Still in confession, Sean continued his story.

'As I was saying Father, David was at the mercy of Byron; being tied up and all and laid out on his back on the bed.' Sean was telling the Father while in the confession booth.

'What are you doing?' David asked Byron.

Byron was moving David into position on his bed. He laid him so that David's feet were at the top of the bed and David's head was at the foot of the bed. David didn't know just what Byron had was up to but if it would prove to Byron that he was straight than he was willing to go along with whatever Byron had in mind to try. You could even say that David felt embarrassed being in the position that he was. His hands and legs were tied with the socks his friend pulled from his feet, letting his best friend massage his cock to hardness with his feet. In his mind he could still feel the sole of Byron's foot on his chest, on his cock, on his lips... Soft, warm, moist... That was the best his cock had ever felt and David couldn't help thinking about it. That foot massaging his cock felt so good, even if it was s dudes foot, his best friends foot... And when he looked down and saw that his cock was so big that his friends perfect looking foot could not cover it all.... To know that his cock was longer than a grown dude's foot that thought alone almost sent him over the edge.

As Byron moved David into position, he noticed that his muscular friend was being more passive than he thought he would be. He also noticed that David's cock went from being deflated, to lying full and on its way to 9' inches of throbbing hardness. Byron didn't have to wait to get hard. David probably didn't notice but Byron had an erection from the very moment David walked through the front door. He just knew he was going to get his big dick in David's mouth again; it was all he could think of since that day he jerked-off into David's mouth. It was the first time he ever felt lips around his cock and he was sure to feet it again and he didn't care who's lips they were; even if it was his best friends lips. Only this time he wanted his fun to last longer and for this he had a plan. He had to find a way to tie David's hands behind his back and get him in a position to fuck his mouth. He knew that these thoughts were wrong. He knew that what he was about to do to his best friend was unforgivable but at that moment it seemed as if there was only mouth in the world that Byron could stuff his cock into and that mouth happened to belong to his best bud.

David was being moved into position on the bed. His feet were resting on Byron's pillow at the top if the bed and his head was at the foot of the bed. Byron was pulling David by the shoulders and told him to scoot up some. David did as he was asked and found that there was no mattress under his head to support him so he ever so slowly let his head tilt back so that he could let the muscles in his neck relax.

As David's head tilted back, he could see his friend Byron standing over him. Byron stood over him, looking down at him. All he could think of was prying open David's mouth and stuffing his mouth with his big fucking cock until he shot his cum. He knew that if this worked out the right way, he could get his cock in David's mouth whenever he wanted. He reasoned that David was much stronger than him anyway and if he truly didn't want to suck Byron's bid dick he would not have let him put it in his mouth the first time.

Ahh yes... The first time... Byron jerked off so many times thinking about how he got his cock into his buddies mouth that first time. The way he remembered it, David was playing hard to get. He came over to his house in those tight jeans showing off his bulging cock, thick strong legs and his small hard ass. And that Nike pullover he had on only accentuated his muscular arms and chest as well as his slim waist. When Byron came into the room after his shower and seeing David sitting on the floor looking innocent and vulnerable with his strong, masculine yet boyish face framed by his curly blond hair... Sitting there on the floor with his strong legs crossed at the ankles, feet bare and wiggling his toes while lost in thought.

Byron could not remember what was said but he thought he noticed David looking at the bulge under the towel he had wrapped around his waist and wondered if it could be true that David was gay? No, he knew that David wasn't gay. He reasoned that if he was gay it would have come out a long time ago. He had every confidence that David was straight but that didn't mean that he could not play a joke on him! So as he remembers it, he only showed his cock to David as a joke. Just pretend to try to get him to suck his cock, David would get mad and all and they both would have a good laugh! It was all just a joke! Until Byron's cock touched David's lips... Felt the moist heat inside David's mouth, his tongue pushing against the head. He is sure that he will remember that moment for the rest of his life.

At the moment Byron's cock entered David's mouth, at that very moment, life for both of them had taken a turn. For David, he had a cock in his mouth and that could never be undone. For Byron, he had his cock in a mouth and from that moment on, his cock was addicted to mouth. But now here was his friend crying in his arms! Byron didn't want his friend to cry, he wanted everyone to be as happy as his cock felt. He also wanted to stop his friend from crying. He wanted to make him feel better, to feel Okay again because it was all just a joke. He wanted to tell him that he was sorry that he loved what he felt, that he wish it never happened and that he wanted to do it all again! He wanted to say so much but was afraid to say anything, so he gust put his arm around him. He wanted to comfort him, so ease his pain and he felt as if David understood because he wrapped his arms around his waist, pressed his head tightly to his shower-damp, but hard abs, trembling, crying... No, he was sobbing. Body trembling, tears trailing down his cheeks, and becoming droplets off the tip of his nose and landing on Byron's cock. Byron's 9 ½ inch cock. Byron's 9 ½ inch hard and throbbing cock. And that teardrop reminded Byron that he was in need. He leaned forward, looking down at his crying bud, his long, damp hair tickling his shoulders and cheeks as he saw just how close his friend's mouth was to his hard cock. His cock head was only about 2' inches away from David's mouth!

Pretending to sooth David's crying, Byron wiped away David's tears. David had his eyes closed while crying but squeezed them even tighter as Byron's finger wiped the tears from his eye, his nose, his chin, and his lips. David continued to sob as David wiped away the tears while rubbing his fingers over David's soft lips. He even let one of his fingers poke inside David's mouth. He took notice that David did nothing when Byron's finger slipped into his mouth. David tasted his bitter tears from Byron's fingers but lost in the thought of his own pity. He didn't notice that Byron was moving his head further down his abs. Byron only thought David was soothing him by running his head and face. He didn't realize that David was pushing his head down closer to his hard throbbing cock! In fact it was now David's cock rubbing the tears into David's mouth!

David was slowly putting pressure on David's head; he had to get his cock inside. David was oblivious to the fact that there was a cock once again pressing at his lips, feeding him a new flavor much different than his own bitter tears he tasted.... Slowly he began take notice that his mouth was being stretched open. It was David's cock pushing past his lips once again! His sensitive cock pushing over David's tongue. Byron was 3' inches deep into David's mouth before David realized he was being fucked in the mouth... 3' inches deep before David feebly tried to fight back!

This may have started off as a joke, but this time David was not playing! He held David's head in place with one hand while he used his hips to fuck his 9 ½ inch monster into David's reluctant mouth. Byron used his other hand to grip the 5' of his cock that he could not force into David's mouth. David gagging and sobbing mouth was only music to Byron's ears! Even the springs in the bed seem to cry out as if telling the world what was taking place.

For Byron, it began as a struggle, but no more. David gave up the struggle. Byron sensed that David was no longer fighting him but he was not going to let his guard down; he knew if he released his hold, David would breakaway, so he held his head firm... feeding just an inch or two of his cock into David's mouth. David opened his mouth wider, trying to avoid the feel of Byron's thick cock fucking his mouth, but in doing so, Byron pushed deeper into his mouth and now Byron was pushing at David's throat with the head of his cock forcing David to cough and gag. To stop Byron from chocking him, he tightened him lips around Byron's cock to stop him from thrusting further into his throat and in doing so he was giving Byron thrills he never knew existed!

When David tightened his mouth around Byron's cock, Byron fucked David's mouth that much harder trying to push as much of his 9 ½ inches of cock into David's mouth as he could but he could only stuff or jam 4 or 5' into David's mouth. Snapping his hips forward, the blunt end of his cock battering at the opening of David's throat but not able to burst through forcing his cock to bend at the base.

Byron fucked harder and faster into David's mouth, enjoying the sounds coming from David's mouth, the bed springs screaming with each thrust! He grabbed his cock at the base and stared jerking on the leftover cock that he couldn't stuff into his friend's mouth. Fucking faster and faster, pushing harder and harder as he could feel his climax approaching! He gasped out over and over as his cum seem to move like molten lava from deep inside his body through his nuts, up the the 9 ½ inches of hard, thrusting and throbbing cock and into David's mouth and down his unwilling throat!

Cum! David's mind seem to yell! On the realization that a cock was not only fucking his mouth, but cumming in his mouth; David face had the look of terror on it. He could feel Byron's cock grow thicker and throb into an even more rigid hardness! He could feel the big cock tremble like that of a firemen's hose just as the hydrant is opened full blast! He lips knew before his tongue and throat knew, but knowing didn't matter. It is true that Byron's big cock didn't get to go down David's throat, but his cum did.

Byron head David in place until his cock calmed down and began to grow soft. Exhausted, Byron released his hold on David, fell back on the bed, breathing deeply and enjoy the post-sex after glow.

Wish Byron no longer hold him in place, David let Byron's cock fall from his mouth and made his exit from the room and putting on his socks and shoes as he meekly left his friends home.

And now here is. Arms and legs bound together, stretched out on his friends bed, his head hanging over the end of the mattress....

That is all I got for now. I have some ideas on where to take the story. I hate to admit that I wrote the first part when I was horny and was writing and jerking off at the same time! When I looked back to see what I had written, I realized that I didn't do much in the way of building a full body story.

Anyway, it has been some time since I wrote an erotic story and the advice some of you have given me has been very much appreciated! I hope this portion serves as payment for the help and suggestions I was given.




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