My name is Blake Carson. I was recently eighteen, attending high school in New York, USA. I was somehow managing to balance my schoolwork, my home life and my job almost perfectly, a thing I always thought impossible. Well, if it hadn't had been for my Coach, Justin Blackwell, I don't think I'd have been able to stay on the football team.

It was one sunny July afternoon, and my football team had just finished practice, but, as usual, I was still out on the field. Coach Blackwell had kindly offered to help me practice my tackling some more; it really had slipped since last season. Anyway, I glanced over as the rest of the team left the school grounds and didn't watch was was happening in front of me. Coach tackled and knocked us both down into the wet mud.

'C'mon, boy, we'd better be getting back in. It's gonna rain pretty soon, and you haven't let your parents know where you are,' he said softly, helping me up from the puddle.

'Oh, shit, I forgot,' I cursed, 'My parents wanted you to call them about something.'

Coach nodded, 'I'll go call before we shower.'

I gulped a little. I'd known I was gay for a few years now, and I was finally old enough to explore the worlds of my sexuality. But that was just the thing; I had slowly come to accept the fact that I was falling in love with my Coach. It was hard to come to terms with, seeing as I hadn't been with a guy before. He was tall, bald, with piercing blue eyes and built like a god.

He locked the door of the locker rooms behind us, and he walked over to his office, motioning for me to get into the showers already. I stripped down to just my towel, and walked behind the wall to the showers. I hung my towel up, stepping under the warm water as I felt my cock start to warm up, getting a little harder as I thought of Coach stepping in with me.

Soon enough, I was leaning back against the shower wall, leg cocked up on a bench as I fingered my ass, jacking off. I had completely forgotten that Coach was still in the locker room.

'Blake, what the fuck are you-'

I moaned, fingering harder as I shot my thick load, spraying it all over Justin's naked body. I saw him standing there and I froze, finger still wedged up my ass.

'Fuck, I'm so sorry, I-'

He smirked a little, grabbing his stiff twelve-incher and then he spoke.

'Come here, and lick it off.'

'What?' I asked loudly, 'I don't like guys. Not me.'

Coach chuckled again, walking towards me as he stroked his thick cock. 'Two things, Blake. One, I've seen you looking at the other guys in the showers and trying to hide your cock. Two, I don't care whether you like guys or girls, you just came over me, now lick it off.'

I slid my finger from my ass and walked over to him, crouching down a little and flicking some of my come from his hairy chest with my tongue.

'That's it, now. And after this, I'm going to make you mine.'

I shuddered, 'What do you mean?'

He reached around and his hands firmly grabbed my bubble butt, kneading my buns as he popped a finger into my virgin ass. 'Blake, I'm going to fuck you. I'm gonna fuck you raw. Then, you're gonna suck me big and I'll do it again. Because, Blake, you're living with me while your parents jet off to England. You're mine to do what I want with until September.'

I moaned softly as the finger entered my ass. 'Yes, Coach, I'll do whatever you want. Just please don't let it hurt.'

He pulled me close, burying my face in his muscled, sweaty, slick chest and I licked, sucked and kissed it. He grunted, starting to pump his finger in and out of my hole, circling it around and into my prostate.

I shot up into his arms. 'Fuck, what was that feeling!?'

He laughed a little, supporting me easily. 'It's called your prostate. It's like a girl's G-Spot, only up a guy's ass. It can even make you come without touching yourself.'

I held onto him tight. 'That didn't hurt... so what about your dick?'

'That's a different story,' he told me, 'Sure, my finger's nearly the size of a small dick, but my cock's a hell of a beast to take. Of course, with some practice, you will.'

I slid out from his hold, arms still around his neck as I leant up, whispering. 'I want you to fuck me, Coach. I've wanted it for so long...'

He smiled once more, lifting me up over his shoulder and carrying me to his office, slapping my ass as he set me down. he sat in his big leather chair, legs spread as he ordered me to suck him. Seeing the demanding fire in his eyes, I knelt down, softly taking his huge, thick head into my mouth. He moaned, putting his big hands on my head, running them through my brown, spiky hair as he slid his cock in a little further.

Instinct took over and I slid my tongue under his rod, licking the underside roughly as I sucked the head. He slid in some more and more, and I overcame my gag reflex, taking his twelve inches deep into my throat. After several minutes of sucking, he pulled out, telling me to stand up. As in did, he bent me over his desk, kneeling down behind me and plastering his face to my ass, ramming in his long tongue.

I whimpered a little, moaning as his rough tongue ran over my prostate and up my ass further. He kissed my hole again, getting up and working three fingers in. I moaned again, shooting him a look as he removed his fingers.

'Please, Coach,' I begged, 'Fuck me with that big cock of yours. Make me cry.'

He kissed my back, sitting back in his chair, legs wide again.

I immediately knew from my experiences with porn that he wanted me to ride him, and I walked over, kneeling up above his cock. He slowly pulled me down onto it, and soon enough I was sitting with it stuffed up my ass. Just that, somehow, was driving him crazy.

I painfully started to move up and down on him, listening to his wild, feral cries as I fucked myself on his luscious rod.

The pain quickly subsided, becoming pleasure for the both of us as he kneaded my ass again; the throbbing inside me told me he was close, and I clenched my ass muscles tight.

He grunted, starting to spank me hard as he thrusted upwards, almost tearing me open as he shot his load, far up my ass.

'Coach!' I called, spasming as I climaxed, covering his chest once more. I fell onto him, panting softly.

'I love you, Coach.'

He smiled, kissing me softly.

'Love you, too.'




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