Oh god I think. He did it again. This is the third time Kaden has done this in class. Every time I look over to him. He grabs his crotch and makes kissy faces. My phone vibrates. I try to avoid getting caught by the teacher. I see it's from Kaden and it's a muilti media message. I look at him again. He mouths "Open it". I couldn't help it. Secretly I hoped it was a pic of his dick. I opened it. It was. It was a pic of his crotch and you can see his manhood sticking out boldly. My eyes could help but to trace the outline of his cock through his jeans in the pic. I look back at him. He has a wide grin on his face. I mouth its small. He smirks back at me in disbelief. He mouths "can you suck my cock now?"

"Sure" I mouth jokingly. He nodded and flashed that gorgeous smile of his. He raised his hand high in the air.

"Mr. Fuller." Kaden said.

"What is it now Kaden" the teacher said in an annoyed tone.

"Jay and I have to go see the coach right now since we didn't get fitted for our football uniforms." Kaden said with a smile. The teacher just looked at him then gave in.

"I don't feel like arguing with you today just go but don't expect me to give you the assignment that's due Friday." the teacher said.

"Understood." Kaden said. He got out of his chair and picked up his things. I started doing the same. I was surprised did he actually just do that!! I was only kidding about the whole ill suck you dick thing. He walked pass me and grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the classroom. He was literally dragging me down to the basement floor where the locker rooms where. We went into this stall. He pushed me in and I dropped my stuff on the floor. He locks the door and looks back at me. I feel very nervous I could piss my pants. I can see Kadens boner sticking out of his pants. He pushes me out the way. I back up to the door. I hear his pants unzip. Then he started to take a piss. I just stood there dumbfounded wondering what was going to happen next. He stopped and turned around to me. I shielded my eyes.

"You know you want to look Jay" Kaden said.

I put my hands down from my eyes. I hesitated at first then I released them fully. His dick was out and it was truly massive. He was really as big as he said he was. He cockhead was enormous and dick was so long and thick it can go on for days. The bad part was he saw me biting me lip. I felt my dick twitch a little in my pants then it started to stiffen. He began to walk towards me. Then there was a blur and next thing I knew his hand was on my neck. He was squeezing my neck tightly. But the real weird thing was I liked it and he knew I did. I could feel he dick poking my stomach. I look at it for a second admiring it. Then Kaden picks my head up so I could meet his gaze.

"My eyes are up here." He said in a soft tone. He begins to kiss me. At first I wouldn't let him in my mouth. Then he forced his tongue in. He had a big tongue as well. He was shoving it in the back of my throat against my will. Was this rape? No. It can't be because I like it. I never felt this way before. I let my guard down and let him consume me. He slams his hand by my head and grunts in my mouth. I flinch. He is clearly much stronger than I am I think.

"You're so fucking sexy... I can't control myself Jay. Touch my dick." He said looking at me. His hair was over his eyes so he had a devilish look to him. I avoided his gaze.

"Touch it dammit. Stop fighting it. Stop fighting your desires and impulses and give in already." His tone was getting more stern and annoyed. Then he grab my hand and forced down to his penis. I tried to resist but couldn't fight his force. He made me grip it and start jerking him off. He gripped my wrist making me stroke his dick. He started spitting in my hand to make it more slippery. I have to say as much as I was trying to fight it I couldn't help but give in slightly. It seemed like hours went by until he was close to cumming. He made me speed up and I started going harder as each stroke continued. He was grunting loudly and I could feel his cock swell in my head then he exploded. He had a cumshot that shot up to my face. It coated the inside of my mouth. It was very salty and thick. He looked at me with a devilish smirk.

"Swallow it." He said. I shook my head. He slammed my head against the stall wall and put his hand over my mouth.

"Swallow it!!" He roared. I did and it slid down my throat slowly making me gag slightly. He smiled.

"Good boy. Now let me give you a preview of what I'm going to teach you next." He put his middle finger in his mouth coating it with saliva. The he slid his hand in my pants. He slid down my ass crack and found my asshole.

"Kaden please! Don't! I beg you!" I said pleading. He then shoved his middle finger in. He shoved it all in. At first it hurt like hell. Then I was in pure etacy. He found my sweet spot. He rubbed it over and over again. I began to moan loudly begging him to stop.

"Why Kaden?" I said between moans. He started to finger me harder and faster. I could feel myself about to cum.

"Because I'm going to teach you how to give in to you impulses. Plus I like to get you to the point of no return and leave you for dead." He whispered in my ear. I was about to cum then he slid his finger out of my ass. I was relieved and disappointed. He zipped up his pants and got his stuff and left. I stood there. Just recapping on all that happened. I thought to myself Am I gay? Or just curious?




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