The year was 1985 when I was sitting all along one night in the steam room at the Hilton in downtown Toronto, I have just turn 22 and was in the city experimenting with my sexuality at the time. The door flung open as this man who stood close to 6 feet tall my guess 180 short blonde hair and a very hairy body, "He told me his name was Ed " and that he was in town doing a movie shoot. I take it this person was not one of those well know Actor yet but I have recognized  him from some TV show that were on. We then chatted about everything from sports,music,religion and politics as our body are starting to heat up real good by now. 

The next question that came from him was all about being Bi-curios which I never really heard that term before. I did knew what Bi-sexual is has I gave him a funny look.  I ask him what is this all leading up to Ed ? " Tom I was hoping that you would like to suck me "? I smile and shook my head and said yes. I watch him claimed onto the bench above me as he took of his towel as I was sitting below him with my face right had his med. section. He took a huge gasp of pleasure as I began to blow his nice 7 plus cock, This is the nicest penis that I ever seen in my life, The shape of his penis head and shaft  were so perfect along with his nicely trim crotch area. The pre cum stated to pour out of his penis hole as I was very much enjoying the tasted from it. It never had that harsh taste and smell. The blow job lasted a good 10 minuted before he shot over his hairy blonde sweating chest. 

He invited back to his room next day for some drinks. His room is on the 17 floor over looking the city as he order us both up a shot of rye along with a 6 back of beers from room service. I finally got my nerve up to ask him if he would like to fuck me ? He smiled and said yes before he went into the bathroom to grab a few thing before the fuck. He had a bottle of rush poppers in his hands and a tube of KY along with a condom. He told me to strip off and lay on my back at the side of the bed. 

I watch him approach me wearing his tight white pair of Jockey underwear as he pull them off, He put some spit onto his hands before he gently roll the condom all the way up his 7 inch erect shaft. The head of the condom was full of lube now as he started to pull my ass right up close to it. I starred into his deep blue eyes as my legs were well rested over his shoulder has he started  to penetrate my hole. I took a huge snort of poppers that he handed to me before he took a good snort him self. I felt his whole cock thrusting in and out of me has it was now massaging my prostrate until I scream with pleasured.

My God you feel good Tom ! My God you feel good Tom !  He was now fucking my hole in full throttle as the sweat smell of the Brute aftershave pouring out with sweat from his hairy chest . He then totally shook as he was now orgasming  into my hole shooting out his hot juice inside me. He then took a break before he pull out of me. The both of us were totally exhausted from the fuck, I then watch him peel of the condom that the sack had a huge load of his man juice in the bottom of it. I then suck his cock once that still had lots of cum that was left on it from the fuck. The both of us went to shower off and get clean up before we went out to dinner that evening. 

The dinner was great and we had sex once more when we got back to his room. We hug one last time before I had to head on back to my hotel were I was staying in. 

Part 2  coming 




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