As a half-studying half-working 18 year old, I barely had spare time for leisure. I would go out probably once a month with my friends to the clubs and even then, I would be too busy worrying about assignments or if I forgot anything at work.

I was used to this style of life so it took me by a shock when work had decided to 'let me go'. I was a waiter at a cafe and I thought I had been doing a great job but supposedly I wasn't as good as I had thought. They had told me that it was due to 'budget cuts' but I knew that was their way of buttering it up.

Now, I found myself at home using study as an excuse if someone asked me what I was up to when really, I would be staring at the wall, worrying about finance and everything like that. I still lived at home with my parents and my mother was exceptionally worried about me so as a true caring mother would do, she phoned around to see if anyone had work I could do behind my back.

This took me by surprise when she stormed into my room with a big grin on her face with her phone in her hand.

'I've found you a part-time job,' she said brightly.

'You didn't have to,' I said, feeling embarrassed that people would think I had to get my mother to do this for me.

'No, it's okay. It won't be for that long but it'll give you a start.'

I waited for her to tell me what it was when she announced I was babysitting. I was the youngest child and had little to no experience with looking after children.

'You've got to be kidding me,' I mumbled.

'It's better than nothing.'

She had me there so she told whoever it was on the phone that I'd be in tomorrow.

I drove myself to the address and looked up at a typical looking suburbian house, complete with immaculate white paint job and blue window shutters. I shyly walked up the pathway and knocked on the door firmly. Moments later, the door swung open and a man opened the door holding a 2 year old boy in his arms.

'You must be Thaila, I'm Dexter and this is my son Charlie,' he said, offering his free hand for me to shake.

I had always found men attractive yet thought that was just an innocent observation, but my eyes weren't innocently observing this man; he was in his late 30s and despite being double my age, he was out-of-this-world handsome. He was 6'2 and was roughyl 220lbs in muscle. He had this cute boyish quality about his face with two-day blonde haired stubble juxtaposed to his light brown hair. He had this enchanting green eyes which suited his angelic perfected face.

I hadn't taken my eyes off him as he led me into the house and invited me to take a seat in his lounge room.

'I know people usually get girls to do this kind of thing but I thought, hey, child care shouldn't discriminate,' he said so casually as if we hadn't just met 2 minutes ago.

'Charlie's bed time is at 9 and I'll be home at roughly midnight, so help yourself to the fridge and to anything else in the house,' he continued. He had put on this dark leather jacket that made him look even sexier than before.

Mum had told me that he had recently been called to work late nights but he looked so smart casual in his dress that I didn't want to ask what he done for a career.

'I know this is really last minute so I'm thankful I got you,' he said, placing his hand on my shoulder. I froze and didn't dare to breathe as his hand lingered on my body, silently wishing it would caress other parts of me...

I looked up at him as he went to gather his things and I knew this attraction to him wasn't friendly.

'Be good for Thaila,' he said to Charlie who was watching the scene with amusement in his eyes, 'I'll be home soon. Love you.' He kissed his son on his forehead and walked over to me to say goodbye to me.

'Thank you so much for this,' he repeated.

I stood up and extended my arm out for a handshake but he took me by surprise by pulling me towards him and wrapping his arms around me in a hug. His scent was so entoxicating that I nearly collapsed in his arms.

'Sorry, I'm a very straightforward person,' he said with a smirk.

'That's okay,' I said with a smile.

Dexter finally left and I looked over to see Charlie staring at me with such intrigue in his eyes. I smiled and offered to watch cartoons with him with which he happily obliged.

I had put Charlie - who was surprisingly really easy to look after and was an absolute delight - to bed on time and started to look around the house. I opened a door and gasped when I saw it was Dexter's bedroom; I told myself to turn back but I couldn't help myself and like a magnet, I was drawn into his room. I looked around at all of his garments on the floor and looked around his work table, seeing sheets of paper that were foreign to me.

My eyes were drawn to his bedside table and I saw a framed picture of him and what appeared to be his wife with Charlie. I sighed; there goes my shot with him. I knew the story of how his wife had died of cancer so I didn't dare look more into it.

I left his bedroom and shut the door and went back to the loungeroom to aimlessly watch some more television. I had already fed Charlie and I and so had 3 more hours to kill before Dexter was due to arrive home.

I was beginning to get tired and I knew that besides Charlie's bed, Dexter's was the only one left. The couch I was sitting on now wasn't comfortable enough for me to sleep on - or so I told myself - so I dared to think about doing the unthinkable. I looked at my wristwatch and saw that it was nearly 11 so I planned on setting alarm at 11:45 to wake myself up before Dexter got home.

I walked back into his bedroom and, after setting my alarm and triple-checking it, I laid down on his bed. His familiar entoxicating smell filled my nostrils immediately and its soothing aroma put me to sleep almost instantly.

My alarm finally sounded so I groaned and slapped at my wrist until I finally stopped it.

'What was that for?'

I gasped and looked over to my right to see Dexter lying next to me as if my alarm had woken him up as well.

'Oh my god,' I shouted.

Dexter laughed and grabbed my dramatic flailing wrist in an attempt to calm me down.

'It's okay, calm down, I expected to find you asleep.'

'I thought you were gonna be home at midnight,' I mumbled, trying to hide my blushing behind the darkness of the night.

'I got off early. I came in and found you sleeping on my bed so I decided to be kind and carry you to the other side so I could come in next to you.'

I was so glad the darkness was hiding my expression because I looked like a criminal who had just been caught murdering someone.

'You're very welcome to stay over if you'd like,' he suggested.

His hand had casually slipped down from my wrist and was now on top of my hand.

'Oh no, that's okay, I'll leave,' I said quickly.

I got up out of his bed and looked over at him to see that he was only wearing his boxers and that his upper body was as impressive as I thought it would have been.

'I'm so sorry this happened,' I apologised once again.

'Don't be sorry,' he said with a chuckle, 'it's totally fine. In fact, I should probably apologise; you wouldn't want to wake up and find yourself sleeping next to a strange man.'

'No, I loved it.'

I just realised what I had said so I quickly blurted out another goodbye and slammed his door shut. I bolted out of Dexter's house as quickly as possible and forced my keys into the ignition, banging my head on the steering wheel several times for daring to do something so stupid.

I thought about Dexter's hand on mine and my look of stupidity disappeared to reveal a smile I kept to myself.



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