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The Epilogue Chapters

(Thanksgiving, Some Years Later)

The Litany of the Sons

Kyle is Brad's adopted son, brought back from Vietnam when he was a little boy. He is an attorney, unmarried, and perhaps still undecided about his sexuality. He is considered to be Devon's brother.

Devon is Jason's adopted son, brought back from Vietnam when he was a little boy. He is considered to be Kyle's brother. He is still in the Marines. He is Jake's partner in life; they met at football camp.

Jake is Devon's partner in life. They met at football camp. He is also still in the Marines.

Jacob, the first boy Jason and Brad took in when he was 14, arrived from a foster home with bruises. He is 29, married, he and his wife, Brenda, have five kids, (10, 8, 7, 5, 3). He takes in Andrew, a boy who arrives on Thanksgiving day.

Petey, Jacob's little brother shows up out of the blue.

Jordan, 15 when he arrived, got a tattoo when he was 14. He is now 30, a high school teacher and coach, and Adam's lover.

Adam arrived when he was 11 or 12, he came while Jason was out rounding up the other boys from the foster home. He was dropped off by his mother and her boyfriend. He is now 27, a warehouse foreman, Jordan's lover. His mother never came back for him.

Little George, said/thought he was 10 when arrived. He was right. He is now 25, in medical school.

Nolan was a big, handsome, muscular, very well hung boy when he arrived at 14. He ran away and Jason went to get him and bring him back. He is now 29, works construction, He is still big, handsome, well hung and muscular and also does modeling work on the side, as well as a male escort. He also volunteers coaching pony league; he brings his 19 year old college student friend/lover/partner, Levi.

Colby arrived with his friend Braden when they were 16, in a car they had "borrowed" from an uncle; a car that was filled with stolen goods. He is now 32, a priest.

Braden, Sales Executive, had just turned 16 when he first arrived with Colby. He is now 31, divorced form the girl he got pregnant in high school. He has custody of his fourteen year old son, Aaron. Braden brings a man friend, WILL, and his son, LUKE, to Thanksgiving dinner.

FIRST to Arrive (on Tuesday)

Braden, now 31,

son, Aaron (14).


son, LUKE, (14

Epilogue Chapter One

One by one--sometimes two by two--the boys had left us, and now they were coming back; hopefully every one of them, for a family Thanksgiving. The arrival of each one was an event in itself, and those brief moments when each one came up on the porch or through the door brought back a flood of memories.

Braden would be the first to arrive, well ahead of the others, on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We got a call that they were in town.

"Where in town? What're you doing in town, did your car break down?" Jason asked.

"We're at the motel," I heard Braden say. Jason held the phone away from his ear a little so we could both hear.

"What're you doing at the motel?"

"We thought we would stay the night here and show up with some of the others in the morning."

"Well, that's your decision but hell, you're five miles away, and you know we've got plenty of room," Jason said, sounding unhappy.

"We just thought....well it's....something I never told you about Will, Dad. He's black."

Jason held the phone away, giving me a dead-pan look. "Are you trying to make a point?" he asked.

"It's just that I hadn't told you and......."

"So between now and tomorrow, do you think he'll turn white so we won't notice?"

"No, Dad," Braden said, laughing. "I've got you on speaker and Will is laughing his ass off."

"Why are you calling me with this. You know we don't give a fuck what color he is, he's welcome. I guess his son is black, too, maybe?"

"Yes, Dad, Luke is black too. Now they're both laughing their asses off."

"Wonderful, we'll have a matched pair. Now check out of that damned motel and get your asses out here. You understand? We'll expect you in half an hour."

"Yes, sir, Dad, we're on our way."

"Do you believe that?" Jason said as he hung up the phone. "Was there ever a time in any of those boys' lives when we gave any indication that we gave a shit about race? Hell, our own two sons aren't pure, white Americans."

"Calm down, I'm sure they were just a little uneasy, that's all, about springing it on us."

"Well, why did he keep it a secret all this time anyway? Geezuss, who raised that boy."

They were there ahead of the time Jason had given them. Jason was standing at the kitchen door looking out. "Well, Damn! Would you look at what Braden brought! Shit, come have a look at this stud!"

I looked out. "He is black," I said under my breath.

"He's not just black, he's black and beautiful!"

Besides Will and Luke, there was Aaron, our "grandson." We knew Braden had acknowledged and laid claim to a son, Aaron, only three years before, from a pregnancy in high school. The boy was a product of a prom night fuck that didn't rise to the occasion of doing the right thing. The marriage was doomed from the start. She felt tied down and left the boy's rearing to her parents. That only tied them down and they soon agreed to relinquish custody to Braden. We were not at all unhappy when we learned that he had a man in his life.

"Look at Aaron," I said. "If that boy gets any better looking, he's going to need bodyguards. And look at the little black stud he brought with him."

Braden and Aaron hugged Jason and me while Will stood back with his son in tow for the moment.

"This is Will," Braden introduced us. "Will, this is my dad, and my other dad."

"Good to meet you both," he said with a slight bow as he put out his hand.

"I'll be damned, you are black," Jason said as they were shaking hands.

Will laughed, an easy laugh that revealed the most beautiful teeth I'd ever seen. The guy was a drop-dead stud of perfect proportions, by far the most handsome black man I'd ever seen. His hair was trimmed very tight and short and he wore an earring in his left ear. It looked tribal. The boy was equally impressive. His hair was cropped short but more fuzzy. He also wore the earring. Will was very outgoing in his mannerisms and it was hard not to notice the muscles in his arm as he shook hands, the veins down his bicep. The boy stood back till Will reached back and urged him forward and put his arm around his shoulder.

"And this is my son, Luke."

"He's my friend," Aaron put in proudly.

"We're glad you brought him along," I said. "Supper's going to be quick and easy, so we have time to get acquainted. Jason, why don't you take them out to see the horses while I get things started."

Will had been standing close and his aftershave or body splash lingered after they were gone. It drew me to the window to see them walking to the barn. His perfection was displayed as nicely from behind as from the front. I took in the bulk of his arms sticking out of his shirt and his wide shoulders that tapered down to a slim waist. On his hip structure was set a perfect pair of glutes that flexed inside his pants.

They were back within the hour and Jason sent Braden up with their bags to show them where they would sleep.

When they came down, young Luke politely asked if there was something he could do to help. I was sure his father had told him to ask. I told him he could get the ketchup and mustard out of the fridge. Aaron arranged the chairs and helped Braden set the table.

At supper Jason was good about bringing the boys into the conversation, asking them about sports and what they were studying in school.

"Right now we're studying ancient history, the Greeks and the Roman Empire," Aaron said.

"We just finished up with the early Olympics," Luke put in.

"Yeah, Luke liked learning about how the athletes back then competed naked," Aaron said in a chiding manner.

"Do you boys play sports?" I asked.

"Aaron plays rugby, I play soccer and we both wrestle, and I'm taking gymnastics," Luke said, nonplussed by Aaron's chiding.

"Do you wrestle naked?" Jason asked, keeping that alive.

"No, but I think we should, at least at practice," Luke said. "Our coach is also our history teacher, so it would tie in with what he's teaching in class."

"Well, you might suggest it," his father said.

Jason turned to Will. "What about you, Will, what do you do?"

He smiled, glancing at Braden. "I have to wonder what else Braden hasn't told you about us," Will said. "It seems I know more about most of you than you do of us."

"I didn't see the need to offer a pedigree," Braden said.

"You don't owe anyone an explanation, but we're happy to learn all you want us to know," I said.

"Well, I'm a commercial artist and I also do some modeling. Runway, store windows, artist and photographer's model."

"You must do quite well at it," I said.

"It helps pay the bills," he said. "And I'm proud to say that Luke has just recently broken into the field."

Luke looked down at his plate while Aaron smiled proudly.

"He's done a couple of live window displays with me," Will went on, "and he'll be doing some runway for the same store closer to Christmas."

"That's great, Luke," Jason said. "Just keep a close eye on him," he added with a wink.

"Working together has helped us get to know each other. You see, I discovered quite by accident that Luke was my son, much the same as Braden and Aaron," Will explained.

"Is his mother in the picture?" I asked.

"Not so much," Will replied. "She, uh....well, let's just say she doesn't approve of our lifestyle." He glanced at Braden. "Should I? Or is this considered polite company?"

"Of course, I told you our lives around here have always been an open book," Braden told him.

"Braden has told me about his family and you obviously are quite aware of ours. My wife doesn't approve." He caught me glancing at Luke. "Luke has always been a very astute boy. He caught on that I'm gay; I only confirmed it."

He and I made another discovery about each other, didn't we?" he said smiling at Luke. "Do you boys want to tell that story?" he asked with a smile.

Luke was embarrassed and hesitant as he was looking at Aaron. Suddenly Jason signaled a timeout. "I think we're putting these boys on the spot. They'll tell us what they want us to know when they're ready."

"It's all right if you tell them," Aaron said to his dad, rather sheepishly. But again, Jason stepped in.

"No, you boys will tell us what you want us to know, when you want us to know it. But I think we should level the playing field," he said. "Aaron, Luke, you should know that we all play for the same team around here. All of our boys do in some way or other, except Jacob. Brad and I are partners, just like your dad and Braden. My son is a Marine and he's partnered with another Marine. We're all partnered in one way or another. So you shouldn't feel embarrassed about your relationship with each other."

The boys looked relieved, looking up at Braden and Will.

"Maybe we'll tell you later," Aaron said.

"Suffice to say, I want Luke to be who he is, without apology. And it makes it easier for me to be who I am."

"I would like to add how grateful Luke and I are to be invited among you all, and how you've made us feel so welcome. It's a rare opportunity for us to be ourselves as dad and son, and we deeply appreciate it."

"We hope you feel at home," I said. "We would like you to feel like family."

"I'm curious about the earrings," I said.

"Well, first, let me say that we are not African-Americans. We are Americans, but obviously of African descent." He looked at Luke and asked, "Do you want to tell where we come from?"

"We are of the Maasai Tribe from the region of Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. The men are tall. The Maasai don't cultivate the land but own large herds of cattle, sheep and goats. These animals provide food and also represent wealth and power; the more cattle a Maasai has, the richer he is and therefore the more power and influence he will have within his tribe. The earrings are carved from the horns of cattle."

"Representing power and wealth," Jason added. "It's great to hear you explain your ancestry. Most boys your age would simply say they're from Boston, or Miami, with no idea of their ancestry."

"The Maasai are a very proud people," Luke said.

"And very powerful, as you can see," Aaron put in.

Everyone pitched in to do dishes and clean up the kitchen then we retired to the living room. The television was turned on but as the conversation continued it was turned down and pretty much ignored. The two boys seemed bored and I asked them if they would like to go up to bed. Will and Braden and Jason and I sat by the fire, sipping brandy and talking well into the night. That's when we learned that Will was also a male escort. We were mildly surprised but not shocked and it piqued our interest.

"Tell me, just how does one break into that line of work?" Jason asked.

"It just seemed to come with the flow of my work as a model, and my association with certain men at the department stores, and with photographers," Will said. "And, oddly enough, with some store customers and passersby," he added with a tight smile. "I was modeling swim suits in a display window and this man--he was middle aged and very successful looking-stopped to look then came into the store. Next thing I knew, the head of sportswear came and asked me to step out of the window. The man wanted to have a closer look at the boxer brief swimsuit I was wearing. He was very bold about checking the fit around the waist and the legs and he asked the price. It was a very expensive suit. About two bucks worth of material but it was around a hundred dollars. He said he wanted to purchase the one I had on. The department head told him they had others that had not been worn but he insisted on the one I had on. The department head told the guy he would have the suit brought up to the counter and he sent me back to the change room to get out of that suit and into another one he handed to me. But the guy followed me, right into the change room. Well, by that time it began to dawn on me that he was interested in more than just the swim suit. Anyway, I took it off and handed it to him. He looked me up and down and said he would pay me personally double the price of the suit if I would have dinner with him. Well, I was a struggling college student and two hundred bucks and a free dinner was too good to pass up, so I agreed." He paused to laugh.

"I wasn't quite as astute back then. I had no idea that dinner would be served in his penthouse apartment, prepared by his private chef. Let me tell you, it was a feast. He kept urging me to eat and there was even a wine steward that kept our glasses filled. Not a big wine drinker, I started getting a nice buzz. Toward the end of dinner a butler came to the table with a silver tray with three one hundred dollar bills tucked in an expensive looking money clip. The man pushed it over in front of me, then reached his hand inside his jacket pocket and brought out another money clip and laid it on the tray. I couldn't tell how much money was in the clip but it was totally more than we had agreed on. I didn't know what was going on, why all of this money was being thrust at me. He said the additional tip was for me to spend the night. And that launched my career as an escort."

"Wait, wait," I said. "You skimmed right over the good part. What, exactly launched your career as an escort?"

He laughed and went on. "Like I said, we were in his penthouse, it was late, and he showed me around to all three bedrooms, and he asked me which one I would like to sleep in. By that time I'd figured out that he hadn't invited me to spend the night just to play checkers, and I asked him which room he was sleeping in. He liked that answer. The shower was right there in the bedroom, partitioned off with glass. He told me I could shower while he watched. I gave him a show and when I was finished he was there with a towel to dry me off. He was fascinated with my body and especially with my cock. He said he was finally going to get to live the myth. He was so excited he passed on the shower and practically tore off his clothes to get in the bed with me. I had never had sex with another man before and I honest to God thought he would be sucking my cock and that was all. He did that, of course, and more; he engaged in what he called body worship-another first for me-but then he said he wanted me to fuck him. I said I wasn't all that astute....I'd never imagined that men got actually fucked. I did as he asked, totally amazed that he could take my entire cock inside him and quite honestly it was incredible. I went away with a thousand dollars. He put me in touch with some of his friends and it went from there. And it was a short time later that I came to the realization that I was gay....or might be. One of the contacts was a very athletic man who wanted me to fuck him and his wife; both of them in bed at the same time, and I was to take turns. I did, and she was quite beautiful, but I didn't get all that much out of it with her. I much preferred fucking the man. That never changed."

"Does your son know?" I asked.

"He knows I'm an escort. He sees me getting dressed to go out. He doesn't know I'm that kind of escort."

"He'll be figuring it out soon enough," Jason said.

"When he does, I will tell him," Will said.

"Do you think he will follow in your footsteps?" Jason asked.

"Not as long as he is under my authority. But that will be his choice when he is of age," he replied.

"Well, gentlemen, it has been a long day, I think I'll go up to bed," Braden said.

"I'll be up in a minute," Will said, holding up his half empty drink.

When Will had finished his drink the rest of us went up. We parted company in the hallway as Will was looking in on the boys who had already gone to bed.

Second to arrive (on Wednesday)

Nolan, 29,

Levi, 21

brother, Jesse, 18

Epilogue Chapter Two

Nolan was the next to arrive on Wednesday, in a large camper. He looked as studly as ever, exuding his usual confidence as he stepped down out of the door. He didn't close the door and another tall, good looking youth emerged.

"Wow! Looks like he's got himself a man," Jason said.

Then a teenager stepped down out of the mobile home, "Well, shit, there's another one! Did he bring his stable?"

We went out to greet them. Nolan went right to Jason and gave him a hard hug, then came over to me. He felt good; still solid as a rock. Then he turned to the other two just as Braden came out on the porch with Will in tow.

As we were all being introduced young Luke and Aaron came around the corner of the house, Luke with a basketball.

"Guys, this is Jason and Brad, the two men who kept me in line growing up. This is my partner Levi, and his brother, Jesse. We decided to drag him along at the last minute."

"Do you play basketball?" Luke asked Jessie, looking up at him.

"Some," Jessie said.

"Some, hell, he played varsity his freshman year," Nolan said.

"Good, come on," Luke said, leading Jessie off around the corner of the house.

Inside, everyone gathered around in the kitchen where I was making supper and where we had a chance to get acquainted with Levi. I was impressed. He was twenty-one, a junior in college, with a maturity about him that made them more equals than younger/older lovers. He was tall and lean with swarthy skin and coal black hair, and a short, neatly trimmed beard. The dimple in his chin gave an added touch to his masculine appearance.

When supper was on the table, Jason stepped out on the porch to call the boys in from playing basketball. I was obvious that Aaron and Luke and Jesse had hit it off but their immediate interest was in his athletic prowess. Now we all had a chance to get to know him better. He was eighteen, a senior in high school, excelled at basketball and girls-Levi's words, not his-and worked at a hardware store to earn money for a down payment on a car. Levi told us later that he thought girls were a temporary attraction; he thought his brother was more interested in boys, especially other jocks, but had not made that admission to himself.

It was late by the time we finished eating and Jason said he would show Nolan and the brothers where to sleep but Levi stepped in.

"Listen, I know you guys have got some catching up to do; we can sleep in the camper," he said. "Maybe Luke and Aaron would like to join us."

"They're already bunked upstairs," I said.

As told by Nolan

I knew Brad and Jason ran deep and I wanted to give them time together if that's what they wanted. I sure as hell wouldn't have minded having Luke and Aaron as overnight guests in the camper but I didn't push it. Jesse was sort of eagerly okay with it, too, but he was still too naïve to understand why. He only knew that the two younger boys seemed to idolize him and he was eating it up. Jesse was a little naïve.

The three of us showered in the house then went out to the camper. The evening chill had settled in and everyone was ready to crawl into a warm bed. I decided to forego converting the kitchen table to a bed for Jesse. I made like I was too tired and told him he could sleep with Levi and me. When Jesse went into the bathroom, Levi gave me a what-the-fuck look with a raised eyebrow.

"It's time your brother learned the facts of life," I said.

"I think my brother knows the facts of our life," Levi said.

"I mean the intimate facts of life."

"You're going to seduce him?" he asked, surprised.

"With your permission. He's eighteen years old, a senior in high school, a jock for chrissakes, and I count on one hand the number of dates he's had. With girls, I mean."

"I was the same way when I was in high school. Some guys like to hang out with other guys. Especially jocks."

"Maybe. Do I have your permission?" I asked.

"Yes, of course. He's always been a hot little fucker; I wouldn't mind knowing myself," Levi said.

There wasn't a lot of room in the bedroom and when Jesse came in he stood at the side of the bed. I was on the other side and Levi was at the foot; it was the only way we all fit at one time. Jesse was accustomed to being around other boys from playing sports so I wondered why he looked so awkwardly uncomfortable. I'd seen him naked of course, but I remembered that he always waited till Levi and I had gone into the bedroom before he undressed for bed.

I wasn't shy and neither was Levi. We started undressing. Jesse followed suit, but slower.

"You've really packed on the muscle in the last year, Jesse; how come you gave up wrestling?"

"Most college wrestlers are brutes; I don't want the hassle of making weight and besides it would make me too heavy for baseball. I wouldn't be at my best game. I'll still wrestle, but just for the fun of it. I figure I can practice with the guys on the wrestling team. Be what you might call their workout dummy."

"Bet that'd be a lot of fun," I said.

"Well it'll keep me in shape," he said.

"Yeah, looks like you need a lot of help keeping in shape," Levi said. Jesse had pulled his shirt off. He smiled at the left handed compliment from his brother.

Levi and I were both down to our shorts and I thought Levi might be going to leave his on. I wasn't going to let him protect his brother like that.

"You can sleep naked if you want to; we do," I said as I shoved my shorts down and when they landed round my feet I kicked them up and grabbed them out of the air.

"Alright," he muttered as he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts.

Jesse is hung quite well and his cock looks even bigger on his tall, lean build. Hanging out about six inches, it's sexy as hell the way it swings around when he moves. I honestly had the hots for Levi's brother since the day I met him, when he was fourteen but I'd never worked up the courage to make a move on him.

I hang out about six inches too but I'm thicker and meatier than the two brothers. Levi's about eight inches hard. I'm close to nine. Jesse straightened from pulling his shorts off. I don't know if he's done growing but if he's not, he's going to catch up with his brother. He's packing some serious meat. My mouth started watering from the excitement building up in me. This was the first time the three of us had ever been in the same bed. Jesse knew his brother and I were gay; I wondered what he was thinking, about to crawl into bed with two gay guys. Sometimes I thought Jesse thought Levi and I together was just a living arrangement, nothing more.

"This side okay?" Jesse asked from his side of the bed.

"No, in the middle," I said as I crawled into bed. I saw Levi's look from where he stood at the foot of the bed but he didn't say anything. He just went around to the other side of the bed. Jesse crawled across to the middle and I boldly put my arm out for him to lay on. He did a little doubletake but there was only one pillow between us and I had it. It was crowded but we left space between us but not much, and that was going to close pretty quickly. I turned onto my side, facing him, my head propped up on one arm.

"Don't they have a rugby team at your school? With these thighs and your general build, you oughta be playing rugby." It was an excuse to touch him and I did; laying my hand lightly on his thigh. "Not to mention, you would look great in those short shorts those guys wear. We'd have to hire guards to keep the girls away."

"They don't have a rugby team," he said in a shaky voice.

"I wonder of those guys wear anything under those shorts? 'Cause sometimes when I watch rugby I see a lot of meat bouncing around in their shorts."

"I don't know but I would think so; it's a rugged game with almost no rules. The way they grab each other they surely wear some kind of protection," Jesse said. His voice was stronger now.

"Yeah, wouldn't wanta have that meat damaged," I said jokingly as I grabbed my hand full of his crotch.

He jumped and hunkered up but didn't otherwise try to stop me from touching him. I wanted to grope him but I drew my hand back. Watching the other side of the bed, Levi looked only mildly shocked but he was taking note. I thought he wanted this to happen as much as I did and he was glad I was making the move.

I noticed Jesse's cock that had been draped over his sumptuous balls was coming to life with gentle pulsations, lifting against his left thigh. I made another move. I rubbed my hand across his chest.

"You're getting a lot of hair on your chest; remind me, I'll show you how to trim it nice and neat, the way the girls like it. Like mine, see?" I drew my hand back and rubbed it over the short bristle on my chest.

"Your chest does always look neatly trimmed. Like your beard when you had it," he said.

"Did you like my beard?"

"I thought it looked sharp." His voice was shaky again. Suddenly he rose up to a sitting position. "Look I don't sleep naked when I'm by myself and I'm getting a hardon sleeping like this. I think I need to go make up my own bed."

I felt a twinge of panic. I'd spooked him; he was going to bolt and run. I couldn't let him do that. I decided to play the situation for all it was worth; it was time Levi's little brother had his eyes opened. It was time I satisfied my hots for him.

"Don't go," I said as I sat up and pressed my hand gently against his chest. He resisted a little at first but the let me push him back down. I quickly grabbed my pillow for him. "Here, you can have my pillow; I know my arm probably wasn't a very good pillow."

"It was too hard," he said.

I lay back like I was, on my side and my head propped up on one arm. I laid my hand back on his chest as well. In the fray his cock had swung up to lie across his hip and it was moving slowly to his stomach.

"There's nothing wrong with getting a hardon; happens to the best of us," I said in a soothing tone. "And that sure as hell is nothing to be embarrassed about," I said, nodding to his growing cock. But he still looked frightened and I had to quell that.

"I'm gonna tell you a little secret," I went on. "Something I never even told Levi. You're half the reason I hooked up with Levi."

"Why? How's that?" he asked.

"Well, I had my sights set on your brother, no denying that, and I was grooming him, I'll admit that. But then you showed up at the gym with him and I thought, Holy shit, and that's when I knew I had to snatch him up."

"But why because of me?"

"Levi's hot.....he knows that....but here I had a reserve," I said, laughing.

"I was only fourteen," he said.

"In your head," I said. "Your body was way past fourteen, and I saw the potential. So Levi's got you to thank, in part, for him and me being together."

"What a bunch of bullshit," Levi said, laughing.

"This is my story and I'm sticking to it," I said, flipping him off. Then I turned back to Jesse. "Surely you must have wondered....your brother's taken up with a gay older man, didn't you ever wonder why I never came on to you?"

"I....sorta did at times," he admitted.

"It was because you were too young and I didn't wanta spook you, or piss your brother off for seducing his little brother. But you're eighteen now.....legal....so maybe you'd like not to wonder anymore."

His cock was bone hard now, bobbing up and down over his stomach. I laid my hand on it.

"This is a very impressive hunk of man meat," I said as I stroked him, all the while watching Levi out of the corner of my eye.

"Not as impressive as yours," he said.

"Lean over here and we'll compare," I said.

He rolled onto his side so we were facing each other and I held my cock out alongside his. "I'm not much bigger," I said.

"Every centimeter counts," he said.

"The thing is, I can't suck my own cock. That leaves yours." I leaned in and kissed his cheek. "I wanta suck your cock so bad, Jesse. You don't have to do anything back; just let me make you feel good."

He swallowed hard, audibly hard and said, "Alright."

I leaned down and went down on him. All the way down to his pubes.

"Awwww, fuck!" h gasped with surprise.

I held him deep for a moment then started sucking him.

"Ohhh, my Godd.....Ohhh, that feels so good!"

I was sure I had him. I didn't know if I could turn him around or not but I had a pair of brothers now. He lay perfectly still at first but soon he was responding, pushing his cock up into my mouth. Then a minute later he stopped me. I got off his cock and looked up at him.

"You had me close," he said.

"It's okay if you wanta cum; you can make more."

"In your mouth?"

"Yes. I promise I'll swallow," I said.

Telling him that must've lit a fire in his balls. I gave him barely a dozen more strokes before he was going over the top

"Oh, shit! Fuck, I'm cumming! Ohhh....Awwwhh, fuck!....I'm cumming so hard! Hold me, Levi, I'm cumming!"

Did he ever....Wow!....felt like ropes of cum in my mouth. I gathered it up, swirling it around the head of his cock, while he gave me more. I kept sucking him even after he finished while Levi held him, laughing his ass off. I went all the way down on him then back up so the head of his cock pulled out of my throat into a whirlpool of his own warm cum. He was soon too sensitive and he eased my head away, saying he couldn't stand any more. I smiled at him, my mouth full of his cum. I wanted to kiss him and feed it to him but I thought that would be pushing the envelope. Another time. I swallowed while he watched me, wide-eyed.

He looked disoriented, his eyes shifting like he didn't know where the fuck he was. Levi was still laughing.

"Hold me? Really!" Levi chided him.

"I was going crazy," Jesse said. "I can't believe you did that," he said to me, breathlessly

"What? Sucked your cock, or swallowed your load."

"Both, but especially the swallowing."

"You taste good. I wouldn't waste it." I laid my hand on his chest again. "I gotta know something now, Jesse. Was that good enough that you'd let me do it again?"


"Did any of it pique your curiosity?"

"I've had my curiosity satisfied, but what do you mean by piqued it?" he asked.

"Like why I like sucking your cock and taking your load. Trust me, I got as much out of that as you did. You don't wonder why?"

"I never thought about it."

"Never put the thought in your head that you might like to try it?"

"No, never."

"But it's there now," I said. "I'm surprised you two never messed around, like brothers do. But okay, that was just round one. After you catch your breath I've got more to show you."

"Like what?"

"I wanta eat your ass."

"Eat my....ass?"

"Yeah lick it and tongue it, get my tongue real deep, while you fuck your brother. You're gonna be seeing stars."

He jerked his head around and gaped at Levi. "You....he....he fucks you?"

"What the hell do you think guys do together, Jesse?"

"But getting fucked....that's......"

"Yeah, gay," Levi finished.

"You'd really let me fuck you?"

"If you don't think it'll turn you gay," Levi said.

"You guys are pulling my leg. You're not really gonna tongue my ass....nobody does that. And you're not gonna let me fuck you."

"Get him hard," Levi said as he got up and went to the dresser. He got a tube of lube and lubed up his ass right there in front or Jesse.

It didn't take long to suck Jesse hard. When I rose up from sucking him I held his throbbing cock straight up. Levi climbed on the bed and straddled him.

"Oh my Godd! Oh my Godd! Oh, fuck, I'm dreaming!"

His eyes rolled back as Jesse rode down him, like he was in a trance. I decided he was ripe....it was time he faced himself. Instead of rimming him I stood on the bed facing Levi and fed him my cock.

"This is too much," Jesse moaned. "This is fuckin' awesome!" he said as he ran his hands up and down my legs. "You guys are awesome. Godd, Levi we wasted so much time."

He was primed. I stepped back and squatted down above his head, my cock in hand. I rubbed it over his face and smacked him with it. When he yelped I rubbed the head over his open mouth. He opened louder with a moan and I shoved my cock in his mouth. He didn't fight me; he didn't resist at all. I started fucking his mouth and he quickly started sucking me. After a moment I pulled my cock out and rode up over his face, offering him my ass. He still didn't fight me and I spread my butt apart and sat on his face. He moaned and started licking my ass.

"He's learning fast," I said to Levi as I leaned down to take his cock in my mouth.

For a while we didn't know if Jesse was going to survive. He was whimpering, half crying, moaning, not exactly coherent. Levi held him till he recovered.

Next morning we opened the windows and door to air the place out while we went inside to shower. Breakfast was under way but we really needed to shower first. The three of us crowded into the shower. Rested clean bodies responded to each other and there was as much time having sex as showering. I wondered how long it would take for Jesse to figure out his sexuality.

Epilogue Chapter Three

As Told by Brad;

Braden was helping Jason and I with the cleanup. Some of the others had offered but it was too many in the kitchen. But Braden had come out to talk.

"I want to thank you both for welcoming Will and Luke," he said.

"And why wouldn't we?" Jason said.

"Well, I sort of threw you a curve, not telling you......"

"Just tell me one thing, where did you find that guy?" I asked.

"It's a tossup, who found who," he said.

"What I want to know is, do you share?" Jason asked.

Braden laughed. "It's been known to happen."

"Brad kids me about how far I've come," Jason said. "I would've come around a lot farther a lot faster if Will had come along sooner. I'm not embarrassed to say, I've never seen a more perfectly put together male in my life. He's stunning."

"Yes, he is," Braden agreed. He laughed. "Even our good Father Colby said if he'd met Will sooner, he probably wouldn't have gone into the priesthood. I'll mention that you're interested," Braden said with a sly grin.

"With emphasis, please," Jason said.

"Tell him Jason's drooling," I joked.

"I should warn you, he's like a panther in bed."

"I would expect him to be," Jason said.

"More so than you'd be expecting." To Jason's curious grin, Braden took a steel ruler out of the utility drawer where he'd been putting the carving tools as he dried them and laid it on the counter. "He'll cover that," he said.

Jason and I gaped at the foot ruler then at each other.

"Are you fuckin' shittin' me!" Jason said.

"No, sir. And then some on a good day," Braden replied. "Just thought you should know."

Nolan came in from the outside and got the pitcher of water out of the fridge. "So, good job, Braden, landing that chocolate stud," he said.

"You didn't do so bad with your college boy," Braden said. "And a younger brother thrown in for good measure."

"Yeah, it was a two-fer. So, you're in sales; what does your man do?'

"He's a commercial artist, branches off in photography. He's also a model, does runway and print. His son is breaking into that field."

Jason said, "I wonder how long it'll be before young Will teams up with his dad as an escort."

"Oh, really, he's an escort. We gotta talk shop," Nolan said.

"You, too? Is that full time or do you have a day job?" Braden asked jokingly.

"Construction is my day job. And a little modeling for art classes at the college. I also coach pony league," Nolan said.

"Jackoff of all trades," Jason joked.

"I know you've got the body for it but how did you break into modeling?" I asked.

"Working on a highway construction job. You know how the cars have to wait for oncoming traffic; well they'd started creeping by the site and this guy stopped and handed me a piece of paper with a name and phone number on it, said he could set me up with some extra work. I called him, out of curiosity. Turns out he was an art instructor at the college, looking for models for his classes. He taught photography, sculpturing, drawing, painting, the works. I figured what the hell; I went for an interview. He hired me on the spot."

"After?" Jason asked.

"After what?" Nolan asked.

"You didn't just walk in and get hired."

"Well after he had me to take off my shirt he asked if I'd be willing to pose nude. You know me; I never had any modesty. He happened to have a class coming up so I found myself standing naked on a little platform in front of a dozen or so students doing charcoal drawings. That's how I met Levi; he was in that class. He and I later posed together for a photography class."

"And the escort thing?" I asked.

"The professor set me up for that, too. Said he had friends who would gladly pay for private sessions. Dumb me, I thought he meant private modeling."

"There's a ton of shit you're not telling us but I definitely wanta hear about coaching pony league," Braden said "Those are sixteen, seventeen year old boys, right?"

"In their prime," Nolan said with a wide grin.

As Told by Nolan (Coaching)

These guys are seniors or graduated, they're driving so they've got some independence. I could write a book, but I'll tell you about two of 'em; Kelly and Dale. Standout athletes, both of 'em hot as fuck. Been friends since first grade, even calling each other fuck-buddy, but they weren't fucking each other; it was just how they talked trash to each other. First day, passing out uniforms. The league furnishes the uniforms and balls but nothing else; no cleats, gloves, bats, cups, jockstraps, that sort of thing. I've got the boys in the dugout trying on uniforms when I see a big, badass SUV/pickup pull up downfield. Two guys get out and I wonder what they're doing there; they look like college guys from that distance. Maybe they're older brothers, or maybe they're looking for jobs as umpires. They cut across the field and come into the dugout and introduce themselves. I'm still confused, them looking like they do, especially Kelly; he's bulging out of his T-shirt. I check my roster and sure enough their names are on it. Okay, they're not college, they're mine. I eyeball them and hand them each a uniform. I can see the younger boys watching them, looking a little agog when Kelly peels off his T-shirt. Geezuss! He's got muscles in his shit. He's even got hair on his chest. I never saw a seventeen-year-old look like that and I almost asked him to show some ID. But he was on the roster as a player and he was there so he was already registered. Dale's no slouch. He's built to attract attention but he's smoother; just a nice treasure trail down his stomach. Then they both shuck their jeans. I almost had to blow my whistle to get the other boys' attention. Dale's wearing the tiniest briefs I ever saw but Kelly out did him in a lace-up jockstrap like I never seen before. He was bulging out of it. This is all just background; I'll get to the good stuff. Suffice to say I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Kelly is elected captain of the team, of course. The other boys idolize him and I depend on him. He can put the boys through their paces like a bunch of circus ponies. I have to say he had as much to do with our winning streak as I did. Then one day after a game I'm gathering up the gear and stuff that the boys left laying around the dugout and I see Kelly's SUV parked downfield on the other team's side of the ball field. Maybe something's wrong; I head down that way. Getting closer I can see he's turned in the seat with his driver's side door open A little closer, he turns straight in the seat and I see someone, a player from the other team, appear around the front of the SUV. He can't avoid me and we pass each other along the fence; he's got his head down and he's wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Didn't take much to figure out what was going on in the SUV. I'm surprised and I'm not. Not hard to figure Kelly would attract that kind of attention but fuck, right out in the open like that? I walk around to the driver's side, to the open window. His baseball pants are only half done up. No sense mincing words.

"You guys need to take it back to the woods," I said. "This is too open, some little kids might see you."

"He's no little kid; he's my age," he said.

"It's still too out in the open."

"Yes, sir."

"You gotta admit, it was pretty damned bold, Kelly. Is anything like this going on with anybody else on the team?"

He laughed, rolling his eyes. "I wouldn't say if I knew, not by name."

"There is, then."

"Coach, it's been going on since I was one of the little kids, so yeah, it's going on. Hell, one of our boys is getting it from one of the other coaches as we speak."

"The coach of the team we played today?"


"How do they get hooked up? How'd you get hooked up with that boy?"

"Didn't take much; I bet him I could hit a line drive right past him."

"You did that twice," I said.

"Yeah, he owes me another blowjob. You asked how they get hooked up? Various ways. An uncle of one of the boys drives some of them home after practice. Only he drives out in the country and gives them all blowjobs before he takes them home. It's an after-game party somewhere, Coach, after every game." He laughed again. "Shit, Coach, one of the moms who gathers up the little darlings to take them home, takes them to her house and fucks their brains out. There's more sex going on than base hits, RBIs or home runs combined."

"Geezuss, I had no idea."

"Most people don't," he said. "Just those under the radar."

"Going on for so long, so many involved, it sounds like it's a cultural thing," I said.

"Been going on since I can remember. But I wasn't in on it as early as some of the boys today. I knew it but I didn't. I guess I was afraid to know it. But then I grew up. Hell, Coach, there was an end-of-season party last year where the coaches had a cookout and invited just the players, no parents. No parents, but they invited a couple of girls. While they were grilling and eating, we players were taking turns going inside to fuck the girls. It wasn't our coach who had the party but I got invited because I've got a big cock."

I felt my face flush warm at the mention of his cock but managed to slide past it. "I'm amazed it hasn't been exposed," I said.

"Nobody wants to ruin a good thing," he said. "Hey, Coach, do you wanta get in on it?"

It was my turn to laugh. "I can't believe one of my players is inviting me into a baseball sex club. I would've thought it would be one of the coaches."

"No, no, it's always a player, never a coach. That's a cardinal rule. About the only rule," he added, laughing, "except the one that nobody ever says anything."

"If this ever blows up......," I said.

"It won't," he said. "Too many boys, coaches, uncles, moms.... that's the beauty of it, it's too big to fail. So, do you want in? I know some boys who would like to see you be part of it. They think you're hot."

"Oh, Really!"

"Yeah. My buddy, Dale, for one. Me too, for that matter."

"Where is Dale? You guys always come together."

"He went off with one of the other coaches. I think he's going to lose his virginity. He sure hopes so," he said, laughing. "He said he would tell me all about it." He paused, still groping. "Of course, there's an initiation for new guys," he added with a sly grin and I could see him groping the front of his uniform pants.

"What kind of initiation?"

"Well, if I bringing you in, you'd have to suck my cock."

"Is that out of the rule book, or is that your own personal rule?" I asked.

"Either way, no blowjob, no admittance," he said with a shrug.

I wasn't boned up but my cock was fluffed up and tingling; had been for over a half hour. Had been since he walked onto the field that first day. I couldn't believe this teenage stud was offering himself to me so openly. I did think about it for a moment, considering that he could be bullshitting me about the whole sex club thing, and once he drew me in he could have me by the balls. Coach seducing a young ball player; I could spend the rest of my tenure coaching with my head between his legs. But I believed him. And I wanted him. Godd, how I wanted him.

I looked all around. Mine was the only other vehicle in sight.

"We don't have to go to the woods, Coach. Right here's fine," he said as he reached for the door handle.

I moved back to let him open the door and he turned in the seat, facing me, with one foot on the running board. The bulge in his pants made my mouth water.

"Once you get past me, Coach, there's all the young, hard cock you can handle, waiting to be done. Ass, too. Some of the boys like to be fucked."

"What made you think I'd wanta be in on something like this?" I asked.

"After a while you get an eye for it, you know what to watch for," he said.

"And? What did you see that gave me away?"

"The way you looked at me and Dale when we showed up for that first practice. The way you watch the boys. Like when they're going up to bat your eyes are glued to their butts."

"I'll have to watch that," I said.

I don't know how my legs held me up as long as they did. When he started unbuttoning his uniform pants my legs gave way and I went to my knees on the ground. He chuckled and slid down out of the truck to stand in front of me, his pants open now, exposing that damned, sexy lace-up jockstrap with his cock poking out of the waist. I whimpered with raw lust as I closed my mouth over the exposed man meat. He put his hand around my head, pressing my mouth hard against his cockhead. I breathed in the wonderful male musk from his crotch as I began licking up his precum.

"Fuck, Coach, you don't know how long I've dreamed of this moment."

I looked up at him with adoring eyes, raking over the bulging muscle bricks of his hard abs, following the dark treasure trail to his thick, broad chest. His turgid nipples stood out, so inviting, and I found my strength to stand up and kiss his chest.

"Aww, yeah, Coach, I love it," he murmured.

I sucked each nipple, back and forth till they were hard then I kissed all across his chest muscles and even into his hairy armpits. He was such a man for a seventeen year old.

"I've wanted to follow this treasure trail since I first saw you without your shirt," I said as I began kissing back down his stomach."

"Wish you hadn't waited so long," he said.

While I was up top he had unlaced his jockstrap and laid it open so his cock and balls were freed. His cock stuck out an incredible length.

"Geezuss! This is not your normal seventeen-year-old cock," I said as I stroked it.

"I had two growth spurts. First when I was fifteen, then again this summer."

"How big is this thing?"

"Just at nine inches," he said.

"And you've got a couple more years of growth ahead of you," I said. "You're gonna be a horse."

"Well, my dad is a horse, I've got that going for me."

"When can I meet your dad?" I joked.

His cock was throbbing so hard it must have ached. I did my best to relieve the ache. I went down on him and sucked him with the reverence that a cock that size deserves. He was grateful, by his soft moans and groans. I did my best to take him all the way and he did his best to urge me down on it but with his cock's upward curve I couldn't manage it in that position. His hard, round butt in my hands felt as awesome as his cock and a lot of the drool I was producing was my mouth watering for want of it. I gave his magnificent cock its due before I let it go and urged him to turn around.

"What're you going to do?" he asked over his shoulder.

"I'll show you." I kneaded the firm muscles of his butt, pulling them apart to expose the hairy crevice. Then I buried my face in them, lashing at his hole with my tongue.

"AAwwwhhhhhh!" he cried out. "Awww, Kreerist, Coach! Nobody's ever done that before!"

"You need to find new friends," I murmured as I kept licking his asshole.

"Fuck, I didn't know I even had feelings in my ass," he groaned.

I worked his slick hole with my fingers, probing and stretching it open till I was able to get my tongue way up inside him. I thought he was going to climb over the truck. He was breathless by the time I eased up and turned him around again to take his cock.

"Damn, Coach, you got my asshole twitching."

"It's called begging," I joked as I began licking up the precum running down his cock. "Godd, you are gorgeous," I said.

"Don't embarrass me," he said. "Godd, this feels so good; the best I've ever had of anybody who's ever sucked me."

He was, by far, one of the finest young cocks I'd ever gotten hold of, too, and I strived to do him justice.

"Coach....can I ask you something?" he said in a low, husky tone.

"Anything," I said.

"Would you wanta fuck me?"

I was stunned to silence. I couldn't have guessed in a million years that I would hear those words coming out of this young stud's mouth.

"If I'm hearing you right....yes. Hell, yes," I said. "But I can't believe you're asking me that."

"Well, Dale and I always talked about it would be us popping each other's cherry when the time came but the truth is, we've never done anything together. We've been together with other guys having sex but never between us. I've been sort of expecting it to happen; I've been flushing out just about every day I know we're gonna be together. Now he's gone off to get fucked and give up his virginity and I don't want him to come back with that over me. I wanta be able to tell him I'm not a virgin anymore either. And the way you've got my ass twitching, I'm ready."

I felt like I was having a meltdown inside just over the prospect of fucking this gorgeous teenage stud. I wasn't sure when he meant to do it.

"Yes, I'd be privileged to take your virginity; do you have a time and place in mind?"

"Yes, here....now."

I looked all around, fearful. We were alone in the ball park but still out in the open and somebody could come driving in at any moment.

"Do you wanta take it back to the woods?" I asked.

"No, right here. I like the risk factor; it really turns me on. You've got me so ready, Coach, eating my ass like that. All you gotta do is lube up your cock and shove it in."

"Alright, do you wanta lay across the seat?"

"No, I want it more rugged than that. Like, slam me up against the side of the truck bed and hammer me."

"You're a virgin, Kelly, it's gonna hurt some."

"If it does, it'll be a good hurt, 'cause I want it," he said.

I was surprised that a kid his age would be asking for it that way but I thought perhaps he was wanting it hard and rough to preserve his manhood, not wanting his ass to be considered a pussy. Nervous as I was, I was glad to oblige.

I turned him around and pushed him against the side of the truck bed and did a full body press against him, my cock laid in the crack of his ass to remind him how big I was and maybe give him a chance to reconsider. He pressed his butt back against me and clenched the muscles hard against my cock. So much for reconsidering. I slicked up my cock and buried the head between his taut buns. He jutted his ass back, spreading them for me. I pulled his hips back, opening his crack even wider and set the head of my cock firmly against his hole.

"Last chance to change your mind," I said.

"No fuckin' way," he said. "I'm imaging Dale getting it about now from one of the other coaches and he's not gonna have that over me."

He held his ground as I pushed against his hole. He let out a little gasp of surprise when I pushed through but still didn't pull away even one inch. Fuck, he was tight!! I didn't slam into him; I slowly impaled him, watching his tight asshole clench and swallow my cock inch by inch.

"Fuckin' deep," he murmured.

"Gonna go deeper," I warned. "But it's too late to change your mind.

"I said no fuckin' way."

When I was all the way in he pushed back and twisted his butt against my loins, settling in on my cock.

"Fuck, that's a lot of cock!" he exclaimed. "Bet Dale's not getting it like this."

"He might be; they're probably taking turns," I said. "What do you think, stud, are you not a virgin anymore, or do I have to fuck it out of you."

"Nobody could still be a virgin with that much cock buried and throbbing in his ass, but just to be sure, you'd better fuck it out of me."

I loved this kid! I fucked him hard, admittedly, almost to the point of brutalizing him but his only complaint was "more" and "harder" and "fuck my eyeballs out."

"No, you keep your eyes open," I said as I clawed at his jock-buzzed hair. "We don't wanta get caught doing this." I obliged him as best I could. It turned into a fuck frenzy. I turned him around and pushed him back against the truck. He spread his arms across the edge of the truck bed for support as I grabbed his legs and wrapped them around my hips. I slammed into him this time and resumed fucking him.

"I can't keep watch this way," he groaned.

"I can," I said. I fucked him like he was a rag doll while he hung on for dear life, his head lolling around and banging back against the edge of the truck bed.

"Please, Coach....the other way," he begged in a whimpering moan. "Stand me down like before."

I stood him down and turned him around and slammed my cock in him again, hard this time, pushing him up against the truck and I lost my visual concentration.

"Coach!" he cried out. "Coach, there's a pickup coming this way!"

I paused but I didn't pull out. I waited for a long, crucial ten seconds or so, tensed to jerk my cock fee, but then the truck turned.

"It's okay he turned on the side road," Kelly said.

I was relived but I turned loose everything I had on the teenage god. We couldn't take that chance again. I fucked him to cum. I reached round and grabbed hold of his cock to get him off, too. I couldn't remember when I'd fucked so hard. My butt and stomach muscles were aching and my legs were shaking. Suddenly Kelly let out a wailing moan that could've been heard across the county.

"Coach, I'm cummin'!" he cried, tossing his head back. "Ohh, Godd....Oh, Godd....Oh, Godd....fuck me....fuck me, Coach, I'm gonna cum!"

I switched my concentration to his climax; mine would follow in due time. Seconds later I felt his cock bolt and bulge in my fist and then felt the powerful surge of cum gushing through the hard meat. The stuff shot out against the side of the truck with loud thuds. I never let up. I fucked him so hard that his legs collapsed and he lost his grip on the edge of the truck bed. Still clawing for support, his face slid down the side of the truck, through the mess of semen he'd deposited there. I went down with him. I couldn't let him go....I was cumming, too. I held him bent in half while I finished fucking myself to climax and my legs were barely holding me up. I'd never fucked to such total exhaustion before. I let go of him and he fell to an awkward, crumpled mass of muscle in the grass. I stumbled around to rest against the running board. Both of us were gasping for air.

Suddenly I realized we were both down where we could not see the road leading back to the ball park. I forced myself to my feet, saw that the coast was still clear, then I helped Kelly to his feet.

"Holy shit, Coach, you damn near did fuck my brains out," he said as he fumbled with his clothes. ""Geezusss! Is that all mine?"" he said when he saw the mess of cum on the side of the SUV.

"Must be, mine's in your ass," I said.

When we had our clothes adjusted he climbed back in the SUV. "Hop in, I'll give you a lift to your vehicle," he said.

I got in and he drove us to my truck.

"How about it, did I nail your virginity?" I asked.

"Fuck, I can't even remember what it felt like," he said. "I hope we can do this again, Coach."

"Any time you feel the itch, Pony Boy," I said.

Kelly and Dale compared notes and I started fucking Dale as well.

"What about the initiation?" Braden asked. "Kelly said you'd have to go through an initiation."

"Ah, that. Let's save it for later," he said with a grin.

Epilogue Chapter Four

As told by Brad:

Jason was anxious and nervous as we were undressing for bed. So was I, but it was funny to see him acting the way he was.

"Geezuss, Jason, you're acting like a high school boy about to get his first piece of ass."

"I can't get the image of that foot ruler out of my mind." Then, "Do you think he'll actually come?"

"I don't know, that'll be between him and Braden," I said. "But I certainly hope so; you know how I love chocolate."

"I saw him taking a piss," Jason said. "He's hung like one of our stallions. Then when Braden hauled out that foot ruler....well, I've been drooling ever since."

"I've created a monster," I joked.

"You've created a slut," Jason said.

Moments later there was a light tap at the door as it was being opened.

"Come in," Jason said quietly, half raising up.

"I've been told I might sleep in here," Will said as he closed the door behind him. "If there's room," he added.

We'd left the dresser lamp on low and the light was perfect on the man's perfect body, clad in only a tiny pair of white briefs.

"We'll make room," I said.

"My Godd!" Jason whispered under his breath as we watched Will move toward the bed with cat like grace. He stood beside the bed near Jason's shoulder.

"Tell me where," Will said.

Jason reached out and hefted the heavy pouch of Will's briefs. "I wasn't sure I believed what I saw in the barn when you were taking a piss," he said. "Do me a favor. Go back to the door and take off your briefs and walk back again."

"All right," Will said with a bewildered look.

Will went back to the door and pulled his briefs down, bending over to take them off. It was my turn to gasp.

"Holy shit!" I said softly, my eyes fixed on his perfectly shaped butt.

He turned around, holding the briefs by his thumb and forefinger, and walked back to the bed. His massive cock swung majestically from side to side, tapping lightly against his thighs.

"Do you ever model briefs like that?" I asked.


"They must sell out fast," Jason said.

He was standing by the side of the bed again, his huge cock hung out over Jason's shoulder. I held my breath, waiting to see what Jason would do. He wasn't often what we called the "bottom aggressor." Jason took the huge cock in his hand, hefting its weight. Then he let it lay across his palm. I leaned over Jason to heft the man's balls. They were heavy and smooth textured; they reminded me of our stallions.

"It's good of Braden to give you up for the night," I said.

"He said it would give us a chance to get better acquainted," Will said.

"We taught him to share what he has to share," I said.

"There's a lot to get acquainted with here," Jason said as he hefted the massive hunk of dark man meat.

"Truth is, I was hoping to get better acquainted with you both. In my profession I don't get to meet what I call real men."

I was still leaned over Jason playing with Will's balls and back behind them.

Will lifted his cock and smacked it in Jason's hand till Jason wrapped his fingers around it and guided it to my mouth. It was the biggest cock I'd ever gotten hold of. Not yet hard, I was able to gulp it into my throat and take him all the way in. He was impressed with that.

"Ohh, Geezuss!" he gasped. "Not many guys can do that."

I held him like that while his cock snaked deeper and expanded my throat. When he began to stiffen I began to suck him.

Jason kicked the sheet down to his ankles, exposing both of us and our hard cocks. Will reached down for his and began stroking it while he watched me swallowing his cock. I sucked him slowly, almost with a reverence for a long moment then he backed away, letting Jason stroke the magnificent cock.

"This has got to be the most perfect, most beautiful hunk of man-meat I've ever seen. No offense," he added, looking at me.

"No offense taken. I agree," I said.

Jason patted the bed between us and Will stepped over him and lay between us. We were all over him. Not like hungry wolves, but there wasn't any waiting and taking turns. We both wanted him. And we both took him. We started with his broad, thick chest, kissing and suckling on his nipples, and moved down his flat, solid stomach. We were truly in the presence of God's perfection. His cock was suspended up over his abs at an angle, throbbing and bobbing up and down. It reached nearly to his chest. Jason held it up out of the way and we kissed around it, down to his heavy, oversized balls. Working together, we each took one in our mouth. Will loved that as we played tug-of-war with them. He put his hands on our heads and pressed our faces harder into his crotch

When we finished there we licked our way up the shaft of his cock, one on each side. We lashed the underside of the head with our tongues, causing it to quiver violently.

"Please, one of you take it," Will begged.

Knowing Jason wanted him so bad, I pushed it toward him. He devoured it, as much as he could. I smiled at his brave attempts, knowing I could do a much better job at deep throat. He knew it too and he tilted it to me. Gradually, I went all the way down. My eyes watered but I held on for a long moment.

"Godd, yess!" Jason murmured. "I wish I could do that, especially at times like this."

I gave it back to him. "Give it another try. You gotta want it," I told him.

"Godd, how I want to do it justice," he said.

Will rose up and climbed off the bed. Without a word he pulled Jason across the bed with his head and shoulders hanging over the edge for the mattress. Then he stood astraddle his head with his cock lolling out over Jason's face.

"Tell me how bad you want it," he asked as he held Jason's head in his hands.

"Aww, fuck....so bad," Jason moaned.

"Then let's do it," Will said. He laid the head of his cock on Jason's tongue. "No turning back," he said.

"No turning back," Jason agreed. "Whatever it takes."

It was sort of comical, seeing this tough Navy SEAL Marine acting so brave. Will started pushing in and I could tell when he pushed into Jason's throat. He grunted and his eyes got wider. And wider, and his grunt turned into a guttural groan as Will slowly buried his massive cock all the way in till his balls were draped over Jason's forehead.

I reached up to caress his throat. I could feel Will's cock throbbing. "Hold on, stud, you're doing great," I cooed. I kept massaging his throat as Will began to move his cock back and forth. When Jason reached up and clasped his hands around Will's butt, I moved down to take Jason's cock in my mouth. Wrong thing to do. He choked with surprise and pushed Will's hips back.

"Fuck, I was doing so good," Jason growled, wiping his mouth as he rose up.

"You did great," Will told him. "You're now a member of the foot long club."

"Is it really twelve inches?" Jason asked. "It looks like it is but Geezuss, a twelve inch cock."

"We can lay it on a foot ruler if you've got one," Will said.

"Can I ask you something personal?" Jason said.

Will laughed. "You just had my cock in your throat, how much more personal can we get?"

"Is your son, Luke, hung like you are?"

"Well, not yet, but the potential is there. From all locker room reports, Aaron likes to brag that Luke is the biggest boy in his school. I can attest that he's bigger than most men I've met."

Jason motioned for Will to take his place between us on the bed and we went to work on him again.

"Do you make back door deliveries?" Jason asked out of the blue.

"Absolutely," Will said.

Jason looked over at me. "Why don't you ride him and then see if you can take us both."

"You gotta be kidding!" I said as I was already raising up to get on top of him.

Jason got the lube out of the nightstand and lubed up my ass then Will's cock. Then he guided his cock to my hole and clasped my hips to pull me down on it.

"Ohh, my Godd!" I moaned softly as the massive meat drove up inside me. "Ohhhhhh! OHhhh, fuck!" I cried out as it shoved up through a tight space and penetrated me where no man had ever gone before. I thought of the kid we'd met in San Diego. I felt lightheaded and the last inches made me see stars. "Oh, my Godd, I don't know where it went but...." I felt Jason's cock at my hole.

"You ready for some white meat?" he asked.

"I'm seeing stars already," I said.

Jason climbed on and worked his cock in on top of or alongside Will's huge meat, as adept as any time he'd ever penetrated me. His thick cock burrowing into me made it hard to breath. When he was in, he said, "Let's fuck him."

When they began moving in tandem, it was so intense that I was unable to cry out. I dropped my head and found Will's mouth over mine and he brought us into a hard kiss that overwhelmed me. His full lips felt wonderful and his tongue had such a soft, pliable feel. I was amazed how easily I'd taken both of their cocks. They fucked both at the same time, then alternated like two pistons. I felt my head spinning and the tiny stars dancing on my eyelids were like little explosions, getting bigger and bigger before everything faded to black. I drifted in and out of the lust crazed fog, whimpering from the mounting pleasure. I could hardly stand it. Then I felt myself drifting off to a place I couldn't come back from. I tried but the pleasure was too great and it kept lifting me higher and higher. I heard myself cry out in raw, animal like lust.

I didn't just come awake in the middle of the night, I came back in a hard spin that made me dizzy. I sat up and looked all around.

"You okay?" Jason whispered, rubbing his hand across my chest. I was damp with sweat. I was suddenly back and remembering. We were alone in the bed.

"What the fuck happened?"

"We fucked you out of your ever lovin' mind," Jason said.

"Where's Will?"

Jason laughed. "His work was finished, he said."

"My Godd, I've never been fucked like that in my life," I said.

"Me either."

"He nailed you, too?"

"Yes. We thought we'd better ease up on you and he fucked me. He found something so deep inside me, I almost went bonkers myself. It's the deepest I've ever been fucked."

"Me too. I think I hate Braden," I said.

"Yeah, he's got that huge fuck stick any time he wants."

"I hope Will hasn't ruined us for each other," I said.

"I thought of that," Jason said. "I'm going to get us one of those yard-long, double-headed dildos."

I knew he was serious and it sent a chill through me. He cuddled against me then and held me in a tight spoon. "We better get some sleep; we're having company tomorrow."

Third to arrive (on Wednesday)

Colby, 32.

Epilogue Chapter Five

I thought later that there should have been a chronicler to record all the hookups in great detail but many of them became known as the weekend wore on. One for certain that I knew of first hand was Nolan and Jason. They hooked up for old time's sake. They didn't waste any time. Nolan took Jason out to show him the camper and it was over two hours before they came back in. Nobody asked questions. Everybody knew the answers.

Colby arrived in an old beat-up pickup. It was Father Colby now. We had not been able to go to his ordination and this was the first time to see him as a priest and it was both heartwarming and jaw dropping.

"Well, son-of-a-bitch, would you look at that! We've got our own priest," Jason said, watching from the window as he alighted from the beat up old truck.

"I don't think you're supposed to put son-of-a-bitch and priest in the same sentence," I said.

We waited for him and Braden to greet each other before we went out to greet him. Remembering when they'd come to us, we knew the tight bond between them. That night they shared a room. Things worked out because that freed Will up to spend the night with Jason and me again.

As Told by Braden and Colby:

Colby and I shared our old room, minus any extra boys. We'd undressed together countless times but it was odd, now, watching Colby removing his priestly garb. I lingered behind in undressing, waiting to see if he would sleep naked. When he took off his shorts, I did too and we crawled in the bottom bunk together. It was crowded but we didn't mind. I told myself I was sleeping with a priest, but this was Colby, my old friend.

"I'm proud of you, Colby, but I miss our times together."

"Yes, seeing you again, it's nice to reminisce."

"Was there any of that going on in the seminary?"

"More than they'd like to admit."

"And now that you're out?"

"No. Only twice, early on, shortly after I became a priest."

"Altar boys?"

"No. One was a college boy. ROTC. He came to confession in uniform. That was my downfall....or his, whichever way you want to look at it. The other one was a high school senior, just before graduation."

"In the confessional?" I asked, surprised.

"Yes. But confessions had ended. The ROTC guy was the last one and when I left the confessional I found him in the back pew saying his penance. I spoke and asked him if he was okay. He said he'd expected more in the way of counseling. He had confessed to having sex with a fellow ROTC; the other guy had initiated it but he was complacent by his consent. I was taken aback; it was the first time I'd been told that I'd let someone down."

'You don't recognize me, do you?" he said.

"I'm afraid I don't."

"I'm Eric Brown. I heard you'd become a priest....from Ron Whitehall."

I know I was visibly surprised, and a bit shaken to hear the name Ron Whitehall; he was the high school boy. The Eric Brown I remembered from high school was a total nerd; skinny, shy and awkward, zits. He was totally transformed, brimming with confidence, flawless skin and the way he filled out his uniform was almost criminal.

"Well, damn, Eric, what happened to you?"

He laughed softly. "I get that a lot."

"Well, would you like to have a do-over?" I asked, motioning to the confessional.

"If you have the time."

"Of course, we need to get it right," I said.

I had a feeling this wasn't going to be a re-run of his confession, or more counseling. He followed me back into the confessional and I heard the click of the lock. I laid aside my alb and stole and sat down. Eric came around to my side of the screen and stood in front of me.

"You said it could have been compounded if I'd been the one to pursue and initiate it," he said.

I didn't have to be reminded of what I'd said.

"Is this initiating it?" he asked as he began unbuttoning his jacket.

I was hesitant only till his jacket was opened.

"No, I take that responsibility. I invited you back in the confessional," I said as I reached for his shiny belt buckle.

I didn't know if it made a difference that he was fully cooperating but at that moment it didn't matter. While he shed his jacket and shirt, I undid his pants. I helped him off with his pants and shoes and he laid his clothes over the kneeling bench behind him. When he was down to his T-shirt and briefs he started to shove his briefs down but I stopped him. I ran my hand up under his shirt, feeling his smooth, hard muscles and he peeled the shirt off. That in itself was a beautiful sight. If there was any trace of doubt about what I was doing, him taking off his shirt erased them. I wrapped my arms around his butt and pressed my face into his shorts against the warm, meaty bulge of his shorts. I could feel the pulsations expanding his cock. He felt big and I was afraid I might not be able to take him and I wanted to so bad. I remembered being taught by a young priest in the seminary how to handle an oversized cock. I tugged the front of his shorts down and his cock swung out like a huge sausage, bigger than any I'd seen or encountered in seminary. I remembered the lesson and quickly sucked the thick cock into my mouth. Open your throat, the priest had instructed. You have to want it; open your throat and pull it into your throat. Once you have it through the opening the rest is easy."

I used all the suction I could to pull the head through the opening of my throat. His soft groan encouraged me and I began to work his cock deeper. He was hardening but he assisted by wrapping his hands round the back of my head and pushing his cock deeper. All I had to do was not resist and try to control my gag reflex. Together we prevailed and before I knew it my face was being pressed hard against his pubes, my chin against his heavy balls and I was trying not to choke on his big cock. To say I was in heaven would be a sacrilege but perhaps there is more than one heaven. He held me like that as his cock pulsed and throbbed to a total hardon, then he eased back and started fucking my throat. He held my head and used my mouth and throat like a pussy; I was sure he had plenty of experience with that. He face fucked me for several minutes before he pulled back. His cock swung up like a steel spring, slick and quivering.

"I gotta stop, I was getting too close and I don't wanta cum yet," he gasped.

I didn't want him to either. While he let himself down from the summit I leaned in and nuzzled my face into his balls. I licked and kissed them and he cupped them and lifted them up for my hungry mouth. I licked under them and he spread his legs wider for me. I was thrilled when my tongue touched the crack of his ass and I lapped at it like a hungry puppy. He cocked one foot up on the arm of my chair to give me free rein. I leaned in and crooked my neck so I could explore more. I was heady with excitement and I was soon twisted around so that I nearly tumbled out of my chair.

I drew back and said, "Turn around."

"Yess," he hissed and turned around so his butt was in my face.

I began kissing his beautiful, firm ass, dragging my tongue up the crack and he reached back to pull his butt apart for me. I was almost shaking with excitement as I found his hole and began flicking it with my tongue. He squealed with excitement and I could see his legs were shaking.

He shoved his clothes off the kneeling bench and pulled it back and bent over it. I went to work on his ass. I couldn't believe what I was doing but I was so excited I was groaning and gasping. I couldn't get enough of his ass. I pulled his hole open and saw the inner muscles clenching, inviting me. I drove my tongue inside him and heard him stifle an outcry. His reaction emboldened me to try a finger. He let me, even squirming back on my finger. I was surprised how easily I penetrated him. His ass was so hot and alive. I was even more happily surprised at his outcry when I touched a certain spot inside him; something alive and palpitating. I focused on the spot and it sent him into ecstasy. He clung to the kneeling bench like a life preserver.

"Oh, Godd, Father, don't stop! Please don't stop!"

I didn't stop. I added a second finger. Then a third.

"You can fuck me, Father," he said in a desperate voice over his shoulder. "Fuck me with your cock."

I was stunned. I honestly hadn't thought that far ahead but my cock was certainly at the ready under my robe. With one hand I opened my robe and undid my pants. All the while the boy was squirming around on my hand. I stood up behind him and wet my cock with spit. I was nearly shaking as I set the head of my cock against his gaping hole.

It was like an out of body experience as I penetrated his ass with my burgeoning cock. His ass was so alive and hot that it made me light headed the way it gripped my cock. I clasped his hips and fucked him.

"Ohhh, yesss! Yess, father, fuck me....fuck me," he whimpered.

I had to fight to keep my legs from collapsing under me. My mouth was watering at the mere sight of his glorious ass spread open for me, and watching the twin muscles flex as he pulled and thrust on my cock. I was mesmerized by our juncture and I didn't know how anything could feel so incredible.

I didn't know how long I fucked him, or he fucked me, for my body was like a machine, being offered for the boy's pleasure. He was doing all of the work. Suddenly he pulled away from me and my cock popped free, slick and throbbing angrily.

"I'm gonna cum!" he announced as he straightened and turned around with a death grip on his cock.

I was in a turmoil, having been torn from the pleasure I was having, but he shoved his thumb in my mouth to pry it open and I knew instinctively to open my mouth. He shoved his cock in my mouth and gave me several deep throat thrusts then pulled back with just the head in my mouth. He jacked his cock unmercifully over my wagging tongue. Suddenly his cock exploded, sending thick ropes of semen blasting against the back of my throat. He quickly covered my tongue and I got the full taste of him, like tiny flavor buds bursting on my tongue. He filled my gaping mouth till the stuff was running out the corners of my mouth. As he began to wind down he shoved his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I milked his cock with my throat muscles. As he pulled back I clasped my lips around the wide girth and drained him.

He stumbled back with his butt resting on the kneeling bench, gasping for air while I savored the taste of him. Finally, I swallowed in several gulps to get it all down.

"That is so hot," he said.

He was finished and started getting dressed when he realized I hadn't gone off.

"I can jack you off if you want me to, Father," he offered. "I owe you that much."

"No, it'll be all right," I said.

I had the weird, perverted notion that if I didn't shoot my load the act had not been fully consummated. I wasn't sure what that got me but it was something to hang my hat on.

"Do I need to go to confession again, Father?" he asked.


Fully dressed, he thanked me and left. I sat there for a long time contemplating what I'd done. I tried to conjure up remorse and guilt but it wouldn't come. Then in an odd gesture I gave the sign of blessing to my still throbbing cock and proceeded to adjust my clothes. Outside the confessional I gave another blessing to the boy who had already left. Maybe it was a gesture of absolution. I was too confused to know for sure but I wanted him to go unblemished.

"What about Ron Whitehall?"

It was another confession, for the kids. I heard the footsteps and I could tell it wasn't one of the little ones. There was a small window high on the wall inside the confessional for fresh air. It offered plenty of light for me to see through the screen if I chose to look. When he knelt down I saw it was Ron. He was a high-schooler. It sent a chill through me; I could hardly wait to hear what this big, young stud had to confess. Yes, I get a thrill out of listening to the sins of the flesh.

He said the rudimentary prayers and began pouring out the usual stuff that most boys his age confessed; impure thoughts, looking at girlie magazines, jacking off so many times, trying to make out with girls. He didn't really have to say it-it was pretty routine-but I never tired of hearing it. Then he threw out something that I didn't hear very often. He said that one time when he jacked off he tasted his own cum. That sent a chill through me.

I heard his confession and gave him absolution and penance. But that wasn't the end of it. He didn't leave.

"It seems like everything I like doing is a sin. Everything that's enjoyable to a guy my age is wrong. I can't control it no matter how hard I try. I come in here and confess and promise not to do it again, knowing I will. I feel like such a hypocrite. What am I supposed to do, Father?"

"You do your best," I told him.

"Is that good enough Father? Is my best good enough for God when my best is failure?"

"You keep coming back to confession....that's not failure," I assured him.

"Listen father, I might as well tell you, it's getting awfully close to having sex with my girlfriend. I know that's a biggie but I know it's gonna happen. I keep trying to fight it but I've bought condoms. What am I supposed to do, be sexless? I'm sure you know from listening to so many confessions, that's impossible. God put those feelings in me, why didn't He give the strength to keep them in check?"

"God doesn't intend for you to be sexless," I said. "It's society that imposed that on you. God made boys capable of reproducing at a very young age, but it's society that imposed the age limit."

"You were my age once, Father, surely you remember how it was."

"Yes, it still is."

"Really. Then you understand."

"More than you know."

"Are there levels of sin? I know there's venial and serious sin but are there more levels of seriousness? What I mean is, I know I shouldn't have sex with my girlfriend. If jacking off would prevent that, maybe that wouldn't be so serious. Would it be a sin at all? Or couldn't it be considered a defense against serious sin and therefore a good thing?"

"You make a good point but I'm not sure I can officially condone it."

"What about unofficially?"

"Well, I don't tend to give out heavy penance to boys for having impure thoughts or jacking off. I'm not really all that hardnosed about young boys experimenting with each other. It's a natural outlet for their curiosity and I don't think they should be condemned for it or frightened by me for doing it. So yes, in that regard, we could say there are levels of sin. Having sex with your girlfriend would rank up there at the top, something to be avoided at all costs. If you engaged in a lesser form of sex to prevent that, well I would have to take that into consideration in handing out penance. Of course I'm applying this to you as a teenager. I would not apply it to a boy of say nine or ten. For a boy that age, jacking off would take on slightly more serious connotations."

"By lesser forms of sex, is that anything short of actually having sex with a girl?"

"Yes. Kissing, heavy petting, using your hands or fingers, even oral sex in serious situations."

"She's never offered to do that."

"It could be another boy." I couldn't believe how far I was taking it, and that he was so accepting.

"I think that would certainly cool things down but I don't know another boy who would do that for me."

The moment was at hand; I was almost trembling inside. I took in a quiet, deep breath to gather my courage then told him to stand up.


"Stand up."

He stood and I pushed the lattice work grill aside. Boldly, I reached through and groped the front of his jeans. He jerked back but then stood firm and let me do it. There is very little that can dissuade a horny teenager from the demands of his cock. He pressed himself into my hand. I felt the heavy bulge expanding in the tight confines of his jeans.

"Move the kneeler and stand against the partition," I said.

He moved the kneeler aside and pressed his body against the partition separating us, his mighty bulge protruding through the opening. My hands were shaking as I fumbled with his belt. Suddenly his hands appeared and he undid it himself, and opened the top button of his jeans. I undid the rest of them to expose his white briefs. I pressed my open mouth over the manly bulge and inhaled the fresh musk of his crotch. He even smelled horny and virile. Anxious, he peeled his shorts down below the hairline, revealing the root of his thick cock. I tugged the front down and it swung out into my side of the confessional. I was so happily surprised I whimpered with delight.

He was bigger than I'd expected on a seventeen year old boy. I was looking at a man's cock; thick and meaty, almost menacing with its network of bluish veins. I didn't touch him at first, just sat there, mesmerized as I watched it pulse and swing out and expand. Finally I scooped up the head with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth.

"Ohhh, Goddd!" he groaned.

I sucked him in all the way and his cock curled up in my mouth like a sleeping snake. But this snake wasn't sleeping. It was coming to life, expanding, growing harder. I kept a snug hold on him with my face pressed in his pubes. His cock slowly unfurled, filling my mouth, searching blindly for an escape from the warm, wet confines, till the head found the opening of my throat. The stiffening shaft forced the head through the opening and his cock snaked deep into my throat.

"Ohhhh, fuck!" he gasped.

I held him like that till his cock had made its escape as deep as it could go into my throat then I drew back and began sucking him.

"AAaaawwwwhhhhhh!" he moaned loudly and reciprocated with his own thrusts, and I prayed there was no one outside the confessional within ear shot.

He reciprocated with his own thrusts and I stayed leaned forward so he could access the full depth of my throat. He was a real mouthful and he stretched my throat unmercifully. Drool ran down my chin and dripped onto my cassock. I paused once to withdraw and get my first look at his cock in full erection. It was truly a work of art, thick with bulging veins, with a slight upward curve that displayed the wider head proudly. The sheen of my spit made it glisten in the soft light. I watched it bucking and throbbing, demanding my attention but I nuzzled under and sucked on his balls. He liked that, too, but he was as demanding as his cock.

"Suck it, Father," he said, pushing his hard cock down against my face.

I captured the head and he shoved it right into my throat, taking no notice that I choked. He became the aggressor and I became his instrument of pleasure. I slobbered through at least ten minutes of his grunting, groaning pleasure till he became so animated that the partition felt like it was giving sway. Suddenly he reached through the opening to clasp his big hands around my head.

""I'm gonna cum, Father!" he gasped as he brutalized my throat. "Oh, God....Oh, God....Oh, God....Oh, God....Oh, God!"

His cock became like hot steel as it exploded in my throat. I strained hard against his grip--I wanted his load in my mouth where I could taste him-but he kept me at his mercy. In his excitement his grip weakened and I was able to pull back so he was cumming in my mouth. He covered my tongue almost instantly and I thought, OH my Godd, yesss! Such wonderful sweet nectar!

Gradually his fingers loosened from around my head and dragged through my hair as he pulled his hands back through the opening. I quickly reached through and clasped his butt to hold him in place. I didn't want to let him go; I wasn't finished with him. I wanted to savor his beautiful cock and the wonderful load it had delivered. He didn't resist and I held his man-meat in its own warm semen as it was gradually diluted with my spit. When I swallowed I sucked his rubbery cock back into my throat. He moaned and started fucking my throat again, but half-heartedly. I think he did it because he thought it was what I wanted.

When he tugged at his cock again I released my oral grip and my hold on his butt.

"Holy fuckin' shit, Father," he said huskily as he backed away from the partition.

I watched him pulling up his shorts and jeans and his big hands closing the buttons. As he was moving the kneeler back into place he asked if he needed to go to confession again.


"Thank you, Father. For everything."

He left and I sat there in a daze, still relishing the taste of him.

"You said only twice. Does that mean there were only two occasions, or did you see the boy again?" Braden asked me.

"No. There were only those two occasions," I said.

"That's admirable but it must be frustrating."

"Very; and I don't know how I've managed to remain celibate."

"You make me hesitant to offer to do something about that," Braden said jokingly.

"The vow of celibacy was originally intended for us to give up women."


"We're like brothers, Braden. Anything between us would be an expression of love."

He laid his arm across my chest. He said I wasn't as bulky as I used to be; not as muscular. He rubbed my hand on down my stomach.

"You don't know how badly I want this, Colby, but I don't want to take us where you don't want to go. We can leave it at this, just talking....just say the word and I'll get in the top bunk."

"I want it too," I told him. "We had such great times together, even in the bad times. A chill went through me when I saw you again."

He moved my hand on down and raked his fingers through my pubes before he took hold of my cock. I was hard and throbbing. As he stroked my cock I took hold of his and we rolled together to kiss.

"Will I go to hell for having sex with a priest?" he asked.

"Sending people to hell is way above my pay grade," I said.

"I love you, Colby. I always will. I love Will but you were my first love."

"And your first piece of ass, as I remember," I said, laughing.

"You fucked me first, I was only returning the favor."

"If I fuck you again, will I have to go to confession?"

"I'm not here in an official capacity," I told him.

"But you wore your collar."

"It's the only decent clothes I have."

"I want to rekindle our love," he said as he began kissing down my chest. When he reached my cock he looked up at me and I was flooded with memories from our checkered past. The bad ones faded as he took my cock in his mouth and we heard my soft moan of pleasure.

Fourth to arrive (on Wednesday night)

Jordan, 30

Adam, 27

Epilogue Chapter Six

Our emotions were like a roller coaster with each arrival. Jordan and Adam arrived late Wednesday night. We'd already had supper and the two younger boys were sleeping in the camper with Nolan, Levi and Jesse. Jason, Will, Colby and I were sharing a bottle of wine in the living room, listening to Will tell about his relationship with Braden, and he wanted to know about our time in Vietnam. It was surprisingly easy to talk to him about it. I offered to make them something to eat but they'd eaten on the way so we opened another bottle of wine.

Adam was a warehouse foreman and Jordan was a high school teacher and coach. Conversation flowed freely when Jason made it known that we all played for the same team. They were both intrigued with Will's profession as a model.

Jordan said, "From where I sit you certainly have all the qualifications."

"Thank you, but I'd like to hear about your job. I've always considered teaching a noble profession."

"Well, the pay isn't so noble but I enjoy it. I love working with kids, and I do draw down a modest additional salary as a coach but that includes boys' PE classes as well. Even then, Adam makes more than I do as a warehouse foreman."

"But he has better fringe benefits," Adam said. "And I'm not talking about insurance and pension. Plus he gets summers off."

"This sounds interesting, the fringe benefits," Will said. "Would you care to elaborate?"

"I don't initiate anything," Jordan said. "But I don't discourage it either like I should. And would have but I had no way of knowing things would get so out of hand."

"Out of hand....you didn't get in trouble, did you?" Jason asked.

"No. These boys are as tight and tight-lipped as they come. But I did defer certain duties to my assistant coach so I could maintain a safe distance between me and the players. In that regard, I tried."

"This isn't exactly elaborating," Will pointed out.

"Todd-he's my assistant--is fresh out of college. He holds a degree in sports medicine and he's a certified personal trainer, so it's logical and safer to defer to him the strains and sprains and pulled muscles; anything that requires hands on the athletes. That way I can keep my distance and maintain a hands off approach."

"That must be very difficult," Will said.

"It is. It's almost heart breaking, but I love my job and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize it.

"Well, then, the fringe benefits aren't what Adam makes them out to be," I said.

Adam laughed. "He hasn't told you about his assistant coach."

"I don't inquire into his personal relationship with the players," Jordan said rather defensively. "That doesn't mean I don't hear rumors about some of the goings-on in the locker room and on the team bus....boys will be boys. But as for me I make it a policy to never be alone with an athlete in the locker room, or have an athlete in my office with the door closed."

"What if a boy needs to talk to you about something personal?" Jason asked.

"We talk, after everyone is gone, but with the door open. A couple of the boys have expressed a subtle interest. Sometimes they'll come in wearing just a towel or jockstrap or even naked, and they close the door. I make them open it."

"But you're saying that's a dead-end. So back to your assistant .....Todd, right?" Will said.

"Adam's right, Todd is a total stud. Typical college jock build, confident air about him. We have our bi-weekly bull sessions behind locked doors. A lot of times we'll work out together, shower together, even use the horse tank together. But he's legal."

"Did you initiate it with him?" I asked. "Not that it matters; just curious. There might be a story here."

"There's always a story, isn't there," Jordan said. "It's hard to say who initiated it."

"Why don't you tell us and let us decide who initiated it," Jason said

"After I was hired to teach history and coach they told me that coaching traditionally included boys' PE classes and sex ed. I thought I would be coaching football and baseball. Well, there were some boys who wanted to play rugby and also wrestle so I got roped into that. I didn't mind, for obvious reasons. Wrestlers and rugby players are hot dudes. I wrestled in college so that was a given. I didn't play rugby but I memorized the rule book and we organized a rugby team. At that point-this was before Todd came into the picture--I was spreading myself pretty thin, and it was leading to trouble. I was the one taking care of the pulled muscles and sprains and I gotta tell you, massaging a pulled hamstring on a rugby player, especially if he drops his towel before he crawls up on the table....fuck, those guys thighs are massive....and I'm staring down at his awesome, tight ass."

"Did any of them ever get hard while you were working on them?" I asked.

"When didn't they get hard! But we just ignored it. It was worse working with the wrestlers because it's hard and tight body contact. The problem wasn't them getting hard, and let's face it, it's difficult to ignore when your coach gets a hardon. I started getting some pretty strong vibes from a couple of them."

"What kind of vibes?" Will asked.

"Extra hard pressure in certain holds, like when he's pinned with his face in my crotch, or the other way around, or when I've got him in a tight hold with my crotch against his butt. He'll push back more than necessary or I feel him clenching his butt muscles. They weren't easy on me; these are college bound, serious about wrestling. It got to be more than I could take. I knew that eventually I wasn't going to pretend anymore that I didn't notice. I was afraid I going to rip his kit and plug his ass. That's when I went to the principal and told him I needed an assistant. That's when they hired Todd. He was only part time because that's what they could afford, but it was enough to take some of the pressure off of me."

"You've got more will power than I would have," Jason said.

"Well, actually, no. I was simply put in a position where I didn't have to have any will power. Like I said, Todd was legal. And willing."

"So, who initiated it?" I asked again.

"You're not going to let me off the hook, are you," he said, laughing.

"Not as long as we can keep you plied with wine and talking," Will said.

As told by Jordan:

Todd didn't make any bones about his sexual preference. He didn't flaunt it but he would make not so subtle remarks to me about some of the boys. One time when Oakley Smith was walking back to the shower with a towel over his shoulder he made a remark about the boy's awesome ass. I told him to be careful saying stuff like that, especially within earshot of the boys, and if anything ever happened with any of the boys I did not want to know about it. He laughed and said there was a LOT I would never know. I wasn't concerned about Oakley he'd been held back a year so he was legal. But I didn't want to hear about any of the younger boys.

I didn't let on about my own preference at first. I figured I would wait and see if his preference was reserved for teenage boys. If not....if he made a move on me....then I would show him I was interested. It happened about a month after he arrived.

It was Friday, practice was over, it was quiet and I thought all the boys had left. I walked out of my office and saw that he still had a boy on the table in the training room just beyond the lockers. That area hadn't been used for anything except storage after the school built a new locker room and when Todd came he converted it into his training room. He built his own training table since the athletic board wouldn't buy one and he had a shelf stocked with towels and liniment and all kinds of body oils. The table was better than anything they could've bought. It was well padded and even had an adjustable head rest.

I didn't notice anything out of line but the lights were dim. I was surprised the boy was still there. I didn't go all the way back but I could see it was Oakley.

I said, "Oh, I thought everybody was gone."

"Just finishing up," Todd said and smacked Oakley on the butt. I thought his voice sounded a little nervous. He told Oakley to get in the tank for twenty minutes. I still couldn't consider anything out of line but when Oakley got up off the table and walked over to the tank he had a huge hardon. It didn't seem like a big deal to him that he was hard and I didn't make anything of it either. That happens a lot, but most boys are embarrassed by it. Oakley obviously wasn't. I went back in my office. Todd came in a few minutes later.

We talked about nothing in particular but I could feel an undercurrent, like what we were talking about wasn't really why he was there or what we wanted to be saying. I didn't make an issue of that either. A little while later Oakley came past my door, dripping wet. His hardon was gone but he was still fluffed up and arched out, his sizeable cock swinging around like a pendulum.

"Sorry I held you up, Coach, but I really needed Todd's magic hands."

"No problem, Oakley," I said.

"Looks like you need to get laid," Todd joked.

"Yeah, I intend to."

As Oakley walked away Todd and I realized that we were both watching him. We laughed it off. Oakley got dressed, in full view of us, and left. In the moment of silence that followed the sound of the outer door closing I made the snap decision that this was the time and most certainly the perfect place. Todd said he was going back to wipe down the table and clean up the training room.

"You got oil in the tank?" I asked before he left.

"Just what washed off of Oakley," he said. "I can add some more if you want to use it."

"Yeah. It's been a long week," I said. "And turn up the jets."

I followed him out as far as the first bench and started undressing. It came to me that we had never seen each other naked. I guessed that wasn't so unusual; no reason why we should. I wasn't lying; it had been a long week and I'd never been in the new tank. I stood up from the bench just as Todd came with a bottle of oil. He poured some in and motioned to me.

"It's all yours, Coach."

"Thanks. I really need this." I noticed him noticing me as I got in the tub.

"Anything else, just holler," he said, and went back to his training room.

I noticed him, too, quite openly, although he had his back to me. You might say I ogled his tight looking ass in his brief gym shorts while I wondered if it could be had; if indeed any of the jocks, like Oakley, had fucked him. His ass was definitely fuckable.

I laid back in the warm, swirling water and let the jets pound my tired muscles. They felt especially good pulsating against my butt and making my balls bounce around. When Todd came over with some towels I grabbed the opportunity.

"Why don't you climb in here with me," I said.

There was a surprised pause then he said, "Alright," and stepped out of his sneakers. He pulled his socks off then pulled his shorts down. They dropped to his ankles and he kicked them out of the way. When he started to pull his jockstrap down I stopped him.

"Leave it on," I said. He wore one of those sexy lace-up jocks and I liked the way he filled it out. I figured it would come off soon enough. He stepped into the opposite end of the tank and sank down in the water.

"Man, this does feel good," he sighed. He'd closed his eyes and he slipped nearly under and his foot moved right up into my crotch. He snapped his eyes open and with a muttered "Sorry coach," he pulled back.

"Don't' go away," I said, taking hold of his foot.

He gave me a surprised look and stayed put. I pressed his foot into my balls and extended my leg till my foot was pressing against his jockstrap.

"I like your jockstrap," I said.


"Too bad they can't be standard issue for all the boys. It'd be the sexiest locker room in the state."

"They could be standard if you decreed it," he said.

"A lot of the boys couldn't afford them."

"Some of them have asked about mine, where I got it. Is it okay if the boys who can afford them go ahead and buy them?"

"I don't see any problem with it," I said.

"You know you're surprising me, Coach."

"How so?

"Well, inviting me in the tank with you for one thing."

"I wasn't sure you would," I said.

"I wasn't sure you would ever ask," he said.

"Been wanting to ever since you got here," I said. I chuckled. "We can't let the boys catch us, though.

"You're also giving me a hardon," he said.

"Consider it payback, for jamming your foot in my balls."

"I said I was sorry."

"I'm not apologizing," I said.

"I'll make it up to you," he said.


"Stand up and come to this end of the tub."

I let go of his foot and stood up. My cock swung up out of the water, throbbing and bucking. I took the steps to close the distance between us in the tank and stood astraddle his legs, my cock throbbing over his face. I shoved my foot under the pouch of his jock.

"Geezuss, Coach," he said as he reached up for my cock.

I gripped the edge of the tank and hunkered down so he could reach me. He opened his mouth and I drove my cock through his lips. He didn't waste any time; he sucked me with gusto, like he'd been without cockmeat for a while. I've got strong legs but Todd quickly sucked the strength out of them and my thigh muscles started to cramp. I had to straighten up.

"My legs are cramping," I said.

"Let's get out and go back to the table, I can take care of that cramp for you," he said.

I stepped out of the tank and gave him a hand getting out. There was a sheen of oil on our bodies and we didn't dry off. I followed him back to the table and waited till he laid towels over it then I crawled up and stretched out on my stomach and put my face in the head rest.

"Do your magic, let's see if you earn your pay," I said.

"I haven't heard any of the boys complain," he said.

"Bet not. Do you ever have the boys in the tank two at a time?"

"Yes. It was their idea to double up, they said because it saves time, but I don't think that's the real reason."

"What's the real reason?"

"I think they like the intimate closeness in the tub. It's different from being in the shower together."

"Do they wear their jockstraps?" I felt the oil drizzling over me.

"Not often. They're usually naked."

"Do you ever get in with them?" I asked.

"Not usually." He began rubbing the oil around. His hands felt good.

"I asked if ever."

"I have, on two occasions."

"With Oakley?"

"One time it was with Oakley, the second time it was with Oakley and another boy."

"The tank must've been crowded with three guys in it. Did the boys get hard?""

He laughed. "When aren't they hard? Listen, Oakley was here because he was the last one out of the shower and he asked if I could stay over."

"You don't have to explain yourself to me," I said.

"What are you asking me, Coach?" he asked with a frown.

"Just curious. I like to know what's going on under my watch."

"No, I think you're asking if I've had sex with any of the boys."

"Have you?"

"Are you going to fire me?"

"No. Just be careful. Is Oakley one of them?"


"And the other boy in the tank?" I asked.

"Just eye candy. Nothing happened with him. He was a senior but I hadn't had a chance to check his age. Next time, though....he's eighteen. That's how it got started," Todd said.

"Shit, two at the same time, maybe congratulations are in order," I said.

I noticed his hands were rougher moving up and down my thighs and on the upward motion his thumbs probed deep into my ass crack.

"You've got the butt of a teenager, Coach," he said.

I clenched my butt muscles several times and waited to see if he took the bait. He did. Next thing, I felt his oiled thumbs shoving through my hole; both of them at the same time. I winced a little.

"You've done this thumb massage with Oakley and the other boy?" I asked.

"Just Oakley," he replied. "He likes it."

He stretched my hole and probed deeper as I wondered where he would take it. I let out a loud groan when he found my prostate and bore back against his hands.

"I was doing this to Oakley when you came out of your office," he said.

"Sorry I interrupted."

"I tried to get him to stay put but he got spooked."

"You can tell him there's no reason to be spooked around me."

"You're serious?"

"What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room."

"He said it felt good."

"Must have, he had a hardon when he got up from the table."

"It does feel good," I said.

He moved to the head of the table and began to work on my shoulders. I could feel the pouch of his wet jockstrap pressing against the top of my head. Another crucial moment was at hand and I couldn't let it go to waste. I lifted my head and came to face with the bulging pouch. He pressed it against my nose. It was a casual gesture, but intentional, I was sure. I cocked my head and looked up at him. He smiled and nodded.

"I think you want this," he said.

"For a long time," I said.

I leaned forward and took one of the laces between my teeth. They were already loosened and it was easy to tug it through the hole. I pulled another one through the opposite side then his hand appeared and he unlaced the jockstrap till it was spread open, revealing his pubes and the root of his cock. I took charge again and pulled the pouch down with my teeth to free his cock. It swung up against my face and I captured it in my mouth.

"Awww, fuck, Coach," he said in a hoarse whisper. "You don't know how long I've wanted this to happen."

I gave his cock a dozen strokes then released it. "That felt pretty good with your thumbs; do you wanta fuck me?" I asked.

"Fuck, yeah." He moved around to the side of the table and I felt more oil dripping in my ass crack. Then he climbed up on the table, nudged my legs apart with his knees then mounted me. Just like that; he aimed and shoved and impaled me. I winced and gripped the edges of the table.

It was a hard fuck. He knew what he was doing and I wondered what kind of sex he'd had with Oakley. I wondered if he'd fucked him.

"What about Oakley," Jason asked when I was finished.

"There's a lot about Oakley," Jordan said.

"What about the other boy in the tank?" Will asked.

"There's a lot about him, too. Todd was let go shortly after that because of a shortfall of tax revenues. Once again I was left on my own I braced myself for long hours of frustration. But teaching sex ed turned out to be a blessing."

As told by Jordan:

Boys' PE classes were scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and boys' sex ed on Tuesday and Thursday, This was besides my history classes and coaching. At my "orientation" meeting with the principal and school board I stipulated that I didn't want anyone popping in to monitor or sit in on my classes. I got some pushback from the board and the principal on that. They said it was protocol to monitor classes, especially sex ed classes.

"If you're afraid you've hired a pervert, then find someone else to teach the class. I've got enough on my plate as it is," I said.

"Can you give us a good reason why you don't want your classes monitored?" one for the board members asked.

"It's simple. The key to teaching is drawing the kids out, getting them to ask questions. That is the ONLY way to find out what they don't know. That's' especially true in sex ed. I could be in the middle of a class where we're on a roll and any one of you walk in, they shut down and I can tell you exactly what would happen. I would immediately switch to a clinical boys health class so you wouldn't really learn anything about how I'm conducting my classes anyway. This is not negotiable, gentlemen. If I'm going to teach boys' sex ed, I'm going to teach it so they understand it, in a free and open forum. Also, I want the sex ed classes scheduled three days a week, right after PE classes."

You would've thought I'd asked for an amendment to the constitution. There were stern frowns, raised eyebrows and scooting of chairs as everyone shifted positions. The school secretary said they couldn't juggle the schedule at that late date.

"First day of school is a month away. You can change the schedule any time before it's handed to the students," I said.

"Why after PE classes?" someone asked.

"Well, it seems logical to hold sex ed class in the locker room where it'll be a more relaxed atmosphere for the boys and that's when the testosterone is running high so there'll be greater participation."

"Well, you can't have the girls in the boys' locker room," someone said.

"I'm not teaching girls' sex ed," I said.

"I thought you understood......"

"No, absolutely not," I said, shaking my head. "I'm not teaching girls' sex ed. That needs to be taught by a woman. I wouldn't teach a co-ed class anyway, nobody's gonna open up in a co-ed class."

Surprised as they were, they didn't put up any argument and I
prevailed on all counts. The only other objection was having thirteen- year-old freshmen and eighteen-year-old seniors in the same class; they thought such a broad age span would be present an unhealthy learning environment. I scoffed at that, reminding them that all four grades had PE together so that exposure that they were worried about was already there in the locker room. I more or less left them with egg on their face.

My first class was an orientation and laying the ground rules. I began with the soft cover text book.

"This is required by the school board as part of the curriculum," I said, holding the book up. "It is purely clinical and I will not be using it as a reference so we're going to get it out of the way as quickly as possible. Therefore, I am assigning the entire book to be read over the next two days. There will be a test on Wednesday. You will learn the clinical terms but once we get the clinical out of the way there will be no more reference to penis, ejaculation, coitus or masturbation. We will use the language we all understand."

"A few ground rules. The one basic rule is the Vegas Rule. You've all heard it....what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What happens in this locker room stays in this locker room. Second rule is; the only stupid question is the one that is not asked. It will be easier to teach this class if I know what you don't know and the best way for me to find that out is for you to ask questions. You will not be laughed at, embarrassed or ridiculed; I want to make that understood. I will also be asking questions--very personal questions--but they will not be directed at you personally but to the class as a whole. For example, how many of you jack off?"

There was surprised laughter that quickly died down when they saw that I wasn't smiling.

"That was a serious question and I would like a serious show of hands."

About a dozen hands went up, followed by twos and threes till every hand in the room was raised.

"Congratulations on a good and truthful showing of hands," I said. "How many of you feel some kind of guilt or embarrassment over jacking off?" A few hands went up. "Then why did it take so many of you so long to raise your hands? Jacking off is the most natural thing in the world." I called on Eric Brown, a very well built freshman, who had raised his hand. "Eric, can you tell us why you feel guilty or embarrassment?"

"My dad said it's not good for you," one boy said. "But my older brother said it doesn't hurt to do it."

"All due respect to you rather, I would go with your brother's advice on this," I said.

"I had a coach at my grade school who said it was bad for your health," another boy said. "He said doing it too much could cause pimples, and even blindness or being weak minded, and it drained your strength. I don't think it stopped anybody from doing it but you worried about it."

"How old was your coach?" I asked.

"He was an old guy; old enough to be my grandpa."

"He meant well. Unfortunately, he was armed with a lot of hogwash and old wives tales. Jacking off does not cause insanity, pimples or blindness. As for draining your strength, that depends on the individual. You may well experience a feeling of total exhaustion right after but how long does it take you to bounce back?"

"Not very long," the boy replied.

"The rest of you?" I asked.

"I don't feel tired at all," Oakley spoke up. "In fact, I'm raring to go afterwards." I was glad to see Oakley jumping in. Guys like him speaking out would encourage the younger boys.

Another senior, Chris Carter said, "I read that a lot of college and professional athletes have sex just before a game and it gets them charged up and they perform better."

"You made my point. How about you, Chris, do you follow that advice?" I asked pointedly with a grin.

There was a flash of embarrassment before he replied. "If I have a chance, sure, I jack off before a game. I think it helps."

I glanced at my watch. "That's it for today. Do your homework, there will be a test on Wednesday then we will continue. Meanwhile you might be thinking of questions you'd like to ask."

I kept reminding myself that these boys ages didn't matter; there was no sex involced, this was boys' sex ed.

Wednesday came and I could feel the excitement in the air as the boys came into the locker room after PE class. I thought; they're bursting with questions. I gave them time to shower and get settled in, sitting on the benches, on the floor and sprawled out on the wrestling mats. Most of them were half-dressed, a couple of them remained naked with only a towel for modesty. I passed out the test papers along with a small box of pencils.

"You have the whole period for the test but the quicker it's done the sooner we can get down to the business at hand," I said.

I was surprised that the test was completed in fifteen minutes; they had done their homework. I had them exchange papers and we graded them. I was amazed that there were less than a dozen wrong answers in the entire class.

"Congratulations. It looks like you all studied," I said. Then I laid the test papers aside and started off the class with a question. "Now, how many of you are circumcised?"

There were some taken aback looks before any hands went up. Oakley's was the first.

"Damn, Coach, don't you think you're getting awfully personal?" he said jokingly as he raised his hand.

"Why the embarrassment over a question that you already know the answer to? For God's sake, you see each other naked three days a week."

A show of hands showed that most of them were.

"How many of you wish you were not circumcised?"

One hand went up; Brian Atwood, a junior.

I asked him why.

He shrugged before he answered. "I don't know, I sorta like the looks of an uncut cock. I mean, I think mine would look better if I was uncut. And I wonder if it'd make jacking off more fun if there was the skin rubbing back and forth over the head."

I almost choked. These boys were amazing me.

"Well, you're not going to be entering it in a beauty contest but to each his own. Okay, how many of you wish you were circumcised?"

Two hands went up.

"Why?" I asked, pointing to Ben Webber, a sophomore.

"I'm just the opposite of Brian. I think a cut cock looks better, kind of an in-your-face, like it's not hiding. And there's not the skin that might deaden the pleasure."

I pointed to the other boy, J.D. Masters.

"I wish I was cut because my skin's too tight and I think jacking off would feel a lot better if I was cut. And it's hard to keep clean."

"Yes, that is a major drawback of not being circumcised and one of the reasons that it's done routinely, unless requested otherwise. First, let me tell you, it's never too late to be circumcised. You might want to talk to your parents about it. Meanwhile, there are ways to stretch the skin and you should because you're not done growing and as your cock gets bigger the skin might get tighter. First, when you take a piss, pull the skin all the way back several times as far as it will go. When you're alone, take the time to do the stretching exercises. Get your fingers inside the glove and stretch it. Same thing in the shower. When you're jacking off, work some kind of lube inside the glove and use full strokes. Pull the skin back all the way back each stroke, and all the way covering the head. By the way, for all of you, cut or uncut, olive oil is excellent lube."

"But my mom's gonna wonder why her olive oil is disappearing so fast." Everybody broke out laughing but it was a serious question.

"It only takes a little bit, and olive oil is available in the grocery store, you can buy it yourself," I said dryly. "Or better yet, get a small bottle that's easy to hide and fill it from your mom's bottle. I doubt she'll miss it." Then I waved it off. "No, never mind. Forget what I just said. I'll take care of it. Okay, next class....the pros and cons of virginity."

Epilogue Chapter Seven

As told by Jordan:

Before the next class I purchased a bunch of small, two-ounce bottles and Adam helped me fill them with olive oil. I also bought a large pump bottle and filled it with olive oil.

First thing I noticed when I walked out of my office was that only three boys had anything on. Yeah, they were coming around, I thought, smiling inside. I set the bag of small bottles on the bench and told the boys to help themselves.

"Wow! Thanks, Coach," Billie Masters said, smiling broadly.

"There's a pump bottle in my office for refills," I said.

"Now, the big question of the day is....how many of you have had sexual intercourse with a girl?"

I loved the surprise on their faces when I sprung these questions on them. Three senior boys' hands went up, two juniors, and I was surprised to see one freshman raise his hand. Others were obviously surprised as well, and equally so at the hands that did not go up.

"Okay, this is a perfect example of why we have the Vegas rule," I said. "You can respond to my questions without reservation; nobody's going to go blab your secrets. By the way if I hear even a rumor that somebody's spread it around that Chris or Brent or anybody else is or is not a virgin, I will shut down this class in a heartbeat, we will go back to the health classes and your grades will be dropped." I queried one by one those who raised their hands. "Did you use condoms?"

Oakley volunteered that he did.

Chris Carter said he did, sometimes.

"Why just sometimes?"

He shrugged. "It just works out that way."

"No, it does not work out that way. You cause it to happen."

"Okay, sometimes things get so intense, it clouds my thinking. Other times I just don't bother. Sometimes I let the girl take care of it."

"It clouds your thinking? Could it be you don't like using condoms?"

"I hate condoms."

"I wonder how much you'd like getting some kind of STD. As for letting the girl take care of it....think about that. You're a goodlooking guy, great body, a jock, probably great in bed. You never thought that some girl might want to nail you for a husband and daddy to her children? Did you know that professional athletes are counciled to never have sex without a condom, and to always take the condom off and keep it to prevent their semen from falling into the hands of some woman just dying to collect big bucks for child support?"

"I'm hardly a professional athlete," he said, rather sheepishly.

"Same thing on a different scale. I wanta ask you guys something else. Where do you get your condoms?" I got a variety of replies, from "I buy 'em" to "I get 'em from my brother," to the most surprising one from the freshman. He said his dad gave it to him. So be it. He was very mature physically but he was still way too young to be having sex.

And the classic; "I borrow them from my dad" from one of the seniors.

"You borrow them from your dad? Do you wash them out and give them back? Does your dad know you're borrowing his condoms?"

"No, and no," he said, laughing.

"You borrow a shovel, you don't borrow condoms. And let me guess, you borrow them out of his top dresser drawer."

"He keeps them in his nightstand."

"You're old enough to buy your own condoms; stop borrowing them from your dad," I said sternly, then I let it go and moved on. I asked the senior virgin why he was still a virgin.

"I just never found the right girl that I wanted to have sex with."

Oakley said, "Dude, there is no right girl when it comes to getting laid. It's a pussy, created for our enjoyment."

"I don't feel that way. I think with my brain, not my balls. Anyway, what's the rush? MY cock's not gonna fall off or anything."

I turned to the younger boys and got blank looks, shrugs and a variety of reasons why they were still virgins. We managed to bring it out that it boiled down mostly to fear. Then I focused on the boy whose dad had provided him with the condom.

"Your father must have sensed that you were getting pretty tight with your girlfriend," I said.

"No, actually it was the neighbor woman," he said.


"Holy Shit"

"Way to go, man."

And a few other remarks.

"So, you had sexual intercourse with an adult woman," I said.

"She was probably thirty five, old enough to be my mom," he said.

"Excuse me, coach," J.D. said, waving his hand. "You said we wouldn't be using any clinical terms but you've called it sexual intercourse several times and used the term semen."

"I stand corrected," I said with great humility. "So, you fucked the neighbor woman, with your dad's knowledge and approval."

"I don't know if he knew when it happened or if he approved but he was afraid it might happen. You see, I was cutting her grass for her and I always wore my PE shorts and she always brought out a cold drink and stood and watched me drink it and she would make comments about how cute I was and what a nice body I had."

"Where'd it happen?" Chris asked.

"In her garage, when I was putting away the lawnmower."

I had not intended for the conversation to swerve off in that direction but I temporarily gave up control of my class.

"How long did you fuck her?"

"I don't know."

"Did you fuck her again?" Oakley asked.

"Yes, when my hardon didn't go down."

"Was your dad home; like did he know you were fucking the neighbor lady in her garage?"

"He was home but I don't think he knew what we were doing."

"Did you make her scream?" Oakley again.

I appreciated that he was really keeping the thing alive but we were getting off subject.

"She didn't scream but she moaned a lot."

"Did you do it on the workbench?"

"No, on tailgate of her husband's pickup."

Finally I put a stop to it. "Okay, guys, that's enough. The important thing here is that he used a condom."

"The important thing is, he got laid!"

"Did he use the same condom both times?"

"I bet he wouldn't have used one at all if his dad hadn't given it to him."

"Let's get back on the subject of virginity. I'm speaking to both the non-virgins and virgins. It is generally accepted that one loses his virginity by fucking a girl. Or a neighbor woman, as the case may be. Is there any other first time experience where you think you might have given up some part of your virginity? Like your first French kiss, or getting to third base for the first time; something short of fucking a girl?"

"I never thought about it like that but I guess you do lose your virginity a little bit at a time till the big one comes along."

I saw Chris smiling and I nodded for him to speak.

"I always thought I lost my virginity in a way when I got my first blowjob."

"Wow! You got a blowjob?"

"When did that happen?"

"How old were you?"

"How'd you ever get a girl to do that for you?"

"Actually it wasn't a girl; it was a guy."

I threw up my hands in a helpless gesture. "Okay, I'm going to relinquish control of my class again for exactly five minutes for Chris to tell us what happened."

"I was on the team bus last year at my old school. We were coming back from a football game. It was late at night and the inside lights were turned way down and a lot of guys were sleeping. I was sitting about half way to the back and I noticed guys getting up and going to the back of the bus. I was a new guy. One of the other players stopped at my seat and leaned down and told me that so-and-so was giving blowjobs in the back of the bus if I wanted one. I was sort of nervous and scared but I got up and went back because so many others were. Sure enough, there was this other player laying in the seat and a guy standing at his shoulder feeding him his cock. I don't know how many guys he'd sucked off by that time but it reeked back there because as I found out, he was spitting out their loads on the floor. When it came my turn somebody told me to be careful and not slip. I undid my football pants and the guy grabbed my jockstrap and pulled the cup out and put it over his nose and mouth and breathed in and out real hard. The he handed my cup back to me and pulled my jock down in front and literally devoured my cock. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I never felt anything like it in my life. I think I definitely gave up some of my virginity that night."

There wasn't a deluge of questions like before. Just one.

"So everybody got sucked off after every away game?"

"No. It was apparently a tradition but the bus driver got pissed about the mess it left in his bus and he put a stop to it."

He'd barely finished when the bell rang.

I wanted to get around to condoms in more detail but I first needed to delve more deeply into the physical and rudiments of sex. That had to include the female anatomy. I had first-hand knowledge of the female anatomy but how to present it to a bunch of boys was another matter. It would have been ideal to have a live model but lacking that, I did the next best thing. I bought a half dozen girlie magazines.

As I was handing them out, I issued a stern warning for them to keep their mouths shut and added "upon pain of death." Then I did my best to explain the difference between boys and girls. The very explicit photos in the magazines were a great help, especially when it came to explaining a girl's clit and its purpose in the scheme of great sex. The boys were intrigued.

"That tiny little thing causes all that excitement?" one boy said.

"Wow, it's hard to believe a little slit like that opens up to take a big, hard cock," another said.

"That little slit opens up to birth a baby," I reminded them.

I devoted the next class to condoms. I had not decided how I would present the subject except that I was not going to demonstrate using cucumbers. I went to Walmart and picked out a variety of three-packs of Trojans to pass around; plain, lubricated and reservoir tips. I was about to move on from the display when I had another idea. I took more time to study the display and ended up with enough condoms for a platoon for a weekend, along with a half dozen samples of lube. Then I went to the produce section and bought two cucumbers. I checked out at two different aisles.

Preparing for class I opened all the packages, tore the condom packets apart and put them in a football helmet, along with the lube. When the boys came in from PE class I told them to go ahead and shower but not to get dressed. When they were assembled in the locker room I took a seat astraddle the end of one of the benches. I asked for questions but got none. I thought because they'd seen the helmet covered with a towel and they didn't want to delay the class.

"Today we're going to continue with condoms," I said as I removed the towel and removed the two cucumbers. "First we will get this ridiculous prop out of the way." I held the cucumbers up and told them to pass them around till they got back to me. "I have no idea who came up with the idiotic idea of using cucumbers to demonstrate how to put on a condom. I can't think of any plausible reason for putting a condom on a cucumber. Cucumbers are for salads," I said as I tossed them in the trash can. Then I picked up the helmet.

"Pass this around and pick out a condom."

While they were doing that I spread out samples of each of the varieties of condoms on the bench in front of me.

"There are two reasons to wear a condom; to prevent pregnancy and to prevent STDs....sexually transmitted disease. Having said that, know that condoms are not foolproof. It wasn't always so but these days condoms come in basically three sizes; regular, large and Xtra-large. There is also a snugger fit condom. There are variations in size by manufacturer; longer, wider, snug at the base, extra head room. When you start buying condoms don't let your ego get in the way. It might be tempting to toss a package of extra-large condoms at the checkout but if you can't fill 'em out, you've wasted your money and put yourself in jeopardy. These are all regular size condoms. I want you to take them home and try them on in the privacy of your room. We are going to demonstrate but it's not going to be a group event. You can help yourselves to the lubricants too; that's mainly for the boys having trouble with dryness or tight foreskin."

I'd tapped Oakley to demonstrate since I knew he had considerable experience with condoms. I had already talked to him but I made it look like I was approaching him cold. I asked him if he would consent to demonstrating the proper way to put on a condom. They were surprised but Oakley jumped right to it. He was already half hard and he stood up, proud to display his oversized manhood. He ripped the condom open with his teeth and set it atop the head of his cock. Then he rolled it down, giving it a little tug as it rolled over the wide head.

"Give it a little tug here so it don't stretch too tight and rip open," he said, then he rolled it the rest of the way down the shaft.

It was beyond heart warming to see the other younger boys watching so intently. Okay, it was downright erotic but that's beside the point. I wondered what my chances were of getting fired if anyone knew how I was teaching sex ed. I kept telling myself, it's sex ed.

Oakley added his own personal touch as he was struggling to get the condom off of his very erect cock. "If anybody has any problem, come let me know and I'll help you out."

The condom class was successful beyond my expectations. I even let the boys wear the condoms out of class, cautioning them to dispose of them properly.

"And do not flush them down the toilette!! Oh, and one other thing I forgot to mention. Don't ever use oil-based lubricant, like Vaseline, on a condom. It will destroy the condom."

As told by Jordan:

I would be lying if I said that teaching the class to these young, horny boys didn't keep me as anxious as my students for the next class. And I would be lying if I didn't admit that there were dozens of scenarios bouncing around in my head about how I could get something started with certain boys. I even fantasized about the class turning into an orgy.

Happily, I got my secret wish and realized part of my fantasy without my own doing. Chris Carter came up to me in the hallway between classes one day and asked if he could talk to me about something, in private. Of course. I told him to come to my office after school but he would have to give me time to get down there. There always seemed to be so many loose ends to tend to at the end of every day, and I wanted the locker room to clear out. He said to take my time, he would work out while he waited. It was a good hour before I made it down to my office. I bolted the locker room door when I went in so we would not be interrupted.

"Chris, are you down here?" I called out.

"Yeah, be right there, Coach."

He came out of the weight room wearing just his PE shorts. His chest gleamed with sweat and the crotch of his shorts was dark from sweat. He preceded me into my office and sat on the couch. The way he sat was so sexy I had to fight to keep my eyes at least at his chest level.

"So what's up?" I asked as I went around and sat behind my desk.

"I know our sex ed classes are wide open and private but this is something I couldn't bring up in front of the other guys."

"Alright," I said with a nod and a quick glance into the V of his thighs.

He shifted his legs, with the left one laid across his right knee and I saw his fingers dig into the leather arm of the old couch.

"You've never addressed the subject of homosexuality and I wonder if you're going to do that."

"Do you think I should?"

"I think a lot of the boys would benefit from it."

"Well, I've had good intentions but honestly, Chris, I haven't figured out quite how to approach it."

"That....surprises me," he said.

"Oh? Why?"

"You're so good at covering every other aspect of the class, and bringing guys out, everything seems to flow so freely."

"I've tried to anticipate the questions that would be asked and have an answer ready."

He laughed. "I don't know how you could; you never know what's going to come out of some of their mouths."

I gave it a brief, thoughtful moment. "I think I've been waiting for someone to bring up the subject. Can I ask, do you have a personal interest in having the subject brought up?"

"I guess I do," he said rather sheepishly. "You see, Coach, I wasn't completely truthful about that story of getting a blowjob on the team bus. I couldn't tell the whole story, that's the reason I wanted to talk to you in private."

"Alright, what's the rest of the story?" I asked.

"I, uh....when the bus driver put a stop to it and left the lights on in the bus after that, I didn't want to see it end. Nobody did, but I ached for it to happen again. I heard rumors that the guy was still giving blowjobs but I never knew when or where. Like I said, I was the new kid and I wasn't drawn into the jocks' circle right away. I was so desperate that I finally came out and asked him."

"I asked him, Hey, I hear you're still giving blowjobs. How can I get in on it again? I was cocky as hell about it, maybe even arrogant, but he didn't take it that way. He just smiled and said he'd been wondering where I'd been. So we arranged to meet after school at his locker. The building always cleared out real fast after school. He took me up to the third floor to the janitor's closet. There was a closet like that on every floor so the janitor would have his stuff handy wherever he was cleaning. We went in and he locked the door. I wondered how he had access to the closet but I didn't ask, because it didn't matter. All that mattered was that I was gonna get another blowjob."

"It was pitch black in the closet but he got right to it; started undoing my belt and jeans and pulled them down as he went to his knees. I let out a loud groan when he took my cock in his mouth and he told me I'd have to be quiet. I choked it down after that. It was even better than I remembered the first time. He sucked me for quite a bit and I was fighting to hold off when suddenly he stopped. I didn't know why and I couldn't see him, then I felt his hands feeling to find me, first on my shoulders, then on my neck, then he was holding my face in his hands. He kissed me, Coach. I was horrified. I'd never even thought about being kissed by a guy, but it was happening and even though I was horrified I wasn't repulsed by it. I sort of liked it, especially when he shoved his tongue in my mouth. I'd French kissed girls but those kisses were never like this. It was a really long, hard kiss and it left me breathless when it ended. He laughed softly and said, I thought so, as he was feeling around for my hands. He took both of my hands and pulled them down to his crotch. I was shocked to feel his bare cock and balls that he forced me to feel. Then he put his hands on my shoulders again and tried to push me down. He said he was collecting dues that were owed him. He said he was giving blowjobs only to those guys who would suck him in return, and he wasn't going to finish this one if I didn't go down on him."

He paused, looking like he might get up and leave. I didn't want him to do that. He had come this far and I didn't want him to lose his courage.

"And, what did you do?" I asked quietly.

"I didn't know what to do, Coach. I didn't want it to end and not get any more blowjobs but I couldn't do what he wanted. He kept pushing on my shoulders and urging me-sort of cooing--to get on my knees and at least try it. I could've stopped it. I could've just left."

"Yes," I agreed.

"I was bigger than him, and stronger, and he couldn't force me to....to do anything." He stopped and laughed nervously. "I almost said he couldn't force me to do anything I didn't want to do but that'd sound like I wanted to do it, and I didn't. I swear, Coach, it was like the strength was draining from my legs and I felt myself going down. He cooed, 'Thata boy,' and next thing I knew his cock was rubbing against my face. He had a lot of precum and he was smearing it on my mouth."

He stopped again, suddenly, as if he had to catch his breath, or organize his thoughts. I waited a few seconds.

"So, did you do him?" I asked quietly.

He nodded before he spoke.

"Yes," he said in a bare whisper. "I wanted to believe he made me-I think I was telling myself that--but he didn't. I could've overpowered him but I didn't. I sucked him, Coach, and it was like it wasn't the first time. It was like I'd done it a thousand times before. And it suddenly felt like I was doing it because I wanted to. I can't say I liked doing it and I can't say I didn't. I didn't want to be doing it but I was and nobody was forcing me. Christ, Coach, I never even thought about sucking a cock before but there I was in that dark closet, sucking cock like a hungry faggot."

"Don't use that term," I said softly. He looked like he was about to cry. I got up and went over to the couch where he sat with his head down. He looked up at me with the most pitiful eyes. It washed over me in that moment that I did not want to sit beside him on the couch. It was a moment-at-hand and I went to my knees in front of him. I really can't say why; I told myself there was nothing sexual about it--I wanted only to comfort him. It was like a teacher getting down to a small boy's level in order to better connect with him. Except Chris was no small boy.

"Listen to me, Chris," I said in a husky voice. "You're not a faggot."

"What am I, then? Straight guys don't suck cock," he said without looking up.

"You're a healthy boy with a vivid imagination and a strong curiosity who hasn't quite come to grips with who he is. You're going to be okay, Chris. You're going to be okay and happy in your skin. Just know that you're not alone. Boys all over the world deal with these things every day."

"I don't know any," he said hoarsely. Then he asked, "Did you when you were my age?"

"Yes," I replied honestly.

"How did you deal with it?"

"Denial was the first step. That made it easier because in denying it I didn't have to deal with it. But that didn't make it go away. The feelings, the thoughts kept coming back."

"What kind of thoughts and feelings?" he asked.

"About other boys. I had to be careful how I looked at other boys, and I pushed the thoughts from my mind. I gave it a new name; admiration. I told myself I was admiring this guy's muscles, or that guy's body. Even when I took particular notice of another boy's cock I told myself I was just checking out the competition; guys did that all the time."

"I never had those thoughts or feelings till I sucked that guy's cock," Chris said. "After that I realized I wasn't just admiring certain guys' bodies, like you said, the thoughts and feelings were sexual."

"I understand that you're confused. It may take time to sort things out. But don't buy trouble. Let the process play out."

"I don't wanta be gay."

"I don't know if that's a choice you have, Chris," I said gently. "I do know a lot of straight men, and boys, like gay sex."

"But I did gay sex."

"Giving one blowjob doesn't make you gay, any more than enjoying gay sex makes you gay," I said.

"Coach, I don't know, and I shouldn't say it, but I think you're trying to tell me you're gay. Are you? It's okay if you are, I'd never say anything to anybody."

"I've never put that label to myself but I admit freely, I would like very much to have sex with you right now," I said as I boldly groped the front of his shorts. He started but quickly relaxed. I could feel that he wasn't wearing a jockstrap. I kept looking at him till he looked up and our eyes met. I must have had a questioning look; he nodded and I tugged at the waistband of his shorts. I pulled it down till his pubes were exposed then he rose up from the couch for me to pull them down. I worked them off and tossed them aside, leaving him in nothing but his sneakers. I looked back and drank in the wonderful sight of his naked body with its crowning glory nestled between his massive thighs. I took hold of his cock and stroked it, while admiring it. I glanced up at him again and saw the longing in his eyes just before I went down on him.

"Awwww, Coach, I should've showered," he moaned softly.

I glanced up at him, shaking my head, and kept on sucking him. He tasted just fine and the sweat musk was like an aphrodisiac. With each stroke I worked my way down on his cock till my face was buried in his crotch. He scooted down on the couch, spreading his legs wider to give me unfettered access to his cock. I took him all the way with each stroke and he was soon thrusting his cock up into my throat. I didn't expect him to last long, and he didn't. I didn't mind. I wanted his load and I didn't believe this would be our only time together.

He warned me he was coming and when I didn't stop he gave himself up to it. His cock bolted in my mouth and spurted out great ropes of warm, thick cum. He quickly covered my tongue and I whimpered with the taste of him as I swirled the stuff around the head of his cock. As often happens his cock became too sensitive for him to bear and with his hips jerking about he begged me to get off. I lifted my head and sat back on my haunches. He quickly grabbed up his shorts and handed them to me to spit in. Instead, I swallowed. His eyes bugged out in disbelief. I swallowed several more times then wiped my mouth with his shorts and handed them back to him.

I got up and sat beside him on the couch, his hard cock still tall and hard between his legs.

"I wasn't expecting this," he said after a moment.

"What were you expecting?" I asked.

"I was....God's truth, Coach, I was expecting to suck you."

"You still can," I said.

"Yes, I want to," he said, reaching over to feel my cock through my pants.

"But not now," I said. "There's plenty of time. To do it now, I would feel like you're doing it out of obligation; payback."

"Can I ask you something, Coach? Do you ever do this with any of the other guys?"

"Would you want me to answer that if it was someone else asking?"

"No, I guess not. Except I was asking for my own selfish reasons," he said.


"Like if it was Oakley asking, I wouldn't care if you told him."

"I've never done anything with Oakley," I said.

"But if he ever asked, for some reason......"

"You've got feelings for Oakley?"

"I didn't before but yeah, I do now. He is so hot; all those muscles, and the way his big cock swings around. I have to keep looking away from him in the locker room when there are other guys around. I'd do him in a heartbeat, even if he was using me just for a blowjob."

"That's quite a testimonial. What about when there are no other guys around?" I asked.

"I've only been alone with him in the locker room one time and I was so nervous, I could barely talk. Honestly, Coach, he leaves me weak in the knees."

I didn't have to give it more than a moment's thought. I reached over and squeezed his leg.

"If I could arrange for you and Oakley to be in the locker room by yourselves......"

"Oh, Godd, my stomach ties in knots just thinking about it."

"I don't know what he might be up for....you'd have to find that out for yourself," I said.

"I don't know what I'd say. It's scary just thinking about it."

"And you don't know what's going on in his handsome head. He might be wanting the same thing. If this was turned around and I was talking to him right now instead of you, don't you think he would be just as scared?"

"I can't imagine him being scared of anything. If he wanted something, I think he would go after it."

"Well, then, why don't we find out?"

"Yes, if you could arrange it, I would be forever grateful."

Truth was, I had my own selfish reasons. If Chris could bring Oakley out in the open that would lay the groundwork for me. I wanted Oakley as bad as Chris did. I asked Oakley if he could stay after school one evening and help me clean and rearrange my office. I asked Chris the same thing. They were both willing and eager to help. Neither one knew the other would be there.

I defused my air conditioner so my office was warm when they got there. I turned on the ceiling fan to circulate the warm air, hoping to make them uncomfortable enough that they would take off their shirts. After moving my desk and chair, the big old couch and two cabinets, and straightening some mats and some old athletic equipment, they were sweating profusely and the shirts came off.

"You guys should've changed into your PE shorts," I said.

"Good idea."

They went into the locker room and came back in their PE shorts and sneakers. Beautiful.

"I saved the best till last," I said, motioning to a huge, ceiling-to- floor shelf that sat against the wall behind where my desk had sat. "I would like it moved over against that wall where it's more accessible. And half the crap can probably be thrown away."

We set about cleaning everything out of the shelf and sorting and tossing stuff into garbage bags to be thrown away.

"What's the hell is this doing tucked away back here?" Oakley asked as he pulled out an old jockstrap from pile of dingy towels.

Chris went over to have a look. "There's a name inside the waist band. M. McCord."

"That's Mitch McCord," Oakley said rather excitedly.

"Who is Mitch McCord," Chris asked.

"Only the greatest tight end ever to pull on a jockstrap," Oakley said. "He graduated when I was in eighth grade. He had a younger brother, they were both great athletes. Probably the reason he put his initial in it; his brother's name was Ben."

"So why would his jockstrap be stuffed in with these old towels?" Chris asked.

"I don't know but this was worn by the greatest athlete in the state. It ought to be preserved for posterity."

"Well, I don't think they'll let us put it in the trophy case," I said.

"They should," Oakley said.

"Well, right now, I'd like us to move that shelf."

"It's probably anchored to the wall," Chris said as he went over to inspect it. "It is but it's coming loose."

"Just don't let it come crashing down on us," Oakley said.

We all grabbed hold and eased the shelf out from the wall several inches. The anchors pulled loose easily and we pushed, pulled and walked the shelf around to the adjoining wall. The boys held it in place while I got my tools out of my desk drawer. I didn't bother with anchors, I simply nailed the shelf to the wall.

"Where does that door lead?" Chris asked turning back to the other wall, to a door.

"I have no idea. I didn't know it was there," I said.

There was no door knob on the door but I pried it open with the end of a nail puller. It gave way to a dark cavern of a room. I got a flashlight out of my drawer and shined it in.

"It's an old shower room."

"Hey, I remember when I was in grade school, there was talk about installing all new showers because the old ones were leaking and pipes were rusting out."

I found the light switch and then explored the room with the boys, thinking of the prospects it held. I led them out and told them to move one of the cabinets in front of the door.

"Look, let's keep this our secret," I said. "I don't want guys sneaking in there to skip class. Okay, it looks like we're done here. You guys can go shower then why don't you climb in the tank while we wait for the pizza."

Epilogue Chapter Eight

The boys went to shower and I busied myself rearranging stuff on the big shelf and cleaning out my desk. I purposely delayed ordering the pizza. Then I got a wrench thrown in to my plans.

I looked up from my desk and there stood Campbell Harden, the freshman who'd fucked the neighbor woman using one of his dad's condoms.

"Campbell! What're you doing here?" I asked, visibly surprised.

"I had detention," he said rather sheepishly. "You said if I ever needed a ride....if it wouldn't be too much trouble....I can wait till you finish whatever you have to do. Or I could help if you've got something I can do."

This came out of left field. My first reaction was to get him out of the locker room and drive him home. It wouldn't take long and it would leave Oakley and Chris alone for a while. But then the devious side of my brain kicked in. Campbell was a mature and worldly fourteen-year-old, he was cute, and hot as fuck....just maybe he would fit into the scheme of things.

"You changed your office," he said. Then, "I hear water running; is there someone in the showers?"

"Yes, Chris and Oakley. They stayed late to help rearrange my office. It was a pretty dirty job. Listen, if you wanta do something while we're waiting on them, you could inventory all of the supplies and gear on the shelf and in the cabinets."

It wasn't just busy work; I'd been intending to create an inventory but just never had the time. Still, I wanted to keep him busy till the other two boys were in the tank. I worked with him and kept him busy till the showers turned off, then for a few minutes longer, till the boys would be in the tank. I left to check on them and came back in the office and told Campbell the boys had decided to get in the tank so I could take him home.

He said he wanted to finish with the inventory. I was in a panic. What if Oakley and Chris started something in the tank and Campbell saw them? Would that be so bad? There was nothing unusual about jocks in the tank together, but knowing Oakley he would try to draw Campbell into it.

"There's no rush on the inventory, Campbell, you can finish it any time you have some free time," I said.

He put down the clipboard and pen and followed me out into the locker room where Oakley and Chris were in opposite ends of the tank. He thought I was taking him home. I thought so myself. But Oakley, true to form, preempted that.

"Hey Campbell, we didn't know you were here," Oakley greeted him cheerfully.

"I needed a ride," he said as he walked over to the tank, rather cautiously, I thought, as if he was afraid to approach the two older jocks.

"Campbell's inventorying the supplies and gear for me," I said. I noticed the way he was eyeing the boys, with a look of mixed envy and admiration; a normal reaction from a boy his age looking upon two older muscular jocks.

"Why don't you get in here with us, Campbell?" Oakley said.

Campbell looked around at me, surprised and a bit wide-eyed.

"Come on, climb in," Oakley encouraged him.

I could tell he wanted to but I saw his reluctance. I looked at my watch.

"Coach was just giving me a ride home," he said.

"Come on, Coach, you can spare him a few minutes," Oakley said.

Against my better judgment I conceded. "Alright, ten minutes," I said.

I watched him undressing, hesitantly, while I got some towels. I also noticed when he was naked that he looked fluffed up. The boys welcomed him, moving to make room for him and Oakley reached out for his arm to steady him when he climbed in the tank.

"I've never been in the tank before," Campbell said as he climbed in.

"You'll like it," Oakley said.

"Looks like you're starting to like it already," Chris joked as Campbell was sinking down into the roiling water beside Oakley.

I thought I shouldn't linger and watch but I couldn't leave Campbell in Oakley's clutches. I laid the towels on the bench closest to the tank.

"Hey, Coach, why don't you get in here with us?" Oakley said.

Oh Fuck! Any coach's fantasy! But I wasn't expecting this. I hesitated.

"I guess you're not supposed to, huh," Oakley said.

"No, it wouldn't be proper," I said, cursing myself as I said it.

"We won't say anything," Chris said.

"No, we won't tell anybody," Campbell joined in.

The little fucker wanted me to get in the tank with them! I wanted to say, Let me get the door, and go bolt the door from the inside and strip down and climb in the tank, but somehow my better judgment prevailed.

"No, I'll wait," I said.

"It's a stupid rule, you can't get in the shower or be naked in front of us," Oakley said. "Seeing you would be an inspiration."

"I'm an inspiration?" I said, laughing. "You flatter me."

"You are, Coach," young Campbell put in. "Guys wanta be like you when they get older."

"Yeah, anybody would wanta be built like you, Coach."

"Well, I'm honored to hear that," I said. "But I'm afraid I will have to inspire you in other ways

"The way I see it, a coach is different from any other teacher," Oakley said.

"Well, yeah, we don't go to any other class naked," Chris joked.

"That's my point. A math teacher teaches math," Oakley went on. "He might inspire you to learn but you're being inspired by what he knows. You're inspired by a coach for the man he is and you wanta grow up to be like him. He's a physical role model."

"If this was one of my classes and you were saying these things, I would be embarrassed," I said.

"It's true, Coach. You don't know how everybody watches you," Oakley said. "I've seen freshmen boys try to emulate how you move."

"That's right. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm one of them," Campbell chimed in.

"Okay, you can stop the sucking up," I joked. "You will all grow to become the men you were born to be. It's inevitable; there's no stopping it. Look at you, Campbell, you're already way more mature than most of your classmates. You'll soon be a man to be reckoned with. And you two guys, you're already both more man than boy. Just give mother nature a chance."

"How about you, Coach? Did you mature early or were you a late bloomer?" Chris asked.

"I was more like Campbell; I matured beyond my years. I was bigger than my dad when I was sixteen."

"Everywhere?" Campbell asked.

"Yeah, everywhere. He said he was jealous."

"Did you ever see your dad with a hardon?"

"Okay, Campbell, it's time to get you home before your parents come looking for you. Better go shower off the oil," I said, bringing the conversation to a screeching halt.

When Campbell had gone back to the showers Oakley asked me again.

"Did you ever see your dad with a hardon? And did he ever see you with a hardon?"

I laughed. "Every morning of my life. We had to share the bathroom getting ready for school and work so there wasn't much modesty going on in our house. Being a teenager-you guys know how that is-I woke up every morning with a hardon. He taught me not to be self conscious about it."

"You're teaching us the same thing," Chris said. "Not to be self conscious about our bodies, or our sexuality."

"I'm curious," Will said. "How did you handle the issue of homosexuality in the class?"

Continued by Jordan:

I gave a lot of thought to that, whether I should give it a cursory review, or skip over it altogether. But Chris had found the courage to raise the issue and I felt I had to give it good and proper attention. How much attention would remain to be seen; I would first see how much interest and curiosity there was among the boys. I was nervous as hell as I faced the class that day, not just over how the class might go, but also knowing that three of the boys now knew about me.

"There is one more facet of sexuality that I feel needs to be a addressed....homosexuality," I began. "Whether you believe that being gay is a choice or you are born gay, homosexuality has always existed. Simply put, some boys are attracted to other boys rather than girls. You may or may not be one of those boys but whether you are or not is not at issue here. Just know that there is nothing wrong with you. You may not know it but you are in good company. Just as an attraction to girls nearly always leads to sex with girls, it follows that an attraction to boys almost always leads to sex with boys. Some would disagree but in my view, it's in the natural scheme of things. In many ways, sex between two boys is very similar to sex between a boy and a girl."

I thought I would leave it at that but a hand went up.

"I don't understand how it could be similar. I mean, we know girls and boys are built differently to perform two different functions."

I was so taken aback that I didn't know who had asked the question, and my immediate thought was to skip over it, but my reputation and trust were at hand.

"Well, touching, kissing, fondling, and of course the feelings you have." I went on to explain that the most common activity between one boy and another, besides jacking off together, was sucking each other's cocks and that I didn't believe two boys playing around and jacking off together, or even jacking each other, falls in the category of homosexuality.

I wanted to leave it there but these boys were stupid and it would look like I was trying to squirm out of it. So I went on to acknowledge that the more advanced activity is fucking. Obviously, boys don't have pussies or clits but still have the feelings, so boys must improvise; that meant that boys fuck each other in the ass. I saw some of them cringe at that.

Was it painful?

I told them honestly, it could be at first but this can be true with a girl. No one asked about the cleanliness aspect but I felt compelled to take on that issue as well. I made a mental note to pick up a couple of Fleets and bring them. I want on to state that I was not icondoning sexual activity whether it be between two boys or a boy and a girl. Neither was I condemning it.

"If it hurts, then why do guys do it?" someone asked.

"The pain is temporary," I said.

"After the pain goes away, what makes it feel good? I mean, a boy doesn't have a clit or anything to make it feel good."

I had to pause to gather my thoughts and decide if I should go there. It's boys' sex ed, I reminded myself again, and I was asked a question. My credibility hinged on an honest answer.

"Actually, he does," I said. "Not a clit, but something comparable. But we will need to save that for another class." I felt they thought I was copping out but the next phase of their education would take up more time than we had left. And in a way, I was copping out, or perhaps buying time.

The more I thought about it, the more I knew I had to face the issue head on. Finally, I bit the bullet and explained the function of the prostate and added its unintended function.

"What do you mean unintended function? Is what you just explained something that happens by accident?"

"No. I believe that it's unintended that you learn about one of the most important organs in your body. I have never read a health book or other teaching tool that makes any reference to that most important function, and I doubt you would have learned it anywhere but this class."

Looking around at the curious young faces was sorely tempted to have a demonstration on how to find the prostate but using a diagram I went on to quickly explain how they could do a self examination instead. I held the senior boys after that class.

"I'm sorry I couldn't go into more detail but those boys are just too young. Not for the lesson, but for me to be teaching it. I just didn't feel comfortable."

"We understand, Coach. We got your drift."

"I wanted to say, I can arrange to hold a class for just you guys and get into more detail, if you want."

"That'd be great, Coach. Thanks."

"Yeah, just tell us when."

"Stay after the next sex-ed class."

Next class I reviewed the prostate with them and pointed out its location just inside their assholes and explained again that its primary function is to be to secrete about one third of the fluid that makes up a load of cum; but that there is a secondary but very important function that is largely ignored. Then I got their feedback. It was a good class without me having to get too deep into it. The seniors hung around in my office after class. I closed the door.

"Okay, let's talk about your prostate. I like to call it the seat of your male sexuality; or more commonly your love nut. Your boy clit, shall we say. It's a tiny organ about the size of a walnut. It is not an inanimate organ. It is very animate during sex, especially when you climax."

"If we don't know what it feels like, how will we know if we've found it," one boy asked.

"You'll know," I assured him. "And if you're unable to locate it yourself, perhaps you can enlist the help of someone....that's the reason I suggested this class, thought perhaps you might help each other out. Or, I can help you locate it." I immediately regretted saying the last but the prospect of it excited me. I took the Fleets out of the cabinet and passed them around. "If you want to take things that far you'll want to go back to the rest room and use these."

There was some hesitancy at first as if they were all waiting for someone else to be the first. Then Oakley, the natural leader, grabbed up a Fleet. The others did the same. They were all back in ten minutes. Again, Oakley took the lead.

"I'll help you find yours if you'll help me find mine," he said to the boy beside him.

The boy agreed and Oakley went over the cabinet and got the olive oil, squirted some in his hand, motioned the boy to bend over then he began probing his ass with his slick fingers. When he showed no sign of pain or discomfort two other boys tried it and yet another pair followed suit.

"Am I finding it?" Oakley asked.

"No, I know it's in there, I thought I felt it last night but I'm not feeling anything. Let me see if I can find yours."

None of them were having much success and Oakley asked if I would give them a hand. He motioned to the boy he was working on and squirted some olive oil on my hand. "Don't get hard, I told myself as I set about the task of exploring the boy's tight, smooth ass. I hit gold almost immediately.

"Awwwh, Yeah, and mannnn, it feels great!" he cried out when I probed his prostate. "Oh, fuck, coach....ease up, you're gonna make me cum. Hey, bend over, Oakley and let me give you a hand."

Oakley bent over and let his teammate probe his ass. He wasn't gentle and Chris winced a couple of times then his mouth flew open with a gasp.

"Awwww, yeahh! You found it! Ohh, fuck, man, that's awesome! Don't stop, keep doing it."

As the boys witnessed the pleasure Chris was getting things got underway in a very serious way as more of them tried it. As one would find his own prostate he would give another boy a hand. The pleasurable moans began to permeate the locker room. I was surprised how comfortable they were, offering to help each other out, and offering their asses to be probed. It was an unbelievable sight watching them fingering one another's assholes, and the frustration when they couldn't find what they were looking for.

"Here, let me do that," Oakley said to one boy. He laid him back on the bench and began fingering his ass. "There, feel that?"

"Ohh! Ohh, fuck!....yeah, I can feel it! Ohhh, man, I see what you mean. That feels great!"

Nearby on another bench I watched a boy tremble through a total climax as Chris was helping him discover his prostate.

"Wow, you shot your load," Chris said, laughing.

"God, I never cum so hard!" the boy gasped in shock at the ropes of semen across his stomach and chest. "I can see now why gays like to get fucked."

"Just gays?" Oakley said, laughing. "Anybody, man. You're straight and you just blew a quart just from Chris's finger in your ass."

As bad as I wanted to stay I thought it prudent for me to leave the boys to their own devices. The way things seemed to be heading, the temptation would be too great if I stayed. I told them to lock up when they left.

"And that's my story," he finished, turning the conversation back to us.

"You should keep a journal," Will said.

"Was that the end of it?" Jason asked. "Did any relationships develop with any of those boys?"

"I wouldn't say relationship but we turned the old shower room into a secret love nest."

"Orgy room is more like it," Adam said. "But that's not entirely the end of it."

"What'd he leave out?" I asked.

"Yeah, what'd I leave out?" Jordan asked.

"When we get back we're taking Oakley in to live with us."

"You should've brought him along," I said.

"I'm curious about that old jockstrap you found," Will said.

"They mounted it over the door of the equipment room and the boys had a ritual where they reached up and touched it on their way out to a game, for good luck."

"You speak in the past tense; did somebody put a stop to it?" I asked.

"Oh hell no," he said. "After they won the state championship they started lifting each other up to kiss it."

"And now you, Father Colby?" Jordan asked thoughtfully. "How do you reconcile who you were with who you are?

"There is no reconciliation required. I am who I always was. God made no distinction."

"I thought they were screening out homosexuals from the seminaries," someone said.

"And just how the hell are they going to do that?" Colby said, bringing a round of laughter."

"You do have a life, though."

"I have my private and very discreet life, outside the parish," he said.

"What I want to know is, are you going to hear confessions after all of this is over?" someone else joked.

"I'm not here in a priestly capacity but I never refuse to hear confession," he said.

"All this talk has got me boned up," Jason said. "For old times' sake," he said as he went to his knees in front of Jordan's chair.

Will looked at me. I got up to go over to him, fully expecting to kneel beside the couch and take care of his hardon. Instead he took hold of my cock and pulled me against the arm of the couch and leaned over to take it in his mouth. Okay, but I still wanted his magnificent cock. When I leaned over to take hold of it he stretched out and he urged me over the arm of the couch in a sixty-nine. I hoped the boys didn't come in from the camper. On the other hand, what if they did?

Epilogue Chapter Nine

I was up early, before dawn. I was surprised when I went downstairs, to find Will out on the porch with a cup of coffee. I got myself a cup and stepped out to join him.

"It's beautiful here," he said.

"We like it," I said.

"We're the only ones up?" he asked.

"Looks like it. That was pretty incredible last night," I said.

"To say the least. It was great listening to Jordan. Braden said I would like his family but I didn't expect to like you so much so soon," he said, laughing softly. "Especially Jason," he added. "Braden said he might take a little time getting used to."

"He is pretty straight forward. The boys used to call him gruff," I said. "I don't know what Braden was thinking, checking you into a motel."

Will laughed. "He was a little worried."

"About your skin color?"


"That's what I don't understand. He knew it wouldn't make a bit of difference."

"Well, we're past that hurdle," he said with a big smile. "Listen, I'm pretty handy in the kitchen."

"I expect you're pretty handy in any room in the house."

We went back inside and set about peeling potatoes and I enjoyed watching the muscles in Will's forearm. When the potatoes were in the big stock pot I pulled the turkey out of the refrigerator.

"My grandmother taught me how to cook a turkey," Will said.

"Be my guest," I said. "We're going to have a wide variety of meat-wild game--but Jason insisted on a turkey. So what do you need for it?"

"Just salt and pepper and butter."

"Jason got personal last night, asking about Luke and you. I hope you didn't mind."

"I didn't take it as personal," he said.

"Then perhaps you won't mind me asking......"

"I know what you're going to ask, but go ahead," he said with a smile.

"What am I going to ask?"

"About Luke and me. And Luke and Aaron, and Luke and Braden....our family situation in general."

"Alright, consider it asked."

"I see ours as normal a household as any, with the obvious twist. What you're asking about is between Braden and me, and between Luke and Aaron. We've never crossed that line."

"Do you think that might ever change? Between you and Luke, I mean." I was watching the man's arm as he rubbed the butter and salt and pepper all around the inside of the bird.

"That will be up to Luke," he answered without hesitation. "We've had that talk, and he knows I would never reject him but I've gently discouraged anything till he's eighteen. Right now we are all very happy the way things are. What about your family? You and Jason, and Kyle and Devon, I mean."

"We've crossed that bridge," I said.

"That's wonderful. Could I ask something else?"

"Certainly. We hardly have any secrets."

"Braden's told me about your extended family. Will anything else like what happened with us be happening while we're all here?"

I smiled. "I learned a long time ago not to second guess our boys, so I'm not making any predictions."

"But there's nothing to be concerned about, I mean with Luke and the older guys."

"No, not unless Luke pursues it, and I don't think even then."

"What are you doing to that poor turkey!" Jason blurted from behind us.

"Nothing I didn't already do to you and Brad," Will said.

I was tearing the bread I'd laid out for dressing when Jason came up and kissed me on the neck.

"I've got a great idea for the dressing," he whispered, loud enough for Will to hear.

"Do I wanta hear it?" I asked.

He didn't answer but turned to Will. "Do you wanta give me a hand with the dressing?"

"My grandmother didn't teach me how to make dressing," Will said.

"Brad will make it, I just wanta add the finishing touch," Jason said as he boldly groped the front of Will's jeans. "Forget giving me a hand, give me your cock." Without waiting he undid Will's jeans and shoved them down off his hips along with his shorts. Will's huge, black cock swung out majestically. "Godd, that is a beautiful cock," Jason said as he pulled on it. He squatted down and took it in his mouth.

Will gaped down at him with a look of shock. "What if the boys come down?"

I shrugged. Jason couldn't say anything, he had his mouth full. I noticed he was pretty good at deep-throating him and I wondered if he'd gotten in some practice that I didn't know about.

"Don't try to hold off, I need your load," he told Will, pausing to stroke his slick cock.

I suddenly realized what he was going to do.

When Will was in the final throes Jason got off his cock, his hand out.

"Give me the dressing pan."

I handed it to him, with some reservations to be sure. He got back on Will's cock and the black stallion fucked his throat, anxious and straining to work up his cum. At the end, Jason got off the burgeoning cock and jacked it, aimed at the dressing pan. Groaning and hips jerking, Will shot ten or twelve ropes of thick, creamy cum all over the bread. It was a huge load and I wished I could've had it in my mouth, but it was now part of Thanksgiving dinner.

"I hope we haven't ruined the dressing," I said.

"Nonsense. It'll be the best fuckin' dressing you've ever made."

I looked at Will, doubtful.

"I would try it," he said. "If it tastes different, just say it's oyster dressing."

Will went upstairs to wake up the boys. Jason paused from his preparations of the table and walked over and looked out the kitchen window again.

"Watching and pacing isn't going to get them here any sooner," I said.

"I just hope everyone shows up." He looked around at me. "Do you realize this will be the first time we've had the whole crew together at one time?"

"Yes, and there'll be extras. Do you think this is going to be enough of everything?"

"Brad, we've got enough food to feed an army."

"I just hope it goes over well. It's not exactly your traditional Thanksgiving dinner."

"We wanted to make it special," Jason reminded me with a chuckle. "But you really didn't need to have the table and chairs custom made to seat the whole crew."

"I don't know how special they'll think it is when you tell them what all is on the table."

"Oh, I almost forgot, I bought these food ID tags to stick in everything," Jason said as he went to the cabinet. "I better get to work on them."

"You're actually going to identify everything? There's liable to be a mass exodus to McDonalds," I said, laughing. "Do you want more coffee?"

"No, I think I'll switch to Bailey's."

"Good idea," I said. I poured two brandies of Bailey's Irish Crème and sat down with Jason at the table to help letter the buffet tags. "It's hard to believe how everyone has spread out into their own lives," I said.

"It's hard to believe how our lives spread out to encompass so many other lives," Jason said. "Geezuss, Brad, we've got grandkids! And a priest! My God, the worst of the lot and he turns out to be a priest."

"And essentially nine kids of our own," I added.

"Yeah, I wasn't that surprised when Braden asked if he could bring his boyfriend, but letting his fourteen year old son bring his boyfriend? That gave me a bit of a jolt."

"I think that says something about the way we raised them, that they can be so open about it," I said. I chuckled. "If Braden and Colby only knew how close you came back then to not taking them in. Did you ever wonder how we impacted their lives? What might have become of them if we hadn't been there to intervene?"

"Maybe a lot better off," he scoffed. "Ever wonder how it happened that Jacob and his brother Petey are the only ones who turned out to be straight. Well, Little George maybe, but the jury's still out on him."

"We raised them to be who they are and happy in their skin. So they didn't have that fight going on. We did a good job, Jason."

"Yes, but I can't help wondering about all those other kids out there, if somebody's taking them in."

"We can't go there, Jason," I said sternly.

"I know. But if we'd started earlier we could've done more."

I laughed. "Yeah, you should've said no to Judge Thompson a lot sooner," I joked.

We had both stood up from the table and Jason came around to my chair. "We needed some of those years for ourselves. And they've been good ones, haven't they?" He clasped his hands around my shoulder and held me at arms' length for a moment then pulled me into a hard, manly kiss. "Fuck, you still make me tingle," he whispered.

"You guys need to get a room."

We hadn't heard the door open. There was Adam and Jordan.

"Better get that under control before Jacob gets here with his wife and kids," said Jordan.

"Jacob's wife knows we're in a man-relationship," Jason said.

"Yes, but they haven't seen you in that relationship," Adam put in. "And I'm sure they don't want to have to explain it to their kids."

I remembered when Jordan was sixteen, he had a part time job at the lumber yard and he decided he would quit school. He announced it at supper one evening.

"Listen, I've decided I'm not going back to school," he said in his best grownup voice, and talking fast before he lost his nerve. "I've got a part time job at the lumber yard and I'm sure I can get on full time as soon as I show 'em what I can do."

I could see that Jason was ready to jump on it but I beat him to it.

"We're going to miss you, Jordan," I said.

He looked surprised. "No, I'm not leaving. I'm just going full time, and I can help out more with things around here."

"Things are going fine around here," Jason said.

"If you're old enough to quit school, Jordan, you're old enough to be on your own," I said.

His confident look turned to horror. "But I can't....."

"And you won't have a vehicle to drive," I cut in.

"But how am I going to get to work? And I can't be totally on my own." Suddenly he turned angry. "Dammit, you always do this! It always has to be your way. You never let us make our own decisions."

"You made the decision to quit school all on your own," I pointed out.

He was so angry I thought he was going to cry, and I didn't want to push him that far.

"Jordan, I admire the courage it took to make that decision, but did you really think we would make it easy for you to carry it out?"

"I didn't think you would kick me out," he said.

"We're not kicking you out," Jason said. "Whether you leave is up to you. And the reason Brad's not cutting you any slack is because we've kinda gotten used to having you around and we want you to stay."

"I don't want you to leave, Jordan," Adam said, his tiny voice quivering.

Jordan's anger seemed to flow out of him when he saw Adam's lip quivering. When he started to tear up Jordan got up out of his chair and went around to the younger boy. Jordan was tearing up too.

"Okay, I won't leave," he said as he squatted down and wrapped his arms around Adam. "I'll wait till I can take you with me."

Jordan not only finished high school, he went on to college to become a teacher and coach. He was a frequent visitor, home from college.

All too sadly, Adam had a hard time accepting that his mother never came back for him but he gradually began to get over being abandoned and he stopped speaking of her. Part of his being able to get over it, we attributed to Jordan, who eventually took Adam as his younger lover. It was the appropriate time and we were all happy about that.

We went to Jordan's graduation which was a few days before Adam's graduation from high school. As people were milling around offering congratulations, Jordan came up to Jason and me. It was hard to believe he'd grown into such a man.

"I've made another decision," Jordan said, with a tight grin but a determination in his voice. "Adam won't be going home with you tonight. He's coming home with me."

I glanced at Jason. "Home?" he asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, sir." His stance was one that said he would not be backed down. "We decided we want to stay together. He can go to school here."

"You're your own man, Jordan. As long as Adam's in full agreement. He had another college in mind didn't he?"

"He'll go to school here." He looked down at his feet then back up at us. "His mother never came back for him. That's not going to happen to him again, not ever in his life." He paused to keep his composure. "Dad....." he looked at each of us when he said it. "I love him and I'm going to be there for him."

Jason fought his own emotions. "You know Adam was always special to us," he said.

"To me, too," Jordan said. Then he gave a shrill whistle through his teeth that brought Adam through the crowd. Adam had matured but he still had a boyish look about him. "They wanta hear it from you," Jordan said.

"I'm going with Jordan," he said simply.

I pulled them both into a tight hug. "Good. Take care of each other."

Adam didn't go to college. He stuck with his summer job as a warehouseman and worked his way up to foreman.

More memories kept flooding back but I had to shrug them off for the moment.

Seventh to Arrive (early Thanksgiving morning)

Kyle, 32.

Little George,

Eighth to arrive (Thanksgiving Day)



Nineth to arrive (Thanksgiving Day)

Wife Brenda,

five kids, (10, 8, 7, 5, 3).

Epilogue Chapter Ten

Kyle and Little George arrived within minutes of each other early Thanksgiving morning. Kyle was disappointed that his brother, Devon, wasn't there yet, and more worried when we told him that we had no guarantee that he or Jake could make it.

Jordan came in from the porch to announce that Jacob and his family had arrived.

"Pass the word to clean it up, we've got little kids here now," Jason said.

Jacob was about the happiest and proudest dad I'd ever seen and the five little ones lit up the room. There were emotional greetings and hugs all around then Braden introduced Will and Luke and Nolan introduced Levi and Jesse. I noticed that the little ones seemed intrigued with Will and Luke and I wondered if they'd ever seen a black person before. Jason showed the kids the toy chest he'd filled with toys especially for their visit and they dug right in, except for Angela, the five year old. She was more interested in Will and Luke. I'd never seen such curiosity on a child's face. Will was sitting at the kitchen table when she finally worked up her nerve; she approached him very cautiously and laid her little hand on his forearm. I saw the horrified look on Brenda's face. But Will defused the situation that he apparently didn't see as a situation at all. He was wonderful.

He leaned down with a warm smile and patted her hand and said, "No, honey, it won't rub off; see?" he said as he took her hand and rubbed it over his arm.

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. Will laughed and picked her up and set her on his lap then took her hands and rubbed them over his face and rubbed his hands over hers.

"Your white doesn't rub off either," he said, holding his hands out to her.

It was a beautiful moment and Will had a tag-along friend for the rest of the day.

Arrived noon on Thanksgiving



The highlight was when Devon and Jake arrived, in uniform, just before noon. We'd only half expected them to make it and it was a rare thing to see Jason cry but he lost it when he saw Devon walk in, Jake lingering just behind him. They'd always been good looking boys but in uniform, they literally took your breath away. Despite the crowded kitchen, it was an intensely private moment between the four of us. After being reunited, Jason walked out onto the porch, leaving the others to tearful reunion. It seemed awkward in the kitchen.

I stepped out on the porch. "How did we deserve those boys?" he said, swiping his eyes with his forearm. "Did you ever see anything like them? I tremble to think what would've happened to them if we'd left them back there in the orphanage."

"Don't go back there," I said, rubbing his shoulders. "Everyone's here, we need to get dinner on the table, and you need to explain what's on the table." Suddenly I remembered Petey.

Back inside I asked Jacob, "Where's Petey? Didn't you say he was coming?"

"He said he was but don't hold dinner; you can't tell about him," Jacob said.

"How is Petey?" someone asked.

"Petey's doing good. He's got his electrician's license and he's working for the power company. He's supposed to be bringing his girlfriend. I told him it would be all right. Her name's Selena, and she's black."

Jason did a double-take, shaking his head. "No, no, we can't have that. You tell her she has to wash that off before she comes in the house."

Will and Luke broke out laughing.

When the last of dinner was on the table Jason motioned for everyone to sit down.

"Nobody believes me when I tell them about this table and chairs," someone said.

"I think Luke and I overflowed it," Will said.

"Nonsense, we have plenty of chairs," Jason said. He sat at the end with me at his right. Everyone insisted that Father Colby take the chair at the other end. When everyone was seated, Jason nodded for me to stand with him.

"This is truly a significant occasion," he began. "One that I daresay we might never have again, the way you're all so spread out. I could go down the list and make mention of everyone and their accomplishments but the food would get cold. Suffice to say, when Brad and I met when we were nineteen, we couldn't have imagined a day like this with our kids and grandkids, our daughter-in-law....it's hard to believe even as we stand here now. We just want you to know that we love you, every one, and we're so very, very proud of you."

I thought Father Colby would say grace and we would eat but Nolan got to his feet.

"We never arranged for anyone to do this but I think you will all agree it needs to be done. I'm not sure just how proud our dads are of me and my profession but I know they gotta be bursting with pride right now over the rest of you. Look at us. We've got a lawyer, a doctor in the making, a teacher and coach, a family man with beautiful kids, our own priest, and last but certainly not least, two very brave men serving in the Marines."

"I know you, Devon, and you, Kyle, have first dibs on these two great guys that we all call Dad. But they've done no less for the rest of us and you can't love them any more than we do. Jason....Brad ....Dads, both of you....I don't know about the rest, but you saved my life. If not for you, I would still be in that damned ditch." Chairs scraped the floor as all but Devon and Kyle stood. Nolan went on, addressing Jason and me, tears forming in his eyes.

"I ran away," he said, fighting them back. "But you, sir, were not about to give up on me," he said to Jason." He turned his address to the others at the table. "Jason came after me. I dove in a ditch and hid behind an old culvert. His truck pulled over and he got out with a flashlight." He paused with a chuckle. "I was scared shitless looking up at him standing there. He was a mountain of a man. I'll never forget what he said. 'Look at me, look at you, I can come down there and haul your sorry ass out of that ditch.'" Everybody laughed.

"There's more but suffice to say, I learned to trust him....and to love him." He turned back to Jason and me. "I am deeply honored to be part of this family and I will be eternally grateful for all you've done for me....what you are to me. When nobody else did, you gave a damn. Devon....Kyle....we all know you're the true brothers here but like it or not, you're our brothers, too. I just want to say thank you for sharing your dads with us."

As everyone began to applaud, tears running down their faces, Kyle and Devon stood to join in. Jason sat with his head down as I put a hand on his shoulder.

"We did what we had to do. It was nothing special," he said quietly.

"It was to them," I said. "And no, we didn't have to do it. In fact, you weren't going to do it."

"Well, thank God you changed my mind."

"Oh, I didn't change your mind. I had nothing to do with your decision. You brought this all on yourself," I said.

"If I may, I have another toast," Nolan went on while everyone was still standing. "To Devon and Jake, two honest-to-god, real American heroes. I envy you, I admire you, I respect you, I salute your courage. And damn, you look hot in those uniforms."

More applause mixed with laughter, till it gradually faded and everyone sat down again. Then Devon and Jake stood, glasses in hand. Devon spoke.

"We thank you for the undeserved accolades....well, all except looking good in our uniforms....God knows that's true." He paused for the laughter to die down. "We are proud to serve, and as Marines we stand ready to test our courage and deserve your admiration and respect. But there are two men here who already deserve your admiration and respect, far more than Jake and I ever hope to. Their mettle and courage have been sorely tested and they didn't come up lacking. My father, Jason Seaborne and Kyle's dad, Brad Courter." The two Marines raised their glasses in salute and everyone at the table stood and followed suit. "You raised the bar....I promise you, Jake and I will forever strive to match your courage and commitment to duty."

Jason reached over and squeezed my shoulder as we both fought down our emotions. Then he motioned for everyone to sit down.

"Father Colby, would you please say grace before the food gets cold."

We were just crossing ourselves when there were hard footsteps on the porch. It was Petey with his girlfriend, Selena, a well-rounded, buxom girl with a stern look that exploded when she smiled. Everyone shifted and rounded up two more chairs. We were making the introductions when Jacob's little girl, Angela, spoke up.

"Do you know what Grandpa Jason said, Aunt Selena?"

"What'd he say, Sugar?"

"He said you had to wash off your black before you came in the house."

Sylvia snapped her head around with a look that sent daggers across the table. "Did you say that?"

"I sure did," Jason said. "He should've told you, we don't keep no truck with blacks in this house. Nothing but trouble." Then before she could respond he looked down at Will and Luke with a shocked look. "Hey, where'd you come from? How'd you get in here?"

The room broke up with laughter.

"It may take a while to get used to my family," Jacob said quietly to Selena.

"I don't think so," Selena said. "I don't think so at all. I think we're gonna get along just fine. We're trying to get pregnant, you know," she said, apparently to change the subject.

"I can tell you the best way to accomplish that," Jason said.

"And you would know this how?" Selena asked.

"Trust me. The best way is in a sleeping bag back in the woods alongside the creek with the moonlight shining through the trees. It's the moonbeams....they're like magic shining down on two people making love. Of course, Pete has to do his part."

"He don't do bad for a white boy," she said. "Don't you worry, Grandpa Jason, we'll give you a little oreo baby to cuddle."

"And now, Father Colby, would you please say grace before the food gets cold," Jason said again.

Colby didn't have a long, drawn out prayer. He thanked God for our family and everyone getting there safely, then he offered only the simple, traditional grace before meals while everyone stood.

"Man, did you see what we're having?" someone said as we were being seated again. Look at this; pheasant, dove, partridge, partridge eggs, rabbit, wild turkey, wild boar, elk, deer. What'd you do, go slaughter a zoo?"

"I have to say, I've been to meetings where everyone wore name tags but I've never sat down to a meal where the food had identification tags," Will said.

Because of the size of the table I'd prepared two bowls of everything--the mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, corn and sweet potatoes--and two platters of turkey. The rest of the exotic stuff, Jason explained as it started around the table-the quail eggs, wild boar meat, alligator bits, ostrich bits, frog legs and camel meat. There wasn't a lot of any of it; just enough for everyone to sample, and say they'd eaten it.

There was lively conversation around the table and Nolan's story about running away inspired the others to tell their stories. But I quickly stopped it when Jacob started to tell about me finding girlie magazines in his room.

"Uhhhh, these stories are going to have to wait till later, when the little ones are out of earshot," I said.

We were well into the meal when there came a light knock at the door.

"Who in the world......." Jason and I looked all around the table. "We're not missing anybody, are we?"

I got up to answer it. As I approached the door I turned back to look at Jason, my hand over my mouth.

"What is it?" Jason asked.

"Not what is it.....who is it?" I said as I was opening the door. There stood a little boy, no more than nine or ten, in dirty jeans and a tattered jacket with a sock cap barely covering his curly mop of hair. He had the deepest blue eyes I'd ever seen, and the saddest.

"If you'd excuse me sir, could you tell me is this a place where I might stay for....."

"Well, Shit!" Jason swore under his breath as he shoved his chair back and stood up. "How did he find us? It's been years......," he muttered as he came to the door. Everyone had stopped eating and I saw Jacob push his chair back a little from the table.

"I wouldn't be no trouble, I promise, and I only wanta stay for a little bit till....."

Suddenly Jacob got up and came to the door. He moved in front of us and stepped out on the porch.

"No, son, this isn't the place. Not anymore. But I have a place if you would like to come stay with us. I have a son about your age and he's got brothers and sisters, I think you'd get along fine."

I turned to go back to the table, bursting with pride.

Jacob's wife jumped up to take the boy in tow. "What's your name?"

"Andrew," he said timidly.

"Well, you're just in time, Andrew. Come, let's wash your hands and find you a place at the table."

"Kyle, would you go upstairs and get the desk chair from your old room," I said as I got another plate and silverware to place at a spot where the others had already moved to make room. And to Jason, I said, "Remind me to have another chair made."

Andrew ate heartily. It tore me up that he was so hungry and I wondered where he'd come from. Brenda asked him where he lived.

"I lived at home but when I came home from school yesterday my mom wasn't there. She left some money and a note saying she couldn't take care of me anymore."

"Was your mother ill?" Brenda asked.

"No. I think she went off with that man she liked. I knew the rent wasn't paid 'cause the landlord came twice to collect it and she couldn't pay him, so I knew I couldn't live there anymore so I packed some food and left."

"Where did you sleep last night?" Jacob asked, putting his arm around the boy's shoulder.

"In a barn."

"Do you have the note, Andrew?" Brenda asked.

"No, I left it. I've got the money though," he said as he was digging it out of his coat pocket. He laid it on the table. "I can pay for my food."

"No, no, nobody pays for food here," Jacob said. "You keep your money."

I could see emotions about to burst all around the table but Jason, God bless him, headed it off.

"Listen, Andrew, when you get done eating, there's a big chest of toys in the other room you and the other kids might want to dig into. Or you can go horseback riding. Do you like horses?"

"I love horses but I never rode one before."

Michael, Jacob's ten-year-old spoke up. "I have. I'll take you riding."

"Well, I would say this gives a whole new meaning to Thanksgiving," Father Colby said.

Jacob and his family would not be able to stay as they were going to her side of the family for Thanksgiving supper and stay the night there so I excused her from helping with the cleanup.

"You have to stay long enough for Michael to take Andrew horseback riding," Jason told her.

When the boys were back from riding, Jacob took them in tow.

"You guys don't want to go smelling like a horse; so why don't you run up and shower and change into clean clothes."

Young Michael took his cue to lead the younger boy upstairs but he held back.

"Come on," Michael said.

"I can't change clothes; I don't have any clothes except what I've got on," he said with a look of sad embarrassment.

"We've got plenty of spare clothes," Michael said.

When the two boys were gone I asked, Brenda, "What will your parents think of you and Jacob walking in with another ready-made grandson?"

"They are not surprised at anything Jacob does but this might raise an eyebrow," she said, laughing. "It should be fun."

"Jacob isn't much on putting himself out there; you promise to stay in touch and let us know how all the kids are doing."

"Yes, of course."

"Can I ask you something, Brenda?


"What do the children say about having two grandfathers and no grandmothers on Jacob's side?"

"Just that, they have two grandfathers. They assume their grandmothers died."

"It's going to be very confusing when you have to explain this side of the family," I said.

She laughed. "Yes, the family tree will be a challenge."

As everyone was telling Jacob and his family goodbye I saw Jason stuff something in Jacob's pocket. Jason waved off the scowl and said, "No argument. And you could do a better job of keeping in touch." I learned later that the rest had chipped in over a thousand dollars to send Jacob and his brood on their way. It wasn't about charity; it was about Andrew.

I recalled sadly a time when Jacob and his family came for a visit and Petey wasn't with them.

"Where's Petey?" I asked.

Jacob dropped his head.

"He was taken away from us," Brenda said.

"What! Why? You're his brother!"

Some do-gooders, through the school, decided he had a learning disability."

"And they didn't think he was or couldn't get his share of attention in our big family," Brenda put in.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"He's in a facility."

"What kind of facility?" Jason asked.

"It's a state run facility for special needs kids," Jacob said. "If he didn't have a learning disability before, they'll give him one. He stutters now. He never stuttered before. We get to see him two times a month and they let us sign him out and bring him home."

"They let you?"

"We didn't have the money to fight it," Brenda said.

I went to the phone and dialed Judge Thompson. He answered the phone himself.

"Judge, this is Brad Courter. I'm sorry to bother you on Thanksgiving but I need the name of a good lawyer in Tulsa. Not just good, the best."

"Well, I don't know any lawyers in Tulsa but I do know a judge. I'll get you a name."

Jacob and Brenda left with the name of one of the best lawyers in Oklahoma and a check for ten thousand dollars to pay him.

"If that runs out, you let me know," I told them. "Whatever it takes to get that boy out of that stink hole."

And Jason stepped in and said, "Son, don't you ever let something like this happen again to your family and not tell us. You know we're a phone call away."

With Jacob's family gone things turned back to what the rest called normal. When the boys resumed telling their stories most everyone gathered around the table again. Aaron even went outside to announce that they were going to finish telling stories about when they were kids.

Before they could get started, I said to Braden and Will, "Some of these stories may be a little risqué for the boys."

"It's all right, I think they should hear them," Will said.

Jacob had told about us finding girlie magazines in his room and how we made him take them to the hayloft.

"I wondered where those magazines went," Little George said and everyone broke out laughing.

"I can't believe you let him keep them," said Luke. Then he asked his dad, "Would you let me keep magazines like that if you found them?"

"Don't test me," Will said.

Little George went on to tell on himself, how he'd stolen a Playboy magazine and a harmonica.

"I tried to lie my way out of it but I never was a very good liar," he said. "Worse part was, Braden and Colby took me back to town and I had to give the stuff back and pay for it. I never did think that was fair."

"You never stole anything again, did you?" Braden said.

"For the benefit of you younger boys. that stuff follows you," Colby put in. "Braden and I kept being blamed for every little thing after that. The sheriff kept coming out to question us and our whereabouts."

"Yeah, till Brad run him off and told him not to come back unless he had some proof."

"After what, Dad?" Aaron asked. "What'd you and Father Colby do that got you in trouble."

"Oh, God, where do we start?" Braden said, looking at Colby.

"The truth is always a good place," Colby said.

"Well, we showed up here driving a car that we'd borrowed, and the trunk was full of stuff we'd stolen; stereos, televisions. They made us take it all back."

"I can't believe I'm hearing about a priest stealing stuff," Luke said.

"I wasn't a priest then," Colby said.

"If it hadn't been for Jason you wouldn't be a priest now, we would both still be in jail," Braden said.

"Well, Braden and Colby weren't the only ones who borrowed a vehicle," I said, looking at Nolan.

"Do I have to tell that?" Nolan said wearily.

He told it, how he took off with Jason's truck without permission. Then he got serious, his head down.

"The very worst thing was when I hid drugs in our room and let Jacob take the blame. God, I was such a scum-bag. I will carry that with me to my grave."

"Jacob wouldn't want you to tell that story, Nolan," I said quietly.

"He's not here," he said, then went on. "They were rearranging furniture in our room and found the drugs. I don't know how it happened but they thought it was Jacob's stash and he took the blame. I've never seen Jason so angry. He took Jacob out to the barn....he hit him, he was so mad. I was such a coward....I ran off again. And Jason came after me again. He saw me down at the end of the lane, getting in a pickup that stopped to give me a ride. He came tearing down the road in his truck and swerved in front of the pickup to stop it and he dragged me out and took me to the sheriff's office. The sheriff put me in jail."

The younger boys were bug-eyed.

"Did he leave you there?" Aaron asked quietly, as if he was almost afraid to ask.

"Yes, overnight, then he came and got me." He was fighting back tears. He looked at Jason. "I will never forgive myself for making you so angry that you hit him."

"I hit him, you didn't, and I still haven't forgiven myself for it," Jason said. "I never will."

"Did you and Jacob smooth things over?" Luke asked.

"He did but I will always carry it with me. I told him he could hit me, to make up for Jason hitting him."

"Did he?"

"He knocked me on my ass. That little boy, Andrew, will never know how lucky he is because my brother Jacob is going to be the best damned dad on the planet."

After a quiet moment, Jason spoke up. "On a lighter note.... Jordan, why don't you tell us about your tattoos?"

"You've got tattoos!" Aaron exclaimed.

"Yes, he got it when he was fourteen," Jason said. "But it's not just that he got the tattoos, it's where he got them."

"Where is it? Show it to us," Aaron said excitedly.

"This isn't the time or the place," Jordan said.

"I can tell you where he's got 'em," Adam said. "On his ass."

"How'd you get tattoos at fourteen? And what are they?"

"An anchor on one side and Property of US Navy on the other."

"But how were you able to get tattoos at that age?"

"Tell you what. Let's forget the story behind it and maybe I'll show them to you before we all leave."

"Okay, but that's not the story Jason's talking about, is it?" Aaron asked.

"No, but I'm going to make it short," Jordan said. "Word got out from the locker room that I had a tattoo on my ass, and that got everybody curious. Most of the guys in the locker room saw it but not the girls. This one girl wanted to see it real bad; so bad that she invited me to her house to show it to her."

"Did you go? Did you show it to her?" Aaron asked.

"Yes. I would have to drop my pants to show her and since my pants would be down I figured I'd show her everything. I mean, I was up in her bedroom with my pants down around my ankles, her parents weren't home, one thing would lead to another and I would get some pussy."

"Did you? Did she let you?"

"I said I was making it short. End of story."

The boys wailed with disappointment but he didn't tell them the rest of the story.

The next morning after breakfast the adults were around the table, talking over coffee. We were all in various states of dress; Will in his shorts and Devon and Jake were looking fine without their shirts. Jordan excused himself to go up and shower.

"Do you think this might be a good time to see those tattoos?" Levi asked Nolan.

"As good a time as any, catch him right out of the shower," Nolan said.

"Are you coming?" Levi asked.

"Go ahead, I've seen 'em."

Levi punched Jesse and they left the table.

"You know, I haven't seen them myself," Devon said as he stood up. He motioned for Jake to go with him.

"I've got to see this myself," Will said.

Brad waved him off. "Go ahead, I've seen them too," he said.

I glanced at Jason and we got up and followed along.

Outside the bathroom door we saw Jordan bent over with his elbows on the sink cabinet with his butt jutted out.

Levi and Jesse were behind him, pulling his butt apart, looking for the tattoos. Will was just inside the door and Jake and Devon were behind him just outside the door. The others crowded into the bathroom so Jason and I stood at the door.

"Where is it?" Jesse asked.

"It's well hidden; you have to pull his butt apart," Jason said over everyone's shoulders.

"Let me look," Levi said and he squatted down like he was doing a rectal exam. "There it is! Both of them!" he said excitedly.

Jesse got down with him to see it. "Wow! That's awesome!"

"I forgot to tell you, there is a fee. If you wanta see it you have to kiss it," Jordan said over his shoulder as he grabbed Levi by the back of his head and pushed his face into his butt.

Levi didn't offer any resistance. He stayed put even after Jordan let go of his head and it was obvious from the movement in his neck that he was licking Jordan's ass.

"He said kiss it, not lick it off," Jesse said as he pushed his brother out of the way. Then he got in close and Levi pushed his face into Jordan's butt.

Jordan's cock, laying over the edge of the sink, was coming to life as Jesse's kisses turned into rimming. I was surprised to see it; I had no inclination that young Jesse played for our team. I would learn only later that his brother and Nolan had recruited and initiated him.

"Geezuss, Jesse, you had breakfast," someone chided him and everyone broke out laughing.

Finally, with other waiting, Jesse relinquished Jordan's butt and stepped aside. By that time the bathroom was so crowded, the only place for him to go was in the shower. Levi moved out of the way and into the shower as well.

Devon motioned to Will and he stepped behind Jordan to have a look. He squatted down and pulled Jordan's butt apart. He didn't linger beyond a couple of minutes nor make any advances.

"Those are truly works of art," he said. "And I'm impressed that you got them at such a young age. Not that the artist would do them but that you were able to endure the pain. You were Luke's age. I can't imagine him going through that. How was it that you found yourself in a tattoo parlor?"

"He got his ass nailed by a sailor and he took him, that's the story I got. He wanted to put his brand on him," someone piped up.

"Is that true?" Will sked.

"Something like that," Jordan said.

"That's a story in itself; I would like to hear it sometime," Will said as he stepped aside.

"Speaking of works of art," Jordan said as he reached over and groped the front of Will's shorts, "You should have our own private exhibition."

It was Jake and Devon's turn. They squatted down together and pulled Jordan's butt apart. They found them and looked at each other and smiled.

"Man, these are beautiful," Devon said.

"Are you talking about the tattoos or his buns?" Jake asked. Then, "Go ahead, you know you want to," Jake said.

Devon smiled and nodded and let Jake push his face into Jordan's ass. He spent an inordinate amount of time licking, kissing and tonguing Jordan's ass while Jake watched. Then he leaned back and let Jake have his turn.

"Fuck, who taught these boys how to rim!" Jordan groaned.

"Shit, they're devouring his ass," someone said.

"Fuckin' good ass," Devon said, his voice muffled.

"I'd like to do more than devour it," Will remarked.

"Should we take this in on the bed?" someone asked.

"Let's don't lose the momentum."

"You were saying?" Jordan said to Will.

"Seriously?" Will asked.

"Somehow I knew it would come to this; I'm prepared," Jordan said.

Jake and Devon got to their feet and moved to make room for Will to take up his position behind him and Jordan handed him a tube of lube over his shoulder.

"Here, I'll do that for you," Jake said, quickly taking the tube.

"Marines to the rescue," Will said.

"It's what we do," Jake said. He uncapped the lube and squeezed some on his fingers. Will leaned back for him to lube up Jordan's ass then stood to let him make his cock slick.

"Ready to launch," Jake said and he took Will's cock and guided it to Jordan's ass.

Everyone watched with baited breath as Jordan took his stance, his hands clasped around Jordan's hips.

"I beg for mercy," Jordan said over his shoulder.

"Only till I'm in," Will said.

The entry and penetration was slow and terribly erotic. It was like everyone was holding their collective breath as Will's huge cock slowly disappeared in Jordan's body.

"Ohhh, Godd!" Jordan groaned, tossing his head back. "How much more is there?"

"You're doing fine," Will said in a soothing tone.

"What made me think I wanted this?" Jordan said.

"Do you want me to pull out?"

"No!" Jordan replied.

When the penetration was complete everyone applauded and Will began fucking him. Jordan's cock stood quivering out over the sink. Young Jesse worked his way in and took it in his mouth.

"I don't know if those tattoos have anything to do with it but this is one awesome ass," Will said.

"Godd, I've never had anyone reach where you're reaching. It's like I'm losing my virginity all over again," Jordan said.

"Well, I suppose you are in a way if no one has ever been there before; it is virgin territory," Will said.

Jake and Devon were both playing with Will's ass.

"This is one awesome ass," Jake said.

"I've heard that Marines are very good at establishing a beach head," Will said over his shoulder.

"When ordered to do so," Jake said.

"Then consider it an order."

"Yes, sir," Jake said as he grabbed the lube.

Jake's entry into Will's ass wasn't so dramatic but it was just as erotic, especially with Devon assisting by pulling Will's butt apart to allow his partner the deepest entry. When he was in, Jake wrapped his arms around Will and held them tightly together as he began fucking him.

After several minutes Jake looked around at Devon and said, "Pile on, why don't you?"

With Devon fucking Jake, the four of them--Jordan, Will, Jake and Devon-pretty much took up the width of the bathroom. I wanted so to get my camera but there was an unwritten rule that such activities should never be recorded for posterity. Instead, I stood and absorbed it all in my mind's camera and breathed in the wonderful aroma man sex and thrilled to the moaning sounds of flesh moving against flesh.

"Fuck, I want in the middle of that," Levi said from the shower.

Jason laughed. "If you can't squeeze in there, squeeze through and come over here, we'll make a sandwich out of you."

Levi didn't try to squeeze into the foursome. Instead he squeezed past and came over to Jason and me.

"I think we'd better close the door in case the young ones come up," Jason said.

I turned on the ceiling fan. Levi squeezed between us and we went to work on him, Jason in front and me in the back. And so the "art exhibition" quickly turned into an orgy.

As Told by Jesse:

I couldn't get Jordan's awesome butt out of my mind. I couldn't get Jordan out of my mind. All of the guys were hot but he stood out for some reason. Maybe it was his butt....or that I'd actually kissed his butt which was something I'd never even thought about doing before. The mere thought of it would've disgusted me but not anymore. Probably because I'd been fully turned on to man sex but I was hooked on ass. And Jordan's ass was like a magnet to me.

I was sleeping in the camper with three other guys. I didn't know where Jordan was sleeping, except that he was in the house. The urge became so strong that I put on m y shorts and slipped out the camper and into the house. He wasn't in the living room, on the floor or the couch. I made my way upstairs. All but one of the bedroom doors was closed. There was a nightlight in the hallway so I could easily make my way quietly down the hall to the door that was open a wide crack. I peered in but couldn't make out who was in the two bunk beds. I entered the room for a closer look. Happily, I saw that Jordan was in the bottom bunk, sprawled out on his stomach naked. I almost choked at the sight of his awesome butt bared in the soft light. I froze when I looked in the top bunk. It was Nolan! Fuck! He was the last one I wanted to know I was sneaking around looking for Jordan's ass to rim. He would never let me live it down.

Courage won out over my panic and I went down to my knees beside the bunk. I was still scared, but determined. I had to wait while I worked up some more courage then I leaned real close to Jordan's head.

"Jordan," I whispered.

He didn't move.

"Jordan," I whispered again, this time laying my hand lightly on his bare butt.

He came awake one eye at a time.


"Please, Jordan, I wanta see your tattoos again," I said, rubbing his taut butt muscles. It was the stupidest thing I'd ever done but I was so excited my hand was shaking.

He smiled and chuckled softly.

"I don't know if you can see 'em in this light," he said.

"Let me have a look."

"Sure, go ahead," he said as he spread his legs apart.

I moved down and rose up over his butt and immediately began kissing it. He lifted his hips and his buns spread open a little bit. I pulled them apart and could barely see the anchor on one side and part of the words on the other. I pressed my face in his butt and licked as deep as I could reach. He stifled a moan in the pillow. He tilted a little to his side to give me better access. I pulled his butt apart more and could see the tattoos more clearly now. I pressed my face in his butt and kissed and licked everywhere my tongue could reach.

I could admit it now; It wasn't about the tattoos....they were simply the focal point; the magnets that drew me to this magnificent stud of a man. It was about his ass, and rimming him. I was so excited doing it that I could hear my heart thudding in my chest. I devoured his ass. I wanted to crawl inside him and kiss and lick my way all the way to his lungs. He was squirming around, moaning in the pillow. Suddenly he stopped me and rose up to sit on the edge of the bed. He put his finger to his lips as he reached for his shorts that were lying on the floor. He stood and pulled me to my feet then grabbed the blanket off the bunk and waved for me to follow him.

I followed him down the hallway and down the stairs. He led me through the house to the kitchen. He shushed me again as he carefully opened the door to minimize the harsh squeak. Outside, he wrapped the blanket around us against the brisk November night.

"I wasn't going to be able to keep the noise down," he said as we walked towards the barn

"I'm sorry, it was a stupid thing for me to do."

"It wasn't stupid, it was fuckin' hot."

"You really think so?" I was surprised.

"Dude, you sneaked out of the camper and into the house, up the stairs and into my room in the middle of the night just to see my tattoos. Yeah, that's pretty fuckin' hot, and I'm flattered."

"I....I really wanted a chance at your butt again; the tattoos were just an excuse. You've got the most awesome butt."

"Thanks. You were pretty damned awesome up there; I wanted us to be where we don't' have to worry about waking up the entire household."

"I heard you moaning in the pillow," I said.

"I was about ready to scream," he said

We walked past one of the pickups and I thought we were going to the barn, maybe up in the hayloft, but we stopped at the corral. Jordan climbed up to take hold of the top rail, his feet on the third rail up, and jutted his butt out. I was thrilled that he was offering himself to me this way. I pulled his shorts down in back and buried my face in his ass again. He moaned loudly and pushed back against my face.

"Fuck, I don't know where you learned it but he taught you right," he said.

I slobbered like a hungry puppy; the drool ran down my chin and neck. It was even more exciting being out in the open in the soft moonlight. When I reared back to take a breath I could see his hole clenching like it was winking at me. Soon he was relaxed enough that I could push the tip of my tongue into his hole. He loved that. Strong as he was, his arms grew tired and his legs began to shake.

"Let's take it to the truck," he said as he dropped to the ground. He grabbed up the blanket and went over to the truck. He pulled the tailgate down, spread the blanket out and laid back in the truck bed with his legs drawn up. I shrugged my shoulders under his thighs and leaned over him, pushing his legs higher. He grabbed his feet and held his legs out wide. There was his gorgeous ass spread out before me like a smorgasbord, the hairy hole clenching like it was begging for me to return. I went to work on him again. His hole had loosened but I wanted in deeper. I stretched him wider with my fingertips and I could see the inner muscles palpitating. Godd, it was beautiful and I almost choked on the overabundance of spit. Instead of swallowing I let it run down into his hole. It swallowed it up like it was having a drink. I bent down and drove my tongue and drove my tongue deep into his hot hole and felt the muscles squeezing my tongue. I tongue fucked him, causing him to squeal and whimper. It was exciting to hear him sounding like a girl.

"I want you to do something, Jesse," he gasped.

"Yesss. What? Anything," I said.

"I want you to jack off with one hand while you're eating my ass and when you get ready to cum I want you to shoot it on my ass. Then I want you to rim me some more and lick it all up. Can you do that?"

"Yesss! Oh, Yess!" I'd been manhandling my cock from time to time but my hands were mostly occupied with Jordan's ass. I used only one hand now, and jacked off with the other. I didn't really want to cum so soon but I was eager to do what he'd asked.

The idea of it propelled me as much as the physical part and I was soon building up to a tremendous climax. I choked out a gasping announcement that I was getting close and begged Jordan to cum, too. He'd been stroking his cock but I didn't know if he was close to cumming.

At the crucial moment I straightened from his ass and concentrated on jacking off and shooting my load. I still probed his ass with my fingers of my other hand. I wanted to keep him relaxed and opened up to see if I could land some of my load in his hole. That would be awesome target practice. My cock literally exploded, almost painfully. The stuff shot out in thick powerful spurts, splattering all over his butt. Much of it landed squarely in the crack, against his hole and I was mesmerized watching the muscle of his asshole trying to draw it in. I inched closer to aim two spurts directly inside his asshole then eased back to finish whitewashing his butt. As I finished I gazed at what I'd done. It was the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen.

"That felt like a gusher," Jordan said.

"It was a hard cum," I said breathlessly.

He hadn't cum and I was glad. I wanted him primed for what else I was about to do. My own cum had not diminished my lust one bit. I buried my face in the warm, wonderful mess and began lapping up my own man-seed. I whimpered with unbridled excitement at the taste of it. I shoved my tongue deep into his hole to lick it out and found that his asshole only enhanced the taste of my cum. I was nearly overcome with lust and excitement as I devoured him. I withdrew from his ass and lapped up the wonderful mess I'd made on his butt and the backs of his thighs.

"I forgot to tell you, don't swallow it," he said.

I had already swallowed what I lapped up but now I gathered it in my mouth like precious seed. When I rose up, finished, Jordan rose up from the truck bed and wrapped me in his powerful arms and kissed me. His tongue gouged my mouth and he sucked out the cum I'd saved for him. We exchanged tongue till the taste was gone.

"Fuck, that was hot as hell!" he said. "Whoever taught you to rim oughta open a school."

"I don't think it's what I learned, it was who I was doing it to. I love your ass so much, Jordan. I don't know why, I just do. And it's not just the tattoos. I'd love your ass without the tattoos."

"You're making my cock quiver just hearing you say that," he said.

"Can I suck you?" I asked. "Or you can fuck me if you want."

He laid back in the truck bed. Crawl in here with me and let me think about it."

Epilogue Chapter Eleven

Will and Jake found themselves sitting on the porch watching the younger boys taking turns on the horses. It was dusk and getting cooler but that didn't deter the boys from riding bareback and naked. Devon and Kyle had gone upstairs, for some brother time, they said.

"Do you ride?" Will asked Jake.

"I used to ride those very horses," Jake replied. "And Devon and I worked on a ranch in Wyoming for a summer so we rode a lot as part of the job."

"Summer cowboys," Will said with a smile.

"We didn't call ourselves cowboys. Just plain ranch hands. Of course we didn't ride naked. Two teenagers riding bare-assed among all those ranch hands; that would've been a blueprint for rape," he said, laughing.

"Would it have been rape?" Will asked.

"Not necessarily," he replied with a shrug. "But it would've been more than we could handle. Actually nothing like that happened between us and the other hands. We pretty much kept to ourselves after work. How about you, do you ride?"

"We sometimes take Aaron and Luke riding at a stable," Will said. "Of course that's not near as much fun as they're having now," he added, laughing.

"Do you want to go for a ride?" Jake asked.

"It's so beautiful here; it would be nice to ride off in the sunset."

"Naked and bareback?" Jake asked with a mischievous grin.

"The boys would call us cowards and sissies if we didn't."

"Can't have that," Jake said as he got up. He gave a shrill and called for one of the boys to bring up one of the horses.

"Tell me, how did you develop those muscles? You have an incredible build," Will said as they were stepping down off the porch.

"I've always been pretty well built. A lot of it is genes. I was lucky enough that I could take what my dad gave me and build on that."

"Your father must be an awesome man."

"In the physical sense, yes. Not so much otherwise."

"Oh? I take it you're not on good terms with your father?"

"Jason and Brad are far more like dads than my own father. He had plans for me to marry the gorgeous girl I was dating and have gorgeous children and join him in the family business. It didn't work out that way. I went to football camp my senior year and met Devon. My father's never forgiven me, or Devon. He doesn't approve of my choice of lifestyle."

"Did you choose it?"

"No. But I embraced it once I discovered it," Jake said.

"Well said."

"So, do you wanta give it a try?" Jake asked, motioning to the horses as young Luke was leading one of the stallions up to the porch.

"Yes, of course." They watched as Luke, a young stallion in his own right, sauntered up, naked, with the horse in tow. "It is so neat that the boys can run around like this. This is a Thanksgiving they will never forget."

"They said you and Jake wanta go riding," Luke said. "Do you want to double up, or wait till they bring the other horse in?"

"We can double up," Jake said.

"Who's taking the reins?" Luke asked.

"I will," Jake said.

As the two men were about to mount, Luke stopped them.

"Sorry, this is bareback and bare assed only," he told them.

"Yeah, come on, get naked like the rest of us," one of the other said.

"Really, guys, it's getting chilly," Will complained.

"Jake's a Marine, Dad; don't be a pussy," Luke chided him.

"We'll ride back naked," Jake said as he mounted the horse and held his hand down to Will. He pulled him up behind him and they rode off. Will wrapped one arm loosely around Jake's waist.

"I got the feeling you were uncomfortable stripping down in front of everybody," Jake said.

"A little, perhaps, with the younger boys," Will said.

"You would be nothing but an inspiration," Jake said.

They rode around behind the barn and back towards the woods. Jake guided the horse around to a field of tall grass that ran along the edge of the woods.

"This'll be easier than trying to dodge tree limbs," he said. Then, "Get a tighter grip," as he prodded the horse to a gallop.

Will wrapped both arms around him and Luke noticed how he moved his hands down between his legs.

"This tight enough?"

"Perfect," Jake said.

They rode at a gallop for a good mile or more before Jake brought the horse back to a walk.

"Are we going back?" Will asked. "If so, we're going to have to shed our clothes or we'll never hear the last of it."

Jake brought the horse to a halt and jumped off. Will followed him and they started taking off their clothes. Will lingered a little behind Jake, taking the time to admire his body as it was bared.

"I'll say it again, you have an incredible body. You should consider modeling."

Jake laughed. "I would be as awkward as a pig on ice."

"Awkward is acceptable in a male model," Will said. "If you notice, male models are generally embarrassingly awkward on the catwalk, while women are just out there, like they were born to it."

"Well, I'm afraid the best I'll ever be is modeling my uniform."

"Then you should be on the recruiting poster."

"You have the cat like grace to be a model," Jake said. "Not to mention the body. You keep talking about how I'm built; you should look in a mirror sometime."

"I'm aware of my attributes, and they serve me well. But you have a bulkier, tougher build," Will said as he got out of his clothes. "Better description is, you've got a don't-fuck-with-me-build."

Jake laughed. "Well, part of that attitude can be attributed to the Marines; I just furnish the body."

Will folded his clothes inside his shirt and tied the sleeves. "Are you staying in front?" he asked.

"If that's okay with you."

"Yes, of course, I'll have something to hold onto," Will said, eyeing Jake's thick, rubbery cock. "Is that your normal natural state? Around the barracks, I mean."

"Pretty much," Jake said as he mounted the horse again.

"You must be a real hit in the showers."

"Not as much as some would like," Jake said.

Jake mounted the horse and pulled Will up behind him and reached back to urge him tighter against him. Then he took his hand and placed it on his cock. Jake kneed the horse to a walk. Very shortly Jake's cock was hard in Will's hand and Will's cock was poking against Jake's butt.

"I knew this would happen," Will said, squeezing Jake's cock.

"And weren't we both hoping?"

"Were you?" Will asked.

"I'm not disappointed," Jake said.

"Maybe I should get this up out of the way," Will said as he lifted his cock up along Jake's lower back.

"Hand me your clothes," Jake said.

Will handed him the bundle of his clothes and Jake laid them on the base of the horse's neck along with his own. Then he leaned forward over the horse's neck.

Will didn't need a picture drawn. "I was hoping you would want do this," he said. He clasped Jake's solid butt in his hands, digging his thumbs in the crevice. He let some spit fall into the crack and massaged it against Jake's hole with his thumbs.

"I don't need a lot of foreplay," Jake told him.

Will nudged his cock, dripping precum, against the hole.

"Go ahead, all the way in," Jake said over his shoulder. "It'll provide greater stability for the ride back."

"Let's don't be in any big hurry to get back," Will said.

Jake halted the horse for Will to penetrate him. When the bulbous head burst through his hole he pushed back at the same time Will pushed forward and he was quickly impaled.

"Geezusss!" Jake moaned softly. "If I didn't know better I'd think the stallion just mounted me. Fuck, that thing is huge!"

"You knew that."

"But it feels a whole lot bigger inside of me."

"You took it quite well," Will said.

"Yes. I've never been fucked by a black man before."

"I do my best to perpetuate the myth about black men," Will said.

"I've seen enough black men in the shower to know it's no myth," Jake said. "Ready to ride?"

"You're in the driver's seat," Will said.

Jake nudged the horse and he started walking. "Ohhh, fuck! This is awesome!" he groaned aloud. "I wonder if the boys tried this."

"I would count on it."

"Do you wanta try a gallop?"

"If you think your ass can take it."

"Okay, shove all the way in and hold on to me," Jake said. He kneed the horse and it took off in a hard gallop. It was like the animal knew something weird and special was going on. Maybe he could smell it....Will moving back and forth on the horse's back, fucking his big cock in and out of Jake's ass, while every movement of the horse made his cock lob around inside him. It was a miracle they didn't fall off.

"Awwwwwhh! Awwwwhh, fuck! Fuck me, you big black stallion! Oh, Godd, you're in so deep! AAAAahhhhhhhh!.....fuck me! Ohhh....ohhh, my Godd, Yesss!"

Will hung onto Jake for dear life.

It got a little hairy when Jake got so excited that he shot his load first, all over the horse's mane, and Will was still fucking him. Losing his load sort of took the edge off the pleasure for the moment and he begged Will to hurry up and finish. Still, he kept humping and riding up and down on the huge black cock like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby and suddenly it was starting all over again and Jake was begging him not to stop. The horse was keenly aware of something. He slowed to a walk only after Will had shot his load deep inside Jake's quivering ass. It ended in a fog for both of them. They sat astraddle the horse, dazed. Jake was trembling exhausted, laying over the horse's neck gasping for air. Will lay slumped over him.

"Holy fuck! I've never been fucked like that in my life!" Jake gasped.

"And I've never had such a wild fuck in my life," Will said.

It was a long moment before either of them had the strength to move and the stallion stood patiently under their weight.

"Do you think it's too chilly to go for a swim?" Will asked.

"It'll be cold," Jake warned.

They rode into the woods, dodging the low hanging branches, till they got the creek.

"I need to wash the cum out of the horse's mane," Jake said, guiding the stallion into the creek. It was barely belly deep but they climbed off and splashed water over the horse's neck to wash off the ropes of cum clinging to the thick mane, then they went swimming. The stallion walked out of the creek shook off the water and waited.

It was chilly when they came out of the water. Jake climbed on the horse and felt the animal's warmth on his backside and legs. Will grabbed his hand to be pulled up.

"In front this time," he told Jake. "I think it's only fair that you return the favor."

Jake hefted him onto the horse in front of him and moved up to spoon his body against Will's warm muscles. Will leaned forward over the horse's neck, making an offering of his ass.

"I've never fucked a black man before either," he said as he positioned his rubbery cock to let it harden against the man's butt.

"You don't know what you've missed," Will said.

They connected with Jake's rod embedded deep inside Will's ass then rode back at a slow pace, still basking in the aftermath of their first sex. They didn't exactly fuck, they just let it happen, letting the movement of the animal under them bring them to an easy climax.

"This is so nice," Will cooed, lying over the horse's neck.

"It's about to get nicer," Jake said.

"Yesss, let me feel it."

Jake's climax lasted for over a dozen walking yards; it was as if the horse wasn't aware it was happening this time. They kept riding.

"From what I saw, it's obvious that your son is going to do his part in keeping the myth alive," Jake said. It was a casual remark, not meant to spark a conversation.

"Speaking of Luke, he is quite admiring of you and your body," Will said.

"Oh, really!"

"Yes. He really wants to talk to you and get to know you but he's afraid you wouldn't have time for him, and he says you're intimidating."

"I don't want him to be intimidated. I'll make it a point to approach him and start the conversation," Jake said.

"He would love that."

Epilogue Chapter Twelve

Luke and Aaron were waiting at the small corral behind the barn when Jake and Will rode up.

"Uncle Brad said we should wipe him down and give him a good brushing before we put him away," Aaron said.

"Looks like we need to put a blanket on him, too; he's wet," said Luke. "Did you guys take the horse swimming?"

"Yes, and I'm freezing my ass," Jake said as they dismounted and started putting on their clothes.

The boys were dressed, too, in shirts and jeans against the evening chill. They tended to the horse and led him into a stall. Will put his hand on Aaron's shoulder as if to leave the barn.

"I'm going to stay with him for a little while," Jake said.

"I'll stay, too," Luke said.

"Alright, we'll see you back at the house," Will said, guiding young Aaron towards the door.

"He's a beautiful animal," Luke said when he and Jake were alone.

"Yes, the most magnificent animals on four legs," Jake agreed.

"He's so muscular," Luke said.

"They don't know how powerful they are," Jake said. "If they did, they probably wouldn't let themselves be tamed."

"When I was wiping him down, there was more than sweat on his back," Luke said.

Jake smiled. "I guess I should be embarrassed for me and your dad."

"No, it wasn't a big surprise," Luke said.

"Really. Does your dad have any idea you think that of him?"

"I don't know; he likes to treat me like a kid. Hey, have you ever seen a stallion breed a mare?"

"Yes, many times, when I worked on a ranch in Wyoming."

"He's got such huge balls, he must shoot a lot."

"Well, it depends partly on the size of his balls, but I've seen some stallions that would overflow a coffee cup."

"How do you know that?" Luke asked, laughing.

"They did a lot of artificial insemination on the ranch, and we collected semen from the best stallions."

"So you've seen a horse with a hardon?"

"Not just seen, I've held a horse's cock collecting the semen."


"It's not as exciting as you might think. And it can be a mess if he gets over excited and misses the container. Horse cum smells to high heaven."

Luke was still gazing at the horse's balls. "I've seen his huge cock hanging out but I never seen one hard. It's odd, being a stallion and not having any hair on his balls."

"He does, it's just real fine, like fuzz. Give me your hand," Jake said. He took Luke's hand and guided it to the stallion's massive balls. The animal jumped but didn't kick. "Sometimes we did this to stimulate the stallion."

"They feel like velvet. Will he get hard if I keep doing this?"

"Maybe. But getting an animal excited just for the fun of it; that's not right. Come on, let's go up and throw down some hay." He let Luke climb up first and he went up the ladder right behind him, giving him a boost on his butt at the very top.

"It's nice and warm up here," Luke said, looking all around the darkened loft.

"The straw and hay bales are good insulation," Jakes said. "Some people use bales of straw to insulate their houses when they build them."

"It smells so good; I could sleep up here if I had a blanket," Luke said.

"Well, we don't have to go back to the house right away. Do you want me to get one of the horse blankets?"


Jake climbed down and came back up with two horse blankets.

"We really don't need any more hay tossed down. We can just lie up here and enjoy the smell of the hay and the moon shining in if you want to," he said as he spread the blankets out across a stack of bales.

"Yes. I really didn't think I'd get to meet you up close and get to know you."

"Your dad said you think I'm intimidating."

"It's all those muscles."

"I don't want you to be intimidated, Luke. We're up here by ourselves, so you can get to know me and I can get to know you."

"I didn't think you'd want to spend time with a fourteen-year-old kid."

"You're not just any fourteen-year-old. And I don't really consider you a kid."

"You don't?"

"No. You're a cut above that. You talk about my muscles; you're already filled out as good as a lot of boys older than you are."

"I'd like to be built like you."

"You're well on your way; just stay active in sports and eat right and work out."

"Are we going to stay the night up here?" Luke asked.

"Do you want to?"

"Yes, very much."

"Well, then, we need to shed some of these clothes," Jake said. "It's not healthy to sleep in your clothes." When he started taking off his clothes Luke followed his lead.

"I never seen anybody built like you," Luke said when Jake had peeled off his shirt.

"In four years or so, you'll like this or even better," Jake said as he unlaced his boots and took them off. He undid his jeans and took them off. When he was down to his briefs he started to take them off but thought better of it. Luke left his on too, and he lay down on the horse blanket.

"Oh, my, you're almost beautiful," Luke said.

"Thanks, but so are you, Luke," he said as he lay down beside him. "You're gonna have the girls all over you, if you don't already. Hell, even grown women."

"I don't know what I'd do with a grown woman. Or even a girl, for that matter."

"Well, it's good to know you haven't taken that step. You've got plenty of time for that."

"I don't know if I want to. I'm happy with what me and Aaron have got together.

"You've got plenty of time to decide that," Jake said.

"Do you know why I wanted to come up here with you, Jake?"

"Not really, although you said you wanted to get to know me better, and I wanted to show you there's no reason to be intimidated," Jake replied.

"It was more than that," Luke said as he reached out and laid his hand high on Jake's thigh.

Jake quickly covered his hand with his own. "Don't, Luke," he said hoarsely. He was instantly sorry for his tone; the boy had such a hurt look on his face, like he was almost ready to cry.

"I'm sorry, Luke, I shouldn't have barked at you like that. I just don't think we should go there. I'm not rejecting you, Luke, it's just not the right time. You have plenty of time for that when you're older."

"I don't wanta wait till I'm older for everything. Sometimes I hate being fourteen."

"You're at a perfectly wonderful age, Luke. So much to learn and experience, so much to look forward to.

"But it all has to wait till I'm older. I've lay in bed wishing you would come in my room naked and crawl in bed with me and hold me really close and tight. Even that would be enough, to just lie in bed with you like that."

"We're doing that now, minus the bed," Jake said.

"But we're not naked."

"Well, I suppose we could be."

"Does that mean we can take off our shorts?" Luke asked eagerly.

"If we keep things in check, I don't see why not," Jake said.

They quickly shed their shorts and when Luke lay back down Jake moved closer to put his arm across his chest and one leg across the boy's thighs.

"I'm gonna get a hardon," Luke said quietly. "I know we can't do anything about it, but I'm getting hard anyway."

"I probably will, too, and it's okay. Sometimes you can't control your body's reaction."

"This is so nice," Luke whispered.

"Yes, I'm glad you came up here with me."

"Did you decide beforehand that we weren't going to do anything?" Luke asked.


"Did you talk to my dad and he told you not to?"

"No, but your father trusts me to do the right thing. All of us older guys....he trusts us not to take advantage of you boys."

"I wouldn't tell anyone," Luke said.

"No, Luke, we're not going to put you in a position to lie to your father."

"Well, then, I'd better turn over so we're not tempted." He rolled over onto his stomach, still under the weight of Jake's arm and leg.

Jake looked down the boy's naked, lithe young body, his eyes fixing on his rounded, smooth butt.

"Oh Godd," he said to himself, "Give me strength."

Epilogue Chapter Thirteen

Kyle came up to me in the kitchen and laid his hand on my shoulder.

"I'm going to bug out for a little while," he said. "There's someone I have to see while I'm home."

"Oh? Should I ask who?"


I smiled. "You always were the secretive one."

"I never like to burden others with my troubles," he said.

"Is there trouble? I have a right to know," I said.

"No, no trouble. Not to worry."

As Told by Kyle

I drove into town and slowed for the speed limit then let the car coast through downtown. Past the business district I turned on Waterfall and drove the three blocks to Cascade Street and turned again. I didn't know if he still lived there but I had to find out....I had to know.....

I found the house. There was a car in the drive. I pulled in behind it, paused to take a deep breath, then got out. Suddenly panic set in and I almost didn't go up to the door. I took the steps onto the porch and knocked on the door, quickly, before I lost my nerve. It was a moment before the door opened, and there he stood.

"Coach Tanner," I said through the screen. It took him a second before he recognized me.

"Kyle! Kyle Courter! Come in!" he exclaimed as he pushed the door open and stepped back. "It's great to see you. How've you been?"

"Good. You?" My nerves were on edge.

"Come in, sit down."

"I didn't know if you would have company."

"No, I ate at the Crown Buffett. Thanksgiving is always pretty quiet for me."

I laughed. "It was wonderful chaos at our house."

"What brings you here?" he asked. "I mean here. I know you're home for Thanksgiving."

"Touching base with my past," I said.

"Heard you went to law school."


"So you're a lawyer now."


"I love a success story. Married? Any kids?"

"No, and no."

"That's a shame. A waste of perfectly good manhood. As I remember, you had your pick of about any girl in school. I'm sure it was the same in college, how'd you escape the net?"

"Not really. Little fish in a big pond. And, I was pretty entrenched in my studies."

"You and your brother....both real stand-outs. How about Devon? How's he doing? I heard he joined the Marines."

"He made a career of it; he's still in."

"Married? Kids?"

"No, he....he's with someone, though. Has been since high school."

"Oh? Somehow, I missed that high school romance."

"He wasn't from our school. They met at football camp."


"Yeah, it's that kind of relationship. Another Marine."

"I see. I missed that, too. I had no idea. My God, he had the girls panting over him. So did you. But now....you're not married either.... is there someone in your life?"

"No, not like that. We're in different situations. Devon is gay; I'm bi. Or I should say I'm still sorting it out. Something I want to ask you, Coach."

"Ask away."

"Was there ever anything going on between you and your players?"

"Spoken like a true lawyer," he said, laughing softly. "Yes, there were a few occasions. No names," he added quickly.

"Just tell me that one of them wasn't my brother."

"No, not Devon. But I would've done him in a heartbeat. Both of you."

"Why didn't you?" I asked.

"Your dads. No way was I going to fuck with those two men if they ever found out."

"It wouldn't have been pretty," I said. "But it's a shame you let the opportunity slip by."

"My regrets," he said. "But I didn't know back then. If I'd known or even had a good indication, you can bet your ass I would've made a move. But the way the girls flocked around you guys all the time."

"We were a novelty, being half Vietnamese," I said.

"Oh, it was more than that," he said. "The novelty was that you were so damned good looking, such great athletes. And such flawless skin....the girls were so jealous. Not just your complexion....your bodies were flawless. In all my years of coaching I've never seen boys with such perfect bodies. Not to mention how you were both hung."

"If I were younger, you would be embarrassing me," I said.

"I came close one time," he said.

"Oh? When was that?"

"The day you both wore those pajama pants to school. You didn't have anything on under them."

"No, they're not worn with underwear," I said.

"Obviously, that day. Your dicks swinging free, and the way the pants wrapped around your butts, your butt muscles churching and flexing. I saw girls stop in the hallways just to stare. Some guys, too. Honest truth....I had to retreat to my office and jack off."

"No kidding," I said, laughing.

"If there'd been a way to get you both down in the locker room by yourselves, I would've bolted the door and thrown you down on the mats and had my way with you."

"You probably wouldn't have gotten much resistance," I said. "But you did other guys."

"Yes. Four to be exact."

"Did I know them?"

"Three of them. The fourth, no, he transferred after you graduated."

"So I wouldn't know him, you could tell me his name."

"I suppose I could. I could tell you the whole story about him. Well, not the whole story, but the first time with him."

As Told by Coach Tanner;

Luca Aaronson. He was a senior Built like a tank. Would've made a hell of a football player but he didn't have time for sports. He was a country boy and he'd taken over the responsibility of the family farm after his dad skipped out. He didn't have a car so he rode the school bus. One day after school I saw him walking several blocks up from the school. Apparently he'd missed the bus. I drove up that way and pulled over beside him.

"Miss your bus, Luca?"


"Hop in, I'll give you a ride home."

"Naw, it'd be way out of your way. I can walk."

"Nonsense. Can't be that far. Get in."

I drove him home. I'll never forget the way he smelled of the morning's shower and the day's sweat. It was innocent enough; I was just doing him a favor. I let him out at the end of a long lane. I wanted to take him on up to the house but he insisted on being let out; said the bus never took him all the way. Watching him walk up the lane to his house, looking so alone, that picture stuck with me. But then I couldn't get him out of my mind. It nagged at me that he was such a stud but didn't play sports. I could've used him, and I could've gotten to know him better. He didn't even take PE. Seniors didn't have to take PE and he didn't. He chose instead to get a pass out of study hall and go down to the weight room and work out. That really nagged me because I had that study hall and I was the one who gave him the pass. He was down there pumping iron and sweating and I was sitting there watching over a bunch of half-asleep, disinterested kids.

One Saturday I drove out to his place, introduced myself to his mother, and she told me he was in the back eighty fixing fences. She told me how to get back there but told me to wait. She went inside and brought out a big thermos of ice water and asked me if I'd take it back to him."

He had on bib overalls and work boots and a baseball cap. No shirt, and his overalls were unbuttoned all the way down the sides so you could see all the way down to his hips, certain way he moved. He stopped what he was doing to see who was driving up. He sort of smiled when I got out of my car.

"I'm here on an errand; your mom sent me back with a thermos of water."

"She called you all the way out here to do that? How're you doing, Coach?"

"Good," I said handing him the thermos.

He uncapped it and took a long drink while I watched his thick neck muscles and his Adams apple as he gulped it down, and his biceps curled up the size of grapefruits. Couldn't help noticing, either, the way his overalls hung loosely on his frame from the straps over his broad shoulders. I moved a little closer and was able to see all the way to his bare hip; he wore nothing under them.

He finished drinking and capped the thermos and set it down. "So what brings you out here?" he asked.

"No particular reason. I was driving past and remembered where you lived and decided to drop in. I hope that's all right. Your mom said it was."

"Mom's the boss," he said as he pulled a blue bandana out of his back pocket. He wiped the sweat form his forehead and neck, biceps and shoulder muscles bulging again. He was stuffing the bandanna back in his pocket, slowly, with a little smile that curled his lips up on one side. That smile had not been there before and the way he looked at me was unsettling. He was relatively new at school and to the team and I didn't yet know him well, and I wondered if I'd made a mistake coming.

"You sure you didn't have a particular reason for coming out, Coach?" he asked in a strange, even tone.

I felt suddenly uncomfortable in his presence, with a feeling that I needed to justify my being there. God forbid he saw through me!

"I probably shouldn't be interfering....inserting myself into your private life....but I know your father's not in the picture, Luca, and I wanted to meet you on your own turf, see how your life is going."

"He hasn't been in my life for so long I don't even remember him ever being around. You don't miss something you never had. You might wish, but you don't miss it. I appreciate your concern, Coach, but I'm not buying it a hundred percent. I'd appreciate it more if you'd be more honest about your particular reason for diving all the way out here."

I was nailed! I felt a warm flush come over me and I knew my face was turning red under my tan.

"Last time I had a coach take an interest in me he was concerned with way more than my welfare," the boy said. "It's okay," he added quickly. "It's not the first time I've been hit on." He laughed. "Hell, that's been happening since I was nine or ten years old....a lot of men wanting to take me under their wing. You know the funny thing about it is....Mom believes it. Thinks I should have a male influence in my life."

I felt like shit and I was so embarrassed that he'd seen right through me. "I'm sorry, Luca. I didn't mean it that way....I had no intention of taking advantage of you. I should leave."

"Don't leave. It's okay. Really, it is, 'cause, I don't take it that way. Not now, at my age. You don't have to leave. In fact, I wish you wouldn't. You got nothing to worry about with me, Coach, I'm not gonna go blabbing. To quote the Vegas rule, what happens in the back eighty stays in the back eighty."

"I don't know what to say."

"Well, since all the cards are on the table you could start by being honest about why you came. If it was for sex....and I'm thinking it was....I'd be up for it. Like, if you wanta suck my cock I'd be up for that, or I could throw you down on the ground and fuck your brains out."

I knew he could do it, too. I wasn't scared but I didn't believe what I was hearing, from an eighteen year old athlete. I should've left but he was so good looking and so well built, not to mention commanding. He mesmerized me. I couldn't walk away. My mind was made up before I knew it. I looked all around but saw no sign of life for as far as I could see. Still, I was reluctant.

"It's pretty out in the open," I said.

"Don't worry, we're safe back here, even right out in the open."

"Are you sure?"

He laughed. "Hell, Coach, I was working in just my work boots and cap. I only pulled on my overalls when I saw a vehicle heading this way. But we don't have to get naked if that's a concern. I mean, you've already seen me naked plenty of times."

"But not like this....out in the open, with just the two of us."

"I can just haul my cock out if you want," he said as he reached down and shoved his fingers through his fly.

I watched with baited breath as he pulled his cock out. He was one of the few boys I'd never seen naked. Even the other seniors who opted out of PE, I'd seen them naked before they were seniors. I nearly choked when I saw the hunk of meat he hauled out of his overalls and held it across his palm. It was long and thick and meaty, already sporting a network of bluish veins along the six inch shaft. The wide head was suspended out over his hand; I imagined it being the size of a baseball.

"My Godd!" I gasped softly.

He laughed. "That's because I'm fluffed up. Wearing overalls with nothing under 'em makes me do that." He pulled on it several times then let go and put his hands on his hips.

My mouth was watering as I stared at his huge cock. It was pulsating, coming to life. He twisted his hips, causing his cock to swing back and forth. He gave it a few strokes and left it alone again.

"I know I'm sweaty," he said. "Give it a lick or two, see if you want it. If not, that's okay."

"No, I'm sure you're fine," I croaked. I was within arms' reach but I stepped closer so I didn't have to reach. I had only to let my hand down and it was suddenly filled with warm, thick, live cockmeat. The touch of his manhood made me weak in the knees, but I had no reason to be standing. I went to my knees where I belonged and was face to face with the magnificent cock. That it was attached to a mere teenager only made it all the more desirable.

"I can't believe the size of this thing," I said.

"Well, you don't have the full size yet," he said.

I couldn't wait for it. I wet my lips and opened my mouth. I put out my tongue and his cock met it with a little help when he jutted his hips forward. It took only about half of it to fill my mouth.

"That taste okay?" he asked.

I nodded then withdrew and said, "You taste wonderful."

"Well, then, why don't I shed these overalls."

He undid the straps and let them fall. The sides were already unbuttoned and when the bib part fell it took his overalls down to his knees. He stood on one boot then the other to take off the overalls, then he tossed them aside. I was short of breath at the sight of him standing there in nothing but this work boots and cap. I sat back on my haunches just to look at him.

"Did you change your mind?" he asked.

"No! Just looking at you. What do you weigh?"

"Two thirty five."

"Your body is awesome."

"That's partly thanks to you, for writing me the passes out of study hall so I can work out," he said.

"I've thought that I probably shouldn't write you a pass every day but seeing the results, you can have a pass anytime you want it."

His cock had reached its full potential, easily over eight inches, thick as my wrist, the veins bulging, the head bulged out truly the size of a baseball. Precum glistened in the sunlight. It made my mouth water but I leaned in and buried my face in his crotch with his balls against the side of my face. He put his hand on my head and pushed his crotch in my face. I licked everywhere I could reach with my tongue.

"You like my sweat?" he asked, sounding surprised.

"Very much." I moved to the other side and he brought my face into his crotch.

"Fuck, that feels good," he moaned.

His cock loomed to my right but I wanted to save it till the very last. I had a feeling this boy knew little of all the places where I could make him feel good. I should've started with his chest and sucked his nipples. But I was on my knees and there were other erogenous zones within easy reach. I kissed his hard abs then m oved down to kiss the inside of his thighs. All the while I wondered if I should turn him around. As I clasped my hands around his hard butt muscles I knew I couldn't resist, no matter what the musk there. He was rubbing his throbbing cock against the side of my face but I told him to turn around.

"Don't get any funny ideas," he said. I knew what he meant; he wasn't going to be fucked.

"No, I'm staying down here," I told him and he let me turn him around.

"Oh, Godd," I whispered as I gazed at the beautiful twin globes in my hands. I kissed each side several times then dragged my tongue up the crack. He moaned. I kissed the sides some more and when I dragged my tongue up the crack again I had the twin globes pulled apart so my tongue dragged over his asshole.

"Awww, fuck, Coach!" he cried out.

I was happily surprised at the wonderful taste and the aroma of soap and sweat. He choked down his outcries and shoved his butt against my face. I devoured his ass. I tongued his hole viciously. I dug my fingers deeper in the crevice and pulled his hole open so I could get my tongue inside him.

"Awww, Godd....Fuck, Coach....what're you doing to me!"

I thought about using a finger but I was afraid that would spook him. Another time, I thought, because I was certain there would be another time. I rimmed him till my tongue was tired then I sat back on my haunches to catch my breath.

"That is the most gorgeous ass I've ever seen," I panted.

"Are you ready for my cock," he asked, turning around.

"I've been ready, I just wanted to build up a head of steam," I said.

"Fuck, Coach, I damn hear blew a head of steam when you were eating my ass. I wouldn't have cared if you got me off doing that. I never felt anything so good."

His huge cock stuck out over my face, bobbing up and down and leaking precum. I licked it off and it quivered.

"You must have the biggest cock in school," I said, taking hold of it.

"You think so? You think that'd bring my grades up if all my teachers saw my cock?" he joked.

"I can't get my hand around it," I said, measuring the shaft with my thumb and middle finger.

"Don't worry about your hand, can you get your mouth around it?"

"You're anxious, aren't you?" I chided him.

"My cock's aching, it wants your mouth so bad," he said.

He'd suffered long enough. I took his cock in my mouth and it rewarded me with a gush of precum. I thought he was cumming. As I sucked his cock I had no hope of deep throating him, bad as I wanted to. But he'd mentioned fucking me; I would take him that way.

"Awww, fuck, your tongue is magic," he moaned as he thrust his cock back and forth through my lips. The head pushed anxiously against my throat each time but eased back to prevent him from impaling me.

"Can't take it all the way, huh," he said.

I leaned back to answer him. "I could suck you all day but I don't see how anybody could take this all the way. I'll take you the other way, though, when you fuck me."

I couldn't believe the supply of precum he was producing. It was a never ending flow and I wondered how his cum would be. I imagined he would cum like a stallion. I wanted to him to cum in my mouth but I expected he would be fucking me when he shot his load. But, I kept telling myself, this would surely not be our only time together. I sucked him till his legs were trembling in my hand. I wrapped my arms around his left thigh to steady it. It was the first I grasped how massive his thighs really were.

"Do you want to cum?" I asked.

"No, I don't want to ever cum. I wanta keep doing this forever," he replied. "Why, are you getting tired?"

"No! I thought you might be wanting to fuck me."

"I do. But I never fucked a guy's ass before and I'm afraid it'll make me cum."

"If you do, it won't be the end of your sex life, will it?" I joked. Then in a more serious tone, "This doesn't have to be our only time, Luca."

"I was hoping that," he said.

"We can arrange to get together again, as often as you like."

"I was thinking, when my mom goes to visit her sister, maybe you'd wanta come out and spend a couple of nights. I could fuck your brains out."

"Yes, let me know when that is," I said. "Luca, before you cum, and before you fuck me, I'd like to do something else."

"Sure, what?"

"Sit on my face."

He laughed, giving me a screwed up look.

"Your ass is awesome. I love eating it," I said.

"Sure. Fuck, yeah, I could handle some more of that myself. But first, let's get you out of these clothes," he said as he pulled my gray athletic shirt up. I'd come from my office in the locker room, wearing my PE clothes so there wasn't much to take off. I raised my arms to let him pull it off of me. When I looked all around again he laughed and said, "Stop worrying, Coach, there's plenty of time to get decent if we see somebody coming. Come on, get naked like me."

He pulled me to my feet and pulled my shorts down. I thought he might pull my jockstrap off too-I was h oping--but when he didn't I took it off myself. I went over to sit on the tailgate of his pickup then lay back in the warm truck bed. Luca climbed up in the truck and stood over me, looking down with a big grin.

"I hope you can get your tongue up in me like before," he said as he lowered himself astraddle my head.

I moaned as I watched his magnificent butt descend over me and my tongue was out and ready by the time his asshole touched it. He cried out and settled his ass snugly on my face and I ate him like a hungry puppy. I saw him bring his forearm up to bite down on it. He let me rim him for quite a long time before he rose up, squeezing his big cock.

"I gotta fuck you before I burst," he said in a husky voice.

He climbed down from the truck and I started to bring my legs up but he turned me over so my feet were on the ground and I was bent over the tailgate. He retrieved his overalls and got something out of the pocket. I learned later that it was Bag Balm, an ointment used on cows' udders. He pushed my feet apart and took a stance behind me and lubed up his cock then worked his greased finger in my ass.

"UUhhnnnn," I moaned. His finger was the size of a small cock.

There was no foreplay and it didn't surprise me that he set the head of his cock against my hole and shoved. His huge cockhead burst through my hole and bored through my sphincter and emerged victoriously in the warm chute of my ass. He didn't stop till he was all the way in.

"Awww, Fuck! This is enough to make a guy give up pussy."

He held his stance for a long moment, letting his cock buck and throb deep inside me, then he eased back, shoved forward and began fucking me.

"Ohhh, My Godd!" I groaned aloud.

"If you don't wanta see a grown man cry, don't tell me it's too much," he said.

"No! I've never had a cock this size but it's perfectly wonderful."

"Then I'm gonna fuck your brains out, Coach."

And he almost did. He came close enough that my head was spinning and I couldn't grasp the thoughts bouncing around in my head. He was an incredible fuck. His power was overwhelming and I wondered where he'd learned the moves.

"Ohhh.....Uhhnnn.....Ohh, God, Luca....Awwwhhh, you plow in so deep! I've never been fucked like this before."

"Have you been fucked a lot, Coach?"

"Enough to know an exceptional fuck when I'm getting one," I said.

"This is gonna bring my grades up even more," he joked.

I couldn't be sure how long he fucked me in that position before he lifted my legs up and turned me onto my side then onto my back without missing a stroke. I could do nothing but submit to his raw, teenage lust. I wondered what his testosterone level was right then. In the danger zone, no doubt.

"I wish I could suck you at the same time," I whined. "I so want your load."

"Do you want my load in your mouth? I can pull out and give it to you when I'm ready."

"I want it in my mouth, in my ass, on my face."

"I can give you two out of three," he said, laughing. "I've got plenty to give you a mouthful and spray your face. I can cum in your ass another time. That okay?"

"Yesss! That would be wonderful. But don't cum too soon."

"Don't worry about that," he said as he looked up in the sky. "I'm planning on fucking you till the cows come home. I should tell you, too, lots of times my cock don't go down and I can cum more than once."

He wasn't bragging, just stating fact. He fucked me nearly into oblivion, maneuvering me into one position after another. Bent over the tailgate and sprawled across the bed of the truck. On my back on the tailgate. He pulled me to my feet and fucked me against the side of the truck bed. He threw me on the ground and fucked me, like he'd said he would. He fucked me standing up in the truck bed, banging me against the window. He fucked me standing at the open door of the truck with me sprawled across the seat. In the final position he even fucked me sprawled across the windshield with me clawing at the cab. His stamina was phenomenal. He was a machine. By the time he announced he was getting close, I could barely put two words together. I braced myself for whatever was to come. He said he had plenty, I was nearly overwhelmed with anticipation to see what he meant by that.

I didn't exactly cum in the true sense of the word but he was pushing my cum out of me; I could feel it smearing all over the windshield. At the crucial moment he pulled out and turned me over and I slid down on the windshield onto the hood. He straddled me and shoved his cock in my mouth. I was stunned that he shoved it into my throat and that I was able to take it, all the way down to his balls. He started cumming in my throat but gradually pulled back so he filled my mouth then he pulled out and shot several salvos all over my face. It was beautiful. It was mind boggling. It was the most intense climax I'd ever experienced with another man. As he was finishing he shoved his cock back in my mouth for me to drain him.

He hunkered over me, his hips still in thrusting mode, till I couldn't breathe. He pushed up and awkwardly dismounted from the hood of the truck and collapsed to the ground, leaning back against the bumper. I didn't move for a long moment, till I caught my breath, and I was a bit disoriented, my head spinning.

"Geezuss!" I moaned.

"I have never had that kind of sex before in my life!" he exclaimed from below.

When I was able I climbed down and joined him on the ground.

"Geezuss, Luka, you damn near did fuck my brains out. I'm dizzy."

"I damn near fucked my own brains out," he said, laughing. "Shit, I don't know where all that came from; I couldn't get enough, I couldn't stop. It was like something took hold of me....a force....and I gave up all control of my body."

I eyed his huge cock, standing up from his loins, quivering.

"Has the force still got hold of you?" I asked, laughing.

"That's happened lots of times but always before I had the strength to do something with it," he said.

"If you give me a minute I'll see if I can take care of it for you," I said.

"Naw, let's save it for next time," he said.


I was boned up listening to him tell the story but I didn't want to show it. I thought it might appear a sign of weakness, like reverting back to high school arrested development. This wasn't high school, after all. I was an adult now, talking to an adult; or listening. But the story was hot, Luka sounded hot as fuck and quite frankly Coach Tanner hadn't given way to his age all that much.

"Was there a next time?" I asked.

"Lots of next times. I became the male influence in Luka's life that his mother wanted him to have."

"I'm sure you were a good influence, besides showing him a great time. You were a good influence to a lot of boys."

"Sometimes I didn't think I was influencing you or Devon all that much," he said.

"You did, but perhaps not as much as others. But then we had a very strong male influence at home."

"Yes, you must've been able to cut the testosterone with a knife in that house," he joked. "That was great story you told about Luka. And hot, the way you told it. I boned up."

"Do you still have the problem?" he asked.

"It's going away."

"That's too bad. A good, healthy hardon is a terrible thing to waste," he said.

"One thing about a healthy hard on, when one goes, another one rises to take its place," I joked.

"But if it isn't wasted, another one always comes along."

"We don't have to dance round the issue, Coach. We go back too far for that. Do you wanta have sex with me?"

"I've wanted to have sex with you since you first walked into my classroom."

"Well, I'm legal now," I said with a sly grin.

Epilogue Chapter Fourteen

Colby was without a doubt our biggest and proudest surprise. He surprised us all by going into the seminary. I half expected him to be expelled within the first six months but he went on to become a priest. Somehow, he still didn't fit the mold. He arrived in a beat-up old pickup, looking not as healthy as I thought he should. He arrived "in costume" as Jason put it and it seemed to weigh heavy on his stooped shoulders. We greeted him on the porch, hugging him tightly. He was still solid but not as heavy as he used to be. We joked lightly about his "costume" and he said it was the only clothes he had.

"Something I want to get off my mind," I said. "I don't think I ever told you how proud I am of you."

"Yes, almost as proud as we were surprised," Jason said.

"It's not about pride," he said. "Pride goeth before the fall. But I appreciate you saying it. I just didn't want you to be disappointed in me."

"Do you go by Father Colby or Father Dismas?" Jason asked.

"Did someone tell you to ask me that, or do you know about St. Dismas?" Colby asked.

"Dismas was the thief who was crucified with Christ," Jason said.

Colby laughed. "I thought you were going to crucify me and Braden when you found out what we'd been up to."

"If I scared the hell out of you, I intended to. But that was all made good."

"Well I confessed it anyway, and you might be happy to know, I officially credited you in the confessional for putting me on the straight and narrow."

"Has my cause for sainthood been started yet?" Jason joked.

Braden and Will came in from the barn. Nolan was right behind them and they all gathered around.

"The truck....these are your only clothes....you never told us about the poverty in your parish," I said.

"It's Appalachia," Colby said.

"We never made the connection," Jason said. "We just knew you were in Virginia."

"Deep in Virginia," he said.

"You've lost weight. You don't look healthy," I said.

"We must all make do with what God provides us."

"No. That's not good enough. Why didn't you tell us? Isn't there a charity of some kind? There must be government programs."

"There are more charities than you can shake a stick at. They come and go. Many of them go with the money they collect; scams. By the way, it's not smart to question God's plan," he threw in at Jason. "As for government programs....you always said everything the government touches turns to shit. The government programs come and go like the seasons. Another bill is passed to eradicate poverty, there's a lot of hoopla, and before the ink is dry the social do-gooders are off to save another section of society and the program barely gets off the ground before it simply collapses. The bureaucrats keep their jobs, doing nothing and none of the money ever gets to the people who need it. It's happened so often that the people don't even bother to hope anymore. The one thing government programs do quite well is to provide good jobs for government employees."

"What about the Church....I mean with a capital C? Isn't there any help from the diocese? What happened to alms for the poor? Surely your bishop is aware of the situation."

"I'm still wrestling with that," he said. "We have been relieved from the obligation of any assessments by the diocese but our alms for the poor come from the poor. Honestly, I don't have the time or energy to worry about the root causes; I must be focused on the day to day problems of my parishioners."

Jordan had come in on the last part, taking a chair that he turned around to rest his arms across the back. I was still impressed how the muscles in his arms stood out.

"I know you took the vow of poverty but that wreck on wheels out there is ridiculous," he said.

"It's all the parish can afford," Colby said. "They can hardly keep food on their tables. Fortunately one of the men is a mechanic so he keeps the wreck running." He laughed. "He promised it would get me up here but he wouldn't promise it would get me back."

Jordan stayed and listened intently for a bit then left the room. When he came back he handed Colby a check.

"If you don't think my money is tarnished...."

Colby took the check. "Hungry parishioners won't give a damn," he said. "I thank you."

Levi, who also made money the same way as Jordan came in looking for Jordan and sat in on the conversation. When he realized the gist of it he put in his two cents worth.

"I feel like a total hypocrite saying this but God did give me this body and the talent so I'd be more'n happy to donate every third out-call."

"And ask nothing from me in return?" Colby asked.

"Not unless you can guarantee me a ticket through the Pearly Gates."

"I'm afraid I'm not the gate keeper," Colby said.

"Hell, the pitiful two bucks you get for every in or out call ain't gonna feed very many people," Jordan chided him.

"Make that two hundred, Father," Levi said. "An hour," he added.

"I'm not in a position to judge, only forgive," Colby said.

"Well, since you don't think our money is tainted, I see no reason why we can't all be part of God's plan," Will said. "Give me an address, I'll see that you get a check every month."

One by one the others came in and, curious about the confab taking place in the kitchen they sat and stood around to see what was going on, and each one pitched in in some way.

"I want to place one condition on all of this," Jason said. "What we send you doesn't go in the collection plate where it has to be accounted for. You, personally, use it wherever you see fit."

"It will go mostly for food, clothes, coal....the bare necessities of life. And I might try to save a little back to help with repairs on some of the houses, and the church and rectory."

"That's my stock in trade," Nolan said. "What kind of repairs you needing?"

"Well, for starters, the roof. It would free up several pans and kettles sitting around to catch the water when it rains," he said jokingly. Then more seriously, "But the first priority would have to be the Brown family. They're living with five kids in a two room house that's simply leaned over."

"I didn't sign on for this," Jason grumbled.

"I'm the one who signed on for it."

"You requested this parish?"

"I'm bound by a vow of obedience and I signed on for wherever the bishop sends me."

"This will not stand. And I'm angry with you for not telling us."

"Can I ask you something, Colby? It's a touchy subject, considering you're a priest."

"I am a priest; I hear confessions. I've listened to more touchy than you can imagine."

"Does anyone use condoms? Seems that might be a small step in stemming the tide of poverty."

"You have to do the math," he said. "What's a condom cost, a buck? Sex three or four times a week....that's three or four dollars that will buy oatmeal, grits, rice, flour to feed a family for a week. They can't think ahead to prevention, their focus is on each day as it comes, each meal for chrissakes. It's a daily battle for survival for these folks. And I'm sure as hell not going to suggest to these men that they give up sex."

"If condoms were provided, would they use them?"

"I really don't know."

"Okay, tell me this; if a woman or a man asked you if it's okay to use birth control, what would you tell them? Better yet, if a man came into the confessional and confessed that he was using condoms, what would you say to him?"

"I would say it's better to feed the children he has than to create another child."

"And your conscience would be clear on that?"

"I believe the bishops and cardinals who define and hold us to God's word are sometimes confused about what God is saying. There is no reference to condoms or any other kind of birth control anywhere in scripture. The only reference even remotely related to birth control is God's command to 'multiply and fill the earth.' God knows they've done that, so that commandment has been fulfilled. The scripture I hang my hat on is feeding the hungry. Condoms could be a tool in the fight against hunger and poverty."

"Well put."

"Should we or should we not have had this conversation when Jacob was still here?" someone joked.

"Jacob is providing for his family."

"Because he's able. There's probably more than one root cause but one has to be lack of education."

"Kids don't learn when they're hungry," Colby said. "Offer them a book and a bowl of oatmeal or beans, see which they shove aside."

"But once he's fed, he still has the book."

"What few there are," Colby said.

"Speaking militarily, you often need a three or four pronged attack to defeat the enemy. I mean, you're probably not going to have much effect if you keep shooting at a guy who is well entrenched in a concrete bunker. You might need to toss a grenade and shake things up a bit."

"I was never in the military....your point is?"

"You attack it from all sides. The immediate need is food. Then clothes. Heat and shelter. Then books and school supplies."

"And throw some condoms in the mix."

"Shelter is going to need a lot of attention. I mean, that one family's house is caving in around them."

Nolan looked around the room. "Collectively, we have the talent. I can get the materials wholesale. All we need is to arrange a time."

"I smell a plan."

"Alright, but this can't be like a fuckin' government program where we jump in and make a big splash then swim away. We have to be in it asshole-deep for the long haul; long enough to make a real impact."

"When did we ever get by with doing anything half assed," he said, looking at Jason and me.

"Excuse me but I can't help noticing that the conversation has shifted form the abstract to the present tense," Colby said.

"There's a plan brewing, Father."

The plan slowly came to fruition. Right there in the kitchen there was over $10,000 in cash and promises for Colby to take back with him.

The next day, Friday, Colby drove his old pickup into town where it was loaded down with food and new clothes and filled up with gas. Jason and I bought up all the condoms in two drug stores. The kid at the checkout at one store was wide-eyed.

"Holy shit! Can I come to this party?" he joked.

At the other store there was a middle aged man at the checkout.

"Don't ask," I told him as we were checking out.

We took the younger boys to pick out school supplies and then to a book store to pick out books. They were a huge help in knowing what kids would read. Colby was overwhelmed. It was interesting the way all the rest saw it simply as something that needed to be done. Colby was nearly overwhelmed at the outpouring of generosity. When we were back home I took Jason aside.

"Do we really think that truck Colby's driving is going to make it back to Virginia without breaking down?"

"Only on a Hail Mary," Jason said.

"I don't think the entire rosary will keep that thing running," I said. "What do you say we give Holy Mary a little help?"

"A new truck?"

"Or a good used one," I said.

"Do you think he'll accept it?"

"He won't have any choice. He's a priest who has to have the best interest of his parishioners at heart," I said.

"Well, let's make another trip into town."

We took Colby with us, saying there was something we'd forgotten. He got the picture when we pulled into a car dealership.

"You don't have to do this," he said quietly.

"Yeah, I was told we did," Jason said.

"Who told you?"

"An angel of God came to me in a dream; threatened me," Jason said.

"You wouldn't know an angel if you saw one," Colby scoffed.

"I knew this one; he swatted me with his wings," Jason said as he was getting out of the car. A salesman came out to greet us.

"We need a truck," I said. "Late model, low mileage, low maintenance."

"Got a couple I can show you," he said and led us off.

He showed us three. One was a GMC Sonoma and two were Ford Rangers. They were both too small.

"We need something bigger."

"I've got one that's really late model; a Dodge Ram, just a year old. One owner. Less than fifteen thousand miles. Oversized bed, dual cab. It's loaded."

"Let's have a look," I said.

We looked it over inside and out.

"Looks like this is everything you'd need, and then some," Jason said. Then to the salesman, "Why do you have it instead of the original owner?"

"Says he likes the new truck smell and he's got the money to indulge himself," was the reply.

"It's too much," Colby said, shaking his head. "I can't let you do this."

"We didn't ask your permission, Father, and we don't need your approval," I said sternly. "Now, do you want to take it for a drive before I buy it?"

"If you're determined, there's really no need. It's got everything I need and more," he replied.

"We'll take it," I told the salesman.

"Great. Let's go inside and do the paperwork."

The salesman was a little taken aback when I told him I didn't need financing. So was Colby. When he asked who it would be titled to, Colby was quick to point out that he had taken the vow of poverty so it would have to be titled to the diocese.

"No," Jason said quickly and emphatically, looking at me. "Put it in your name, and loan it to him."

"What would your bishop say to that?" I asked.

"I don't know. Not much he could say, I guess."

I bought the truck and rode back in it with Colby behind the wheel.

"I don't know how I can ever thank you," he said in his humble manner.

"You'll put it to good use; that's thanks enough."

"You've all done so much. I wasn't expecting this."

"Really!" I said. "You honestly thought this bunch wouldn't come through?"

"I know, I should've known better," he said.

Before they left the boys-turned-men agreed on a two week period in the summer to travel to Father Colby's parish and do the repairs on the rectory, the church and the homes that needed it. It started out with Jordan, Nolan and Braden but Will volunteered too, and young Luke and Aaron begged to go along. Nolan's man, Levi, insisted on joining them, so did Jesse. Jason and I scheduled our vacations to go, too. When my brother, Brian heard about the project he kicked in a thousand bucks for expenses or to buy materials.

Epilogue Chapter Fifteen

Father Colby said he wasn't there in a priestly capacity but he was unable to shed the mantle of a priest. It was unique having our own priest and there were those who couldn't resist taking advantage of it. I heard Will ask him if he would go for a walk with him and they walked far out to the fence where an apple hung over on to our property.

Another time I saw him and Jake out by the barn talking; Jake squatted down digging a stick along the ground and Father Colby leaning against the side of the barn with one foot cocked against it.

Even Luke had him cornered out beside one of the pickups for a time, and Jordan asked him to go upstairs where they could talk.

As Told by Father Colby:


I truly had not meant to be there in a priestly capacity but these were my family and when I was asked about things religious or moral I could not shut them out. The problem I had was striking a balance between strict doctrine and the reality of who these people were. It was made easier because no one asked me to hear their confession but I was still under obligation to offer sound advice within the realm of that reality. I had expected to be drawn into the theological but not of such a personal nature.

Will was the first to approach me. He asked me if I would take a walk with him and we walked out to the fence, under the overhanging limbs of an apple tree. I was a little surprised because we had barely met, but perhaps that made it easier to approach me; someone who did not know him intimately.

"I am being drawn into a quandary of my own making, Father," he began.

"Those are sometimes the easiest kind to get out of, if you can retrace the path that took you there," I said.

"Not this one," he said.

"Alright, let's see if we can find a new path out."

"It's about Luke."

"Luke's a fine boy," I said.

"Yes, in so many ways," he said. "Braden told me all about his family, about the underbelly of the lifestyle here. And everyone is aware of our lifestyle....Braden and me, and Luke and Aaron."

"Yes, I believe there is a general and mutual understanding all around," I said.

"He's having a wonderful time, being accepted for who he is. He spent the night in the hayloft with Jake."

"That is neither a condemning nor an innocent statement"

"Jake told me nothing happened. They just lay together and talked."

"Do you believe him?"



"The time is going to come, sooner rather than later I'm afraid, when Luke is going to make his feelings known to me, and I don't know how I will handle it."

"When that time comes you will be at a fork in the road. The right fork takes you down a path of righteousness. The left fork, I can tell you, has a lot of warning signs, none of which are meant to be heeded but only to lure you on. You would barrel past them till you tumble into a raging river where the bridge is indeed out. Unless you are willing to drown, the left fork is not an option for you. But, having said that....I'm not a parent but I've been around children enough to know that the worst thing they have to deal with is rejection."

"So where does that leave us?"

I removed my collar and laid it over a tree limb.

"I was a man before I was a priest, and before that I was a horny teenager. I am still a man as well as a priest. Those urges and desires don't go away by reason of ordination. We are not forever cleansed of impure thoughts. I see how very much you love your son and he returns that love with adoration. You would never hurt him."

"Of course I wouldn't."

"I imagine in my own mind, that anything of a sexual nature that might occur between you and your son would not be just sexual in nature. It would be an act of love. You would not initiate it. You would not groom him for it. By the same token, you would, in his eyes, be rejecting him. You must make him understand that you are not rejecting him, but his advances, much like Jake must have done with him in the hayloft. Beyond that, you simply stand ready to be a loving father."

He stood staring down at the apples on the ground.

"Wow!" he said finally, looking up. "I wasn't expecting that."

"I wasn't exactly expecting your question," I said.

"Interesting that you speak in parables," Will said.

"I learned from the best."


Jake tagged me when I went out to get something out of my truck. He was out beside the barn, squatted down, looking rather pensive and digging a stick along the ground. He looked troubled. I walked over to him.

"You look troubled; what's up?" I asked as I leaned against the side of the barn and cocked one foot back against it.

"Nothing I should trouble you with. Besides, you don't have your collar on."

"I have it. Do I need to put it on?" I asked as I pulled it out of my pocket.

"I'm sure you didn't come here to be bothered as a priest," he said.

"Then bother me as a friend."

"You would still listen as a priest; you know you would."

"So either way you get the benefit of my sage advice," I joked.

"It's two things, actually. I don't know if you know or not, but Luke and I spent the night up in the hayloft."

"It's been rumored," I said.

"Do the rumors say we had sex?"

"No, just the opposite."

"We didn't," he said. "He's fourteen, father."

"A very mature and precocious fourteen," I said.

"Irresistibly mature and precocious."

"But you resisted."


"Why? And if so, why are we having this conversation?"

"It could've easily been otherwise. We slept naked."

"Much to his delight, I'm sure, and yours. And a tribute to your will power."

"It wasn't all because Luke is so young. Part of it was, I felt I would be cheating on Devon."

"I never got the impression you had monogamous relationship," I said.

"That'd be pretty impossible, us being stationed apart all the time."

"Then why do you think it would matter to him if you'd had sex with Luke? No, Jake, I think you were guided by your conscious in regards to Luke's youth."

"But the thoughts I had; the desire.....holding that beautiful boy....."

"If there was wrong in your thoughts, you dispelled it by your actions," I said.

"He wants to have sex with his father. I discouraged it."

"As did I."

He looked at me, surprised.

"He told you!"

"No. Will's getting those vibes. Whatever, it's still an issue between the two of them."

"You're a blessing, Father," he said.

I chuckled.


Young Luke was coming back from the woods where he'd been swimming. He was wet and shivering in a towel.

"It's too cold! I don't know how they stand it," he said, coming towards me.

I met him half way and took the towel and began drying him off. "Get dried off and stay out in the sun, you'll get warmed up," I told him. We were near one of the pickups parked near the barn and I dropped the tailgate for him to sit on in the warm November sun. "We're not going to have many days like this so best take advantage of it."

"Do you ever go swimming now that you're a priest?"

"I haven't, but there's no rule against it," I said. "But I did when I lived here."

"What was it like, living here with Brad an Jason?" he asked.

"Good if you toed the mark, not so good if you stepped out of line. So it really boiled down to a matter of choice. Braden and I learned early on that it was easier to toe the mark. Nolan, on the other hand, had a problem figuring that out," I added, laughing.

"Can I ask you a question? It's as a priest."

"Of course."

"Do people really come to you and tell you all the bad things they did?"

"Yes, it's called confession. It's a privilege, granted by God to wipe away your sins."

"Do they tell you everything?"

"Well, they're supposed to. It's not a good confession if they purposely hold something back."

"I mean do boys, for example, tell you stuff like jacking off?"

"That's pretty much a staple of confession for boys your age," I said. "In fact, it's the most common thing I hear about."

"What do you say when they tell you?"

"Well, I tell them to try to refrain from doing it and find some other activity in its place."

"Do boys ever tell you they've done it with another boy?"

"Yes, they're supposed to.

"Do they tell who the other boy was?"

"Not usually, and I don't ask."

"Then do you hear from the other boy?" he asked.

"Sometimes I know I'm hearing from the other boy; sometimes not."

"I don't know if I could do that."

"Sure you could. You're talking to me right now," I said. "The only difference is, I don't have my collar on and we're not in the confessional with a screen between us."

"There's a screen between you and the boys?"

"Yes, I don't know who is on the other side of the screen; or I'm not supposed to."

"But you do sometimes?"

"Yes, after a while I can put voices to faces."

"That would be embarrassing if they knew you could do that."

"No, I've called a boy by name more than once in the confessional and they're usually relieved that somebody knows and that somebody happens to be somebody they can talk to. Then they often come around and sit facing me. There was one boy who panicked and ran out of the confessional when I called him by name, but that only happened once."

"I guess I can understand being relieved 'cause I'm talking to you and you pretty much know all that's going on here. I'm sure you know about me and Aaron." He laughed and went on, "It'd take a year for Aaron and me to confess everything we've done." He looked around again, then back to me. "Did you know I spent the night up in the hayloft with Jake?"


"We slept naked. What would you say if I told you that behind the screen?"

"Well, I might say it was inappropriate but if nothing else happened....."

"Nothing did. Jake wouldn't let it. Listen, I gotta ask you something else while I've got the chance," he went on quickly."

"Go ahead."

"Well, I....I've been having feelings about my dad. You've seen him; he's a total stud. I wanta be just like him."

"Any boy would," I said.

"Well, maybe not a white boy; he wouldn't wanta be turned black," he said, laughing. "So I wanta know how wrong it'd be if me and my dad had sex together. Not that he would.....but if we did."

"How wrong do you think it would be?" I asked.

"I don't think there would be anything wrong with it because he's my dad and we love each other. So it wouldn't be just having sex, it'd be more like making love, that's the way I see it."

"When did you start having these feelings?" I asked.

"Probably a long time ago but they were more like admiration, till now."

I had to pause a moment for thought. I gathered my thoughts and then told him, "I'm not going to attach any more wrong to it, not personally and not as a priest. Society has already done that. The wrong in it would have to be between you and your dad. I see how close you are to him, I think you should come right out and make these feelings known to him and the two of you deal with it. He's not going to initiate anything with you, Luke, you can be sure of that. That would have to come from you. If you did make advances I'm certain he would reject them. You need to understand that he would not be rejecting you, but only your advances. My best advice to you is, you should never put him in that position. Or anyone else, for that matter. You're young, Luke, you have plenty of time to explore your feelings.

"Sometimes I hate being young."

"Don't. Don't wish away your youth," I told him.


Jordan's approach was typically Jordan. Several of us adults were sitting in the living room talking. The television was on but muted; it might as well have been turned off except that it sometimes served as a focal point. Out of the blue he clasped my thigh and said, "Father, we gotta talk." I stood and followed him upstairs. We went into one of the rooms where he sat on the lower bunk, one of the same bunks that we had slept in when we were teenagers. I stood leaning back on my hands against the wall.

"Sit," he said, patting the bunk beside him.

I sat down. "What's up? Nothing serious I hope."

"Just some stuff.....I need to clear my head."

"Should I have my collar on?" I joked.

"No, you wouldn't say anything different with or without your collar. Not to me anyway." He was leaned forward, forearms on his knees and he clasped his big hands together. I noticed how muscular they were.

"Hardly anyone has any secrets around here but I didn't tell my whole story." He glanced around at me.

"You don't owe it to me," I said.

"It's not that. You know I've had sex with about everybody here, excluding the boys. I've also had sex with those boys at my school....Oakley and Chris. The thing is, I've had sex with them as their coach. Well, it's not just them. Others have been drawn into it."

"How many others?"

"Lots. Too many," he replied.

"How many is too many?" I asked.

"At least a dozen more. I didn't draw them in, the other boys did, but I allowed it. Welcomed it. We discovered that old shower room when they were helping me clean and rearrange my office. Well, that's been turned into an orgy room. Right there in school, right under everyone's noses. Boys are getting passes out of home room or study hall to go down and work out then they go back in the old shower room and have sex."

He hung his head for a moment then went on, "Sometimes I join them. During school hours. They're all old enough, I've made sure of that. They're all jocks so there's a tight bond there, they trust each other, and they want me included. I did, without hesitation, at first, when there was just me and Oakley and Chris, then even when they brought in a couple more boys. But then I started butting out. So they went on without me and before I knew it, things were getting out of hand. One day, just before coming here, I was in my office and here comes six guys through the door. They just smiled and said Hi and went back and let themselves into the old shower room. They asked me if I wanted to lock up and join them but I told them I had work to get caught up on before Thanksgiving break. They laughed and one of them said they might need my help. That's when I realized that there were already boys back in the shower room; they had come down before I came to my office. I got a look inside and there were at least eight boys back there, all naked and the first ones there were already having sex."

"I closed the door and locked my office door and went back to my desk. I told myself, they're full of testosterone and horny, let 'em have their fun. But I couldn't concentrate; there was all that hot, jock muscle back....... I finally weakened. I double checked my door and even turned out the lights so anyone who happened to come down to the locker room would think I was gone for the day. Then I stripped down to my briefs. I was still apprehensive but the door to the old shower room was like a magnet drawing me in. I opened the door and slipped in and closed it behind me. There was barely any light in the room and I could only make out shadows at first. But as my eyes got used to the dim light I could make out the forms of naked athletes very clearly. There was sex going on all around me, from kissing and making out to cock sucking and brutal ass fucking. I knew I shouldn't be there; more, I should put a stop to it and make them all leave. It was in the middle of the school day; classes were going on! But the sounds and smells were like a drug; especially the aroma. These were the smells I loved, greatly compounded-the chlorine and male sweat. I sucked them in and moved in among them like a wild beast selecting its prey. As I did so I heard whispers; 'Look man, it's Coach!' And 'Fuck, is he gonna join us?'

It was the first I realized that most of these boys thought I was just being a good guy, letting them sneak down to the locker room and let off steam. They had no idea about me, and I had just outed myself to all but a select few who were already aware. If I'd come into the shower room still dressed in PE gear I would still have my cover, but there I was in a pair of very small briefs and my cock was bulging out of them.....literally, the head was pushed up out of the waistband."

"I didn't say anything. I moved over to a tall, muscular boy, Kenny Bryant, leaning against the wall stroking his sizeable cock and watching the others. He was surprised to see me; he said so. I told him I probably shouldn't be in there but I wanted to see what goes on behind the door behind the cabinet. He said damn near everything imaginable. I could see that. A burly football player had another boy up against the wall, fucking his ass. The smaller boy was groaning and clawing at the wall but it didn't look like he was trying to get away. Oakley stood astraddle another boy laid out on an old bench on his stomach, and he was fucking his brains out. Chris was the meat in a three-way sandwich on the floor.

My cock was throbbing so hard it ached. I told Kenny I hoped I wasn't interrupting anything, as I reached down to replace his hand with mine around his cock. He gave me a surprised look and relinquished his cock. I stroked him as tremors of excitement ran through me. His cock felt good in my hand, so warm and thick. After a moment he reached his hand down inside my shorts for my cock. He breathed, Geezuss, Coach, and freed my cock as he pulled my shorts down with his other hand. We worked them down and I kicked them up, grabbed them and put them around my neck. Then we pressed our bodies together and started kissing. I couldn't tell you who initiated the kiss."

"I didn't know why he was standing aside from the rest but he wasn't alone now and he didn't seem to mind. I kissed him hard, grasping his tight, round butt in my hands. He clenched them for me as he pressed himself harder against me. He was murmuring stuff like, 'Fuck, coach' as he started kissing my chest and sucking my nipples. I gave him a couple of minutes to see how far he would go. He kissed down my stomach but then dragged his tongue back up to my neck. When he didn't make a return trip I figured he was new to the game and wasn't comfortable going all the way gay. I mimicked his attention but as I kissed down his abs I didn't stop. I met his cock sticking almost straight up against his stomach and I went farther down on that. He groaned and pushed my head down and I swallowed him whole. I gave him barely a dozen strokes when he started cumming. I felt him try to move my head away but I held on to let him cum in my mouth. I took his load and rose up and kissed him again. I thought, if he was a newbie, I would initiate him. I forced my tongue in his mouth and made him take his own cum. We kissed it back and forth till together we'd swallowed it. He broke away, saying it was his first time with this stuff."

"I felt hands on my body; on my butt and reaching around for my chest and stomach and somebody said, 'Fuck, Coach this is a great surprise' and suddenly two more boys were all over me. A third one moved in and started making out with Kenny. Within minutes I'd sampled both of the new boys' cocks and had one of them turn around to offer me his butt. I took it. He was opened up and slick. The other boy squatted down and rimmed my ass but a minute later he was shoving his cock in me. I pushed back to welcome him."

"It went on for over an hour, Father, well after the last bell rang. I don't even remember how many boys I had sex with. Maybe all of them. The point is, I had sex with them. All of them were seniors so I was comfortable that they were all legal, but I was still their coach, in a position of authority. And it scared me that they all knew about me now."

"Was that the only time?" I asked.

"Godd, no! I swore it would be but hell, I lost count of all the times I swore that same oath. I kept going back. Sometimes it would be just one or two boys who'd gotten out of class, sometimes it was more. But it was the same ones. I knew I had to put a stop to it, or move it away from the school, and I did."

"Where did you move it?" I asked.

"To our apartment. Actually, I got a bigger apartment that would accommodate them all."

"So you closed down the old shower room."

"No. I know I should've but I still use it now and then, like when a boy comes down with a problem he wants to talk about but I know he's there to have sex, we go back there."

"So where are we?" I asked. "You essentially closed down the shower room but you still use it. You moved the orgies to your apartment. That's still a lot of traffic. I don't know where you're trying to go with this."

"I've thought about resigning and going to another school, but it would probably start all over again. And, these boys are like an addiction to me."

"You know what I have to advise, Jordan, so it falls back to you to deal with it."

"I know; you've been a good sounding board," he said.

"You said you were going to move Oakley in with you. Are still going to do that?"

"Officially, no, but he's there most of the time, staying over a lot of nights. So are a lot of the other boys. We never know who or how many boys we'll find in our beds come morning."

"Don't you worry that their parents might get suspicious, their sons spending so much time at their coach's apartment, and so many sleepovers?"

"Yes, but I don't have it in me to turn them away."

"How many nights do you have one of them in your bed?" I asked.

"Most nights, and most of those nights there's more than one....sometimes it's a three-way or four-way," he replied. "But I've checked their records and they are all eighteen."

"But you are still their coach," I reminded him. "I don't know how many are required to constitute an orgy but you have simply moved the problem from one location to another. It remains unsolved. And I don't think it's going to be resolved here and now, or anytime soon for that matter. Or ever, unless you can turn off your desire for boys. So here is my best advice. Accept that you are who you are and that's not going to change. So you have to change your situation. Put that big, heavy shelf back over the door to the old shower room and nail it to the wall. If you must have sex with boys at school, have only one in your office at a time, and be sure your office door is locked and the door to the locker room if that's possible. Curtail the activity at your apartment before you draw too much attention."

"If the boys gang up on you, which I think is happening, you could host an orgy size gathering once in a while, to celebrate something, perhaps, but not every week. You must cut down on the traffic. If you are still set on having this Oakley stud move in, so be it. But no more. You can still have boys come visit from time to time, one or two at a time. You'll still have all the young sex you can handle and it keeps their testosterone level somewhat in check."

He shook his head, laughing. "You amaze me, Father. You hand out such sage and sensible advice."

"But will you follow it?" I asked.

"I will. That's a promise....to a priest."

"Fine, let me know when you have," I told him. "Does it bother you, Jordan, to call me Father?"

"No. It's weird, knowing you like I do, but I'm proud and honored to address you as Father. But this advice....is it within the parameters of church teaching?"

"I don't have my collar on and we aren't in the confessional; it doesn't have to be."

Epilogue Chapter Sixteen

Jason had gone on a midnight ride with some of the boys. I didn't know how I ended up with Luke, Will, Jake and Devon, but I did and it turned out to be pretty damned awesome. We were sitting out on the porch, Jake and Devon parked on the railings, Will in one of the chairs and Luke in the swing with me. It was our last evening together before the remainder of the boys would be leaving the next day. It was chilly so we'd put on enough clothes against the night chill, unlike Jason and the others who had braved the chill, riding bareback and bare ass. Instead of beer, on this, our farewell night, I brought out the bourbon and Canadian Club, both good sipping drinks and nobody asked for ice.

There was a good buzz all around and Luke was getting funny. When he turned more to ridiculous Will told him it was time for him to go up to bed. He didn't' like that but he wasn't one to disrespect his father. He asked for one more drink "to help him sleep" and Will agreed. He gulped it down like a man and went inside. Suddenly he appeared back at the screen door. He was unsteady on his feet.

"Why do I get sent to bed while you all stay up to have all the fun?"

I think we were all taken aback by his brashness. Will looked a little perturbed but he kept this cool.

"Don't push it, Lukas," he warned.

"Just tell me how old I have to be before I stop being treated like a little kid. Everybody knows what's going on but we all dance around it like it's a big secret."

Will started to get up but Devon put a hand on his arm. "I'll take him up," he said quietly.

I was pouring another round of drinks. "Let's face it, Luke is not your run-of-the-mill teenager," he said to no one in particular.

"That's for damn sure," Jake agreed.

"And he's right, I have to let him grow up," Will said. "But that is exactly my problem; he's mature way beyond his years and he's going to be treated by others as if he was much older, and I have to prepare him for that."

"If I might offer a word....he doesn't need much preparation. You've raised him well. He's like a young stallion stamping to break out of the starting gate. All you need do is open the gate."

"Bringing it down to everyday reality, I have a fear even of him going to the mall....of him going into a public restroom by himself," Will said.

"If you're worried about him being picked up by a dirty old man, don't be," I said. "He's not going to settle for that. He worships you, Will; he's not going to disappoint you, even in that."

Someone wondered aloud when Jason and the others might be back.

"I don't think anytime soon; they've built a fire way back in the woods," Jake said.

Devon returned, saying he'd put Luke to bed. We talked through another round of drinks and when we'd finished those we went up to bed. We found Luke sound asleep in my bed, sprawled across the bed on his stomach. The sheet was down around his calves, exposing his smooth, muscular body. We all took a moment just to look at him.

Will looked at Devon.

"I put him my old room," Devon said.

"The little shit!"

"Do you want me to carry him in to one of the bunk beds?" Jake asked.

Will's eyes lingered for a moment longer then he said, "Yes." There was a sadness in his tone.

We started taking off our clothes then the four of us got in bed, Devon and Jake on either side of Will and I lay beside Jake. My cock got hard fast against Jake's butt and Jake' was pushing back against me. I laid my arm over him, my hand over his chest. I saw Devon lay his arm and hand across Will's chest. It didn't go any farther than an embrace for a couple of minutes. Then Will turned his head for Devon to kiss him. It was like an electrical charge went through all of us. I'd never felt anything like it.

Devon rose up over Will in a more passionate kiss and I could see his muscular ass clenching. It was mouthwatering. I stood it all I could before I rose up behind Will.

"Get on your hands and knees beside them," I told him. I crawled over him and got down behind Will and Devon, between their legs, and started licking Devon's gorgeous ass.

"Fuck, yeah," Devon moaned, and ground himself harder against Will.

I cradled Will's legs in my arms and lifted them up. He brought them up around Devon's waist, offering his ass to me as well. I ate both of them. Soon, Devon was moving down, kissing Will's muscular upper body till he found his cock and went down on him. On his hands and knees now, his ass was spread wide open for me. Jake rose up and moved down behind me and began rimming me.

"I wanta fuck you," Devon said to Will.

"Yes. I want all of you," Will said.

Devon moved up, taking Will's legs with him, and bent him in half. I took hold of Devon's cock and guided it to Will's waiting ass. I watched, closeup, Devon's thick cock push through the dark, tight hole then I watched his muscular butt power it deeper.

"Awwwwhh, fuck, yess!" Will moaned as he was filled with the Marine's hot cock meat. "I knew it would be like this, being fucked by a Marine."

As they settled in, I turned to Jake, on his hands and knees. I buried my face and began licking and titillating his hole. He leaned down with his face buried in the pillow. We took our pleasure and gave it, and it was difficult tell one from the other.

"You can fuck me, Brad, if you want to," Jake moaned.

"Wait," Will said, sounding out of breath. "I have another idea if you two can handle it.....I would like for Jake and Devon to double fuck me."

Jake rose up with a surprised look. Devon rose up with excitement.

"You're saying both of us at the....taking both of our cocks at the same time?" Jake said.

"I don't know if that's Webster's definition but you get the picture," Will said.

"IF we can handle it?" Devon scoffed. "You're talking to two Marines; we can handle anything. I'll be base man, you can take top position," he said to Jake. "

Devon lay on his back and Will straddled him to ride down on his cock. When he was fully impaled, Jake took his position behind him. I guided and held him firmly as he pushed to burst through Will's tight hole on top of Devon's.

"This is gonna feel like a beer can," I said as I held onto the thick cock till it was most of the way in. I watched the coupling till both cocks were lodged deep then they began fucking him.

"Oh, my Godd!" Will groaned.

"Beachhead established," Devon bragged.

"Okay? Or too much?" Jake asked.

"Incredible," Will replied.

Devon and Jake high fived each other.

"Godd, it's so hot in there; your cock feels so hot against mine," Jake said as they fucked him.

"It's the friction that's causing the heat," Devon said. "Does it still feel okay?" he asked Will.

"Oh my Godd, I can't begin to describe it. Two big stud Marines inside me at the same time....just fuck me....fuck me," he groaned.

"Tell us if it gets to be too much," Devon said.

"Never too much," he moaned. "This is unbelievable....I never imagined anything could feel so good. Ohhh....UUhhnnn....Fuuucckk, yess, drive 'em in there. Fuck me you two magnificent stallions."

"I think he likes it," Jake said.

"And you don't?" Devon chided him.

"Just doing my duty," Jake said and they high fived again.

Every now and then their cocks would shift and instead of Devon's cock sliding back and forth on top of Jakes, they would be fucking Will with their cocks side by side. This was way above and beyond doing their duty, I could tell by their moans and outcries.

"Like that," Devon would say. "Push in when I'm sliding back, that rubs our cockheads together."

Yeah, they were fucking him for their own pleasure as much as doing the duty. Then suddenly the scale tipped and Devon lost his concentration, his purpose of mission, as Jake chided him later.

I knew, when Jake blurted out, "What the fuck, dude, you're shooting your load! Awww, fuck!...Damn, that's hot! Shit, man you're spewing molten lead!"

They continued fucking him through Devon's cum then slowly ground to a halt.

"FUCK! I can't believe I aborted the mission!" Devon growled.

"Time for an extraction," Jake said.

I didn't think he was putting Devon down, it was just their Marine talk.

Jake was still fucking Will with a slow, steady rhythm as Devon let his cock pull out.

"Ohh, that was wonderful," Jake moaned. "But now I feel so empty."

"Do one of you wanta take Devon's place?" Jake asked me.

"Yes, but I was just getting ready to fuck you," I said.

"Yes, let's do that," Will said excitedly.

Still using Devon as the base man I mounted Jake and buried my cock in one easy thrust.

"Ohh, Godd!" he cried out.

I let my weight down on him and I was pressed tightly against his massive muscles.

"Wow! This is too much, getting it front and back....if I pass out, bring me back," Jake said.

It was an awesome fuck, and as the pleasure became more intense and I was floating in and out of a fog of ecstasy. My eyelids fluttered and I saw Devon astraddle Will's shoulders, offering his bloated cock to me.

"I wanta get hard again," he said.

"Yess, then all three of you can fuck me," Will said.

I was struck dumb. Was this the Canadian Club talking? I wasn't sure it was even possible.

"You really want three cocks in your ass?" Jake asked him.

"If you can force your way in," he said.

"Oh, man, this is gonna be hot as fuck," Jake said.

I wasn't entirely sure how we would position ourselves but there needed to be a bottom man. I was chosen. I stretched out and Will mounted me with ease. Then I felt another hot, hard cock shoving in along the top of mine. I glanced over Will's shoulder to see that it was Devon. Then it was Jake's turn.

It was a struggle but Jake pushed through the tightness between my cock and Devon's, pushing deeper, inch by inch.

"My Godd, what was I thinking?" Will moaned softly.

"We can stop," one of the boys said.

"No! Let's do this!" Will commanded.

They held tight and still for a moment then Jake eased back and started fucking him. Then I felt the intense pressure of Devon's cock moving. Then Jake began moving. It was the most mind boggling thing ever to happen to me.

Will hovered over me, his face a mask of pained pleasure.

"I have to keep telling myself, I've got three cocks inside me!" he whispered. Then suddenly, "Ohh Fuck! What happened!"

"One of us slipped," Devon said.

"Feels like my ass is suddenly stretched the size a fist."

"It's probably stretched more the size of an arm," Jake said.

They repositioned and continued fucking him, their cocks riding hard across every nerve in his ass. I could sense that the pleasure was so intense, and growing with each stroke, that I didn't know if Will would be able to stand it.

"It feels like my head is going to explode; I want to scream from the pleasure of it. Guys....I don't know if I can do this," he gasped.

I had not intended to say it but it was my voice.

"Too much?" Jake asked, but he made no move to stop.

"Too good," Will replied. "You're gonna fuck me out of my mind."

"We'll bring you back," Jake said.

"We can kick it up a notch and all of us cum," Devon put in.

"Then let's make it happen," Jake said.

"They're talking like I'm not even here," Will said.

"They're planning a strategy, that's all," I said.

"It's all right. It gives me a feeling of being used and I like it. It's incredible, providing the orifice to pleasure three Marine cocks."

Moments later his moans came up from his belly, like an animal coming awake.

"I'm going to explode, Brad," he said. "If I don't cum my head's going to burst and my ass is going to explode."

There wasn't much I could do; as base man I mostly lay there and provided my cock as filler to make the chute of Will's ass more snug for the other two moving cocks.

"Okay, let's make it happen," Devon said.

I felt the movement at Will's ass, and of the muscular weight on top of us as the two younger Marines fucked Will with greater gusto.

"Fuck, yeah, we've got this," Jake groaned.

I heard Will groan too. Then he cried out, "I'm gonna cum! Don't stop! Godd, I'm gonna cum!! Ohhh, fuck, hold onto me, Brad....I'm cumming.....hold onto me!" He buried his face in the curve of my neck. "Godd, it feels like my insides are going to explode, or implode!" he whispered and the cum shot out of his cock like a dam being blow up. He choked down his outcries; it was like he was screaming but no sound came out. He clung to me and I to him, my fingers digging into his muscular shoulders. He kept whispering for me to hold on. I trembled and choked along with him. "Oh, God, it feel like my balls are being sucked up through my cock. And now! Fuck, Brad they're cumming in me! Ohhhh, ohhhh.....ohhhh, Godd, it's a flood! Ohh, shit, I....I'm cumming again! Oh my God! I've never done this before!" Then he faded away.

I held onto Will with both arms around his broad shoulders while Jake and Devon emptied their load inside him. Somewhere in the middle of it I got off too but it wasn't an excruciating climax; more a calm but exquisite release of pressure.

Jake brought Will back like he promised. He dismounted and came around beside us and smothered him with kisses and talking him back.

"Holy shit! What happened!" Will gasped.

"Yeah, we're all asking that," Jake said, laughing. "That was the most awesome fuck I ever had."

"Yeah, I never fucked anybody who came twice in a row," Devon said.

The room was awash with the smells of make sweat and cum. I held Will till he found the strength to shove himself up from me.

"Wow, you're so wide open I could get my fist in there," Jake said as he was up on his hands and knees. "I bet I could get my arm inside you."

"No doubt; your arm wouldn't be as big as three cocks. And I'm too weak to stop you," Will said.

"Question is, do you want to," Jake chided him. "To be able to say you did it."

Jake didn't want for my answer. Will moaned when he felt his fingers probing his asshole. He was well lubed with cum and the next moment he was using all four fingers and his thumb. When Will didn't protest Jake slowly and easily shoved his hand through his gaping hole. Once inside I could tell he was making a fist, from the rippling of his forearm muscles. Will moaned and Jake began clenching his fist.

"Does that feel good?" he asked.

"Godd, yesss!"

Jake shoved his hand deeper and Will told him to go slow and easy. "Tell me if you want me to stop," he said.

"Nobody's ever done this," Will said.

"This is so fuckin' awesome; can you take more?" Jake asked.


We were all in a position to watch now, and Jake's arm stretched his asshole more and more and the way he clenched his fist made Will whimper with pleasure.

"Oh, Godd, Jake that feels so good!"

He began fucking him with is forearm, back and forth only a few inches and that cause Will to howl with pleasure. Will had his eyes closed most of the time and when he opened them he saw how far Jake had his arm inside him.

"Godd, he's got his entire arm inside me!"

"Yeah and you took it real good. Do you want me to go in past my elbow?" Will asked.

"No," Will said sternly. "What you're doing feels good, just fuck me with your forearm, and be careful with your fingers so deep inside me."

His dancing muscles massaged the thick muscle, in and out, while his fingers danced magically through Will's guts. It looked like he was building up to another climax. As Jake brought him to the brink he clung to his massive shoulders as his quivering cock belched out another load of cum. There wasn't as much but the intensity was the same. He seemed barely aware of Luke pulling his arm and hand free, except that he must have felt the warm air wafting into his gaping ass.

"I need sleep," Will whispered.

Epilogue Chapter Seventeen

It was Saturday and everyone was packing to leave. Nolan, Levi and Jesse would leave in the afternoon to drive home while Kyle and Little George were flying out a little later. Father Colby had to leave as well, to get back in time for Mass on Sunday. Jordan and Adam were undecided. Braden and Will had to get back and they were resisting Will and Aaron pleading to let them stay back and fly home on Tuesday. We didn't mind one bit but it didn't sound like the boys were making any headway. Devon and Jake were not planning to leave till late Sunday night.

Everyone was checking the rooms to be sure nothing was left behind. Jason and I were fixing leftovers to send along with those who were driving, when the phone rang. I was the closest so I answered it with a short hello.

"Would this happen to be the residence of Brad Courter?"


"Do you remember a guy from sniper school named Levi Brant?"

"Hell, yes! Is this you, Levi?" I blurted excitedly.

"One and the same," he said, laughing. "I know I haven't been big on writing. I'm driving through and I realized I might be in your neck of the woods. I've carried this phone number you gave and thought I'd give it a try."

"Well, you got the right number; where are you?"

"I'm at a gas station, in your town apparently, because they know you. I know it's Thanksgiving weekend....."

"Don't take it there, just get your ass out here," I cut in.

"If you're sure it's okay."

"They're packing to leave but you'll get to meet most everyone before they take off." I gave him directions and hung up. I looked at Jason.

"Can you believe that! Levi Brant, of all people."

"Who is Levi Brant?" Kyle asked.

"A guy I was in sniper school with," I said. "He's on his way out from town."

"How did he happen to find you?"

"He remembered where we live from a few letters we exchanged and he still had the phone number I gave him."

"How long has it been since you saw him?" Devon asked.

"Years ago; ran into him in Vietnam after sniper school."

"Did you know him, Dad?" Devon asked.

"You could say that," Jason replied with a chuckle. "I met him later."

"Uh-oh, there's a story here," Devon said. "Are you going to share any of it?"

"Wait till you meet him. You'll figure it out from there."

"I'm starting to already," he said.

Jason was as anxious as I was to see him. He went out and sat on the porch railing to wait.

"Now why doesn't that surprise me," I heard Jason say a short time later.

I went to the door to see the big black Humvee coming up the drive.

"Typical Levi Brant," I said with a smile. I watched him get out of the Humvee and could imagine the earth tremble when his boot hit the ground. He was as massive as ever. He had on a short-sleeved Henley with the top two buttons open, revealing the deep curvature of his chest muscles. The sleeves rode up above his huge biceps, the material pulled up to cover the heaped muscles of his shoulders. His stomach muscles stood out under the metal-grey material. Black tac pants hugged his thick thighs and wrapped around his still-trim hips, hugging and accenting his still-awesome butt. The pants were bloused over a pair of shiny, black combat boots and the outfit was capped off with studly Oakley sun glasses.

"My Godd," Jason muttered under his breath.

Nolan appeared at the door and I heard, "Damn, would you look at that!

Jesse followed Nolan out onto the porch. "Yeah, a fuckin' Hummer!" he said.

"He's talking about him!" Jordan said from behind the screen door. He came out, too.

I went out and Jason and I went out to meet him.

"Where'd you pick up this tricycle?" Jason asked as they pulled each other into a tight hug.

"I wanted a real Humvee but this was the best I could do. Hummer h2, V-8, 400 horsepower. You know you're jealous."

"Yeah I am. Why don't we have one of these?" he asked me.

Levi pulled me into a death hug and gave me an unmistakable thrust of his crotch. "I would bone up but I see you've got company," he said.

"It's just our brood home for Thanksgiving," I said. "And they wouldn't care if you did," I added.

"Oh? Something you need to be telling me?"

"Later," I said.

As we were going to the house Braden and Will pushed through the two boys at the door and they all came out on the porch. The two younger boys were bug-eyed.

"Who the fuck.....!" Levi whispered, his eyes fixed on Will.

"Your turn to be jealous," Jason said.

"You wanta trade him for the Humvee?" Levi said.

"You'd have to throw in a sweetener," Jason said.

We introduced them, one by one and it was interesting to watch each one's reaction to the ham-like hand that went out, and his arm Aaron, Luke, Jordan, Adam, Braden and Will, Little George, Nolan, Levi, Jesse and Colby.

"Damn, this is all your brood you wrote me about?" Levi asked.

"All but two," I said. "Kyle, here, is my son; Devon is Jason's son. Jake is a buddy to Devon. This is another Levi, he and Jesse go with Nolan. Aaron is Braden's son and Luke belongs to Will."

"Yeah I can see a slight resemblance," Levi said, causing everybody to break out laughing.

"Jacob has already left with his family. He's got five kids. And his brother Pete."

"Sorry I missed them," Levi said.

"And this is Father Colby."

"Your own priest....Mafia style," Levi joked.

"We didn't raise 'em all," Jason put in. "Some of them just came along and we got attached to them. Hell, I don't even remember which ones we raised."

"Well, I appreciate you all allowing me intrude on your Thanksgiving," Levi said.

"You're not intruding," I assured him. "So, come inside. I was packing leftovers to send along then we're going to have some lunch."

The table had not been broken down and everyone gathered around it. Except Jason and me; we set about making lunch.

"So what're you doing now? You said you're driving through to somewhere," I asked.

"I've got my own military training camp," he said with a proud smile.

"Uhhh....do you think the government might be keeping an eye on you?" Jason asked as he set a stack of plates on the table. Everyone passed them around.

"No, it's not a private militia," he replied, laughing. "I help guys get ready for basic training; PT, handling guns and ammo. Mostly high schoolers. I've even got my own fully equipped gym, and the property's got a lake and a creek for water exercises."

"How close are you to being a private militia? Equipment wise, I mean?" I asked.

"Well, I don't have artillery or a tank," he said, laughing. "Just the stuff that's legal for a civilian to own. Two Jeeps, a duce-and-a-half truck, a little quarter-ton. It's mostly WWII, Korean, Vietnam era. Humvees are starting to appear on the market, I hope to get one when the prices come down."

"What kind of weapons?" Jason asked.

"Colt Defense AR15, Barrett 338, Barrett REC7, Savage 338, Savage 223, 300 Blackout Double Star Defense Rifle, M-14s, a couple of M-16s to name a few,, and a variety of sidearms. Oh, and three MI Garands. I've even got a 50 caliber machine gun and the Jeep mounting."

"That's some pretty heavy weaponry," Jason said.

"Nothing illegal," Levi said.

"And expensive," I said. "Ammo must break you up."

"Hey, the school's not free," he said. "Only thing I can't get my hands on is hand grenades. I have to use dummies. But the principle's the same."

"Geezuss, I can't believe parents are actually trusting their boys to you. They wouldn't if they knew you like we do," Jason said, laughing.

"Well most of them don't need their parents' permission. Just the seventeen year olds. I don't take any younger than that. But most of them need their parents' money," he added.

"How'd you get this started? How do you get your clients? Do you advertise?" Jordan asked.

"Word of mouth. I go around speaking at high schools, prep schools, some colleges. That's where I'm headed now. I restrict it to juniors and seniors. Any age in the colleges of course. I set up shop and hand out flyers then I speak to another gathering of just those who are interested. It took a while going around trying to even get in to talk to somebody. Hell, I'm getting invites now."

"It's obviously pretty lucrative," Nolan said, nodding to the door, indicating his Hummer.

"I'm doing okay," he said.

"You said you've got a gym, too?" Jordan asked.

"That explains all the muscles," Luke slipped in.

"Thanks," Levi said, laughing. "The gym is on the grounds but separate. I have standard military PT of course but anybody who wants to work out in the gym has to sign up and pay a fee. It's open twenty-four-seven. You pay your fee you get a pass card so you can work out any time you want. All that's required is you sign in and out. You can bring a guest two times."

'You've really put a lot of time, thought and money into this," I said.

"Why do you sound so surprised?" he said, laughing. "But not really. I saw the need when I read some ads about pre-basic training schools. I figured why not me? I visited a couple of them and saw what they had and decided I could do way better."

"Not to mention total inspiration, the way you're put together," Jordan said.

"There could be something to that," he said. "I've got a couple of pictures in the flyers. One kid who showed the flyer to his dad told me, 'My Dad said if you could get me to look like that he would pay the fee, whatever it is.'"

"You ever have anybody drop out? And is the fee refundable?"

"Had a couple quit on me. I prorate the fee and they get half of the unused portion back. But usually I'm able to talk them out of quitting. I don't do it in a cruel way but I mention disappointing their families, not to mention having to face their friends and even worse, their girlfriends." He smiled; a smile that I was all too familiar with, and I waited. But he didn't say anything.

"What?" I asked. "What's the smile about?"

"Not in this mixed company," he said.

"I still don't picture how this all works. You travel the country so you're signing up guys from all over. When th ey come to you, where do they stay? Do you have barracks or something?"

"Forgot to mention that. Yeah, I've got a barracks that holds twenty four guys; two rows of six bunks double stacked."

"What about meals?"


"Three times a day!" Jason blurted.

"I contracted with a restaurant to send out chow on weekends."

"But you work them seven days a week."

"Hell, yeah, it's the military. And hell, it's only four weeks."

"Four weeks of pure hell, I'm sure, knowing you," I said.

"I do my best," he said, laughing. "But hey, these are kids and young men who want to see what they're made of; push themselves to the limit. And when they think they have, I push 'em a little farther. I even offer an advance course; capture and escape. Teach 'em how to conduct themselves as POWs, and what to expect."

"Waterboarding?" I asked.

"No. But....well, it's not something to be talked about in mixed company."

"We'll un-mix the company," I said, and sent the younger boys outside. They whined and moaned but I told them they could come back in ten minutes. Then I asked, "Okay, what's this advanced training you can't talk about in mixed company?"

"It's only open to the eighteen year olds; I don't wanta have to listen to parents. It's a short course on how to conduct themselves as POWs, what to expect from their captors, that sort of thing. I give 'em an overview and explain that they'll be roughed up, there will be pain, even sexual degradation."


"Just that. Being forced to suck cock. Even similated rape."

"Pray tell how do you get 'em to sign on for that?"

"A few don't," he said. "But after I give them a little inducement most of them come around."

"What kind of inducement?"

He laughed his familiar mischievous laugh. "I go down on every one of them first. That's the first step in breaking down their inhibitions. They figure, 'Hey if he can do it, I can do it.'"

"What about the rape training?

"Same thing. I tell them it will hurt a little at first. I have eight guys arm wrestle and the four winners fuck me. I tell 'em not to hold back. Then I turn them loose on each other, going down on each other, fucking each other. Surprisingly, they take it as a critical part of the training. It's pretty awesome."

"I can imagine," I said.

He laughed again. "Funny thing is there's always at least one guy in every group that says it didn't feel like rape, it felt sorta good. Then I hear rumors about them practicing in the barracks at night."

The boys came back in and gathered around the table again. I wondered if anyone else could feel the undercurrent. Everyone in the room was wondering and wishing. It was like a bunch of young animals on the hunt, circling their prey, and Levi was, wishfully, that prey. But they didn't know....and I could imagine, if I told them, they would be all over Levi like a pack of hungry wolves. Well, not that bad, but there was that in the air.

I'd given Levi a heads up about the guys; I decided to let it ride for the moment; give it a chance to work itself out. Just then Luke raised his hand like he was in school.

"Could I ask you a question, sir?"

"Certainly, but you don't have to call me sir."

"Would you take us for a ride in your Humvee sometime before you leave?"

"How about now? You, you, and you," he said pointing to Luke, Aaron, and Jesse as he stood up from the table. "You got a license?" he asked Jesse.

"Yeah, of course," he replied with a surprised look.

Levi tossed him his keys and said, "Knock yourself out."

He snatched the keys out of the air, now with a stunned look.

"Y-you w-want me to drive?" he stammered.

"You said you've got license. You drive, Aaron can ride shotgun in the front seat. Me and Luke will bring up the rear."

"Yes, sir!"

I was at the door to see the boys running excitedly to the vehicle and I followed Levi out on the porch.

"Please tell me all of this eye candy isn't just eye candy," Levi said under his breath."

"Have a good time with the boys," I said. I had to laugh at his surprised, questioning look. "Everybody here plays for the same team," I told him.

"We'll be back in a couple of days," he joked.

I watched them drive down the lane then went back inside.

"That is the wolf guarding the lambs," Jason said.

They were back in just over an hour and the boys piled out of the Hummer excited as could be. When Jesse and Levi climbed out of the vehicle they were met by Jesse's brother. Jesse introduced them.

"Levi Brant, I want you to meet another Levi, my brother. This is Levi Brant, an old Marine buddy of Brad's."

"Well, what are the odds," Brant said, extending his hand.

"I can't believe you trusted my little brother behind the wheel of this thing," Levi said.

"He's got a license and he looked like he could handle it," Brant said.

"Do you mind if I take it for a spin?"

"Hop in. Jesse can ride shotgun, I'll bring up the rear."

"I don't feel right, you taking the back seat in your own Hummer," Jesse said.

"Well if it makes you feel better, climb in back with me."

As Told by Levi Brant;

I couldn't believe my good fortune in going off with the eye candy of three hot young teenagers but this situation was more promising. I could hardly wait to see what kind of game I could get going with Jesse.

"Where do you want me to go?" Levi asked.

"Wherever you want to....you know this area better than I do."

"Not really, this weekend is the first time I've been here," Levi said.

"Then just drive wherever the road takes you." I didn't much care where we went, I was going to be concentrating on getting settled in with Jesse. I didn't mind being under the watchful eye of his brother, especially knowing that everyone played for the same team. At the moment, though, Levi was totally engrossed in driving the Humvee. Jesse and I settled in and I showed him how to adjust his seat.

"The seats will recline all the way back," I said. "Or if you get really tired, there's carpeting on the floor behind us.

"Thanks," he said, rather timidly.

"Just want you to be comfortable," I said as I reached over and squeezed his leg. He flexed his thigh muscle then surprised me by placing his hand over mine.

"Oh," I said quietly, smiling at him.

"Your hand feels good, you can leave it there," he whispered.

"Your leg feels good, too," I whispered back.

"Could I.....feel yours?"

"Sure," I said, and as he reached over I took his hand and laid it on my thigh. This kid was hot to trot and I didn't want to disappoint him.

"It feels like concrete," he said, trying to squeeze the solid muscle. "I can't even squeeze it."

"Maybe if you squeeze a little higher."

He had only inches to go to reach my crotch and he boldly got a handhold there.

"There, that's more squeezable," I said.

"I bet not for long," he said. "How did you know I wanted to do this?"

"I didn't for sure, but I was hoping," I said.

"You were, really? Is that the reason you put us in the back?"

"Had something to do with it."

"You're starting to feel like concrete here, too."

"That's your doing."

"Could I maybe feel your legs bare?" he asked. "Or maybe we could get in back and I could see you bare all over."

I had to laugh at how this kid had the balls to go after what he wanted. "Yeah, I think we would be more comfortable in the back," I said. I climbed in back and gave Jesse a hand. I thought we would lie down and make out a little but while I was still upright he went right to his knees and started undoing my pants.

"You're a hungry little puppy, aren't you?" I said ruffling his hair.

"I started getting hungry when I saw you get out of your Humvee," he said as he laid my fly open and tugged my tac pants down.

I instinctively grabbed for my briefs but he brushed my hand away and pulled them down too. My heavy balls fell free and my cock swung out and touched the side of his face. I wasn't hard but more than half. He hefted my cock in his palm and pulled sheath back and forth several times. I didn't have to tell him to lick off the precum.

"You're so big."

"I bet no bigger than you," I scoffed.

He scooped my cock up with his tongue and sucked it into his mouth. I was surprised how he sucked it right into his throat. Not all the way, but Damn! I held his face gently in my hands.

"Something tells me this is not your first rodeo."

"Almost, I was just initiated this weekend," he said.

"What about your brother?" I asked.

"He's liable to find a place to park and climb back here with us."

"Shall I tell him to?"

"No, not yet. I want you all to myself. You're the most muscular man I've ever seen in the flesh. Even more than Jake and Devon."

"You wanta see more?" I asked.

"Oh, yes!"

I took off my clothes, down to my socks and Jesse handed me my boots to put back on.

"Godd, you're massive! Unbelievable! What it must be like to live in a body like that."

"Probably the same as living in a body like yours."

"And this," he said, stroking my cock. "I can hardly get my mouth around it."

"Well, in my experience, there are two options in taking an oversized cock....in your mouth or in my ass."

"Yes, I think in my....wait....you said....in your ass."

"You've got me stripped naked, what'd you propose to do to me?"

"I never dreamed you would let me fuck you. I thought it'd be the other way around."

"You said it's not your first rodeo; I like a man with experience in the saddle."

"But I never rode a stallion like you."

"Well, climb on and let's see how you do. But hey, you gotta last more than seven seconds."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . continued

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