I got up and out of the car, still naked, in Justin's garage as he closed the door. He flashed me a smile, patting my ass as he passed me one of my bags. I stuffed my clothes from the car into it and headed for the door leading into the main house, coming out into a spotless hallway.

'Wow,' I said in awe, 'This place is spotless.'

He just laughed, 'The only think I like dirty is my men.'

He threw my bags onto his bed, picking me up and carrying me to the large Gym.

He led me over to the mats he had laid out on the floor.

'Blake, I have a little game we can play. I give you a gymnastic contortion to do, and if you can do it, I'll fuck you in that position.'

I licked my lips, a hand on his huge pecs as I nodded, accepting his challenge.

I loosened up a little, and sat down on the mat, awaiting my first position.

'On your back, legs straight and over your head.'

'Easy,' I grinned, laying on my back and holding my thighs close to my body. 'Like this?'

He nodded, coming over with a bottle of KY.

He squeezed it out onto his fingers, rubbing them inside my ass and lubing me up.

I flinched a little. 'Hey, that's cold!'

'Sorry, babe, I'll warm it up very soon,' he winked. I growled deep inside as his fingers probed my hole.

I closed my eyes and soon enough I felt him slip his fingers out of my ass, rubbing the KY on his cock and pressing the head of his cock against my rosebud.

He popped it in, slamming in all the way, till I could feel his pubes and balls rubbing against my ass cheeks.

'Fuck!' I screamed loudly, only to have my lips filled with his roaming tongue.

He used his hands to support himself as he started a press-up action, pushing up and down, in and out of my ass. It drove me wild.

'Blake, suck yourself,' he grunted, and I turned my head down to my own aching cock, taking it into my mouth and sucking long and good.

He smiled, chuckling, and I could feel his cock pulsing inside my ass as I was turning him on even more.

'Mnh!' I moaned, feeling my cock shudder as I gushed come out, filling my mouth at least six times over.

I clamped down on his cock, using all the energy I had to milk him dry, getting him to shoot up my ass so much it started dribbling back out again.

I released my ten incher, letting my legs fall to his sides, then around his waist as he rocked inside me slowly.

'Fuck me again, Justin,' I begged.

'Call me Coach during sex,' he smirked, 'Gives me a little jolt every time I hear it.'

I nodded, and our workout session went on for hours, him fucking me raw as I rode him doing the splits, he fucked me on the mats and he fucked me on the gym equipment.

I'd never seen a room so sticky before...




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