It had been about the happiest two years of my life, haveing found Lawrence, It seemed that we were made to find each other and share what we had both materially and emotionally with each other.

The weeks turned into months and the months years.

We weren't sure exactly what day it was, but it was right before Christmas there was a light snow there in the hills that week and We had just gotten back from Carson City stocking up on supplies and put them in the storage bin there in our large army style tent that we had picked up from an officer at the Army Post there in Nevada. The tent was like a large open room, big enough to stand up in and we had put a Dirt and rock mound all around it about eight inches high to keep our snakes and any other creatures that might like to make a home in our tent, it also kept out any excess rain from flooding into the tent under the walls of the Canvas tent.

Well Lawrence had gone on up to the dig and was doing some work up there, I was in the tent and I heard the sound of someone yelling for help, it sounded like a young kid or something,yelling for help, I followed the sound and I found this young cowboy about twenty years old or so, laying in a ravine, all scraped, cut and bruised.

I climbed down and checked him out, he had fallen off his horse and tumbled down the ravine when a cougar had spooked his horse, wasn't sure where the horse had gone but it was something that I would check into after getting this kid some help.

I lifted this kid up on my horse and took him back to the Tent, where I proceded to take his torn clothes off, as he layed there on my cot quietly, moaning when I touched a spot that hurt and was injured.

I got to the torn trousers and I began to take them off, and he just looked at me rather embarrassed, I smiled and said, 'It's alright were just guys here, I know what you have down there, got one like it myself.' he smiled at me and layed back down.

I undid his britches and as I slowly began to pull them down I noticed that his cock was getting hard, and this little guy had a nice sized bone, but he wasn't wearing any underbritches just his Denim's and some leather chaps.

Well I noticed he had put his arms up over his face, I guess he didn't want me to see his embarrassment.

When I got his britches off him, his fairly nice sized cock was standing up like a tree trunk, about half his foreskin had pulled back due to his getting boned up. I just looked at his cock there in the tent, 'Looks like that needs some attention, Robert.

He had told me his name was Robert, most guys just called him Rob. He just blushed and said, 'Yeah, guess it does.'

I didn't make a move sexually on this adoreable kid, and I just kept working on his bruises and scrapes, I checked him for any possible broken bones.

AS it goes, he was as pretty as a picture, sorta blondish haired, nicely built, you could tell he was a hard working lad when he was younger, ate like a pig, damn he could eat or maybe he was just hungry not having had any food for a while.

Lawrence was delighted when he saw Rob, 'Its nice to see a fresh face around,' Lawrence said.

It had begun raining and we let Rob stay with us in the tent that night, I smiled as I listened to Rob beat off under his bed roll there on the floor, thinking we were asleep.

Rob asked us if we minded him staying and helping at least tell he got back on his feet and found his horse.

Of course Lawrence told him he would have to be part of the family and do what the rest of us do. I looked at Lawrence and he winked at me, I knew what he was thinking.

Later that night Lawrence, I, and Rob went up to the pool to bath, and I noticed Rob's face almost in a state of shock as he watched me and Lawrence undress and he saw us in our full glory, Lawrence told him not to be ashamed at what nature gave him, and come on in, well he did, thats when it happened.

We began to play horsing around in the pool of water, and Rob was enjoying it too, except for one thing, his dick got hard as a rock again, Lawrence just came up behind Rob and wrapped his arms around Rob and lifted him up and with his hands on each side of Rob's waist, he lifted him up and as Rob just hung there, Lawrence sucked his hard cock for him, 'HOly Shit Man, What you doing, OH shit, that feels good, I Never. OH shit,' Rob said, 'Do you want me to stop?' Lawrence said.

AS Rob gasped for breath, he finally got out 'NO!'

That was all the go ahead Lawrence needed, I saw his mouth as it filled and emptied and refilled with Robs substanital cock, until I heard Rob let out a loud groan and I saw him start jerking as Lawrence emptied Rob of his seed, Rob was breathing funny, and weak, Lawrence Looked at Rob, 'First Time HUH Kid?' by the way your cum is young and sweet tasing, welcome to the world of a lonly prospector. You'll find that happens a lot around here.'

Rob came over to me a few hours later and said, 'Man I never got my pecka sucked afore, that was the best feelin I ever had.'

I just smiled at Rob, 'ever fucked a gal before?'

'Naw almost did one time but didn't get too.'

Well you ever fucked a guy in the ass before?'

'You are in for a real treat, we do all that here.'

'Not shit man,' Rob said with a smile, I might just like it here.'

That night Rob came over to my side of the tent, Hey want to try that again, you know sucking, my pecker,' he said.

I Smile and let him get into my sleeping bag with me.

'Well Rob there is more to this man to man sex than just getting your cock sucked,' Theres alson the act of returning the favor to the other guy, thats only the fair side of sex.'

'Hey man, I can do that, but I will have to be told what to do, I never did that kinda thing before.'

I just said, here grabb this, and I let him put his hand around my hard cock, 'Holy fuck man, this is big, really big,' he said.

He began to stroke it and then I told him to take it into his mouth, his mouth was hot, and wet, and almost made me go into chills when he put about five inches of my cock into his mouth.

Rob was a natural, and after about ten minutes of teaching him how not to scrape with his teeth he finally got me off and I shot my cum down his throat, he gagged at first but got the just of it.

I smiled and said, Son you got it now, go do Lawrence, He said, 'What?' I said, 'Go do Lawrence,' So off he went to the other side of the tent to Lawrences side, he pulled the covers back and took Lawrences cock and took it into his mouth, well Lawrence was asleep and as Rob sucked Lawrences cock, Lawrence began to wake up to a friggen blow job, which he loves anyway.

I heard Rob start to gag, as Lawrence, so into getting his cock sucked that he grabbed Robs hot sucking head and shoved his cock pubic bone deep into Robs mouth and began to shoot his load in Robs mouth, Rob did gag.

The I sucked Robs aching throbbing cock before we all three went to bed and slept very soundly.

We all three awoke to a beautiful sunlit morning and a new blanket of white snow on the ground and the sound of a horse whinnying in the distance, it was Robs horse but Rob wasn't ready to leave, at least not yet, there were more things to learn. Rob wanted to learn it all. coming in Chapt three.



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