Brad Smith was a happily married successful businessman in his mid 30s. He worked out regularly, strong chest, chiseled abs and classically handsome with blue eyes and blonde wavy hair standing at 6 feet even. Only thing he was missing from his life was sex regularly, since his husband traveled constantly for work. When his husband was home, they would go at it like rabbits.

Brad had met his husband Michael in college - they had clicked instantly. Michael was a few inches shorter with black cropped hair, a muscular frame and an ass that Brad would die for. They were the perfect gay couple that everyone loved.

“Babe! Do you really have to go out of town for 2 weeks again?!” Brad pouted to Michael.

“I’m sorry babe but I have no choice,” said Michael. “Let me make it up to you,” said Michael as he grabbed Brad’s big cock through his jockeys.

“You think this is going to get you off the hook?” asked Brad as Michael dropped to his knees pulling down Brad’s snug undies.

“Ahh” Brad moaned as Michael’s hot mouth engulfed his cock and swirled his tongue around the big mushroom head licking up the precum he was leaking.

Michael pushed Brad on the bed, “I know you love my ass. I’m going to fuck your brains out so you will be satiated for the next two weeks while I’m gone.”

Michael lowered his tight ass onto Brad’s straining cock. Brad thought how did I get so lucky to be with Michael as he closed his eyes and felt his member sheathed by Michael’s velvet pussy.

Beep Beep! Brad jolted up to turn off his alarm. He looked at his bed and saw Michael had left for his trip. Michael had milked 3 loads out of him last night - it was incredible. Unfortunately, Brad had a strong sex drive and would be horny in a few hours.

When Michael was out of town, Brad typically would jack off to porn online. He would never cheat on Michael even though it would be very easy for him to pick up a hot twink at a bar. Later that night, Brad was doing his usual jack off to porn but this time he clicked into a web cam site where hot men were playing with themselves live. He found it hot to see men playing with themselves in real time. He clicked into one chat cam with a gorgeous hunk playing with his huge cock.This stunning male creature messaged Brad if he was interested in a live show. Brad was not interested in paying money so he declined. The hunk messaged it would be free as he was trying to build up his name on the site. He introduced himself as Evan.

Brad thought why not and started the live show. Evan was pinching his nipples while he fingered his tight hole. From a distance, Brad could smell a sweet spicy fragrance that made him beyond horny and his cock was rock hard leaking precum. Evan was talking dirty to him while they both worked on their release. As Evan started his orgasm, Brad released his cum shooting all over himself. He couldn’t remember the last time he had cum so hard. Brad thanked Evan for the show and went to clean himself up. When he returned to the computer, he saw that Evan had gifted him with a 1,000 free mins of credit. Brad couldn’t believe it, but was excited to use the credits - he figured he’s not cheating on Michael if he’s not touching another man. The cyber sex element added a bit of excitement to the duller option of watching staged porn.

The next day at work, Brad couldn’t get Evan’s hot ass and massive cock out of his mind or the scent he thought he had smelled. He was in a constant state of arousal all day and his jockeys felt damp from his leaking precum. When he got home, he fired up his laptop and saw that Evan was online and messaged him for another show. This time Evan asked if he would be open to turning his cam on so that it would be more interactive. Brad hesitated for a second but saw his admired Evan’s perfect body and thought why not. Evan was beyond turned on seeing such a hot hunk in front of him. Brad had an impressive member standing at 8”. Evan also noticed Brad’s ring - he loved making married men horny.

“Wow Brad you are a hot dude!” Evan said.

“Thanks bud so are you - your body is perfect!” Brad said.

As they both started stroking their cocks, Brad felt a weird sensation as he smelled the sweet spicy aroma again. He felt a soft invisible hand rubbing his chest and pinching his nipples that slowly made its way down to his straining cock. The soft hand enveloped his hardon and lightly tugged at it. It was almost like Evan was stroking his cock. As he watched Evan play with himself, he felt the hand speeding up on his own cock.

“I’m going to cum!” Evan screamed as he shot his milky load all over his hot body.

“Cum for me stud,” Evan said.

“Shit I’m going to blow!” Brad said as the invisible hand started milking Brad’s cock that drove him over the edge as he shot ropes of cum closing his eyes in pleasure.

When Brad opened his eyes, he was expecting to see cum everywhere but did not see a drop on him. He wasn’t sure where his cum had gone, but that orgasm took so much out of him that he didn’t think more about it and was feeling exhausted.

“That was so hot watching you cum,” Evan said. “I would love to do it again soon,” Evan said feeling satiated.

“Definitely stud - have a good night,” Brad said as he passed out in exhaustion.

Evan grinned as he shut off his cam.

At work, Brad couldn’t concentrate at all, just seeing Evan’s massive cock and his amazing ass in his head. He felt more horny than he ever had despite his massive cums the last two nights. His mind and cock were consumed with lust as he could still smell Evan's addicting scent. He left work early as he needed release. When he got home, he immediately ripped his clothes off and hoped Evan was online. Evan was on and he messaged right away turning his cam on.

Evan was as gorgeous as ever had a hungry look in his eyes for Brad.

“Brad you are so hot, I am local and if you want to feel my tight ass on your hard cock just let me know and we can make it happen. You will love the feel of my cunt around your cock,” Evan said.

As tempted as Brad was, he loved his husband too much.

“That is such an appealing offer but I can’t cheat on my husband,” Brad said.

“That is very noble of you, as a reward for being loyal I will give you an extra treat, “ Evan said with a smirk on his face. “You can watch me fuck myself with a dildo so you can picture yourself fucking my hot ass.”

“Wow I would love to see that!” Brad said as Evan began riding a big dildo. Brad watched Evan’s ass devouring the huge dildo, secretly wishing it was his cock inside Evan. Little did he know he would get what he wished for.

Once again Brad was engulfed in the fragrant smell that emanated from Evan he didn’t know how he could smell it from a screen. Instead of feeling a soft hand on his cock like last time, he felt a hot wet heat on the tip of his dick that slowly engulfed him to his balls. Brad’s eyes rolled to the back of his head in pleasure - it felt like a real steaming hot male pussy was riding his cock. Brad’s arms laid limply to his sides as he basked in the pleasure. Brad had no idea where this feeling was coming from but he didn’t want it to stop. The invisible male pussy wrapped around Brad’s cock and matched the riding that Evan was doing with his dildo.

“How are you liking the show?” Evan asked with a knowing smile on his face.

All Brad could do was moan, as he felt the soft ass walls gripping his cock like a vise milking his cock like never before. He could see his foreskin moving back and forth as his purple mushroom head leaked tons of precum. Evan was moaning letting more of his sweet arousal out that had totally engulfed Brad’s mind and cock. Brad could feel the wet male cunt sliding up and down sweetly milking his cock as he watched Evan ride the dildo.

“Looks like you’re enjoying yourself,” Evan said, as the invisible male pussy started moving faster on Brad’s cock increasing the suction slithering up and down his cock - no ass had ever felt this good before, with a strong sucking on the head of his cock that was causing him to release a steady stream of precum. Evan knew Brad was close as his cockhead expanded and his balls grew tight.

“Cum for me Brad, explode in my tight pussy!” said Evan moaning in delight and urging Brad to release his cum.

Brad couldn’t believe the incredible feeling on his cock as the invisible male pussy was devouring his cock like it was aching for his cum. He felt like he was fucking Evan and it felt so real. His balls felt so full and needed release badly.

Brad looked up at Evan saw his eyes had turned red and saw wings expanding on his back. He was startled and scared but remained hard as Evan continued riding him in his delicious ass.

Brad finally realized that the invisible male pussy he was feeling was Evan’s.

Brad finally found his words, “What are you?”

“I am an incubus, a sex demon that pleasures men and feeds off their cum to survive,” said Evan. 

“My powers have the ability to smell male arousal and transport my spectral self to devour my prey. When I had seen you on cam I knew that I had to have you and set out my seduction using my sexy fragrance to get you addicted through your mind and cock,” explained Evan.

Evan picked up his speed.

“Now relax and enjoy as I take your life force through your cum, said Evan. "I'm going to give you the best cum you've ever had."

Brad tried to get up but his body couldn’t move like a heavy force was on him as Evan’s invisible ass gripped his cock so tightly. “Get off me!” Brad yelled.

“Do you really want me to stop?” said Evan as his wet male cunt had created an irresistible suction that throbbed through Brad’s entire cock. Evan emitted more of his spicy fragrance.

“Ohhhh,” Brad exhaled as his body went limp again except for his steel hard cock trapped inside the hottest ass Brad had ever been in.

Brad felt his orgasm coming that was going to be monstrous. His entire body was tight getting ready for a massive orgasm as he tried fighting his release.

“Don’t fight it baby you can’t resist my sexy ass,” said Evan with a wanton smile as he contracted his male pussy so sweetly around Brad’s cock.

Brad could feel his balls boiling as he felt Evan’s ass muscles contracting like crazy around his rock hard shaft. There was no stopping the inevitable.

“Aggg!” Brad screamed in ecstasy as his cock erupted loads of thick creamy cum into the invisible ass that was milking him dry. Evan’s male cunt had Brad’s cock to the root slurping him up.

“Doesn’t this feel great?” Evan said as his ass continued playing Brad’s cock like a flute, prolonging the orgasm until he had taken all of Brad’s married juices in his greedy cunt.

"Your married cum is delicious! I'm going to enjoy slurping you up," Evan moaned in glee as his muscled cum guzzling ass bounced on Brad's spurting cock, giving Evan the essence he craved and needed.

“Ahh!,” moaned Brad as he continued dumping cum into Evan’s sucking hole. Brad had never cum this long but it felt so good feeling Evan’s ass walls rippling along his shaft. As the juices poured out, Brad was starting to feel weak and disconnected with his body.

“Please don’t kill me!” Brad begged, as he squirted another gout of cum inside Evan.

Evan ignored him and continued to ride Brad’s juicy cock. As Evan’s invisible male cunt continued milking Brad dry, he was smiling in victory at seducing such a married hunk. Brad continued to moan and jerked his hips up as Evan slurped up the last of his cum. He had fucked Brad to a pile of dust - all that was left was Brad's wedding ring laying on the chair.

Evan caressed his belly as he was fully satiated. “I love married cum!” Evan said to himself as he turned off his cam.



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