My phone vibrated. I wake up out of my dream. I look under the covers to see I had a raging erection. I smirk and look at my phone. It was 2 o' clock in the morning. I had a text message. Of course it was from Kadin.

Kadin: Hey Sorry for yesterday I lose my head when I'm really horny. .. That's why I want to make it up to you.

Me: Make it up to me? You made me jerk you off then you basically finger raped me in the bathroom stall. -__-

Kadin: don't act like you didn't enjoy every minute of it ;)

At this point he had me. I thought for a second did I actually enjoy it? I had a hard on... my mind was saying no but my body was saying yes. I know cliché but it's the truth. I'm not gay...well I think? I'm not sure all these mixed emotions and mine towards Kadin. It's weird but I think I'm falling for him.

Me: Whatever :(

Kadin: Ok sorry come over to my house and I'll make it up to you.

Me: I don't know Kadin you put me in a really weird place over these past couple of days.

Kadin: I know and I feel really bad about it. If you don't like what you see you can leave right away no questions asked.

Me: I don't know Kadin

Kadin: Please I'm begging you come on you know you want to :(

Me: Fine I'll come for 5 minutes only not a second more.

Kadin: OK great see ya soon stud ;)

I couldn't believe he talked me into sneaking over to his house at 2 o' clock in the morning. I got up and went to the bathroom. I brushed me teeth real quick and splashed my face with water. I slip on some pants and walk to the window. I open it up and feel the cool morning breeze against my naked skin. I climb out and leave the door slightly cracked. I climb down the gutter and jump down to the concrete right in our garage way. I run to Kadin's house. It didn't take long. When I got to his house he was already waiting at the front door. I was surprised. He put his finger to his lips gesturing me to stay quiet.

I walk into his house and follow him up to his room. He opens the door and I was amazed. His room was candle lit, soft music was playing, and there were rose petals all over the bed. The candles were scented and I enjoyed every moment of this. I walked in and admired his room as he closes the door and locks it.

"Kadin....I'm amazed." I say looking back at him. He had his hands in his pajama pants pockets I could see his cheeks go rosy red under the candle light.

"It was nothing I just wanted to make it up to you since I was so rough. I thought maybe you should see the softer side of me... the side barley no one gets to see." He began to walk towards me. I have to say he was the sexiest thing alive at this point. This was the greatest thing anyone has ever done for me. It reminded me of an offbeat 90's chick flick about their first time wait holy shit I have never been fucked before nor have I ever had sex. The closest thing I ever had to sex was let my old best friend Jamie suck me off one day. All those stories of me fucking girls were a lie I was much a virgin as the next guy.

"Kadin." I said sheepishly.

"Yeah" He said softly now he was eye to eye with me. I looked into his beautiful eyes and I knew then I could never run away from him. He owned me right then and there. I felt overwhelmed like I couldn't help myself. He was truly the wielder of my sexual desire.

"Have you ever had sex with you know a guy?" I said caressing his face.

"No. You're going to be my first why do you think I called you over here" He said in a soft voice. He began to come in for a kiss. Then I realized what he said and I push him off.

"You're arrogant asshole! You called me over here so you can fuck me" I said. I was furious I knew something was fishy when he texted me this early. All the candles and shit was just so he could get into my pants and take my virginity.

"Well kind of. At first it was as an apology then I thought I should pop your cherry while you're over here" He said with a smile he pulled me back in. I tried to resist then he pressed his lips against mine. I was so furious with him. But I wanted him so bad. My desire was overwhelming my anger and he knew he was winning the battle. He started to caress and grope my ass. Then he forced his tongue in my mouth. I became relax slowly the resistance in me started to lower.

"Damn that's a tight ass" he said under his breath as he backed me up to the edge of the bed.

"Please Kadin don't play with me then leave me at the point of no return" I said looking into his eyes.

"Trust me babe this time I'm going to finish the job" he said. I saw his massive manhood sticking out of his pajama pants. He started to kiss my neck slowly. I let out little moans in between each kiss. He pulls down my pants and my underwear. He continues to make out with me as I kick my pants and underwear to the side. He pulls down his pants and I see his big cock swing freely. His cockhead is coated with a layer of pre cum. He pulls off my shirt as I pull off his. He lifts me up gently lays me on the bed. He was on top and I was on bottom. Then I noticed he stopped kissing me and next thing I knew he shoving his cock down my throat. I then realized just how big his cock was. It was truly thick and lengthy as well. I was gagging so hard and it was becoming difficult to breath. But he kept on fucking my face. He started to speed up and slam harder into my face.

I was learning fast. I began to take more of his massive cock in my mouth without gagging. I began to take deep breaths in between thrusts. After 45 minutes of pure thrusting and gagging I was deep throating like a pro. But what choice did I have it was either that or suffocate. As I started deep throating he began to grunt and he started yelling obscenities like suck my fucking dick and ooh fuck that feels so good. I guess I gained satisfaction in giving him pleasure. He began to speed up even more and thrust even harder. His grunts became deeper and longer. I knew he was close to cumming. Then I felt his cock head swell in my throat. Then my throat filled with his precious cum. I swallowed hard. His dick flopped out my mouth.

"Oh my god that was the shit Jay. Now to work on that ass of yours."

"Well ok Kadin go slow it's my first time." I said sheepishly.

"I'll go as fast as I want and you shut the fuck up and take it like my little bitch." He said getting eye to eye level. He had that devilish look in his eyes again. I knew I was in for a ride. He was going to take what he wanted and I couldn't stop him.

"At least where a condom" I said.

"I want you to feel all of this" He said shoving his dick inside of me. It was the greatest pain I ever felt. His cock head was so big it was barely making it in.

"Oh shit this is tight." He moaned. He kept pushing more and more of his penis deeper inside of me. It felt like forever until he was fully inside of my tight asshole. I was screaming in pain so much he had to put a pillow over my head. He began to thrust first slow then he gained strength.

He thrust became harder and he dick went faster and faster in and out of my tight asshole. I felt so much pain at once I was crying. But then he hit something inside of me. All the pain subsided at once it was replaced with pure pleasure and etacy. He hit my sweet spot. My screams turned to loud moans of pleasure. His dick was so big he was stretching my little hole to capacity. He kept hitting it over and over again. I was at the point of no return I didn't even touch my dick once and I was about to cum. I was at my climax. He removed the pillow.

"Whose ass is this" he said. I didn't answer he thrusted harder hitting my prostate making me moan louder.

"AHHHH it's yours Kadin it's all yours." I moaned.

"Who is going to let me fuck them any time I want" he said. He thrust again making me moan louder than the first time.

"ME KADIN OH GOD ME" I moaned to the top of my lungs. He stopped and whispered into my ear.

"Who is mine forever?" He said.

"Me" I said in a whisper. Then he started again. He was going his hardest and fastest. I couldn't catch my breath to moan so I was stuck in this state. My eyes were in the back of my head and he was grunting. His grunts turned into loud moans. Then I felt his whole body tense and he came inside me. He gave one more thrust and I moaned so loud he had to cover my mouth. He laid on top of me for countless minutes afterward. We both were in another world. It was my first time and I will never forget it. I left an hour afterwards. We fucked again before I left and it was better than the last. When I got home to my bed I was relaxing on my pillow. I got a text from Kadin.

Kadin: You are mine forever <3

I smile and drift to sleep.




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