Warning: This story contains gay and homosexual content and may depict fantasy and mythological figures differently than how they are socially depicted. I sincerely apologize if, in any way, you, the reader, is offended by the characters or content of the story. Really though, I'm sorry T-T

  Streaking through the air, faster than a speeding bullet, Kevin was having the time of his life. Finally, after leaving the life of a holed in demon, flying around felt amazing and he felt free. "Damn, am I glad to get out of that shit hole! Although, I might miss some of the hunks in there," he thought about some of the incubi who he had been eyeing for awhile. Just thinking of their hard, smooth bodies and monster dick got Kevin so excited, he started spilling precum from his. "Whoa! Easy boy! Lemme just find a spot to relieve you," 

  Kevin, along with his leaking member, flew around until he found a pine forest nearby and, headed straight for it. Finding a comfortable spot among the trees, Kevin sat down and, began to work his cut 14" monster. One hand, sliding up and down the entirety of its length, the other rested behind his head, elbow up, revealing a hairless armpit. "Oh fuck yeah! This feels great!" He worked harder and faster, trying his best to make himself cum. "Oh...oh yeah...oh fuck yeah!" He moaned and groaned. His dick was leaking precum profusely and he moved his hand from behind his head to grab his second head, stained and sticky from all the precum. "Shit!" He felt a jolt of pleasure from touching his sensitive head as he removed his hand from it and brought it to his mouth where, he licked his salty juice. "Mmm..." he moaned at the taste of himself and swallow the rest of the precum on his hand before working both hands on his member. 

  His body, gleaming with sweat, was hot and desperate to blow a load, so he used his tail to fuck his prostate. "HNGNNG!" He breathed sharply as he drove his tail in his ass. "Aww yeah! AWW FUCK YEAH~~!" The intense scene of him jerk his monster meat with both hands, and his thick tail thrusting in and out of his ass, hitting his most sensitive spots, got Kevin at his limit. He softly bit one of his wings as he felt his load coming, "Oh fuck, HERE IT COMES!!!" He roared as he exploded an unimaginable amount of cum from his dick, with a gruff roar following each jet of cum.

  After what seemed like an eternity, he stopped spewing his milk, slid his tail out his rear, and looked on in amazement at the aftermath. Being an incubus had many perks, and coming monstrous loads as his happened to be one of them. His cum, dripping all over his body, wings, short horns, and face, as if he had just showered in it, as well as large pools of his product laying on the ground around him -- a huge amount covered the tree he was under too -- and yet his dick was still hard and ready for more! A true sign of an incubus!

  "Fuck," Kevin huffed as he laid his head back on the tree, breathing heavily yet softly from the excitement, "That was awesome," he started to guide his hands all over his stained body, collecting cum on them, and gorged himself on his own sweet nectar until he was almost clean from all the cum. "Mmm, so good," he said to himself after finishing his meal.

  Getting up from under the tree, he decided it would be best to get himself cleaned thoroughly, eyeing his cum stained wings. 

  He traveled alone, not fearing once, of the dangers that come. He didn't have to fear, he didn't need anyone, for he himself, was more than enough to take down the demons ravaging the village. 

  Screams of terror and panic filled the village as a horde of low-class demons suddenly fell upon them. The demons ran amok, burning buildings, eating people, and causing uproar in the village. 

  A figure walked towards the burning village as groups of people ran the opposite direction, away from the demons. He was wearing heavily plated steel armor and had two sword, sheathed, one on his right hip and the other on the left. A lady running his direction screamed, "Turn back, idiot! There are demons in the village!" 

  "I am well aware of that," he calmly replied as she just scoffed at him and continued running. 

  A little girl approached him this time, "Sir, are you gonna get rid of the monsters?" She asked obliviously.

  He smiled from behind his helmet and kneeled to her height, patting her head, "Yes little Miss, I am. Now get on out of here before things turn too ugly for your pretty self," he stood back up.

  "Alright mister, go get 'em!" She urged before running with the flock of people. 

  He stood at the front of the village, examining the horrific scene in front of him. Ugly demonic figures were chewing on bloody human corpses, fire burning everything to a crisp, and more demons flying about the destruction. He took a deep breath and slowly unsheathed his swords. "Come demons, and meet your maker!" He yelled as he charged into the invaded village.

  "Ah ha! This will do!" Kevin exclaimed as he found a spring with a small waterfall flowing into it. He rushed to the spring and dove into the cold water. "Brrrrr," Kevin shivered at the temperature, but the water on his body felt great! He swam for a bit before walking up to the waterfall and stood right under it. "Ahh, cold, but this feels great!" He said to himself as he thoroughly washed his body and wings under the falls to get rid of any cum residue that still stuck on him. He made sure to clean his dick off too.

  Just as he was about to finish, he heard something from the other side of the spring. There was a klank, clang, and other sounds of armor hitting the ground, then a splash. Curious, Kevin flew to the top of the springs to get a look at what was on the other side. To his delight, it was a hunk going skinny dipping. When the guy ascended from the clear water, Kevin got aroused by his appearance. He was human, for sure since his dick was relatively smaller than Kevin's but, still above average. However, he had a smooth, hairless body and face, about 5'10", very muscular, defined abs, a perfect hunk face, with hazel eyes, short unkempt brown hair, and was a bit tanner than Kevin. 

  Kevin stared at the dreamboat male in front of him, dick throbbing. The guy groaned and Kevin saw him touch his sides and blood in his hands. "Oh no, he's hurt!" He was just about to go down and help, until he noticed the armor and swords lying on a rock near the shores of the spring. "He's a knight? If he sees me, there will definitely be a fight," he looked back at the hunk as he moved under the waterfall, and Kevin smiled. "But he's so hot, and I need to fuck!" Kevin was torn on what to do, but the decided to go for it.

  "Damn demons! They got a lucky shot on me," the knight said as he looked down at his cut. There was a gust if wind from above and he was surprised to see a muscle god descending onto the shores in front of him. 

  "Hello," Kevin said to him politely, but the knight' attention was focused on the tall and well-built stud that appeared out of nowhere. His jaws dropped as he got a good look at his massive member and felt small compared to the new arrival. Kevin was confused what was going on and decided to strike a conversation, "Water feels nice, huh?"

  Snapping out of his thoughts, the knight said, "Uh, y-yeah. It feels gr-" he cut off as he noticed something wrong with the stud, he had wings, a tail, and small horns. "Wait a minute! You're a demon!" 

  Kevin was shocked but tried to reply calmly, "Yes, but I would never do anything to hurt you-"

   "Bullshit!" The knight interrupted, "I know you demons, attacking the helpless and fending only for your kind! I just came from a battle with imps that terrorized a village, and you expect me to believe you won't hurt me!?"

  "I'm not like those de-"

  "Don't lie! I know you are all the same! Now prepare to meet your maker!" The knight dashed quickly from under the waterfall to his swords and back at Kevin. He lashed out with both swords and Kevin blocked with his extended nails. The knight kept swinging but Kevin kept blocking and evading. "Just die by my sword already, demon!"

  This snapped something in Kevin's mind, and he used his tail to lash at the knight's cut. The knight groaned and fell to his knees and Kevin whacked his swords out of his hands, sending them flying into the spring. "Now look here! Stop comparing me to low-class demons like imps! I'm not as stupid as those ugly creatures, and besides I'm not the type of demon to hurt people like that!"

   The injured knight looked straight at Kevin, "Then what type of demon are you!?" His face looked angry.

  "Hmph, let me show you," Kevin looked deep into the knight's eyes and charmed him. The look of anger was replaced by the face of lust. "Now then, the fun begins! First off, suck my dick!" Kevin ordered.

  "Gladly!" He replied eagerly, as he stretched his mouth to take in Kevin's size. His mouth was soon warm and dripping with saliva and precum as he wrapped his mouth around Kevin's head.

  "Oh yeah," Kevin moaned, "Now get started!" The knight started to slide up and down a short length of Kevin's monster. Kevin kept moaning, but wanted more. "Take all of my dick you lazy slut!" He put his hands behind the knight's head and shoved his length down his throat and face fucked him. "Aww, fuck! This is better than jacking off! Mmmm! Surprised that you could take it all, honestly. Oh fuck...yeah, take all of it you slut!" The knight made muffled sounds to indicate his enjoyment. He was getting fucked hard, as the demon's dick kept ramming the back of his throat, but it was painless and he only felt pleasure. "You're a good slutty knight aren't ya? Now play with your hole too!" Kevin ordered.

  The knight was lost in his lust and did what he was told. His anus was wet with ass juice, using that as lube, he inserted one finger and fucked himself with it. He was in heaven, a big dick hunk fucking his face and he was fucking his ass with one finger, then two, then three, and soon, he fit all his fingers in his ass. The knight felt like he was about to blow and, Kevin knew that too, "Cum if you want," Kevin said with a mock merciful tone. Right after, the knight came, muffling loudly through Kevin's huge cock. "Yeah, there ya go! That was hot, and you came a lot! You're a bigger slut than I thought!" Kevin praised as he saw the big loads of cum launch out from his 8" cut dick and stained both of them.

  "Aww, you got me dirty! Now to pay the price bitch!" He rammed his dick harder and faster down the knight's throat, ready to blow. With one last thrust, he pulled out, but the knight wrapped his mouth around his dick. Kevin was so aroused by the determination of the knight to take his load, that he blew up in his mouth. "FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKK YEEEEAAAH! Swallow all that cum!" Kevin came even more than when he was under the tree. He roared loudly at every jet that shot into the the knight's mouth, even thought he knight could not swallow it all, he tried his best to get as much as he could. The remainder of the cum, Kevin shot in the knight's face and body. 

  Dripping with cum, the knight swallowed the amount in his mouth and ate some more with his hands. "Damn! You have quite a load!" Surprised by the amount of cum he couldn't take all at once.

  "Thanks, but it's not over yet!" Kevin grabbed the knight and brought him on his back, atop a rock with his shirt on it. "We've still got to feed this hungry ass of yours!" 

  "Wait! I don't know if I can!" The knight pleaded.

   "Don't worry! If your throat can take my dick then so can your ass! Besides, I saw you take in your entire hand," Kevin stated, "Ready?" He waited for no answer and drove his monster drill up the knight's ass. The knight let out a cry of pain and pleasure. "Fuck, yeah! You got a hot, tight ass! Umph!" Kevin pumped his dick in and out of his ass again and again. Thrusting harder, faster, moaning and groaning louder and more sexual.

  The knight felt like he might pass out from the pleasure and pain. "FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKK! Please fuck me with that monster of yours!" His dick flapped around as his ass was pumped over and over again. He was totally owned by Kevin, and Kevin knew it. 

  "Ugh...fuuuck! Now you see!? I'm not like the -urk- other demons! Shit! Damn, your hole is fucking amazing!" 

  "You aren't the demon -ah!- I thought you were! Ah shit! Your big monster is too much, I'm gonna cum!" 

  "I'm close too!" They got louder and Kevin fucked even more ferociously as they reached their climax. "Here it comes!" They both bellowed as they shot up they huge loads. "Fucking shit!" They groaned as the knight shot high into the air before it landed on his face and all over his body, while Kevin pumped his nearly endless stream into the knight's ass. After he finished, he took out his rock hard member and went down on his knees to drink the nectar oozing out from the prostate he wrecked. The knight gathered the cum on his body and swallowed it from his hands. 

  "Whoo!" Kevin exclaimed as the two cleaned themselves off in the the spring, "That was awesome!"

   "Yeah!" The knight chuckled. "That really was. Never knew there were passionate demons like you!"

  "Yeah, we prefer to just hide out in a cave than interact with other species," Kevin laughed, "But that was memorable! Anyways, I think I should leave now!" He walked out as he finished washing his dick clean.

  "Wait!" The knight cried, "Don't go. Look, I'm sorry for my rude comments, but after all the things we just did, I take them all back. And I realize that I just want to be with you forever! Hmph, I usually go solo, but I wouldn't feel the same without you by my side! Please, allow me to accompany you! I'm in love with you!" The knight was desperately pleading and Kevin was astonished by his speech and confession.

  He stared the knight up and down and thought hard before making his decision. "What's your name?"

   "Arthur, Arthur Pendragon," the knight replied.

  "Well, Arthur Pendragon, unfortunately I too travel alone," Kevin started and saw a look of disappointment on Arthur's face, "But I wouldn't mind some company," he ended.

  Arthur's face lit up, "Oh thank you!"

  "Just be warned, the road ahead will be long and hard with many dangers!"

   "That's been my entire life so far! And there ain't nothing longer and harder than your monster" Arthur said, triumphantly.

  Kevin chuckled, "Very well then, come, let's set off!" The two kissed and Arthur went on to place on his gear before they walked off, never forgetting the time they had at the spring.


P.S. I hope this makes up for the non-sexual action from the first one.


Kev J.


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