Chris ran his hands through Luke's blond hair, marveling at its softness and the way each end formed into a perfect curl. He smiled as his lover mumbled in his sleep, the corners of his mouth curving into a secret smile that could only come from whatever he was dreaming about. The morning sun streamed through a gap between the curtains, filling the room with a fresh glow of light which reflected and played off of the blond boy's hair.

Before he could stop it, Chris's alarm burst into sound and Luke slowly opened his eyes to see his lover smiling down at him. "Morning Sunshine" Said Chris as Luke rolled towards him, burying his face into the older boys chest. "Morning" he mumbled in reply, trying to rub the sleepiness from his eyes.

"How are you feeling?" Chris asked, a trace of concern in his voice as he gently stroked the boys' cheek which was home to a huge bruise. The previous day Luke had been attacked at college by the usual bullies that would corner him, and had limped to Chris's flat covered in bruises and cuts. He never told Chris what had been happening to him, he knew what Chris would do if he found out, but the older boy wasn't stupid and resolved to find out the culprits and make sure it stopped.

"Better...Now I'm with you" Luke grinned, showing off his pearly white teeth as he ran his hand through the other boy's jet black hair. The two boys really were polar opposites, while Chris was tall, muscly and confident, Luke was shorter, thinner and was very shy.

"Luke, don't think I've forgotten about what happened to you yesterday! I still want to know who did this!"

"No one! I told you, someone threw a football and it accidentally hit me that's all..."

"Y' are a really bad liar" Chris said, a stern look on his face.

Luke giggled at the seriousness of his lover and pulled his head down for a kiss. Chris relished the other boys' warm, soft lips and forgot about the bullies...for now at least. The two boys becoming more passionate now, Chris rolled on top of Luke, taking off his shirt to reveal his tanned and toned physique. Luke ran his hands over his lovers chest, relishing its smoothness, before Chris removed Luke's shirt in return. Having next removed each others boxers, the boys were becoming more and more passionate and aroused. Luke giggled as he felt Chris's erection slide over his leg and Chris smiled at the naive playfulness of his lover.

Chris crawled down his lovers body, kissing and licking his smooth, clean skin and stopping only when he reached the boys now erect cock. Kissing the tip of the boys penis, he expertly slipped the cock right to the back of his throat, not gagging once. Luke moaned at the heavenly sensations he was feeling and played and pulled at his lover's thick hair. Luke pulled the other boy's head off of his cock and smiled at him seductively. Using one hand on the 21 year old's chest, he pushed Chris off of him and onto his back.

"Time for me to repay the favour" Luke grinned as he lowered his head down towards Chris's crotch.

Suddenly, before either boy had time to react, the door burst open to reveal a handsome boy stood in the doorway. "Oops not interrupting anything am I?" Mark joked secretly pleased with himself.

"What the fuck Mark! Don't you knock?" Chris yelled, covering Luke with the blanket.

"Sorry, I didn't know you had company!" Mark replied, finding the whole situation highly amusing. Mark was just one of Chris's flat mates and was also his best friend. Like Chris, Mark had dark hair and chiselled features, except his skin was a little darker on account of his Italian heritage.

"By the way," Mark added "I can still see your cock!"

Chris let out a frustrated sigh as he pulled the duvet to cover himself up. "What did you want Mark?"

"I just wanted to know what your plans were for this morning....but I think I got my answer" Mark snickered.

"You're such a dick you know that? I've got work this morning and I think Luke's got college later right?" he asked. Luke, who had been hiding his face under the banket utterly embarrassed, emerged out from under the cover and nodded. "Er yeah...I've got college in about an I should probably go..."

"Oh ok, well if you wanted to stay a little longer I could drop you off?" Chris asked a little concerned as he knew how unsure of himself and shy Luke was.

"No thanks, that's ok I'll walk. I've got to meet up with Ollie anyway" he replied, his cheeks still a bright red.


"You were a real dick this morning!" Chris snapped at Mark as they both stood in the kitchen. "You knew he was over so why the hell didn't you knock?" Chris was now fully dressed and stood in the kitchen pouring himself a bowl of cereal.

"I dunno, I thought it'd be funny!" Mark smiled, his sly grin "and it was pretty should have seen your faces!"

"It's not funny Mark! You know how shy Luke is, he only left early this morning because you embarrassed him."

"Ok ok I'm sorry, I promise I'll knock next time!" Mark conceded, rolling his eyes as he made a cup of tea. "So anyway" he added changing the subject slightly "what happened last night? Did you guys finally fuck?"

Chris winced at the crude use of the word fuck, then sighed heavily. "No, nothing happened."

"You're kidding me? You still haven't done it yet?" Chris shook his head as he crunched on his cereal, a small dribble of milk dripping past his lips.

"Jeeze, you've been going out for three months, I dunno how you do it..."

"Look it's different with Luke ok..." Chris said wiping the milk from his chin. "He's not like the guys I've been with before, he's....well... a virgin."

"So what? Just take his fucking virginity, I really don't see the problem here!" Mark snapped crudely.

"Its' not that simple ok! Luke has a lot going on right now, he's getting beaten up at college, his family want nothing to do with him, and it's not like his past relationships were all happy families either! The last thing he needs right now is me pressuring him to do something he's not ready for!"

"Yeah but how do you know he's not ready? I mean how long are you prepared to wait for him?" Mark asked.

"I'll wait as long as it takes because I really like him! And besides it's not like we don't do anything...I mean if you hadn't have come in this morning I would've gotten a blowjob, but now thanks to you I've gotta go to work with a fucking hard on!" Chris joked.

"Well I dunno about that...I gotta few minutes spare, I can take care of that for you!" Mark grinned jovially. While Mark and Chris often joked about these things nothing had ever happened between them and probably never would as Mark was straight.

"Yeah right...well I gotta go now so you'll have to take care of me later!"


"Hey" Ollie called as he saw Luke walking towards him. "Hey!" Luke replied as he arrived at the college gates.

"So what did Chris say when he saw the bruises?" Ollie asked concernedly, inspecting the array of bruises on the 18 year old's face.

"Nothing. He didn't need to say anything really, he know's whats been happening. I just made up some lie to try and throw him off but he's not stupid." Luke frowned, staring down at his feet as he kicked a stone and watched it fly across the ground.

"You should talk to him about it...he might be able to help!"

"How would he do that? He doesn't even go to college!" Luke snapped back at his friend, immediately regretting it.

"Sorry! I was just trying to help!" Ollie snapped back, angry that his friend always ignored his advice.

"No, I'm sorry. I know you're just trying to help, it's just that I don't want him to get involved in this."

"OK" Ollie replied smiling at his friend again. "Oh and that reminds stayed round his again last night!" He said a sly smile playing on his lips.

"Yeah and?" Luke replied narrowing his eyes at his friends teasing manner.

"So....did know? Did anything happen with you two?" Ollie pried, eager to hear some juicy gossip. Ollie had always loved a bit of drama and took great pleasure in regaling tales of his sexual encounters to Luke.

"We didn't have sex if that's what you mean!" Luke snapped. Everyday after Luke slept round Chris's, Ollie would ask the same question, and every time he would give the same reply.

Ollie let out an exasperated sigh, "When will you just do it already? Seriously you have no idea what you're missing!"

Luke looked down at the floor once more, uncomfortable with the line of questioning. "I mean sure it hurts the first time, but after that it gets sooo much better!" Ollie told his friend, guessing wrongly that it was the physical pain which put his friend off.

"It's not that Ollie! It's just that...ah never mind" he sighed

"Oh come on tell me!" Ollie pleaded, desperate for some more gossip.

"It's just that sometimes, I get scared..."

"Of Chris?" Ollie asked becoming more serious now.

"No! I mean...yeah I guess of him. I mean I know deep down inside he'd never hurt me, but sometimes I forget know when certain memories come back...."

Ollie looked at his friend, a wave of sympathy washing over him as he remembered finding his friend crying and terrified in the corner of his room, the door still wide open from where his ex boyfriend Kyle had left.

"Luke, you've got to remember that Chris is nothing like Kyle! He'd never do the things Kyle did to you." He consoled softly.

"I know that...i just forget sometimes..." Luke sniffed as tears came to his eyes. He was 17 when he'd been dating Kyle. At first he seemed so nice, he was good looking, charming and he treated Luke well...but then things started to change. He became controlling, angry and he would become violent over the smallest of things. When Luke had refused to have sex with him, saying he wasn't ready, Kyle went crazy smashing up the room and beating Luke to a pulp. He had forced Luke to do many things, and it was minutes after he'd left that Ollie came in and found his friend.

"Hey, well listen we better go or we'll be late to English. If you ever wanna talk about all that Kyle stuff, you know I'm here right?"

"Yeah" Luke sniffed, wiping away his tears as he composed himself for college. He just hoped the bullies would leave him alone today, he really wasn't in the mood to deal with them.




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