Chapter 1

"Whoa! Easy guys! There's plenty for both of you!" Jared sighed.

As Coach worked his finger into my moist, sweaty hole, his nose brushing against mine as we sniffed Jared's rank jock pouch, out of the corner of my eye I could see Coach's hand gliding up Jared's leg towards his ass.

"Fuck! You're way cool, Coach!" Joey Montero yelped, as he walked by us and headed towards the showers.

What was wrong with me? Did I pass this entire season turning my head aside to all that went on in the lockeroom? Did my need, up until now, center solely upon lockeroom stench that I completely blocked out my inner desire to participate in my teamate's extra curricular lockeroom activities, which seemed to be cloaked behind a veiled wall of silence and indifference?

Jared's seeming arrogance or self righteousness, by way of what he said to Coach and I as he leaned against the lockers and spread his legs for us, was part and parcel of him. Ever since I had met Jared, he'd always been somewhat arrogant. Or better put, self assertive with a streak of conceit. But beneath that cocky exterior, Jared had a gentle heart.

"Guys! Guys!" Jared's voice snapped me into reality and disengaged me for a moment from my rising lust. "I know you're enjoying yourselves down there and I'm really getting turned on but ..."

"But what?" Coach asked, pausing for a split second in his adoration of Jared's smelly crotch.

"Things are getting on the hot and heavy here. Don't you think we should take it to someplace more ..."

"Private?" I asked, running my tongue over Jared's pouch and squeezing my asslips around Coach's probing finger.

"Well, yeah!" Jared said.

"What's wrong with right here? Right now?" I continued.

I knew right now and smack dab in the lockeroom probably might not be the best place to get down to business with Jared and Coach. After all, some of the guys just might take offense. Could it be from being neglected? Left out?

"Aw come on, Denny." Jared replied. "Cut me some slack, man! What I want to do with you two ... uh ... needs some privacy."

"Hmmmmm!" Coach moaned. "What do you have in mind, Jared?"

"Plenty, Coach. But could we just cool it for now? Say meet back here in the lockeroom later? This evening perhaps?"

"Sounds like a plan to me, Jared." Coach said, slipping his finger out of my asshole. Standing up with a definite bulge between his beefy thighs, he passed his finger under his nostrils and took a deep whiff and smiled.

"Smell good?" Jared asked.

"Oh yeah! Want some?"

I watched as Coach placed his finger under Jared's nose. The finger that had just crawled up my butt. I watched as Jared's eyes fluttered and his nostrils quivered as he sniffed my stink from Coach's finger.

"Fuckin' ripe, man! You got some really good stink there, Denny!"

Jared sighed, sniffing deep.

"What's a buddy for?" I asked, nonchalantly, yanking on my stiff prick through my jockstrap, gazing up at Jared and Coach.

"So ..." Coach said. "Uh ... how about the three of us meeting back here say, around seven?"

"Sounds good to me, Coach." Jared replied.

"Alright by you, Denny?" Coach said, looking at me.

"Yeah. Swell." I replied. "Seven o'clock. Here in the lockeroom."

"Just one thing, guys," Coach said, sniffing his finger alongside Jared. "Skip your showers today. I want the two of you ripe and funky!"

"Isn't that the only way for guys to play?" Jared remarked, in his usual cocky manner, running his hand over his smoothe, sweaty chest.

"Just be here you two!" Coach barked, as he turned and walked away, his finger to his nose.

"Look what you did to me, Denny!" Jared sighed, groping his crotch.

"Likewise." I said, spreading my legs wide and pulling my stiff cock out from my jockstrap.

"Fuckin' nice!" Jeff Sanders hissed and whistled as he walked by.

"Gonna let me have some of that sometime, Denny?"

"You'll just have to wait in line, Jeff." Jared replied.

"Well excuse me!" Jeff responded, throwing up his hands and grinning from ear to ear. "It's just that a cock like that shouldn't go to waste!"

"Oh it won't," Jared said. Turning around, Jared placed his hands atop the lockers. Spreading his legs, he thrust his ass back towards Jeff and I. "Trust me, Jeff. Denny's big cock won't be wasted."

With that said, Jeff reached out and ran his hand over Jared's full mounds.

"Give him a couple of good, deep strokes for me, Denny!" Jeff said, winking at me.

"I'll make sure he does!" Jared whispered, bucking his ass back. "Nice and deep and ..."

"Dirty!" I practically moaned, pulling on my dick.

"Fuck!" Jeff sighed, as he walked away. Like Coach, Jeff had his finger to his nose.

What started out as a grueling practice was looking to end on a positive note.



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