Part 1 Recap: "Brad and Michael are married. While out of town, Brad meets an incubus (sex demon that feeds off of men's cum) online that slurped up his cum until he disappeared. "


Michael hadn’t heard from Brad in 3 days, which had prompted him to hop on a flight back home as he was worried. Brad hadn’t returned any of his phone calls or texts since he left the morning of his trip.

“Babe I’m home!” Michael yelled as he walked through the front door. With no answer, Michael started to search through the house.

Michael called Brad’s office and found out that Brad hadn’t been to work for the last few days either.

“There must be some clue to what happened to Brad,” Michael said to himself.

Finally Michael made his way to the den and sat down on the chair to look for clues on the computer. Michael felt like he sat on something and reached under him to find Brad’s ring.

“Why did Brad leave his ring here? Nothing's making sense,” Michael thought aloud. 

He switched on the computer and found himself staring at Evan’s profile page on the web cam site. Michael scrolled down and found their chat history and realized Brad had chatted with Evan recently before his disappearance.

Michael immediately messaged Evan asking about Brad.

“Hmm - looks like Brad’s husband is home. If I play my cards right I may be able to slurp up his married cum too!” Evan said to himself as he answered Michael.

“Why don’t we cam so it will be easier for us to talk,” Evan suggested in his message.

Michael fired up the web cam and found himself staring at one of the hottest guys he had laid eyes on, who happened to be completely naked.

“Mmm Michael looks just as delicious as Brad,” Evan thought to himself.

“How can I help you?” Evan asked Brad.

“Brad my husband has been missing for the last few days and it looks like you might have been in contact with him last. Did he say anything to you?” Michael asked.

“We fooled around on cam a few times - he was very clear that he would never cheat on you. I had asked if he wanted to meet and he declined,” Evan replied.

Staring at this hunk in front of him, Evan knew he had to have his cum inside of him. Brad’s cum had satiated him for a few days but he needed more.

“I’m sorry I can’t be more help,” Evan said to Michael.

Michael had a feeling there was more to this story, but figured he would get the police involved to interrogate Evan further.

“Thanks for your help - can I have your info If I have more questions?” Michael asked.

Evan decided to start his seduction. He began to emit his addicting scent and made sure Michael could see his hard leaking cock.

“Sure you can have my info,” said Evan as he gave Michael his details.

Michael began to smell a spicy aroma that got his pulse racing and started noticing Evan’s huge cock. Michael looked down and saw his own cock bulging in his pants.

“Calm down boy,” Michael said to himself. He was determined to find out what happened to Brad.

Evan smiled as he saw a glimpse of lust in Michael’s eyes. The seed had been planted and it would be a matter of time before Michael’s cum would be inside him.

As soon as they ended the cam session, Michael pulled out his cock and started stroking it urgently. In a matter of minutes Michael released a huge load of cum. He hadn’t had cum since he left Brad but was still surprised how horny he had suddenly gotten.

Michael stuffed his cock back into his jockeys and went straight to the police. He was greeted by a sturdy well built officer named Jake. Jake was 27 and relatively new to the force. He had the hot surfer look with short brown hair, golden tan and green eyes. Most people had a hard time not staring at Jake especially since he filled out his uniform so well - from his bulging biceps, bulging ass to the bulge in his pants.

“How can I help you?” Jake asked Michael.

“I would like to report a missing person, my husband and I have a lead for you” Michael responded.

Jake was also gay and this hunk in front of him looked so desperate to find his husband. “I will do whatever I can to find your husband” Jake replied.

Michael told Jake about Evan and the web cam. He gave him Evan’s address and phone number.

“Don’t worry Michael - I will look into this right away for you” Jake assured Michael as he left the station. “Go home and try to relax, I will let you know what I find out”.

Jake hopped into his patrol car and swung by Evan’s place, which was not too far from his own place.

Evan heard the doorbell and went to check who was at his door. Evan looked through the peephole and saw a hot young cop with muscles that were straining every part of his uniform. Evan’s ass twitched with hunger and desire.

“So Michael sent me a little treat to tide me over before I get to him” Evan thought to himself.

Evan answered the doorbell completely nude. “Hi officer - what can I do for you today?” Evan asked with a glint in his eyes.

Jake was taken aback seeing this glorious hunk with chiseled abs, strong jaw, killer smile and a massive cock greeting him at the door.

“Are you Evan?” Jake asked trying to regain his composure.

“Yes I am in fully glory” Evan smirked seeing the hot cop looking bewildered. 

“I am Jake. I am looking into the disappearance of Brad and was told you might have some information - Do you recognize this man?” asked Jake showing Evan a picture.

“Yes I know him” Evan said as he thought to himself - how could I forget that tasty married cum that was inside of him.

Jake could feel his cock thickening in his pants as he tried not to stare at the naked stud in front of him. It had been a week since he had cum being so busy at work. Every muscle on Evan’s body was glistening and ripped.

“Please come in Jake” Evan said as he could tell that Jake would be easy to seduce. Evan had the ability to smell male desire and could smell Jake’s a mile away.

Jake and Evan both sat down on the small couch where there legs couldn’t help but touch each other.

“Evan please tell me how you know Brad and your interaction with him” Jake asked.

“This was going to be too easy,” thought Evan as he flashed Jake a sexy smile.

“Well a few nights ago, Brad and I met online and chatted through my web cam. He was horny and got off watching me play with big cock and tight hole” Evan replied.

Evan began to emit his spicy fragrance that wafted into Jake’s nose.

As Evan described in explicit detail the sexual nature of his interaction with Brad, Jake began to smell an interesting scent that added to his already horny state. He could feel his cock begin to leak as he stared at the hard cock laying between Evan’s muscular thighs.

“It’s getting hot on here,” Jake mentioned as he started sweating pulling at his collar.

“Sorry my AC is broken, hence why I am naked all the time. Feel free to join me, we’re both men here,” Evan grinned.

“Here let me help you,” Evan said as he reached out and started unbuttoning Jake’s uniform.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Jake said as Evan continued unbuttoning and kissing his chest until he got to the belt buckle. 

Each kiss increased Jake’s unbelievable horniness as he saw this muscular stud on his knees at his crotch. Evan’s kisses had a powerful aphrodisiac more potent than his fragrance.

Evan knew Jake’s resistance was weak at best and undid Jake’s pants pulling them down in one pull. 

“Look what we have here!” Evan said as he was smacked in the face with Jake’s 8” cock leaking precum profusely.

“Wait please!” Jake pleaded as Evan’s mouth dove onto his cock swirling his tongue over the crown as he lapped up the oozing precum. Jake’s head fell backward onto the couch in pleasure.

“Mmm” Evan moaned as he bobbed hungrily on Jake’s hard juicy cock. 

Jake could feel Evan’s hot mouth on his cock with saliva running down to his balls. No mouth had ever felt this hot or wet in his entire life. Evan had taken all 8” in his throat and began milking it with his throat muscles.

Evan wanted to taste Jake’s cum as an appetizer before he drained Jake completely in his muscular cunt.

“Ahh! I’m going to cum if you keep this up!” Jake moaned as he held Evan’s head while thrusting his hard cock down Evan’s tight throat.

Evan tightened his throat muscles and contracted it around Jake’s wet cock.

“I’m cumming!” Jake yelled as he shot three huge shots of cum down Evan’s milking throat. Evan moved up to Jake’s mushroom head and swirled his tongue around it to taste more of that delicious seed. Jake spurted 3 more shots before Jake let the still hard cock drop from his sucking mouth.

“Mmm that was delicious!” Evan purred. 

Jake had never cum that much in one go and was still super hard and horny. He could still smell that spicy scent that had enveloped his brain and cock in a lustful daze.

“It looks like someone is ready for round 2,” Evan said as he got on all fours showing Jake his bubble butt and tight hole winking at him for action.

“Come and fuck my juicy ass stud - you’ll never feel an ass this tight again!” Evan smirked.

Jake all too willingly aimed his hard steel cock at Evan’s tight hole and pushed it into the hilt with his balls resting on those glorious rock hard buns.

“Ahh” Jake moaned. His cock was surrounded by the hottest, tightest and wettest ass he had ever sunk his cock into. Immediately he felt Evan’s cunt rippling deliciously around his cock.

“Fuck me hard stud!” Evan yelled.

Jake began thrusting his cock sawing Evan’s amazing ass in half. Evan was fucking back with his greedy tight hole. Jake felt like his cock was wrapped in liquid velvet as Evan’s walls massaged and milked his leaking cock.

Evan moaned like the slut he was for men’s cum. He smiled evilly as Jake pounded his tight male pussy. He had conquered a hot cop. He couldn’t wait to add Jake’s hot cum to his collection.

Jake continued pounding away. His balls felt so full despite cumming a huge load a few minutes ago. His balls slapped Evan’s ass hard as he pummeled Evan’s ass.

Evan could feel Jake’s cock thicken inside him and knew Jake would cum soon.

Jake’s cock was in heaven getting milked by this amazing ass with his face inches from Evan’s as they sloppily made out.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Evan moaned as Jake continued fucking him hard. “I killed Brad and now I’m going to do the same too you!” Evan said in glee as he tightened his ass muscles around Jake’s cock.

“What?!” Jake yelled as he tried to pull out. Evan’s ass had locked onto Jake’s cock like a vice that Jake could not pull out of.

Evan began to transform into the incubus he was with glaring red eyes and black wings. Evan pushed Jake onto his back never letting his cock slide out.

“I am a sex demon that fulfills men’s sexual desires like I am doing with you. You have never had sex this good before,” explained Evan.

Evan ground his ass onto Jake’s trapped cock.

“How are you going to kill me” Jake asked in terror.

“Shh relax baby, I am going to take your soul once you cum into my hungry pussy” Evan said as he contracted his ass muscles around Jake’s cock.

“I need male cum to survive. I slurped up Brad and know I am going to drain every drop of cum out of your body. I promise you will enjoy it and beg for me not to stop,” Evan said as his ass slithered up and down Jake’s straining cock.

“Ahh” Jake couldn’t help but thrust hips into Evan’s hot ass.

“Mmm yes give me your cum!” Evan moaned and he continued bouncing on Jake’s cock.

Evan picked up his speed and began an irresistible suction on Jake’s cock that no man could resist.

“I’m cumming!” Jake cried as he shot jet after jet into Evan’s greedy pussy. Evan’s muscles milked and coaxed every drop of cum until Jake like Brad had disappeared.

“Yumm!” Evan moaned in delight as he slurped up the last drop of Jake’s savory cum inside him.

Evan closed his eyes in victory as he next awaited his meal - Michael! 

Evan's hungry hole twitched in anticipation as he idly fingered his ass making sure to keep all of Jake's hot cum inside him.



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