Chapter 4: Meeting Ian

Kyle had been drinking beer enjoying watching the two boys he'd brought with him to the party splashing around in the pool. The party was a good break for the guys after almost a month of hard manual labor. As Kyle sat watching the two beefcakes he couldn't help think how the two in their own individual ways dripped with sex appeal and how he'd like to have both in bed. With a good buzz going on and a half hard cock Kyle was lusting for both of them as he watched.

A few minutes later Kyle broke away from the party and eased off into the pool house to take a leak. He'd consumed enough beer that his bladder was telling him to empty it. With his swim trunks around his knees standing over the porcelain bowl Kyle was squeezing the last couple drops out when he felt another person's smooth warm wet body press against his backside.

There was also a very impressive cock wedging into the crack in his bare buttock. The guy's hands began circling and roaming his upper body between Kyle's arms and body where they eventually found his nipples.

'Oh God, I'll give you just about an hour to stop that,' Kyle said in a humorous yet wanting voice as the fingertips were tweaking his nipples.

'My oh my, these are nice hard buds,' the voice said as the person behind continued playing with the Kyle's erect sensitive nipples.

Kyle wanted to turn around and let the unknown individual gently bite and suck on his firm nubs, but he was frozen in place. As the guy played with the nipples Kyle's cock began to grow.

Suddenly, the guy's hands began moving down taking hold of Kyle's cock. 'Um, my, this is a nice piece of meat. Everything I heard it was,' the voice whispered from behind Kyle.

Kyle turned his head looking behind to see who it was that was holding his now fully erect cock. 'So, who was it that told you about my cock, Ian?'

'Couple weeks ago Shawn told me how you guys initially met and about him giving you a blowjob in the theater.'

'Yes, that boy can suck a cock! But can't keep a secret.'

'No need for it to be a secret among us boys. Any chance I might be able to suck your cock, Kyle? Or is that strictly his piece of meat?'

'When and where,' Kyle replied turning around facing Ian.

'Right here right now,' Ian said, 'but first let me taste these scrumptious nipples.'

Kyle's head was racing with thoughts of the three of them in bed together. Ian sounded as though he might be up for such an event. Ian began licking and then gently biting before sucking each nipple. Then he would start the process all over again. 'You keep that up and I'm gonna cum.'

'Oh that's what I want but I want your juice flowing in my mouth not all over the floor.' Ian got to his knees, 'Oh my, this is one gorgeous cock and the cockhead is mahvelous dahling.'

Saying no more Ian's mouth latched onto Kyle's cock. Kyle reached out putting both his hands on Ian's short spiky dark hair highlighted with blonde streaks. Kyle watched Ian sucked his cock. The young man was an artist when it came to delivering a blowjob. He certainly knew his way around a cock. 'You are so fucking good.'

After a few moments Ian pulled off Kyle's cock and said, 'This has been worth the wait. I've dreamed about this moment since Shawn first told me.'

'You know, surprising you say that because I had a dream about you at work Friday afternoon. Then I fell out of my chair and damn near broke my neck before I woke up.'


'Yeah, I guess I was horny and fell asleep dreaming about you and I having sex,' Kyle said as the two changed places. Kyle sat down on the toilet seat. 'My, this is an awesome looking cock. Everything I dreamed it was and maybe a little more. May I?'

'I thought you'd never ask. Go ahead.'

Ian's hand held his cock at the base pointing at Kyle's mouth as Kyle began digesting the rather large piece of man meat. He could only get the first four or five inches in his mouth before he began to gag.

Pulling off to regain his composure Kyle asked, 'So are you a bottom or a top, Ian?'

'I go both ways, but I enjoy taking a good cock up my ass.'

'Same with me. I'd sure enjoy taking this trophy up my ass,' Kyle said.

'We may be in luck.'

'How's that, Ian?'

'There's some baby oil on the shelf over here,' Ian said reaching for the clear plastic bottle of oil. 'Change places with me. I'll sit down so you ride me facing me.'

Ian squeezed some of the oil into Kyle's hand. Kyle began working it into his asshole as he stood in front of Ian. Ian in turn oiled up his pole. With both men thoroughly oiled up Kyle moved forward to take his place above Ian's raging hard on. Slowly, Kyle began lowering his ass onto Ian's hard cock.

With his arms around Ian's neck Kyle began lowering his buttock pushing out on his sphincter to accept Ian flared cockhead. Suddenly, the spongy head had breached the first ring. Kyle sucked in a gasp of air. Ian asked, 'You okay? I'm a little bigger than the average guy.'

'No Shit,' Kyle whispered into Ian's ear, 'It's been a while for me.'

After a few seconds Kyle began easing down Ian's pole until he was fully impaled. Once Kyle had bottomed out in Ian's lap Kyle sat there for a few more seconds getting used to the wonderful feeling of Ian's mammoth shaft inside him.

'Oh my, you are big one. Has Shawn experienced this?'

'Not yet, we've talked about it.'

'Well, I think we ought to make that happen pretty soon,' Kyle whispered before he began to ride the full length of Ian's cock.

'Yeah, I think we'd make a great threesome.'

Kyle sped up. The piston inside him was passing over Kyle's prostate with each rise and fall. Of course Kyle would moan or sigh each time the pass was made. 'I wonder if I can make you cum fucking you,' Ian whispered.

'Oh God, I hope so. You definitely have the cockhead to make it happen. Every time the head hits my joy button I'm ready.'

'Do you want me to cum inside you?' Ian asked.

'Oh hell yes.'

'Well, I'm about ready to do it,' Ian said in a hoarse voice.

About that time Kyle began erupting, shooting spooge up between them. The first couple white ropes hit both their faces. The other shots less forceful landed on their chest and abdomen areas. There was much moaning, groaning and sighing between the two men as they both released their juices.

'Don't jump up and get off me,' Kyle said to Ian, 'Just sit here and let me enjoy the feeling of your cock soften inside me.'

The two men began kissing and every once in a while break free and whisper how much they enjoyed each other. After a while the two broke their anal love lock, parting before some one else decided they needed to use the restroom in the pool house.



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