Marc with a "C" part one

"Gnight Sam," I wave to the owner as he gets ready to leave, "don't worry I will lock up once I am done."

I get a half wave accompanied by a nod and a grunt as he walks out the back office to his truck. Sam has owned this place for 30 plus years and he has been working out for over 40 years. Even though it is in an old warehouse, he has done an awesome job of keeping the place up. (And an even better job of keeping his body rock hard ripped and as jact as studs half his age. The man is shredded.) The gym is equipped with the best equipment, great facilities, and for an Iron pit, he even put up the extra bucks and added a full shower / sauna / whirl pool, the best of the best for what he calls "his meat heads". As soon as he is out the door I rip my tank into shreds and smile at my jact up reflection in the mirror. I can't help it but I run my hands up my sweaty chiseled torso, hell yes I enjoy the feeling even if they are my own hands feeling off my own muscles.

I crank the sound up high on my beats headphones grab the nearest set of 40's and rep out biceps till failure. With each rep I can feel my bone harden in my tight gym shorts. 'Ah fuck it', I lower the shorts over my thighs, down my calves I kick the shoes off and I am finally working out the way I love it, nude, barefoot rock hard and sweaty. Who cares if I am here all alone jamming to the sound blaring from my headset, I love this time of night and I get my best work done when I have the gym to myself.

I made my way back over to the pec deck, sit down grasp the handles, spread the thighs out in wide stance, and of course enjoy the full view in the mirror and then I notice that steam billowing out of the locker room area! WTF? Sam never leaves without making sure everything is locked tight and buttoned up. I peak around the entrance into the locker room, sure enough the water is running and the room is filling with steam. I step into the shower area.

"Marc!" I bark out being caught off guard. 'Marc with a C", I think to myself what an arrogant prick. But damn this prick is one hot fucker, built like a brick shit house, smooth hairless rippled muscles, looks to make the cover of any magazine and that huge cock in his hands. The fucker is hot, but damn he knows it'.

"What are you doing here? The place closed 20 minutes ago?" I am yelling over the shower.

"Me?" He asks with cocky arrogance. "Does coach know you are working out nude in his gym and jacking off all over his equipment?" He continues lathering his hot body, soaps up the big flaccid dick and low hangers. "Well?" He takes his right hand and grabs the base of his hardening cock and slaps it in the palm of his left hand. "Are you going to get over here and suck this big dick, or am I going to have to let coach know what you do after hours?"

"Everyone knows you suck off half the guys in here" he keeps stroking to full mast which is larger and fatter than I have ever imagined in my stroke sessions when I beat off to his image, "Get over here you cock sucker. Hell even coach brags about you swinging from his huge cock." He steps in my direction, still stroking his meat and cupping his full balls.

"You ass hole" I am flustered and stunned and honestly cannot think of how to respond. I don't move even as he gets within inches from me and his cock is now slapping my thighs.

He reaches his left hand behind my neck on my shoulders, I feel his strength as he starts pushing me down, at this point I can't resist. My head and face slide down his wet pecs, across his abs. By the time he has forced me close enough my mouth is wide open eager to accept his beautiful dick. And I swallow it whole - all the way to the base.

"OH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" escapes his lips as I swallow his massive dick until my chin and face is mashed into trimmed pubes and heavy balls with no hesitation and no gagging.

"I have heard about your talents, but fuck----- You are good" of course his words of encouragement makes me kick it into over drive. I run my hands over his rock hard thighs, down the full length of his calves which are larger than most guy's biceps. I run my hands up the back of his perfect legs I reach behind his sculpted ass and grab on with both hands then go to town with my tonsils and throat sucking him like I have not had a dick I a long time. I don't even back off when I start milking his cock with my tonsils and throat flexing along the shaft. Marc - with a 'C' leans back against the wet tiles for support and starts bucking his hips to try and go deeper and harder.

I stretch my jaw wide open lay my tongue out along his thick shaft allowing Marc to set the pace and use his hips to piston in and out of my mouth using me like a human flesh light. I run one hand up his rock hard bricks, tracing each ab with my fingertips while my left hand cups his heavy balls and tug on them. He must like his balls played with because his rhythm skips a pace and a deep moan escapades his throat. Bingo. Both hands on the huge balls now, cupping tugging massaging the cum buried in there. If the weight and size of his nuts are any clue this is going to be one large load.

"I have been wanting your throat since I saw you under coaches desk a few weeks back" he mumbles breathlessly between deep thrusts, his head is thrown back against the wet tiles his eyes are closed, but damn he sounds sexy. "Now I know why half the guys in here all brag about what a great guy you are." His hands are all over my head and face, I feel one of his fingers in my mouth alongside his dick, as if to feel his hot cock in my mouth. "Fuck,,, you have no idea how bad I needed this."

His words of encouragement make me feel good, but I still can't believe I am sucking the dick of the biggest jerk in the gym. Or is the fact that he is the biggest jerk make it hotter for me to suck off? I don't have a clue, and right now with his meat mauling my mouth and throat I don't care.

"I know you want my load" his words are ragged and broken "Of course you do. You must be sucking all the juice and roids out of half the guy's nuts in this place." His pace quickens and I feel his nuts try to draw up in my hand. "I mean look at your body. You are jacked to the max man" My body instinctively flexes up with pride. "Do you have any clue how fucking hot it is to look down and see a pumped up muscle stud bobbing on my big dick?" His voice is deep and rich making me all the more horny to take his load.

"You ready for round one?" he grabs both sides of my head and slams in deep and locks his hips in place. I use both hands to grab and squeeze his nuts, tugging massaging attempting to pump as much cum up his shaft for me to enjoy. At the same time I feel the first molten shot of his seed jet down my throat. The echo of his roar is so primal and load that it echoes through the tile room and makes my body quiver.

After the first lob of cum erupts down my throat he slips his dick out of my mouth and jacks the remaining volleys of hot cum all over my face. He must have shot four or five more squirts. And a verbal roar as loud as the first one with each one with each burst of cum. I reach for his throbbing cock and suck the remaining drops out of his sensitive tube while his knees weaken and his back slides down the wall to a half sitting half laying position to catch his breath.

"Damn Jake, you can have my nut any time you want." He is rubbing his hands over the cum on my face, and then he sticks each finger in my mouth for me to lick clean. "Good boy. You like that don't ya". I mumble "uh-ha" around his fingers licking hot cum off of each one and sucking them like a cock themselves.

"Don't worry lil buddy, I have a lot more where that came from." He winks at me still nursing on his fingers and his half hard cock.

He laces his hands under my arm pits and slides my body up his wet muscled torso and surprises me more than any man ever has, he kisses me with his tongue reaching in for any remaining taste of his cum. The kiss lasts what seems like forever and damn he can kiss like a pro. We roll over on the warm tile floor with the hot water from the shower still covering our bodies adding an erotic spray to the already hot environment.

I feel his hands reach for my still rock hard 7plus incher "what do we have here?" he strokes my cock with firm strong hands. I raise up on all fours straddling his torso. Damn his hands feel good one my junk. This is blowing my mind entirely, first the hot kiss, and now he is handling my cock. Most of the guys I suck off, they love the blow job but after that they are done until they need the next hot mouth. But Marc seems to be enjoying my big hard cock and I let him continue. I scoot up to my knees and raise up so my ass is resting on his half hard dick and watch his hand work my cock.

"I want to feel your hot load cover my pecs and abs" he tells me. I remove his hand from my dick and lay his arms above his head so his pits are exposed and his biceps are on full display. "Flex" is all I can get out using my words, but he knows what to do, he flexes up and pops those baseballs to full mass while his smile tells me all I need to know, he is fucking getting off on this and starts putting on a muscle show.

I use my left hand and grab his right cep at the same time my cock erupts with a huge load of cum, the first stream lands right up the middle of his massive pecs. I feel him flex even harder- "fuck yea" he tells me "give it to me". The next load even shocks me, it lands across his chin and mouth followed by several more then finishes dribbling over his abs before I collapse on top of his sweaty cum covered muscles.



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