I never liked the city. All the smug and traffic. Some moving here was just a simple upgrade I guess. I had two fathers. Jake and Draco. They were both gay. Jake was my dad and Draco was his lover. I didn't care it was their life not mine. I was straight as a board well maybe my board was a little bent, sure I've thought about it before. "Being" with another guy. But, all my old friends were straight so I thought I should try to suppress my gay thoughts and be like them. We moved in across the street from a family called the Walkers. They were an odd bunch. Well they were nudist so that was the first thing that I noticed when they ranged our doorbell butt naked with a casserole in their hands. There were three of them. The father's name was Keith, the mothers Karen, and their son Kaden.

Kaden had clothes on but for some strange reason I wanted to see how he looked butt naked. I quickly get rid of the thoughts swarming in my head. Dad and Draco invite them in.

"Jay go show their son Kaden around the house as we talk to his parents ok?" Drako asked.

"Fine, thank god his isn't naked." I mummer. Drako laughs and shows the Keith and Karen to the kitchen. Kaden was by the door just standing there looking at me. He was an athlete I could tell. Probably a swimmer. His arms were toned, he was 5'9, around 125 pounds, had green eyes, and dark brown hair. He was a sight for sore eyes. He was...gorgeous now that I think of it. But hell so was I. I was 6 foot, had a nice body, great ass, blue eyes and blonde hair. We were equals I would say.

"Umm Hi my names Jason Heart but my friends call me Jay" I offer my hand to him. He shakes it. I was a little taken aback by the grip he had. It was firm and stern.

"Cool. My name is Kaden Walker. You mind showing me around?" He sounded smooth when he talked. I felt my cock stiffen slightly as he spoke.

"Sure just umm follow me." I lead him up the stairs to my room. When we got in I closed the door. When I turned around he already made himself comfortable on my bed. He sat up and looked at me for a second.

"You play any sports Jay?"

"Yeah I swim and play football a little bit."

"I thought so no one has an ass like that and doesn't play sports." He chuckled. I laughed as well. But I felt strange. A guy never made a remark like that to me before. It was foreign and I wasn't sure if I liked it so I went along with it.

"Yeah I do I have a nice ass. That's what all the girls use to tell me. How about you?"

"I swim and also play football so I guess we will be seeing each other a lot when high school starts in a couple days." He smiled and I noticed his flashy white teeth.

"Oh cool. So-"

"Can I ask you a weird question?" I was slightly offended when he cut me off like who the fuck was he.


"Have you ever fucked a girl before Jay?"

"Yeah back when I lived in Chicago. I fucked a lot girls I was pretty known around my old high school."

"Ah well I have fucked a lot of girls at Lanley Falls high as well. I'm pretty known there as well my friend. The girls call me the screamer."

"Oh because you scream more than them when you're fucking them?" It was a good joke. Well I thought it was. I was this convo we were having. I never met a guy like Kaden so open so reckless. I have to say it was turn on seeing a guy like him. In fact my dick was so hard it cut a diamond in two. He got up and walked towards me. He stopped a few feet away. So I had a good view of him. He grabbed his crotch and I could see his massive manhood through his pants. Holy shit he wasn't even hard and his dick was the size of mine. My dick wasn't small I am 7 ½ inches on hard but this guy was at least like 9.

"Nope. Because I give girls orgasms so often the scream during the whole time I'm fucking their brains out." He said in a low tone. It was the sexiest thing I have ever heard. I bit my lip feeling all those devious thought running through my mind. I wanted him badly. My dick was throbbing and I was sure I was going to cum in my pants.

"Ha like your dick is just so big."

"I would say my dick is above average. When you have 9 uncut inches of pure glory girls tend to come your way begging for it. And by the looks of you I see you a big dick as well. What are you 7 or 8 inches?"

"What?" I said confused. He pointed towards my crotch and I saw my dick was very noticeable through my tight Levi's. You could see every vein in my dick and he was staring directly at it.

"Yeah I'm 7 ½ cut." I was now groping my cock up and down in a slow motion. So was he. We both kept staring at each other's cocks. I wanted to suck on his massive manhood so bad I couldn't contain it.

"Tell me Jay?"


"Do you jerk off?"

"3 times a day how about you?" I said.

"5 times a day." He said smirking.

"Wow is that even fucking possible."

"Well when you're a horny fucker like me you need to fill you sexual appetite."

"I hear that Kaden." He started walking towards me. Still grabbing that massive dick of his. He wanted me. Just as bad as I wanted him. Then the door opened.

"Hey what are you guys up to?" Dad said. Fuck I thought.

"Oh we were just talking about sports. Turns out me and Jay are going to playing the same sports."Kaden said.

"Oh cool. Well hate to say it but it's time to go Kaden. You guys will see each other at school on Monday so it won't be too long before you guys see each other again. "Dad said. He closed the door. Kaden walked up to me and hugged me. I could his cock on mine. He whispered in my ear.

"Another time we can finish this... discussion." He said in a smooth voice. My knees felt week. He walked out my room and I just stood there. No one has ever made me feel so wanted and alive. I will never forget this moment with Kaden Walker. God Monday seems so far away.

To be continued....



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