What the hell is going on Commander Burgess? I asked, He stood up from his desk and said, Calm down McDaniels, I didn't write your orders, they came from higher up, and I am only the messenger.

I said sorry sir, but I haven't even had a days R&R break from the last observation outpost I was at on that small island in the pacific, Shit man that was one lonly fucking place, He said, I know, and I feel for you, but It's out of my hands Son.

I reached out and grabbed my orders and said sorry, I didn't mean to be bitching at you sir.

I said when does the plane to the station come in? He said in and hour or so, you'll have time to make a few calls home if you'd like. I said thank you sir.

I went to the outpost commissary and used the pay phone and called my folks and talked for about half an hour. I told Mom and Dad that I would let them know where I was as soon as I got there.

They told me that they loved me and to take care of myself, you know the usual parental sayings.

I went to the little diner area and got some supper, and then went back to the main area and set on a bench awaiting the deprarture flight to the Artic Shelf Ice Station. An Observation post using High tech electronics to watch for and observe enemy movements across the straights.

This was totally new and actually ridiculous, from the 70-80 degree Tropical weather to the Artic weather, what a fucking thought.

And another thing, I am only twenty seven, horny as fuck, havnt gotten laid in about two years and I'm going nuts. I have gotten a case of what they used to call 'Blueballs' I need some action, if you know what I mean, Damn, I beat the fuck out of my cock like a maniac, shit man thats all I have had for so long, My youth is wasting away, Oh Well! Shut the fuck Gerald(My first Name), cause you can just suck it up, suck! Hummmm! that sounds pretty good right now, Oh stoppit I was telling my mind. I need to think about the possitive side of this situation, Hum, well theres? and theres? and well Hell man theres no possitive side, thats just the way it is.

Finally I see the plane taxying up to the building and out comes the stairs, They refuel and load about twenty Pallets of supplies, I looked over to Commander Burgess and ask how long will I be there? he said the usual time is about 18 months and you'll be there with a Corporal Lansing, Hes an Army Communications specialist, I said you mean I don't get to be alone? He said your not going to be that lucky, I said I was being sarcastic, He said yea, but I wasn't going to respond to it. He smiled and said Have a nice visit, I said yes Sir 'THANKS'

Well the plane loaded up and took off Shit man even in the air I could tell the difference in the climate change I was getting colder by the minute. I had been issued the proper clotheing for the use in the Artic and I dug out my Coat and put it on.

We Finally after about a ten hour flight, we landed on an Ice Runway, That was unusual and they unloaded the Plane and set the supplies into the store room of the complex. It was a nice Big Place, with all the comforts of home, it just looked like a dreary Military outpost, and it was.

I met Corporal Lansing, shook hands and noticed he was a bright curly red headed, very nice looking guy, with a handsome face and beautiful smile. He looked like he had just won a prize when he noticed me, He was about my age, and just couldn't be more friendly, He showed me around and he told me I was the first person they had sent in almost a year he had been alone all that time, I said without thinking, I'll bet your dick is raw from your hand, He kinda blushed and said Hey Gerald, a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do, and smiled real big, I said Yea man I know that feeling.

George, Corporal Landsings first name was a real treat, so friendly and outgoing I was really, in shock, I had for some reason thought he would be an absolute bore, groutching lonley ole man, but he was just the opposite. He looked at me and said they sent a really nice guy for me to be friends with, I said what? he said you! they sent me a nie guy, I said oh yea me.

The plane finally took off and there we were all alone with just each other.

Gerald began to show me his job and my requirements and then we started to warm up to each other, we began to workout together in the workout and gym area set up and we played ping pong, Basketball, cards and had Satalight Television, we had a whole library of books to read and videos to watch, it was a lot nicer than the Island post I had been on.

After about a week I notice that George was sorta staring at me, and would just look back at him and smile, and every time I would look around My eyes would come back and find him staring at me, I didn't think it was bad, just strange.

We were setting at the little table provided for meal, which was a hoot too. One night I would cook and the next night he would, we could both set a pretty good meal on the table.

I had been there about three weeks and gotten to know George pretty good and we were drinking coffee at the table one afternoon and He said Hey Gerald? I said What, he said, Can I ask you personal question? I said sure shoot! He said man what kind of sex do you like, and what do you miss the most, I said man, It's been so damn long for me to have sex with another person, that If I was to have sex today, My right hand would get Jealous, He just started laughing, I said what about you, He said man when I get horny I go to my bed and lay back and think of getting a blowjob, I have always loved a good blowjob, Theres nothing I like better that feeling of a hot, wet mouth, and a hot tongue licking on the head of my cock, fuck man just talking about it is giving me a hardon, I said yea I know that feeling too, A good blowjob would feel awesome right now, but thats the breaks. He said yea man, I looked over and Georges trousers looked like He had a lead pipe about four inches thick in his trousers laying down his leg, I could tell his cock was like a brick.

We finally finished up and shut things down, and went to take a shower and go to bed, I always slept in my military issue boxers, no shirt and just my dogtags on, Oh yea we shared a bedroom barracks sorta room , our bed were just seperated by a Stack of lockers for our clothes.

I was in bed almost asleep when George came in just in his boxers and I could see the outline of that very big cock pushing out in his shorts, he reached over and rubbed me on my shoulders and said night buddy, I smiled up at George and said night George.

We went to sleep and I had one of the sexiest dreams I think I have ever had, Fuck man I woke up and didn't realize where I was I only know that there was a mouth sucking on my cock like nobodys business, Fuck the feeling was absolutely the best feeling I had had in several years, I could feel my cock getting a workover and I realized then that George was sucking my cock, I just reached down with my hand and rested it on Georges head and gently pushed it down to the hilt, and he was taking all of my seven and a half inch thick cock. He realized I was awake, and he stopped, I said man don't stop now, It's just starting to feel good, Oh fuck man was it feeling good, George knew how to suck a cock, and I was glad I was there for him to get back into practice on. He was swirling his tongue around the head and taking me into orbit, My nuts were aching, wanting release and the feeling he was making on my cock was just awesome, I hadn't had a blowjob by anyone for years and I was glad to be back into the loop, And I didnt' care if it was a guy or gal, It was fucking awesome, I could hear Georges sounds, and he moaned and sucked and got vocal about what he was doing, I was moaning and saying yea man, suck that fucking cock, take it all, I was almost getting violent, which is out of character for me, I was laying on my back kinda fucking upward into Georges mouth, Then I felt that build up, with each suck and his mouth going down on my cock it felt like it would get tighter and harder and God man, I wanted to shoot so bad, I was being taken up and up and up to a crescendo of climactic bliss, then it started to erupt, Oh fuck was all I could say as my cock started blowing out a blast of cum into Georges mouth like I had opened a valve and let it flow, He swallowed it all too, and It felt awesome man did I finish, I was totally drained of all my cum, all my energy and all my tensions. George looked up with almost an evil smile on his face and licked that last little drop of cum that comes up out of your cock head at the very end, and he said man Gerald that was awesome, I just said fuck man I know it was.

I layed there with George setting next to me on my bunk, and after I know a good ten minutes I reached over and rubbed my had up Georges leg an hit the heach of a very big, thick, heavy cock and I slid my hand around it and said jesus effin Christ George where, how, man your huge, He said thats what every one says. I said and man, your nuts fell like lemons, He smiled and said Ugn Huh.

I started to stroke his heave cock, man my hand wouldn't go all the way around his cock, And he was wimpering and saying oh damn man, that feels so fucking awesome, no ones touched my cock but me in several years, I said it's about time to change all of that George, I said here lay down, and I took his shorts off of him and layed him down on my bed, I lifted up his ass and started eating his ass out and he went wilder than a bucking bronco, Holy Shit man, I ain't never had that done before, George said, I just starte tongueing his little pink lover button and he grabbed my head and pushed it into his ass cheeks. and I was loving it, man it was better that any pussy I had ever had, and I know George was really loving it I licked his gorgeous nutsack and took each nut into my mouth and sucked and licked and then, oh yea, then I took his awesome hugh cock into my mouth and started sucking, I looked around and said Oh yea! George, I forgot to tell you 'I'm Gay and I love sucking Cock' He said AW Fuck that's awesome, and I went back to work on his cock, He started moaning and saying how much he loved that feeling and I was noticing his nuts and they were plaster tight against the base of his cock, He said hey Gerald do you like to fuck too, I said yea man I do, but I would have to take some time with this cock to get used to it, he smiled and said man we got all the time we need and no one to bother us, I said yea, I never thought of that.

I finally relaxed my throat and could take almost all of Georges hug cock, but I couldn't hold it there I needed to breath, Finally after about fifteen minutes of sucking his cock he started breathing really short and raspy and heavy and said man I'm gonna blow it, man here it comes, and come it did, the fucking kid liked to drown me, It was cumming out of my mouth, going down my throat and up my nose, this kid had a load of cum stored up, I swallowed as much as I could and he just kept it up and finally the last shot came out and he had raised up on his elbows while I was sucking him, but he just collapsed to the bed, and there he layed until morning, sleeping with me in my bunk. He cuddled and loved and just made out with me almost all night, every time we would wake up he was kissing me.

The next morning I got up and went to the kitchen area and there was George smiling like a kid with his hand in a bag of candy, he said Gerald, Last night you were awesome, and then He said Thanks, I think we both needed that. I said Man, I know I did, he said so did I. he walked over and put his arm around me, I looked up at his bright red hair and his beautiful smile, and said Hey you know something? I just might take a liking to being up here with you. He smiled a really big smile, and said you want a cup of coffee?

We started having sex like we were lovers or something I had never been fucked with a cock that size before, but George was so gently and soft and I finally took that hugh cock all the way to the hilt and he just fucked me, and he kept telling me how tight my asshole was, I said George anyones asshole would be tight with that cock in it, He just kept fucking like we had been doing it for years and I busted more nuts from just being fucked than I would have ever dreamed. But my favorite thing was getting George to suck me off, God was That ever a treat, We Have been here for about ten months and I have put in for a continutance of the job here in Ice Station Zero-125.

Oh yea! I did fuck George and he went wild, we walk around the radio room, and gps area naked most of the time, or at least in our underwear. And we suck and fuck when ever we feel the desire to, Hey man, anything goes here at the station for me an George.





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