The previous night he had fucked me hard with his 10” dick and as is probably the norm, it made me want even more.

It helped that there was a spark between us so not more than 24 hours later, I texted him to see if wanted more of my ass, and within minutes he was on his way to my house.

I built a fire in the fireplace, closed all the drapes, put on some sexy fuck music and got ready.

He showed up promptly and like the night before, he met me at the door with this amazing smile and energy. I walked him into the house and he grabbed my waist saying, “how’s my daddy today?” and planted a long sensual kiss on my lips while reaching his hands down into my jeans groping my ass.

I led him upstairs into the living room and sat down on the leather ottoman in front of the fire and went to work getting him naked. First his shirt, then his jeans and I left him standing there in perfectly fitting white CK boxer briefs with his impressive dick arcing to one side. He tugged them down but I stopped him and started to lick and suck his cock through the fabric which seemed to drive him wild. He was grinding my face into his dick and moaning as I slathered the white cotton fabric.

Unlike the night before, I relied on his poppers, but earlier in the day I had gone to the store and bought a fresh bottle for myself and cracked it open as I kneeled before this stud.

High on the poppers, I tugged the underwear down and his cock plopped out into my face. I swallowed as much as I could and to my surprise, I was down to his nut sack in no time gagging and choking on 10 beautiful inches of black cock.

He was clearly in the mood to fuck because he didn’t tolerate my oral skills for very long and stood me up to undress me down to my jock-strap du jour.

I grabbed the poppers, and assumed my position on the couch leaning over the back as he kneeled down and started to tongue fuck my eager hole. This stud knew how to rim and my hole tingled with every lick.

He kept up a good pace to my delight and then stood up, pulled me to my feet and sat down where I had been on the couch.

“Just sit on it raw for a moment, I promise, we’ll use rubber, but just slide down on it for a bit….”

There was no way I could deny this man his demand so he lubed his cock while I fingered some into my hole, took a few hits of the poppers and then mounted him while kissing him.

His cock felt amazing as it slid into my hole and I dropped right down until he was pushing against the top of my ass.

I wiggled a bit and “pop” he went right through and was so deep in me. I sat there for seconds enjoying the feeling of him so deep but he is a good boy and lifted my ass up off his dick, reached over and put on a rubber.

I of course would have let him keep fucking me raw, but hey, he felt good either way.

Rubbered up, I splayed myself on the leather ottoman facing the fire and he mounted me from behind holding onto my hips and slamming his dick into me deep.

We fucked on the ottoman for a long time and he teased me with, “shhhhh, the neighbours will hear you!”

We switched things up a bit and I sat on his dick while he reclined on the couch, only this time I was with my back to him.

As I rode him down to the balls again, he whispered nasty shit into my ear calling me a little whore, slut and his bitch.

And then he surprised the hell out of me.

My back was arched, his 10” was all the way in and through the top of my ass and I squeezed my hole and settled down with him all the way inside.

“Babe,” he said, “you feel so good, I think I am in love with you already….”

We kept this up for about another hour, again, he was no clock watcher, and he blew one load into a rubber in my guts but as the night went on, I begged for a load in my mouth and he fucked me ruthlessly but obliged by standing over me, ripped off the rubber and stroked his dick in my face.

Grabbing the back of my head with one hand, he stuffed his cock into my eager mouth and blew a nice load down my throat.

I cleaned up every drop and he shoved his dick in deep making me choke before releasing.

I sat on the floor licking my lips tasting as much of his seed as I could.

He fell to his knees in front of me and I reached out to caress him, but he grabbed my hand saying, “Don’t, you will get me hard again and I have another appointment.”

Had he wanted to stay, I would have let him of course, but I understood he had other clients.

He grabbed a quick shower and then left me well fucked and burping cum.

Suffice to say, can’t wait to see him again.



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