It has been awhile since I took advantage of the commercial approach to getting laid but when I saw his profile online I was enamored. 25, 5’10” chiseled body, cute face and 10”cut.

I sent him a note and within minutes we had exchanged coordinates and I was pressing Hailo for the short ride to his apartment here in London.

I was a bit nervous because previously in a drunken stupor apparently I had contacted him and stood him up and he obviously had kept my number and was not shy about telling that he was not interested in playing games.

I was probably a bit scared too because I thought to myself in the taxi as I squeezed my dick through the fabric of my jeans and the jock strap underneath, “What is he is going to beat the crap outta me when I get there.”

Anyway, he opened the door to the flat with a beaming ear-to-ear smile and was every bit as handsome and cute as in his pictures.

We had talked about a massage and then fucking, but he grabbed me close after closing the door and kissed me passionately. “What massage?”

I groped all over his body, and paid special attention to the front of his shorts. His dick felt enormous and wasn’t nearly hard. We made out for awhile, slowly stripping down and ended up on the bed with me on top of him grinding our bodies together.

“Did you say you had some poppers?” It was time to choke on his 10” and he obliged, went to his suitcase and threw me the bottle.

I poppered up while he stood at the edge of the bed and his massive dick waving in front of me. Seriously, the biggest dick I have ever seen, and it stretched my mouth wide open as I tried to swallow it.

This young stud was not shy about making me choke and grabbed the back of my head and pushed it in deep.

“Take your time,” he muttered.

I poppered up again and went back to work eventually getting his dick down to his nuts in my throat. Eyes watering, nearly throwing up as he held my head down on his cock with one hand and with the other, fingered my jock strapped ass.

He fucked my face until I looked like I had been crying for an hour, tears running down my face and more than once, I was gagging on his cock, but he loved it.

We laid down again on the bed and made out some more, and I climbed between his legs to suck him some more. He was rock hard and magnificent in every way.

And not only was he sexy as fuck, but an amazing kisser and we had a great connection.

He turned me over and tongue fucked my ass as I poppered up in anticipation of 10” in my guts. My ass was wet with his spit and he pushed the head of his cock against me…..fucking thick. I winced in pain, or sheep piggy delight and then he pulled back.

As you’ll know from my other stories here, I like a raw black dick in me, and I was ready for it, but for some reason I said, “we should be safe,” and without missing a beat, he reached over for a rubber and got ready to fuck.

I must have taken four or five hits from his popper bottle and then laid back as he grabbed my legs and raised them up. His monster cock pushed my hole open and he went deep right away. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as he filled my ass and bent over to kiss me.

He was so sweet. Sometimes with an escort, you can tell they are just there to get off and get out, but not him. He was cute, charming, and there was this connection. He even commented on it.

Well, I suppose a good escort would say that, but the next night when he came over to my house instead, as I was riding him backwards, he kissed me from behind and said “I’m already falling in love with you….”

Speaking of kissing, this stud could kiss. As he mounted me doggy style digging in deep (painfully so), he would lean forward and say, “kiss me.”

Turning my head, his lips on mine, we kissed as he dug deep into my jock strapped ass.

At one point, I took the rubber off and got back to work swallowing all 10". He was over top of my my head leaning over the side of the bed and his balls were resting on my chin as he choked the fuck out of me. Three days later, deep down in my throat is still a bit tender from all that cock in my throat.

The deal was for an hour, but it was 90 minutes later. He kept saying he wanted to give me his DNA in my ass, but oddly enough, I was being good and instead begged him to shoot it in my mouth, which on the second load, he did. Nice size load and he forced his cock down my throat and I cleaned it off.

90 minutes of hard fucking, my ass was done, and the cutie says, “you never got your massage.”

So he finished off by giving me a nice soothing backrub and then I went home.

When I contacted him the next evening, it was clear that the connection continued……..(more on that in my next story).



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