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Chapter 3: The Morning After

I woke up with a killer headache and not knowing where I was. I looked around and realized I was in my bedroom, on top of the covers of my bed, with the same clothes that I was wearing yesterday. God, what the fuck happened to me last night? I knew that I had a hangover by the clues that had been given. What with the headache, the memory loss of what happened last night and the patch of sick on the front of my shirt.

I got up off the bed, cleaned myself up, put on a new shirt and went out to get coffee. Coffee always helps me get over a hangover and fresh air, that's why I went out to get coffee.


Once I was outside of the coffee shop there were a couple of paparazzi around me. They kept shouting out weird remarks like: 'Are you and Harry going out?' Who's Harry? What are they talking about? I quickly walked into the coffee shop. I got my coffee and was about to leave when I passed by the magazine rack and saw something that made me do a double take. I picked up the latest issue of some tabloid and saw Harry Judd and I kissing on the cover.

I couldn't even think straight. I quickly pushed my way through the front of the line and put the magazine down in front of the cashier.

The girl at the counter looked down at the magazine and then at me. 'D'you know you're on this magazine snogging some the drummer from Mcfly?' she asked with an amazed voice.

'Yeah, I kind of noticed.' I replied quickly.

She finished ringing it up and once she was done I ran out of the door and pulled out my cell and started dialing furiously.

'Hello,' a tired voice came from the other end of the line.

'Miquita, I coming over. We need to talk.'

'You found out?' Miquita said worriedly.

'Yeah, I did.' then I hung up and looked at the magazine in my hand and closed my eyes in dread.


I was at Miquita's front door faster than I expected. I just knocked on her door and was waiting for Miquita to answer. I looked down at the magazine in disgust. I looked at the drunken version of me practically hanging off of Harry (probably because I was too drunk to stand) while our lips were locked.

'Sie, are you okay?' Miquita asked in concern.

I guess Miquita had the door while I was looking at my shameful cover shot. I held up the tabloid in front of my face. 'One word. Shameful.' I said in a monotone and then walked through the threshold.

'You didn't answer my question.' Miquita said with a sigh.

'Of course I'm not okay. Everyone's going to see this. My family, friends, fans and Matt. Oh God, Matt's going to see this. What's he going to think?' I was hysterical at this point. Now I've got a full on migraine.

'Simon calm down!' Really I can't believe your obsessing about what Matt would think. He broke up with you 3 months ago. You guys are no longer together. Matt's not going to care. He already has a new boyfriend, whom he dumped you for. I know it's hard to face the facts, but you need some tough love because I have a terrible hangover and I can't deal with you when you're hysterical.'

By now I was slumped down on her couch, shocked from what she just said. She sat down next to me and put a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

'I'm sorry I had to be so rough, but you did need to hear that. For the past 3 months I've been sugar coating everything I say around you and I'm done.' she said so matter of factly.

I knew I was a bit pathetic, but I didn't know I was being a complete downer to everyone around me.

'Thanks Miquita, I guess I did need that. I shouldn't care what Matt thinks. Matt's a fucking bastard for what he did. I just can't help but care a bit about what he thinks. He's hard to get over, he seemed to care for me so much. It was the longest and most serious relationship I'd ever been in. I foolishly thought that it would last forever.'

'Let me have a look.' Miquita said in a soft voice. I handed her the magazine.'Wow, you and Harry are really going at it.' she said with a laugh.

'I don't remember any of it.' I replied.

'You don't?'

'No, the last thing I can remember I was talking those Mcfly boys.' Then I remembered that I'd talked to Miquita earlier that night. 'Could you tell me what happened.' I asked hopefully.

'Well I wasn't with you the whole night, but I can tell you what I saw from afar.'

'That's better than nothing Miqui!' I exclaimed excitedly.

'Okay, well after I finished talking to you, I was hanging out with Lily. I assumed you would be with Russell the whole time, but I saw him go off somewhere with Noel so I thought I should check on you. When I saw you the next time you were hanging out with Mcfly so I just left you alone cause I thought nothing much would happen whilst hanging out with Mcfly. Then I went back to doing my own thing until I saw Dougie carrying a whole tray filled with shot glasses. However I didn't really connect what they were for. Then I saw you and Harry stumbling towards the front door. That's when I knew something was kind of...off. I went to the door and I saw you and Harry kissing and not just on the lips, there was tongue. It was like a full make out kiss and the paparazzi were taking pictures. I quickly dragged you out of there and took you home.'

'Uh, um...I don't know what to say. I mean thanks for pulling me away from that situation. I wish you had got to me a bit sooner, but still thanks.'

'No problem, it's what I'm here for.'

'I wonder what would have happened if you hadn't dragged me away from Harry.'

'Who knows you might have gone all the way with him.'

'I don't want to think about it anymore.' I replied quickly.' I don't know what I'm going to say to my family.'

'If they ask about it you can just tell them it was a drunken mistake. If you keep obsessing over what everyone thinks of you then you'll eventually have a mental break down. Just try relax and don't think about it too much.'


By the time I got back from Miquita's it was late afternoon. I was still worn out, tired and worried. I was sitting on my couch in deep thoughts about all the scenarios which could play out when suddenly my cell rang, bringing me out of my train of thought.

'Hello,' I answered wearily.

'Oi, Sie...it's Russell, you alright mate?' Russell actually sounded worried.

'Oh yeah just peachy.' I replied sarcastically.

He ignored my sarcasm, 'I saw your big debut on the tabloid. When I said you were going to have your crotch shot in the tabloids I wasn't being serious.' he said playfully.

'Yeah, I didn't actually have my 'crotch shot' in the tabloids, did I.'

'Ya might as well have. You kissing that Mcfly boy, priceless. Aren't you 6 years older than him? You should've told me you were going to do that, I would've stuck around for the show.' he said giddily.

'About that, why did you leave me last night?'

'Oh, sorry 'bout that mate, but I went off with Noel, then I got drunk and forgot that I came with you. Hey, but all's well that ends well ya know, cause I met this bird and we had great sex. I mean like amazing, mind blowing sex, she was incredible.We did it like 4 times that night.'

'Yeah, well all didn't end well on my part. While you were off shagging some bird I was drunk out of my mind, being bombarded by paparazzi whilst drunkly snogging Harry Judd! If it wasn't for Miquita who knows what would've happened.'

'We all know what would've happened. You and Harry would've been getting down and dirty. I told you to get off with a guy so that you would forget about Matt, but I didn't mean do it with a celebrity in front of paparazzi.That was a bit of an idiotic decision wasn't it.'

'Are you so thick you can't hear? I said I was drunk, I didn't know what I was doing. I obviously didn't do it on purpose. I can't believe you would leave me like that.' Did I just pout?

'Okay okay, sorry. You don't have to get your knickers in a twist, you don't have to be a pouty baby. I hope I can make it up to you somehow.' Russell said playfully. That means he's in a good mood. Maybe it was the girl he met. He might actually get into a serious relationship with her. This is big.

'It's fine, it's not like you were the cause of me getting drunk and causing me to wreak havoc with Harry. So anyway you met this girl. Do you think this could be serious?'

'Oh Sie, you're such the romantic. I don't know, but I know that I really do like her.'

'What's her name? I want to know everything about your true love.'

'Her name's Katy...Katy Perry I think you might know of her.' Russell commented shyly.

'Please tell me she happens to have the same name as the singer.'

'Yeah, she has the same name as the singer because she is the singer Katy Perry. What's your problem with her?'

'I've already told you I don't like her or her songs, especially that 'Ur So Gay' song. She's slagged off Lily Allen you know. She's an offensive bitch' Maybe I was being a bit harsh, but I'm stubborn. What could I do?

'You know what you're the bitch. You're always a snotty nosed brat and so judgemental. You never try to consider anyone else's feelings. You know what if your not going to support me, then I rather not even talk to you. I'm in too good of a mood to even bother tolerating your reactionary tendencies.' then Russell hung up.

To be continued...



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