Chapter 1

All the tough, grueling practice sessions Coach put us through out on the football field paid off handsomely. We slaughtered the Spartans of Palo Alto High in the state championship game making us, the Trojans of Mesa Verde, the number one football team in the state.

Needless to say my teamates and I were proud as peacocks as we strutted off the field that night to the roar of the cheering crowd. Coach especially, was brimming with pride. It was the third year in a row that he led us to the state championship game and the third year running that we walked off the field as champions.

Chanting "we are the champions," and "we're number one," we headed into the lockeroom. As we stripped out of our gear, it was more boisterous and rowdy than usual with alot of high fives and butt slapping.

"Hey Jared!" Joey shouted, as he approached Jared and I in front of our lockers on his way to the showers. "I guess you can wash that lucky jock of yours now, man!"

"Nah! I don't think so, Joey." Jared replied, casting a sideward glance towards me, winking and grinning. "I think I'm gonna hang on to this raunchy jock as a souvenir."

"It should be in the Hall of Fame!" Jeff piped in, joining our little circle. "That jockstrap brought us all luck tonight."

"Three years in a row!" Jared grinned, reaching down and rubbing his dirty pouch.

"You mean to tell me," Roger cried out, slapping Joey's bare butt as he too joined us, "that you haven't washed that thing for three seasons?"

"Yep!" Jared said, proudly. Holding up his hand to his face after rubbing his pouch he copped a whiff.

"Jared thinks that if he had washed that jock, he'd be washing off all the luck." I said.

"Guys!" Jared replied, jovially streatching out his hands. "This prime jock stink from yours truly has led us to three state championships!

And I don't recall any of you complaining about my funky smelling crotch."

"Why would anyone complain?" Coach asked, plopping himself down on the bench in front of mine and Jared's lockers with Joey, Roger and Jeff huddling around. "You oughtta bronze the damn thing, Jared! Present it to the school to hang in the trophy case outside of the gym!"

"Yeah right, Coach!" I and the others replied, laughing. "I could imagine the look on Principal Davis' face when Jared presented such a trophy!"

"Yes sir," Coach said, leaning forward and taking a whiff of Jared's pouch, "this sure is one swell pouch!"

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Jared sighed, thrusting his crotch into Coach's face.

"I love a man who appreciates some good stink!"

"I think we can all agree on that." Jeff responded, reaching down and slipping fingers into Joey and Roger's sweaty butt cracks. "Nothing like a good stink to tank a guy up."

"Speaking of some good stink," Coach replied, spreading his legs and pulling his cock out from his shorts and pulling back his foreskin,

"I've got some funk I think you men would enjoy!"

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Tell me about it." I sighed, smacking my lips.

Jared shot me a puzzled look. Was it a look that betrayed a spark, a hint of jealousy?

"You know something, Denny, that we don't?" Roger asked, curling his fingers around his semi-erect dick.

Likewise, Jeff and Joey raised their eyebrows inquisitively.

"Chill guys. I dunno nothin'."

"Oh really?" Jared asked, looking at me and flicking his toungue out over his lips. "That's not how I recall it!"

"Recall what?" Joey asked.

"Yeah, what?" Roger and Jeff, chimed in.

"What can I say, guys?" Jared said, throwing up his hands. "Obviously you guys missed a killer party."

"Speaking of party," Coach said. "I know you guys wanna head off tonight and party your asses off but ..."

"You got a better idea, Coach, of how the number one football jocks in the state should celebrate this weekend? It's Friday night and I'm sure we're gonna party all weekend long." Roger said.

"I have an idea for some good ole jock fun." Coach replied. "You know I have a cabin out by the lake. I've got several acres out there and no neighbors for miles. It's real private and ..."

"Keep talking, Coach!" Jeff said, his eyes twinkling with excitement like a kid at Christmas.

"I just thought that maybe you guys would like to spend the weekend up at the lake and ..."

Coach ran his hand down the full length of his dick and looking up at us, grinned.

"Party! Party!" We all chanted in unison.

"That is, if your folks don't object." Coach added.

"Nah! They won't, Coach. All our folks know and respect you, man!"

Jeff said. "You're a pillar of the community."

"That's a pillar alright!" Jared said, pointing to Coach's ten inches of manhood.

"There's plenty for one or for all of you guys!" Coach said, stroking his tool. "And besides, you all have some mighty fine pillars if I may say so!"

Chapter 2

"I'll be right down!" I hollered, poking my head out of my bedroom window, reacting to the incessant honking of a horn outside.

"You have a good time, son." My Dad said, escorting me to the front door. "I remember a similar excursion my Coach arranged after we won the state championship. Good bonding experience."

I gave my Dad a puzzled look. Did he know something that I didn't? Had he figured me out? Did he get it on with his Coach and his teamates back when he was a teenage jock on the football squad?

"Do you have everything?" Mom asked. "You didn't pack all that much."

"Jeez, Mom! It's just a couple of days!" I said, slinging my backpack over my shoulder. "Just me and the guys. No big deal."

Mom gave me a peck on the cheek and disappeared towards the kitchen.

"Mr. Dawson! Good morning, sir!" Coach hollered, extending his hand towards my Dad.

"Good morning, Coach!" Dad responded, jovially shaking Coach's hand.

"You must be real proud of Denny."

"Damn right I am, Coach!" Dad said. "He's a chip off the ole block!"

"Don't you worry about Denny, Mr. Dawson," Coach continued. "I'll see to it that he has a good time."

Coach winked at me.

"Lookin' forward to it, Coach!" I said.

"Oh, I'm not worried. Do my boy some good to bond with his Coach and buddies."

"All set?" Coach asked me.

"Yep! I'm ready."

"Like I said. You have a good time, son."

As I walked down the sidewalk toward Coach's van, I looked back over my shoulder at my Dad standing in the doorway. I smiled and waved, shaking my head in disbelief. Or rather, in surprise.

"Denny!" the guys hollered as I climbed into the van and sat beside Jared.

"Hey guys!" I replied.

"You fuckers just can't wait, huh?" Joey asked, leaning over the seat where he was sitting with Roger. Jeff being up front with Coach.

As I sat down, Jared reached over and groped my crotch. Tossing his head back at Joey, Jared winked and smiled.

"I'll share. But remember, Denny's mine."

"I kinda figured as much, Jared." Joey said.

I looked at Jared and grinned sheepishly. Jared returned my grin with an equal one. Slapping his thigh and trying to regain his cocky attitude which he had let slip for a split second with Joey, he pursed his lips and with a nod of his head blew me a kiss.

"Lovesick jocks?" Roger asked, leaning over the seat towards Jared and I.

"And where does that leave me?" Jeff asked, turning around to face us from the front seat.

"Like I said, guys," Jared responded, thumping his hand on his thigh to the beat of a song on the radio, "Denny's my stud!"

"Woo hoo!" Roger howled.

"There's plenty of ass to go aroud this weekend, guys." Coach said.

"And as for you, Jeff, my man. I can't wait to get some of your dirty ass!"

Jeff leaned back and propped his feet on the dashboard. With a sigh he cut a loud, rumbling fart.

"Oh yeah!" Joey squeeled. "That sounded real juicy."

"We got a fart freak back here!" I said, laughing and smiling at Joey, whose nostrils flared at Jeff's blast.

"I think I shit myself on that one." Jeff said. "Well at least I know who'll appreciate my stink this weekend."

"We all will." Jared replied, leaning forward and clasping Jeff's shoulder.

Throwing himself back in his seat, Jared leaned over and took my hand in his. Raising my hand to his lips, he gently kissed my fingers.

"You're mine, Denny." Jared whispered.

"And what about you, Jared?" I asked.

"I've always been yours, Denny. You just never asked."

"Well. I'm asking you know."

"I'm all yours, Denny."

"I think I'm gonna throw up!" Roger said, feigning sickness, overhearing mine and Jared's conversation.

"Fuck you, man!" Jared said, with a laugh.

"Like I said, Coach."

"What's that, Roger?"

"Lovesick jocks back here!"

Everyone laughed. Including Jared and myself. It seemed to me that Jared's cockiness was slowly crumbling to reveal his inner feelings, yet restrained enough to save face in front of the guys. But I knew Jared better than anyone else. After all, we'd been best friends for years.

I knew his arrogance and cockiness was just a front. Underneath all of that, Jared had a gentle, tender heart.

Jared came from a background where being masculine was topmost. His Dad was in the Marine Corps as were his two older brothers. Jared was the youngest and although he was tough and rough around the edges, he had inherited his Mom's gentleness. A quality that only those closest to him knew and he'd reveal. To most, he came across as a crude son-of-a-bitch but I knew better.

As Jared thumped his thigh to the beat of the music and proved to all of us in the van that he had a terrific voice for singing, he kept squeezing my hand. It was his way of appearing nonchalant but conveying his feelings to me.

I welcomed Jared's attention. Sizing up the other guys in the van I realized that Jared could have anyone of them with a mere wink of his eye. He was the campus stud, so to speak. His good looks and muscular body caused quite a stir. Girls fawned over him and guys like Roger, Joey, Jeff, Coach and I lusted over him. Yet my feelings for Jared were always mixed. A combination of desire and affection.

We had always been like brothers. Two peas in a pod. Inseperable. But ever since that night when Jared and I met Coach in the lockeroom and he drew me into his arms and kissed me deep and tenderly, my own feelings for Jared had taken on a new perspective and in the days following that rendevous with Coach, Jared seemed to be more protective of me. More concerned about me.

Was Roger right? Were we two lovesick jocks who could be tender with one another one minute, as Jared's kiss conveyed, and fired up with lust the next?

Could two high school jocks who shared the same physical needs for raunchy sex share love too?

As I gazed out the van's window, seeing the arid desert unfold before me and holding Jared's hand, I contemplated these questions that I turned over in my mind. I had to be honest with myself. I was in love with my best friend. Jared.



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