, I could almost feel the outline of every muscle.

"Godd, I wanta kiss you so bad," he whispered as he pressed himself hard against me so we could feel each other's manhood.

But we parted within an appropriate length of time and he stepped over to give a Kyle a hug, and that's when he said we couldn't spend any time together, that he was going out on patrol in just a few minutes. I was crushed. It was all I could do to keep from crying.

"But we'll have some time when you come back," he said.

"Will we?"

"I promise. Even if I have to go AWOL."

And that was all we had before he was called. I stood helpless as he trotted off to join the other men. Kyle had a sad look on his face that I knew was for me.

"We'll be back in a few days," he said.

We took a shuttle back to the airport and were lucky enough to catch the next flight to Vietnam that was leaving in an hour. It was a long flight. I was torn between disappointment over Jake and anticipation over the adventure that lay ahead for Kyle and me, returning to our home country.

We traveled light, with everything we had in back packs. Our first jolt to reality was at the airport when we landed; it wasn't the Saigon airport anymore. It was Ho Chi Minh City airport. All we had ever heard was Saigon. I didn't remember much about leaving as a little boy but I did recognize that it was armed Vietnamese troops patrolling the airport now instead of Americans.

We made a bee line for the orphanage, the only home we'd known in Vietnam. We told the cab to wait.

"What're you feeling right now," Kyle asked as we slowly walked up to the gate.

"Gratitude," I said. "For Sister Mary Margaret, and for Brad and Jason. And our mothers for bringing us here."

"Well said. Do you have the money?" he asked.

"Yes. I'm still surprised we got it through all the checkpoints." He rang the bell. "But for Brad and Jason, we would've grown up here," he said as we waited.

Moments later a youngish nun swung open the gate. A little boy was at her skirts. He bore no semblance of American blood. We asked to see Sister Mary Margaret, both of us wondering if she was still alive. She was taking her nap.

"We've come from America to see her," I said.

Her face lit up and she ushered us in, saying, "I am sure she would want to be awakened, come with me."

"It hasn't changed all that much, has it," Kyle said as we waited in the courtyard under the curious stares of dozens of kids of all ages, from four or five up to mid-teens.

Sister Mary Margaret came out onto the porch, older but still with the complexion of a teenager. She was using a cane and we both moved up to the bottom step to greet her with a handshake. We told her who we were. She didn't say anything and it took a moment for a smile to come across her face as she nodded.

"And how are my two Marine saints?" she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

"They are fine. They send their love," I said.

"Come in, come in," she said, tapping her cane and waving toward the house. She rattled off something to the younger nun, sending her scurrying off. I was a little surprised that I didn't understand what she said.

"It's barely changed at all," I said quietly as we were escorted into the kitchen where the younger nun was busy making tea.

Sister Mary Margaret sat at one side of the table and motioned for us to take the bench on the other side.

"I do not recognize you, you are older, but I remember you well," she said. "I still have the pictures you drew for me," she said, nodding to the wall behind us.

We both turned to look.

"I'd forgotten all about those," I said, wondering how she remembered Jason and Brad and not us.

"You kept them all these years," Kyle said.

"We remember you well, Sister. You have not changed," Kyle said.

"My bones would argue that," she said, laughing. "Now tell me about yourselves, and my two Marine saints. Tell me about your life."

We spent nearly two hours reminiscing and listening to her tell us stories about us, about things that we didn't remember, being so young. Mostly, though, she wanted to hear about us and our fathers and our life in the United States.

She smiled and said, "You call them your fathers; they adopted you, then."


"Good," she said, nodding. "That is good. I knew they were honorable men."

Our visit spilled over into lunchtime and we shared lunch with the good sister.

When it was time for us to go I took out the envelope and laid it in front of her. "From your two Marine saints, along with their love." I said.

She picked up the envelope with a steady hand and opened it. She didn't take the money out but I could see she was flipping the bills.

"Oh, my!" she exclaimed quietly, trying not to tear up. "They have sent money all these years, and now this."

We looked at each other. We never knew they had sent money in the past.

As we were leaving she granted our request to see the room where we slept as little boys. It was a poignant moment for us that left us welled up with emotions. Neither of us said anything, and we have never spoken of it.

We found the military base, no longer American, and there was the park, just like they said.

"That's gotta be Toby's," I said, pointing past the park.

"This is weird," Devon said, "walking in the footsteps of our dads when they were our age."

We walked to the park and Toby's was only a stone's throw away, but we lingered in the park.

"I wonder how many times they met here, and sat and watched the fish," Devon said.

"I wish they had come with us," I said. "They could tell us so much."

"Would they, though. Hell, I never heard Toby's mentioned more than a couple of times, it just sounded like a hangout."

I laughed. "Probably not. Who knows what secrets linger in those two handsome heads." I sat down on the bench and leaned forward with my arms on my knees and gazed at the fish in the pond. Kyle sat beside me.

"It's a funny feeling, sitting here," I said quietly. "Like we've been here before."

"Like we're them," Kyle said.


We walked on to Toby's. We were excited and both a little nervous. It was like we were walking into our dads' past, and who could know what of those secrets we might uncover. We'd never seen pictures of Toby, but there he was behind the bar, unmistakably as they had described him, along with a younger version of himself. They were dressed in matching black T-shirts with TOBY'S printed across the chest. They looked like they'd been poured into the shirts. The bar was dimly lit. Up closer we could see they wore matching, light khaki shorts that fit them like gloves.

"Holy shit!" Devon whispered and I knew it was over the way the guys were built.

We took two of empty stools at the bar, shucked the back packs and laid them on the floor. It was early evening and there were only a handful of patrons in the place. Two men sitting at a table by the window eyed us warily as we walked in, then downed their beers and got up and left. I wondered if we had offended them by our mere presence. The rest barely paid us any attention.

The younger bartender stepped up and we ordered the beer Dad and Jason had told us to order; Bia Saigon. The bartender gave Toby a funny look and Toby gave us a funny look.

"That beer's no longer available," he said quietly.

"It's Ho Chi Minh City now," the younger bartender said.

"Well, we were told it used to be the best beer in the city. Is it sold under another name?" I asked.

"No," the young bartender replied.

Toby was standing with his hands on the edge of the bar, displaying his impressive arms. A thin, tight smile came across his equally handsome face. Then the smile widened and he pointed.

"Devon....and Kyle. Son-of-a-bitch."

We were stunned that he knew us! But how? Unless they had sent him pictures of us.

"How did you know us?" I asked.

"I didn't. Only a handful of American GIs ever ordered Bia Saigon beer and I remember every one of them. You two fit the circumstances of two of the best Marines I ever met who used to order that beer." He put his hand across the counter. "Which one are you?" he asked, putting out his hand.

"I'm Devon. That's Kyle," I said.

He shook our hands then introduced us to his bartender. "This is Josh, my right hand man."

The name seemed almost not to fit the youth's features, although he did have American blood from somewhere in his lineage. I saw how Kyle's eyes raked over the muscular arm. But this couldn't be the bartender my dad had mentioned. He was much too young to have been there when our fathers were.

"How do you know these guys, Toby?" Josh asked as he set two bottles on the bar. "This is the new Bai Saigon; Biere Larue," he said.

We both laid our money on the bar.

"I don't know 'em personally," Toby said as he shoved the money back. Then he told our story for us.

"That's pretty amazing," Josh said

"How long are you here for?" Toby asked.

"Just a few days," Kyle replied. "He's just back from training after being stationed in Germany. He has to report in to his new duty station."

Toby smiled. "I thought you looked military. Marines, I'm guessing."

"What else?" I said.

"Which one of you belongs to who?" Toby asked.

"I belong to Jason. Brad is his dad," I said.

"So, what do you wanta see? Where do you wanta go?" Toby asked.

"Well, we've already been to the orphanage. They told us to find Toby's and then check out a bar called the Dragon Fly if it's still there."

"Oh, shit, that's trouble in the making," Toby said, laughing.

"The nuns told you to check out the Dragon Fly?" Josh asked, surprised.

"No, no, our dads told us to check it out. So it's still there, huh."

"Yes," Toby said.

"There's a chapel we're supposed to find," I said.

"I know it," Toby said.

"They never told us, but we thought maybe we might find some places where they were stationed. Base camps, or anything that might be left."

"I don't know but I can find out for you," Toby's said.

"Oh, and a place called the Trent Hotel," I said.

Toby broke out in that incredible smile again. "It's still standing," he said. "It was closed for a long time but then the soldiers started using it as a flop house and a place to take their women, so they opened it back up again. Not exactly four-star but it serves the purpose."

"They told us to check it out. Apparently it's where they used to meet up."

"Where are you staying, by the way?" Toby asked.

"We don't have a place yet. We came right here. Maybe you can recommend a place." Kyle said.

"I can, but if you're not choosey, you're more than welcome to stay here. It's nothing fancy......"

"You think?" Josh put in dryly.

"Shut the fuck up," Toby said jokingly. "It's not fancy....a cot, sleeping bags and a twin bed....but you're welcome to it."

I looked at Kyle and we tacitly agreed; we couldn't turn down an offer to be in such close company with these two studs.

"If we won't be in the way," I said.

"It's settled, then," Toby said.

I pushed my money back across the bar again to pay for the beer. Toby pushed it back.

"Your money's no good here. They changed currency."

"We just got our money exchanged," I said.

"Your money's good, he's just not gonna take it," Josh said.

We spent a couple of hours talking about the two men who Toby obviously knew so well. We weren't sure how well; he wasn't giving away any secrets about Jason or Brad. As the place began to fill up, with nearly all Vietnamese soldiers and some older business men types, we decided to go find the Dragon Fly. Josh offered to take our back packs for safekeeping.

"Good luck. Have fun. And for God's sake, use condoms," he said. "Oh, the chapel is on the way."

We passed by the chapel but decided to put that on the back burner.

"Let's wait and see what kind of trouble we get into, we might have to light more than one big candle," I joked.

The Dragon Fly was everything we expected, not from anything our dads had told us but based on movies we'd seen about the war, except it wasn't filled with American GIs. It was mostly Vietnamese soldiers, and businessmen besides the several female hostesses. It was packed, there were no tables so we took seats at the bar and ordered San Miguels. Before we'd taken the first sips two hot girls in tight, bright red dresses came up to us. I could tell Kyle was ready. He didn't even need the beer. It was a bit awkward when the girls came on to both of us, Kyle knowing I wasn't interested. He knew I would probably take one of them for show but he decided to bail me out, I was sure because he'd seen me eyeing a youngish Vietnamese sailor in the mirror, sitting a few stools down from us.

He shoved his beer over to me. "I don't mean to be selfish but I think I'm going to go double or nothing, you're gonna have to find your own girl," he said. "Watch my beer."

"Hell, it'll be pee warm by the time you get back," I said.

"Then drink it. Or give it to that sailor down the bar."

I smiled, a little embarrassed, but relieved and thankful that he understood. He took the girls by their arms as he slid off the stool.

"He come?" one of them asked, nodding to me.

"No. Just me."

"Just you? Both?"

"Yes, I want both of you," he said.

"Ah, so. I see. Stud."

"Yeah, stud," he said.

I watched him walk away with his arms around both of the girls. Moments like that I envied my brother. But I quickly shrugged it off and glanced in the mirror and connected with the sailor's eyes. He looked like he was holding back a smile. I picked up Kyle's beer, held it out in a salute and nodded for him to come join me. He left his empty on the bar and came down and slid onto the stool beside me.

"My buddy was in a hurry, he said to give you his beer," I said, pushing the beer in front of him. I noticed how small his hands were when he took hold of the beer.

"Thank him," he said. "You are Americans," he said.

"Yes, we are American citizens, but as you can see, we have Vietnamese blood. I'm Devon," I said, putting out my hand.

"Long," he said. My hand dwarfed his. I didn't know if Long was his first name or last but it didn't matter.

He wanted to know why we were there in Ho Chi Mhin City and while I told him our story, our knees got acquainted.

"I am glad we are friends again, not enemies," he said as he rubbed his knee against mine.

"Yes, it was a stupid war," I said.

Our beers were soon gone and I asked him if he wanted another one.

"I'm fine. I don't want to be drunk," he said. Then he asked, "Would you like to take a room?"

"Yes, if you would," I said.

He went over to talk to one of the women in red and came back. "There are no rooms right now, she will tell us when there is one."

"How much will it cost?" I asked.

"It's taken care of," he said.

"No, it isn't," I said sternly. "How much?" I asked, taking the roll of money out of my pocket.

"This will be enough," he said, taking a twenty out of the roll. "It's more because we are not paying a prostitute," he said.

It was a half hour and two nursed beers later when the woman came to get us. She led us to the beaded entrance and told Long the room number. I suddenly began to have misgivings, wondering if it was a setup. Long was much smaller than me, I could handle him, but if he had cohorts that would come charging in....it was foolish, showing him my money.

He opened the door and bowed for me to go in first. I was relieved when he locked the door behind him. He immediately began tugging my shirt out of my pants. I reciprocated, pulling his white navy T-shirt up. He lifted his arms for me to take it off. He was slender built but tight as a drum. There wasn't an ounce of fat anywhere to be seen. He finished unbuttoning my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders.

"You are very big from American blood," he said as he ran his hands across my chest. He stepped back and undid his white pants as he stepped out of his shoes. He shoved them down, taking his white shorts with them, and stood naked before me. He was hard already. He was small in stature, even there, but almost beautiful and perfectly shaped. His skin was flawless. He didn't look old enough to be in the navy. Except for his eyes he looked like he should be still in high school. He took hold of my belt buckle and undid it, then unzipped my pants. He left me like that while he knelt down and took off my shoes and socks.

"Your feet are big," he said, as he took one in his hand and caressed it.

"Yes," I said. "Size forty-eight."

He reached up and tugged on my pants. I let him pull them down and take them off of me. I held onto my shorts. Something made me want to save that till last, as a surprise. He rested back on his haunches and looked up at me, his snappy eyes raking over my body. Then he reached out and put his hands around my thighs.

"You are like a stallion," he said.


He ran his hands up and down my thighs, squeezing the hard muscles, and on down to my calves. When he came back up, it was on the inside of my thighs and he went right up to the pouch of my shorts. I wasn't hard yet but I was fluffed up. The pouch was heavy. He cupped both hands around it, and it took both of his hands to cover it. I could see his eyes beginning to well up and I didn't understand the emotions.

He pulled my shorts down slowly, as if he were unveiling a precious piece of art. When my cock fell free, he gasped. I was twice his size. I wondered if he'd ever seen an American cock before.

"You should be named Long," he said.

"Yes, I'm pretty big," I said.

He seemed afraid to touch it; he just gazed at it. I was swelling up, my cock lifting out with each pulsation. He seemed to be waiting on it. When the head brushed his lips he said, "I am not sure I can get it in my mouth."

"You can," I assured him.

"I have never had an American before. I always heard they were big. You are beautiful."

"So are you, Long," I said, laying my hand on his head. Then I cupped my hands under his arms and brought him to his feet. He was so light, I thought he couldn't weigh much more than a hundred pounds.

"You are so much bigger than me," he said.

"Yes, but you have a perfect body. I like your body."

"And my cock? Do you like my small cock?"

I reached down for it. It was dwarfed in my hand but I truly did like it. It was perfectly shaped, with a slight upward curve, and hard as steel. I would fit perfectly in my ass as well as my throat.

"Your cock is not small," I said as I stroked it. "It fills my hand nicely. This is a small cock," I said, holding out my thumb.

"I wish I had one as big as you."

"No. It would look awkward on you. Your cock is perfect for your body, your body is perfect for your cock." I was running my hands up and down his sides, feeling how smooth and solid he was. I ran my hands around to take hold of his butt. The twin muscles fit perfectly in my hands and they were as solid as the rest of him. "I especially like your butt," I said.

"I'm glad. You want to fuck me, I think."

"You think right," I said. "And I want you to fuck me."

He blinked with surprise. "You would let me do that?"

"Of course. I'm not going to let you have all the fun. Have you been fucked before?"

"Only a few times, but never with anyone as big as you."

I wondered if he might be a prostitute, servicing the businessmen that now frequented the place. He read my mind.

"I not a prostitute," he said. I am very careful."

"I won't hurt you," I said. "I'll get you ready. I just want you to know, Long, that this is not all about me just because I am bigger and an American. I want to do everything you want to do. We'll do it together. Starting with this." I picked him up, easily, and laid him on the bed, then straddled him in a sixty nine position. I felt him take hold of my cock with both hands and pull it to his mouth, then I felt the heat of his mouth engulfing what he could handle. I pulled his cock up from his belly and took it all the way to his balls in one oral stroke. His outcry was muffled by my cock.

I wanted to rim his cute little ass but thought better of it; I had no idea how many or few cocks had been shoved inside him without condoms. I had great fun, though, with my fingers, getting him ready for my cock. He was truly a sexual treat, eager in bed and so supple to handle. I was able to toss him around like a rag doll when I fucked him. I had the thought that I was possibly fucking the son whose father had fought my father. He was gratefully happy that I let him fuck me in return. He gave me a good fuck and he was big enough to reach my prostate so left me satisfied. As a final tribute, he said, he lapped up my cum from my stomach and chest and told me it was delicious American cum. He was well worth the price of the room.

Kyle told me later it was the first time he'd ever been with a prostitute, let alone two. This is how he told it.

As Told By Kyle

The girls had to "report in" to the madam standing at the doorway leading back to the rooms.

"You take both?" she asked me, sounding impressed.

"Yes," I replied.

"You pay both. You pay double," she said.

"Yes, I understand."

The madam pulled back the beads and the girls led me down a dimly lit hallway to a room. I have to say they were very eager and attentive. They had worked as a team before. They undressed me then started kissing me all over. Then one of them sucked my cock while the other one rimmed me. They said American GIs loved for them to do that. They had incredible tongues, and their constant kitten-like purrs of pleasure turned me on.

Then one of them said, "We fuck, now? How you want us?"

"Any way you wanta do it, ladies."

They put the condom on me. They did me every which way to Tuesday. They put me through the wringer. The best part was the finish. I was fucking one of them while the other one was licking and tonguing my ass. The one I was fucking sensed my buildup and said, "You close?"

"Yess! Fuck, yess, I'm close!"

Suddenly she eased me away and my cock pulled out of her pussy. I wondered what the fuck she was doing as I backed off the cot. Then two of them scurried to their knees in front of me, tearing off the condom. Then they tilted their flawlessly pretty faces with their mouths opened around the sides of my cock. I fucked through them to the finish, spurting cum all over their faces and tits. It was an awesome sight. It was an awesome cum. It wasn't what I'd expected but it was worth the money.

When we were coming back out into the bar the madam stopped me. "Your friend, he say have beer, he be out soon."

Okay, I thought. So he'd scored with the sailor. He came out about twenty minutes after I did, looking flushed and pleased and content. The cute sailor was behind him. They exchanged some words and parted ways. I ordered another beer as Devon took the stool next to me.

"So, how'd it go?" I asked.

"Great. You?"


We sipped our beer as we listened to the band and watched a handful of soldiers dancing with the girls.

"I'm sitting here imaging our dads out there with a couple of chicks," he said, nodding to the dance floor.

"I was imaging them back there," I said, nodding to the beaded door leading back to the rooms.

Just then a girl came up to me and asked if I wanted to dance.

"Trust me, you do not want to dance with me," I said, laughing.

"You not dance? Come, I teach."

"No, no."

She turned then to Devon. "You like dance. You good dancer, I can tell."

Suddenly he looked like he was seeing a ghost. "No. No, thanks," he said and quickly guzzled the rest of his beer. He set the bottle on the bar and slid off the stool. "Let's go," he said.

"Hey, dude, what's the matter?" I asked as I chugged down the rest of my beer.

"I don't wanta be here anymore," he said. He was starting to sweat.

On the way out I asked if he was okay.

"Did you notice, they're all wearing fuckin' red dresses," I said.

I had noticed but I hadn't made the connection. I did now.

"You gotta wonder, Kyle, if any of those women might be....."

"No, man!" I cut in. "I don't even wanta think I might have fucked my sister."

On the way back we stopped in at the chapel. It was dingy inside, and a little eerie with the dozens of flickering candles offering the only light. The walls and ceiling were darkened from the years of smoke from the candles. We crossed ourselves and made our way to the grotto. I didn't know who the saint was there; Jason nor Brad hadn't told us. The large candles cost five dollars. I took out a ten dollar bill, folded it and stuffed it in the slot. Devon lit two of the bamboo sticks and handed one to me. We lit a large candle together, then without a word, we each lit one of the smaller candles.

"They never told us what we were supposed to pray for," I whispered.

"They know, Jason and Brad and him," he said, nodding at the towering statue of the saint. We knelt together. I didn't know what Devon was praying for, or if he was, but I thanked God for the two men who had taken us out of here and given us a life. And I thanked Him for my brother beside me. I felt Devon's hand brush mine and I took it. He squeezed my hand and held it. I thought he was praying the same prayer I was.

We were walking back, looking for a place to eat when Devon suddenly stopped in front of a small shop. We'd passed by it before but neither us had taken much note of it. I didn't this time and I wondered what had attracted Devon's attention.

"Let's go in here," he said.

I followed him inside. It looked like an army surplus store and I thought that was the attraction but he went to look at a display of jewelry in the window.

An old, stooped man came through the beaded door in back.

"Something you are interested in?" he asked in near perfect English.

"I would like to look at the ring," Devon said.

The man lifted the display out of the window and took it back to the counter where there was more jewelry on display. He took out another display and set it on the counter.

"Do you know the rings our dad's wear? This has to be where they bought them," Devon said.

"Your fathers were here? I make many rings for American GIs," the old man said.

Devon picked out two rings to examine them more closely. "What is the birthstone for October?" he asked.

"Opal. I can put opal in these rings," the man replied.

"Can you show us the stones?"

He brought out a tray with loose stones on it and picked out several and laid them on a velvet cloth.

"These are all opals?" Devon asked. "They're all different colors."

"This one is most rare; black opal."

"Can you replace these stones with black opals?" he asked.

"Yes, yes, and engrave if you like."

Devon looked at me. "I want to get these rings for us. What shall we have engraved?"

I was deeply touched but I had other ideas. "No, Dev. Those rings our dads wear aren't brother rings. Those rings signify the tight bond between soldiers. Get the rings for you and Jake."

"But I...."

"I like that bracelet," I cut in, pointing to a heavy silver ID bracelet. The man quickly took it out and handed it to me. "We can get matching bracelets and have them engraved."

"I like the rings," Devon said, his voice a little weak and far off.

I smiled. "I know you do. I also know you're thinking of Jake right now."

"I wasn't, till you......

"Get the rings for you and Jake," I said again.

I'd thrown him a curve and he had to start all over again, picking out military rings. The old man was following along and he quickly brought out a tray of military rings.

Devon right away picked out a silver ring with the Eagle Globe and Anchor set in a blood-red stone.

"Solid silver, ruby setting; ruby red for Marines," the man said.

"Heft this," he said, handing it to me.

I felt the weight of the ring, nodding. It was engraved on one side with USMC and Semper Fidelis and Marine 1st Div on the other.

"Do you have two of these?" Devon asked.

"Yes, yes," the man replied rather excitedly.

"Good, I would like JAKE on the band on one ring and DEVON on the other."

"Yes, of course, anything you want. Here, write down names," he said, pushing a pad and pen across the counter."

"Do you want engraved inside?" the man asked.

"Yes, thanks." He wrote down a date followed by the words Football Camp. Then he quickly scratched out the date and wrote it following the words.

"I need size," the man said, bringing out a set of ring sizers. He sized Devon's finger. "Very big fingers," he said. "Both rings same size?"


You pick up tomorrow afternoon?"

"Yes, but wait." He picked up the bracelet. "This the one you like?"

"Yes, do you?"

"Very much. It's heavy."

"Solid silver," the man said.

"Put this name on one and this name on the other one," Devon said as he wrote down KYLE COURTER and DEVON SEABORNE.

The old man laid out a card with samples of typefaces. I picked out a classic old style; Devon selected bold block letters.

"You want something on back?" the man asked.

"Yes," I said before Devon could answer. I took the pad and printed KYLE, My Real Brother and laid it with Devon's name. Then I printed DEVON, My Real Brother and laid it with my name. "You always doubted we were real brothers....this makes it official."

"I like it," Devon said.

The old man excused himself to go to the back. He returned minutes later with a slip showing the prices of the rings and bracelets. I nearly choked. I was stunned at the prices. The old man noticed.

"Too much?" he said and quickly began redoing the prices.

"No, no," we both said at the same time.

"Not too high," I said.

"Cheap at twice the price," Devon added.

The old man smiled with relief. "Pick up tomorrow then."

We stopped off at a hole-in-the wall café that served the best chicken and rice I'd ever eaten.

"Are we staying with Toby?" I asked.

"I sure wouldn't mind," Devon said. "Our dads never told us much about Toby but fuck, I would sure like to get to know him better. A lot better."

"I wonder if Josh lives there with him."

"We can only hope," he said.

Chapter One-Hundred-Thirteen

With Toby and Josh

As Told By Kyle

It was late when we got back to Toby's. The place was jumping but I was tired. We both were. There was no discussion about whether we would be staying. Toby had taken our back packs to his apartment upstairs and he told us there were clean towels, and clean sheets on whatever bed or couch or cot we decided to sleep on. They would be up after the bar closed.

His apartment consisted of two rooms and a bath. Or more correctly, a room and a half. There was a kitchenette at one end of the larger room, and a large couch, coffee table, two chairs, end tables and lamps and a TV and stereo system. The other end of the room made up the bedroom, with night stands and lamps on either side of a bed that must have been Vietnamese style because it was small. An open closet with shelves served as a dresser. The other little room was only an alcove with another small bed tucked in. The place was typically male-cluttered, but clean. The bathroom was pretty Spartan, barely big enough to pass behind someone standing at the sink to get to the shower.

"This is cozy," Devon said as he went in to shower first.

"So where do you think we should sleep?" I asked.

I didn't see any sleeping bags but there were stacks of blankets, sheets and pillows. "I hate to take their beds," he said. "I'll flip you for the couch."

As Devon was drying off and I was in the shower he asked me if I thought we should sleep naked.

"It just might send the right message, if that's what you're looking for," I said.

"Or a better message might be if we started out in our shorts then took them off in the night. That oughta send out the right vibes, don't you think?"

"Quite honestly, they're going to have to be pretty strong vibes 'cause I'm dead tired," I said. "The time difference is catching up with me."

"Okay, no shorts. I expect that's how they sleep," he said.

Devon won the couch. I got the floor beside him. It didn't matter to me.

I was awakened by a hand on my chest. I first thought it was Devon's hand, fallen down from the couch, or perhaps reaching, but as I came fully awake I saw Josh squatted down beside me, and I realized where I was.

"Sorry to wake you, but Toby said you guys are not sleeping on the floor," he said, his hand still flattened across my chest.

"I was doing a pretty good job of it," I said as I rose up and saw the couch was empty. "Where's Devon?" I asked, and lay back down.

"Toby took him downstairs to show him how the bar operates." His hand was moving across my chest, like he was massaging my pecs. When it moved lower onto my abs my hopes soared, and I wondered just what all Toby was showing Devon. "Devon said I could probably get by with doing this without getting the crap beat out of me," he said in a mildly joking way as he laid his hand on my cock that was reclined on my stomach.

"He's the trained killer, Toby better be the one to watch out," I joked back.

"You've seen Toby. I don't think he's worrying about that," as he leaned down onto one knee and sucked my soft cock into his mouth. I moaned a big sigh of relief that we didn't have to worry about Toby or Josh....they had played their hand.

"Ohhhh," I moaned softly. His mouth felt so good, and he had a highly trained tongue. Whoever said a blowjob is a blowjob was so wrong. He sucked me hard then lifted his head.

"You're a grower, I like that," he said.

"You like it? You caused it," I said.

He went back down on me, all the way to my balls, and milked my cock with his throat muscles. I wondered if he'd learned this from Toby. I reached between his legs and took hold of his most impressive cock. He took it as his cue and moved around to straddle my head. It wasn't what I intended but I succumbed and took the offering of his thick manhood. With its slight curve it slid easily into my throat. I wasn't big on giving head and not good at deep throat but he was soon using my throat as a pussy. The intensity grew pretty fast and we had to ease off several times.

"Listen, do you want to take this downstairs with Toby and Devon?" he asked. "Devon wouldn't care, would he?"

"No. And I would like to see how the bar operates myself."

He laughed and rose up, taking my hand to pull me to my feet.

Downstairs we found Devon bent over a bar stool, his legs spread out wide with Toby standing between them, fucking his eyeballs out. The only light came from down behind the bar and it cast an erotic, soft glow throughout the bar. I stood back for a moment just watching, instantly mesmerized by the sight of Toby's incredibly muscular body in motion. I was especially attracted to his butt, clenching and flexing with each thrust. And his broad, muscular shoulders and back, and his triceps danced and his thighs rippled. Well, pretty much everything about him.

"Geezusss!" I whispered softly.

Josh laughed.

They weren't aware we were there till we walked up beside them.

Devon smiled up at me and said, "Oh, Godd, Kyle, pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming," as he reached out for Josh's cock.

I walked around behind Toby to get a closer look at his ass, and a good feel. His butt was like a pair of bowling balls. I played with it for a moment as I felt my legs getting weaker, till I was on my haunches behind him. I wondered if I, in my bi state, was leaning more gay than straight. I buried my face in his awesome butt and he slowed his pace till I got a fix on his asshole with my tongue. Then we worked in unison. But it was awkward and I felt it was taking something away from their action so I contented myself with just playing with his butt and kissing it between thrusts, and running my hands up and down his thighs.

After a while they changed positions, with Devon on his back across the bar stools. Toby kept on fucking him while Josh fed him his cock. I moved around to suck Devon's cock. After a few minutes of that, Toby pulled out and motioned to Josh.

"Come around here, you've got to get some of this," he said.

Josh moved around to fuck Devon while Toby and I stood to the side to watch. My focus, though, was more on Toby than on the scene before us; specifically his butt. When I smoothed my hand over one side of his butt he looked at me and smiled.

"I'm getting the distinct impression that you like my butt," he said.

"What gave you that idea?" I joked.

"It's not necessarily completely off limits, you know," he said.

"What would I have to do to get the honor?" I asked.

"I've never put a price on it. It's what you're willing to do. But Devon said you're the straight brother."

"Being straight doesn't mean I don't like sex. And if happens to be with the right guy, well so be it," I said. I flattened my hand against his hard stomach and guided him back against a table. I quickly cleared it off and urged him to lie back across it but he turned tables on me and pushed me back.

"You're Brad's son, right?"


"Then let me do the honors," he said as he dropped to his haunches. He brought my thighs onto my shoulders and began licking my ass crack.

I whimpered with excitement, looking down at the handsome head set on the incredibly broad, muscled shoulders. I wondered if he'd ever done this to my dad. He rimmed me for a good long time, alternating between that and my balls, while my cock quivered up over my stomach. I had to stop him a couple of times but just looking at his smile was almost enough to get me off. After a while I told him I wanted to trade places with him and then it was me down on my haunches rimming his gorgeous ass. It was what I'd wanted to do in the first place.

"Ohh, yeah, I remember somebody else who liked to do that," he said.

"What did it get him?" I murmured into his butt as I pulled the muscles apart to tongue his hole. I wondered if it was Jason he was talking about or my dad

"Awww!....Awwwh, fuck, anything he wanted!" he cried softly.

"I wanta fuck you," I said.

"Fuck, yeah, just give me some more of that tongue first," Toby said.

Toby's ass was absolutely mouth-watering. It made me drool for more but the prospect of fucking loomed before me.

Fucking Toby was about the hottest sex I'd ever had. His incredible muscularity, his tight ass and his willingness as the total stud he was, to give it up was hard to comprehend. His butt was so muscular and round that I had to keep pulling the muscles apart to gain the depth I wanted inside his body. At one point he said he would hold them apart for me; he wanted me deep inside him as much as I did.

"Hey, guys, nobody cums," he announced. "We wanta make this last all night."

I had to pause several times; each time closer to the time before, till I finally had to break completely.

"Fuck, man, it's getting too damned good, I gotta take a break and cool down," I said as I pulled my cock free.

Toby laughed and rose up from the table. He went over to the other two and tapped Josh on the shoulder.

"Give it a rest, stud, you're gonna burn up the piston."

Heaving for breath, Josh pulled out and leaned back against the bar. I helped Devon to his feet. Toby went around behind the bar and got four cold beers and brought them around to the table where I'd been fucking him. We kicked back with our feet cocked up on the table with our beers to cool down.

"Damn, I don't know when I've had such a pleasant surprise. Fuck, this has been just great," Toby said.

"And just when I was doubting there's a God," Josh joked.

"You're no happier than we are," I said. "I think I would've had to take Devon away crying if things hadn't worked out."

"You wanted this as much as I did," Devon scoffed. "I saw you chowing down on Toby's ass."

"Well, once I got drawn into it......," I said.

"We just didn't know, we weren't getting any vibes," Toby said. "Then we went upstairs after closing up and saw you two lying there with your bare asses looking up at us and I thought, fuck, we'll make our own vibes 'cause this has got to happen."

"Could I ask you something?" Devon said without looking up, but instead watching his own hand move his beer bottle around in circles.

"Uh-oh. This is gonna get personal, isn't it?" Toby said.

"You don't have to answer if it's too personal, or if it would be breaking a confidence. But you should know, I know my dad is gay and Jason is bi."

"I wasn't sure you knew. So ask away."

"Did you have this kind of relationship with our dads?" Devon asked.

Toby sighed. "I feel like I can be truthful about it--need to be, in fact--but please don't tell them I told you. Yes, I did, but it was nothing like what they had together." He paused with a chuckle. "And I just spilled the beans about their relationship while they were over here."

"We sort of already knew that," I said. "Could you tell us more about your personal relationship with them? All in confidence of course, if you say so."

"If it comes up I'd like for you to tell them you guessed," Toby said.

"Of course."

Toby sipped his beer. Finally, thoughtfully, he said, "I think, somehow, that they wouldn't expect it to be kept secret from you. They told you all the right places to visit, I believe they are expecting you to make your own discoveries about those places."

"Like they wanted us to know but didn't want to be the ones to tell us," Devon said, looking at me. I nodded.

"So tell us about them," I said.

"Well, I never saw two men so devoted to each other," Toby began. "Either one of them would've taken a bullet for the other. I know that's the Marine way, but those two guys took it to the extreme. They lived for one another. Literally. I mean, I think they fought to stay alive and get back for each other. Most often Brad would be the one to come in and wait for Jason, because Brad was stationed right here in Saigon his first tour. It was gut wrenching when Jason wouldn't show up and Brad wouldn't know if he was dead or alive. Same when Jason would come in and wait for Brad. But when they did both show up, my God, you could feel the electricity in the place. Then off they would go to the Trent, or sometimes to the Dragon Fly. They seldom hung around here very long, they wanted to be alone together."

"I guess that's why they told us to check those two places out," I said. "They never told us why."

"I wonder if they'll tell us why when we get back," Devon said.

"I'm sure they will," Toby said. "They told you to check out those places to get your curiosity aroused. They're going to expect you to ask questions when you get back." He took another long slug of his beer, finished it. "You never said, did you check out the Trent Hotel yet?"

"No, that was next on our list," I said.

"Like I said, it's not four-star but it's got a history that no four-star hotel can match. It's got stories to tell. You should spend some time there. Quiet time. Listen to what it has to tell you."

"You mean stay the night there?" I asked.

"Room 238. If it's taken, a few bucks will get the occupants moved. It's gotta be room 238."

"That was their room," Devon said quietly.

"I think it's the only room they ever stayed in. It probably hasn't changed much, if at all. The Trent has never been big on upgrading. Listen, you might wanta shower here before you go. I wouldn't depend on the plumbing at the Trent. And take some clean bed linens and a couple of my towels with you."

"Do you think we could get a room yet tonight?" I asked.

"There are guys wandering in and out of the place at all hours," Josh said. "But first, aren't we gonna finish what we started?"

We all laughed at his tone.

"You sound like a little boy who's afraid he's going to get his toys taken away from him," Toby said, laughing.

"Well, you could say that," Josh said.

"These guys are going to the Trent together, they need to save it for each other," Toby said.

"It's okay," I said. "We don't have to cum, we can get you guys off if you'll let us."

"Godd, Yess!" Josh hissed. "You know, what I wanta do; something we've never done before....I would love to have you guys fuck us standing up while we kiss."

It was an easy request to fulfill. We started out with Josh and Toby leaning across the table, kissing, while I fucked Josh and Devon fucked Toby. But very soon they moved away from the table and stand so they could press and writhe their bodies together. I was hot just seeing them kiss and listening to their moans. Devon and I somehow managed to hold off while we fucked their loads out of them. They drenched each other, with streaks of cum all over their upper bodies. When they finally parted they set about licking their cum off of each other. I had never seen tongues on muscle look so erotic.

Afterwards we went upstairs to shower while Toby laid out clean sheets and towels to take with us.

"I have a feeling this is going to be an adventure to remember," Devon said as we were showering.

"I'm not going to shave," I said.

"Okay, I won't either, then."

"I think our dads, when they came in from the field, wouldn't have taken the time to shave. They would've been too eager to see each other and be alone. Besides, they were men, and God knows they have never shied away from demonstrating that with each other."

We took one backpack with the bare necessities, including the clean linens and towels, and headed for the hotel, following Toby's easy directions. Despite its age and condition it was still an imposing structure, looking down on the street with great dignity and even greater knowledge of the secrets it guarded inside.

"I feel like we're entering a sacred place, like a temple," I said as we went up the steps. The big, ornate door creaked when we pulled it open.

An elderly man eyed us from his perch behind the counter as we went across the wide lobby.

"Room 238, please," I said.

He turned to the cubbyholes behind him that contained the keys.

"Ah, yes, very lucky, 238 is vacant," he said, handing us the keys and two towels. "Bring back please," he said.

We took the towels even though Toby had given us two of his. We took the creaky stairs to the landing then went on up the stairs into a long, dark hallway. The only light was through a grimy window at the end of the hall.

"I guess they didn't pay the power bill," I said.

"Are you getting a sense of nostalgic weirdness?" Devon asked as we went down the hallway, trying to make out the numbers on the doors.

"Yes. It's like our dads are here with us. Certain times I've felt their presence on this trip."

"Yeah, I've gotten that feeling too," Devon said. "And I have a feeling this is going to be the weirdest of all."

"There is definitely a feeling," Devon said.

We found room 238 and stood at the door just looking at each other. Finally I gripped the handle and opened the door a crack. It wasn't so dark inside with the light from the streetlights coming in through the window. We went inside and Devon closed the door behind us. I turned the switch and the light came on; a single bulb hanging from an electrical cord over the bed. Devon went over and turned on the ceiling fan but it didn't come on.

"If the Trent is a temple, this room must be the tabernacle," Devon said.

"It smells old," I said.

"I think that's the smell of the occupants that's permeated the walls," he said.

"I am so glad you're home so we could do this," I said.

"No more than I am."

"Did you happen to bring the back pack with the camera in it?" I asked quietly.


"Good, we need to take some pictures of this place."

The smell of past occupants that permeated the room seemed to envelope us as we stood looking at each other.

"You know, part of it, Kyle--the feelings we're having about our dads-it's their love that followed us over here. I can feel it now."

"Yeah," I said, nodding. "But it didn't follow us....we brought it, inside us. You know I love you like a brother, Devon. I couldn't love you more if you were my real brother."

"You wanta show me?" he asked with a sly grin.

"Fuck yeah."

We had each other undressed in short order and were about to tumble onto the bed when we remembered the clean sheets we'd brought along. We quickly spread the clean one over the mattress and slipped clean cases on the two pillows. Then we crawled in bed.

"You wonder, how many times they lay together in this bed, their heads on these pillows," Devon mused.

"You think it's the same bed and mattress and pillows?" I asked.

"I'm sure of it. These pillows are flattened more like cushions."

"And you can feel there's not much to the mattress."

"All I feel is you beside me, Brother," Devon said.

We kissed, hard, a kiss that was filled with deep love and fiery passion. Devon was on his way down my stomach but I stopped him.

"No, it's two ways," I said.

"I'm not looking for an argument," he said and rose up and turned and straddled me in a sixty nine. And we went at it.

We'd had some really hot sex with Toby and Josh but this was different. This was more than sex. It was us, in the same hotel room, in the same bed as our fathers, our love replicating the love our fathers had for each other.

"I feel like we've come full circle," Devon remarked.

"Not quite," I said as I pulled his butt up off the mattress with his legs over his shoulders and began kissing and licking his ass. "Not till I'm inside you. I'll get you ready. Ready for Jake."

The night passed all too quickly but it was crammed with brotherly love making and plain hot sex, and memories that were not ours.

"I think Jason was the dominant top most of the time," I said as we lay together in the early morning hours after yet another hard fuck. "At least at the beginning."

"You think so? What makes you think that?" Devon asked.

"He's....well, dominant. I think he came around after a while, after he came to realize that he loved my dad."

"Maybe they'll tell us about their time here when we get back," Devon said. He rose up on one elbow, looking down at me, looking so handsome and so studly with all his muscles.

"If there wasn't Jake, I think I could be in love with you, and not as your brother," I told him.

"Jake doesn't take anything away from how I feel about you, Kyle. Nothing Jake and I have can come close to replacing what we have for each other."

"I know. But if there wasn't Jake......" I rose up and eased him onto his back. "Want me to show you what I mean?"

"Fuck, yeah."

I fucked him again.

I was washing up at the sink--the shower didn't work--and Devon was standing at the window looking down over the street, drying off. "The war must have been hell," he said quietly.

"Maybe we can get them to talk about it when we get back," I said.

We took pictures of the room, including the bed and chair, and the hallway, and even snatched a young Vietnamese soldier in the hallway to take several pictures of us, in our shorts at first. He sensed something between us and, smiling, he motioned that maybe we should take our shorts off. We hesitated but then did it and he got some nudes of us in several poses, including some on the bed. In one Devon was on his stomach and I lay between his spread legs with my head on his high and tight bubble butt. In another, I lay on my back, and Devon lay on his side propped upon one elbow with his other arm across my chest. We gave the soldier some money for his trouble. We weren't sure where we would get the pictures developed but later, Toby sent Josh to a shop he knew of that would develop any kind of pictures. I thought we should've just taken the film back with us but Toby said if they found the film it might cause us trouble at the airport. He said he would send the pictures to us in a letter. It was hard to leave the Trent for some reason but with one final, hard kiss at the door, we left.

Our last mission was to find our dads' base camps if they still existed. Toby found and hired an old guide to take us. He came to the bar to get us. He asked us their outfits. We didn't know but Toby told him what he remembered.

"I know it," the man said, nodding. "Not much there anymore."

He was right. After a long, rough trek along a jungle road on two motor bikes he brought us to what was little more than just another space in the jungle. We had seen other similar places along the way. There was a crumbling concrete wall that looked like it was being devoured by the growth of vines. To the right there was what looked like wooden barracks suffering the same fate as the wall by heavy vines entwined all over and inside the structures. It looked like a giant green monster was devouring the structures.

"Not much left," the man said again as we looked around.

"It's enough," I said. I took out the camera and took some pictures. I looked around to see Devon gazing off in the other direction, towards a mammoth tree with gnarled roots thick as my body, reaching everywhere and snaking in an out of the ground.

"What?" I said, moving up beside him.

"I don't know....nothing," he said. Then he reached down and grabbed up a handful of dirt and put it in his shirt pocket. I did the same. I didn't know why and he probably didn't know either.

We had the guide take pictures of us with the dilapidated buildings behind us. Devon looked at the tree again.

"That thing must be a thousand years old," he said. "Come on, let's have him take our picture standing in the roots."

Back in the city we tipped the man and headed back to Toby's to tell him goodbye and pick up our backpacks. He set two beers out for us as we walked in the door.

"Did you find anything?" he asked.

"Enough," I said.

"Do you happen to have a small container of some kind?" Devon asked.

"For what? How small?"

"For some dirt," Devon said, patting his shirt pocket.

Toby sent Josh out and he returned with two small, velvet pouches that he'd gotten from a jewelry store. We took off our shirts and dumped the dirt out on the counter and scooped it into the pouches.

"Listen, I just thought of something!" Toby said, his voice a little edged with excitement. "Be right back." He left to go upstairs.

"Somehow, I think this is going to call for more beer," Josh said as set two more beers on the bar.

Toby came back down with a large sealed envelope. He laid it on the bar and pushed it across to us. "They left this behind."

"We're supposed to open it?"

"That's up to you. But I don't think they would care."

"What's in it?"


"From that shit eatin' grin, they're not just ordinary pictures," Devon said.

"No, they're not."

Devon looked at me. "What do you think?"

"I say we deliver the envelope as is. If they want us to see the pictures, they'll show us. Do you think we can get them through customs?" I asked.

"Give me your backpack," Toby said. I shrugged it off handed it to him. He handed it off to Josh. "Take this and the envelope down to Chau and have her sew the envelope in under the cardboard bottom." He gave him some money but held him up and rushed back upstairs. He came down with the envelope containing the pictures of us that Josh had developed. "Tell her it must be done now, quickly."

Josh was back in less than a half hour. We were unable to detect the secret pocket. We bid Toby and Josh a fond farewell and invited them to visit if they ever came back to the States. Josh said he would like to, with a sad look at Toby.

"I don't think that'll ever happen," Toby said, rather somberly. "I've had a good life here, can't think of any reason to go back. Besides, I'm not a very forgiving person."

"Forgiving?" I asked.

"The way they treated our guys when they went back home. Hell, they're still treated like the plague while those fuckin' peaceniks are running the government and the big corporations. There's just something wrong with that picture that I don't want to be a part of it."

Chapter One-Hundred-Fourteen

Seoul, Korea

As told by Kyle

We arrived back in Seoul late at night. We took a military shuttle bus to Jake's base camp where Devon reported in to the orderly room. Jake wasn't there but the CQ said they were expected back soon. Our features told that we were not of pure American blood and it made guys friendly.

The CQ, a young corporal, told us, "We've got you put up in the visitors' quarters. Jake's posting the guard right now. I'll send him there when he gets back."

"Is he going to be free tonight and tomorrow?" Devon asked.

"Tonight, definitely, not sure about tomorrow. I'll get somebody to take you down there." He scanned a roster then got on the intercom and called for PFC Andrews to come to the orderly room. Andrews was there in a flash.

"Glad you guys finally made it. Jake's really been looking forward to this," he said as we were walking to the visitors quarters.

He let us in and turned on the lights and showed us around. There wasn't much to see, it was only one room with a bath and a small porch.

"Sorry, there're only two beds," he pointed out.

"That's okay, one of us can sleep on the floor," I said.

"Which one of you is Jake's buddy?" he asked.

"He is," I said.

"Ah, then you're the civilian brother."

"I'm his brother," I said, pointing to Devon.

"Listen, this wouldn't be regulation but you could take Jake's bed in the barracks," he told me.

"But I'm a civilian."

"Nobody has to know. Hell, we all look alike without our clothes. You can slip out before reveille and come back here. Who knows, you might like barracks life and decide to enlist."

"If you don't think I'll get in trouble," I said, then turned to Devon. "It would give you two some time alone."

"If anybody gets in trouble it'll be me," Andrews said.

"I don't want to get you in trouble either," I said.

"Don't worry about it. Everything will be cool. I'll wait outside on the porch while you two talk it over."

"It sort of sounds like he's trying to set something up for you," Devon said as he was taking off his shirt.

"I got that impression too. So I'm going to head out with him," I said

"Thanks, Kyle. You know I want you here, but....."

"But you want Jake more. I understand, Bro. Fuck, I don't blame you," I said.

"I'm going to shower and get ready. I want to be in my uniform when Jake gets here."

"Why bother? You know he's just going to take it off of you."

"That's like saying why bother to wrap a Christmas present."

"This is going to be the best Christmas present he ever unwrapped," I said. "You know he's going to fuck you a new asshole," I chided him.

"I know, and I can hardly wait."

"Okay, I'm going to head out with Andrews. Tell Jake I'll see him in the morning, or sometime tomorrow," Kyle said.

I walked with Andrews back to the barracks.

"Listen, uh....I might be out of line saying this but....what you said back there, about them having time alone....or am I reading something into it that I shouldn't?" Andrews asked.

"I shouldn't have said it that way," I said.

"Hey, it doesn't matter if they've got something going," he said. "I was just curious."

"That would be between them, I really don't know," I lied.

"Oh, I think you know," Andrews said with a grin. "Happens more than most people wanta know about. Hell, I could probably fix you up with some company if you're interested."

He had slowed the pace and I slowed it even more. "Are you, speaking for yourself perhaps?"

"Could be. Or me and a buddy if that interests you."

"And how would it go down? I mean, where? Surely not in the barracks."

"No, ours is an open barracks. But the barracks across the road has private and semi-private rooms. And everybody knows the two rooms just inside the doorway are officially unoccupied. The keys are above the doors. If the key is missing, somebody's using the room."

"What's your buddy like" I asked. "Not that it matters, just curious what I might expect."

"Couple of years older than me. Built. Cuter than me and built better."

"If he's cuter and built better than you, I don't see how I can resist."

"Or I know an older guy. He's really built, all over. More the rugged type."

"I think I'll settle for you and your buddy. If the rugged guy happens to walk in......."

Andrews grinned broadly. "Do you wanta leave the door ajar?" he asked excitedly.

"What happens, happens," I said.

"Hey, I never even asked if you might want to spend time with Jake and your brother."

"I would but no, they need their time alone, like I said."

"I would sure like to be a fly on the wall. Godd, they must be like a couple of stallions together. How long are you guys going to be here? I might be able to arrange a group. I bet they would like the rugged stud."

"Tonight, then Jake said he wanted to show us around the base tomorrow."

As Told By Devon

I was adjusting my tie when there was a light knock at the door.

"Come in, it's open."

Jake opened the door and stepped inside but not all the way. I shouldn't have been but I was surprised to see he was in full combat gear and he had a few days' growth of beard. But of course, he'd just come off duty.

"Jake," I said. I barely had the wind to speak.

"Fuck!" he said.

"No, it's Devon," I said.

"Fuck!" Jake said again as he came into the room. He pulled me into a tight hug and a passionate kiss at the same time. When we finally parted he gushed, "Godd, I have missed you so much!"

"You, uh....didn't shut the door," I pointed out.

"I don't fuckin' care," he said. He reached back with one leg and kicked the door closed and pushed me back on the bed and fell on top of me to continue our kiss.

"Godd, you feel so good," he whispered as he writhed on top of me. Then he rose up at arms' length. "Let me look at you. I can't get enough of you. You know I'm gonna fuck your brains out."

"Kyle said you would."

"Where is Kyle?"

"They're putting him up in the barracks, in your bunk."

"When I've fucked your brains out, then I'm going to make love to you for the rest of the night. But first we get the raw sex out of the way."

"Sounds like you've got it all planned out," I said.

"I've thought about you every minute since I knew you were coming. Can't tell you how hard it's been not to jack off but I wanted to save it for you."

"How long have you been saving it up?" I asked.

"Nine fuckin' days. I'll probably get you pregnant. Let's shed some of these clothes while you tell me about Vietnam," he said as he tugged on my tie.

"I put my uniform on especially for you, and now you wanta take it off of me, just like Kyle said," I whined jokingly.

Jake pulled me to my feet and pulled me in close by my tie and planted another hard kiss on my mouth. I was surprised to see his hands shaking as he unbuttoned my jacket. But then he stopped short of taking it off of me.

"I might rip it off, I'd better let you take it off while I grab a quick shower. But only down to your shorts."

"No! You're good just the way you are," I said.

"Fuck, man, I need a shower and a shave," he said.

"Your beard feels good, and I want you just like you are. You can shower later."

"Okay....for now....if that's what you want."

My own hands were shaky as I hung up the jacket. I was no less nervous when I was down to my shorts.

"Man, look at you. You've sure put on some muscle."

"Just trying to keep up with you," I said.

"How many times do I have to tell you, it's not a competition."

"It's been a competition since you took me back in the woods at football camp," I said. "Would you believe, I'm nervous. I feel like a high school boy on his first date."

"I'm glad," he said. "I'll calm you down."

Together we removed his gear and his uniform, down to his T-shirt and shorts. They were sweat stained and a little grimy. It only added to his rugged, manly aura. He wouldn't let me hang anything up but dumped it in a pile on the floor.

"Godd, that night at football camp was the hottest night of my life. I thank God every day that I met you at camp," he said, his eyes raking over me like he was looking for flaws. If I hadn't met you and got my eyes opened, hell, I might have ended up getting married and making everybody miserable."

"Does your old girlfriend know about us?" I asked.

"No. She probably wouldn't believe it if I told her. She thinks I'm still playing the field."

I laughed. "Just doesn't know you're playing for the other team."

"Yeah, something like that. So, tell me about you and Kyle in Vietnam. And don't leave out any details. I mean it. I know you guys fucked around. I would be disappointed if you didn't, and I wanta hear about it."

We sat together on the bunk and went through several beers while I told Jake about our visit to our home country, and answered his many questions. He had a lot of questions about Toby and Josh. He was especially intrigued with our night at the Trent.

"Man, that must have been eerie, being in the same room, even the same bed as your two dads."

"It was like a reenactment," I said. "Like we were reliving that night for them. It was weird, it was like we felt their presence."

"They are going to love hearing about it," Jake said. He downed the last of his beer and picked up the bottles. "You oughta know, all the time you've been talking, I've been building up a head of steam," he said as he dumped the bottles then faced me. "I'm about to explode. You're gonna have to help me hold off." He leaned in to kiss my chest and lick my nipples as he groped the front of my shorts. The smell of him was intoxicating, a rugged, male aroma like I'd never smelled before. He smelled like what I imagined war smelled like. He shoved his hand down inside my shorts and gripped my bare cock.

"Your cock even feels thicker. What've you been doing to get it bigger?"

"It's not bigger, you just forgot what it feels like," I said.

"Give me a minute to refresh my memory," Jake said as he squeezed and stroked my hardening cock. "I wanta kiss you all over."

"Careful what you say. All over covers a lot of territory."

"I know what I'm saying." He kept stroking my cock and squeezing my butt with his other hand. "I wanta be inside you so bad."

I reached down for him, surprised that he was rubbery but not fully hard. "You're going to need some more tingly to get inside me," I joked.

"Don't worry, it'll be there when the time comes. These feelings go a lot deeper than a hardon. They're in my gut. I swear, Devon, I love you so much it makes me ache inside."

"Part of that tingling is probably because you've been saving it for nine days," I chided him.

Suddenly Jake went to his knees beside the bunk and pulled my shorts all the way down. My cock swung out, throbbing to full hard right in his face.

"Fuck, I nearly forgot how big you are. You'll have to bear with me, I'm out of practice on anything this size." He snuggled his face in my crotch and licked my balls before he sucked one into his mouth. His beard felt good on the inside of my thighs and brushing over my balls. I moaned softly and laid my hand on Jake's head. He suckled it for a moment then popped it free and began licking up the shaft of my cock. I trembled at his tongue lashing along the underside of the head and my cock twitched.

"Fuck, Jake, what have you been practicing on?" I moaned softly.

"Nothing this size," Jake replied. Then he took my cock in his mouth and started sucking me.

Jake's practice paid off. He took me all the way down and pressed his face into my loins while he clasped my butt tightly to hold me in that tight embrace. I thought his knees were going to buckle as his throat muscles squeezed and stroked my cock. I reached down and squeezed his pecs and reached further to explore his abs but I couldn't reach as far as I wanted to.

"I want you, too, Jake," I said in a hoarse voice.

"This is about you," Jake said.

"Then stand up and make it about me. I want you, Jake, please."

Jake stood and I shoved him back onto the next bunk. I pulled his shorts off of him then straddled him in a sixty-nine so I could have his cock and offered him my own in return. We devoured each other in a whirlwind of lust and raw passion. Several times Jake eased me off or slowed me down.

Finally I gasped, "We gotta stop so I can cool down." He turned around and lay beside me, half on top of me, and started kissing me.

"This'll keep the fire burning," he whispered. I reached down for his cock. He was hard now, like a warm steel bar.

Jake grabbed hold of my wrist. "You can hold it but don't move your hand." Finally he rose up and sat on the edge of the bed and put his hand on my thigh. "I'm going apologize in advance, I'm going to do my best but this isn't going to be the fuck of your life, I'm just too keyed up."

"Do you need to take a cold shower first?" I joked.

"Wouldn't help. My cock would heat the water."

"You're making too much of it, Jake. I don't care if you cum on the first stroke, it's not like it's going to be your last."

"No offense, but I'm trying to detach myself from you."


"You're a big good-looking stud, a fellow Marine with a great body and an incredible ass that I'm gonna fuck without mercy. So I'm going to try to detach myself from all of that so I can give you what we both want. Now, get on your hands and knees, butt facing me."

I quickly scrambled into position, thinking Jake was going to fuck me without fanfare or foreplay. I felt his big hands on my butt, pulling the muscles apart and I braced myself. The next moment was a complete surprise.

"Ohh, Jake!" I cried out when I felt his hot breath on my butt, then his beard tickling the inner slopes of my butt and then his tongue licking up the crack of my ass. I quickly grabbed a pillow to put over my face. "Ohh, Godd! Ohh, Godd!" I cried out in the pillow, and I was soon ready to beg Jake for his cock.

"Turn over on your back," Jake said. In position, he took hold of my feet and lifted my legs, bending me in half. "Hold onto your feet," he said, then he squatted down to rim me some more. He had me ready to scream but I couldn't reach for the pillow.

"Hey, I just noticed, did you do this for me, shave your ass?"

"Yes, do you like it?" I said.

"I love it! From here you look like a boy virgin."

"Don't we both wish," I said.

"Did you do it yourself or have somebody else do it for you?" Jake asked.

"I did it myself, squatted down over a mirror. I was too embarrassed to ask anybody to do it for me."

Jake forced some spit into my ass then worked a finger inside me. I squinched my eyes and cringed from the pure pleasure. After a moment he replaced his finger with both thumbs, stretching me open.

"Hey, I can see inside your ass, it's winking at me," Jake said.

"It's not winking, it's begging."

"You want my cock?" Jake asked.

"I want you inside me more than anything in the world. I want you to drill me a new asshole."

"I can do that."

When Jake stood, I could see his cock was slick with lube. I didn't know where he'd gotten the lube he held in his hand. He put it to my hole and squeezed some inside.

"Where are your shorts?" Jake asked, looking all around.

"I don't know, you took them off of me."

He found the briefs and laid them over my face. "You might need these," he said as he stuffed the shorts in my mouth.

I braced myself at the touch of Jake's hot cock against my slick hole. It was lube against lube, there was no stopping the gentle spreading of my asshole by the broad head.

"It's been too long," Jake said huskily. "Are you ready?"

I let go of one foot and pulled the shorts out of my mouth. "Have I never not been ready?" Letting go of one foot twisted my hips to one side.

"I hate that it hurts going in," Jake said.

"Would you hate it if it was your old girlfriend?"

"It wouldn't hurt her, she's built for it."

"Oh, I'm not built good enough for you?" I chided him.

"Fuck, Dev, don't say stuff like that. You know you're built just the way I want you." He leaned over to kiss across the broad expanse of my chest and suckled my nipples. He leaned further and kissed me on the mouth and at the same time shoved his cock through my hole.

"Ohh, Godd," I groaned. Jake eased up. "No, don't stop! That was a good Ohh, Godd."

"No it wasn't," Jake said.

"Fuck me, Jake. Just fuck me."

He eased in deeper, adjusting his angle to the new twist in my hips. "I kinda like this cock-eyed position," he said.

"Good, 'cause that frees up one hand for me to touch your body," I said.

"I love the way your insides spread out and close up tight around my cock when I'm going in," Jake said.

"I love you going in, Jake," I said, my voice tremoring.

We held each other for a long moment when he was all the way in. I tugged at his musky T-shirt and he raised his arms for me to me pull it off.

"I could stay like this forever, just being inside you," he whispered.

"I could too, but I don't think your cock is going to allow us to do that, just lay together without moving," I said.

"Godd, I love you so much. You make me feel so wonderful and alive," Jake whispered as he began fucking me.

It began as a slow, languid fuck, more love making than sex, but our combined macho sexuality soon took over and we were fucking like two stallions. Jake had stuffed the shorts back in my mouth to stifle my outcries and moans. Suddenly he pulled the shorts out and tossed them aside.

"Go ahead and yell and holler, I'll swallow it," he said as he covered my mouth with his full lips. I yelled, and Jake swallowed my screams.

It might have been called brutal, the way he fucked me, but it wasn't. It was simply a horny Marine giving it his best. I floated off in a cloud of ecstatic pleasure the likes of which I'd never experienced before. I saw black, with tiny stars dancing on my eyelids.

Suddenly Jake put his hand over my mouth. "Hang on, Dev, I'm gonna make this really count, till we're together again." With that he began pistoning his cock in and out of my ass like a well-tuned machine. In those final moments he was more than human. He was like a god, come to breed his Marine buddy.

"Oh, Godd! Oh, Godd! Fuck me, Jake! Fuck me hard!"

Gauging the time was impossible. It might've been the end of the world and neither of us would've noticed. I let go of my legs to claw at the sheets and grip the edges of the mattress. Jake pressed his big hands against the inside of my thighs, spreading them straight out to the side and pounded me unmercifully. The bed rocked and creaked under them and tapped a staccato rhythm against the wall. Jake grabbed my ankles and shoved my legs up over my head, bending me in half, and arched up over me to fuck me with hard, drop-kick, plunging strokes. A spring snapped under the mattress.

"This is it, Dev!" Jake gasped. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna breed you!"

I felt his explosion erupt inside me, sending torrents of warm cum deep in me bowels.

"Oh, Godd, Jake, I can feel it! I can feel you cumming inside me!"

"I want you to," Jake growled.

It seemed he wouldn't stop. I had the feeling of being filled up, bloated with the semen that washed back around Jake's thick cock, and more came, nine days of it gushing out of the reservoirs and I wondered how I contained it all.

Jake collapsed gently on top of me and the next moment we were lost in a deeply passionate kiss.

"Godd, Devon, I never came so hard or so much in my life," he said hoarsely as he pushed up to arms' length.

"Don't leave me. Don't pull out. I don't want to lose any of it," I said as he wrapped my legs around Jake's waist.

"What're you gonna do with it?" Jake asked.

"I'm going to let my body absorb it. I'm going to take that much of you back with me."

Jake maneuvered us carefully onto our sides and we lay like that for a long time, his still rubbery cock plugging my hole.

"I should pull out and let you close up," Jake said after a while.

"Yes, gently, though. Put a pillow under my hips till I tighten up enough to hold your load inside me."

Jake positioned me then lay beside me, pulling my arm out to lay his head on. "I didn't hurt you too bad, did I? I got pretty wild."

"No. Godd, Jake, it was good beyond belief. I almost blacked out. I did see stars. Really, there were times when I thought you would fuck me out of my mind."

"I tried," he joked. Then more seriously, "That was the raw sex. Next I'm going to make love to you. Let's grab a shower so we can start fresh. I really do need a shower now. Do you wanta squeeze in there with me?"

We showered and while Jake was drying off I got the rings out of my pants pocket. They were in a small, red velvet bag. He came over to see what I was doing.

"You said the raw sex was out of the way."

"Yeah, now comes the real love making....the kind that'll curl your toes."

"First....." I shook out the rings out of the bag in my hand.


"I had these made in Vietnam."

He picked up the rings and examined them and read the inscription on the inside. He didn't say anything for a moment.

"I hate it when you do this to me," he said.


"Make me tear up."

I took his hand and slipped the ring on his finger, praying it would fit. It did, but snug. Then I kissed it. Without a word he took the other ring and put it on my finger and kissed it, then he pulled me into his arms, tight as a vise, and kissed me so hard I thought my lips might bleed.

"Does this mean we're married?" he asked.

"It means we'll never be apart, no matter how many miles are between us," I said.

We maneuvered to the bed. True to his word, Jake made love to me. I reciprocated as best I could but he was the dominant top and I could do little but succumb to his love making. He was rough and gentle at the same time. Rough in that that's who he was as a man, but gentle in proving his deep love.

When we finished we lay together remembering other times and back to when we first met.

"You put exactly the right words inside the rings," he said as he started to slide down the bed.

"Where're you going?"

"There's something down here that needs my attention." A minute later he had my cock in his mouth. He sucked me for several minutes then moved back up beside me. "Okay, I've got you boned up, let's see what you can do with it."

"You don't have to, Jake, you've already made me happier than any man has a right to be."

"You're taking mine back with you, I want you to give me your DNA to keep," Jake said.

I fucked Jake and gave him the load of DNA he wanted. I had forgotten how tight and hard Jake's ass was. I told him to relax his butt muscles so I could get in deeper and we broke out laughing when Jake told me his butt muscles were relaxed. We literally fucked the night away. I didn't know where we got our stamina, except that we were two, very in shape Marines. My ass held up well, it was my cock that was getting sore.

Sometime in the early morning there was a soft tap at the door and something was slipped under it. Jake got up to see what it was.

"Well, son-of-a-bitch, it's a pass for the day."

"Somebody's looking out for you," I said.

Smiling, Jake came back to bed. "You think your ass will hold up for the rest of the day, 'cause I don't plan on leaving this room till evening chow."

"It's the bed you need to worry about, not my ass. You heard the spring snap."

"Yeah," Jake said laughing. "It's neat that we're destroying the fuckin' bed."

Kyle didn't come back to our room till it was time for chow. He told us about his night. We weren't so forthcoming, and Kyle didn't ask. He figured I would tell him later what he wanted to know. Our time to leave was drawing near and chow was rather somber. We would have to leave in a few hours to catch our plane.

"This is not going to be easy, is it?" Jake said under his breath, looking up from his tray as he rubbed his knee against mine under the table.

I didn't know what to say. I was afraid if we talked about it, I would get too emotional.

Kyle looked at his watch. "Have either of you thought about it?....we've got time to work in a three way," he said quietly.

Jake seemed reluctant by his look. "No offense to either of you but I would rather leave things the way they are." He looked around at me. "My DNA inside you, your DNA inside me....I don't know, a quickie for the sake of sex, it would take something away from that."

"Well, if you don't want me to contaminate your DNA," Kyle said, feigning indignation.

"I didn't mean it that way," Jake said.

"I know. I understand completely. Besides, I already spread my own DNA around. Besides, there's time for it later. I'm going to have you as my brother in law for the rest of our lives."

Jake took us for a quick tour around the base. It seemed anti-climactic, mostly because of the dread of parting.

"Godd, I hate this waiting," Jake said as we were all three walking along a small stream running through a park.

"Do you come here often?" I asked. It reminded me of the small park in Saigon.

"Yes. This is where I find you," Jake said. Suddenly he reached for my hand. "I want you so bad right now."

"There's never been a lack of want for you," I told him.

"I know, it's like a gnawing," said Jake.

Kyle had looked all around when Jake had so boldly taken my hand. "That looks like a potting shed over there. Maybe you could get inside. Or if not, go behind it, I'll keep watch."

"No, I don't want it to be like that," Jake said. "We'll wait. But thanks for the thought."

"We need to be getting back anyway," I said.

Parting was cruel. At the airport Jake and I sat, we paced, we stood staring out the window together, while Kyle stayed back. He saw that we couldn't keep their eyes off each other. He moved up behind us at the window. "Excuse me.....you guys are getting some looks," he said quietly.

"Fuck the looks," Jake said, without taking his eyes off me.

Just then their flight was announced.

Jake put his hand on my shoulder. "Dude, I am so about to kiss you right now."

"Don't," I said, laughing. "Oh, fuck! You're serious!"

"And you're right as rain," Jake said.

"Don't" Kyle said this time. "Don't blow a good thing."

"I didn't say I was gonna blow him, I said I was gonna kiss him."

"Just don't, not here. Come on, to the restroom," Kyle said, leading the way.

The restroom was an open design where you made a couple of zig-zag turns to go in; there were no doors. Kyle quickly checked the place out then went to the entrance to keep watch where he could see out of the corner of his eye, Jake pulling me into his arms and them moving into a hard, passionate kiss; the kind of kiss that only two Marines can give each other. He had me pressed against the wall, smashing and grinding his loins against me as we writhed together. Suddenly I saw Kyle freeze, like his breath caught in his lungs, with a horrified look. Suddenly someone appeared from behind us, coming out of the restroom! Fuck, how had Kyle missed him!! And a master sergeant, no less! Jake didn't see the guy till he was walking past us and by that time it was too late and he never broke the kiss. As the sergeant strode past us he gave me a smack on the ass, then he gave us a big smile and a thumbs-up.

The moment was over; it was time to board.

"We dodged a bullet there," I said.

"Remind me never to send you out on recon," Jake grumbled to Kyle as we walked to the boarding gate.

I loosened my tie as Kyle and I settled into our seats. I looked out at the terminal but couldn't see past the glare on the windows.

"He's there," Kyle said quietly. "He'll be there till the plane is out of sight."

"I know, but I can't see him."

The plane took off and I looked down at the terminal for as long as I could.

"You are so fuckin' lucky," Kyle said.

I looked around to see him smiling. "I know."

"Not that. Not Jake," he said. "You know this bi thing/gay thing...."

"You mean you?" I asked.

"Yeah. You know."

"Maybe you're making too big a deal of it....fighting it too hard."

"You might be right." He looked at me, still smiling. "Godd, I wanted to do Jake so bad in that potting shed."

Suddenly I had an idea. I leaned over and whispered in Kyle's ear, "I know I'm not Jake, but do you wanta join the Mile High Club?" His face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Fuck, yeah, let's do it." He looked around to the back of the plane. "There's one back there," he said. "You go first."

I slipped out of my seat and made my way to the back of the plane. The rest room was right near the stewardess station. I slipped inside and hurriedly began undoing my belt. I was so excited my hands were shaking. A moment later Kyle slipped through the door and latched it.

"I think the stewardess saw me," he whispered.

I didn't care. "I'm still okay to go if you wanta fuck me," I said.


We tore at our clothes. I removed my pants and shorts to give him freer access to my ass, and so we wouldn't mess up my pants. Kyle took his pant off too but left his shorts down around his ankles. We both used spit and I leaned over the stool, my ass jutted out to be taken. I pushed back against his hot cock till he burst through my hole. He buried his cock to the hilt. We didn't have time for foreplay.

"I hope we can get off," he said as he began fucking me.

Just thinking about what we were doing made me light headed. I was so excited my legs began to shake.

"Godd, your ass is still so tight," Kyle said as he pulled my butt back to meet his thrusts.

We fucked for what seemed like forever. I was getting a little concerned. "You don't have to get me off, Kyle, but one of us has to cum to qualify for the Mile High Club, so you go for it."

"Is there a fuckin' rule book?" he asked, laughing.

It was a good five more minutes before Kyle shot his load inside me. It felt like the plane shook when he shot off. I was so weak he had to pull me upright from leaning against the wall. But my cock was still hard, and dripping ball juice. I started to reach for my clothes but he stopped me.

"If you read the fine print, it says we both have to cum," he said as he was maneuvering us around so he sat on the stool. Then he began sucking my cock.

It didn't take long till we were both qualified for the exclusive club. We got dressed and checked each other out. "Fuck, it was never like this at Airborne school in those big C-130s," I joked.

Kyle exited first. I waited a moment then slipped out. The stewardess saw me and flashed a knowing smile. I tried not to be embarrassed.

"My brother wasn't feeling well," I said.

"I'll bet he's feeling a lot better now," she said.

Chapter One-Hundred-Fifteen

Back Home

"They're back," Jason said, standing at the kitchen window looking out over the cottage curtains.

I moved up beside him to see the boys getting out of a very large pickup. "They were supposed to call us to pick them up."

"Looks like they got a ride," Jason said

"That was probably easy, look at them. Nobody could resist picking up a couple of studs who look like that."

We went out on the porch to greet them. The boys were the ones who pushed into our arms for tight bear hugs.

"Man, it's good to be home," Devon said.

"Come inside, tell us all about it," Jason said.

"Should I make coffee, or are we going to need something stronger?" I asked.

"Coffee's good," Kyle said.

The boys returned full of stories. The orphanage was still going strong although with more pure Vietnamese children now--children dropped off as Saigon was falling, by mothers who fled the country, an orphanage thought to be the only safe place. Sister Mary Margaret was mostly retired, overseeing the two younger nuns who were running the place. She hadn't recognized them but she remembered the boys well, and the two men who took them away.

I looked away at the mention of the nun's name, with a strange tugging at my guts. Jason noticed it.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing, I....I thought her name was Sister Marie."

"It might've been in another time," he said quietly.

"Yes," I said and quickly shook it off.

They'd gone to the Dragon Fly where Kyle got "double laid" he said, two women at the same time. He said he tried to get Devon laid but there was a young Vietnamese soldier or sailor who caught his eye.

"I kept myself occupied," Devon said.

"Did you meet Toby?" I asked.

"Man, did we ever meet Toby!" Devon exclaimed.

"And his bartender, Josh," Kyle chimed in. "Damn, talk about a couple of studs!"

"Sounds like that went well," Jason said with a chuckle.

"Look before we get into all of this, you both have to promise not to get mad that we discovered a lot about you," Kyle said.

"We expected you would," Jason said. "So, just how well did it go with Toby and Josh?"

"Well, Toby fucked my brains out, laid across a bar stool," Devon said.

"But he took as good as he gave, laid back across one of the tables," Kyle put in. "We would be hard pressed to describe every detail, just know that Toby hasn't lost it. He's just like you guys."

"We found what we believe was your base camp, Dad," Devon said to Jason. "Toby found an old guide to take us there. We didn't know your outfit but Toby did, so he knew where to take us."

"Was there anything left of it, enough to describe?" Jason asked.

"Not much. The jungle's taken it over, as you might expect. There was a concrete wall, crumbling under the vines, and the remains of a bunch of wooden huts, also being consumed by the jungle."

"Sounds like you found it," Jason said.

"We' stopped off to get some film developed; we've got pictures we'll show you. There was the biggest fucking trees I ever saw in my life. Roots as big around as my body, growing out in all directions."

"Fuck, you found it all right," Jason said, looking at me. Our eyes met and didn't waver for a moment.

"We went to the chapel," Kyle went on. "Didn't look like anything had changed there for the last hundred years, except for more black on the ceiling. We lit the candles like you said, then we knelt and said a prayer, but we didn't know what we were praying for, you never told us."

"He knew who you were, he interpreted your prayers," I said.

"Who? There was nobody in the chapel. Who knew we were there?" Devon asked.

"The saint, where you lit the candles," Jason said. "He delivered your prayers."

"Oh, by the way, we brought something back from your base camp, Dad," Devon said as he leaned down to get the pouches out of his backpack. He laid them on the table. "Dirt. I know you've got some you brought back. We thought we could mix it with yours."

Jason picked up one of the pouches, opened it and held it up to his nose. He breathed in a deep breath then held it out for me to smell. "Still smells the same, it'll smell the same a thousand years from now," he said.

"Toby's was awesome," Kyle said, still excited. "We walked in and it was exactly the place where we'd expect you guys to hang out. Toby knew who we were right away. He didn't recognize us of course but we ordered the beer you told us to and he knew right away who we were. He said, 'Well son-of-a-bitch, Kyle and Devon.'"

"They don't have that beer anymore, by the way, not since Ho Chi Minh took over," Devon put in.

'We spent lot of anxious times there," Jason said. "Brad more than me at first."

"Toby's was our point of connection when I was stationed in Saigon my first tour," I said. "I went there almost every night to check to see if Jason had come back in, and to wait when he was overdue. The worst time was when he was captured and I didn't hear anything for weeks."

The boys' jaws dropped.

"Captured!" Devon blurted. "You were captured? You never told us were a POW!"

"I thought I did," Jason said. "Anyway, it wasn't long enough to be considered POW status. I was detained for a short time, that's all," he said dryly.

"Detained, my ass," I said. "He came back with wounds and bruises and cigarette burns."

"Dad! Why didn't you ever tell me?" Tears began to run down Devon's face.

"I'm sure I mentioned it," said Jason. "But if I didn't, well, it was nothing that you boys needed to know." He got up and went around to where Devon was sitting. "Nothing to cry about, Son. It was only for a short time, and I escaped. It was a long time ago."

Devon wrapped his arms around Jason's waist and pressed his face into his stomach. "There's something that's been in my head for a long time. I never said it because I knew you'd be embarrassed and you wouldn't' want to hear it. But I'm saying it now. You're my hero, Dad. You always have been. All I ever wanted was to grow up and be like you."

"That's setting your sights pretty low," Jason drawled.

"You know that's not true," Devon said.

"Well, I thank you, Devon. It means a lot, coming from a fellow Marine. But there's your hero," he said, motioning to me. "He was in a coma for twenty six months, got recuperated then busted his ass to get back to me."

"There isn't much heroic about being blown out of your bunk in the middle of the night," I said dryly.

Kyle said, quietly, "I've always wondered where we find the brave and courageous men that we read about or see on television. Now I know. I've been in the presence of those men all my life. That includes you, too, Devon."

"Please, Bro, don't hang the hero medal on me, I haven't done anything compared to these guys."

"But you went to that warfare training center in California," Kyle said.

"Well, if I'm going to be a hero, I want to be trained well enough that I live to tell about it," he joked, wiping his eyes.

"You two must have really loved each other," Devon said.

Jason hung his head to gaze at his hands folded on the table. "I'm ashamed to say mine wasn't as forthcoming as Brad's in the beginning."

"I knew he would come around," I said with smile. Then he broke out laughing.

"What? What're you laughing about?" Kyle asked.

"You boys are gonna love this," I began. "This was an earlier time when Jason was in the hospital, when the vehicle he was riding in went off the road and tumbled into a ravine. Got his leg busted up and burns on his hands and they were all bandaged up. I think a shoulder was busted up. I went to see him and he's laying there with a big old hardon he couldn't do anything about." The boys broke out laughing as I went on. "The male nurse said he had the biggest cock he'd ever seen, said he could barely get it stuffed in the urinal for him to take a piss. When he had a hardon he had to have him piss in a bucket."

"Do you have to tell this story?" Jason groaned.

"They haven't heard the half of it," Brad said. "With the cooperation of the orderly, I went out and got him a woman then stood guard at the door while she climbed on and fucked him."

"Now that's what buddies are for," Devon said.

"He couldn't even put the condom on, she had to do it for him."

"I did let you join in, remember," Jason reminded me.

"You fucked her too?" Kyle asked excitedly.

"No, no, I still had to keep an eye out. I stood beside the bed and fingered her clit and sucked her tits to sort of help things along. After I showed her out I had to take the condom off."

"Yeah, he was going to tie it off and lay it across my face," Jason said.

"But I didn't. I tied it off and took it with me. Godd, that thing was bloated, half full. He shot two loads in it."

"You fucked her twice?" Devon asked.

"I don't remember. I guess I did if he says so," Jason said.

"What'd you do with the condom?" Kyle asked.

I laughed again. "I emptied it out and hung it over a tree branch."

"What I wanta know is, what'd you do with his load of cum?" Devon asked.

"Don't ask," I said. "But here's the best part. One time when I went to see him, he'd had a wet dream. The male nurse said it looked like somebody had poured a quart of white gravy on his chest and stomach."

The boys laughed till tears streamed down their faces. Jason took it in stride. "The worst part," he said, "the nurse put that on my chart. Said he was required to record all significant activity."

Devon could barely stop laughing. "So my dad has got wet dream noted on his Marine medical history."

"Okay, you fuckers, enough of this shit. You never told us, did you find the Trent Hotel? Is it still there?"

"It's hard to miss it, it's so close to Toby's. And we saw the small park with a fishpond. Toby said you guys spent time there once in a while hashing things out."

"Is it still in operation?" Brad asked.

"Well, it doesn't have a four-star rating but they still rent out rooms to the strong of heart," Devon said.

"Yeah, Toby told us to shower before we went, and lent us some of his towels and sheets to take with us, just in case. Good thing, 'cause the shower didn't work."

"You stayed there?" Jason asked excitedly.

"Does room 238 sound familiar?" Kyle said.

"Well, son-of-a-bitch," Jason said, laughing. "You hear that, they stayed in our old room."

"Toby told us to ask for that room," Kyle said.

"I think we slept in your same bed," Devon said.

"No way. That bed was on its last days when we were there," Jason said.

"So, uh....was it just a sleep-over for old times' sake, on our behalf?" Jason asked with a sly grin.

"I think you could call it more of a fuck-over for old times' sake, on your behalf," Kyle said, laughing. "We tried to duplicate what we thought you guys might've done."

"Well, mother fuck, they did us proud, didn't they?" Jason said to me.

"Sounds like it," I agreed.

"We tried to recreate a night that you guys might've had there together. We know we came up short but it was a wonderful night for us, imaging we were you."

"I doubt you came up short in anything," I said.

Kyle chuckled. "We tried to imagine who was top and who was bottom. We sort of figured you were the dominant top most of the time, Jason."

"Oh, Brad got in his share of dominant thrusts, trust me, when I finally came around."

"It was an awesome bonding thing for us in the process," Devon said. "We were two brothers, back in our home country, loving each other like no other brothers possibly could.

"It was intoxicating in a way, the smell of the place," Kyle put in. "Like every soldier or marine who had ever slept there left something of himself behind and it was all mixed together."

Jason laughed. "Well, I guess we left our share of that behind."

"We talked about it and wondered how many times you guys had shared the same bed and the same pillows. We wished you could've been there with us."

"No, it was right and proper that you went by yourselves," I said.

"Well, we tried to bring things full circle," Devon said. Then his mood changed, along with his tone. "It was, uh....." He glanced at Kyle.

"Yeah, it was like you were both there with us. We felt a presence," Kyle said.

There was a brief moment of awkward silence, till Devon broke it.

"It was weird," he said.

"Hey, we took some pictures," Devon said, reaching into his backpack. He began handing out the pictures they had taken. First one was of the outside of the old Trent Hotel, taken from the park.

"Doesn't look much different," Jason said, smiling; a smile that was filled with memories. "Needs a good coat of paint."

The boys laughed. "I think it would crumble under the weight of a paint job," Jake said.

Then pictures of the hallway, taken from the last step going up. Neither of us said anything. Then the picture of the door with the room numbers 238 still tacked on it. We smiled at each other.

"We'll wanta hear later what's behind those smiles," Devon said.

Our smiles turned melancholy at the pictures of the inside of the room; the bathroom and shower, then the close-ups of the chair and the bed. Devon was smiling as he handed Jason the next picture.

"Oh, shit! You took pictures of each other."

The pictures of the boys in their shorts brought big smiles to our faces; smiles that only broadened when we saw the two boys together, naked on the bed.

"Okay, who took these pictures?" Brad asked.

"We nabbed a Vietnamese soldier to take them for us," Kyle said. "He figured things out and convinced us to pose naked."

"Did you pay him in cash or services?" Jason said.


"Okay, this one is classic," I said as I studied the picture of Devon lying on the bed, naked, with Kyle lying between his legs, resting his head on his bare butt. "And this one," I added, of the one with them lying side by side with Devon's arm across Kyle's chest.

"Looks familiar, don't it?" Jason drawled.

"We ought to have these two framed," I said.

Jason shuffled back through the pictures to the ones of the room, and the bed and chair. He studied it for a long moment then looked at me with a tight smile.

"You're not gonna believe this, Brad my man....it is the same bed."

"How can you be so sure? My Godd, we practically destroyed it ourselves."

Jason pointed to the headboard, pointing out the scratches in the wood. "Those hash marks," he said.

We all looked at each other and Devon blurted out, laughing, "You kept count?"

My mouth dropped in total surprise. "You never told me you put hash marks in the headboard."

"Must have slipped my mind," Jason said with a shrug.

Kyle was getting the magnifying glass out of the utility drawer. He and Devon crouched over the photo and began counting.


"The hash marks with the little curve on the bottom, that counts for three. A little circle counts for four," Jason said.

"Holy shit! Six-seven-eight... .nine-ten-eleven-twelve. This looks like....yeah it's another little circle. Thirteen-fourteen-fifteen-sixteen....seventeen....eighteen....nineteen....twenty....twenty one-two-three.....twenty four.... Geezuss when did you guys have time to fight a war!" Kyle said.

"You never told me," I said again, laughing. "I'm not even sure I believe you."

"Believe what you want," Jason said with a shrug.

"Well, Dad....do you believe the count?" Kyle asked me.

"I don't know; did you count all the hash marks?" I asked.

"No, hell, they're clear across the headboard."

"Come on, admit it, you were a slut," Jason joked, and we all broke out laughing. "But to be fair, some of those marks, I was on the bottom."

"Thanks for that bit of full disclosure," I said with feigned sarcasm.

"And you were on top, riding me," he added.

I punched him as the boys roared with laughter.

"We brought something else," Kyle said as he brought the large envelope out of his backpack, still smiling at the men's confused looks. "Toby sent this, he said you forgot it when you left.
I looked at Jason. He had a funny look, too. "The pictures," he said with quiet excitement.

I followed quickly with, "Did you look at them?"

"No," Kyle answered. "He said you guys left them behind but we didn't look at them. We figured you would show them to us if you wanted us to see them."

"I'd forgotten all about them," said Jason. "So you guys haven't seen these," he said.

"No," Kyle said. "Toby said you wouldn't care if we looked at them but we thought you should decide that."

"We know they're going to bring back a lot of old memories; Devon and I will leave you alone if you want us to."

We looked at each other for long moment before Jason said to me, "I've got no problem with them seeing them if you don't."

"We've come too far as a family to keep secrets," I agreed and moved around to the chair beside Jason.

Kyle got up and took my chair and Devon moved around beside him so they could look at the pictures together.

Jason's hands were trembling a little as he opened the envelope.

"I don't even remember what all these will be," he said.

When I got up and went to the cabinet and brought down a bottle of JD, Kyle jumped up to get four glasses. As I poured the whiskey, Kyle set the glasses on the table.

"You think we're going to need this?" Jason joked. He took a long sip before he pulled the pictures out of the envelope

The picture on top was of Jason, shirtless, still wearing his pants and boots and his web equipment belt.

"That's the room!" Kyle exclaimed.

"Yeah, 238," I said. I couldn't help the melancholy in my tone and the emotions already building up inside me.

In the next one Jason had his foot cocked up on the chair, taking off his black, scuffed combat boots. Then undoing his belt, his arms and chest muscles bulging.

"Uh-oh, looks like it's gonna get serious," Devon remarked when they saw the picture of Jason undoing his pants. Then shoving them down, exposing a grungy, worn, tattered jockstrap.

"Dang, Dad, didn't you ever wash that thing?" Devon asked.

"Looks like mice chewed on it," Kyle said.

"It wasn't mice," Jason joked. "And don't make fun, it got me through more scrapes than you can imagine. It's an icon."

"He's still got it," I said.

"No shit! I wanta see it sometime," Devon exclaimed.

The next few pictures, he was taking off his pants, then his socks. Next he was hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his jockstrap.

"Hey, there're the cigarette burns and the bruises," Kyle said.

"Godd, Dad," Devon whispered and he started to tear up.

"Hey, none of that or I'm not letting you see any more of the pictures," Jason said. Devon wiped his eyes.

The next pictures were of Jason soaping up in the shower and rinsing off.

"There seems to be a gap here, I was expecting to see some shots of you pulling the jockstrap off," Kyle said.

Jason grinned and I laughed.

"What is missing?" Devon asked.

"Yeah, tell us," said Kyle.

"Actually, there is a time lapse," I said. "This was when Jason came back from being captured. It'd been a long time since we'd seen each other. He got sort of anxious and carried away."

"I can imagine you were too," Kyle said.

I looked at Jason. "You remember this, right? You didn't even want to take time to shower."

"You got that wrong. I was going to shower but you wouldn't let me. You said you wanted me smelling like a horse. But I remember what you're talking about," he said, laughing. Addressing Kyle, he went on. "Your Dad climbed on, me standing up, and I walked around the room....."

"Bouncing up and down on his toes," I put in.

"Yeah, you guys ought to try it sometime," Jason said.

"Then he went for a walk," I said. "He took us out in the hallway and started down the fuckin' stairs."

"You were walking around with him, fucking him, going down the stairs?!" Devon exclaimed.

"He started down but I pushed my hands against the wall to try to stop him. I remember he said I didn't have any sense of adventure. We were half way down the stairs to the lobby before he turned around. I thought he was going to take us out in the street."

"I wish I had've," Jason drawled.

"Then he didn't just walk back up the stairs, he ran, all the way down the hallway. I thought I was going to go out of my mind."

"Yeah, you guys need to try that sometime," Jason said again.

The boys returned to the pictures of Jason soaping up and rinsing off. In the next one he was lathering up his balls with shaving cream, and the next he was shaving them.

"You're shaving your balls?!" Devon exclaimed.

"Yeah, you need to try that, too, it feels real good," Jason said.

The next picture, the boys held and just stared at it. It was of me squatted down sucking Jason's smooth balls.

"Godd, this is getting so hot," Kyle said quietly as he took a sip of his drink.

Next one, Jason was applying shaving cream to his ass.

"Don't tell me! You shaved your ass!" Kyle said.

"No, I didn't, your Dad did."

The boys studied the pictures of Jason bent over the sink for me to shave his ass. Then they were handed a candid shot of his smooth asshole.

"That's a pretty awesome shot," Kyle said.

"It must be, you're drooling," Devon chided him.

The next ones, Devon dropped the pictures and said, "Oh, holy shit!" They were of Jason's big cock jutted in my face, and several more of me sucking him. I wasn't the least bit ashamed; maybe should've been embarrassed but I was neither. The memories were too warm. The boys studied the pictures for a long moment.

"You guys missed your calling in life. You should've been porn stars," Kyle said.

I handed them another picture, one that I'd taken of Jason's cum laden butt, taken after Jason had let me hump his ass.

"Now this is as hot as any you've showed us," Devon said. "Guess that was one time when you really were on the bottom, Dad."

"No, he hadn't yet come into the age of enlightenment," I said. "He let me hump his butt, that was all."

"Damn, Dad, you were that close! Why didn't you go all the way?"

"He wasn't ready," I said.

Next ones were of Jason standing with his foot cocked up on the bed, drying his legs, a couple showing his cock and balls hanging back between his legs. Jason was posing in the next ones, laughing and pulling on his cock to make it hard. The boys studied those, too.

I laughed. "Remember, you said these would be something to show our grandchildren."

"We might wanta reconsider that," Jason said.

"Hey, I would show 'em to my kids if I ever had any," Devon said.

There were some more shots of Jason with his hand wrapped around his cock as if he was stroking it, and some pictures of him from the back, bent over. In one he pulled his butt apart for the camera, showing his smoothly shaved ass again. The last one was of him stretched out on the bed, legs spread out, stroking his cock and motioning for me with his other hand.

"Another long gap," Jason joked dryly.

Shuffling through the pictures again, Devon said, "We want to thank you for sharing these with us. It really means a lot."

"Well, they've done nothing but get me boned up," Jason declared, reaching down to grope his crotch.

"That's probably unanimous," Kyle joked.

Devon seemed suddenly somber, clasping his hands together on the table. I caught his glance before he looked back down.

"Devon?" I said.

"There's something I have to ask." He paused for a long moment.

"Go ahead," Jason said.

Devon looked at me. "The woman you brought to the hospital when Dad got busted up....was she wearing a red dress?"

I cut short an intake of breath, looking at Jason. "Yes," I replied.

"We saw a lot of women at the Dragonfly wearing red dresses," he said. I knew where he was headed with it and I wanted to stop him.

"Devon, I'm sorry, we shouldn't have brought it up," I said.

He looked at his dad. "Was that the only time you fucked her?"

"No," Jason said.

"It was rude and crass of me, Devon," I added.

"We knew all of this, Dev," Kyle said, trying to help defuse the situation.

"It's all right," Devon said. "I just wanted to know."

"We won't speak of it again," I said.

"It's all right, I was just asking," he said again. "I know my mom was probably a prostitute. It's kind of neat to know the situation. Lighten up. She was a convenient relief for my dad. I'm glad she made you happy."

"She did," Jason said. "On more than on occasion. And being a prostitute doesn't demean her in any way in my eyes. It didn't then, and it certainly doesn't now. Godd, look at what she gave me-you. How could I have anything but loving thoughts about her? And you should too."

"I've always had warm thoughts about her," he said.

Jason reached for the pictures to go through them again. "Wouldn't it be great to be able to roll back those years for one more night like that," he said, to no one in particular.

"Maybe....we could," Kyle said hesitantly.

Jason gave him a curious scowl.

"We're about the age you guys were when those pictures were taken. I would be more than happy to be Brad for you, and Devon could be you for Brad. With the lights turned down low and a little imagination......."

Jason just stared at him for a moment, then he looked at me. Without a word we both stood up and shoved our chairs back. Devon and Kyle followed us through the living room to the stairs. Upstairs in our room, I turned on the lamp. Kyle turned it off so the only light was from the nightlight, leaving us in near darkness.

Devon moved toward me. Kyle walked slowly over to Jason, tugging his shirt out of his jeans. When he was about to pull it off, Jason stopped him.

"No....Brad....I'll do that for you."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .continued

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