The muscular guy was hauling me into the back of the van with one hand clamped tight over my mouth. He'd wrapped his other arm under my armpit across my chest, with that hand pressed against my throat. He pinned me down hard to the floor of the van and threw his weight on top of me. I hadn't been prepared for this whole scene -- it had thrown me, and now I couldn't breathe and I was starting to panic. He growled in my ear, "If you don't wanna get hurt you're gonna do exactly what I tell you to do." I was thrashing around, trying to get his hand off my mouth, but he just pressed harder.

Then the other guys were on me too. The older guy grabbed my hands while the guy from the front passenger seat pinned one of my legs. I became aware that I was yelling through the hand over my mouth and the muscular guy hissed in my ear, "Shut up! You understand me -- shut up!" He loosened his hand a little and I panted hard -- my heart was beating a million times a minute. I had this weird, cold knot in my gut and I was trembling hard. The older guy leaned down and said in a firm but quiet voice, "You gotta learn to do what you're told, don't you, son."

A couple weeks before, Mike and I had hooked up and he had made a point of it that I needed to examine my attitude in our arrangement. He told me that I was withholding control still, that he didn't like it, and that he'd do something about it if he had to. "A little bit of cockiness is nice, son, but you remember our arrangement and don't get full of yourself," he'd said as he was torturing me a little more intensely than usual. I hadn't been sure how to read his tone because I thought sometimes he said stuff like that to get me hard -- it always did, naturally -- and his tone of voice seemed sexy, even if he seemed displeased too. Obviously, he'd been serious. And now I was face down on some mattress in the back of this van with one guy's knee in my back as Mike drove though the city, other people in their cars just feet away from us, oblivious to me getting gang-raped in the back.

They turned me over roughly and I finally saw the inside of the van better. I didn't know which of them owned it, but obviously he'd used it for this kind of thing before. The whole back was padded, there were dim lights running along the top perimeter, and there were towels and rags piled around. One of the rags was stuffed in my mouth. They wrapped mitts around my hands and attached them to rings in the floor, then clamped restraints around each ankle. I was struggling hard, but I was afraid of how rough these guys might get and I was pretty freaked out.

The older guy was leaning over me, still smiling this weird smile. He opened his pants and pulled out a real fat cock and said, "You're gonna blow me." He was rubbing his dick and hairy balls over my face as I was turning away, still fighting. The muscular guy smacked my nuts and I yelped through the rag. I wanted to curl up crying but they held me down and the muscular guy said, "Suck his fuckin' dick, punk," as he pulled the rag out of my mouth. He leaned in and said, "I'm sure I don't have to tell you -- don't do anything stupid," and the old guy shoved his cock in my mouth. He wasn't completely hard yet, but it was still real big and I wasn't exactly relaxed. I was also out of breath and he wasn't gentle. I was gagging and trying to breathe and he just kept pushing it in, choking me. The other guy was muttering stuff behind the muscle guy. I couldn't tell what he was saying but I could tell he was getting off on it all.

He pulled my legs up over muscle-guy's shoulders and held tight. Muscle guy rubbed lube on his fingers and started playing with my asshole. He leaned down and sucked on my dick for a few seconds but the other guy pulled him back and said, "No, let's fuck him."


Short Furry

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