"Well good-morning gentlemen!" Doug said as he entered the living room and found his two visitors cuddled in the middle of the old fold-out couch. "Tim went to the restaurant earlier, and I have been listening to the weather reports on the kitchen radio. From what they are now saying, I decided that I should just let you two just do your,------ whatever,--- since they claim the roads are going to be closed for at least another day.

So, I certainly did not wish to be the bad person that might happen to interrupt,----- whatever might be happening in that old fold-out couch!"

"Well" George said. "I kind of guess that means that,---- whatever might have happened in here last night, sure did not go past deaf ears, right?"

"Oh hell no!" Doug proclaimed. "All I can say about that is that two of us were damn jealous that we were not involved in whatever was happening. Sounded damn good to us, let me tell you!"

"Hey Doug," George said, "I already told Mickey that if anything was said, to just point out that if we had not heard your bed being humped and bumped on last night, then maybe we would not have gotten ourselves all turned on. So,-- I think,-- although I might be wrong, --but from what we heard, --you should have one sore ass hole today, right?"

"Yea, but thank goodness not sore! That old ass hole has had so much activity back there over the years that it will take a lot more than one guy and one night to make it sore again. But now you two! Was somebody kind of mistaken when they both declared to be straight guys?"

"Well," George said. "I kind of might have forgotten some gay activities that I have been involved in the past, but I do think last night was the first for Mickey. I do think he was being a little more truthful than I was. But, let me tell you, for it being his first time, he sure does catch on quickly. Right now I am really kind of glad to hear that the roads are going to be closed for another day. Is it OK with you guys if you have company for another day?"

"Hell yes it is!" Doug replied. "In fact I think we are both kind of looking forward to it. We like having some company in the house, for a change."

"Tim went over to the restaurant earlier, and I called him a little while ago to see if anybody else was there, and he told me that actually five others had managed to climb over the snow drifts and get in for their normal morning coffee. And of course the bus driver is there. He told me the driver told him that he had talked to both the highway department and his company headquarters, and nobody is talking very good about getting the bus out of here again today. Today's December the 23rd and if it is still here tomorrow, that is the day before Christmas. I'm sure that will goof a lot of folks up getting ready for the big day."

"Well yea, but I'm a little more worried about all of us goofing things up for you people that are taking care of us." Mickey said.

Doug informed his visitors, "We sure can't talk about everybody else in town, but Tim and I have already agreed that if you guys are stuck here for more than only a few days, to us, we think it would be great. We think having you two here as company for awhile would be great."

"Hey thanks!" George said. "That sure does make me a little more comfortable being forced to hang out in your town. Mickey, it kind of looks like we might just have to get to know each other a little more, since we do have to share the same fold-out couch. My,---I wonder if it's supposed to snow anymore today?"

"Well, George." Doug stated. "From what they are saying on the radio,---it kind of looks to me like you just may have a least one more day to help Mickey learn the new fun,---guy stuff. They said that although they are trying to get the roads open, they expect another big snow fall later this afternoon, and they said that if that happens, that will undo all of the road work they did today. They said that another 8 to 10 inches of snow could fall tonight. If that does happen guys, you two are going to be stuck here for more than just today. I think both of you need to get on the phone and make some phone calls and let your families know that you are OK but not making too much progress in getting home."

"Hey if you don't mind," George jumped in, "I really do appreciate that. Mickey, you need to let your folks know what is going on. I think maybe you had better tell them that you really are not so sure right now that you will be home for Christmas day, but that everything is OK for you.

I'll call my folks and just let them know my plans have changed, but they won't be as freaked out as your folks will be, Mickey."

Mickey did agree that he needed to call his folks and told Doug and George that he would do that as soon as he had a chance to hit the bathroom.

During Mickey's phone call, Doug and George fixed some breakfast and heard Mickey ending the conversation with his Mother telling her, "Mom, listen! The snow up here in the mountains is a lot deeper and the roads are real dangerous, so we really don't have any choice but to stay where we are until they can get the roads clear. I'm staying at a house with one of the other bus riders, and the two guys that live here. If I'm still here for Christmas Day, then that's the way it will be. No Mom,---listen. No really, I'm OK. We are having fun, and yea I will miss being home for Christmas Day, but everything here will be OK. Yea--yes Mother, -----I will! I'll call you again when I know if we are staying over again, or if the bus is going to get back on the road. Tell Dad I said Hi, and don't worry. Bye, love you Mom."

"So," George said. "I kind of guess your Mom is kind of upset about you being here, instead of there, right?"

"Yea! She's worried that I'm in the way here. I didn't have the nerve to tell her that being here is actually more fun than being at home.

I just couldn't tell her what kind of a Christmas I'm getting here. I'm getting better presents here, from you, than I'd get if I was at home. I'm just hopeing we get a lot more snow. This could turn out to be a really good Christmas for me. I've never really prayed for snow before! I never thought of snow as being a really good thing before, but this year, it's working out real well! I'm really looking forward to my first Christmas of not being at home. How am I ever going to tell my folks why I was so damn glad to be snowed in over Christmas?"

The day progressed, and yes, it did snow! During the entire day, it snowed stronger than it had the previous day, and it became very apparent that Mickey and George were definitely going to be guests of Tim and Doug for probably more than just one day. Rather than getting cleared, the highway was constantly getting worse.

Doug, Mickey and George spent the morning sharing life living stories with each other, and this gave Mickey and George a great unplanned opportunity to learn a lot about each other. Mickey's main interest was getting an opportunity to hear more about those gay activities that George just "happened" to have forgotten all about.

Over a good hot cup of coffee, and a great homemade cinnamon roll that Doug had just taken out of the oven, and during some very interesting conversation, Mickey had the opportunity to ask; "So,--when you and those other two guys made that week-end trip up to Canada, is that is when you had those gay activities that you kind of so easily forgot all about?"

"No, no!" Replied George. "Those two guys were probably as straight as a board. No Mickey, my gay activities happened one summer when I happened to be working for the forest service and was kind of living outdoors for the summer. I was only about 17 or 18 years old, kind of real green behind the ears, and was a little too stupid to really understand a lot of what I was supposed to know. Are you real sure you want to hear about this? It's not pretty. I got myself in a real dumb situation."

"Yea George! Yes, I want to hear what happened. Yea--tell us!"

"Well," George continued. "Being from a little small town environment maybe left me a little on the dumb side. But anyway some of the other guys on the forest crew that I was assigned to, must have decided to have some fun with me. They tricked me into make a bet with them, and if I lost, then I had to do as they told me. I was so damn dumb and stupid that I never stopped to figure out they had it all planned and already worked out. They bet me that they could each cut more wood in four hours than I could in a full day, and of course I fell for it. I was a young smart ass that could do everything better than the next guy, so of course I was damn sure I could do it! I was sure I was as good, or maybe even better than they were. What I happened to not be told was, they got to use power tools, and I had to use a hand saw. Stupid me! I never thought to make sure everything was on an equal level. Well--guess what! I lost! My pay-back was that I had to work with each one of the guys for a week each, and I had to do for him whatever he wanted. There were four of them, so that meant that for the next month, I was at somebody's beck and call."

"Oh shit!" Mickey exclaimed.

"Crap!" Tim added. "What in the hell happened? What did they make you do?"

"Well, -----I made coffee, I washed clothes, I cleaned stuff that didn't even need cleaning, ---I did just about everything that they needed that they could get away with making me do,-------including---being their piece of ass for the night! Yea-----I was made the whore of the camp for a month."

"Shit man!" Tim entered. "George, did you do that willingly, or what in the hell happened the first time you found out that some guy was going to fuck you?"

"Well, the first time was not real pretty. I had no idea that was going to happen. The day went pretty normal, well except for doing the normal crap that they made me do. The first guy I had to do a week for was Greg. It was the second night of "my service to him". On that night, he told me that he wanted me to carry our stuff out into the forest a little farther away from the camp. He told me he was having trouble sleeping though the night with all of the noise at the camp. OK---so I moved our sleeping bags and the little pup tent out to a nice quiet spot that he had picked out. I got everything all set up and ready for bed. He told me to unzip the sleeping bags, that he wanted them unfolded so we could just sleep on top of one, and under the other one. Hey---in the situation I was in, I did not ask questions. First of all, Greg was about 38 or 39 years old. Yes--he was the typical lumberjack type of a guy. Big, strong, and the only thing missing about him looking just like a true lumberjack was he wore a uniform shirt, not the normal plaid lumber shirt. Beard, gruff voice, big hands, strong arms, big chest, big thick neck, big thick massive strong legs,---the whole damn package. I now think they assigned me to him first, so that I would learn very quickly that for that month, whatever those guys said, I was to do without asking. Boy, I had really gotten my smart-assed self, into a real bad situation!

"So, what happened after you got the sleeping bags fixed?" Mickey asked.

"I got everything all set, like he wanted it, and then I stripped down to my briefs so I could crawl in bed. All of a sudden Greg told me that he sleeps in the nude, and he was not going to have some sissy sleeping with him in his tent that had to have undies on. He told me to take them off. I did! I noticed that he looked at my dick as I took them off. I really didn't think too much about that. I had no idea he was setting me up for some good sex for himself that night."

"He stripped completely. Got to admit to you two guys that, --yes,---I looked at his dick when he stripped too. Hell,---everything else about him was all muscle, why shouldn't his dick be full of muscles too. Right then it was not completely hard, but I do remember I thought, Oh shit man! That damn thing must be huge when it gets hard when he is fucking some gal! I did not look at it very long. I did not want him to see me looking at it."

Tim and Mickey were totally engrossed in hearing about George's and Greg's night. "So then---------?" Both Tim and Mickey said almost automatically.

"So anyway I got in bed, between the sleeping bags. Greg crawled in too. I was laying on my right side, facing that direction. Greg got in, and like right away, he flipped over to his right side and then put his hand on my shoulder. He was behind me. That's when he asked me if I remembered that the bet stated that if I lost, that I would do whatever they wanted me to do, for one week each. I told him, yea-I remembered!

That's when he asked me if I had ever had a guy ram his dick up in my ass.

I immediately sat up and almost yelled, NO! He just smiled at me. I could see his face. The tent was not dark. There was a full moon, and it was real light out. I told him, NO--no, you are not going to put your dick up in my ass. After all, I had just seen that damn thing, and I knew how big it was before it was even hard. I could not imagine what it would be like if he got it hard, to push it up in my ass! He very calmly said, Boy, you will do as I want! That is the deal, and if you don't do it, then I will have to let the rest of the guys know that you can not obey orders, and I hate to think of what your next three weeks will be like!"

"I was scared shitless! I started sweating and shaking. Greg reached his massive arm around me. He pulled me back so that I fell on my back. He kept telling me that I was OK, and that I would be glad that he had fucked me. He started rubbing my body. He had his great big massive hands all over me. I was scared shitless and I wanted out of there. Once I tried to get up, and Greg just told me that if he had to, all he had to do was yell out and the other three guys would be there in a flash to help him hold me down. That's when I found out that Greg was just one of four guys that were all looking forward to getting in my ass. He told me then, that the whole betting thing was their way of making sure I would let each of them use me whenever they wanted it. He told me that right at that same time, the other three guys were probably fucking and sucking on each other back at the camp. That's why they were the tight group that they were.

They were all fucking and sucking each other, and I was not the first young apprentice boy that they had taught how to 'give out'! I realized right away that I was completely helpless."

"Oh shit man!" Mickey again exclaimed. "Oh George, were you OK?"

"Yea Mickey. I was OK, but I sure was not aware of it right then.

I did not want that big guy doing anything to me, but I knew I was in deep trouble and there was no way for me to get out of it. He rolled over on top of me. I was on my back. I had this great big 225 pound guy laying on top of me. He was rubbing me all over. He finally grabbed my dick. I was so damn scared that until he grabbed it and kind of rolled off of it so that he could get a good hold on it, did I even know that it was partly hard. Well shit, he said! He told me that something must be going OK for me. My dick was getting hard. I really did not know that until he had ahold of it. He looked at me and then asked me if his hand on it felt pretty good. I told him NO! But, then I really did start getting confused. I had told him a big NO, but then I realized that his hand did feel kind of good. But I sure was not going to tell him, that! He jerked on it for a while. That made it hard. He looked at it and told me that for a young guy, I sure did have a nice dick. He then told me that he wondered what it tasted like, and he then bent down and put it in his mouth. That was the very first time that I had ever had another guy grab my dick, let alone put it in his mouth. Yea, I do admit that when I saw my dick going in his mouth, I did get all excited. I still did not tell him, but yea----I got real excited. I think he probably knew it, too. He sucked on it, but he did not let me cum. He stopped before I could do that. He took my hand and made me put it on his cock. Man, oh man! It was plain fucking enormous! Shit man, it felt like some big frozen sausage stick to me. Seriously, until then, I had never seen some older guy's big hard dick like that one was. Excited,---now we are talking excited. I'm sure it showed too, although I still did not want him to know. I thought maybe it was just a temporary thing. I mean, him touching me all over, and me having his dick in my hand. I thought maybe I might get sick later with just the thought of what had happened."

Tim and Mickey continued to sit at complete attention to hear more of George's first gay sexual experience. Tim said, "For God sake George, you have got me on the edge of my seat. What in the hell happened then?"

"Well, after I had ahold of his dick for a couple of minutes, he turned me over on my stomach and sat on my butt. There was no way in hell that I could have gotten up and run. He had me completely trapped. I watched him reach into a bag he had with us, and he took out a tube of something, and put some of it on his dick, and then he rubbed some of it up into my ass. Oh shit! Man! I just knew he was getting ready to put that damn big pole of his up in me and I just plain knew that it would kill me.

I figured that if nothing else, I could lay there the rest of the night and just plain bleed to death. I knew I was one dead guy. He kind of laid down on my back, he got his dick lined up with my ass hole and I just plain knew he was going to kill me if he tried to put that damn big thing up inside of me. He kept telling me to calm down. Relax, he said.

Yea-right! If he had been the little virgin-ass kid, and he had a 225 pound muscle hunk laying on top of him, and he knew that big guy was about to slam his overgrown dick up in his ass, I'm sure he would not have been able to relax either! I felt him aim his dick at my ass hole. I fucking wanted to scream. I really wondered if there was anybody other than his fuck buddies that might hear me if I did. I was about ready to try it when all of a sudden all I could think about was my ass. He had gotten the tip of his dick lined up, and he was slowly starting it in. He was forcing his big dick up in my ass, and I was holding it closed as tightly as I could.

I did not want his dick in me! I closed my eyes and I gritted my teeth. I laid there waiting on the pain of my life. I felt my ass hole slowly open a little. I felt some of the tip of his dick go in me. At first it felt like I was about to take a shit. I took about five or six really deep breaths. He told me again to just calm down and let him have my ass. Shit man, right then if I could have disconnected my ass from myself and handed it to him, I would have. He pushed some more. I felt it going in. Right then it did not hurt,---much, --but then,----yea------he pushed more of it in and I almost screamed. He grabbed me around the chest and told me to just lay still. I tried. But I really wanted to slug the shit out of this guy! He laid heavy on me. He knew damn well that he had me captive. He knew damn well that there was no way in hell that I could get away from him. He just laid on me for a couple of minutes. All 225 pounds of him!

All of a sudden I realized that my ass was not hurting anymore. When I realized that, then, I did try to just relax. He knew what had happened.

That's when he told me that now my ass was open, and that he could push the rest of his dick up in me, and that it would feel OK. Well--what else can I say? Yea-he did, and yea--it did! He put the rest of it up in me, and it did feel OK. He fucked me for probably 20 or 25 minutes, and although I was still kind of scared, I was learning that I could get fucked with a big dick, and it was not tearing me all apart. Yea, I've been fucked a few times since that time, and I will tell you that the fucking I got from him that night was no calm and casual fucking. He used me and my ass for all of his fun and excitement. He knew he had a new piece of ass that had never been fucked before, and he had decided to use it for all it was worth. He told me later, that since it was my first time getting fucked, he wanted it to be exciting for me, since he knows that all guys always remember their first fucking."

"I wasn't sure how this was all going to end, since I had never had sex with a guy before, and especially up in my ass, but then all of a sudden, he started getting really active and started telling me that he was going to fill my ass with his sweet cum juices. Boy! Did he! Well, anyway, from where I was, it sure did feel like he completely filled me.

It was warm. That was the first time that I ever thought about some guy's cum being warm. I could feel it dumping in me. And later when I stood up, some of it ran down out of my ass, so I guess he really did fill me full.

For some damn funny reason, getting all filled with some big guy's cum load did not make me mad or get me all upset. After having him up in me as long as he had been, I guess,---kind of made me realize that getting fucked was kind of all-right. All of a sudden, I started wondering about my true sexuality. I had never fucked a girl before, and I always thought that most horny guys were supposed to have fucked some gal before they were my age, and now I was finding out that I got all excited about some big lumberjack type of a guy fucking my ass, and filling it with his cum juice.

When he got done fucking me, I just laid there and did not move or attempt to get out of the tent. He knew he had broken me. Just about like what happens, when a cowboy breaks a bucking horse! He knew he had made me realize how great it was to get a good strong hard fucking. He knew that was not the only time that I was going to be getting fucked, and he knew that I would be the one asking for it, and not waiting around for him to tell me that I was about to get it up in the butt again. After he got done with my ass that night, he knew that I was, in-fact, yea, glad that he had fucked me, and he knew that for the rest of the week, while I was assigned to him, I would be a good little boy, with a real anxious open ass hole, and I would be letting him have fun with my body, however he wanted, whenever he wanted! Inside of it and out! Yea, he had broken me and made me the camp whore!"

"That was just the second night of week one, and that was just with Greg. I still had another five days to go with Greg, and then off to another guy! I had learned how to co-operate real quickly, and after that first night, all the other guys were real anxious to get their turn. And I was getting anxious to let each of them have their turn. Greg was not the hottest one of the group. He had given me a good report at breakfast the next day. He described, in great detail, our whole session to them, while they had breakfast. The other three liked what they had heard, and instead of me doing everything for them, they started doing stuff for me, if I'd spend some nice private time in their tents with them, ---even though it was not their week to have me. Hey--I figured, if some guy wants to wash my clothes for me and then fold them and put them away, why not? Hell with Greg, I was just a human toy for him to enjoy. At least the other guys were all kissing up to me, to get to me! And I sure wasn't fighting any of them off. Yea, I was the camp whore, but not a complaining one! I was still the new guy on the block, so to say, and I was having sex with one guy or the other, every damn day. Hell on some days, I got fucked twice, and by different guys. I was getting more sex all by myself, than all of the rest of them were collectively. I wasn't bitching any!"


Wade Wright

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