We had been going thru our daily routine at the station for about six months, and everything was going smoothly, pretty much routine.

The radio came on and we get a message, The Supply plane will be arriving Thursday morning at ten hundred thirty hours. George said Damn man, its about time, we're running out of a few things like coffee, sugar, canned goods, and the all important Budweiser, I just laughed and said Damn George you and your beer, He did like to drink his beer.

Thursday morning arrived and we got a radio call from the plane that they were running late due to bad weather between us and where they were coming from.

They finally arrived and taxied up to the Building and stopped, the steps came out of the plane and out walked this business looking man, he was wearing a medium grey suit, very nicely tailored, had a beautiful tie and nice looking dressy shirt, dress shoes and a long overcoat, I just looked at him and said to George, Who the fuck is that? George said fuck, I don't know. This very nicely dressed, handsome looking dude walked into the main hut and said good afternoon in a definate French English Accent, I said Hello I'm Sgt. Gerald McDaniels, and this is Corporal George Lansing, He said Good Morning, I'm Mr. Jean Pierre LaComb, from the Canadian counselate, I'm here to observe your work at this installation and make recommendations to my government as to whether we will be helping finance the work here, since it is in the governments best interest that it is here. I said Well O.K, And what does that mean, He said your government is working with our government in observation of the borders of North America and what happens with our European and Asian Neighbors. I said, Well then, Welcome to Ice Station Zero, he said 'merci'.

I ask Jean, are you here to just observe for today, he said no Gerald, I am to stay here for a period of time and observe, and get involved with what goes on here, I just thought to myself you may not want to see everything that goes on here.

I looked over at my red haired companion and he was making the jerking off jesture with his right hand behind Jean's back, and shaking his head. I just smiled and said well Jean, let me show you to your sleeping area, we only have one room which is barracks like quarters, several men share meaning George and me. He said fine I was used to sleeping in a room with just men, I have no problem with it.

Actually he was very nice but his presence was gonna cramp our gay sex life just a tad bid, or so I thought.

Well we got all his luggage in and He wore about the same size clothes as me, and I gave him just some regular clothes and he just started stripping, He was in a suit and he wore nicely tailored threads, man, He was stylish, Then he got down to his briefs French style tight, and he fucking looked awesome, I noticed he was hairy chested, sorta muscular, not body builder type but very well defined, his legs were muscular and I found out he was a martial arts competitor back in Canada, and Damn, he was built. He said Gerald, is it? I said yes, He said I noticed a workout room, can I use it? I said yes, and there

over to the side of the workout room, is the showers. since its just us guys no one even thinks about shutting the doors, We all know what men have between their legs, some more than others but, you know, he smiled for the first time and said sounds good to me.

Well the plane unloaded the supplies and we found out that night that Jean was one hell of a French cook, He prepared a French Meal fit for a king. I smiled and asked him what else are you talented at? he said oh In time I'll show you, and left it at that.

We had been showing him what we did there as per our jobs how the Radar Screens and GPS systems were used to spot enemy ships or planes ect, He was very interested.

One afternoon, I guess about a month after he had arrived, I was setting at the console at my desk typing in some information for the computer, George was laying down taking a nap, and Jean was just in a pair of workout shorts, He walked up to me at the desk and leaned over and said Geraldman, what do you two guys do for sex around here? I am about to explode, and I noticed his cock was pushing his workout shorts to the limits, He looked into my eyes and let his stare linger for quite a while and I could see that hunger in his eyes, My cock started to thicken and quickly was like a concrete block in my shorts, I just looked into his eyes and said probably the same thing you do back where you came from, He smiled a great big fucking smile, and he said in his French accent, Dat souns great,

and he leaned over and grabbed my head and started kissing me and groaning and I stood up and said man, this is different, he said man I've had my eyes on you ever since I got here, I said Well I can't say I haven't wondered about you too.

Jean reached down and felt my hardon thru my shorts, and he said fuck man,that feels wonderful, I said your hand feels great too. I was kissing and tongueing Jean's mouth and grunting and moaning My enjoyment vocally, and He was doing the same, I guess the reaction to getting turned on is the same in all languages.

Jean was getting rather physical rubbing my nuts and stroking my cock thru the material and he dropped to his knees and slid my shorts down to my ankles, and fuck he hit my cock with his mouth like a Bass on a grasshopper, My cock disappeared into his French Mouth and I was on a journey to the stars, The Mother Fucker could flat suck cock, and Man was I enjoying it, I was just about to have to be scraped off the ceiling I had floated up that high, I was holding Jean's head and he was working my full length with his mouth, which by the way was like he had a furnace in it, wet, Hot, awesome, My cock was tingling, and my nuts were almost aching they had pulled up so tight, He just took his mouth off my cock and said I just love a cut cock, and I want you to cum into my mouth, Please? I said Oh Yea Man, just keep doing what your doing, and I was almost there, He was deep throating my cock and rubbing what there was to feel of my nuts, they were pulled up so fucking tight into my body they were almost hurting, I was so fucking turned on, He started just Humming like he was singing and that vocal vibrations sent my cock over the edge and It was like a total explosion, I felt like my lower parts had dropped an atom bomb, the climax felt like it was just getting bigger and bigger, like the mushroom cloud and then the blast, Oh fuck man, was it a blast, I jerked forward over his head and was just pumping out a flood of cum into Jeans mouth and he was going after it like a ravenous wild animal, and when I stopped shooting it into his mouth, he said, Gerald, that was absolutely frantastic. I looked down at him and said, Any time Jean, anytime. He said I love to drink cum, its one of my favorite delicasies.

I was standing there with my shorts around my ankles and Jean was still licking on my cock and extracting every tiny droplet of cum from it when I looked up and saw a very groggy looking redhead standing there with his cock hanging out of the slit in his boxers and he was trying to focus his eyes to what was happening in front of him, and he smiled and said Fuck me man, What a scene to wake up to. He walked over to Jean and said man am I next, Jean took one look at Georges huge cock and said that will take at least two blow jobs to do it all justice, and then he didn't even wait for Gerald to take off his shorts he just engulfed his cock as far as he could take him. George just said Oh Holy mother of God, and grabbed Jeans head and started fucking his mouth like a wild man, Jean just took it all and slurpped on it a while, and then he stopped and he said man I want to try that in my ass.

George looked up and said I think I can oblige you on that, He took Jeans shorts and slid them down and lubed up Jeans asshole got it used to a couple fingers and then started stuffing that log up his French quarter, Jeans eyes opened up and said Aw Fuck, and George slid about seven inches in, and Jean said hold it! let me get used to the size here, and after about five minutes he said o.k. and got his breath and started fucking with the flow of Georges rythm, It didn't take very long and George was fucking like a stallion, Jean just took it and said man fuck that French ass, give it to me, and he said something in Frence, which I took to mean he was liking it and he smiled and I just thought Fuck man, me and George are enjoying this but hes not getting anything in return, so I got down on the floor under them he was leaning stiff armed onto a counter top and I was under his body getting ready to suck my first uncut cock, He was truly french, Uncut and all.

I slid his forskin back looked at the redish head and engulfed his what looked to be a really thick eight inch cock, it tasted awesome and I started to hear George gruning and I could see his nutsack from under Jean and I started sucking his cock like crazy and I realized I had a boner againd and I started stroking my cock as I sucked Jeans and then George grabbed Jeans hips jerked him backwars towards his body, buried his cock to the nuts and growled like a grizzly bear, Jean started jerking too and filled my mouth with cum, nice and thick like a milk shake, rich and creamy, Fuck Man,My first French Creamed filled anything, an man did he fill my mouth, after a few minutes, I got up, pulled up my shorts and said Jean, thats what we do for sex up here in the Ice Station.



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