Marc with a "C" part two

"Damn, Jake." Coach had called me into his office first thing the next morning he was not happy, but not as pissed as I thought he might be. "What the fuck are you doing sucking off Marc like that?" Shaking his head. "And in my gym no less"

He flips the video back on, and there is no denying me having a go at Marc with a "C". What the hell is up with the C anyway? But he damn sure makes a point to say Marc then adds with a "C" as if it is supposed to impress someone besides himself.

"I got to admit" coach continues "the asshole has one hell of a cock" he is now absentmindedly rubbing his bulge. "Was it as big as it looks on the tape?"

I reach over and move my hand over his massive bulge. Coach is sitting on the edge of his desk, one leg dangling and the other bare foot planted firmly on the floor. He never wears a shirt, and the shorts he wears damn near 24/7 are the tightest gym shorts he can get into. They are not supposed to be compression shorts but his massive thighs and huge round slab of ass from 40 plus years of slinging very heavy weights, not many shorts fit him anyway.

He spreads his legs a little more to give me better access to his bulge, and I stroke that huge mound like it is my best friend and it is and so is he. Coach hired me about 7 years ago to help out around his gym. Since then he has taken me under his wing teaching me the business from the ground up. He is in his mid 60's and I am 33 years old. Many people guess we are father and son, or lovers or totally confused when they see two jacked up body builders hanging out together and so far apart in age. Where I am fair and blond blue eyes, almost pretty boy type looks, Coach is all man, all rugged total muscle daddy in every sense of the word. Full head of silver hair kept trimmed tight, deep set steel grey eyes and the face of man who has years of experience under his belt but the wrinkles only add to his good looks and not take away from them.

Coach is intently watching me go down on Marc in the video, so I take my time and run my hands up his bricks tracing each ab as I work my way up to his hefty pecs. His pecs are literally like slabs of meat plated to the front of his chest and his nipples stick out about ½ inch into perfect erect nubs without assistance, and they are wired directly to his dick. I lean over and circle the left nipple with my tongue before latching onto it and giving it the oral attention he loves. A moan of pleasure escapes his mouth as he lays his head back exposing every huge muscle for me to enjoy. I give his left nipple the same attention that his right one enjoyed before I trace my tongue back down his abs and into his lap.

"His cock was big for sure" I dig into the leg of his shorts and his left nut pops out. "But he is nowhere near the man you are" the head of his massive dick is exposed next. I stretch the already tight fabric to its limits and finally his entire cock and both nuts are set free and swinging in the open.

I kneel between his legs as I feel a strong hand rub the back of my head nudging me closer. Just like the first time and every time since I have seen this cock I am still taken back by the sheer volume, girth, weight and size. Flaccid he is a full six inches with his balls resting on either side of the bulbous head just as low and heavy. He is now sporting a semi, smooth shaved pubes just like the rest of his body. The fresh clean scent of a recent shower mixed with his testosterone and natural pheromones filling my nostrils as I lean in and inhale and rub my face over his large dick and heavy balls.

I reach behind his ass grab the waist band of his shorts, he lifts his butt off the desk and I lower them down his massive thighs over his bulging calves and finally over his bare feet then resume my position with my face wedged deep into his cock and balls wildly licking and tasting anything within reach of my tongue.

I dip under his nuts open my mouth wide and once again try to get them both in my mouth, I have not accomplished it yet but I damn sure try every chance I get. I settle for the left ball and suck it like it is as horny as any cock I have every sucked, trying to deep throat his low hanging ball with his now rock hard cock mashed the length of my face to its full nine and half inches.

"He sure is a looker" coach is still watching the video. "So whose idea was it?" He asked.

I can't speak words but I hum and mumble with is left nut filling my mouth completely.

"Did you have any idea he wanted you to suck him off before yesterday?" I can tell he is lost in watching us on the monitor and does not really expect me to answer.

He pulls his one nut out of my mouth grabs the base of his cock with his full fist he drops both nuts on my face rubs and mashes them around my mouth and nose covering my entire face and then feeds me his cock. I swallow all the way to his fist and use my tongue to lick his hand as if asking him to feed me more. He relents and lets me have the entire rock hard cock and I gulp and gag a little until my nose is pressed into his abs and I feel his balls bounce off my chin and rest on my neck.

Coach lifts one of his beautiful legs rests it over my shoulder spreading out even wider to give me total access to go to town and suck him off. He lays back flat on his desk. The moans and breathing fills his office along with the wet slurping sounds of me giving him the best blow job I could. I have been sucking him off a few times a week since we first met and many times more than once a day and I can never get enough of this real man's dick and he knows it.

"You think we could talk him into stopping by the house". Coach is a verbal man when he is horny, for a man of very few words he is talkative when his cock is getting serviced. I enjoy it, the sound of his voice is as much a turn on as his rugged good looks and his body.

"I'd love to see the two of you go it" he keeps adding to his own porn playing in his mind. "I bet he can fuck like a stallion". His voice is raspier the closer I get him to the edge "would you like that big dick in your ass son"?

Coach rises off the table and stands towering over me on my knees. As I get him closer to the edge he pulls out of my mouth grabs hold and starts jerking his fat cock with every ounce of muscle in his arm. I lean back about a foot from his cock, open my mouth as wide as I can hoping to catch as much of his delicious protein laden seed as I can. The first shot clears my head by a good three feet. I latch my left hand around both of his nuts and give them a good tug, the next few shots cover most of my face with hot sticky cum. I lean in and make sure to catch the remaining drops on the end of my tongue to savor his DNA, when it stops shooting I swallow his cock and milk the tube with my tongue to get every precious drop I can out of him.

I keep suckling on his sensitive cock, he is jumpy and edgy after he comes but this time he does not force me off of it. He lets me suck it bone dry until it is hanging half hard filling my mouth. After I finish him off I use my fingers to get every drop off of my face and suck that in too. He loves to watch me eat all of his cum, and yes, I am a total cum pig and can never get enough.

"How do you want it Jake" he asks me when he finally comes back down from his ejaculation high.

He knows my fetish list for his body is endless and he always obliges whatever I want for when I jack off after I suck his big dick.



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