Randy crawled through the under growth along the edge of the pine stand, working his way into the woods until he was under the canopy of the young pine, tall spindly things that could barely shade the ground. He eased through the pine working his way over to the property to the north, his destination, a place he was letting his curiosity get the best of him. It didn't take long and he was making his way along the fence that ran down the property line, working his way back to where the old home place was situated. The vines and undergrowth made it tough going but soon he saw the old Crosby place. An old pre-manufactured home, a long narrow metal thing parked up next to an old house structure with its roof extended over it. It was old, with its metal panels faded with black stains trailing down the sides. The hybrid of a house sat in a small clearing in the woods, the sun shining brightly upon its front and Randy noticed it appeared no one was around. He climbed over the fence and stayed among the shrubs and undergrowth along the edge of the property till he could see the back of the house and the yard extending down the hill for another fifty yards or so. Randy quickly caught sight of Cole down in a garden, stooped over slightly, hoe in hand, working down a row of beans. His pace was steady and slow, easing the hoe around the plants removing any grass or weeds sprouting among them. Randy crouched down behind a bush and watched the tall lean body of Cole, his old white t-shirt, with sleeves ripped off, billowed in the slight breeze. Randy watched as the large muscular arms worked the hoe back and forth, their natural dark olive tone sharply contrasted against the white t-shirt. Randy knew Cole's mother was part Native American and even though he had light brown hair, and Randy knew from memory, bright blue eyes, his skin tone gave away that part of his ancestral blood. Randy watched him as he moved in the hot afternoon sun, slowly, stopping occasionally, raising his cap and wiping his face of sweat with his forearm. The long dark brown hair shined in the sunlight, and its cheap cut hung in all manner of ways as sweat dripped from it.

Randy watched Cole finally stand up and head back toward the house, walking slowly along, his long legs covering the ground smoothly and quickly and before long he set the hoe in a small shed and moved on toward the house. As he walked across the yard he pulled his t-shirt off and Randy watched as he lifted it over his head revealing his smooth torso, glistening in the sunlight with the sheen of sweat that covered it. As he moved up to the small stoop at the back door he tossed the shirt on it and began to undo his jeans, where he bent and pulled off one then the other shoe, taking his socks off with each and Randy sat up a little higher, watched more intently, not believing what he was seeing. When Cole pulled his jeans down Randy saw the cheap white boxers he had on underneath, wet with sweat at the waist in back, hanging loose from his narrow waist. Cole laid his jeans down on the stoop and then he reached for the boxers and Randy held his breath, thrilled at his luck, at not only seeing Cole, but seeing him strip out of his clothes right out in broad daylight. Cole bent over and raising one foot then the other as he pulled the boxers off and when he stood back up Randy looked at him closely, looked at his cock hanging loose over his nuts, the way his small dark patch of hair fanned out over his cock and he watched the way Cole tugged on it, stretched it out. Cole turned and moved down the back of the house toward a small raised deck and Randy realized it was a shower with its head protruding through the wall of the house and he watched as Cole turned it on, felt the cool water with his hand and then stepped under the spray. Randy could tell it was cold by the way Cole hunched up under it, standing with his back to it giving Randy a full frontal view of his body. He stood a moment, getting use to the cold water and then he turned toward it, let it run over his face, over his head and he leaned back so it would hit him in the chest as he ran his hands over his body to get the worst of the grim and dirt off.

Randy watched Cole, intently, the way his body moved, the broad shoulders, the flexing shoulder blades, the curve of his back downward to the roundness of his ass and the muscular legs and then he looked back up when Cole turned again, followed the legs upward till he saw that dark skinned cock hanging over the slightly darker sac, which wasn't hanging as loose and long as before, the cold water obviously drawing it upward. Randy looked upward along the lean stomach and on to the small nipples symmetrically arranged on the smooth chest, watching how the water ran down in streams, following the contours of his body. He watched as Cole picked up a bar of soap from a small shelf on the wall and began to soap up, running the bar over his body, rubbing vigorously, building up a thick lather all over his body, and when he got to his cock, he rubbed it, pulled it out straight, and Randy watched it thicken, begin to rise up and he watched as Cole stroked it, ran his hand up and down its length, getting it to stretch out long and lean like his body. Cole stroked it slowly, like he wasn't really ready to get off, but just wanted the feel of his cock being hard. He turned to the shower and Randy watched him rinse off, getting the soap out of his long hair, out of his face and then slowly turning as he rinsed his torso, washing the soap downward till he was clean.

Cole turned the water off and ran his hands over his head squeezing a lot of the water from his hair and then he moved out in the sun and just stood for a moment, head cocked to one side as if he was listening for something, but after a moment he moved on to the back door and went inside.

Randy knew he should leave, but he lay there, reliving what he had seen, how he had watched Cole bath out in the open, his body on full display and he had to tug on his own cock to get it in a comfortable position. He lay there, quiet, waiting, hoping Cole would come back out, maybe still naked, but after a few minutes he began to think Cole was in for the evening and he should ease back to his truck parked down on the fire lane in the pine stand. He eased up on his hands and knees and began to move back when he felt it, the cold round barrel of a shotgun pressed to the back of his neck and he froze, not even able to breath as he thought his life was about to end.

"What in the fuck are you doing spying on me, Randall Jenkins?" Cole asked, his voice low, deep and the tone serious, something Randy knew not to fuck with while having a shotgun pressed against him.

"Cole...Cole! I can explain, please, don't fucking shoot me, please" as he dropped down reliving the pressure of the gun barrel from his neck.

Cole jabbed Randy with the barrel, pushed him to a new state of fear, then Cole put his foot in the middle of Randy's back and shoved him to the ground.

"I'd start talking if I was you."


Randy first saw Cole on his first day of school. The bus had picked up the three of them, his brother, sister and himself, and had moved on down the road, picking up the Harper girls, then further along the May boys and then after crossing the creek and coming up the other side passing by the paper mill property with their pine growing in rows, they came to the Crosby place and as they got on the bus Randy remembered how there seemed so many of them, the oldest three boys, then the three girls and finally, last in line, his siblings not even looking back to make sure he got on the bus okay was Cole who Randy found out later would be in his kindergarten class. There school only had around three hundred students and it was K through 12, so the buses had a natural segregation to them, elementary students in the front, middle school students in the middle and high school students in the back. Cole had sat in the first seat and even though the bus was soon nearly full Randy noticed no one would sit with Cole, or any of his siblings, for they were what his brother and sister called white trash. So it went, year after year, Cole alone, not even his older brothers and sisters seemed to have anything to do with him, and all through the years he always sat on the front row, reading one book or another, never talking to anyone. It was that way in class too, Cole up front, sitting quietly, only speaking when called upon. There were a few others, those who didn't care about going to school, those who came from similar conditions, who tried to befriend Cole but it wasn't long and Cole was soon alone again, sitting in the front of each class off to one side, or in the cafeteria sitting at the table closest to the teachers, the table no other students wanted to sit, so day after day, year after year, Randy watched Cole pass through each year alone, rarely talking or participating in any after class organizations or playing in any sports.

By the eighth grade Randy had begun to sense how he was different from the other boys, the way they suddenly began to look at the girls, their way of talking about them and eventually began to date them. Randy struggled with his feelings, his lack of desire for the opposite sex, and he thought of the derogatory comments about faggots, cocksuckers and the lewd remarks or gestures about taking it up the ass some of the other boys liked to say and he felt ashamed at first, confused, for he wondered about those things, thought of those very actions, and when he began to surf the internet in his room late at night, he found those feelings were not just his alone, that he wasn't a freak, but something else, something he couldn't admit, not yet.

It was during the ninth grade his fantasies began to take on a face, for him to visualize another actual person and he knew it was because of P.E. and him having Cole in his class. He had seen Cole take off his clothes to put on gym shorts and a t-shirt and Randy remembered how his body looked, the skin darker, especially his dick and sac, for Randy was fair skinned, the freckles across his nose and over his shoulders belying his Scot-Irish roots. Even his dark brown hair had tints of red in it. So Randy began to picture Cole during his fantasies, his daydreaming about having a boyfriend and his sexual fantasies when he masturbated, and he knew it was something he had to keep to himself, the way the thought of other boys and worse which boy it was he thought the most about; the one who was an outcast to both the popular kids and even to those where were not.

By the tenth grade Cole grew tall and lean and even though he came from a family that was extremely poor, one that his parents and siblings were known for living hard, drinking excessively, doing drugs, getting in fights, even going to jail for petty crimes, Cole seemed to stay above it all. Their teaches began to treat him differently than they had his siblings, asking for his participation, praising him on his work in class, and Randy noticed some of girls began to flirt with him, to actually talk to him on occasion, but suddenly, one day in eleventh grade, Cole was gone. The rumor was his mother had taken off and left his alcoholic father for Cole to have to take care of and he had quit school and began working at a grocery store over in Allentown. Randy had rarely spoken to Cole, afraid the way he thought of him would somehow be visible on his face, betray his feelings and cause Cole to hate him. Now he was gone, dropped out and Randy was depressed for days.

Rumors surfaced from time to time about Cole and his father, and how the old man was getting worse, had been locked up twice for drunk driving, and he was suspected of several robberies in the community and as Randy went through high school and finally off to college the rumors got fewer and fewer. He knew Cole's father was much older, Cole having been born late to the family, and his health was failing for the rumors spread of seeing Cole taking him to the emergency clinic several times during this time. It was about a year ago Randy called home and his mother told him how Cole's father had gotten killed in a car accident. Randy listened to her talk about Mr. Crosby, how he had taken Cole's truck and gone out drinking and then got into a wreck, she talked about how the only person who was at the funeral was Cole and how they didn't know what that boy was going to do and if he was like his old man.

When Randy would be home during his breaks he often rode by the Crosby place, but he never saw Cole come or go, nor did he see him in the nearby towns. The rumors were Cole was now working at the paper mill, but no one seemed to know for sure, for no one had anything to do with him. There was something about it all that pained Randy, something he couldn't get out of his mind and now that he had finished college, was going to be home for a few weeks prior to taking off for Europe with a backpack and a new pair of hiking boots he intended to wear out, he would ride by the Crosby place wondering what Cole was doing, all alone, holed up in those woods so dense the house wasn't visible from the road. After a few days he decided he had to see Cole, see what he was doing that kept him isolated from everyone else. So he had parked in the fire lane and crept up to Cole's place where he now found Cole pointing a shotgun at his head while he held him down with his foot.

Cole jabbed the gun into the back of Randy's neck shoving his face down into the dirt. Randy was so scared he couldn't speak and he just lay there.

"What are you doing here?" Cole asked again, his tone even and commanding.

Randy held his head up, pressing up against the barrel of the gun, his mind racing so fast, being so scared, he couldn't form any words, couldn't get his mouth to work. Cole pressed down on Randy's back bringing more of his weight down on him and he jabbed him with the gun again.

"I came to see how you were doing...I wanted to see...OKAY?" Randy cried out, his fear and frustration rising up in his voice.

"Fuck that...what are you really doing here?"

"I told you" and Randy laid his head down as he tried to get his breath.

"You like spying on guys, watching us bathe? Did you like watching me bathe?"

Randy just laid there thinking, yes, yes, yes, he liked watching Cole bathe, but he was afraid to say it, afraid to admit it. Cole jabbed him in the head again with the gun.

"Yes...Yes...YES for FUCK'S SAKE, I liked watching you, OKAY. Goddamn it, I just wanted to see...if you were okay."

Cole pulled the gun back, held it pointing to the ground, took his foot off Randy's back and stepped back. He stood there for a moment, quiet, not moving or anything and Randy just lay there, afraid to move, afraid to speak, waiting.

"Get up Randy, just get up, okay?" Cole said, his voice so low it was barely audible and he walked by Randy heading back to his house. Randy looked up and saw he was wearing a pair of old gym shorts, worn and loose on his hips and as he moved across the yard he flipped the shotgun up and over his shoulder. Without turning around, not change to his pace he spoke back to Randy.

"I'll be inside when you finally decide to get up off the ground."


Randy went through the screen door and into a narrow hallway that lead to the front of the house, the part that was the mobile home and as he went in he saw the floor was plywood sheets screwed down and sealed and there was very little furniture, just one recliner and a small table with two chairs. But he also how neat the place was kept, how it was clean and tidy, and as he moved into the room he saw Cole in the small kitchen pouring bourbon into two mason jars, about two fingers in each.

"Sit at the table" Cole stated as he put the bourbon back into the cabinet. He picked up the mason jars and headed into the dining area where Randy sat watching him. Cole sat one jar in front of Randy and then he sat down in the other chair, where he held the jar up.

"Cheers" he said in a flat uncaring tone. Randy picked up the jar in front of him and gave it a sip as he looked around the room, noticing how the paneling didn't match down the wall and how some of the windows looked repaired. Cole watched him look around, not saying anything as he drank down the bourbon.

"You keep the place fixed up?"

"Patched up is more like it. It is a shit hole and you know it, but it is all I got in this fucking..." and he hesitated. "Well, let's just say I'm not living here like my goddamn parents did, but I'm not putting a lot of money in it either."

"Why not...I mean, why not fix it up nice?"

"Because..." and Cole leaned toward Randy, his face becoming dark, serious and he looked down for a moment then looked at Randy, his eyes dark and hurt. "Because I'm not staying here. I'm leaving soon."

Randy, suddenly relaxed enough to talk asked Cole his plans, what he was going to do and he found out Cole was going to travel, just take all he had saved, all his old man's life insurance policy left him, one that he had got the old man to do after his mother left, and he was going to live wherever the mood struck him till it ran out. He told Randy he had it arranged to sell the place after the fire department used the house for practice and burned it to the ground. He was leaving nothing behind.

Randy listened and as Cole talked he felt ashamed, ashamed at how he hadn't had the courage to be his friend before, the way the community had treated him and the way his own family had treated him. After a while Cole wound down, leaned back and sat quietly as Randy and he continued to drink. Cole had retrieved the bottle and they had polished off a good bit of it.

"So Randal Jenkins, what about you? What the fuck are you going to do now that you're some big shot college graduate?" Cole asked in a mocking tone, and Randy wasn't sure he wanted an answer or not. He leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table realizing he was slightly drunk and told Cole of his plans, plans to spend two or three months in Europe, backpacking around the country.

"No shit, are you serious?" Cole asked, suddenly his tone friendly, an interest in what Cole had to say evident.

"Yeah, I'm serious. I don't know if I'm going to try to work in some company, or if I'll try to find something that lets me travel, live in different places. But I've got some ideas that might let me live in Italy for awhile, then maybe Greece."

Their conversation became animated, both getting excited about the possibility of living somewhere different, exotic, foreign, and they talked till it grew dark, till the bourbon was half gone and Cole suddenly said he was hungry and asked Randy if he wanted a sandwich. It was late when their conversation slowed, and there were moments of silence. Cole leaned on the table, putting one elbow down and resting his chin on the palm of his hand as he looked at Randy.

"About earlier, when I had was holding the shotgun on your spying ass."


"Did you mean it when you said you liked looking at me?"

Randy suddenly knew not to hold back, to just say what he felt and he took a deep breath and after looking at the floor he turned up and looked Cole in the eye.

"Yeah, I did. I always thought you were cute, but I was too chicken shit to say it, then you dropped out, left school and I..." and he stumbled, not knowing what to say. He sat with his hands interlocked lying on the table in front of him and he was staring at them now, afraid to look at Cole. Then he saw Cole's hand slowly moved over the table and rest on his own. He felt the warmth of it, the rough callused palm on his own smooth skin, and he felt Cole squeeze lightly.

"Back then, if you had said something like that...it would have gotten your ass kicked."

"And now?"

"And now?" he asked himself and he laughed uncomfortably looking at the floor. "Now, after realizing there are some things I know I don't want, and times, lots of times I've sat in this shit hole and wondered what was it I did want? Did you know after my old man died there were several of our female classmates who came out here to console me?" and he laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. "Fucking stuck up bitches thought I was white trash in school and then they show up after I stick the meanest person I have ever had to deal with in the ground only to find myself afterwards alone and...fuck."

They sat in silence.

Cole leaned back and looked at Randy, his eyes shiny, wet and he wiped them with his hands and slapped the palms down on his bare thighs.

"Shit" Cole whispered.

Randy eased up out of his chair and moved to Cole's side and he rubbed his hand over Cole's back, firmly moving his hand back and forth. Cole looked up at him and Randy leaned down and just before his lips came in contact with Cole's he hesitated, a moment of doubt rose up, and Cole reached around and took Randy by the neck and pulled him down till they were kissing.

Randy put his other hand on Cole's bare chest, felt the warmth of his skin, the smoothness and he rubbed his hand over it as they kissed, as he felt Cole's other hand touch his side, slowly hold on to it. Cole pulled away and stood up and Randy wondered if he had second thoughts, but Cole reached out and took his hand and led him down the hall and back into a bedroom in the back of the house, a room in the original old structure, a room that was neatly painted light green, the furniture a little nicer, the bed neatly made and Cole led Randy to it. Cole turned to Randy not saying anything and he pushed his shorts down till they dropped to his ankles and Randy looked at his nakedness, the trim lean body, and the growing erection rising up. Cole moved to Randy and pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it on a chair. He leaned toward Randy, kissing him as his hands roamed over Randy's chest, over his stomach and down over his crotch. He undid the snap on Randy's jeans, unzipped them and pushed them down till they dropped. He pulled on Randy's boxers, pushed them down letting them drop down on top of the jeans and he took Randy's hands and led him onto the bed.

They laid side by side, caressed each other, kissed, pulled their bodies into close contact feeling each other's hard cock as they press against each other. Cole rolled on his back pulling Randy on top and he wrapped his legs around Randy's waist, his arms around Randy's neck and he held tight, felt the weight of Randy's body, the warmth of it; the very contact against his own skin overwhelming. Randy worked his body on top of Cole, felt the way they moved together, and he couldn't believe it was happening, so he moved slow making it last, every moment, every caress, and every kiss.

Cole put his hands on Randy's ass and pulled upward till Randy realized what he wanted and he sat up on his knees and moved forward, Cole's hands constantly urging him onward, till his cock was in Cole's face, and Cole took the shaft near the base and pulled once more, getting Randy to shift forward till his cock was rubbing Cole's lips, and Cole licked the head, slowly, moving his tongue over it till it was wet and slick and then he leaned upward taking it in his mouth. Randy moved forward slowly, letting his cock sink into the warmth of Cole's mouth and he felt the tongue work over it, felt the slight suction, the way he moved his lips up and down the shaft and Randy felt his need to cum rise up, rise up too fast and he pulled back making Cole release his cock. Cole looked up at him, his face serene.

"Will you fuck me?" Cole asked in a low pleading whisper.

Randy nodded yes and moved down between Cole's legs, shifted into position with Cole pulling his legs up and back, holding them spread out, waiting, wanting Randy to put it in him, to penetrate him. Randy put his cock to Cole's entrance, rubbed it, smeared his slick pre-cum over it as he teased Cole, tested his tightness.

"Randy...go ahead...I know it'll hurt some, but do it" Cole whispered.

Randy pressed forward, pushed with his hips and watched as an inch of his cock sank into Cole, penetrated him and he saw Cole's body tense up, the muscles tight and Cole leaned back his mouth open but no sound escaping. After a moment Cole looked up at Randy and nodded yes and Randy eased another inch into him, felt the tight ring of Cole's hole grip his cock as it moved through and as he shifted, moved over Cole he felt Cole's legs wrap around his waist and push on his ass and Randy eased his cock into Cole, inch by inch, slowly sank it into him, penetrated his hole till his hips rested against Cole's ass and his cock was all the way in him. Cole grabbed Randy by the neck and pulled him down till they could kiss. Randy began to work his cock slowly back and then push back in, over and over, working up to longer strokes, faster strokes until he was swinging his hips in a steady pace, pulling upward and pushing back down, all the way, pumping his cock through Cole's hole, till he felt it completely relaxed and his cock worked easily back and forth.

Randy worked his hands under Cole's arms, wrapped his hands upward holding Cole by the shoulders pulling their bodies tightly together, Cole working his hips to push up as much as he could as Randy pushed down, working as one, flesh on flesh, the heat of their exertions rising up on their skin, it wet and slick, glistening in the dim light from the nightstand.

Cole felt the way Randy moved on top of him, the weight of his body, the heat of his flesh and he felt the way his cock was being rubbed between them, and his slick wet cock was stroked up, hard with a need to cum and he ground it against Randy's stomach and his own as Randy fucked him, pumping cock deep into his hole. Randy felt the way Cole was moved under him and the way he held on so tight, keeping their bodies pulled together and the heat of it, the feel, the sensation of flesh on flesh and the feel of his own cock sliding through the tight ring of Cole's opening and penetrating deeply into the warm velvety hole and all of it, the crush of sensations, was bringing him to the brink.

Cole suddenly began to moan and grunt noisily, pulled their bodies together harder and Randy felt it, Cole's cock thrusting against him, and he felt the way Cole was tensing up, his body tight with each muscle so clearly defined and he felt the way Cole's opening began to spasm around his cock, to milk it with every passing and he felt the warm cum pumped out between them and it was too much and he pumped down hard, shoved his cock all the way into the depths of Cole and came, pumping wad after wad of cum into Cole, pumping his cock with each ejaculation, thrusting his cock through the load he built up in Cole's hole, smearing it around, and he kept working it till he was spent. Randy fell still on top of Cole, felt Cole's hug loosen slightly, his hands move over his back slowly, caressing the slick skin, and Randy leaned up and looked at Cole, saw something different, and he saw Cole smile, something he believed was a first and Cole leaned up and kissed him softly, gently and lay back still.

"Thanks Randy."


Two months later.

It was a family home, an ancient structure sitting on the top of a hill overlooking the vineyards below in this old country, a land of ancient history, of ancient traditions, this place known as Umbria, in the middle of Italy. The old house had watched many families be raised and move on and now it was down to one old couple who rented the four bedrooms upstairs to travelers, provided home cooked meals, amazing meals with fresh sauces, pastas, and, of course, local wines. It was late summer and the heat of the mid-day sun drove everyone inside where they waited for the cooler late afternoon, a time to move out under a the trees, and relax with good food and wine. There was only one room rented at the time and they had been here for two days, enjoying a respite from their travels, backpacking the countryside, touring the cities, swimming in the waters of the Mediterranean. They had started in Paris, and over the course of nearly two months had traveled along southern Europe, staying in out of the way places, in old places that spoke to its history, and through it all they traveled as companions, living in the moment. Cole and Randy found they wanted the same thing, this need to travel, and they had taken off, pooled their resources and with them staying in cheap hotels, hostels, and these family run places their money would last them a long time, nearly a year.

They had spent the morning hiking on the narrow paths that wound over the rolling hills till it came to the low mountains surrounding the area. The trail wound up the side to a small level area where old foundations of a house or barn had stood and they set up a picnic site under one of the small trees growing among the ruins. There they ate and drank the picnic the old woman of the house had packed them early that morning, smiling knowingly at them as she ushered them out the door, laughing at their embarrassment from her attentions.

The lunch was barely finished when Cole moved over it and kissed Randy, pulled his head toward his own, both laughing as they kissed. Cole moved around the basket, coming down beside Randy and he began to undo the few buttons on Randy's shirt that were done, opening it up the rest of the way, running his hand over Randy's chest, feeling him respond, his nipples become erect and Cole had learned, over the last two months how sensitive Randy was, how it turned him on so to have them lightly pinched and he took one between his thumb and finger and pinched it, twisting a little and Randy moaned and eased back down on the blanket.

Cole moved over him, slowly opening up his cargo shorts, tugging them and his boxers down, stripping him, and Cole stood up on his knees, tugging his own shirt over his head, undoing his shorts and pushing them along with his boxers, down his legs where he worked out of them. Then he moved on top of Randy, body to body, and they kissed, stroked hands over bodies, pulled each other together tighter as they lay in the shade among the old stone ruins. Randy rolled them to their sides and took Cole's cock, stroked it till it was hard, the head wet and slick, and he rolled over on his stomach, spreading his legs giving Cole access. Cole moved between them and leaned over his body, a body leaner, more muscular after two months of backpacking and hiking, and he eased downward, guiding his cock to Randy's opening, pushing against it till Randy relaxed once again and let Cole in, let him push his cock slowly, steadily, all the way in till Cole could lay on his back. Cole kissed and nipped at Randy's neck, tugged on his ear as he gave Randy time to relax to his penetration and when he felt Randy push up slightly, heard him breath out hard Cole rose his hips upward, eased his cock back and then pushed back in, and he did it again and again and again till he was fucking with desire, with unbridled passion, working his cock in Randy, thrusting it through the tight ring of his hole, pushing deep into him. Randy ground his hips into the blanket, pushed up with his ass and took Cole's fuck, savored it, the feel of his cock sinking into his hole, over and over and over again, till he could feel the sweat drip down on him, he could smell the scent of Cole with his exertions, feel his heat against his own skin and he felt Cole begin to fuck harder, to thrust in short stabbing jabs and he knew Cole was cumming, pumping his load into him and he moved his ass slowly with Cole as Cole slowed down, moved his hips slowly as Randy's hole milked the last of his load out.

Cole eased over to the side and let Randy roll over and he moved down taking Randy's cock in his mouth, sucking the head clean of the pre-cum coating it and then he moved down the shaft, took as much as he could, letting the shaft slide over his tongue. He worked his mouth up and down the hard shaft, savored the sweet taste of Randy as he made him ready to cum, let him swing his hips upward pumping his cock deep into Cole's mouth till he was grunting, his movements jerky and Cole tightened his lips around the hard shaft, felt it swell up and shiver in his mouth as it began to pump wad after wad of cum in his suctioning mouth. As Randy shot the last of his cum, it just dribbling out of the head of his cock and Cole held the shaft and licked it off, milking the shaft for every drop.

It had been nearly mid afternoon by the time they got back to the old house and crashed in the room they rented. It was a corner room with windows in two walls and with them open, the warm breeze of mid day blew through over the two nude bodies tangled together, sound asleep with the cover kicked to the foot of the bed. They would awaken sometime late in the afternoon, as they had yesterday, to the sound of music and talking as the family and other locals gathered under the trees outside for another evening of food and wine, and Cole and Randy would join them, try to understand their language, and in the end actually seeming to know what they meant, and later that night, locked together again, body on body, one in the other, they would laugh, and talk, and fuck and plan for the next day, just the next day, wondering whether or not to stay here another day, or move on, move to some new locale, some new discovery.



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