Chapter 1

I met Jared outside of the gym. The punishing heat of the afternoon had given way to a cool evening. A cool breeze whisped across my face.

"Hey Denny!" Jared said, greeting me as I approached him.

The wind had tousled Jared's hair and with him standing under a light post, the effect of the light on his hair seemed to bring out the golden streaks. His eyes seemed to twinkle and the expression on his face hinted some mischief.

Jared was leaning against the light post, hands in his pockets which only drew my attention to the bulge between his legs. A cigarette hung out of the corner of his mouth and with his varsity jacket on, his posture, he reminded me of an updated version of James Dean.

Yeah. Jared was rough on the outside but inwardly, to those who knew him well, he was really kind and gentle by nature. One merely had to scratch the surface long enough before Jared opened up.

"Hi Jared!" I responded. "What's up?"

"My cock for starters, Denny!"

"That so?"

Taking the cigarette from his mouth and tossing it aside, Jared grinned from ear to ear. Slipping his hand out of his pocket, he groped himself.

"Oh baby!" Jared cooed, pursing his lips seductively. "I'm so fucking horny. I need some attention."

"Oh yeah?" I said. Approaching him closer I glanced around. Seeing nobody, I placed my hand atop his and together we kneaded his bulging basket.

"It's loaded, Denny. Full of cum for you!"

"I bet it is." I said, squeezing the hard, long shaft I felt within his jeans. "Feels nice. Real nice."

"Wait till you wrap your lips around it, Denny, and taste what it has to offer," Jared purred.

Jared's conceit was slowly surfacing but under the circumstances I'd let him take the lead and play along with him.

"Fuck!" I growled. "I can hardly wait to suck the piss outta this monster!"

"Now your talkin', man." Jared whispered.

"Come on," I said, nodding in the direction to the entrance to the gym.

As Jared and I crossed the basketball court and headed towards the lockeroom, I could feel my heart wildly beating in my chest and my dick twitching with excitement. Anticipation was more like it. Anticipating the lockeroom's effect on me. How the aroma of grueling sweat and the stench from athletic gear would send my head in a tail spin.

"Hold on a sec, Denny."


I paused at the door leading into the lockeroom. Turning, I faced Jared. He had this strange look on his face.

"Uh ... there's been something I've been wanting to do for a long time, Denny."

"And what might that be, Jared?" I asked, somewhat puzzled.

"This," Jared whispered, slipping his arm around my waist and drawing me towards him. Leaning his head forward, Jared grazed my lips with his.

His full lips were so warm and gentle to the touch.

I responded by returning his kiss with a deep passion. Slipping my tongue past his lips I swirled it within the warm, wet cavity of his mouth. Our tongues danced together within each other's mouth.

Jared wrapped his strong arms around me and held me close. As he kissed me, he swivled his hips, grinding his crotch against mine.

I was beside myself with lust and mixed emotions. What signal was Jared trying to convey to me? Jared and I had fooled around before. Jacked off together. But sharing a kiss? And such a deep, sensual kiss? No.

Jared and I have never ventured there. Yet in Jared's kiss I could detect tenderness. His tenderness.

"I've been wanting to do that for such a long time!" Jared sighed.

Breaking our kiss, Jared trailed his lips over my cheek and down my neck. His warm breath sent shudders up and down my spine.

"Really?" I asked, rather lamely. More surprised than anything else.

"Your surprised, Denny?"

"It's just that ..."

Before I could answer, Jared clamped his mouth again on mine, moaning deeply. There was no need for me to reply. With equal hunger I returned Jared's kiss with moans of my own.

Chapter 2

As Jared and I walked into the lockeroom, all was still and deathly quiet. It was a vast contrast when just hours before the room was filled with the shouts and hollering of young men. But though the room was devoid of boisterous jocks, their scent still hung in the air.

The pungent aroma wafted up my nostrils. That unique lockeroom stink began its almost magical effect upon me. Between my legs I could feel my stiffening cock oozing its juices.

The lockeroom was dimly lit adding to the stillness. In the distance could be heard a sound like water dripping which in the empty room seemed to amplify.

"Do you think Coach is here?" I whispered.

"Yeah. Sure he is." Jared replied. "If I know Coach, he's a man of his word. Let's check his office."

"Over here, guys!" A raspy voice called out. Not loud but in the empty room it echoed.

Jared and I followed the direction of the voice which seemed to be coming from the far end of the lockeroom. Towards the stalls where the toilets were.

The lighting in this area was slightly dimmer. As we entered this section of the lockeroom, my eyes searched the stalls. The doors were open.

"Glad you could make it," Coach whispered.

I zeroed in on the voice. In the center stall I could see the figure of a man. In the dim light it was difficult to see him clearly but it definitely was Coach.

The figure of the ex-pro linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, now turned Head Coach for the fighting Trojans of Mesa Verde High, was seated on the toilet. His broad shoulders and head rested against the tiled wall behind him. His beefy legs were spread wide apart and rising between his thighs was a thick, long cock which he cradled in his hand, stroking. The soft sound of skin to skin could be heard.

Jared and I stood motionless. Our eyes fixed upon the naked man seated a few feet away from where we were standing.

"Strip!" Coach whispered. "Down to your stinking jocks!"

For an instant I felt as though I was frozen. Unable to move or respond. All I could feel was Coach's eyes seemingly burning into me.

The rustling sound of clothes hitting the floor, Jared stripping, brought me to my senses. I peeled off my jacket and tossed it aside.

Following Jared's lead, I took my clothes off.

"Nice." Coach whispered. "My two prize jocks!" His hand slowly gliding up and down his dick. "On your knees!"

With a thud, Jared and I dropped to our knees. Glancing sideways at Jared, I could see that his cock, like mine, strained to be released from its confinement within our jockstraps. The ripe odor of Jared's seasoned strap hit me like a bolt of lightning.

At the same time a loud banging sound echoed in the room as Coach drew up his legs and slammed his feet against either wall of the stall. The full mounds of his ass parted and Coach let rip a loud, wet fart.

Even from the distance that seperated us, the noxious fumes curled up my nostrils. My cock throbbed as if nodding its approval of the foul smelling scent.

"That's a kiss for you guys!"

"Thank you, Coach!" Jared replied. His voice betraying his mounting lust.

"A nice, wet, smelly kiss for my jockboys!"

In Coach's fart I detected an all too familiar sound. That wet, slurping sound that always accompanied a dump. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I could see a line of slime oozing down the front of the toilet. A line that had its source from Coach's asshole.

"Godamn!" I gasped.

Coach chuckled. A raspy, wicked sort of chuckle that revealed his inner lust.

"Hands behind your head, Jared!" Coach snapped.

Jared raised his arms up, muscles bulging and clasped his hands behind his head.

"Sniff, Denny!" Coach hissed. "I wanna hear you smelling your buddy's stink!"

Leaning towards Jared, I inclined my head and buried it into his hairy armpit. I snorted the odor of my best friend's perspiration. It was still heady and strong. Back and forth I dragged my nose inhaling his stench with loud snorts so Coach could hear.

"Stinks good don't it, Denny?"

"Real good, Coach!" I sighed. "Jared's funk smells so fucking good!"

"Oh yeah!" Coach barked, "smell the jock stink!"

The robust aroma of Jared's ripe pit made my head swim with carnal lust.

Mingling with that stench, the odor from Jared's unwashed, crusty jockstrap curled up my nostrils adding an additional spice.

As I inhaled Jared's stink, I swirled one hand over his chest and the other over the ample mounds of his ass.

"Jesus!" Jared sighed, his body slowly rocking back and forth, as I slipped a finger into the damp cleft between his ass cheeks.

I trailed my finger slowly through a forest of hair, dampened with sweat, inching my way towards my buddy's shithole.

"Fuck!" Jared gasped, as I rubbed my finger over his moist asslips.

"Found something, Denny?" Coach whispered, huskily.

"Asshole!" I sighed, my face buried in Jared's reeking armpit. "I found asshole, Coach!"

"Play with that fuckhole, Denny! Finger that juicy hole!" Coach commanded, sliding his hand down to yank on his low hanging balls.

"That looks good, Coach!" Jared gasped.

"You want my stinky balls, Jared?" Coach asked, letting his nuts slap onto the rim of the soiled toilet.

"Fuck yeah!" Jared moaned, bucking his ass back allowing my finger to penetrate his butthole.

"Lick his pit, Denny! Taste his funk! Rape his jock cunt with your finger!"

"Aw fuck!" I cried, darting my tongue out and lapping away at Jared's pit hairs, all the while sinking my finger deeper and deeper into his asshole.

The salty taste of perspiration swirled within my mouth as I soaked Jared's armpit with my saliva. A nasty, slurping sound echoed within the room. I was in heat.

"Taste raunchy?" Coach hissed.

"Uh-huh!" I gasped, slobbering spit which drooled from my mouth and slid down Jared's side. "Fuckin' tastes nasty, Coach!"

"How's that fuckhole of his feel?"

"Aw man, Coach!" I sighed, spit foaming at my mouth. "Fuckin' dirty, man! Fuckin' shitty!"

"Talk to me, boy!" Coach bellowed. "Tell me what you feel up your buddy's asshole!"

"It's so sloppy, Coach! Muddy! Fuck! I feel turd, Coach! Jared's ass is full of shit!"

"Like what your buddy's doing to you, Jared?"

"Aw fuck, yeah!" Jared groaned. "I love having my stink worshiped!

Fuckin' feels so good what he's doing in my pit and up my dirty ass!"

"Fucking raunchy jocks!" Coach's voice boomed.

"Yeah! I'm your nasty jock, Coach!" I replied. "Fuckin' dirty, man!"

"Share that stink with Jared! Smell his raunch together."

Withdrawing my head from Jared's armpit, spit dripping down my chin, and retracting my finger from his asshole, mesmerized and sighing with depraved lust, I held my muddy, stinking digit up between mine and Jared's faces. Our bodies heaved with wanton desire as our eyes fixated upon my dirty, smelly finger. Our noses quivered as we brought our heads together and took deep whiffs of the stench and filth I drew from Jared's asshole.

"Smell the fucking jock stink!" Coach bellowed. "Smell dirty asshole!"

I curled my finger under Jared's flaring nostrils felling his short, raspy, hot breaths.

"Fuck!" I gasped, as in unison we sniffed his buttstink. Its ripe pungence swirled up my nostrils. A stench or raw sewage.

Clasping my hand in his, Jared rubbed my muddy digit over and into his nostrils, then out over his full lips.

"Kiss me!" Jared moaned. "Kiss my stink lips! Kiss me dirty, Denny!"

Cupping my hand behind his head, I drew Jared's shitty, slime coated lips to mine. Groaning deeply, I kissed him. The tart, bitter tang of asshole filled my mouth as my tongue swept the funky juice inward.

Jared sealed his mouth onto mine. His groans of lust vibrated within my mouth as he returned my kiss. I could feel his saliva, mingled with the stinky filth on his lips, dripping into my mouth. It was all so nasty yet so erotically charged. I had never kissed nor been kissed in this way before. My cock, like my heart, pulsed wildly.

"Fucking stink, sloppy kissing!" Coach growled, pulling on his rock hard dick and rubbing his balls into the stinking slime he farted, out of his asshole, onto the rim of the toilet that dribbled its way towards the floor.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Jared and I moaned, taking turns sucking on one another's lips.

"Enough!" Coach hollered. "Save those stink lips for me! Now get down on your hands and knees, jockboys! Crawl to my dirty asshole. Now!"

Jared and I dropped down on all fours onto the floor.

"Crawl to me, boys! Crawl! Follow the trail of piss I left for you!

Lick your way to my stinking cunt!"

Like dogs in heat, panting heavily, Jared and I lowered our faces to the floor. In a pool of still warm piss we pressed our lips into the liquid and flicked the rancid tasting nectar into our mouths.

"Yeah! That's my fucking jock pigs! Get that fucking man piss into your bitch hungry mouths! Fuck!"

On the floor of the latrine, Jared and I lapped at the pool of Coach's strong piss. Bringing our lips together we kissed and slurped Coach's cock nectar into our mouths. Our lust driven heat obliterated from our minds the unsanitary act we were indulging in.

"Lick your way to my stinking shithole, guys!" Coach roared, his ass squirming on the toilet seat. His hand gliding up and down his rigid, drooling dick.

As if in a perverted trance, Jared and I began dragging our tongues along the filthy floor of the lockeroom latrine. All the while groping our rock hard cocks still confined within our jockstraps. Raspy, gutteral moans throttled in our throats as we slowly slurped our way along the dirty floor towrds Coach.

A feeling of disgust welled up within me yet at the same time, tempered with an eroticism that was so intense that it kept me spellbound and intent upon the duty Coach had imposed. It was like Coach demanding an extra lap around the field and I'd initially protest but in the end, surrender.

I could hear Jared's deep moans and groans of lust as he pressed his lips to the floor and sucked his way towards Coach's spread and welcoming legs, sweeping within his mouth whatever foul matter had collected on the floor.

"This is so fuckin' nasty, man!" Jared sighed, slurping hungrily. "I love it! I'm a pig! I'm a fuckin' jock pig! The captain of the fuckin' football team doin' latrine duty with my tongue! Fuck!"

"Fucking sluts!" Coach roared. "Fucking filthy, scum sucking bitches!

Crawl. Crawl to me!"

As Jared and I squeezed our way into the stall, our mouths slurping the filth from each other's lips, I detected an overpowering stench. The stench of dirty asshole. The stench of shit.

"Lick your way up the fucking toilet bowl, pigs!" Coach snapped.

"Fucking taste my buttslop!"

Where the cool porcelin of the bowl met the tiled floor, my lips perceived a pasty goo. A slime that reeked of asshole.

"Aw fuck! Fuck!" Jared gasped, in a gurgly voice as he licked his way up the bowl towards Coach's butt.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Coach sighed, as he squeezed another juicy fart which sent a gushing flow or reeking buttslop down the bowl and onto my lips.

"Mmmmmm!" I groaned, as the stink, brown sludge coated my lips and my tongue swept it into my mouth.

As I reached the rim of the bowl, where Coach's butt rested and his hairy balls hung, Jared had already heaved himself up and his head was bobbing up and down Coach's cock.

"Suck! Suck!" Coach moaned, reaching up to his chest and tweaking his pierced nipples. "Fuck! Gimme sloppy head! I wanna feel your spit dripping off my stink balls into your jock bro's pig mouth!"

Anticipating my buddy's tastey treat, I cupped my mouth around Coach's bull sized balls and awaited Jared's gooey spittle to drip into my mouth.

As I waited, my heart pounding within my chest, my tongue flicking at the stinky balls dangling before me, Coach let out a deep sigh. As he did so, I lifted up his hefty balls and stared wantonly at his butthole.

His hairy asslips puckered and seemed to breathe. In and out the juicy lips flared and the rosebud spread open. A blast from his hole sent a foul stench ripping up my nostrils, followed by a thick, snake like sludge that reeked, tumbling from his asshole.

Cupping my hand under his puckering, farting cunt, I watched as the stinking muck swirled and piled into the palm of my hand. Taking my hand, I swirled the filthy sludge over my smoothe chest. It felt so warm and creamy. It stunk so good. Working my hand down, I mashed the pastey goo into my crotch hairs within my jockstrap. Curling my filthy fingers around my aching cock, I yanked my dick out and coated it with Coach's stinking shit.

I ran my hand up and down the length of my rigid tool. Over my balls and into my asscrack I dragged my dirty hand, matting my butthairs with Coach's shit. The putrid smell of raw shit wafted in the air.

As Jared choked and gagged on Coach's big cock, I slapped my hand onto Jared's ass and smeared Coach's mud all over Jared's asscheeks before working my hand into his deep, hairy trench.

"Fuck! Fuck yeah!" Jared gasped, sucking furiously on the cock in his mouth and bucking his ass back. "Lube up my ass with shit, Denny! Then fuck me dirty and stink! I want your big cock up my ass! Fuck me, man!

Stroke your dick up my ass for every jock on the team! Fuck me! Fuck me, Denny!"

"Fuck him!" Coach hissed. "Fuck the shit outta his stink cunt while he sucks my dick! Dick him, Denny! Cock his hole!"

Rising to my knees behind Jared, I grabbed him by the waistband of his jockstrap. I pushed the head of my shit covered dick between his asscheeks.

"Shove it up my jockpussy, Denny! Ram that big dick of yours up my ass!"

Finding the juicy hole, I lunged forward. I could feel Jared's asslips sucking my cock into his hungry hole.

"Fuck! Fuck!" Jared yelled, arching his back and bucking his greedy asshole onto my cock. "Fuck my jockpussy, man! Fuck the jockhole!

Fuck the shit outta me, Denny!"

I pummeled my best friend's shithole. I relished in the sound of his slurping, sucking asslips masturbating my cock. With each thrust I coud feel my dick churning Jared's buttfudge. His gaping mancunt farted and spewed its stinking contents onto my crotch and the floor.

"Fuck the jockhole, Denny! Fuck him hard. For Roger! For Jeff! For me! Cock his stinking cunt!" Coach roared.

I fucked with a vengence. My hips bucked back and forth like a jackhammer. Jared met each thrust by grinding his ass back onto my throbbing dick. All the while he slobbered and sucked Coach's cock.

The three of us grunted, moaned and sighed our lust and pleasure. Our gutteral sounds echoed in the room.

"Suck! Suck my cock, you fucking jock bitch!" Coach screamed, matching my every thrust up Jared's juicy, shitting manhole with his own fucking of Jared's mouth.

Together, like a smoothe functioning machine oiled with spit, sweat and shit, Coach and I raped Jared's juicy holes.

Reaching between his legs, Jared yanked his cock out from his rank jockstrap. Taking his tool in his hand he began to masturbate furiously.

"Cock my ass, Denny!" Jared yelped. "Dick my mouth, Coach! Fuck me!

Fuck me!"

I could tell by the raspiness and shortness in our breaths that the three of us were on the verge of explosive orgasms. I could feel my balls tighten and the deeper I beathed, the more butt stench filled my nostrils.

"Aw man! I'm gonna fuckin' pop my nut!" I hollered.

"Hold on, Denny!" Coach yelled. "I'm almost there, buddy. Wanna cum with you. Fill this jock pig with our spunk together!"

"Cum! Cum, you fuckin' bastards!" Jared groaned. "Gimme your creamy spooge!"

"Fuck! Fuck!" I yelled, grabbing Jared's waist and torpedoing my dick deep up his ass. "I'm gonna cum, Coach! Fuck! Fuck!"

"Yeah! Yeah!" Coach screamed. "Fuckin' cummin' with you, man! Suck up those loads, jockboy!"

As our bodies tensed and heaved and spewed our thick ropes of creamy spunk, Jared groaned and splattered his jizz against the toilet.

"Spoogin' man! I'm fuckin' spoogin'!" Jared sighed.

Our bodies spent, I collapsed unto Jared as he collapsed onto Coach.

Reaching down, Coach ran his fingers through our hair.

"That was fucking awesome!" Coach sighed. "Now I want both of your fists up my ass at the same time!"

"Mmmmmm!" Jared sighed.

"Uh-huh!" I responded.

"Oh yeah!" Coach whispered, reaching down and grabbing his buttcheeks with his hands, he spread them wide.



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