Chris awoke to a strong beam of light flooding into his bedroom and shining into his eyes. Luke lay beside him, his arm stretched across his lovers chest, and his face snuggled into the soft pillows. Chris began to sit up, then hesitated reluctant to leave the warm bed and risk waking up the blond boy who was so peacefully asleep.

Swinging his legs out of the bed first, Chris slowly slipped out and pulled a pair of boxers on as he tiptoed quietly to the door. As he expected his flat mates weren't up yet as they had all gone to a party the previous night and were most likely hung over.

Chris was in the middle of making two cups of tea for him and Luke when Marks bedroom door opened and he emerged wearing only a pair of faded grey shorts. "morning beautiful" Chris joked ironically, smiling at his friends dishevelled appearance. "Whatever" Mark mumbled heading over to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of water.

"Good night?" Chris asked sipping his cup of tea and leaning against the work top.

"It was alright...mostly just a load of college kids, I felt way too old to be there!"

"Hey! Luke's a college kid and I'm not too old to be with him!" Chris retorted, scowling.

"Whatever..." Mark replied grabbing Luke's cup of tea from the side, despite Chris's protests. "How was your night anyway?" he asked collapsing onto the sofa and nearly spilling his tea.

"It was....really good actually" Chris replied beaming, walking over to the sofa to join his friend.

"Really good? As in really really good?" Mark asked sitting up suddenly more interested.

"uh yeah....we er, you know....finally did it." Chris smiled to himself as memories from the previous night came back to him.

"Wow! Congrats man, you took your bloody time though!" Mark joked, smiling "so how was it?"

Chris smiled, sitting back into the sofa and taking another sip of his tea. "It was perfect...he's perfect!"


Ollie woke up to the sound of someone calling his name and nudging him lightly. He groaned, his hangover getting worse the more he woke up, and rolled over onto his back struggling to open his eyes. "Morning Ollie, here I made you this" Will said pushing a cup of coffee into the younger boys hands.

"Where am I?" Ollie asked confused "and who are you?" Will sat down on the edge of the sofa Ollie had been sleeping on and passed him the clothes he had drunkenly flung off in the night. "I'm Will, and in you're in my flat" he replied looking at the blond boy beside him. He noticed how even hungover he was still a good looking boy, with his wavy blond hair and toned arms and chest. Ollie stared at Will quizzically, "did we...?"

"Did we what?" Will replied.

"Y'know....have sex?" Ollie asked seriously, noticing his own nakedness.

"No! God no! You were really drunk last night and you refused to go home after the party, so I let you stay here...that's all!" Will added quickly, blushing a little at the insinuation.

"Oh right ok..." Ollie paused glancing at the brunette boy who had kindly let him stay. He was tall with broad shoulders and it was obvious from his physique that he played a lot of sports. "'re not gay then?"

"What?" Will asked alarmed

"Well, it's just you let me stay here, when I was very drunk...and naked, and yet you didn't try anything..."

"Well even if I were gay why would I automatically want to have sex with you?" Will asked confused and a little insulted.

"Well I'm not saying....well I mean..." Ollie stopped, glancing at the other boy. "Are you gay?"

Will paused for some time, assessing what the other boy's reaction would be. He'd heard rumours that Ollie was gay, but he didn't know it for sure and it wasn't exactly common knowledge that Will was gay himself. "er....yeah I am"

" too!" Ollie replied, pleased that he may have a chance with this attractive boy after all. " got a boyfriend?"

"Err no...I'm not exactly, y'know out yet!" Will looked down at his feet feeling a little self conscious.

"Oh ok that's cool. I won't say anything." Ollie moved up a little on the sofa and placed his coffee down onto the table. "I should probably thank you for letting me stay last night...." Ollie mentioned, sliding closer towards Will and placing his hand on his leg. Will noticed what Ollie was doing and tensed suddenly. Ollie was a good looking boy and it wasn't like Will wasn't attracted to him, but he couldn't help feeling like he would be taking advantage as the younger boy still seemed drunk.

"Ollie...." Will started, as the blond boy began to slide his hand up the other boys thigh. "I'm jus saying thank you" Ollie replied with a devilish smile as he undid Will's flies and slipped his hand down his pants. Will reluctantly let out a moan, it was becoming harder and harder to protest as the young blond gently stroked his now erect 8 inch cock. "Ollie we shouldn't be..." Will was interrupted as he felt Ollie's soft lips plant against his own, gently at first then with a fast paced passion that literally took Will's breath away. Ollie's hand moved faster and faster up and down the length of Will's shaft as the two boys continued to kiss, until Will broke away suddenly. "I'm close..." he panted, as Ollie picked up the pace even further, "I think I'm gunna...." Will let out a loud moan as he exploded uncontrollably into the air and onto Ollie's hand.

"Wow" Ollie exclaimed marvelling at the amount of cum the brunette had released and wiping his hand with a napkin on the coffee table. Will lay back on the sofa, stunned at how amazing that handjob had been. He had had plenty of handjobs before but this one was phenominal. Ollie hopped up off the sofa still naked and grabbed his clothes, "You mind if I take a shower?" he asked, already heading for the bathroom. "Yeah....I" Will barely replied, still breathing quickly and slumped on the sofa.

Ollie entered into the hallway, looking for the bathroom and pushed open one of the doors. "Oh sorry I didn't realize this was a bedroom...I was looking for the bathroom!" Ollie exclaimed as he came face to face with a naked Matty. "That's ok Bro, I was just heading there myself" he replied holding up his towel and a pile of clothes. "Oh sorry I'll wait back in the living room" Ollie said, smiling as he turned to leave.

"Don't be silly we can share!" replied Matty seriously, taking Ollie by the wrist and leading him to the bathroom.

"ummm ok" Ollie replied a little confused....and excited.


After an eventful weekend luke found himself once more outside the college gates waiting for his friend. While he couldn't wait to tell Ollie everything that had happened with Chris, he was also acutely aware that people at their college weren't very understanding when it came to homosexuality, and if the bullies found out wha he'd been up to, he knew things wouldnt be great at college.

"Hey dude" Ollie said strolling up to the gates with a cocky grin on his face.

"Hey" Luke replied smiling and getting ready to turn into the college gates.

"Wait!" Ollie shouted quickly glancing behind him, clearly looking for someone. "I err...I'm actually meeting another friend this morning"

Luke stared at his friend a little startled. Like Luke, Ollie wasn't particularly popular at school and his only real friend at college was Luke. "Who is---?" Luke was cut short as he saw the brunette boy Will from the other day round the corner.

Ollie beamed at Will as the brunette placed an arm around his shoulders. "Luke this is Will, we met the other night at that party I told you about and we've spent the weekend together!" Ollie smiled a little smugly at his friend. "Oh and Will this is...."

"Luke! Yeah we've met" Will said good naturedly. Ollie narrowed his eyes slightly, clearly a little jealous that Luke had met this hot brunette boy first. "really? Well have you met Luke's boyfriend Chris?" Ollie said quickly, exaggerating the word boyfriend to make a point.

"er no actually..,I didn't know he had one, but I'm sure he's great!" Will replied slightly confused as to why Ollie suddenly seemed so jealous.

"Well we should probably go inside, we don't wanna be late!" Luke sighed disapointedly, realizing that he'd have to wait til later to tell his friend about him and Chris.


Luke was on his way to his next lesson when he saw Tristan McCormick and his friends coming towards him. Usually he wold have run into a side corridor to avoid them, but unfortunately he was in the science corridor which was one long tunnel joining up two ends of the school, and there was no where he could hide.

"Hey guys look who it is!" Tristan yelled suddenly spotting Luke. Luke froze too scared to move towards them and knowing that moving back the other way would be no use as they would simply catch him. "Where you going Luke?" Tristan asked, him and his buddies moving closer and starting to surround him against the school bulletin. "you going to meet up with your gay friends? To fuck each other in the loos?"

"! I'm going to biology...." luke whimpered looking down at the floor and wishing they'd leave him alone.

"Biology huh?" Tristan sneered "let me teach you a bit about biology...." Luke tensed up. He knew that one of two things were going to happen, either Tristan was going to beat him up or he was going to give a lecture on enzymes and white blood cells....he had a pretty good idea which was going to happen.

"See I'm gonna teach you about something called survival of the fittest" Just as he'd finished his sentence two of the boys grabbed Luke's arms and pinned him up against the wall. "See survival of the fittest is where the strong us" Luke winced with pain as the boys grip on his arms got tighter. "kill of the weak you" Troy inched closer and closer to Luke. "The sooner you learn to accept this....the easier it will become..." Luke doubled up in pain as Tristan threw the first punch directly into his stomach, knocking out his breathe.

After the first few punches Luke found himself curled up on the floor, unable to move and desperately trying to protect himself, to no avail. Unfortunately for Luke, most of the boys had just failed their end of term exams, and so this beating was a lot worse than he'd ever experienced before....

(sorry this one's been a bit short, I'm uploading the next part in a couple of days)



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