Laying on his back, and trying not to show fear or concern as he wondered what Byron was up to. He did not see the writing on the wall. He was in prime position to get his mouth fucked and Byron was just the dude to do it; he didn't have a clue. David asked Byron, 'So what is this all about? How is me being tied-up and on my back going to prove anything?' David asked in a hesitant unsure yet innocent whisper. Ignoring the fact that Byron was as naked as the day he was born, sporting a full bone erection. It seems impossible for anyone to not notice 9 ½ INCHES of hard, throbbing, uncut asian/latin cock. Impossible for anyone but David it seems.

After placing David in the perfect position, Byron didn't want to appear too eager, yeah he wanted to fuck David's mouth, to push his cock into his best friends throat but if he seem to eager, David my get spooked and back out. Now with David laying bound on the bed, cock hanging out, head hanging off the edge of the bed with a worried look about him, he (Byron) wanted to laugh out loud after putting his friend into position and standing over him while absentmindedly stroking his cock. When David asked him about being tied-up and how that would help... He didn't know how to answer him without laughing in his face, so he said nothing, but his 9 ½ jumped and throbbed in his hand as if to answer David's question. Byron sensed that he had to say something so he only said enough to keep David calm and willing to let him continue the experiment. 'The first part was to see if you got turned on by women, now we are just waiting for your cock to go down and after that... Well... we try.. You know, to see if your gay or not.' Byron told him. 'How do we do that?' David asked. Byron smiled at him and told him part of his plan. 'What turns gay dudes on? Byron asked. He answered his own question before David had a chance to. Other guys cocks right? So we see if cock turns you on......' David told him while trying to sound re-assuring.

Laying there, hands tied behind his back, legs tied together at the ankles with Byron's used socks no less, laying there in nothing but his underwear.... 9' inches of cock hanging out... it all caused David to ponder his place in the world. It made him think about how everything was going so wrong. Maybe this was a bad choice... A wrong choice.... He wished that he could fix things, make everything right or better, and to have it all go back to the way it use to be.

As David was lost in thought, Byron decided he could wait no longer, He stood over David, stroking his big cock, splashing dick snot all over Davids face. David watched his friend manipulate his big cock. He studied Byron's foreskin cover. It fascinated him (David) in some way. Byron's loose foreskin even seem to cover the blunt end of Byron's big cock. Now that big cock was only inches away from his face, his mouth. It was the first uncut cock he ever got a chance to look at. He never got the chance to look at it before because it was stuffed in his mouth. Now he was getting a close-up view of it. 'Wha-what are you doing?' David asked. His voice breaking with concern. 'Relax' Byron laughed; 'Remember? You wanted to prove that cock don't turn you on? Well I only know one place to find a cock to use for the test....... This one.' Byron said as he waved his big hard leaking cock over David's face.

David didn't get a chance to think about what Byron's plans were, before he knew it, Byron was pressing his cock on David's face. David turned his head to the side trying to avoid getting cock snot on his lips but it did not stop Byron from pressing and rubbing his cock and balls on the side on David's handsome angelic face; leaving trails of pre-cum as it rubbed all over David's eyes and cheek. 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?' David demanded to know. Breathlessly, Byron told him, 'Dude, you want to know if you're a fag right? Well if you get hard...' Byron stopped talking and just enjoyed the feel of the body underneath him. David's had a sexy, strong body for him to use and enjoy; pressing his body but mainly his cock, to his David's handsome face, he enjoyed sliding his hard cock all over David's face. David kept his mouth closed tight and was breathing hard through his nose. Each exhale was like a breeze from heaven on the sensitive skin of Byron's soft nuts. 'Ahhhh, shit....' Byron sighed.

'Okay, I'm not hard! Get off me!' David Demanded. Byron ignored the demand. 'Come on, I'm not hard, so get off.' David said again, Byron ignored David's Demands and countered his demands with a question. 'Are you afraid my cock turns you on?' Byron asked with a seductive laugh. 'No' said David. 'Than prove it' Byron demanded as he rubbed his cock over David's soft lips causing David to turn his head in defense. 'How?' David asked while trying to avoid anymore lip to cock contact. 'Open your mouth like last time. If you get hard...... Nobody will know, it is just you and me. You did it before anyway. Besides I don't care if your gay or not. And if you do mine I promise to do yours.' Byron said as he wrapped his hand around David's limp cock, bringing it to life, stroking it to its full 9' inches of hardness. 'Please David...... if you do it for me.......... I'll.. I'll do yours.....' David said nothing but that hand on his cock felt so, so good and he always wondered what a blowjob would feel like. Byron leaned closer to David's big dick and spit into his hand and used it as lube and continued to with David's big hard 9' inch cock that he brought to life by his firm grip and erotic touch.

Byron seem to study David's cock. It was perfectly straight with a thick, heavy vain running underneath from his nuts, snakeing it way up to the head, the mushroom head, no foreskin. When his hand slid up he noticed that the skin didn't move at all, it was just tight and smooth unlike his own cock. With his foreskin he could play with his own cock without needing any lube. He could just hold it firm and slide the skin up and down, but with the cock in his hand he knew it had to be lubed-up. Even David's pubes were soft blond curls.

David was no-longer squirming under Byron. He thought about Byron's offer, about getting his own dick sucked. So if he sucked Byron's cock, Byron would suck his cock in return... That's what he said.... He also promised that it would be their private secret. David reasoned that he already had Byron's cock in his mouth. If he (David) could get his cock into Byron's mouth than he could be sure that no one will ever find out from Byron that David had cum blasted into his mouth.... Damn... David's cock was feeling so good in Byron's hand. Byron rubbed the blunt end of his cock over David's lips. 'Please.....' Byron Whispered again. 'I will do yours too and nobody will know.....' he begged. 'I promise'. David didn't even think about it, he simply opened his mouth and Byron's cock pushed inside. 'Ahhhhhh' Byron sighed. His legs almost buckling, he let go of David's hard cock placing one hand on the bed for balance and using his other free hand to reach down and feel the lips that were wrapped around his hard thick cock.

'Watch your teeth' Byron whispered as he slowly pushed and pulled his cock in an out of David's mouth. 'Damn this feel so fucking good!' Byron gasped through gritted teeth pushing his cock in deeper.

'Oooogh' David choked as Byron's cock tapped at his throat. David's hands were tied behind his back so he could not stop Byron from pushing his long cock deeper into his throat. 'Breath through your nose' Byron advised David. 'That's how they do it in the movies' he suggested to David as his big thick cock put pressure on the opening to David's throat causing David to choke even more than he already was. Byron didn't care, he was getting his dick sucked and that is all that mattered!

'Mmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmm! Was all that could be heard from David, after all his mouth was getting fucked by his best friend. Byron didn't realize that he was choking his buddy half to death! 'Oh God! Your so good' Byron said over and over. He could feel a certain tightness on the head of his cock every time he pushed deep into David's mouth. He knew it was the entry to David's throat and he wanted in! He bent his legs, curled his toes and digging them into the carpet, he took aim and let his hips snap forward pushing, jamming, thrusting, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into the mouth, the throat of his struggling and choking friend! He pushed till he felt David's throat open up and accept his cock! 'Oh GOD DAM!' Byron half yelled as his full 9 ½ inches of cock cock felt the new sensation of David's clutching throat.

David bucked and rolled his muscular body from side to side trying to throw Byron off of him. He wanted Byron off him and his cock out of his throat! (David thought to himself.. when it is his turn, he is going to make David swallow his motherfucking cock!). He needed air and that cock in his throat was choking off his air supply. Byron pulled out of David throat, but let his cock deep in David's mouth. 'Okay.. okay.. okay, sorry. I just got carried away. But damn! That felt good.' Byron said with a happy smile as he shook the hair out of his face.

David was gulping for air while Byron still had his big cock in his mouth. When David settled down Byron began to slowly sink his cock into David's throat, David seem to handle it better now, just one or two deep thrusts and then pull out with just the head of his hard 9 ½ inches in David's mouth. it allowed David time to breath and it helped Byron hold off his coming orgasm. After a short wait he was back ag it again; pushing his hard, thick cock into David's mouth, but this time trying for 3 or 4 deep throat fucking thrusts. David just let it happen, He planned to do the same if not worse to David's throat once he stuffed his full 9' down his throat and he would ask him how he (Byron) liked it!. Anyway, at least he was getting air..... and Byron was getting throat. It was an unspoken deal they made. Byron got some throat, David got some air.

Byron looked down and watched his cock push into David's mouth, he watched David's neck bulge as his thick cock entered his throat. Just like in some fucking porno! He could see his cock in David's throat making it bulge out!

Everything else about David he ignored. He ignored David's hard cock, David's hums of euphoric pleasure. He even ignored David writhing erotically beneath him on the bed. All Byron cared about was blasting his nut. Oh God! Byron thought. 'My whole dick is in his throat! My nuts are resting on his fucking nose! I could piss down his throat if I wanted too! I bet my cock is leaking dick snot down his throat.

Again, David was being choked by Byron's hammering thrusts into his throat. With Byron's big cock crammed in his throat, He couldn't breath! Byron seem to be laying on top of him now... fucking his mouth like he was fucking some chicks pussy! Byron was pumping so hard and deep that he felt as if he was being punched in the lips every time Byron hit bottom in one of his animalistic thrusting lunges! 'Oh DAMN DUDE! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh! AHHHHHHHH!' Byron yelled. It was that familiar feeling that all men strive to feel and there was no stopping it..... Molten cum... Man lava.. hot fiery cum from deep in his body, hurried, surging, blazing up from deep within his nuts, and thundering up along the 9 1/2' inch journey of hard throbbing cock, out through Byron's gaping piss slit, splashing and coating Davids throat! 'Gulp! Gulp! Gaaaa!' was the only other sound that David made and Byron yelled 'Drink my nut motherfucker!' as he ground his quavering cook hard and deep into David's mouth and throat.

They were both calming down now. Without thinking, David seem to find a way to breath even with 9 ½ inches of uncut cock in his throat. Once Byron's cock finished jerking and spasm'ing from the best orgasm he ever had in his life. He slowly pulled his deflated cock from David's mouth and throat. Still, David's throat was gripping so tight to Byron's long cock that Byron could feel his softening cock being stretched a little as he pulled it free.

Byron untied David's hands and feet, ignoring David's 9' inch erection. One his hands were free, David took the opportunity to massage and sooth his throat. He moved to the bed and waited for Byron to offer to return the 'favor.' The silly boy actually thought Byron was going to suck his dick... hahaha!

'Dude, that was so fucking HOT!' Byron said with a smile. 'We have got to do that again!' he said as he used a towel to rub the spit and cum from his softening cock.

Before he knew what was happening, Byron was having him get dressed and pushing him out the door telling him that his parents would be home any minute and he didn't want to get caught with company in the house. David had to sit on the front step just to put his tennis shoes on!

David felt so stupid and used. He just got his throat fucked and a dudes cum, his best friends cum in his body, in his throat, in his stomach.

Byron was not ready to go home. He was feeling sad and alone and decided to take a long walk before going home. To him, it seemed he was making all the wrong choices. If he could only get some control over his life.

As he walked along the city streets he found himself staring into a Dojo, a karate school. He watched as the guys inside were going through their practice. 'Something troubling you young man?' asked someone from behind him. David slowly turned to see an elderly Asian man standing behind him. The old man also seemed to be watching the students inside the dojo. 'Maybe you want to learn to fight?' The stranger asked. 'I don't know; Maybe' David said. 'Maybe it is peace of mind you seek?' the stranger stated. 'Yeah, I could use some of that' David said meekly. 'Maybe some soothing Jasmine tea is what you need, the old man said in a matter-of-fact way. It is good for the body and the soul.' The old man said as he guided David into the teashop next to the Dojo. David didn't want to any tea, but for some reason he went along with the old man. He didn't know why, it simply felt like the thing to do. He wanted a solution to his problems and something told him that this man could help him.

'What is it that troubles you young man?' Asked the kind old man as he filled their cups with tea. 'I don't know, things just seem to be going bad for me lately' David sadly sighed as he sipped on the tea. 'Oh, I see, you are not the first person to feel such despair. The thing about the direction we go in..... or the path we choose is like that of the wind. You can follow the easy path or not' Said the old man as he poured the tea from his cup onto the wooden table. Watch my tea and tell me. Can you tell which path the spilled tea will take before it reaches the floor?' The old man asked. 'Yes' said David as he pointed out the obvious path of the spilled tea. The old man put his finger in the path of the tea and it went into another direction. 'Your wrong son, it did not follow the path you were sure it would take' said the old man with a raised eye. 'That is because you blocked it's path so it went another way' said David. 'Why didn't it just go around my finger? You said you knew it's path, if it's path was true than it would find a way to get back on path.... Isn't that so?' asked the old man. 'David thought about it. 'I guess the only thing for certain is that the tea will spill onto the floor....... no wait....... the only thing for certain is that you spilt your tea.' said David with a triumphant smile then taking a sip of his own tea. 'Meaning?' asked the old man as he poured himself a new steeping cup of tea. It means that the only thing that can't be changed is..... um...... the, the past or what has already happened, it is the here and now that can be manipulated, not changed but simply manipulated' David said with an air of understanding as he sipped his tea. 'Never underestimate the power of choice. Just like the lesson you learned from the spilled tea, we can pretend to guess it's direction, but we can never be sure of which path it will take to achieve its goal.' The old man once again spilled his tea onto the table. 'Another lesson.... Now watch' said the old man. The old man placed his finger on the table and the tea seem to follow it. 'Wow' said David. 'How are you doing that?' he asked the old man. 'I am giving the tea a choice, It can flow its natural path and run off the table or it can follow my finger, that is all.' Said the old man. 'Now you try' said the old man.

David looked at the spilled tea and then at the old man. He put his finger on the table but the tea continued to run to the tables edge. The old man rubbed his hands together and touched his finger to David's forehead. 'Focus here' said the old man. 'I can't do it' said David. 'Why should the tea come to your finger?' asked the old man? 'I don't know?' Said David. 'Well if you don't know then the tea has no choice but to follow it's natural path and drip onto the floor.' said the old man. 'What did you offer the tea to get it to follow your finger?' asked David? The old man answered the question with a question. 'What does tea want?' he asked David. 'To be drank?' David asked weakly. The old man removed his finger from David's forehead. 'Think about it. What is tea? If you were tea what would you want?' The old man asked David after pouring another cup of tea for himself and sipping it.

David gave it some thought. What would he want if he were tea? Tea is hot, would he want cold? No. tea is a leaf of a plant dried and steeped in boiling water... 'LIFE!' David almost shouted. Tea would want life!' David said triumphantly. The old man simply raised an eyebrow and watched David's next move. David looked at the spilled tea, placed his finger on the table and imagined offering the tea life. The spilled tea slowed its movement to the tables edge. David though harder. the spilled tea stopped where it was. David imagined a live tea leaf basking in the sun amongst long blades of grass a gentle breeze, peace and serenity and before he knew it the tea was pooled around his finger! HAH! David shouted looking up to see the expression on the old mans face. The old mans cup of tea was there but the old man was gone. David got up from the table and looked around but didn't see the old man anywhere! He went to the counter to ask the server if she noticed where the old man went? She was of useless help to him and telling him just that much, she than knocked over some water on the counter. She turned to get a towel to wipe it up, David put his hand on the counter and soon the water was slowly moving towards his hand. He smiled to himself, turned and walked out of the tea shop.



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