It was the summer of 1860 when this incident happened, and I was a young Brave of Mixed decent.

I was the son of a Choctaw Indian Mother, and a German Man, I was a halfbreed, yet I had been raised by the tribe of my Mother.

My mother was a helper/worker at a local trading post there in the area of Big Cabin Oklahoma, not far from where her tribe had a big encampment.

I guess I was the result of a quick romance, according to my mothers discription, between her and one of the most handsome white men she had ever known, evidently he was a good looking, handsome, gentleman, that she has been taken with and I guess they had started getting into a romantic liason, anyway, I was the end result of my Mothers falling in love with this German Man, all I knew about him is what my mother told me, His name was Max Von Schnydeker, and My German name was Heinrich, but I had never gone by that name, I was given the Choctaw name of Lone Wolf, and it just seemed to fit, my mothers name was Smiling Willow.

Well anyway, he evidently just up and left one day without saying a word to anyone, and no one ever saw or heard from him again.

Althought I was what they called a half breed I was accepted into the Choctaw tribe as one of them, I learned their ways, and beliefs, and I was well as you might say Just one of the family, My complection bore the signs of being of German descent, I wasn't as dark complected as the others and I had been the happy recipient of my fathers endowment, Actually I hadn't realized that untill I reached that youthful age when boys started noticing the other boys in the tribe, we would go out in the woods, or on the trails, and would for some reason always end up in a nice little river pool, swimming. naked of course, and it was at this time that I became aware of the fact that I was quite a bit more mature than most of the guys my age.

I had this black bush of thick hair under my arms and on my balls and around my cock, and oh yeah my cock, it was quite a bit larger, thicker and longer than the other young Indian men, some of whom didn't have much pubic hair at all,I was really sorta proud.

And of course as all boys do, we stared to have the usual, sexual things, feeling each others cocks, examining each others balls, just touching and the usual young man things of checking each other out, just sorta pissing contests etc.

Thats when we realized that the touching became a little more than touching and would end up be a jerk off session, which would be a regular part of our afternoon outtings.

Since I had no father, My mothers younger brother, who was about twenty five I guess, talked to me and told me about himself and the guys of his age group, truthfully, boys will be boys, they did the same thing when they were younger.

I guess I was about nineteen or twenty when my mother, Smiling Willow, came down with something bad,and died, I was devastated and heartbroken, she was all I had in the world, except for her younger brother, Little Bear.

But Little Bear had gotten married and had his own family by then.

I decided I was going to leave and go on my own and just get out there and see the world, I had found out about gold in the Western territory, so I decided I would go and see about it, maybe I would be lucky and Maybe have some of that golden Luck.

I got my horse, a few personal items and took my bow and arrows, mounted my horse and took off.

I had journed and followed rivers and known paths and traveled for almost two weeks, following the setting sun westward. I met a man that told me I had reached the Sierra Nevada Mountains and was looking for a Nice Camping spot to set up camp.

It was almost dark that night when I saw a campfire up ahead right on the banks of this small river, I rode up ahead and dismounted my pony, and I saw a young man, setting by himself by a campfire, I looked to see if there were others around but he was alone.

I spoke, 'Hey there, hows it going, I guess I startled him he quickly drew his pistol, and said, 'What the hell do you want.'

I held my hands up and said, 'Nothing sir, just some companionship, I have traveled for so long alone, just would like to talk to another human again.'

'He relaxed his composure and slid his gun back into his holster.

'Well here in these mountains, being a gold miner, you have to keep your guard up.' he said. 'Sorry, didn't mean to startle you,' I said.

Since I didn't know how he would feel knowing I was Indian, I intoduced myself to him as Rich, short for Heinrich.

'Hey Rich, how do you do, my name is Lawrence, I've been out here alone for practically a year now, and I agree, it doe's get a bit lonely, yeah it would be kinda nice to have a chat with someone close to my own age, care for a cup of coffee?' he asked.

I sat down by the cosy fire and stared just sharing a bit about myself, he shared a little about himself and his past, I found out he was a year older than me, and we really seemed to bond. I began to notice how nice looking he was, he was kinda baby faced, very cute and handsome, well built, with those thick muscular arms that were built by hard work, about six feet tall, and broad shouldered, he was really good looking.

I noticed him looking at me too, he was looking over my body as if he might be interested, which I would not have minded at all. I would catch him just staring at me and smiling.

We sat there and talked untill way late that night, then he invited me to stay, which I of course accepted, and we went to our bed rolls.

I guess he must have like me because he invited me to stay with him and share his tent and just kinda become partners and we would share any gold we would find, I just wanted to have a buddy, that would have been my reward.

He had this thing about a day of rest, which he did, every seven days, and we did not work or anything that day, just rested,.

then one afternoon I followed him to the river to a place where the water gently flowed and there was a clear deep pool, deep enough for swimming.

'This is my bathing pool,' he said with a smile.

Care to join me for a swimm or bath?' he asked

My mind flashed back home to the boys in the poole there and I just started taking my clothes off as Lawrence started undressing there in front of me.

I watched his upper body get uncovered and noticed his gorgeous thick chiseledchest muscles, his rippling stomach muscles and his bulging biceps, and then he slid off his trousers and I thought I would swallow my tongue, his ass was a thing of beauty, not very tanned, since men did not go uncovered at that time, and when he bent down to loosen his boots, and slide the trousers off, his nuts hung down like a bulls, big, round, and swinging in their natural sack, Shit was he good looking, I felt those old feelings in my stomach. Feelings I hadn't had in several years.

By the time I got my breeches off and naked, I was almost completely boned up, my cock was almost standing straight up and nine, thick inches is pretty noticable.

I dove into the cool water and the cold water against my balls and cock made matters worse for me.

I got under the water and stayed there, and I noticed the smile on Lawrences face as he came over to me, and then we began to play ing and horsing around in the water like a couple kids. splashing, dunking each other and just laughing and having a great time.

Its then that Lawrence grabbed me and wrapped his thick, sinuey, muscular legs around my body and squeezed, and laughed as he held me tight,

I was feeling these funny feelings, feelings that I had never felt before. I wanted to lean over and kiss his lips, but was truly afraid if I did, it might be my last breath, that was until I slid my hand down to try to re-adjust my very hard cock which had been cramped into a a difficult possition between us, and I felt his cock, It was like a peice of flint, I touched it and realized his cock was harder than a rock, he was turned on too.

I saw this big smile come upon his face as I felt his thick swollen cock head hidden under it's skin sheith, and I wrapped my fingers around his hard dick and began to slide his forskin up and down the length of his shaft and I watched as he leaned his head back, closed his eyes and began to moan, I looked into his eyes, and I saw a begging to continue and I could hear his voice in my mind, 'OH, God Rich, that feels Fantastic.'

The next thing I knew we were out of the pool, back at the campsite laying on a blanket, and Lawrence said, 'Damn Rich, it's been so long since I have had sex with anyone, and your so fucking beautiful, I noticed you when you first rode into my camp.'

I just layed there and let it happen, Lawrence began to leaning over my body and swiped my hair out of my face, he leaned over and began to kiss around my neck and then slid down to my nipples and began to nibbling, and sucking on them, thats a feeling I'll never forget, and then he begant to licking down to my navel. It seemed like he was worshipping my body, it was the greatest feeling ever.

The sensations and feelings, which I had never felt before were going thru me like a massive flood.

I was having feeling like never before, I only knew I didn't want it to stop.

Lawrence was feeling and rubbing up on the inside of my thick leg muscles, against my thighs, and then he touched my tightening balls, I was in heaven with such feelings, then the feelings got better as he got on his knees and began to lick and suck on the insides of my thighs nest to my nuts, It was the most phenomenal feelings of my life, I was gasping for breath, my heart was racing and I was on pins and needles all over my body as Lawrence began to suck on each nut individually, then a feeling I will never forget, The Great White Spirit must have ordained me to know this feeling, Lawrence licked his way up to the end of my cock shaft and the with his fingers he slid my forskin down exposing the swollen, throbbing head of my aching cock, thats when 'Heaven came down and Glory filled my soul,' he slid his tongue and mouth over the end of my cock shaft and I felt warmth and wettness as he slid his mouth down the length of my cock and I arched my back upward, and pulled his face down onto my hard manhood.

Lawrence began to put pressure and began sucking on my cock, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

I began to feeling that awesome feeling of an awesome climactic buildup, and I knew I would be filling his mouth with my man seed soon, but I didn't want him to stop.

As he was taking my thick cockall te way to the bush with each suck I felt his finger began to go between my ass cheeks and move around and gently push into my asshole, what an awesome feeling it was, another first, I hadn't realized that the asshole was so exciting and sexually stimulating, but here I was and there it is, I didn't just want his finger there I wanted his big cock, It was almost a natural thing for me to want.

I told him to stop and put his cock in my hole, I didn't realize what I was saying, until I felt his cock head punch thru and I felt the feeling of first thrust, when his cock finally pushed thru, I was awakened to a sharp pain and then he just slid his cock to the balls into my intestines, I couldn't get my breath, but I just bit my lower lip and let Lawrence have his pleasure, and to my great happiness and surprise, I began to feeling that great feeling of being manfucked, and as we progressed into it, it was feeling better and better all the time, and then By the time Lawrence was ready to blow his nut, I was too, I shot off at almost exactly the same time as Lawence, seeing his happy, contorted, smiling, gruff looking face as his nuts emptied into my gut was an awesome feeling and senstion, I felt really happy and satisfied, as Lawrence grunted, moaned and just said, 'Awh Fuck,' out of breath, and he just layed down on top of me and layed there for a few minutes, totally spent, and exhausted.

When we finally disconected Lawrence has some cum still on his cock and I looked down, smiled and leaned over and just licked his cock off and sucked his nice thick deflating cock until it was clean and cum free, he leaned over and licked the cum off my belly too, then he got up, took me by the hand and we walked naked to the pool and washed off and just hugged and held each other.

We slept together in his tent on a sleeping bedroll and woke up in each others arms the next morning.

I must say I was one toally happy man, from that day onward, I stayed with Lawrence, and the only time we saw anyone else was the occasional wagon load of settlers heading for California, or when we went into Carson City, Nevada for supplies and such.

We did find some gold, plenty enough to keep us supplied with food and our other needed things. But I had already struck it rich with My real Gold mine, and that was finding Lawrence, We stayed together untill he died in 1893. He was an one awesome Find, Lawrence was a peice of Gold.



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