Lipp’s bitches - Chapter 1 –I’M A BITCH, BRO.

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As I was getting home I was worried thinking how my brother Derek would react with all I had to tell him. I knew he was open-minded but maybe he would not understand me today. I saw him sitting as usual on the couch watching TV.

-Hi, Derek.

-Hi, Steve.

-I will go to the bathroom. I have to brush my teeth. They are very dirty.

-You needn’t tell me that, Steve. Of course when one brushes his teeth it is because they are dirty.

-Very dirty.

-What have you been eating? Lol, you needn’t tell me.

-I’ll be with you in a while and will tell you.

-As you wish.

I was for more than ten minutes in the bathroom, not only brushing my teeth but wiping my ass again. I did not want to be before Derek with shitted ass. But I finally dared to come out. I had to tell Derek many things.

-Here I am again, bro. Well, I must tell you a lot of things. You know you are the one I love most in this world and I am really frightened I could lose you.

-Oh bro, what a preamble. I hope you won’t tell me now you have a deadly disease.

-None that I know of. And you?

-None that I know of, Steve.

-Well, I have been doing something this afternoon and I don’t know what you might think of me.

-Does it have to do with the fact that your teeth were very dirty?

-Yes, it does. Well, Derek, as I must tell you, I start. What would you think if I tell you I have had gay sex for some hours?

-I would naturally ask you: are you gay?

-I think I am bisexual but I have discovered that this afternoon.

-Hug me, Steve. I don’t want to see you worried because of that. For years I have been expecting you introduce me a new sister-in-law, as you did with Mary. But I will love you just the same if one day you introduce me a brother-in-law. I really love you and I want you happy in life. And what the fuck? If neighbours or relatives intrude, I would be proud to tell them, yes, my brother has a boyfriend. They needn’t know anything else. It’s your life and I really appreciate you.

-Thanks, Derek. I might now either have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. I don’t fucking care about neighbours or relatives if you really appreciate me. I thank you for your respect. But there is something else –I took a deep breath and continued-. What would you say now if I tell you that after all I have been working for five hours?

Derek and I were both unemployed then. We lived alone since our parents’ death. He was a year younger than me and he was 24.

-Having gay sex and working?

-It could be related.

-Have you been hired as a porn actor?

-I haven’t, but good guess. Keep on trying.

-A stripper?


-I can see in your face you are really worried about what I could think. So, I will dare ask: have you been hired as a bitch?

-A bitch for Lipp, indeed.

He mistook the name.

-Lip? As those in your mouth?

-Two Ps. His name is Steve Lippincott. But what do you think? Not only have I been Lipp’s bitch today but I will work for him every Monday now.

-You know what I have told you about that sometimes. I know no other job in which you work giving pleasure. I find it a quite honest job, and I know what you will tell me: neighbours needn’t know. But if they tell me something, I will answer I really like my brother and am proud of him whatever his job is. Is it enough for you?

-More than enough, Derek, thanks.

-Have you earned good money?

Then I took from my pocket a wad of money. It seemed to Derek as if money were vomiting and never stopped.

-I’m afraid to ask, Steve, and I will not count it. How much money is there?

-30.000 euros.

-Have you earned 30.000 euros in five hours?

-I have. I’m afraid now you will tell me I am really a good bitch.

-I know you well enough, Steve, and know whatever the job you do, you are honest in it.

-Thanks, Derek. But I have to show you I have been honest, but can I be if I have earned 30.000 euros?

-You can.

-Well, at least I tell you Lipp has busted his load seven times, with g-spot twice and I have also busted my load seven times with twice g-spot.

He stood up and went to a close cupboard. He brought a notebook and a pen and tore a page and wrote S and L there.

-I want to write down here every time you’ve shot your load, if you want to tell me. S is of course for Steve and L for Lipp. I will simply write down 1, 2, 3, etc, under each name and if someone found this paper it would have no importance. You can tell me now, if you want and don’t mind that I have a boner right now.

-You also had boners whenever I spoke to you about Mary, even if I was very discreet. But can you have a boner with gay sex?

-Obviously I can. Maybe it is because I see my brother has found a job and known his sexual orientation today. I want to respectfully listen to your story. I see now that my brother is a millionaire and I am the brother beggar –he laughed-, but don’t give me any alms, bro. Though I would do exactly the same. I hope later you tell me if there is also a possibility I also work for Lipp.

-Everything’s possible, bro. Well, I will tell you everything now but I can be hours telling you.

-Take your time. I want to know everything and I will keep on having this boner.

-Feel comfortable with it. That way I know I can tell you everything and even every Monday when I return home from having been Lipp’s bitch. Well, bro, I will start now.

Somewhat afraid yet, I started to tell him all that had happened to me this afternoon.

-I was in St Andrew’s Park. I had been running for three hours before I dared enter the employment office again. No luck as usual and then I walked down the park a bit to reflect and finally took some rest on a bench. A man soon came to me and asked if I would mind he sat next to me. Of course I told him he could sit.

-My name is Lipp –he explained. I also mistook his name and he spelt it, telling me he was Steve Lippincott. I told him I was Steve too, Steve McKenzie.

-I got a whiff of your armpits and you have a nice body and I thought I would sit beside you. So I am gay, do you mind?

He really smelled, stronger than me. Now I know he has been unwashed for three weeks. But I had to answer.

-Lipp, why do we always have to mind that somebody is gay? I dream I am one day sitting on a bench and a guy comes to me and tells me: I am a heterosexual man, do you mind? I would gladly be sitting next to a nice man, regardless of his sexual orientation.

-You have just taught me a lesson. A very good answer. But you might be worried that I could be throwing hints to you or something.

-Of course not, Lipp. We can keep on chatting.

-Hope my smell does not bother you. I like to be a long time unwashed because I love the smell of dirty men. The last time I had a shower was three weeks ago.

-It does not bother me. But it must be difficult for your social life.

-I am often alone. And if I must take a taxi, I sit on the backseat of the taxi. I think the taxi-driver cannot smell me. And if I have a coffee, I sit on a terrace. I see my friends the days I am recently washed.

-Good, you have chosen that way of living and like it. Nothing to object.

-You are very nice and understanding. I would like to keep on talking to you. What were you doing here?

Then I explained to him my situation.

-I live with my brother since our parents died and now we are both unemployed.

-Is your brother as sexy as you?

-I am not gay, Lipp. How can I know?

-Come on. A girl can tell you another girl is sexy. I think a man also could if he liked.

-Well, he must be. He’s really flirtatious and has had many girls.

-I am sure you must have had many girls too.

-I have had some. I was in love with Mary. She was my girlfriend for two years and then she left me.

-So your brother is as sexy as you.

-Look, I have a pic of him on my wallet. You can see him. This is my brother Derek.

-Gorgeous. He has natural charm in his dimples.

-So Lipp knows of my existence and likes me –Derek broke in laughing.

-He does, bro.

-Good, I would also do what you have done. And not only for the money, but because of the pleasure I can see in your face. I think you have really had fun today –Then I was aware that Derek had begun stroking his crotch.

-Do you mind? –He knew I had seen him.

-I’m amazed that you can have fun at gay sex, and I have not even begun to tell you. You can go on. Lol, I have only blasted my load seven times this afternoon and you know our record is cumming eleven times a day. I also need to touch myself. The memory of this afternoon makes me horny.

-It can be something tender between you and me. Lol, two brothers touching themselves as they are talking about sex. It can be natural.

-If it is natural for you, it will be natural for me. I’ve had the sexual pleasure of my life. I want to go on touching myself and telling you my story, since you don’t seem to mind –and I resumed my story-. Well, Derek, I suppose I started to complain a bit.

-In this moment of my life, Lipp, I don’t even have enough money. I am studying astronomy at the moment and have no work. Not enough to have more than a coffee a day, and hardly any money for cigarettes.

-I could give you money for that. In fact, well, Steve, why shouldn’t I tell you? You are sitting next to the fifth fortune of the country.

-Oh my God.

-I don’t want it to be known. I look like any other man but a very dirty man. Nobody approaches me, lol. In fact I have 30000 euros in my pocket right now. I am not ambitious and do not like certain luxuries, for example a yacht, what do I want a yacht for? I would sail only one or two days and I need to hire workers and a lot of money for its maintenance needs. But I like buying cars. I already have six and was going to buy a seventh one. I like driving. I was going to pay a new installment and in less than a week I can have a new Mercedes. That’s why I have so much money with me. One other man could pay a lot for a coffee, if he really likes it. 30000 euros is just like a coffee for me.

-Oh my God, Lipp, what kind of coffee shops do you go to? A coffee for 30000 euros. If you want to invite me to a coffee later, please let me be the one who chooses the cafeteria –he laughed-. But you shouldn’t have told me you have so much money in your pocket. You don’t know me at all, Lipp, and do you know what I could do to you now? I could kidnap you, beat you, rob you or kill you. But when I was a teenager I had a dream. It was the most distressing dream of my life. I dreamt I had killed a man and since that day I know what could happen to me if I ever killed somebody. It is what I call the damn price: I would end up killing myself.

-You are a very nice young man, Steve, and I trust you. Look, if you are looking for a job, well, I have a hotel chain. You could be hired as a receptionist or as a waiter in one of the many hotel bars there are.

-That would be great, Lipp –and I started looking for a cigarette and saw I had none left. He saw me and gave me one. He also smokes.

-You see I don’t have enough for today.

-I could give you some money now.

-Lipp, if I work for you, I would be able to buy my cigarettes. So far, I would accept you no alms. If it were for a job, I would. Can’t you think of a job for me right now?

-I have seen this many times in some porn movies on the internet but never imagined I could do the same. Well, I will ask you, what do you think of the work of bitches?

-Are you trying to whore me?

-I do not want to offend you.

-Lipp, I would rather work as a bitch for you than getting alms. You are gay and like me, so being a bitch for you could be a job –and then I told him what you and I have so often thought about that job: it is a decent job where you work giving pleasure-. I would never work in a brothel. It could be dangerous. But I would be a bitch for you. You are a nice man and I suppose you needn’t be gay to be a bitch for men.

-I have never gone to any brothel myself. I would never be the client. Look, in a gay bar I can be the first or the fifth option of a dude, but I am an option. If I pay somebody to have sex with, I know he does not desire me, but my money. I need to feel I am desired. And of course you needn’t be gay.

-But you won’t feel desired by me.

-You are nice enough and I suspect you would be honest in any job you do. Tomorrow we can talk of offers in any of my hotels. I would whore you to give you some money for a job now. And no need to worry. I would never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t be willing to do. I would give you 1000 euros to start with.

-Oh, my God, for that money I suppose you want to fuck me.

-I respect that you are heterosexual and of course I don’t want to fuck you. But would you accept to work as a bitch?

-Be careful, Lipp. I might prefer to be a bitch than a receptionist or waiter. I have a boner right now. The mere chance of seeing myself as a bitch is making me horny. But well, what if you don’t like my dick, for instance?

-Is it small?

-No, it is big.

-I don’t care about size. I will like it because it is yours.

-But I suppose a bitch must have a big cock.

-Never been with a bitch before. But I suppose you’re right. But tell me, Steve, am I offending you?

-Not at all. I would accept those 1000 euros. You like me and I could be pleasing you. That’s work, but I hope your offer is good for my economical capacities. If you can pay 30000 euros for a car, what is 1000 euros for you, a chewing gum?

-Less than a chewing gum.

-Well, for 1000 euros, I promise first I would spend the whole afternoon with you. We could have a coffee. And I will invite you if I already have 1000 euros with me. But be careful, I could accept some more offers.

-I’d be glad you accepted some more offers.

-And you could hire me as a bitch to work on a regular basis.

-Well, if you prefer to be my private bitch, I would not say no –he winked at me-. Today it is Monday. You could come to my house, say, every Monday. Not today. You do not know me enough, Steve, and I could be a psycho.

-Well, Lipp, tell me what you want for 1000 euros.

-Well, I hope you don’t get shocked.

-I won’t, I promise.

-We could go under those trees behind us and I would give you that money if you just pull down your pants and let me see your cock and balls, and only if you want, your ass too.

-Lipp, I repeat again I will be the whole afternoon with you. If I am a bitch, I must please you. You could give 1000 euros to any boy walking down the street for pulling down his pants and he would take them and maybe be laughing at you. I will try to be decent, Lipp, and accept so much money according to your economical capacities. But you must have fun. And as you have said you will not ask me anything you are not ready to do, I ask you: would you be willing to pull down your pants too?

-I would, but you are not gay, it would not be pleasant for you.

-If I accept a job, I have to do a good job; if I work as a bitch, I have to be a good bitch and of course touch you. So, I will accept the money and your proposal if you first show me your cock, balls and arse and I touch everything. Then I would pull down my pants and of course you can see my ass, you can touch everything and as I know you like the sense of smell you can also smell or taste. I am not too clean.

-Can I even take my fingers in your ass?

-I feel my ass is very dirty now, Lipp. I fear I could even have some broth.

-I love your expressions, Steve. You don’t know the pig I am yet and your broth has aroused me.

-Well, Lipp. Then give me those 1000 euros and we can go under those trees.

-Here you are, Steve.

We stood up and hid under some trees behind. I don’t know the name of those trees. It’s not easy to tell you, Derek, that I really had a hard on knowing what I would do right now. Knowing I was a bitch aroused me. But I had to do a good job. Under the trees, I asked Lipp to pull down his pants. He had a wonderful dick.

-Do you like that man, Steve? –Derek asked me still touching himself. His erection was great and obvious.

-I didn’t know yet I am bisexual but I could admit he was attractive.

-Did you like his smell?

-I was not aware of it, but I think it was making me horny.

-Well, I know I am sweaty too today. I was gonna have a shower before going to bed.

-You needn’t apologize, Derek. I am as sweaty as you. I will also have a shower later.

The moment he pulled down his pants, I started to touch him, always asking him if it was pleasant for him for it was the first time I was touching a man. I stroked his dick for a long while and even started to jack him off. I was surprised how easy it was for me to touch a man and I still had a boner. I caressed his balls slowly and fondly. I even knelt on the ground and sniffed his balls and his cock. He looked at me somewhat scared.

-I have never smelled dicks or balls before, Lipp. But I like the smell.

I continued for a couple of minutes noticing with pleasure he was increasingly harder. I had to learn to be a bitch and give pleasure and apparently I was getting it. Then I asked him to turn and caressed his beautiful ass and praised it. He was in heaven but terrified and asked me please not to stick my fingers inside. I said “ok, Lipp, maybe later” and added he could pull up his pants. Now it would be my turn.

I pulled down my jeans and I saw his aroused face at my dick. He shyly asked if he could touch. Sweet man. He was paying me for that and still asked, lest I could get angry. I said “of course, Lipp, have fun.” Oh, how he touched. He was for three minutes touching my dick and balls. It is so pleasant to be touched by a man.

-I might prefer this job, Lipp. You touch perfectly. I could be your bitch. But I wouldn’t like to call you my client. It is offensive. So what would you think if I say you are my employer?

-Then you are my employee. The word bitch might offend you.

-Not at all, Lipp. So right now at least I am your employee and your personal bitch. Enjoy my private parts as much as you like and tell me when you want me to turn. Of course you will also see my arse and touch, sniff or anything you want.

-You can turn now if you want.

I turned.

-This is the sexiest arse I have seen in my life.

-Are you not exaggerating?

-I am not. It is the butt of the cutest boy I could find. A tender dude not easy to get shocked.

He started to caress my ass and I started to be in heaven already wondering if I would be as heterosexual as I had always believed. But I liked what I was feeling. I thought I would really like to be a bitch for Lipp. Soon he started to sniff my crack saying it was a delicious smell. He added I really had some broth but he loved it and then he dared take his fingers into my ass. He was a long while with his fingers inside my ass, wetting them. Then he took them out and I could see they were really stained with shit. He approached them to his nose and started to sniff his fingers praising me for having that broth and letting him sniff it. And finally he took his fingers into his mouth and licked them. He said he was that pig and more and now I was starting to know him. I loved the whole picture and the way I was giving pleasure to that man and I said to myself I would never work in a brothel but I would love to be Lipp’s bitch.

-Would you like 1000 euros more?

-Lipp, I would really accept to work as a bitch for you. I have a hard on and what’s more important, I can feel I am pleasing you, so I think this is a job I could really do.

-So if you prefer you could come to my house every Monday. I would give you 2000 euros a week just for taking off your clothes.

-You are crazy, Lipp. I don’t know how much a regular bitch can charge you for taking off his or her clothes. Maybe no more than 10 euros. So, if it is only taking my clothes off, I would accept you 10, or well, since it is nothing for you, 100 euros. So I could earn 400 euros a month. Not bad. In my present situation it is a fortune and I will have money for coffee and cigarettes. But no more than 400 euros a month. So if you want to give me more, you really should make me work harder.

-You are stubborn, Steve. You know I would give you 2000 euros a week, or all the money I have now.

-Of course not, Lipp. So far I would accept you 1000 more euros. What do I have to do?

-Well, I would really like to see you stark naked. But maybe it is too cold or you don’t want to.

-It has been snowing the whole February. But it is not snowing today and it is even sunny and warm.

-We could go under those elm trees on the left and there you could take off all your clothes if you want. Must I also take off my clothes?

-Not now, Lipp. But if later you can find a better place, I would really like to touch my employer and please him. But I agree I will take my clothes off for you. But first you must do something. You must take your cock out and jack off. And when I start to undress, of course you will see, touch, sniff or taste everything. Don’t be shy or I won’t be your bitch, Lipp, a work I am starting to enjoy.

So he agreed and gave me 1000 euros again. We went under the elm trees, both of us with obvious boners. I would keep on working as Lipp’s bitch, Derek. I certainly wanted him to spend a funny afternoon with me.


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