As George explained and detailed his activities during his month of

"being assigned" to the other workers, while with the forest service, he did notice that Mickey had been rubbing his own crotch some, and as he was doing so, George looked at Doug, grinned, then looked down at Mickey's crotch, silently suggesting that Doug do notice the reaction that Mickey was involved in, due to the details of George's first and early sexual activities, out in the forest. The, in depth, details of George's first gay sexual activities and how enjoyably he had found them to be, even though at first he was all scared about what was going to happen to him and to his ass, was definitely getting Mickey all excited, and it showed!

Doug grinned, looked at Mickey's face, noticed Mickey's rather embarrassed reaction to being caught in the act, and he then told George,

"Well man! All I can say about everything right now is, that if last night was his first, I sure don't think it is going to be his last either, do you?"

Looking at Doug as he asked the question, then reaching over to once again rub the top of Mickey's head, George grinned a very large grin and answered. "No I sure don't think it is going to be the last time, is it Mickey?"

"Come on guys!" Mickey rather pleaded. "You guys are getting me all embarrassed here. I've never talked sex with guys like this before.

It's always been the kind of usually making believe that we had sex with some gal the night before, or talking about what we are going to do the next time. I'm trying to be a big boy here and not act like some little kid, but we all know now that last night was kind of like the breaking point of me being some good little boy, so yea, I've got to admit that this kind of talking is getting me kind of all excited. Hey, you guys have been doing this stuff for a long time now, and it's all new to me, so don't make me all ashamed that I just now finally did something. OK? I've never done this stuff before and now I'm feeling like you guys are helping me grow up a lot here, so please just don't make me ashamed that I've never done this stuff before. OK?" "Hey Mickey, honey!" George replied. "Nobody is making you ashamed of anything. I think Doug and I are just kind of enjoying the opportunity of being with a good guy that is finally getting a chance to find out some of the stuff that he has been thinking about, but never got the chance to do. We're kind of jealous that this is your first time. We know, and like all guys, we remember the first time is kind of like the best time. Mickey, you will never forget, the "first time"!

Doug, I'll bet you remember your first time, don't you?"

"Oh shit yes!" Doug responded. "Oh hell yes! I'll tell you about it, but don't tell Tim that we had this talk, because it definitely involves him. OK? Secrets,---guys?" Doug asked as he looked at the other two and rather asked for their promise of not letting Tim know his prior experiences had been discussed.

Acting as if there was a bible on the table for him to place his hand on, George then put his right hand up in the air and said, "I swear on the strength of this table of which I now place my hand, that we will never tell, --- will we Mickey?"

"Yea, no--I mean, yea, no, yea,----Oh yea I mean, we will never tell!" Mickey rather confusingly replied. "Oh men, I'm sorry, but this kind of talk is just getting me all confused and excited. I've never heard any other guy tell about how he got sucked off for the first time like George here just told us, and now Doug, you are going to tell me more?

Shit man! George, I hope, like hell, that you understand that I kind of think that you might have opened up a whole bag of worms with me last night. Men, I'm telling you, and I'm being honest here, last night finally got something started with me that I've been hoping for, for a long time, and now that I've had my first taste of this kind of fun, I'm real ready for more and the way I feel right now, it's going to take a lot to get me to calm back down! I've wanted to do some of this stuff for a long time, but until last night I just never had an opportunity with anyone. Guys, I'm liking this! I can finally say that yes, I've had sex. Before last night, it was all lies!"

With a big grin on his face, Mickey looked at George and pleaded,

"Hey man. Do me a favor. Don't make fun of me if I rub my crotch when Doug tells us about his first time. This stuff is getting me all hot and bothered, and I want to hear what he did, so don't make fun of me if it gets me all excited! OK?"

George again reached over and rubbed the top of Mickey's head and promised that he would not make fun of anything he did.

Doug looked at George and said. "Shit man! I kind of think maybe you got something started with Mickey last night, and right now I am damn jealous of it!"

Mickey grinned, rubbed his crotch as if agreeing with Doug and then added, "OK man, I'm all hot and bothered here, let's hear about your first time and see if you can get George here all hot and bothered too!"

"Hey Mickey my man! I'm already there! I've been all hot and bothered ever since you asked me last night if you could feel my skin.

That was like taking the finger out of the dike! That started the floods flowing. OK,--Doug. Your first time. I've shared mine, tell us, ------ give us all the good details."

"OK guys, but like I said, don't tell Tim I told you guys this. I was about 17 or 18 at the time. Tim and I lived in the same small town, but this all happened about 100 miles from home. I went to Brookerville to see what kind of jobs were available there for a young kid. I was staying at a real sleazy old motel because it was the cheapest thing I could find.

I had been out looking all day trying to find something, ---some kind of work. I really wanted to move away from home, and I knew that if I had a job there, then I'd have to move there and there would be no discussion at home about, why couldn't I just live there, at home, and drive. I have a very controlling Mother, and I needed to get a job far enough away so that I just had to move. So anyway, I was out looking all day. Well supper time hit, and I went into some ole hamburger joint and ordered a burger and a coke. After I ate I went into the restroom. Every innocent,--- just needed to take a piss. Well, ---that was the very first time that I had ever seen a glory hole."

"I was at the urinal taking a piss and some guy was in the stall, on the other side of the glory hole, and he kept sticking his finger through the hole motioning for me to stick my dick in the hole. For some reason, the 'why', I will never know, but I did it. It was real soft when I stuck it in the hole, but since it had never been sucked on before, it got real hard, real fast! I was a young kid in his complete glory. OH!

OH, maybe that is why they call them glory holes! Hell ----I never thought about that! Well-anyway! I literally fucked that damn glory hole and the mouth that was on the other side of it. I grabbed a hold of the top of that partition and I swear I think I actually had my feet up off of the floor hanging there getting my first sucking! I had jerked off quite a lot before that day, but I am sure I never shot a load as big as the one I dumped that time! Shit man, my whole body was into it! It was hot! I knew I should not be doing that in a public restroom, but man, I was really into it! I figured, hell, I'm about 100 miles from home, who in the hell is ever going to know. I was just hoping nobody would walk in and find me hanging there with my dick stuck in that hole and in some guy's mouth on the other side! I felt like I was fucking the hell out of that stall wall when I shot off!"

"Well, I finally got myself kind of all recomposed and tucked everything back inside and started to wash my hands at the lavatory, when the guy that had been sucking on me came out of the stall. OH shit, was all I could say! It was Tim! We lived in the same town, and we already knew each other! He took one look at me and almost shit right there! He did not know that was me on the other side and of course I did not know it was him there either. I think the reason that I stuck my dick in that glory hole was because I knew I was far enough away from home that nobody knew me, and I sure would not know anybody there either. Wrong! Totally wrong!"

"Shit man!" George exclaimed. "How in the hell did he happen to be there at the same time that you were? How in the hell did that happen?" "One of those unexpected things that can happen." Doug answered.

"I had no idea at all that anybody from around home would be in Brookerville, and besides if they were, what in the hell would be my chances of seeing them in a city of about 200 thousand people?"

"As I found out, Tim was there taking a short cooking course for about two weeks, and he was actually staying in the same cheap motel that I was staying in down the street. He told me later, ---well he told me a lot of stuff later, but anyway he told me that he knew he liked to suck dick, and a couple of days after he got to town, he just happened into that hamburger joint and ended up finding that glory hole. He admitted that since he couldn't find any guys to play around with, that he'd go down there and usually get a dick to suck on. He'd been sitting in there, waiting for some guy to come in, the entire time I was in the restaurant eating my hamburger."

"He told me that the whole reason he came out of the stall while I was still there was because he wanted to see if he could talk me into coming to his motel room for a little while. He had no idea in the world that anybody he knew would be anyplace around there! When he found out that it was me, it really freaked him out. He was really afraid that it could become some kind of a big problem, but we finally talked enough to find out that what had happened was really a good thing for me, and to be very honest, we developed our friendship and our partnership all from that night! Nothing like having some guy give you your first blow job through a glory hole and then become your future husband. I figured I might as well learn for an experienced guy, and Tim was definitely experienced. He sure proved that to me when I had my dick stuck through that wall!"

"So what happened? Wait--wait--what did you guys do after you realized you actually knew each other?" Mickey anxiously asked. "What happened next?" "Well, we went back to the motel, since we were both staying there. I, of course, had to tell him that I had never been with a guy before, well with a gal either, and that when I stuck my dick in that glory hole, I just did it since I was so far from home and thought, oh well, ---who will know? Our conversation for awhile was pretty strained since I had just gotten my first blow job, from a guy that I found out I did already know, and he was the guy on his hands and knees sucking dicks through a glory hole. We finally kind of worked out the strained feelings and started talking some pretty deep truths with each other, and I ended up spending the whole night in his room. In fact I got my second blow job that night too!"

"Shit! You're kidding? You guys really got started that way?"

George asked.

"Yea, but we do not tell anybody how we really got started. We just mention that we both lived in the same town growing up, and kind of leave out the other details. That's why you can't tell him about this conversation. We just don't mention the glory hole thing."

"So what happened in his room that night? You stayed there that night, right?" Mickey asked.

"Yea I did! When he found out I had never had gay sex before, well actually any sex, he kind of took my under his wing, so to say, and maybe that night was, for me, a whole lot like your night was last night, Mickey.

Now I don't know exactly all you guys did last night, and I'm not asking, but my night did involve a little more than getting a second blow job."

"Like?" Mickey asked as a single word question.

"Like, --- maybe, ---well the reason Tim wanted me to come back to his motel room that night was to fuck him. I'm not bragging here guys, but I'm pretty well hung, and when he got it hard in the glory hole, he decided then that if at all possible, he wanted "that guy", whoever he was, to come back to the motel with him and fuck his ass."

"So I assume, you fucked him, right?" George asked.

"Yea that night, and for about seven more nights in a row. He quit using the glory hole, and I gave up my room, and I stayed with him in his room until his schooling was over. I did find a job in town as a reservations agent in a local hotel, definitely one a little more exclusive than where I could afford to stay, and when he got his certificate from the schooling, he applied for a kitchen job in their kitchen and we ended up getting an apartment together in town. Nobody back home knew for about two years that we were living together, ---let alone that we were doing the good ole gay sex stuff together."

"So Doug, my man!" George said. "Is it out of line if I happen to just kind of ask just what size that dick is that got Tim so excited in the restroom?"

"Good and hard, it's about 8 and a half inches long and measures right at about 6 inches around." Doug calmly replied.

"Oh my God!" George exclaimed. "Oh my God Doug! Does Tim let you fuck other guys? Please tell me you guys play around with other guys! I want that hot dog up in my ass! Oh Doug, ----I'm sorry if I'm getting way out of line here, but man, that summer with the forest service guys taught my ole asshole what a good big thick dick feels like up in there, and it has been a long time since I've been fucked with a dick like that!"

"Hey man, I think that can be worked out!" Doug answered. "We don't get any opportunities to play around with other guys around here, since we are the only two gay guys within miles, but I kind of think that if we let Tim know that we'd like to do some good ole sex playing around, I think he will be agreeable. I mean, after all he is the one that is always wanting us to go someplace overnight just to see if we can find somebody to take back to our hotel room. You know that man has sex on his mind most of the time, and that is probably why he just assumed last night that you two were a couple. To him, two men seen together, means they have sex together."

Looking over at Mickey, George than asked, "Hey man! You agreeable with this if we get it set up?"

"Meaning?" Mickey questioned back to George.

"Meaning, ----you want to be involved in some group sex play? I know it would be something rather new for you, but then so was last night, and you sure did pull that one off OK. Nobody will do anything that makes you uncomfortable, but I'm sure the three of us could maybe help you find out what actions you like the best. You in man? You game? Can we count you in? Are you game man?"

"Hey George, I think we can count him in alright!" Doug stated.

"Haven't you been watching him rub his crotch this whole time. Right now I'm just wondering if he can wait until tonight."

"Yea I know what you mean." George answered.

Then looking at Mickey, George asked. "You got a hardon in those pants, man? Is it hard?"

Mickey looked down at his own crotch, then looked back up first at Doug and then at George and admitted that yes, he was supporting a hardon.

"Good!" George replied. "Stand up and drop your pants. Let Doug see that rod you swing. Let him see what he can play with tonight!"

Then looking at Doug, George continued. "Not as long as yours, but without measuring it, I'll bet it is just about as thick."

"Come on Mickey, show Doug your rod while it is good and hard! Let him see it man!"

Acting very embarrassed and shy, Mickey did finally stand up and drop his pants and then finally his tight white briefs and let his pole fly out and stand at a complete attention.

"Shit man! You are right!" Doug stated. "Damn man, that one is thicker than mine! Shit George! Hell George, you need to get this one to fuck you too! George, he is fucking hung, isn't he? George, he's not very much shorter than I am! And look at how damn thick that damn thing is!"

"OK OK! Let's do some comparing here men! Doug, get it out! Get it out, get it up, get it hard man!" George rather sung, to a tune! "Get it out, get it up, get it harrrrrd ----man!"

With some additional encouragement from Mickey, since he was already standing there with his pants down and his rod showing, he encouraged Doug to 'show his stuff'.

"Come on man." Mickey begged. "I'm getting kind of cold standing here with my pants down. Are we going to get to see it?"

"OK OK!" Doug replied as he stood up and pulled his, "little man stick", as he called it, out of hiding.

"Here George, lick on it for a minute or two and help me get it all up and hard. I can see by looking at Mickey's dick that if I'm going to be compared and judged against that one, I'm going to need to get his thing as hard as possible."

It did not take a second asking for George to hit the floor on his knees and help Doug get his rod stiffened.

Mickey sat there at the table and watched with complete, wide eyed interest, since he had never actually seen any guy suck on another guy before. All of his dick sucking experiences were all combined into the one sucking that he had gotten the night before, and George was hidden under the covers when that happened. Mickey could feel it, but he couldn't see it. So this action was really his first time of actually watching some guy put another guy's dick in his mouth and suck on it. Watching George take Doug's dick all the way into his mouth, got Mickey very excited! He was now watching something that he had only see pictures of, or had read about.

He was wishing he was part of the action.

Doug slightly spread his legs and positioned himself for some kitchen action sucking, and as George took Doug's "little man stick" into his mouth, he sucked one very strong suck and pulled the entire length of Doug's rod to the back of his mouth.

Doug grabbed a hold of George's crew cut head and pulled it up against his gut as tightly as he could. George threw himself foreword toward Doug's body and almost threw Doug off of his feet. Doug fell backwards and leaned against the kitchen counter. He continued his grip on George's head and used his dick as a ramming pole into and back out of George's hungry and eager mouth!

Doug threw his head up toward the kitchen ceiling and as he pulled George's head into his gut as strongly as he could, he let out, "Oh man!

Oh man, I'm cummin! I'm cummin!"

George uttered kind of an "OK, yea, OK," but with all of Doug's rod rammed to its fullest down into George's throat, it was rather hard to actually understand just exactly what George had attempted to say. Doug could just tell that everything was OK with George, and George was liking what was happening! He knew that George was eating his dick and his juices like an anxious pro!

"Oh God man! Oh God!" Doug exclaimed. "Oh shit man, that feels so damn good! Oh man, it's been a long time since anybody but Tim's sucked on that thing. Oh yea, suck it hard man,----yea----of shit man that feels so damn good!"

Just as Doug was rather regaining some normal composure and was returning back to the little more conscious side, he looked at Mickey and then very quickly said, "George, Mickey needs you! George, turn around and do Mickey! He is just about ready to shoot, I can tell! He's about ready to shoot man! George suck him!"

As George was sucking Doug off, Mickey had been standing there with his 8 inches standing out good and strong, and it was only taking a few strokes on it with his left hand to get his entire system ready to let the ole man juices fly!

George turned, saw that Mickey was getting all tight and tense and he immediately pulled off of Doug's spent hot dog, and as quickly as he could, turned, grabbed a hold of Mickey's dick and literally threw it into his mouth. Once again George threw his face completely and forcefully into the tight muscled gut, positioned right above the big thick solid dick that he had sucked so completely and excitedly down into the bottom of his throat.

Doug and Mickey could clearly make out George's encouragement of,

"Cum Baby cum! Yea---------cummmmmmm!"

George threw his head up against Mickey's gut as tightly as possible, he grabbed Mickey's left butt cheek with his right hand and at the same time he grabbed the right butt cheek with his left hand. Mickey had taken a hold onto the sides of George's head just exactly as Doug had just done a moment or two ago. He locked George's face up against his body as he fed George all of the creamy man juices that he could shoot. Three quick times in a row, he re-grabbed the sides of George's head and pulled George's head and his body up tight, locked together, as he once again let more cum flow, and forced George to swallow it as quickly as he delivered it to him in good strong forceful spurts.

"Oh man! Oh God!" Mickey uttered as he attempted to regain his breath. "Wow! Shit! Oh man, that felt so damn good! Oh George you OK?

Oh man I can't believe I shot that many times! Man, getting sucked off is so much more fun and exciting than just jerking off! God, shooting off in some guy's mouth is so damn hot! Getting sucked on makes my dick so much harder than when I jerk off. Man, it gets so damn hard it kind of hurts.

But I guess it's a good hurt. I like it!"

As George pulled off of Mickey's dick, he licked the sides of it clean, he then wiped the sides of his own mouth to remove some of the cum that had actually spilled out, and he looked up at Mickey and said, "Yea Hon, yea I'm OK! I'm swallowing juices from both of you guys all at the same time, right now. How you feel?"

Doug had been standing there, with his cock still exposed, in total fascination of watching Mickey load George's mouth, and eventually his gut, with all of his young man, love juices. He fondly remembered about 12 years earlier when he was still 18, and how much cum a young man, one just getting used to being sucked off by another guy, can shoot. He simply knew that George's mouth and throat had to be completely full of Mickey's warm jazz cum, since he could remember just how much cum a young man his age could produce, and especially when it is during one of his first suckings.

He fondly remembered how a guy getting sucked on for his first time or two is so outrageously exciting, that his entire body goes into a total overload. He was silently reliving the day when he took advantage of that glory hole in the hamburger shop restroom. He knew that Mickey really did need something like the restroom partition to hang onto as he let his entire body fire his load after load. He knew that George's mouth was completely full of Mickey, even after he took Mickey's dick out of his mouth.

"Shit man!" Doug managed. "Shit man I can not believe this! Here we were just calmly sitting here having some coffee and rolls, and without warning, we just had the hottest damn sex session that this kitchen has ever seen! George, have you ever had cum from two guys in your mouth at the same time before? Tim is going to be so pissed that he missed out on this one! Man, that was hot! George, you are one hot fucking cock sucker, if I may say so without sounding like that is a negative. And what, ----that whole session only took about four or five minutes at the most.

I've got to admit that when I dropped my pants I sure did not really expect to get a good raging hardon, let alone shoot off, and then to watch Mickey there, getting all steamed up and about ready to let it all fly, I knew you had to get on it, George. I know he loaded your mouth full didn't he?"

"Yes and thankfully you told me to do him. He was back behind me and I had no idea at all, that he was into what was happening or that he was just about ready to let it fly. Thanks for telling me Doug! After last night's actions, I have already decided that every chance I get to eat that guy's cum, I'm going for it! I think the term "Sweet Cum" is a whole lot more meaningful today than I did before our little session last night.

Whoever phrased that term must have gotten some of Mickey's cum as a test sample! Eating his cum is just like drinking a pint of heavy whipping cream!"

With that comment spoken, Mickey once again grabbed a hold of George's head, pulled him foreword and then bet over and kissed the top of George's crew top.

George looked up at Mickey, smiled in return to the kiss and then kissed Mickey's belly button.

Watching the action being shared between the two bus travelers, Doug then said. "I don't know if you two are even aware of it yet or not, but to me, I have some pretty damn strong feelings that you two are going to end up a hell of a lot closer than just two guys that were on a stranded bus together. I can tell just by being around you two for the short time that I have been, you are really starting to mean a hell of a lot to each other. Shit men, you even look like you two belong together."

Listening to Doug, George stood up and after again wiping the sides of his mouth with the back of his hand, he then put his right arm around Mickey, looked at Doug and just asked, "Yea?"

"Yea, hell yes! George, how old are you?"

"Twenty three."

"And Mickey, since you are a freshman in college this year, I assume you are,--- what, 18 or 19?"

"I'll be 19 in February"

"I have to assume that both of you guys are into sports of some kind, right?"

George replied first, by explaining that yes, he was. "I was on the state high school championship baseball team, of course back when I was still in high school, but I still play a lot. And I like to do a lot of hiking!"

Mickey added that he is on a football scholarship.

"With finances at my folks place the way they are, I knew that getting some kind of a scholarship was the only way I was going to get to go to college, so I new I had to be good."

George let out a very big grin, looked at Mickey and asked,

"Football uh? Football!?"

Mickey looked at George and then looked at Doug, and then asked,

"Why are you two grinning so much? Something wrong with football, or something?"

George then squeezed Mickey's waist and replied, "No, Honey, Baby,--- absolutely nothing wrong with football, but last night you asked me if you could touch my skin, and you have been throwing guys around on the field and probably in the shower room for years now? Come on man! I though you never got a chance to touch some guy!"

Mickey looked at Doug, then looked at George, grinned and kind of uttered, ---- completely under his breath, an "Ut Oh!" as if to express that he had been caught!

"See, exactly what I was saying!" Doug continued. "You two do have a lot in common. You are both sports nuts, which any normal person can see from your body structures and both of you guys being in damn good shape. You guys just look like you belong beside each other. You are about the same height, and about the same size. Well outside anyway! I haven't seen your dick yet George, so I can't comment on that size yet!"

"Not as thick as you two, I'm sorry to say."

"Yea maybe not as thick, but it is longer!" Mickey added to the comments.

Looking at George and then quickly over to Mickey, Doug than asked,

"Uh men. Does that comment then mean that maybe last night--------like something------you know-----?"

Mickey then quickly took the lead and understanding what Doug was

'rather' asking, he replied. "No! No, I didn't! Hey, everything that did happen last night was so new to me, that I'm not sure I could,---uh-----done that! Yea, today, I'm wishing that maybe things could have gone a little farther, but I guess what happened last night was the right stuff for my first time. Maybe if I try and be a good boy," as he turned and grinned at George, "maybe I can get some more lessons tonight, since it is very obvious from looking outside right now, that you definitely will be having us as guests again tonight!"

Turning, and looking toward the kitchen window, Doug did reply.

"Yes, I will agree with that! Look at it coming down! Hey guys, I am serious. It may be more than just a day or two before they can get that bus out of here, the way it is coming down today. You know these mountain roads are a little different than the freeways down in the valley. I do kind of think your Christmas vacations just might turn out being a little different than what you had expected. George, when are you supposed to be back to work?"

"Well I was supposed to be back Monday morning, and if this keeps us tied up here all week-end, then I kind of think I will just have to head back toward work and forget about going home all together. Mickey, when are you supposed to be back in school?"

"Well I was supposed to be back for a team meeting on Monday, and if we can't get out of here by tomorrow, I kind of guess I'm going to need to do the same thing and just catch a bus back to the university. I'll just have to tell Mom and Dad that I need to go back, and we'll have Christmas sometime later when I can come home for a few days. Besides, if I do get home, what promise is there that this won't happen again, on my way back to school?"

"That is right!" Doug agreed. "This storm is hitting a lot harder than normal, but we were told earlier this year to expect a hard winter, and I kind of think they must have been right. Listen guys, however long it takes to get the bus moving is not a problem with us. Tim and I are more than glad to have you both staying here, so don't worry about us. OK?

Fact is, since things have kind of turned into some new directions, this might be one of the best Christmas sessions any of us have ever had. Being snowed in, could turn out to be a good and fun thing! We've got enough food in the house, and we've got a washer and a dryer if you guys start running out of clothes, so I really do think this could be fun!"

"Well I guess about all either one of us can say right now is, thank goodness for letting us be your guests,--- right Mickey?"

"Right you are George! Doug, I'm sorry we are obviously messing up yours and Tim's Christmas, but I've got to admit, this is really turning out to be a much more exciting Christmas than I expected, by going home.

Now all I've got to do is try and figure out what kind of a Christmas gift I and George can give you since we sure can't go shopping!"

"Hey Mickey", Doug replied. "Don't you worry one bit about Christmas gifts. I'm just not so sure you understand just yet what a true gift it will be to just have you two here, and hopefully be able to watch the two of you get to know each other better."

"Well Mickey", George said. "It sure does look to me like we are definitely going to be house guests for a few days, and also going back to Northridge together, so what do you say about us trekking back to the bus and getting the rest of our stuff out of the bus so that it doesn't go on without us?"

All three men, the host Doug, and his now rather confirmed Christmas Holiday house guests bundled up and managed to get back to the restaurant and to the bus. George and Mickey retrieved their suitcases and Doug informed Tim that the house was going to be a little fuller, and a little more active this holiday than normal. They filled Tim in on how it did not appear that either one of them would be continuing on, whenever the bus did get back onto the road, and their new plans now were to just stay there until a bus could take them back to Northridge, ---whenever that was possible.

Before they left the cafe, Doug did, kind of, let Tim know a little about the kitchen activities that had happened earlier, before they came to the restaurant, and he did suggest that Tim close up shop and come to the house just as soon as he could.

Doug told him, "We've got some things cooking there, too! And it looks like things are really cooking with these two, also!"


Wade Wright

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