I was yearning for the opportunity to babysit Charlie just so I could see Dexter again. It had almost been a week and I haven't received a call for my babysitting services since my first encounter. I began to grow paranoid as if my awkward sexual encounter with Dexter had turned him off.

I could barely concentrate on my uni studies because all I could think about was Dexter next to me, the warmth of his big, masculine body next to mine.

While I was pretending to read a few notes in my textbook, my phone began to vibrate wildly on my study table and seeing that the number was one unknown to me, I answered it with a puzzled expression on my face.


'Is this Thaila?'

'Sure is!'

'Hi Thaila, it's Dexter. How are you?'

Silence. This was the voice I had been waiting to hear from for who knows how long and all I could do was sit there with my mouth open with nothing coming out.

'Thaila? Are you okay?'

'Yes, yes, I'm fine. I'm fantastic, how are you?'

'Swell. Listen, I have to duck out tonight for work again, would you mind babysitting again?'

A brief conversation and a million heartbeats later and I was tossing my notes aside as I looked to get changed into something nice for Dexter.

I knocked on the door and was greeted by Dexter who had Charlie in his arms. Charlie waved excitedly at me and Dexter welcomed me into his house, noticeably placing his hand on the small of my back.

'Thank you so much for this. I know this is really last minute but work's been really hectic lately and so my hours have been all over the place.'

'No worries, Dexter.'

Dexter gave me the sexiest half-smile before he ducked into his bedroom to finish gathering his things. it took me well under a minute to snap back to reality and I followed Charlie into his playroom and began aimlessly playing with some of his toys while he amused himself with some building blocks.

'I'll be back late-ish, feel free to help yourself with anything in the house and I mean absolutely anything. Take care. I love you, Charlie'.

Charlie smiled at his father and continued building with his blocks while I sat there disappointed that he had said Charlie and not Thaila.

The rest of the night I spent with Charlie watching TV, playing with toys or feeding him various foods prepared by his handsome father. After washing him and putting him to bed, I found myself at that awkward moment where I was longing to go into Dexter's room and have another poke through his things.

Curiosity got the better of me and I soon found myself pushing his door open and sniffing the manly musk that greeted my eager nostrils. I sat down on his bed and looked around the room; it was very tidy and well-kept and had nothing out of the norm. Dresser, closet, bed, bedside table, lamp, alarm clock. I laid my head back on his pillow and began thinking about my previous encounter with Dexter on this bed and soon found myself getting lightheaded.

I woke up from my slumber, startled that I had fallen asleep on this sexy stranger's bed and glanced over at the alarm clock. It was 7:34 am. I gasped and looked over to my side and saw that the bed was empty. Dexter was still at work.

'Shit!' I hissed.

I ran out of the bedroom and into Charlie was still asleep or at least not crying. I nearly fainted when I saw his bed empty and thought about all the horrible things that could have possibly happened until I heard his voice coming from the kitchen. I made a dash towards his voice and saw Dexter sitting next to Charlie at the table with a newspaper in his hands.

'Good morning Thaila!'

I was so startled by my discovery that I didn't reply and just sat down on the chair next to Charlie.

'I saw you were asleep and didn't want to freak you out like last time so I made camp on the couch. I hope you had a good sleep.'

'Yeah, it was great. How was work?'

'Stressful but I got everything done in time. How was your night last night?'

It would've been better with you. 'Great'.

'Well, I best head off now. Sorry for taking your bed off you again. I'll be sure to go back to my own house next time.'

'No, no, that's fine. Let me walk you out.'

Dexter placed Charlie in his playpen and followed me through the house to the front door. I turned around to say goodbye when I found that he was very close to me, very unnecessarily close.

'I'll probably need you later in the week, if that's alright,' he said.

'Yeah, that's fine.'

I could smell that musky scent of his bedroom and I could feel the warmth radiate off his body and I almost lost control of my knees.

'Are you alright, Thaila?'

'Just a bit dazed.'

'I'm sorry, does this make you feel uncomfortable?'

'No...' I breathed.

Dexter leaned his face in closer to mine to the point where his lips were a fingernail's distance away from mine.

'Are you sure?'


He finally leaned in closer and pressed his lips against mine; he manoeuvred them so perfectly around mine and we connected in a sensual embrace.

'I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself,' he whispered.

'Don't. I wanted it.'

He kissed me once again and placed his hands on my waist. I couldn't believe I was kissing another man, let alone a man double my age and the man I was technically working for.

'I should probably leave,' I whispered.

Dexter pulled away from me and he had a secretive smile on his handsome, rugged face.

'I'll see you later, Thaila,' he said with a wink.



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