Warning: This story contains gay, homosexual content and may depict fantasy and mythological creatures differently than how they are socially portrayed. I deeply apologize if you are offended in any way by the characters or any part of the story, really, I'm sorry T-T 

  The cave on the top of the mountain was deemed dangerous, for many unfortunate souls with the guts to climb it were soon missing from existence. People wondered, what was up there, and some even made rumors that the mountain was home to demons and other creatures of the dark. Well, sadly, those rumors are true.

  She huffed and puffed, almost out of breath, but made tremendous effort to keep going. The girl knew, she was at her limit and soon, they'd come and she would be finished. She ran with all her might, tears streaming down her face after witnessing such a horrible event. Her husband and her wanted to celebrate their anniversary by hiking the mountain together, but they did not expect what was at the top, waiting for them. Her husband, taken away right in front of her, by some mysterious creature that was foreign to her. "Kyaa!" She screamed as she tripped over a mid sized rock in the cave. She scrambled in panic, trying to get back up. As she stood, she found herself face to face with a woman in a cloak. "Oh ma'am! Please, help me! Me and my husband were hiking up the mountain, and when we came to the top, a strange figure came out of nowhere and attacked us! I was lucky enough o get away, but my husband...my husband," she broke out in tears and wailed.

  "Now, now, dear. You'll be safe with me. Just let aunt Lily take care of you," the cloaked woman held her arms out in a hug. The girl was moving towards her until a thump sound came from the woman and rolled out from under her cloak. The two stared at it, realizing it was the head of her husband, she quickly looked back at the woman in fear. "Aww man, I wanted to play with you more, but I guess the cat's out of the bag! No use in complaining about it, I guess," the woman stared at the girl and found enjoyment at how her face was taken over by horror. "Haha, what a cute face you got there! Cute faces make meals so much more tasty!" The woman laughed heartily.

  The girl turned back and was about to sprint in the opposite direction, before something grabbed her foot and pulled her closer to the woman. She screamed as her hands were frantically trying to grab hold of the ground to no avail. She was lifted up and brought face to face with the woman. She looked at her foot and saw that she was grabbed by a tail coming from behind the mysterious woman. "What are you?" She whispered.

  The woman chuckled, "Dear, I'm the one that made so many people go missing from here," she lifted her finger to her lips, "and you're next!" She sprouted a pair of wings and horns that tore off the cloak and revealed a body that was the epitome of a sexy woman and barely clothed. "At least you lasted longer than your husband" She smirked and her razor sharp nails extended and a scream pierced throughout the mountain.

   He woke up and stretched his studly body. His name was Kevin, he was 6'9", had short black hair he kept spiked, brown eyes, lightly tanned skin that was smooth without a single facial or body hair, and he kept his pubes trimmed and smooth. He was a total hunk with the body that made heads turn, the image in every dirty thought, and totally naked -- aside from his wings, horns, and tail -- with a hardened dick that measured in at 14" in length and 8" in girth. Kevin was an incubus, a male demon of lust bred by Lilith to help reproduction of more incubi and succubi by fucking women other than Lilith or succubi. However, Kevin had a secret...he was gay. 

  Hearing noises outside his room, he decided to get out of bed and see what all the commotion was about. Upon exiting his room, he saw everyone huddling around the center of the cave town -- built by Lilith and her children -- cheering for something. He went to get a closer look and found Lilith on the stone platform, standing over another naked incubus that Kevin usually hangs out with. He stared with panic, wondering why his friend looked as if he was taking a beating. 

  "Now see this, everyone!?" Lilith bellowed as she lifted his head up violently, revealing a face with a black eye, broken nose, and blood flowed out from his mouth and nostrils. "This is the face of a defected child, one who has betrayed the life given to him by birth. He has told me of some awful truth he hid for years. Want to know what it was?" Yes, I said to myself, "He came out to me and told me he does not want to fuck women! Now, you all know how dangerous that is! If our men decide not to fuck women, then that would hinder our chances of survival and our population! There will be no one to carry our future generations in their womb, if not a single one of our men have the urge to impregnate a women! So, as the Supreme Mother, I sentence this sinner to death!"

Kevin was shocked at her words, he never knew there were other incubi that felt the same as he did but, was horrified at the consequence of execution as Lilith turned the incubus over on his back and her nails lengthened and she swung, cutting off the incubus's dick and balls clean off his body, however blood was surprisingly not rushing out of him. The crowd jumped and, there was a scream or two, the incubus gasped desperately for breath as if he was suffocating and once he stopped, his body began to deteriorate and become dust.

"Does everyone see!? The fate of a defected child!? Now that everyone has seen the warning," she smiled brightly, "have a good rest of your day!" 

Everyone was still horrified as they slowly dispersed and many of the men became terrified for their lives. "I hope I'm not defected," "That was crazy! How she just killed him for a reason as stupid as that!" "Damn, the girls here seem to have it easy, huh?" "At least we can go around naked without a bra and thong like the girls!"

  After seeing such a thing, Kevin's heart raced. He wondered what would happen to him if anyone found out his secret. He thought about it as he went back to his room. "Whoa, Lilith is crazy! Killing a guy for having a preference towards other guys. I think I need to get out of here, pronto, but how? I need permission from Lilith to leave this stupid mountain," Kevin paced back and forth, his dick still hard -- although, incubi always have erections -- "And I need to get some fucking action before I go insane from sex deprivation!" 

Sex deprivation was lethal to Lilith and her children. If one goes on without any type of sexual intercourse for more than a week...let's just say that they have a worse fate than the incubus Lilith killed. 

Kevin lifted his head up as if struck by a great idea. "I'm so stupid for not thinking this before!" He ran out his room and headed for Lilith's chamber.

  "So, let me get this straight, you want to go out to relieve your sexual tensions?" Lilith asked.

  "Yes ma'am! I haven't had a good fuck in almost a week and, I don't want to go through sex deprivation," I pleaded, acting of course.

  "Hmm...well, we can't have you going insane on us. Survival is important, especially with what happened earlier," Lilith sniffed and wiped her eyes as they began to tear up, "I feel so bad for killing him, I feel like the real sinner up there was me," Kevin was shocked at the tears coming from the Supreme Mother's eyes and fell silent.

  "If you needed some sex, why don't you ask one of the girls? I know we can impregnate each other, but we can relieve each other from sexual tensions and keep each other from hitting sex deprivation," she had curiosity hovering over her face.

  "Er...well," He tried to think of an excuse, "I also want to help with our survival and look for lots of women to impregnate!" He blurted out. Kevin stared at Lilith, thinking how lame of an excuse that was, but she looked at me in amazement.

  "Now that is the attitude! Not many of you guys leave to help increase our numbers, you are making a very bold move though, willing to go through with it?"

  Kevin hesitated, but finally answered, "Yes, I will go through with it!"

  Lilith smiled, "Then, child, I grant you permission to leave the mountain and explore the world! Just promise to keep on pumping some chick's out there," They laughed at her comment. "Now, go!"

  Kevin was so happy on his way out. As he exited the cave, he took in the sunlight and took a big breath. "Finally! I'm free from this place and from all the worry I had!" He spread his wings and flew off, starting his hot journey full of action, sex, and lots to come!


P.S. I'm really sorry for not adding any sexual scenes here, but I promise to add lots later on, look forward to it!      - Kev 


Kev J.


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