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I spend a lot of time on airplanes and rather than drink myself silly, I've started to remember encounters I've had over the years. These are all true stories, I'm trying to be brutally honest and unashamed for what I did. Hope you enjoy.

Stories by Kiunga

  • Cruising and Fucked after a Swim

    I normally go to the gym and am very anti-social but the one time I start chatting to a fellow member it turned out to be a lot of fun in the parking lot after a swim.

  • So Much Cum

    An argument stemming from our open relationship led to a hot gangbang.

  • Hookup while Biking

    This goes back a few years to the days of gay.com online chats but met a guy and we went for a bike ride only to end up fucking in the grasses around the reservoir

  • Fucking his Ass at a Local Monument

    We agreed to meet in the local park at an old monument where he got down on his knees and I skull fucked him before dumping a load in his ass.

  • Friend's Husband Breeds Me

    My friend asks me to check in on his husband while he is away and being the slut I am, I couldn't resist getting an ass full of cum after a casual coffee in town.

  • Straight Friend Pursues Me

    He claimed to be straight but every time we were alone we kissed and groped but even still, it took almost two years before I got his cock in my mouth.

  • Buddy Watches and Whores me Out

    A friend came to visit me while I was in Lebanon on assignment and together we picked up three guys and he watched them take turns fucking me.

  • Moroccan came back for more ass

    I swear I'm not usually such a slut, but my Moroccan friend wanted some more so came over last night and left me well fucked.

  • Slutty Hotel Fun

    Posted an add for tops to tag me at hotel and got bred like a pig by three studs willing to fill my ass with cum.

  • Moroccan stud and his colleague

    Failing again to embrace the code of conduct in the consulting handbook, the end of my assignment reunites me with the young Moroccan who brings his friend.

  • Consultant and Client Piggy Fun

    Somewhere in the Consulting 101 Handbook it probably says do not sleep with young team members of a client but if the connection is there, why not have some fun?

  • It took 10 Years to Bag this Stud

    Over the years since we first me, I had been more of a shoulder to cry on for my perpetually single friend but we would meet up in various cities as he was working for the airlines and on this occasion, I finally got my young friend balls deep in my ass.

  • Daddy and his boy reunited

    Years before he and I had met and I left my BF at the time for him.....I fell hard, but it never lasted....but was a nice reconnection recently

  • Being a nasty boy while in West Africa on Business

    Big dick is not in short supply in West Africa and finding a raw top to dump multiple loads into me at my hotel one afternoon was a nice bonus.

  • South London Common

    I chatted with a stud on BBRts and when he suggested we meet in the Common near our houses, I couldn't say no. After meeting him there, 2 others joined in and I was fucked full of nut holding onto a tree.

  • First Time Fisted

    After fucking a load into me, I laid on my back to catch my breath. My jock strapped ass turned him on and within a few minutes of resting, I took my first fist.

  • London Escort: Chapter 2

    He fucked me hard the night before and I needed more, so the next night, he came over to my house and fucked me in front of the fire.

  • London Escort

    He was every bit as sexy and hung as he said, and the connection we had made for two memorable nights.

  • BF Arranges an Orgy

    In a weird argument, my bf at the time invited two other guys over and after he passed out, they fucked me in the basement and garden.

  • Role-play with a NYC escort

    I was getting far used to picking up escorts but this guy is the reason you would.

  • My first DP

    After deciding to arrange for an escort, I was very surprised when he brought his BF and they fucked me full of dick, cum and piss.

  • Daddy's boy interracial tale

    He eventually convinced me to break up with my partner of 8 years and although we didn't end up together ourselves, for about 18 months, I had a hot daddy who fucked me in ways I had never experienced.

  • New Year's Eve

    A few nights before he had fucked me raw and full of is cum, and I was in love with this man…..now it was New Year's Eve and we had one last chance to connect before he left town.

  • Her old boyfriend

    My best friend at the time had almost been engaged to Mike and years after they broke up, he came out of the closet and after dinner together one night, i had one of the most memorable bb fucks of my life.