Once the muscle guy started playing with my asshole, sucking me off while I was sucking on the older guy's dick, I couldn't help it that my dick responded. I had my face buried in the older guy's furry balls and ass. His dick was hefty, and he was leaning over me, fucking my face in a rhythm that completely opened my throat up. His crotch had that manly, musky smell -- clean, but definitely all man. He was getting into it, quietly muttering as he shoved his cock down my throat, "Oh yeah, son -- fuck, that's good..." Then he'd pull out and rub his nuts over my mouth while whacking off before he shoved it back in.

The muscular guy was lubing up my ass and leaning down to suck my dick. I realized he had a fantastic body -- hairy chest, broad shoulders. The other guy was behind him holding my ankles but I couldn't see him that well. Just when I was starting to find a rhythm in all this and get my bearings he pulled the muscle guy off my dick and said in a hungry voice, "No, let's fuck him."

The muscular guy leaned back a little and drove it in.

I gasped in air and then the older guy's cock was shoved hard in my mouth. My wrists tied down to the floor, they nailed me from both ends roughly. I was gasping for enough air and trying to ride out the pain in my ass. Nobody was touching my dick now -- they were just banging me hard. Everybody shifted and steadied themselves as the van stopped moving. Mike turned on the radio pretty loud and the driver's door banged shut. I heard the clunk of a gas pump being inserted in the side. I was getting raped in the back of this van while Mike was filling it up -- I couldn't believe it. He was just standing there, filling up the tank, as if nothing was going on. I was trying to call out, but the older guy kept driving his cock in my throat and leaning on my chest.

The driver's door opened and banged shut and we started off again. The older guy was really into it and he huffed, "Oh fuck -- here it comes," as he started jerking a little, and then he came. He shot a huge load in my mouth, down my throat. Huge spurt after huge spurt, muttering something like "Oh yeah...fuck...swallow it boy, eat my spunk," as I was gagging, and then he pulled out and blew the last one on my face.

This must have gotten to the muscular guy, who growled, "Fuck yeah Bob -- this punk is gonna take my load now," as he started to come too. He fell on top of me and pressed his mouth on mine painfully hard, forcing his tongue in, tasting what was left of Bob's cum, growling loudly as he came in my ass. As he finished he was biting my neck hard. My nerves were on fire, every sensation being pushed past the point of pleasure. I was wincing in pain, and hoping they'd be done now.

But then I heard the other guy saying, "My turn now"

with a leer that was audible.


Short Furry

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