Once the muscle guy was finished, he lifted himself off me and looked at me with a crooked grin, saying,

"This is what you're made for, pal." Then he grabbed my face roughly and kissed me hard, sucking hard on my tongue. As he fastened his pants, the guy who had been behind him until now climbed forward and said,

"Get ready," and pulled off his shirt. He was a blocky, bulky guy, not very hairy, and not the type of guy I would take a second look at on the street. He was ugly in an unremarkable sort of way, with acne-scarred skin and a ruthless look on his face.

The older guy, Bob, was moving to the front of the van. Mike pulled over and Bob got in the driver's seat. Mike came to the back where the ugly guy was pawing me, saying under his breath, "Gonna fuck you in the ass. Gonna make you beg." He was rubbing his dick, leering at me, and I looked down. I felt a fresh wave of panic -- this guy's cock was huge, the biggest I'd seen.

Mike came to the back, pulling off his shirt. Mike is one of the hairiest guys I've ever seen -- his back is hairier than most guys' fronts, and his big hairy arms made him look apish leaning over in the van. He grabbed a small bottle of something from the bench seat and handed it to the ugly guy who started rubbing this greasy stuff on my balls, squeezing them roughly, making me jump in pain. Then the smell hit me; it was like Ben-Gay -- that overpowering smell of camphor and menthol. "Mike says I can't hurt you too bad tonight, but this should be plenty fun," he said, stuffing a rag back in my mouth.

Mike and the muscle guy had my legs. Even though I fought as hard as I could, they were stronger than me and fastened my ankle cuffs to cables hung from rings in the ceiling, spreading my legs apart. I was spread-eagle on my back with my legs up in the air.

Then I felt it -- that rub that the ugly guy had put on my balls. At first it was almost a cold feeling, but the intensity of it grew quickly. I tried to yell through the gag; the ugly guy's eyes were lit up like Christmas trees. He was rubbing his huge dick staring straight into my face as the burning sensation from that stuff got stronger and stronger. I started to thrash around, looking at Mike, thinking he might put a stop to things. He just stared at my body intensely, rubbing the bulge in his own pants, running his hands through his body fur. I was hollering through the gag. The pain from that rub was getting really bad and I knew it was going to get worse. Then the ugly guy threw a cloth over my balls and positioned himself to fuck me. I was in a state of complete panic, thrashing wildly and screaming through the gag, but it was all completely ineffectual. They had bound me down good, and my ordeal was only turning them all on.

Something flashed. The muscular guy was videotaping.

Mike said, "Get some good angles Terry. So we can see it all again later." Suddenly the ugly guy pushed his cock-head against my asshole. Even though Terry had fucked me just a few minutes before, my ass was not ready for that thing. Ugly guy gripped my thighs hard and pushed again. When his head went in, it felt like it might tear me in two. Then he started pushing the rest of it in. I was almost delirious, crying through the gag. My balls were on fire. His dick felt like it would kill me, and it just kept on. Mike was over my face at this point, jerking his cock, rubbing it on my face. I was begging them to stop, but it was just muffled nonsense through the gag. The ugly guy was fucking me and I was sure I would pass out, but I didn't, which was worse. All I could do was endure, cry, and scream.

The ugly guy looked like he'd won Hell's Lottery or something, but from what I've learned about him since, I know he's done worse to other guys. He gets off on it, pure and simple. Finally, he started getting close -- he was leaning over me and his face changed.

But it just made him pump harder. He kept muttering obscenities at me the whole time he fucked me, staring at me as I thrashed around. I was crying from pain, my tears running down into my ears. At last he came.

I could feel him filling my ass up with his cum. As he pulled out, Terry was blowing another load on my chest and face.

Every nerve in my body was on overload. I didn't know I could experience sensations that intense and stay conscious. Terry said loudly, "Fuck, Al, that was fuckin' amazing. Jesus that thing is big." Al the ugly guy squeezed out the rest of his cum on my stomach and laughed.

I was seeing stars. Mike leaned down and said,

"You're not done yet boy," and pulled out the gag. I coughed hard. Mike poured a little water in my mouth.

"Remember what we talked about? I think we needed to adjust your attitude" he said. "What was our agreement? I set the limits. No safe words, you don't tell me `no.' I like to be gentle sometimes, but you try to push it, don't you? You get a little cocky, try to manipulate. Now I think you'll remember how we do things, won't you?"

"Yes sir," I croaked weakly.

"Now it's my turn. You're gonna blow me now." Bob pulled the van over to a stop. We were way outside town by now. They released my arms and legs from the restraints as Mike made himself comfortable, stretching out in a pile of blankets. I was trembling hard, my whole body aching. I curled up in the fetal position for a moment, but I knew if I didn't do what Mike said, they would put me through more. I forced myself up on my hands and knees and crawled over to Mike. I could hear the sound of Terry's videocam going. I heard Bob's voice say, "Suck his cock, boy."

I could barely hold myself up. My arms were like spaghetti. Mike was looking at me lustily and motioned for me to get to work on his cock. I leaned down and took his dick in my mouth and sucked him off in front of the others as Bob and Al jerked off and Terry videotaped my complete humiliation and submission. Mike held my head down on his cock as he blew his load, then had me lick him clean.

Since this happened, Mike's become much firmer with me. He made me hand over all my personal and financial documents to him and has kept much tighter rein on me. With each new step we take, I do as I'm told and only after I think "This is insane behavior.

What the fuck am I doing?" I keep thinking I should break it off but I can't stand the thought of it, so I just keep handing myself over more and more. My rational mind keeps telling me I'm behaving like a crazy person, that I'm a responsible adult with a job, family, friends. But that part never kicks in when Mike is around. Mike is making me post all this -- what happened -- online, as part of my punishment and training. He's also made me watch Terry's videotape with all of them, and have sex with Terry and Bob again. I'll have to tell more about that in later postings. I guess I've realized that I'm truly Mike's, body & soul, and I'm gonna have to tell my family and friends about my "older lover" without telling them the truth of the relationship, even though they're going to realize Mike's got me wrapped around his finger.


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