Mickey was finally on his way home from North State University, and was enjoying the bus ride as he simply gazed out of the window and watched the snow covered farm fields rather flow by.

Mickey was a freshman, and this trip home, was his first since he had started school in the fall. It was now only three days before Christmas, and his first real time away from classes for about 4 months.

He was really anxious to get home for a couple of weeks and find out just what was happening with all of his old "back home farmer" friends.

Previous plans had been for his Mom and Dad to drive up and pick him up, but when the weather started turning bad up north, Dad had asked Mickey if he would mind taking a bus home, so that he and Mickey's Mother did not have to make the round trip. Mickey had no problem with that. In-fact, he felt a little better about it, since he really was not so real excited about his Mom and Dad making the long drive to school, and then back again. They, of course, did make the drive when he started school, but it was not winter time then, and the roads were not at risk of getting covered with snow on a, 'no-warning' situation.

The bus ride had been pretty uneventful for the first couple of hours on the road, but Mickey was noticing that the longer they were on the road, the stronger the snow storm seemed to be getting. He also noticed that the bus was not clipping along quite as fast as it had been earlier, and the bus driver did make an announcement to the riders that they were not going to be on time, he was being forced to slow down due to the snow, that they were going to be late on their schedule.

After the announcement, everybody just kind of commented to each other about how bad it was getting outside, and how they all hoped that they would only be late, and not get stuck in some snow drift someplace.

Another forty or forty five minutes on down the road, the bus approached a rather small "country style" town, and the bus driver told his passengers that he was going to see if their local restaurant was prepared to handle perhaps 30 or more people if some of them wanted to get something to eat, since the trip was getting way behind schedule. He also told the riders that since his bus two way radio would not work with all of the mountains around them, that he was going to call his company headquarters to see what to expect on down the road, and to make sure it was still safe for them to continue on, into this very, very unexpected strong winter storm.

As most of the riders did get themselves something to eat, and of course take a much appreciated restroom brake, Jack, the driver, did call his home office. He did not get good news.

As he got off of the phone he announced, "Passengers, I do not have good news. From what I have been told, what we have been going through so far is good compared to what is happening up ahead. The bus office was real glad that we have stopped and that I called in. They want the bus parked until things get safer for us. They told me the road up in front of us is actually a sheet of ice. We don't have any choice. We are going to have to stay here for the night. They told me that the state highway department has already informed them that it will be at least daybreak before they can get any roads opened, salted and safe to drive on, and they said that if it keeps on snowing the way it is right now, they may not get them open then."

As all of the passengers commented among themselves about the predicament that they were now in, Jack talked to the restaurant manager to see what type of accommodations might be available to take in the passengers for the night.

"If I can have your attention for a moment." Jack rather addressed to his bus group. "The manager here, has just told me that this is not the first time that this has happened. He told me that since this will happen at least once a winter, the town people have already organized an emergency plan, of how to take care of everybody. He told me that the word has already hit the town that another bus is in town for the night. He told me that very shortly some of the town people would start showing up, and through their generosity, they will be providing sleeping accommodations for all of you. So, what he has asked me to do is ask all of you to rather group together into groups of people that need to stay together, like if there is more than two of you traveling together, get together so the town people will know how many are in each group. We will of course need to keep the families together that have kids with them. So when the town people do get here, let them know if you have children too. He told me that, of course, some of them will be able to take maybe up to four or five folks, where some of them will only be able to take in two. If you have been traveling alone, and perhaps have kind of made a friend with someone on the bus, you might consider claiming yourselves as a "group" to kind of help get everybody taken care of."

Mickey looked over at another rather younger guy that he had talked to just a little on the bus, and kind of indicated, "Well I'm by myself, are you?"

The other young man looked back at him, gathered up his coat and hat that he had on the chair beside him, and came over to Mickey.

"You said your name is Mickey, right?" He asked. I don't remember if I told you or not, but mine is George, and I kind of guess maybe you and I need to claim ourselves as a group, if that is OK with you."

"Yea, it sure is!" Mickey replied. "Hey George I'm real glad to be teamed up with you." Then lowering his voice so that nobody else could hear, he continued, "There is nobody else on here that I really think I want to spend a whole night with. A bunch of old folks and some that I just don't think I'd enjoy spending a lot of time with."

"Yea right you are man!" George agreed.

Shortly town people did start showing up, and between them, they rather started sorting out the groups and pre-assigning certain groups to certain houses, even though those town folks had not yet showed up. They knew which houses in town had the bigger spaces and thus kind of assigned those larger groups to, maybe Ken and Maggie's house, or perhaps William and Jean's place.

Mickey and George were not getting an early assignment. It was kind of assumed that since they were just two guys, they could kind of fit in wherever necessary.

"Hey, I haven't heard anybody make arrangements for Jack yet. Wonder where he is going to?' Mickey asked George.

"Oh, I heard him tell somebody quite awhile ago that he has to stay with the bus, so he told them to not worry about him. He said there are some ways to make emergency beds in the bus, and he would have to sleep in there, and he needs to keep it running once in awhile anyway to keep it from freezing up too much."

"Oh OK!" Mickey answered. "You know, if nobody invites us to their place, we just might have to sleep in there with him too."

During the course of the "getting everything all organized", just about everybody made the necessary phone calls to let the people on down the road, know not to expect them until sometime the next day, at the earliest.

Mickey and George continued to rather sit back and just wait to see what their evening was going to turn out like.

Things in the kitchen area had calmed down, considerably, since most passengers had gotten themselves something to eat, and there certainly was no additional customers coming in from the highway.

Tim, the kitchen guy,---- well actually the cook, the dishwasher and the janitor all wrapped into one, came out from the kitchen and saw the two young men sitting in the back booth.

He approached the table and introduced himself. "Hi guys, I'm Tim the kitchen guy. Have you two been told who you get to visit yet?" He asked.

"No!" Replied George. "We might just end up staying on the bus with the driver if all of the available places get taken up."

"Hey guys," Tim said. "I don't have a very big place, but if you guys don't mind sharing just kind of a small place, you sure are welcome to come to my place. Hey, guys--at least we know we will have food, since if I need something, I can come over here and get it! Want to come over to my place?"

George looked at Mickey and then turned to Tim and replied, "Of course we do man, yea I think that will work for us, don't you Mickey?"

"Yea! Hey, so it's a small place. A small place is better than on the bus, don't you guys think?"

Both of the others shook their head and agreed.

"OK tell you guys what." Tim said. "I'm going to need to stay until we get everybody else out of here, but since the local folks are getting them out of here pretty quickly, we should be able to leave in just a little while. I'll get you guys some more coffee, and oh yea, some left over apple pie if you want, and I'll get the kitchen all finished and then we will be able to leave as soon as everybody else is gone. OK?"

"Yea sure. Works for us!" George answered.

"Hey man, this might be working out better for us than I was expecting." George said. "I was not too anxious to have to stay in some family's house, and staying with Tim I think will work out a lot better.

What do you think?"

"Oh Yea!" Mickey answered. "Yea he might have kind of a small place, but I'm sure we will be able to find someplace to sleep."

Tim took care of his new guests and Tim informed the 'town organizer' that he was giving "those two guys" a place to stay, so they were taken care of.

Everybody else was gone except for Tim, Mickey, George and Jack, the driver.

Tim turned to Jack and said, "Here man. Here is a key to the back door. You can come in here if you need anything, and of course to use the restroom."

"A key?" Jack exclaimed? "You are giving me a key to the restaurant?"

"Yea of course! Tim said. "You bus drivers get stuck in this town at least once a year, and we know damn well you are not going to rip us off, so since you guys always need to stay with the bus, we give you access to the building. Only thing is, I kind of figure I will have a lot of extra people to feed breakfast to tomorrow, so don't eat the cupboards bare, OK?"

"God Yea!" Jack said. "Hell man, I really did not expect to have access to the restaurant. Thanks man! That certainly will make things better for me! Thanks!"

"OK men," Tim said. "Got whatever you need off of the bus right?

We are in for a snow trekking walk. My place is not too far down the street, but we are going to walk it, since I doubt right now that I can get my car out of that snow drift back there. It's been sitting there ever since this snow started, so it is pretty well covered by now.

Mickey, a strapping 19 year old college freshman football player, George a 22 year old construction worker and Tim, and older man of about 35, but still in good shape and still looking like he probably did in his high school wrestling days, did look more like a hiking troop up in the article circle, than a couple of stranded passengers and a small town restaurant cook.

They made their way to Tim's small cabin type of a house, feeling like they were managing one giant step at a time.

As they got to the front porch of the house, Tim did exclaim that it had been quite some time since he had done that type of a high stepping hike.

"Shit man!" He exclaimed. "I know damn well I am going go have to be back at the restaurant early tomorrow since Mary will never be able to get in town, to open up. Damn, I'm glad we closed early. The idea of being there until after about 11:00 tonight and then being back there by 6 in the morning is not my bag of tea."

As they climbed their way to the top of the front stairs, trying to kick snow out of their way, suddenly the front door was opened and a man from the inside said, "Oh Hi Hon!" Then looking at the two visitors, he continued, "Oh, I'll bet we have a bus in town again tonight don't we babe?"

Tim leaned over toward the man at the door, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and then said. "Yea, we sure do. And from the way it looks outside right now, I really do kind of think that they might still be here tomorrow night too! It is a total bitch outside! It is getting deeper and deeper than I ever remember it!"

As Mickey and George each noticed Tim give the man a kiss and then refer to each other in quite tender terms, they each had a reaction but did not say anything about it.

Tim, got all of them inside, closed the door and said, "Hey guys this is my partner Doug. Doug this is Mickey--right? And George----right?"

Each of the guys said, "Yea," and then shook hands with Doug.

As they were getting their coats off, Doug turned to the new visitors and said, "Well we have at least one bus stuck in this town every winter, but got to admit that this is the first time there here have been a couple of gay guys on there that we could invite to stay with us!"

"George and Mickey each kind of lowered their heads a little, looked up from having their heads kind of down and each asked, at the same time, "What?"

"Oh Tim and I have always though it would be fun if a couple of nice gay guys would happen to get stranded here so we could invite them over for the night, but today is the first time that has ever happened. We never felt like we were helping out with putting the bus passengers up, so tonight is kind of different."

"Uhhhhhh----" George said. "Gay guys? You mean us?"

"Yea----what?" Mickey asked.

"Uhhhh, gay guys? Us?" George continued to ask.

"Well, yea--Oh shit! You guys are a couple aren't you?" Tim asked.

"Noooo--we're not!" George replied. "Why in the hell would you think we are gay guys. No-we are not a couple, we don't even know each other than just being on the bus together today!"

"Oh God!" Tim said. "Hey guys! Guys, I'm really sorry! God guys, I'm sorry! I thought you were a couple from watching you back at the restaurant! Oh shit man, I'm so sorry! Hey don't be mad man--I am really sorry! Shit man, I really goofed!"

"Oh God Mickey! I am sorry! I really thought you two acted like you were a couple!"

"Well no,----we are not!" Mickey said. "But hey man, you may think it is weird, but I will have to admit that if you just thought so, then I kind of consider it a complement. I mean, look at him. Shit man!

If you are gay, and you can attact something that looks like he does, who in the hell can get pissed for having somebody think we belong together.

If I was gay, I'd like to think I could have myself a guy that is as good looking as he is!"

"Well---thanks man!" George said as he shyly spoke to Mickey. "I do have to admit that is a rather nice thing to say, ---but Mickey-you are no slut either, man! Hey Tim, don't be embarassed of the goof. Shit! I agree with what Mickey said. If I were gay, I'd feel good having some guy that looks like him to be my partner."

"Well,--- Mr. Tim!" Doug said. "I guess you really screwed up this time, didn't you? What in the hell ever made you think these guys were lovers? Shit man!'

"Well hon. I kind of kept watching them from the kitchen, and I just thought, those two guys act like they belong together, and then when I went out and talked to them, I just never had any reason to think they did not belong together."

"Hey men!" George rather interrupted. "Men, I don't think Mickey is any more offended than I am, and I'm sure not offended at all, so don't let the small shit bother you. Hell--think of it this way, if Tim had not assumed that we were gay, we would not be here now."

"Yea---" Mickey said. "We'd be camping out on the bus! So thank you for the goof up. Don't let it bother you any. It sure is not bothering me, and I don't think George is bothered any either. Beside, like I said, if I was gay, I'd love to think that I could catch me some hunk like him!" He said as he very actively and animatedly, looked George up and down as he made the remark.

"Only problem is men," Mickey continued, "I have no idea if the man you just married me to, happens to maybe already be a married daddy or not.

I think I really should know if the person that I have just been hooked up with, as my husband, is a married man or not, don't you?"

"Nope!" Still a single guy!" George replied. "Well that was until a few minutes ago when I found out that I was secretly married to you!"

All four men laughed, and started acting a little more relaxed from Tim's rather major goof.

"Hey, men! I really do apologize for my goof. But since both of you guys seemed to take it pretty smoothly, maybe we can still have some fun since you are already here, and not let my stupid mistake get in the way of all of us just enjoying the night? OK?"

Everybody agreed. None of the four had any bad thoughts about what had happened, except of course for Tim, and he was feeling really dumb for doing that!

Despite the major goof up earlier in the evening, the rest of the evening went quite smoothly and had quite a jovial feel about it. Quite often during the evening either George or Mickey would make some additional comical comment about the "new relationship" that they were now in. Each time, Tim would try to hide his face and act if he had nothing to do with it.

Most of the evening was spent fixing supper, eating and then watching the everlasting special weather reports on TV exclaiming how severe this current winter storm was, and additionally how it was not expected to let up for at least one full day.

"Well, gentlemen", Mickey said. "I sure do hope you don't mind having a couple of house guests for more than one night. It sure sounds to me like there is not going to be anyway of us getting out of here for a day or two unless they bring in helicopters and lift us out. It sounds like this storm is kind of like the storm of the century."

"No problem with us guys! I think it will be fun to have some visitors for a couple of days." Doug said. "Course you got to remember, you two are the ones stuck here with the gay guys, so you are the ones that will probably take the gruff for hanging out with the gay boys."

"Hey anybody can give me all the gruff they want about that. We are probably in a better situation right now than anybody else that was on that bus, so I'm happy!" Mickey said.

"Well guys, it is starting to get late, and I 'm not sure what tomorrow is all going to be like, but I guess I had better plan on getting my ass over to the restaurant early just in-case somebody does manage to get there. So I am about ready to hit the hey, but under the new understandings, I guess we had better figure out just how we are going to do the sleeping arrangements, here.

"Yea, right." Doug said. "OK guys. Let's figure out just what we are going to do. I'm sure that Tim assumed that since you are a couple, that giving you the fold-out double bed would be the trick, but now we need to do some figuring. One of you can use that, and we can take the couch cushions off and make a mattress out of them, and make a bed on the floor for the other one. Will that work?"

"Well", Mickey said looking toward George. "I've had to sleep beside other guys when on Scout camping trips before, and as far as I'm personally concerned, I can sleep on my side of the bed, unless George is not comfortable with that. I'll let him decide."

"No--no. I don't think I have a problem. I think we can share the fold out, OK. Just keep a baseball bat handy so that if the little hunk starts getting kind of funny with me, then I can beat him over the top of the head." George said as he laughed and then rubbed the top of Mickey's head.

The sleeping arrangements were prepared and everybody kind of, in their own way, prepared to bed down for the night.

Tim and Doug excused themselves and told the visitors to sleep in as long as they could in the morning, since it was obvious that nobody was going to be going anyplace soon. Doug had already told them that since he had a 25 mile drive to get to the office, that he certainly would be there in the morning too.

George and Mickey started to settle down on the living room fold-out, watching as the snow continued to fall past the street light, right outside the front window.

"Well I will say this much", George said. "From the way that snow is still coming down, I sure do hope it is going to be OK with you and your family that you will not be home for a couple of more days."

"Hey---what can you say?" Mickey replied. "Things do get all kind of changed around once in awhile. Yea, earlier today, I was real anxious to get home, but you know, sometimes the unexpected turns out to be the more fun. Sure did not expect to be bedded down with some guy tonight, but since things take the turn of events that they do, so shall it be! I'll just have to tell everybody your real name was Georgia, and not tell them it was really George."

"Well you little snot! I thought you were kind of proud earlier to have been mistakenly hooked up with me! Now you are making me some female bitch babe!"

"No man! Did not mean that!" Mickey quickly answered back. "No George, I will admit that I am glad we are in bed together. I do need to let you know though that I am usually a snuggler when I am asleep, so if you wake up and I'm all up against you, it's nothing personal, man."

"So---why is it nothing personal, man? Are you now trying to tell me, that to lay up against me would be all that bad?"

"No, no George! Hell man, if I had the pick of any guy that I could snuggle up to, you would be the man! OK! See I do like you. Yea, I'd snuggle, man."

For quite some time, Mickey and George kind of spatted back and forth making rather weird comments to each other, almost as if they were actually lovers just having fun with each other.

"Hey now you stay over there!" Mickey said to George as George repositioned himself in the bed. "Don't you go getting yourself all up too close to me. It might get you all excited, and then I would have to use that baseball bat on the top of your head instead of on the top of mine."

With that comment, George then flipped over, threw his hand of the top of Mickey's head and started rubbing if roughly and wildly. Mickey did not ask or make him stop.

When George did finally stop, Mickey did rather slowly and very calmly tell George, "George, this playing around here in bed with you is getting me feeling kind of weird and all excited. George, oh shit man,-----if I say this I hope you will not scream, George, -----I want to feel your body."

"Yea---I already know that!" George replied. "You've got a hard-on, man! When I was playing with your head, I felt it hit my leg when you jerked. I already knew you were getting all hot and bothered. Ever played with a guy before?"

"No George. No, I never have. I do admit that once a few years ago I got into a wrestling match with one of my classmates, and when we got done, I was really wanting to just go hug him, but I didn't. Ever since then, I've kind of wondered why I would have felt that way, and until tonight, I've never been in a situation where I felt that way again. But being this close to you and having you playing with my head like you were, made me feel that way again, and made me feel like I really would like to be able to just feel your body. Oh God George! Please understand man, I'm not gay! I just want to feel what you feel like, man. Is it OK if I just kind of feel your skin and maybe run my hands down along your arms and maybe on your back? Oh God! George! I've never, ever, told some other guy that I wanted to feel him. George am I kind of sick for wanting to feel you like that?"

"No you are not sick man! Why in the hell would you ask that?

Hey-just look at Tim and Doug. Are they sick? No! They just know what they like. There is nothing sick about wanting to feel somebody's skin.

Even if it does happen to be a guy! I just happen to be a George instead of a Georgia, and if that is all that is bothering you, forget it man!

Yea-----rub me! I want to feel you feeling me! I want you to feel me!"

Mickey did so very carefully and slowly started to kind of rubbing George's skin. No place very sensitive or private, but along his shoulders, down his arms and along his waist line.

George then moved, and said, "Hey just a moment," and he then reached down and removed his briefs.

Throwing them out from under the thick pile of covers, he then said, "OK, man. I have now made it possible for you to feel what you would like to feel, and what I want to feel you taking ahold of!"

Mickey watched him toss aside the briefs, and listened to what he had been told.

"Oh No! George, I can't do that. That's not what I meant! I did not mean I wanted to feel that, I just wanted to kind of feel your skin."

"Well man, now I have told you what I want! I want to feel your hand on my rod, and when you grab it, then I will grab yours. I can feel yours up against my leg, and I can already tell it is a monster, so pull your shorts off, and let that thing out so I can feel it! OK? You told me you wanted to feel me, well man, now I want to feel you! I'm going to show you it's OK to feel somebody else, so that you don't think asking that is sick."

"Without saying anything, understandable, just some kind of soft

"OKs" or something close, Mickey did as he was told.

"Oh shit! George! George I'm not sure we should be doing this man!"

"Hell-why not?" George replied. "Hey just lay there and be real quiet for a second. Just lay there and listen. What do you hear, man?"

"Well, I'm not sure!" Mickey answered.

"Listen. Listen close. I hear mattress springs, and if you listen real close, it sounds like maybe Doug is the bottom in that relationship.

One of those guys is getting his ass fucked right now, and so what is wrong with us at least feeling each other?"

"God, George! Is that really what I can hear? Do you really think those two guys are fucking in there?"

"Hell yes, man! Hell yea! They are partners, and lovers, and I kind of think maybe our being here with them tonight might have gotten them, or at least one of them, kind of excited. So whichever the bottom guy is in that relationship, he is now getting it in the ass, and from the groaning I hear, I'd say he is having one damn good time getting it!"

Understanding George's line of reasoning, Mickey then turned himself toward George and reached out for him. He gently place his hand on George's rod. It jumped and jerked in the excitement of being touched.

"Oh shit man!" Mickey said. "Shit man, you have a long rod don't you? George, I can tell from touching it, it is long. isn't it?

"Yea!" George replied. "Not the thickest dick in town, well some other town anyway, but yea it is kind of long."

And as they discussed George's rod, he grabbed ahold of Mickey's meat stick, and then exclaimed, "Oh shit man! God man, you got all of the thickness that I am lacking. God man, hell do you ever fuck anybody with this damn thing? Shit man! I've got to see this!"

And with that exclamation, George threw back the bed covers so that Mickey' s dick would be out in the open.

"My God man!" George exclaimed! "My God Mickey, have you ever stuck that up in some gal or in some guy's behind?"

"No George. No George. I have to admit that other than just jacking off, I've never had sex with anybody. What we are doing right now is the closest to actually having sex with someone that I have ever done.

That's one of the reasons that I wonder if I should be doing this with you tonight."

"Why--? Because if you have sex with a guy for your first time that will mean you are gay? Hey Mickey, life just don't work that way.

You and I could have sex together tonight, and you could completely enjoy it. But that don't mean that whenever you get a chance to get some gal, that you will not enjoy doing her too. You need to decide over time which is the most enjoyable to you. Yea, some guys know real early that they just are not interested in girls. Yea--they know they are gay, real early.

But just because you have sex with a guy first, that does not mean that makes you gay. Have you ever wanted to have sex with either a guy or a gal?"

"Yea, I've wanted to before, but too many times I kind of wondered if I was just wanting sex because I was getting older than most guys are when they start having sex, and I have never done it, so I wondered if there was something wrong with me that I have never done it. So then I just felt like I should find some gal and screw her just so that I knew I was a normal kind of guy."

"So what are you feeling tonight?"

"Uhhh, George. I'm feeling like I really do want to play around with you and be able to feel you, but maybe I'm just not sure what wanting to have sex is really supposed to feel like."

"You like laying here and have me feel you?"

"Yea,----yes I do like that!"

"It's OK then that I grab your dick and look at it, then?"

"Yea, I guess so! Hey George, I feel kind of embarrassed of letting you do that, but, ----maybe it's only because nobody else has ever done that. Is that why I feel funny about you having it in your hand?"

"Yea Mickey. But Mickey, part of your funny feeling is some internal excitement of just letting some guy manhandle you like this. If you feel like this is OK, then you've been wanting some guy to grab it for a long time, haven't you?"

"Oh God George! George you are making me admit that I've been wanting gay sex aren't you? You are making me say that, aren't you?"

"No Mickey, I am not making you say that,----but what I think I am trying to do is to get you to admit to yourself that, yes, you have been wanting some gay sex, if in-fact that is what you have been wanting!"

"Oh God George, have you had sex with a guy before?"

"Yea Mickey, I have! I'm a true Bi-sexual. I have just as much fun with a guy, or even a group of guys when that is possible, as I do with a gal. To me, they are both damn good! Tonight, I am what I will call, all gay horny, since I am in bed with you. Mickey, you are one hot stud, man!"

"And now that I have shared that with you, you might as well know that I am going to suck on that damn big thick rod of yours before the night is over, so I hope you are looking forward to having a guy suck you off--for what I guess must be your first time. Right?"

"Well right to what? Right to wanting my dick sucked on, or right to it being the first time?"

"Hey Mickey, I don't really think you need to separate the two. I do kind of think you are anxious to feel my mouth around it and sucking on it, and it will be the first time that it has ever been sucked on, right?

"Yea you are right, George. Yea I do want it, but God man, I'm nervous! Shit man, I never expected anything like this to happen tonight!

Shit man, I thought I was just headed home for the holidays. I had no idea I was going to get sucked off by some guy! Oh God George! Yea I want you to do it, but man I am damn nervous!"

"Hey Mickey, that is OK! Your being nervous will make it all that much better. If you are all scared and nervous, then you will shoot your wad good and strong like a damn cannon, and quick!"

George pulled the covers up over them, placed himself down at Mickey's crotch and started his decent down on the thick shaft that he had gotten so excited about. He realized that until he had actually gotten ahold of it, and then saw it in the street lamp light coming in through the front window, he had not actually intended to have sex with Mickey, but the actions and conversations since they had gotten in bed together, had simply gotten too much for him. He also realized that his ability of hearing Tim and Doug making it together in the other room added to his excitement of doing and having some good ole gay sex! And, he was starting to get really excited about the guy that he was now in bed with. A mistake had been made earlier in the evening, and right now he was damn glad for it. He liked the way things were working out!

Mickey found out exactly what it was like to have his thick rod sucked and chewed on. George simply did enjoy his new found toy. A toy that he had been traveling with all day, but did not realize that it was on the bus and that it was coming along for the ride.

"Damn!" He thought to himself. "Damn I am so damn glad for that outrageous snow storm outside and I am damn glad I suggested to Mickey that they kind of claim themselves as a "group" when they were waiting to see where they were going to go to. And, he decided that he was damn glad that Tim had mistaken them for a couple. Hell, he thought to himself as he sucked on the rod of meat, "Maybe Tim wasn't so damn wrong! Maybe he was just a few hours early in his judgment. Shit man, if this guy is anything like I think, I'd give up girls all together if I thought he and I could actually become partners!"

With that very pleasant thought, George then really went for that cock. He sucked it stronger, more forcefully and with more might than he had been using on it earlier.

"Oh God George!---Oh God George!---I'm going to cum!" Mickey actually screamed out. As soon as he did scream it, he realized what he had done, and he was terribly embarrassed.

Just as soon as George could swallow his mouth full of warm cum, and then attempt to kind of tidy up all the extra on the shaft, he stuck his head out from under the covers, looked up at Mickey and said, "Well man! Don't even try and tell them tomorrow that we did not play around! I am damn sure they are both high fiving each other knowing that they have just experienced the sounds of two guys having one great sex session together. And two guys that are supposedly straight! But when some guy screams out, I'm cuming, I'm cuming, ---it's pretty hard for someone within ear shot to not know exactly just what in the hell is happening. When we get up in the morning, don't even attempt to deny anything. They are both smart enough to know what in the hell they just heard, so don't even disgrace yourself by trying to deny it. Hey, just look at them, and tell them that if we had not heard them squeaking the bed springs so much, then we would not have gotten all hot and heavy ourselves."

"Yea, but what if they ask if that is the first time I ever got sucked on? Then what do I say?"

"Hey Mickey, say whatever comes naturally right then. You may, for some reason, want to share with them that you have never been sucked off before and that is why you let out such a scream when it started flying!

Whatever, do not be embarrassed! You didn't do anything wrong! You have to remember, that at one time or another, they each had their first gay sex scene too, so we have all gone though it at one time or another. Hey man, let's just be glad we are here and not with some straight family that has a bunch of kids in the house! OK?"


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