I was into my third day of my business trip here in Warsaw Poland, The lunch crowd is now arriving fairly fast in this famous deli in the main square of the city. The cool October breeze was blowing through a tiny window were I was sitting when I heard a voice shouting at me.

"Hey Tom is that you "

" Hey Tom is that you  "

The voice sounded before I turn my head to see who was yelling, My god it was Ed the actor wow as he approach me and began to set down at my tiny table. The waiter then came over to take our drink and food order. I ask him what the hell is he doing here over in Poland ?

" I am over here shooting a new movie for MGM "

" What kind of movie Ed " ?

" A thriller suspense  Tom "

The chat then went on for a few minutes more about the movie as the drinks started to come along with the food. We both order some cabbage soup ,Perogies and some home made buns.He told me that he will be in Warsaw for another week. I told him that I was leaving in a few day's and flying over to London, England to visit some family there,

" Tom what is up for tonight" ?

" Know plans yet Ed "

" How about coming over to my Hotel "

" What time ED" ?

" We make it for seven "

" Okay that's cool "

I wrote down all the information were Ed was staying before I got up to pay the bill, We then shook each other hands as I went back to my room to finished of my report for the day. The alarm clock was now showing  3 pm as I took a little nap before this evening  with Ed. The alarm clock went off at 5 30 pm as I got up to shower and get dress before I left. I decided to put on my new white Wangler underwear along with my cowboy outfit and boots. I left my hotel around 6:30 to catch a Taxi over to Ed High end Hotel. My God the room he was staying in was beautiful on the 25 floor over looking Warsaw. 

" Tom what would you like a drink " ?

" Yes some Volka Ed that will be great "

He then went over to the table to fix us each a shot of Russia Volka . My god it tasted good as it went smoothly down my throat after the first couple of zips, I can see that Ed was enjoy the drink as well. I heard a knock on the door as Ed then got up to open it up. It was room service as the Porter rolls in a table with our dinner and a bottle of nice Spanish  Merlot Wine on it.

" Thanks Ed "

" You welcome Tom"

" You never had to do this "

" Yes I did Tom " 

The meal was grand has I stared into his nice sexy blue eyes. The Prime rib was perfectly cook along with the potatoes and mixed veggies. I took a quick look at my watch to see the time before Ed ask me to go to a play with him tonight ? The play was very cute and not to long as I begin to get a little horny now before we headed back to his Hotel.

" Ed how are you feeling "

" Good Tom "

" Are you a little horny like me "

" I  am always horny my friend "

" You like to Top me again "

" Sure why not "

" You have to go slow it has been a while "

"Anything you want Tom "

I was now over close to his bed started to undress again before he Makes Love to Me, He came walking out just in his nice tight red spandex bikini briefs. He then began to pull them off very slow as I watch his nice cock get very hard.

" You ready Tom "

" Yes sir "

I was on my knees in the doggy style possession as he started to tongue and lick my hairy hole.

" My god it feels great ED "as I was moaning with great sexual pleasure as I felt his hot tongue sliding in and out of my hole, I can here him moaning also in the background saying,

" Fuck your ass tasted good Tom "

" Fuck your ass take good Tom " as he was really enjoying licking and eating me out before his cock got inside me. This went on for a good 15 minutes or more. I can now seen he was all finished before he grab onto my waist real good and tight as the two of us took a got shot of poppers now.

" You are ready Tom "

" Yes Ed I am ready dude "

I then felt his penis started to penetrate my hole as his cock went inside me a good 2 inches or more.

" You okay Dude "

" Yes Ed " As he took his time and push it all the way up my tight hole,

" Fuck Ed It feels great " As he became more aggressive  after each stroke, I can now hear his balls slapping hard against my hole opening real loud. 

" More Ed I shouted "  His cock was now making me scream of sexual pleasure as the sweat was rolling off his hairy chest pouring down over his hard 7 plus cock.

" Fuck he shouted "

This went on for a good 10 mins before he began to pull out of me.

" Wow Tom That was Fuck'n  good "

" Yes Sir Ed " 

" Are you all done fucking me Ed " ?

" I have just started Tom "  As he then got up from the bed has his cock still had a nice semi on before he walk over to the table to pour us both another drink. The drink went down real good as I was laying there watching him pour some more Ky onto his hard cock. He then put my knees over his nice hairy shoulder as he slid my bum right up to his cock and took another snort of the poppers and then pass me the bottle for a shot.

" Fuck'n wow " As his cock started to slid into me this time in the old fashion missionary style.

" Fuck your hole is so tight Tom "  I then felt him push it up evan further now as I was enjoying looking into his eyes after each long deep stroke.

" Fuck me Ed "

" Fuck me Ed " As he was now in full throttle slapping his balls against my hole as my ass juice was pouring out all over his shaft and onto the covers of the bed.

" I am going to fuck you hard Tom "

" Fuck I am going to fuck you real good dude " came from his voice as I felt his cock now massaging my male G-spot and giving it a good old work out. 

" Tom I am getting real close fuck '

" Tom I am getting real close Dude '

" Fuck me Ed "

" Fuck me you harder Ed "

" Fuck me harder dude "

" Fuck here it is Tom " AS he quick pull out of me real fast.

" Fuck Eddy " I watch him shot off 2 huge loads of his white clear cum all over my hairy blonde chest and the backboard of the bed behind me.

" Wow ED Fuck's wow "

" Fuck Tom that was good dude " Before I felt his body slump over with total exhaustion from the fuck we just had. The both of us slowly got up to stretch before we headed into the shower to get clean up. I still see he had some cum left on his dick as I made my way over to it and finished licking it all up. The shower was great as he got down on his knees as he was now blowing me off with the water pouring down over us. 

" Fuck I am close Ed '

" Fuck I am close Ed " As I scream as the cum was shooting all over Ed mouth and his wet hairy chest .

The both of us were all drying off when I heard a knock at the door. Ed then got his house coat on very quickly  to see who was there. He then open to find out that it was the policeman who was checking out the noise complete from our room. I then walk out of the bathroom fully closed as the cop pointed me to cove over. 

" Are you Okay "

" Yes Officer everything good here sir "

" You sure my friend "

 I can see the look on Ed face that he was real nervous about what is all happening now. I told the policemen once again.

" Yes Sir officer there is no problems here "  Ed gave me a smile before he told Ed to stand and spread his legs against the wall. He then began to frisk Ed legs real good as his hand started to move down the front of underwear. 

" What the hell is this all about " Ed shouted at the policeman.

" You Know Mr Ed "  

"  I know What " I heard that you were getting real rough with him.

" This is not true at all "  Before I got angry with this guy. The next I knew that I was up against the wall getting all frisk. I can hear Ed ask the Officer ?

" Is their anything I can do over this matter "

" Yes you can "

" What is that Sir "

" How about a nice 3 some with you guy's"

" Are you kidding me "

" Nope Mr Ed '

" Tom how do you feel "

" Oaky here Guy's " 

He then let myself go as we walk over to the bed. I then watch Ed helping him take his uniform all off his nice muscle  hairy body. He stood well over 6 '1 he looks like a good 220 to me with short dark brown hair with a nice trim moustache goatee and hairy all over as well. He was wearing a nice pair of black silky spandex briefs that his nice 7 inch uncut cock hanging out the front whole of the underwear.  He told Ed to lay down on the bed now as he began to suck him.

" Nice cock Ed '

" Thanks Sir "

" Call me Walt Ed "

" Okay dude '

I then walk over and was now helping Walt sucking Ed good and hard, Ed love feeling Walt moustache tingle his balls and the lower shaft area of his cock.  The blow job lasted a good 10 minutes before he shot once again all over both of our faces. 

" Fuck guys that was great " 

" Hey Walt how about fucking me Sir '

" You want me to fuck you Tom "

" Yes officer Walt I want you to fuck my hole "

Ed was over now getting some KY lube out for Walt cock, He pull his foreskin pack as he pour some lube on his cock that was still sticking out of his underwear. 

" Ed I need some poppers my friend " As he began to walk over to the night table and bring it over to him. I can see him take a huge snort and pass the bottle back to me to try some before I felt his bear paw hands pull my legs over his huge brood hairy shoulders. Ed stood right behind him watching it all go down.

" Fuck I began to scream a bit " now as I felt his cock going slowly up my hole.

" You okay Tom " 

" Yes Sir Walt " 

" Hang onto the side of my underwear good and tight Tom "

" Okay Walt " I then look at Ed watching him pushing his huge cock all the way into my tight hole. He started to fuck me good and hard as he was all the way inside me of me. I can see  that Ed is really enjoying this as he was now pinching Walt's erected Tits good and hard.

" Pinch them harder Mr Ed '

" Pinch then harder Mr Ed" came from Walt deep foreign voice as he became more aggressive now with his cock. I can feel his balls rubbing very gently against my hole after each of his long deep  strokes. 

" Harder I scream '

" Fuck me Walt "

" Fuck me Walt " as the poppers made me good and more horny. I can feel his underwear was all soaking wet from his sweaty hairy body as I was holding tightly unto them after each fucking stroke of his cock.

" Fuck Tom Pull the underwear tighter "

" Fuck Tighter Tom "

" Fuck I needed Tighter " I can see his underwear wrap around his balls making his cock more erect ed has he was in full motion now. I can hear Ed say out very load now !

" Fuck that Hot Guy's "

" Fuck that real fuck'n Hot " Has his own cock was rock hard  now sliding in and out of Walt sweating checks. The fuck is well into 15 now as I was getting a little exhausted by now.

" Fuck I am close Tom "

" Fuck I am real close Tom" 

" Holy Fuck "  Bang as I felt a huge explosion of cum pouring out his cock as it starts shooting in my holed has his whole body shook while he was oragasing inside me. He then started to pull out of me real fast as the 3 of us crashed on the bed together.  I then watch Ed wipe his cum off Walt hairy checks with a towel before we all hit the showers to get all clean up.

The shower felt great again as myself and Ed were now watching Walt put his uniform back on along  with his bikers helmut as he now buckle up the chin strap before he headed out the door.He then shook both myself and Ed hands and thank us both for the great time.

" Thank You Guy's " As the door open up as he started to walk down the hall way to the elevators.

" Holy Fuck " Ed shouted at me after he close the door to the room.

" I know Ed "  

" Fuck I was real scared at first '

" Same here Ed "

" I got to get going Ed "

" Okay Tom " as I was putting my shoes back on before I left.

" Thanks for the great time Ed "

" You to Tom "

" Bye " Now it was my turn to head down to the elevators.

Part 3 t o follow




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