"I need some flexing" I stand facing him as he raises both arms above his head and flexes his 19" biceps to full mass for me. "Holy shit"

Coash is still horny from the blow job I just gave him, and the image of me and Marc with a "C" fucking around in the shower last night. But hey, I and getting my muscle fix from the old man and I need it badly.

I lower my jock and gym shorts grab my dick which has been leaking since I first rubbed on his bulge, I have enough precum so there is no need for any lube. I start rubbing his massive ceps and pits run my hand over his pecs then dive my face mouth first into his pit and start licking like a starving puppy.

"Who else are you sucking off around here" he is still in a talkative horny mood.

"Mark and his roommate Dennis, that is when his girlfriend is not putting out for him" I lick the entire length of his bicep. The rock hard muscle makes my cock leak even more. Although I love sucking his massive heavy dick, my muscle fetish gets fulfilled while I jack off is the icing on the cake, plus he loves his body serviced so we both get what we want.

"No shit." Coach mulls that over. "I would have never guessed Dennis. But good for you." He prods some more "and who else". He loves to live vicariously through me and I think he gets off hearing about all my sexual conquests.

"The new guy you hired on the cleaning crew, Roberto" I don't stop rubbing and licking his biceps and my hand is quickly getting me very close to coming.

"Roberto? Really? That skinny little twink". He looks at me like I have lost my mind.

"The young kid who started last week?"

I remove my lips from his biceps long enough "oh yea, next time he heads back to take a shower or change why don't you check him out for yourself. The dude is packing a huge cock." I chuckle "it is those skinny fuckers you have to look out for. And the stud loves to use it on built guys." I lick over his triceps, still feasting on his massive arms and loving it. "He is all top and knows what he is doing with it."

"You are something else son" he shakes his head and smiles. "Now get back on this muscle and shoot that big load". He grabs the back of my head and rams my face into his flexed bicep and as soon as he tells me to shoot I let loose a massive load that runs down his thighs all the way to his feet. Poor me, another load to clean up, what is a cum slut to do but lick my own load from his Muscled legs, thighs, calves and those sexy strong muscle man feet.

While I am licking his calves working my way down to his feet I am in heaven. He lifts his right foot and places it in my mouth, "there you go boy. Get that foot nice and clean."

I sit back on my heels and suck his big toe all the way in and look up and see his fist working on his fully rock hard cock again and a huge smile on his face. "What can I say, you got me horny as fuck today". He shakes his big dick in my direction. "Want one more load before you hit the gym floor"? Like he even needs to ask.

"Damn that feels good". Coach loves his feet massaged and licked. I had never been into feet before, but when you think about it, the feet of a gym rat carry the entire load and brunt of all the work pounding lifting and working out. They are another muscle and one that I have come to love to take care of him and others too. I keep licking and sucking all over his size 11's looking up at his rock hard cock, and on up to the dazed rolled back eyes in his head.

Just when I can tell he is about to come I move up and suck his cock all the way down, I am not missing one drop of this second load of the morning. And true to form, his second load is just as large and tasty as the first one that he shot about 30 minutes ago.

As soon as I suck the rest of his seed from his tube, he lifts me up and kisses me deep and passionately. He is not really a kisser, but on rare times he is extra horny he can let loose and kiss deep enough to make my toes curl. Oh hell who am I kidding, EVERYTHING this man does makes my toes curl. We are not really lovers per se, I am not even sure we know what we are. I do know for sure that this man hung the moon in my eyes, and I am pretty sure he thinks the same thing about me.

We live the total muscle head life. Our 24 hours in the day revolve around the gym, training, our diet, sleep, eat and breathe body building. And lucky for us, he loves to share his passion and aid other serious men into being the best that can be. And for him, being the best is what turns me on the most. His passion for life, his body and his never ending sex drive makes men half his age look up to him.

When he is finished digging what taste of his own load out of my mouth, he swats me on the ass and tells me to get down on the floor and earn my keep. With a smile he lets me know it is going to be a great day.

As I am about to leave his office, he gives me one more toe curling kiss, flexes his biceps one more time for effect and lets me lick it again. "Hey, if you see Marc around, why don't you see if he would like to come over for dinner tonight?" He flexes his other bicep, runs that across my face. "Now get out of here before I have to feed you another load and we get nothing done today but make my cock shoot."



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