Lipp’s bitches - Chapter 8 – REAL INCEST BEGINS.

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As I was taking off my brother’s pullover I was feeling something unmistakable that I had only felt with Mary a long time ago. But I took courage and unbuttoned my brother’s shirt. I was finally groping that sexy man and I would have needed three hands, one to keep on stroking Derek’s crotch, one to keep on touching everything in his cute face and a third one to touch his chest now. I took off his vest and sniffed his sweat. One week of lust and desire for Derek had made me learn how to touch my brother erotically. Now I could please his chest. The scent of sweat of his nipples convinced me finally of what I was feeling. But even so, I raised his arms, sniffed his pits and I was finally there licking them. I changed to his other armpit soon and was only licking it for a minute when unaware I had begun to cry. Derek saw me and asked.

-What’s the matter with you, Steve?

-Bro, if you want we can stop this madness now. I am sorry if I make you a bit poorer but you can earn money being also one of Lipp’s private bitches.

-Steve, tell me what the matter is with you.

-I’m sorry, Derek, this could happen and it has finally happened. I am now in love with you. I cannot help it.

He then kissed me more passionately than he had ever kissed me before. He hugged me with enthusiasm and sweetly began to talk to me.

-You are the one I like most in this world, Steve, and you can be sure of what I told you, in case this happened. I wanna share my life with you, sweetheart, and be your partner –and he came to my lips and sweetly, as if he had always been my boyfriend, kissed me slowly and passionately-. First I must convince you that we are engaged, my dear –and he kept on showing me his love with his tender strokes all over my body.

-I shouldn’t be seeing this –Lipp said, really worried that he was seeing our privacy. He repeated that he could see our sex, but he wasn’t giving us any money for seeing our love.

-There’s nothing that is actually happening that you can’t see, Lipp. We are your bitches and you have the right to see the beginning of our couple –Derek then said.

-Please, Derek. I want to go to the kitchen and wait. If finally you decide to go on, you can shout at me to come back and I will hear your scream and return.

-Ok, Lipp, since you will feel better in the kitchen, go there for just a while. I will try and convince Steve of how much I like him.

Lipp left and my brother was then the sweetest boy and said the sweetest words I have ever heard him.

-My darling, Steve. You knew this could happen. We have been fool, but be sure that your feelings not only do not disturb me but they fill me with joy. Now when we return home, we can be together in bed for hours as a couple. We really are now, and you can move erotically down your boyfriend’s body and do with me all you desire. I don’t love you yet but I will. There can be nobody in the world that is so cute, has a sexier body and have the personality with which I want to share my life. I knew before coming here –he told me sweetly and caressing me- that you would fuck me and I will certainly eat your crap. Don’t be shy, Steve, my dear brother.

-I don’t know if this has any sense, Derek. I love you but you do not love me and I don’t want you to put your life at risk for me, bro.

-What risk? I cannot think of a greater happiness than having you as my partner and share my life with you and have sex with you every day. The tides of life have brought us here. But we have always lived together and now we will never be separated anymore. The only novelty is that now we will have sex and love. Oh, bro, give me some time and I am sure I will fall in love with you too, the best thing that could happen to me. But tell me, please, you accept me as your boyfriend now.

-I cannot stop crying, dear Derek. Ok, I accept you as my partner. There’s no other thing I can’t do for I cannot imagine my life without you now. I hope you never repent, bro.

-I will never repent. Now you have to decide if we continue with private incest for Lipp. Money is very important, but I will never sell your feelings for any money in the world. So, my dear boyfriend, tell me, shall we continue?

-We can continue. There are things that certainly you may like and I am your partner now and have to please you. Hope you never regret, Derek.

-Then I hope you know how you can treat your boyfriend, bro. Do with my body anything you want. Let us call Lipp now.

He shouted his name and Lipp came back. He still had a boner but was not touching himself.

-I’ve achieved that he is calmer now –my brother said-. We will have our private incest later but we are already a couple and we will continue with the show for you. I see you are not jacking off.

-I cannot wank with love, Derek. Go on having sex and I will be able. Now be as sweet as you can with that hot man, your brother. He deserves you.

-I will show him my tenderness all afternoon, Lipp, you can be sure –and addressing me now, he said-. Come on, Steve, sweetheart, have an orgy of pleasure now with your new partner’s body. We shall do everything –and he was kissing me again for a couple of minutes.

So I started touching his chest again, licking his nipples and tasting his sweat. I did not stop now at his pits, where I knew well I would be later, for at least I saw Derek would be able to lick mine. So never stopping to stroke his crotch and noticing he was really hard, I started to take off his shoes and socks and tenderly sniffing my brother’s perfume.

-Enjoy me, my dear. You can be sure I will please you later. You can go on. But first let us kiss again.

We were very slow that afternoon cause once and again Derek stopped me in order to kiss me again. I was crying with the tenderness my brother gifted me. And I saw he was really crying too, with a new emotion, not love yet, but it was not only sex, but real affection. I was lustfully making him hard, stroking his crotch like the wildest of lovers. I really wanted him to feel there could be no other person in the world like me for his pleasure. He really moaned when I decided to finally take off his trousers. I repeatedly touched his dick now, sniffing his boxers and finally removing them. Derek was finally stark naked before me again, but now I could touch him and taste him. So I quickly moved to his balls to lick them and even took his dick in my mouth for a while.

-Finally you can, bro. My dick is a tool for your pleasure just the same as I would drive yours crazy when it is my turn. I will turn so you can see and touch my arse a bit.

He turned and I could see again his buttocks, stroked them lovingly and took my nose in his crack, absolutely sure that I could lick it later and take him finally to g-spot. Then Derek told me it was his turn to finally become his lover’s pleaser. Affectionately he was touching everything in my face and I could finally feel his saliva everywhere. He started to undress me and he also turned his hands into multiple brushes to touch erotically my whole body. I still could not assimilate my brother, my boyfriend now, felt so sure that he really desired to touch me, sniff me again and lick me. Soon he had taken off my pullover, my shirt and my vest and was beginning a bacchanal of groping my chest, licking the sweat in my nipples and everywhere, telling me my sweat was so delicious he would like to taste it daily. His nose and tongue danced madly in my pits but he wanted to be short because he would go now to my feet to enjoy a new taste of his brother’s, he told me, but prior to that, of course, he kissed me savagely again. It took him very little to take off my shoes and socks and I could see how he became crazy with the scent of my feet and stroked them, sniffed, licked and kissed them like a madman, yelling and kissing me again. My brother’s breath now was perfumed of pits and feet and it was hotter to kiss him now.

He started now a dance to make harder my already hard cock. It is impossible to describe what I was feeling when my brother’s hand was finally in my dick. He sniffed my boxers affectionately convincing me that he had never smelled something that perfumed. He asked me to turn and sniffed my boxers from behind and then he finally dared to take them off. Now we would be totally nude for hours. He sniffed my crack and also took his tongue inside and licked a while. He made me turn and passionately sniffed and licked my balls and finally tasted my dick too, saying that when the time of the blowjob finally came, he was sure he would be capable and wanted to suck my soul with it and many times, all his life. And adding nothing unnecessary, he finally grasped my cock and started to jack me off.

-We are here at last, Steve. Oh, bro, how I desired to masturbate you. All the week wanting to do this and I finally can. You can also grasp my cock. But Steve, I need to piss. Do you feel the same?

-I really have to, Derek. Oh, I hope you are not disgusted.

-I won’t be. I wanna know the taste of your golden shower at last, bro. Come on, piss me.

He took my dick in his mouth and telling me it had a wonderful taste, asked me please to pee. I took courage and peed. He was gulping my yellow liquid slowly but securely, moaning all the time. I asked him to be sincere later and tell me the truth, and he said it would be so pleasant to be drinking my piss all afternoon. Now he affectionately took his cock to my mouth and peed me too. The taste of my brother’s piss was the new juice I would always prefer to any other juice. It was so hot to be allowed to finally taste it and to know I would have some more of my brother’s stream that very day. Now Derek remembered to invite Lipp to the piss party and he said ok, he would start by pissing me again and I opened my mouth and gladly drank a new stream from Lipp that Monday.

-The next one will be for you, Derek, and don’t forget the next time either of you have to piss, it will be for me.

So Derek and I resumed our reciprocal jacking off and we saw Lipp wanking madly. My brother’s hand on my dick was pleasant but I was only thinking that finally I could please Derek’s dick. We had become a couple and he had to know what a slut my hand could turn for his pleasure every day. Kissing me as a real boyfriend he told me that he needed to cum so he could spend hours calmer having sex with his brother. I agreed with him and kissing all the time, two brothers’ cums were finally on the floor. Lipp also shot his load and congratulated us. For the first time I had made my brother incestuously cum and I will never forget that moment.

With no pause, even though he had just blasted his load he started to lick my balls. I know now he wanted to show me he would not stop doing anything for his brother’s pleasure and I was still surprised how easy it was for him to swallow my whole dick and start blowing me. I started to really assimilate my brother really wanted my pleasure and wanted my heart to be calm and he convinced me slowly in that blowjob we really were now a couple. Not even Lipp had sucked my cock like that. Derek seemed to have been born to blow his brother one day and my throbbing dick could only repeat “thank you, bro, oh thank you”. Forbidden things were now becoming actual things and I said to myself I would always live to return that hot man the pleasure and affection he was showing me. His tongue was my bliss, his saliva my oasis and I needed some water which I could always ask him, and there he was driving me crazy. I think I also lasted for a very short time and saying “oh, bro, I am cumming”, he increased his pace of sucking and finally my nectar bathed his mouth. He showed me later a grateful and happy face and kissed me again. Then he opened his mouth so Lipp could see my semen inside. Next he said to Lipp that he needed to piss again. Lipp said “wait a minute, I need to cum now”, he came and took his mouth to Derek’s cock to be finally rained his piss. It was so hot to think that afternoon we needed no toilets and we three pissed many times. Derek pissed Lipp and Lipp pissed Derek and finally I said to Lipp he could drink my piss too. After the urinal moment, I started what I was dying to do and licked Derek’s balls. The scent was intense; it was brother’s scent, and I had to finally go to his dick. I would show him now that he had accepted me as his partner and I had to drive him crazy every day. I was savouring my brother’s cock at last, and savouring his heart at the same time.

-Now you can, Steve, my hot boyfriend. I love to see you so happy and I will always be here for you, my darling. I hope you can taste the rhythm of my soul which is dancing with your tongue and your heartbeats, bro. I hope I can soon tell you that I love you. But suck your boyfriend’s dick for the first time. It is yours forever.

Derek could resist for a longer time and I was in no hurry to leave my brother’s hill but at the same time I wanted him to cum again and savour his nectar. Meanwhile I was learning to dance, and my tongue tangoed hectically, slowly up and down, up and down and entire in my mouth again. My lips also helped to the sucking. I was kissing his manhood at the same time I was blowing him. Love will be always shown to you, bro, in every movement of my tongue, every heartbeat I have in life must focus on your happiness. Oh, sweet bro, cum in my mouth. Telepathy worked and soon I could taste the nectar of life, my nephews, my brother’s fountain of pleasure. You will cum many more times in my mouth, I promise.

He did not want to have some rest, and knowing what the next movement was he approached my left foot to his mouth and started licking, praising once and again my perfume and jacking off as he licked. He reminded me he had been all week wanting to taste those feet of mine and now he would show me his desire, not leaving any pore without his saliva. He licked affectionately each of my toes. Finally he moved to my right foot and he was just as passionate and as wild. Despite having already cum twice, he was hard as stone now. He was patient and was a long while in both my feet. We were not looking at the watch now. And I said to myself: let him enjoy these minutes. Soon the most difficult moments would come and now he had the chance to take pleasure in his brother’s stinking body, perfumed body for him. He finally left my feet and went to my pits, adding everything of my hot body would end up with his saliva and saying he would also cum with my pits, he strongly jerked off now. No sooner had he started, with his tongue still in my wet pits, he told me.

-I cannot feel more affection now, be fonder of you or desire you more, Steve. We will have to talk again when we are finally alone and I must convince you that I cannot live without you, bro. If ever again I am sexually thirsty, I just need to sip the water of your sweat, swim here and in your sweat everywhere- he licked and licked with his tongue stuck to the moisture of my sweat and soon changed to my right pit, and really yelled now-, I could never again swim in any waters and not think that they don’t have your smell, my boyfriend, the scent of arousal, the perfume of orgasms, my brother Steve’s sweat, the damp of my future happiness. I have to cum, now, Steve. I so desire to cum with this paradise. Look at my dick, bro.

I could see again Derek’s semen on the floor and was glad to see him cum once and again with me. Oh, if you could continue cumming, bro. As if he knew what I was thinking, he asked me to turn now.

-You have seen me sucking your cock, licking your feet, licking your pits. Now it is the turn of that hot arse of yours. You have already reached g-spot, Steve. But now it will be your boyfriend who will take you to g-spot. You can be sure even if I have to be hours licking you. Come on, bro, start to enjoy my tongue in there and do not fart yet. I wanna taste you. I know you have no broth now, but it will taste deliciously just the same.

And immediately I could notice Derek’s tongue inside my crack and moving skillfully. His words convinced me that he even liked the taste of my arse. Now I knew he liked all my flavours but I was still terrified because I knew I had to fart in his mouth. He had liked my farts in the air but this was more frightening. Finally, with a secure voice, he asked me to fart. Shyly I farted once and he told me he was overjoyed with that scent too and was sure everything that came from me would always have a perfect taste. So I continued farting and I was moved noticing my brother’s tongue in there wanting to become an erotic tool for my pleasure, so I finally focused on the pleasure of a new g-spot, which I knew would come soon. I continued farting in Derek’s mouth as I was unaware I had started to cry, really moved and in love with that hot man that was putting his soul in my pleasure and tranquility of mind. He was the sweetest brother any man could have. I felt it was coming, in just twenty minutes. His tongue in my prostate was so good that I had to cum, and almost yelling now I told him I was cumming. It was again a long stream of cum and he looked at me, proud and happy, as I was cumming and touched my second dick again. Next he kissed me passionately and told me I was the cutest man on Earth then and he had to necessarily fall in love with me soon. He kissed and hugged me for three minutes and finally told me now it was my turn to lick him.

I wanted to be slow and long in all my brother’s points. Now it was his turn to know a lot of pleasures he had never known before and I could give him. The scent of Derek’s feet was the smell of manly happiness and I knew for sure that even if I could live thrice I would not have time enough to enjoy all his scent. I was slow with every inch of his feet, every toe and nail, every drop of sweat. My brother’s sweat was my new drink for the rest of my life to quench my thirst. After having been longer than a quarter of an hour in both his feet, I took my hand to my dick and started my wildest masturbation, so he could see I had been a week desiring his pits and now it was the time to pay due homage to them.

I didn’t want that time of licking his armpits to end. I knew it was only the first time and he would give me the chance to be there every day of my life. But that first time I had to yell and show him the face of a wild man, frenzied with his perfume. I was for about twenty minutes in both his pits and I was not longer because I also wanted him to know g-spot at last. He deserved to see me cumming like that, aroused and mad, with a face of absolute happiness. It was just as long an amount of semen as it had been with g-spot. He said nothing but kissed me again for a long time.

-Come on, Steve. You can take me to g-spot now. But I don’t care about that pleasure, even if I imagine it is the greatest sexual pleasure. I just care about your joy, bro, wishing you could taste everything of my body and know for certain my whole body is yours forever. Begin with my arse now, that very ass you will fuck later. Taste me and enjoy.

I started a new hectic dance inside Derek’s bum. The taste of his crack was acrid, even though he washed his ass daily, just as I did, but I enjoyed his spicy flavour. I was savouring it for just a minute when I asked him for farts, certain that I would love them: I had enjoyed Lipp’s farts and the smell of my brother’s farts close to me and I was sure I wanted to swallow those thunders of his. He did fart and the smell aroused me so much that now I became an expert licking his prostate and all the interior of his arse. It cost him longer than me to cum, but I needed that time to be prolonged, almost eternal for his first time with the pleasure of g-spot. After three quarters of an hour of continuous farts and constant moans, he told me he was finally cumming and he would be all his life thanking me for having made him discover that pleasure. I let him cum in long streams of semen and allowed him to touch his second dick before I pounced on him and almost treacherously I kissed him now as keenly as my love was capable of showing him, not desiring the next stages I was really scared about, but finally he stopped kissing me and said.

-Now, bro. Let the fun continue. I’m your boyfriend and also need to discover the pleasure of being fucked by my brother. Do not be shy and fuck me, Steve. My ass is desperately asking for your dick. Fuck me now.

-I’ll fuck you to the hilt, Derek, but you must tell me whether I should continue or stop.

I entered my brother’s ass at last and he assured me it hurt him a bit, but less than he had expected and implored me to go on and pop his cherry, reminding me his ass was now his working tool, for he had started to be a bitch and he would continue to be. But mainly, he said, because his ass had to be for his brother, his boyfriend. So kissing him passionately, I continued fucking him. He showed no sign of pain and he moaned wildly and it became easier for me to go on and grope his whole sexy body with real lust and love. He started to cry, but he assured me he was crying out of real emotion, not out of pain, and I let him cry and continued my strokes all over his dear body. It didn’t take long to finally hear him say that it didn’t hurt him anymore and now I had been able to pop his cherry he wanted me to be slow for he was enjoying my dick in his arse and wished that fun would continue. I had already busted my load four times and could be hours inside him that very first time I was fucking my brother and we were really building the structure of the rest of our lives. I was really beginning to feel we would always be together. I was thinking of all this when he told me that he could live a second g-spot with me if I resisted for five more minutes. Since I wanted Derek to rest in the same corner of happiness in the universe Lipp and I had been last week, I said to myself he should know g-spot again. He was cumming in the same moments I had cum with Lipp last Monday and he should begin to know what paradise I had been in inside that cave of pleasure where Derek and I had mentioned we should enter one day and have sex there. When he told me to cum for he was cumming again, I came immediately and devoted myself to look at my brother’s face of pleasure in his second g-spot. I think I fell in love again if that was possible. There could be no cuter guy in the world than him now. He really enjoyed his second dick now with eyes shut and unable to speak. Finally he pounced on me again and gave me the longest kiss I have had from him so far, saying thank you once and again. Now I really started to believe Derek could not be that happy unless it was with me and started to believe he really was my boyfriend. We were kissing and crying, regardless of the time, as mentally I was preparing myself to have my brother’ dick in my ass now.

Prior to fucking me he invited Lipp to kiss us, saying he was really grateful to him for he had started to make this possible. Lipp was really moved now and kissed us both for a couple of minutes, first Derek and next me again. I remembered what oasis Lipp’s mouth was and we were in no hurry to finish those kisses. But finally Lipp moved away from us and Derek’s lips were touching me before he started to fuck me.

-I will not wait to another day or to this very night, bro. Since it won’t hurt you, I will be inside you as long as it is necessary to take you to g-spot again. I not only want you to cum with your dick, but also with your heart, if that is possible. You have to be convinced that love will finally reach me so you lack nothing. But my dick is only something that is yours now; my whole heart belongs to you, my darling.

Saying such sweet words he penetrated me at last. I could only stutter since Derek’s lips never left mine and I could feel his scented breath with my entire aroma. I knew I had been born to always love Derek. I cannot describe how tenderly he was caressing my whole naked body and left his heartbeats with every shove of his dick. As best I could I moaned and returned sweet words to my boyfriend brother, grateful to him for the bliss he had made me know. Somewhat afraid yet of the piggiest moments to come later, it was true that so far he had enjoyed everything and he had faked nothing. The pig moments could be necessary for our work as bitches but when we were in private, we could be that sweet and have only standard sex. It took him only five minutes to convince me that he would make me reach g-spot again. My love for him increased and rained and spilled. I had his mouth in mine all the time and even so I managed to yell and asked him to cum for I was going to cum again. Then I was overwhelmed with joy when I felt my brother’s semen for the first time in my ass and I started to be again a transfigured man who spilled and spilled a new load of prostatic fluid to the floor and cried as I touched my second dick. All my nerves were cumming with pleasure and love and I cried and cried. Derek waited for my dick to end cumming and then came to me again and kissed me passionately.

-Now I really understand that you felt proud of yourself last week looking at Lipp’s eyes. Oh my darling. I think I was born to be proud one day of the fact that I have made you so happy. Fear nothing, Steve; I would be the greatest fool in the world if ever I go away from you. I think we should three piss again before we start the toilet moments.

He pissed me again and I peed my brother a second time. I was somewhat afraid of what would come now, but I was calm whenever I had to piss him. Lipp also pissed me again. Then Derek kissed me and with now more words he came to my ass and started to lick it ardently expecting again my farts and for the first time my shit.


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