Luke sighed as he bent down to pick up the folders which had spilled out of his bag and across the floor. This was becoming a kind of ritual for him as Tristan McCormick and other bullies would push Luke around in the hallway.

"You ok?" asked an unfamiliar voice from behind him. Luke spun around quickly and came face to face to with a tall, muscular boy he'd only ever seen in passing. "It looked like they pushed you pretty hard, are you hurt?" He asked a genuine look of concern on his face.

Suddenly realizing that he was staring at the other boy, Luke quickly stuttered, "Err....yeah....I'm fine...."

"Good, they seemed like assholes, I'll have a word with them next time I see them!" He said kindly, bending down to pick up the remaining folders and papers.

"No, it's ok, I'm sure they'll stop soon....I mean once they get bored." Luke replied, confused and suspicious of this strangers kindness.

"yeah....maybe" the other boy added doubtfully. "Anyway I'm Will" he said putting out his hand.

Feeling slightly hesitant Luke shook Will's hand. Although the boy seemed friendly and kind, Luke wasn't used to people being nice to him. After everyone at his college had found out that he was gay, they'd all kept their distance from him, and he had been bullied ever since. His only real friend was Ollie, another blond boy who was also gay.

"I'm Luke" he added realising that he'd been shaking his hand for a little bit too long. "well it's nice to meet you Luke, and sorry again for the way those jerks treated you, I'll definitely have a word!"

"Ah no that's ok!" Luke said quickly, feeling nervous about a total stranger getting involved.

"Hey it's no good trying to stop me! I noticed before how they were mean to you and I feel bad that i didn't do anything now I'm making up for it!" The brunette boy smiled showing off his pearly white teeth and sparkling blue eyes. And once again Luke found himself staring.


"Oh for god's sake Parsons! Get up!" The coach yelled across the field at Matty, as he was once again on the ground. He wasn't terrible at rugby, it was just that the other boys on the team didn't like him and took a lot of pleasure in tackling a little to roughly. "Will, take Matty back to the changing rooms and get him cleaned up!" the coach yelled again clearly frustrated with how the game was going.

Will bent down and pulled Matty to his feet, supporting him under his arms. After a slow and weary walk back to the changing rooms he carefully sat Matty down on the bench, turning around to find the medical kit. "Thanks for the help back there!" Matty snapped at his best friend as he pulled off his shirt.

"Well what did you want me to do? If you don't wanna get tackled, don't catch the fucking ball!" Will snapped back pulling some anti-bac wipes from the kit. "Ah!" Matty winced as Will gently wiped at the cuts on his face and chest. "Don't be such a baby!" Will chided, smiling up at his friend.

"I'm not a baby! If I was a baby do you think i would have been invited to Bethany Longford's party tonight?" He said, a self satisfied smile on his face.

"Beth Longford? Haven't you been trying to get with her since you were like 14?" Will asked, smiling.

"No! She is pretty hot though!" Matty added, "But then I guess you wouldn't know!"

"And why's that?" Will asked, suddenly very defensive.

"you know...because your ga-"

"shut up!!" Will yelled, looking around to make sure no one had heard. "Don't just go around shouting it out for fucks sakes!"

"Why not? I don't care so why do you?" Matty asked confused.

"Because! You know what people are like here....especially in rugby!"

"Yeah...but it shouldn't stop you from being who you are!" Will smiled and burst out laughing. He loved it when Matty said things like that. "What?!" Matty asked angrily.

"Nothing! It's just that for someone who doesn't know their 6 times tables, you do say a lot of wise things!" Matty smiled, not sensing the insult in that sentence.


Luke snuggled up into Chris's arms as they sat on the sofa and watched TV. Luke had just arrived after coming from college and Chris had been home from work for at least two hours. Chris turned to look at his lover who was sat on his lap with his feet up on the sofa and a blanket stretched over them both. As he studied the blond boy's soft cheeks, angular jaw and cute button nose, he smiled to himself, realising once again how lucky he was to be with Luke.

Feeling slightly affectionate Chris began to lightly kiss Luke's neck, brushing his lips over the boy's smooth skin and inhaling his scent. Unable to help himself Luke began to moan, beginning to become more passionate himself. As Chris moved his right hand underneath the blanket, and started to rub Luke's crotch, the other boy turned to face his lover and their lips met.

The boys began to kiss, lightly at first, but as each began to become more aroused the kissing became frantic and frenzied. Luke ran his hands over his boyfriends chest, feeling the contours of his hard chest and the softness of his skin. After pulling off his shirt, Chris undid Luke's flies, pulling down the boy's jeans and stroking the inside of his thighs, his hands creeping closer and closer to Luke's ever growing erection.

Luke moaned as he felt Chris's warm hands remove his boxers and begin to stroke his cock, still kissing him passionately all the while. Chris suddenly removed his hands from around Luke's cock and proceeded to undo his own flies, lifting himself and Luke up from the sofa to take off his chino's and boxers at the same time. Removing his own boxers, Luke suddenly became aware of where they were. "Wait...what if your room mates come back?" he asked worriedly.

"Don't worry, their at a party, they won't be back for hours!" Chris replied in between kissing Luke's neck and running his hands over the boys smooth back. As the boys continued to kiss, Chris' hands travelled further and further down, til they were feeling Luke's soft ass. Pushing the boy back gently onto the sofa, Chris climbed on top of him, his hard 9" cock running along the blond boy's stomach. Chris paused suddenly, confused as to what was about to happen. Although the boys had given each other blowjobs before they had not yet had sex as Luke had not been ready.

"why did you stop?" Luke asked looking up at his lover on top of him.

"I just wanna know what we're doing?"

"What do you mean?" Luke asked confused running his hands up and down his lovers silky chest.

"I mean...what do you want me to do?" Chris stared into his lovers eyes, trying to gauge the situation.

"I...I want...I think I want you inside me...." Luke replied unsure.

"You think? Or you do?" Chris asked seriously "I don't wanna do anything you're uncomfortable with!"

Luke smiled shyly up at his lover and whispered "I do...I want to have sex with you."

Chris raised himself up off of his lover and stood up from the couch. Reaching out his hand to Luke he led him into the bed room and across to his bed. Luke sat down on the edge of the bed, becoming more and more nervous by the second. Although he loved Chris, he was still scared of what he might do, as he had major trust issues after a previous abusive boyfriend.

"If you wanna change your mind you can! I won't ever be angry at you if you say no..." Chris reached into his bedside cabinet and withdrew a bottle of lube and a condom. Luke said nothing as Chris sat beside him on the bed, once again kissing his neck. After a few minutes Chris lightly pushed Luke back onto the bed and knelt up between his legs. He slipped the condom onto his dick and opened the bottle of lube.

"This might be a bit cold" he warned as he squirted the lube onto the boys tight anus and spread it around with his fingers. After squirting some more onto his finger he gently inserted it into the boys hole. Luke immediately tensed up, becoming more distressed. "Hey, hey it's ok! I know it feels a bit strange but you need to relax." Luke breathed deeply as Chris inserted another finger, beginning to stretch Luke's tight hole. "Ow" Luke moaned, as he felt the second finger go inside him.

After a couple more minutes of fingering the boy, Chris suddenly removed his fingers and looked down at his lover. "You can still change your mind Luke! Even when we're doing it, if you say stop I promise I'll stop!" Luke nodded and took a deep calming breath. He shut his eyes tight as Chris began to push at the boys hole with his thick cock. For what seemed like ages Chris struggled to get it in, not wanting to be too forceful, until suddenly it popped through the boys sphincter.

"OW!" Luke moaned loudly, his face screwed up in pain, he bit his lip trying to move past the pain. As Chris slipped deeper inside the pain worsened drastically and tears rolled down Luke's cheeks. "Ow it really hurts!" Luke cried "Why does it hurt so much?"

"Hey it's ok, it's ok!" Chris gently coaxed, stroking his lovers cheek "it'll get better in a couple of minutes I swear." As Chris slipped a little more inside even more tears fell from Luke's cheeks. "Sweety do you want me to stop?" Luke didn't reply, he merely shook his and bit down on his lip even harder. Chris slipped in further once more until he was completely inside his lover. "Hey sweety, I'm in. I'm completely inside you now..." Chris bent down and lightly kissed Luke's lips. As he pulled out slowly, he kissed away the blond boys tears and then went back in again.

After a few minutes of slow, gentle penetration Luke suddenly began to moan as his lover hit his prostate. "You like that hun?" Chris asked, whispering into the blond boy's ear.

"Yeah" Luke replied sincerely, the pain beginning to ebb away.

After a little while longer, Chris began to pick up the pace as he came closer and closer to orgasm. Luke continued to moan as his lover hit his G spot over and over, his cock, harder than ever, was about to explode. "Chris...Chris I think I....I think I'm gonna...." Before he could finish his sentence Luke came, a huge stream of cum erupting from the end of his cock and onto his stomach. Seconds later Chris joined him letting out a huge moan before cumming and collapsing down onto the boys chest.

For a few minutes the two boys just lay there, Chris on top of Luke, his cock still inside his lover. As Chris got up his cock flopped out and he pulled off the condom, chucking it into the bin by his bed. He rolled onto his side and looked down at his boyfriend, the blond boy laying on his back where he left him, his eyes closed and his chest rising and falling with his heavy breathing.

"Are you ok?" Chris whispered his face full of concern. Luke opened his eyes and looked up at Chris as tears began to form.

"hey, hey I'm so sorry, baby did I hurt you?" Chris stroked his boyfriends cheek, as tears fell down them. "Sweety I'm so sorry, why didn't you tell me to stop? I'm so sorry if I hurt you!"

Luke broke out into a smile as he looked up at his lover, "No you didn't hurt me...."

"Then why are you crying sweetie?" Chris asked confused.

"I...I just really love you." Luke replied, as Chris bent down and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"I love you too Luke" Chris replied as he pulled the blond boy into his arms and the two drifted to sleep.


Will sighed wearily as he lay back on the bed, stretching out his arms and closing his eyes. He hated parties. Matty had dragged him along to Beth's party and while he was off having sex, Will was left alone. It wasn't that he was boring, it was just that no one knew that he was gay and he didn't trust himself to drink at these parties in case he spilled his secret. It was 2 am and he was beginning to feel very tired, and the bed he was lying on was becoming more and more hard to get up from.

Suddenly the door opened and a young boy about 18 walked in. He was a little short, with bright blond hair and bright blue eyes. "Sorry" the boy slurred clearly drunk "I thought this room was empty." Will sat up straight and smiled at the boy kindly "no it's ok you can come in I don't mind. I shouldn't be falling asleep anyway."

"th..thanks" the boy slurred again, staggering over to the bed and flopping onto it. Will smiled at the boy's drunkeness as he realised that he'd seen the boy before. "Hey, you're friends with that Luke kid aren't you?"

" d'you know Luke?" Ollie rolled over to look at Will, his bright eyes becoming a little more focused.

"Oh I don't really...I've just seen him what's your name?" Will asked, realising now how good looking this boy was.

"Ollie" he replied reaching out his hand drunkenly "what's your name? Or should I just call you good looking person?"

Will laughed at the un smooth attempt at flattery and shook Ollie's hand. "Will. So what you doing up here Ollie?"

"ummm....I don't know...."

" well it looks like someone had a little too much to drink!" Will laughed kindly

"No I didn't! I only had...i don't know what I had!"

"Ok, you should probably go home, you're gonna pass out in a minute!" Will got up off the bed and tried o lift Ollie up by his arms, but the blond boy was not being cooperative.

"No! I don't wanna go home!"

"Why not?" Will asked concernedly.

"Because, what if I throw up and choke on my sick? Then I'll die and it'll be all your fault!" Ollie yelled drunkenly.

"Really? My fault?" Ollie rolled over onto his stomach, snuggling his face into the pillows.

"Ok can't stay here, so if you promise to stop yelling then I guess you can stay at mine..."

"Really?'re not like a murderer are you?" Ollie asked suspiciously.

"No, I'm not a murderer!" Will replied as he pulled Ollie to his feet. "Do you promise?" Ollie asked again. "Yes Ollie, I promise!" Will sighed, beginning to regret his decision.

As the two boys were walking down the coridoor a door suddenly swung open and a half naked Matty fell out. "What the hell?!" Will yelled confused.

"Ok we need to go!" Matty said smiling, as Beth came to the door in her underwear. "Go, go go!!" Matty yelled running to the front door.

A few minuted later the three boys were in Will's car and heading back to his house. "So what happened in there?" Will asked suspiciously.


"Matty! What did you do?" Will snapped, beginning to regret coming to the party at all.

"Ok ok, it's no big deal..,But I may have got with Beth's friend tonight....and then Beth as well...."

"Oh for god's sake Matty, you're a real pig you know that!" Maty chuckled to himself knowingly then looked around noticing a passed out Ollie for the first time.

"Who's he?" Matty asked, his eye brow raised and a smirk on his face.

"His name's Ollie...and no before you say it, it's not like that!" Will snapped again.

"Ok ok whatever! No judgement here! Although....where's he gonna sleep?"

Will paused suddenly realising the predicament. "Well I guess he can sleep on the sofa and me and you can share the bed."

"oh you'd like that wouldn't you!" Matty laughed "you've been waiting for this day for years"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Will asked angrily

"you know! You wanna fuck me don't you!" Matty stated seriously.

Will stopped the car suddenly and turned to his friend. "Ok Matty I know you're drunk and probably won't remember this conversation in the morning but let me just make one thing clear. I do not and have never wanted to fuck you! I would rather have sex with a girl than fuck you! In fact I would rather have an orgy with a boat load of girls than fuck you....everything about you turns me off!" Will snapped at his friend instantly regretting it.

An awkward silence ensued in the car as Matty tried to process what his best friend had said. "yeah, you keep telling yourself that mate!" he said winking at his friend.

Will couldn't help but smile at the cockiness and continued to drive home. Tomorrow morning was not going to be a laugh...




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