With a little help from Coach, I slid off his dick and laid on the desk.

'Coach,' I panted, 'That was amazing.'

I felt a warm hand on my waist, and I wriggled about as I was picked up and held over his shoulder.

'Go dress,' he said, 'I need to go clean up.'

I did as I was told, going over to my locker and pulling out some of my clothes. I slipped on a white, tight jockstrap, so I knew Coach could get my ass if he wanted, and a nice pair of tight jeans with a plain blue shirt.

He returned several minutes later, dressed in his normal clothes, waving me out of the room.

'C'mon,' he said quickly, 'We need to go and pick up your stuff. And then, then we go back to mine.'

I chuckled a little, then whimpered as he slapped my sore ass.

We headed out into the parking lot, jumping into his Aston Martin and speeding off.

We arrived at my house some ten minutes later, and I ran to the door, unlocked it and went in to find the house empty.

'Yes, they've already gone!' I smirked, coming back downstairs quickly with my packed bags.

'That's all you're bringing?' he asked softly.

'Well,' I said, 'I figured I wouldn't be dressed much, right? So why bother bringing two bags of clothes, when I can just take one?'

He shrugged, 'I suppose so. Here, let me take these.'

He took my bags and we headed back to his car, loading my stuff into it and sitting down. I let my hand explore his crotch and rubbed the bulge there. He swerved a little and told me not yet.

He pulled into a grassy layby off a country road, shielded from view of the other drivers.

I shot up and over onto his seat, running my hands up his shirt and kissing him deeply.

I heard a tap on the window and turned to see a cop, a god-like cop at that, looking through with a smirk on his face.

'You two,' he grinned devilishly, 'Aren't leaving without one of you fucking me. Now.'

I gulped, seeing as he was looking at me when Coach unlocked the car.

'You,' he pointed at me, 'On the back seats with me.'

Coach interrupted, 'Not the boy. His first time is with me, no one else. But if you're that desperate, I'll fuck you.'

He got into the back seats with Bobby, undressing and flopping out his huge dick.

'That thing!?' gulped Bobby, 'I have to take THAT!?'

Coach nodded, 'You do or you don't, either way, we're going.'

Bobby nodded, undressing as Coach lubed him up with expert fingers. I moved back and rolled a condom onto Justin's hard dick.

'With everyone but me,' I chuckled.

He guided his cock to Bobby's open hole, pressing in the thick head, and then slamming in balls deep.

Bobby screamed, clenching hard around his cock. Coach gave him a minute to adjust before pulling out eleven inches, then slamming them back up his ass.

I was jacking off as I watched Coach, banging away at Bobby's ass, and Bobby's expressions and screaming as he shot off, splattering over himself.

Bobby panted, grabbing his clothes and heading back to his car, driving off at speed.

I shot Coach a confused look, and then jumped into the back myself. I didn't expect him to take off the condom and lay on his back, legs in the air.

'Fuck me,' he begged, 'I need it.'

I didn't object, moving to grab the lube.

'This is an experienced ass here, just shove it right in,' he panted, and I did just that.

I slid in to the hilt, and waited until he had stopped moaning and grunting.

'Blake, that's a rather thick cock you got there.'

I smirked a little, sliding in and out slowly for a little while, soon picking up the pace as I slammed into his prostate.

He whimpered, groaning loudly. 'Slap my ass... Oh!'

I spanked him hard, dragging my cock along his sensitive inner walls, and it wasn't long before I felt his ass contracting and saw his cock pulsing beneath me.

I fucked harder, blowing my own load up his ass, and he shot, covering himself in hot come. I pulled out and laid down on him, licking a little of the come off.



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