Randy lay on his side watching the slow breathing of Cole as he slept soundly next to him. The moonlight slipping through the open blinds cast lines of light over Cole's smooth tanned skin. Randy looked at his silhouette, the way his nose curved down to its soft round tip and he looked at the way his beard came in so much fuller now, and he looked at the way his hair was long and wavy, much longer than when they had left two years ago. He reached up slowly, gently, using one finger, pushed Cole's hair off his face as he thought of all the places they had visited. Great Britain, Europe, Africa and back across the Atlantic on some freighter to South America, backpacking and biking a lot of it, but there were train rides, hitch hiking, and when the distance too great, they had splurged for a rental car. They stayed for days, weeks even, in some places, working on farms, waiting or busing tables in restaurants, bartending, or any other job they could find quickly to supplement their money.

It had been such an adventure, and with Cole it had been so much more. Randy had never thought he could love someone like he did Cole and when they had boarded the ship heading to Charleston Cole had seemed as happy as he was to be making their way back to this place he considered home. He had been worried, afraid of how his parents would respond to him and Cole being together but when they had arrived earlier today and his mother came out, wiping her hands on a dish towel, the shock of seeing them gave way to a joy that made her cry. She had hugged Cole as hard as she had hugged him and when his father came out of the barn he had jogged across the yard to greet them. It had been a long night, sitting at the dining table, talking about their last two weeks and how he hadn't been anywhere to email or post on a social media site. Their travels in Argentina, Chile and back through Brazil had been amazing but the two weeks in the Amazon were so remote, so far from civilization that they had been unable to stay in touch.

They were back now and he hadn't thought he would feel so good to be home, to this rural place, but as he settled down on the bed, snuggled up to Cole, he finally fell into a peaceful sleep.


Cole followed Randy and his parents through the restaurant to the table the waitress was leading them, and he tried not to notice, tried to be like Randy who could ignore unpleasantness, walk right by it without any notice, but not him. He saw the judgmental looks, the accusatory stares and he knew they were making their judgments against Randy and him, and by association Randy's parents. He wanted to scream at them, curse each and every one, but then again he felt sorry for them, for their ignorance, this need for a scapegoat to make themselves feel...what? Superior? Righteous? It didn't make sense.

They had gotten back yesterday and decided to eat dinner out even though it was Friday night and they knew it'd be crowded. They had said there would be some gossipy shit to deal with and they resolved to ignore it. Now that they were here the Jenkins seemed able to do it, even with their indifferent waitress and the service slow. The Jenkins didn't seem to care, for they kept the conversation going, Randy especially, telling of their plans for the future and Cole tried to stay focused on their conversation, to add his part in it, but over and over he would cut his eyes around the room and see the looks, the whispering and at times even someone pointing their way. 'Fuck'em' he thought and picked up his beer and drained the last of it, motioning for their waitress.

"Another beer, please" he asked the waitress and as she walked off he slid his chair back and got up. "Excuse me, but I need to hit the men's room."

The toilets were in the back of the restaurant down a short corridor and Cole went in and as he stood at the urinal relieving himself he heard the door open. No one went into the adjacent stall and he was a little worried about it, but when he turned to move to the lavatory he saw a guy standing just inside the door. He looked nervous, casting his eyes downward, unable to look at Cole at first, then slowly, gradually he looked up.

"You're Cole, right?"

"Yeah; who wants to know?" Cole response was defensive.

"I...I just..." and he looked down as he wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

"Are you Jerry McCullough's boy?" Cole asked suddenly sensing who this young man was that stood before him.

"Yes sir...I'm Paul."

Cole saw how nervous the guy was, the way he was so fitful, and suddenly Cole sensed what was on Paul's mind.

"You sure you want to talk to me?"

Paul looked up at Cole, the look of naïve surprise on his face and he stepped toward Cole, suddenly a sense of excitement about him.

"Oh yes, more than anything. I heard about you and Randy Jenkins, how ya'll ran off together and all, and...and...and I wanted to talk to you about it."

"About our travels?" and Cole hesitated for just a moment before finishing. "Or our being gay?"

"That... the last thing."

"Ok Paul, if you need to talk to someone we're willing. Tomorrow is Saturday. Tell your folks you're going to hang out with your friends and then you come to the Jenkin's place. Say around eight o'clock?"

Paul looked at Cole for the first time and he smiled a worried fearful smile and nodded his head yes. Then he opened the door and left. Cole waited a minute, washing his hands and then went back to the table. This time his walk through the restaurant amongst the stares and judgmental glares was different. This time he knew another one of their sons was just like him, someone one of them was close to, someone they thought they knew, and he smiled back at those with the biggest frowns.

As he sat down he leaned toward Randy and whispered in his ear. "We have someone who needs to talk."

"What do you mean?" Randy asked.

"Someone who feels different, doesn't fit in around here, needs someone they can talk to."

Randy nodded that he suddenly understood and glanced around the room over to the McCullough's table remembering how he saw their oldest son go to the men's room behind Cole and come back just before him. He saw Paul slumped down in their booth indifferent to the conversation going on around him, and for one quick moment Randy saw Paul look his way and smile.


That night had been special, they way his parents had ignored those judgmental bastards at the restaurant and they had came back home and sat in the screen porch till it was late again, Cole and his father in the rockers and his mother and he in the swing, his foot on the wood porch pushing the it back and forth slowly, barely moving as they talked in quieter tones with long periods of silence. When his parents finally went off to bed Cole and he stayed out till he saw his parent's bedroom light turn off, then they made their way inside. Randy helped Cole undress, quietly, slowly, removing each garment till Cole stood naked, his cock beginning to harden, rise up in a slow undulating manner and Randy pressed his lips to Cole's gently, just for a moment and then he let Cole undress him. Cole was slow and graceful with his movements, removing Randy's shirt as he kissed and nipped at his nipples, ran his tongue over the skin and Randy put his hand on Cole's head, ran his fingers through the long hair. Randy felt Cole undoing his jeans, spread them open. Cole eased down on his knees as he pulled Randy's jeans open and down. Randy felt the cool air blowing over his naked skin, his exposed upper body and now his legs; then he felt the warm breath of Cole, as he hovered for just a moment over his cock. He knew his cock was responding, felt the confinement of his boxers, and finally he felt Cole's warm wet mouth press against it through the thin cotton fabric of his boxers. He held his breath, suppressing his urge to cry out and he pushed his hips forward pushing his cock into Cole's mouth harder.

When Cole's mouth pulled off of his cock, the fabric wet where it pushed out against the fabric, Randy felt Cole working his boxers down till they fell on top of his jeans. Cole helped him work everything off one foot at a time, gently holding one hand on Randy's lower back and using the other to pull the clothes free from each foot as Randy held it up. His cock bobbed up and down in front of him and Cole grasped it, held it straight out as me moved forward and tongued the head. Cole licked it till Randy had to suck in his breath, for the sensations were too much for him, then Randy felt his cock sink into Cole's mouth. The slick warmth enveloped his cock and he began to swing his hips slowly, full movements that pulled his cock nearly free then back till he felt Cole's hair tickle his stomach and nose touch him just above his cock. Over and over he pumped his hips slowly.

Randy's urge to cum rose up too fast and he stopped moving, held Cole's head still, his cock buried in his mouth. He slowed his breathing as he stood still and Cole pulled back, releasing his cock and he felt Cole hug up to his bare legs, the warmth of Cole's body felt so good to him. He even felt Cole's erection slide by his calf, its head leaving a trail of pre-cum on his skin. Randy reached down and got Cole to stand and together they eased down on the bed, Cole on his back and Randy down on top of him. Randy felt Cole spread his legs, pull them back turning his ass upward and Randy slowly pumped his hips rubbing his cock over Cole, feeling his warm body, so smooth against his cock, and he pressed down when he knew he was rubbing over Cole's opening, and Cole moaned softly underneath him. They held each other tightly as Randy worked his body on top of Cole. Cole shifted slightly, spread his legs at the knees a little more and Randy felt his cock nudge at Cole's hole, push against it and he bore down on it, let his weight push his hips down till his cock penetrated Cole, eased in slowly, inch by inch, the shaft moving through the tight ring of Cole's opening, stretching it open. Cole stifled his moan by pressing his mouth against Randy's neck, the warmth of his breath, the vibration of his moan made him cling tighter to Cole's body and drive the last couple of inches of his cock in.

Randy fucked slowly, the bed's squeak soft, barely audible, with Cole holding the old metal head of the bed in both hands, his arms straining with his tight hold as he took Randy's fuck, worked his own hips with Randy, pushing up to meet Randy's downward thrusts. Randy ran his lips and tongue along Cole's neck, around his ear, tonguing it, nipping the earlobe as he pumped his cock into Cole, worked it through the tight ring of his opening and deep into his warm velvety tunnel.

"Oh fuck, that feels good" Cole whispered in Randy's ear.

It had been a couple of days since they had sex and Randy felt his need to cum rise up quickly even with his slow pace, the way he ground his cock into Cole inch by inch, and he began to move faster, pumping his cock into Cole a little harder. He hugged tightly to Cole, the heat of their bodies bringing a sheen to their skin. He fucked faster, the old bed squeaking a little louder, but neither noticed, for they held each other tightly as Randy pumped his cock harder, pushed it all the way in Cole and all too soon pumped out his load. Randy bit down on Cole's shoulder suppressing his urge to cry out as he pumped each wad of cum out and then grinding his cock through it, smearing it along his shaft and Cole's insides.

Randy lay on Cole for a moment, their breathing hard and labored and he suddenly was worried whether or not they had gotten too noisy, wondered if the bathroom between the two bedrooms and the fan his parents ran would be enough to drown out the noise. He moved to the side of Cole and pulled him on top, got Cole to settle down between his own legs that he spread open, pulled back to angle his ass up as he waited for Cole to ease into him. He felt Cole's weight settle down on his body, felt Cole's hard cock press against him and he pushed up against it, suddenly forgetting his worry about noise. Randy held Cole in his arms as they kissed. He ran his hands over Cole's back and down till he could take each cheek in his hands and he pulled Cole to him, pulled Cole's hips down and he felt the pain of the initial penetration, the way Cole's cock breached his opening and slid down into him.

Randy knew Cole's rhythm, his slow graceful movements, the way he could fuck for a long time, slowly, building up his own need to cum again. Randy took Cole's slow fuck, the rhythm of his thrusts and as Cole fucked him he felt his own cock harden again, trapped between their sweaty bodies, the rub of Cole's undulations stroking him. How long Cole was on him, how long Cole was pumping cock into his hole, he didn't know, but he held Cole tightly as he felt the quickening pace, the urgency of the fuck increase and he knew Cole was finally getting close and Randy leaned back, pressed his cock up against Cole's body, letting the way he fucked rub him harder and then it happened, the way it had done so often before, and he automatically tightened his legs around Cole, held him tight as he came again, pumping out his load between them and he knew Cole could feel on his cock the spasm of his hole. Cole shoved down harder, short thrusting jabs deep into him and he knew Cole was pumping him full of his cum. Cole pressed his lips to Randy's to muffle his cry as he pumped wad after wad deep into him.

When they were both spent, the slick sheen of their bodies glistening in the dim moon light cutting across them as they lay together, loosely intertwined, they eased down into sleep and Randy eased his eyes open one more time and using one finger, moved the hair from out of Cole's face so he could see the peaceful look and then he closed his eyes as he drifted off to sleep.


Cole pulled into a parking space at the grocery store in town and Randy and he went inside with the list Mrs. Jenkins had given them that morning. He had been worried Randy's parents might have heard Randy and him last night but neither had said anything or acted as if they had heard. Inside the store he saw it wasn't too busy and therefore they would not run into too many people for he had had enough of their stares last night. Randy held up half the list, having torn it in two.

"Mom's lists are in the order she comes to the items in the store, so I can take this half for this side" and Randy pointed toward the produce section, "and you take this half and start over there" and he pointed down toward the deli and dairy section. "We can work our way toward the middle and get out of here."

Cole made his way down each aisle picking each item on the list, noticing how when he passed some of the women in the store most gave him a frown and pushed on by him quickly. None spoke, and he did he best to avoid looking at them, concentrating on the list in his hand. He headed down another aisle and just in front of him he saw a stock boy putting boxes on the shelf. Cole recognized the guy, someone who had been a year behind him in school, but his name didn't come to him. He was sure the guy would have nothing to say to him so he thought it didn't matter he had already forgotten his name. Cole grabbed what he needed near the guy and began to move around him.


Cole stopped and turned to the guy, shocked to hear his name.

"Hey...uh, well, I heard Randy and you were back. I guess you guys really had fun...traveling and all."

Cole could see some pleading look but he was frozen in place, unable to respond, waiting for the slur, the cutting comment. The guy looked down and back up, his face sad and resigned.

"I guess you don't remember me, or probably don't want to, and that is okay for I know we...I treated you like shit in school. Boy you showed us" the guy's voice trailing off.

"I'm sorry, I don't remember your name" Cole finally stated, matter of fact.

"Keith...Keith Woods."

"Oh yeah, Keith, I remember now. So how is it going?" Cole stated not sure what else to say.

Keith looked up and down the aisle and then up at Cole. "It sucks."

Cole knew what he meant but didn't respond, standing there watching how Keith kept looking up and down the aisle, all nervous, his hands fidgeting with the box cutter. Keith finally started to talk, his voice in a low whisper, while he kept his eyes down, looking at the floor.

"Cole, can we talk sometime? I mean, I..." and it was silent for a moment then Keith looked up at Cole. "I was wondering about how you and Randy...found each other, ya know?"

Cole saw how painful it was for Keith to admit it but he saw him suddenly relax, the confession out in the open.

"You'll have to ask Randy that one. Why don't you come by later tonight to his folk's place? Show up about a quarter after eight. Okay?"

"Okay Cole I'll do that; thanks man" and Keith looked down the aisle as someone was rounding the end and coming toward them and he quickly went back to stocking the shelves. Cole moved on, and after a few minutes he was in the middle of the store where Randy was waiting.

"You're not going to believe what just happened. Come on, let's check out and I'll tell you on the way home."


All afternoon he kept uttering 'damn' to himself still unbelieving of this support group meeting Cole had orchestrated and after they had an early dinner with his parents he told Cole he thought meeting in the house might be uncomfortable for the guys and suggested the screen porch. He thought it would be cool enough but Cole had looked at Randy's father and then back at him.

"You dad and I think the barn would be better. Even though no one drives by very often, it might make them more comfortable to be out of sight."

"My dad and you..." and Randy suddenly realized how close the two of them had become, Cole out helping him with small jobs in the barn and the two of them talking about farming. Randy had to smile at Cole and shake his head. "Okay, you're probably right. We can set up the old card table with the chairs around it. We just need to pull the grain truck out and it'll give us plenty of room to sit in a group.

By seven o'clock the barn was all set up and just before eight an old Mustang pulled around the house and parked in the shadows out away from the house and barn. Randy stood at the door of the barn, silhouetted by the light behind him, watching Paul initially head toward the house then turn and come toward him at the barn. When Paul was about thirty feet away the light from the barn began to hit him and Randy saw how nervous he looked.

"Come on in; we thought you might like the privacy of meeting out here instead of in the house."

"Yeah, that's good" Paul replied and Randy could hear some sense of relief in his voice.

Randy led Paul inside and had him take a seat. Cole came in carrying sodas and some cookies for them to snack on as they talked and when Randy and Cole sat down next to each other Paul looked at them and smiled for the first time. Randy and Cole let him talk, listening to the familiar feelings, the guilt and fear and it poured out of Paul quickly, he barely stopping to take a breath, and when he did stop he leaned forward resting his arms no his knees like he was exhausted, and he stared at the ground.

Randy knew the main problem, the one that made all the others so pronounced, was the loneliness, thinking you're the only one around who feels this way, has these attractions, desires. Randy remembered how it had been for him and it made it easier to sympathize, and he glanced at Cole giving him a nod before he turned back to Paul.



"We know what you're going through, we've been there, and the worst of it is feeling like you are the only one, that no one around here would understand, or feel the same way."

Paul looked up fast, interrupting Randy "Yeah, I mean...you guys found each other. Must have been a miracle or something..." and his voice trailed off.

"Not a miracle, not really."

Suddenly they heard a truck pull up outside and Paul looked back at the door nervously. Cole stood up and told them he'd be right back and Randy watched how Paul kept his eyes on the door as Cole went out and disappeared in the dark.

Randy sat glancing from the door back to Paul, waiting, and a minute or so later they could hear voices, one Cole's and shortly after that Cole came in the barn and stood to the side waiting. Keith came in and Randy watched him come in head down, watching each of his steps, not realizing he was being watched, and when he finally looked up he froze. Randy had to smile at the shock on his face at seeing Paul.

Randy looked back and forth between the two guys, looking at how they were so typical in appearance, the rough cut hair sticking out around their ball caps, Paul's straw blonde and Keith's a brown with a reddish tint, and he noticed how Keith was beginning to fill out, have a man's body and then there was Paul who had just finished school and how his body was tall and lean, still the body of a teenager but there was something else about them, something naïve, sexually so, and he watched Keith come to where they sat and take a seat. Keith had on cargo shorts and his hairy legs, with their light brown hair, gave them a strong masculine presence and Randy noticed how Paul was looking at Keith, looking at a body that was a man's body. Cole had closed the barn door and resumed his position next to Randy.

"Keith, I think you know Paul?" Randy asked, keeping his voice as casual as possible.

"Yeah...hey Paul."

"Keith" Paul replied and he leaned forward, resting his arms on his knees again, looking down at the ground. Keith looked at Paul and then at Randy and Cole, a worried expression on his face.

"Guys, we are not trying to hook you up but just wanted you to know you were not alone and maybe you could...support each other, you know?" Randy stated, trying to ease the tension. Then Paul began to snigger, softly to himself, then louder till he was laughing aloud and he sat back looking at Keith, then at Randy and Cole.

"Goddamn; Cole you brining any more of us out tonight?" and suddenly they all were laughing.

Keith took a seat and Paul pulled up closer to the table and for a long time they talked, at times serious and poignant but after a while their conversation became more relaxed and casual and they began to joke and laugh as they enjoyed each other's company. It was late by the time Keith and Paul stood up to go. Keith had asked Paul if he wanted to do something the next day after he got off work and Randy and Cole listened as they made plans. Cole walked them out as Randy put away the table and chairs and went to get the grain truck to put it back in its place.

Randy met Cole at the back steps leading up to the screen porch and the two eased into the house knowing Randy's parents had turned in already. They eased to Randy's room where Randy sat on the bed and Cole in his desk chair.

"I've feel grubby, so I'm going to take a shower" Cole said as he looked down at himself.

"I'll take it with you" Randy replied smiling at Cole, seeing the uneasiness of the suggestion on his face, "It'll be fine, their fast asleep and we'll be quiet."

The pulled off all their clothes except their boxers and eased back out in the short corridor and into the bathroom. Randy got the shower going and held the curtain back for Cole to step in; then he followed. Randy picked up the soap and began to wash Cole, slowly running his hands over Cole's body, over his shoulders, down his back and over each cheek. Randy squatted down and ran the soap over each leg. Cole turned and Randy reached up and ran his soapy hands over Cole's growing erection, ran his hand up and down the shaft and then he soaped up his balls as he leaned forward and took Cole's cock in his mouth, moving forward letting it slide through his lips, over his tongue and push to the back of his mouth. He felt Cole's hands on his shoulders knowing he was bracing himself and Randy pulled back, grabbed the shaft at the base and worked on the head, licking it, sucking it into his mouth till Cole pushed him off of it. Randy stood up and washed Cole's chest and stomach as Cole washed his own hair. Then they switched places and Cole bathed Randy and Randy closed his eyes focusing on the sensation of Cole's hands on his body, rubbing over his chest, down his stomach and taking his cock in hand, stroking it till it ached. Cole bathed him slowly, hands moving sensually over his skin and when Cole ran his soapy hand down between the cheeks of his ass Randy felt Cole's fingers push against him, rub over his opening and then slide into him, stretching him open. He stifled his cry and pushed back against Cole's fingers working into him. Cole stood up and got Randy to face him and he hugged their bodies together, brought their lips together under the spray of the shower.

Randy pulled back and looked at Cole, "We should get out and go back to the bedroom."

Cole nodded his head and reached down turning off the shower as Randy got out taking a towel in hand. They dried each other, softly rubbing the towel over each other. Randy opened the door and checked to make sure his parents were still in bed and they eased into the bedroom without bothering to put anything on.

On the bed they eased around slowly, touching and stroking, hands roaming over the other's body, and gently Cole rolled Randy on his stomach and moved over him. Randy spread his legs, arched his ass upward wanting Cole, wanting to feel Cole penetrate him, push his cock in and fuck him and Cole slowly, teasingly, ran his cock up and down between the cheeks of Randy's ass, letting the feel of Randy against his sensitive head fire up his need, his want, and he rubbed the head of his cock over Randy's hole, pressed against it and he heard Randy moan. Cole pressed down, sank his cock into Randy, inch by inch, he eased into him till he was all the way in and he rested his body on top of Randy, kissing his neck, around his ear, nipping the lobe as he took Randy's wrists and held him down. Cole pulled upward with his hips and pushed back down and he heard Randy breath out hard, a soft moan escaping from his open mouth. Cole kept working his hips, driving his cock through the tight ring of Randy's hole. His pace was slow and determined, with full movements, working as much of his cock as he could into Randy. Cole felt the way Randy's hole milked his cock, felt the heat of Randy's body, the soft cries of pleasure and he rose up, still holding Randy's wrist down and he began to fuck, full powerful thrusts, pushing his cock harder and harder into the stretched out hole, easily sliding his shaft through the ring of Randy's opening as he punched the head deep into Randy.

The bed squeaked softly as Cole felt his need build quickly, his desire for Randy still strong, and he pumped his cock in short jabbing thrusts, felt his body tense up tight, felt his own heat and he shoved downward over and over till he felt his cock swell up large and he thrust down hard, all the way, slapping his hips into Randy's ass, the bed squeaking loudly as he pumped his cum deep into the soft warm tunnel of Randy's ass.

Cole lay on Randy for a moment, his hard fast breathing settling back to normal as his cock deflated and eased out of Randy's hole. Cole rolled to the side and eased down on the floor by the bed on his knees, guiding Randy to roll over on his back. Cole took Randy's hard cock, held it up noticing the wet slick head glistening in the moonlight and he leaned over and sucked it clean, savoring the sweetness. Randy pushed up, stifling his urge to cry out, and Cole let the cock slide through his lips and deep into his mouth. Cole worked Randy cock, up and down the hard shaft, sucking on the head, tonguing it, and he eventually let Randy hold his head in place as he fucked his hips up and down, pumping his cock into Randy's mouth, fast, his need to cum urgent. Randy lay back, his body taut, muscles straining under the hot flesh as he held Cole's head, fucked his mouth and he shoved up hard and came. Cole sucked down the cum, took each wad as it hit him in the back of the mouth, and when Randy finally settled down, his cock spent, Cole held it up and milked the last of the cum from it.

Cole eased onto the bed and soon their intertwined bodies lay in the tangled sheet, lost to their dreams as they fell into a deep sleep.



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