The office was empty, the front door was locked and I sat staring across the desk at the most awesome appearing cock I'd ever seen. The temporary employee walked around the desk pushing my feet off the desk before falling into my arms. Our lips met in a wet sensuous kiss while our hands began roaming through the other's hair and the holding each other around the necks. I knew from first glimpse at the gorgeous cock that I had to have this young man. I was drooling. I wanted his luscious looking cock in my mouth. Yes, the young man had passed the initial interview now it was time to get to the meat of the meeting.

We continued kissing passionately as we were working each others clothing off. First our shirts and then working our way downstairs until we were naked except for our socks. Once we were undressed the temp repositioned his body on my lap with his back to me so my hard cock was wedged in his ass crack. I reached around his smooth body to play with his nipples and remarkable cock while his ass gyrated, humping against my hard cock, while listening to him moan and sigh with pleasure.

My right hand moved up and down the full length of his perfect penis while my left hand remained on his chest, my fingers titillating his erect nipple. I continued nuzzling his neck nibbling his ear lobe as my hands explored the young man's body.

I wanted to suck the temps nipples, cock and ass, but didn't know which one to go for first. The guy's resume described his employable skills, but there was nothing in it that would have foretold what I was about to experience. In short, using just the marketing tool I would have hired him for the position; however, when he stood across the desk from me, unbuckled his belt, unzipped and dropped his trousers and then hauled out that impressive cock he sealed the interview. Now, it was time to put him to work.

With the raw talent in my lap I knew I could mold the temp into a marketable asset. I decided that it was time to orally pleasure the lad. I pushed him off me, repositioning his ass on the desk. Once he was comfortable sitting on the desk I moved between his legs to get at the impressive piece of meat. As I took the bellend into my mouth I lavished it with kisses and licks before I sucked half his cock into my mouth; however, my mind was concentrating on his ass. I wanted him to fuck me with his magnificent piece of meat. I wanted to feel the full length of his hot member inside me. Suddenly, I felt myself falling.

After Kyle crashed to the floor he awoke to find himself sprawled on the carpet of the spacious office behind the big executive desk. Kyle had fallen out of the big overstuffed swivel chair in the boss's office while dreaming, dreaming about having sex with a temp, a very special temp. He quickly got to his feet shook off the fall and began looking around to make sure he hadn't broken or damaged anything in his boss's office.

Kyle's boss had left closing the temporary employment agency for the weekend to Kyle. Waiting out those final minutes Friday afternoon Kyle had kicked back with his feet up on the boss's desk daydreaming about Ian. Ian was the other temp along with Shawn that had made it to full hire status after the manufacturing company's consolidation move.

The number two at the agency was waiting for any last minute calls to schedule temps for the next week. There were only two people who worked in the office: Kyle and his boss. While waiting to close Kyle had been fantasizing about sex with Ian when he fell out of the chair.

Ian resembled the actor Josh Hartnett. He was tall, athletic build, dark hair, and smoldering brown eyes, possessing that sultry sexually seductive look of the actor. As Kyle sat back down in the chair his finger tips were caressing the bulge still present in his trousers as he was once again began envisioning what Ian might look like in a state of undress.

Closing time finally arrived and Kyle was still gently tracing the outline of the bulge with his finger tip. He had to stop before there was a tremendous explosion in his trousers, leaving a wet stain in his pants. Kyle was hopeful that the coming special weekend would resolve his horniness. He had yet to engage in any serious sex with the homeless waif who had become his roommate and was horny for the young man.

Hell, Kyle was just plain horny. He wanted some fine dick and to get fucked. Kyle hadn't engaged in any real sex since he broke up with his old boyfriend weeks prior, and since that first meeting in the theater Kyle and Shawn, although they'd hit it off as friends, hadn't spent any quality time together for sex.

When they were together Shawn was tired from eight to ten hours six days weeks doing manual labor. During the evenings Kyle would massage Shawn's sore muscles and wash his long brown hair. Now that things were starting to settle down Kyle was hoping the two might work into something more than roommates. Who knows there might be the possibility of a threesome in their future.

Kyle closed the office that Friday afternoon a little after five and headed out to pickup Shawn and Ian at their new job. Shawn and Ian had been hired after the consolidation move to stay on as full-time employees. The homeless waif would be working full-time in the drafting department for his new boss while Ian had scored a part-time position.

Kyle had learned from his boss that the owner of the manufacturing plant would be throwing a cookout and swim party on Saturday afternoon for his employees and he and his boss had been invited. Shawn appeared to be excited about being hired full-time as well as being invited to the big employee bash. Kyle was taking Shawn out to dinner Friday night as celebration dinner for the homeless waif's transformation from a five dollar cocksucker to a productive member of society.

As Kyle pulled up in front of the plant Shawn and Ian were waiting for their ride. 'Hey, Shawn, Ian,' Kyle called out through the open passenger side window, 'get in.'

'Hi, Kyle,' came the reply in unison.

As usual Ian got in the back seat of the SUV and Shawn got into the front seat. Ian as always thanked Kyle for the ride. 'What do you have planned for tonight, Ian?' Kyle asked.

'Nothin much. Go home, take a shower and go get something to eat before I hit the bed.'

'You want to join us for dinner after you get cleaned up?' Kyle asked, 'My treat.'

'I'd love to,' Ian replied, 'Actually Shawn and I ought to be taking you out to dinner as a reward for getting us our jobs.'

'No problem guys. My pleasure,' Kyle responded, 'So, Ian, you gonna be workin part-time?'

'Yeah, the boss has got me scheduled to work about twenty to twenty-five per week in accounts receivable while I continue going to college,' Ian replied leaning over resting his arms on the console while talking to the two in the front seats.

'I don't remember, what's your major and year at the university?' Kyle asked.

'Business and I'm a second year student,' Ian said, 'You should be about ready to graduate pretty soon, huh?'

'Yeah, I'm a senior this year,' Kyle replied, 'I been trying to get Shawn interested in starting school.'

'Yeah, me too. That would be awesome if he could get into school, but I think it's a little late to begin this semester,' Ian stated.

'Yeah, maybe next semester after I work and save up some money,' Shawn said.

'Hey, you missed my stop. Just pull over and let me out,' Ian said

'Sorry bout that,' Kyle said pulling over to the curb, 'I had my mind on something else.'

Ian got out saying, 'I'll call you guys when I get cleaned up before I come over.'

'See you all in a while Ian,' Shawn replied.

Kyle in his state of lust over the two sex pots missed the driveway to his apartment next. 'Hey, Kyle you drove past our entrance.'

'I'll take the side entrance.'

Once inside the apartment Shawn stripped out of his work clothes, throwing them in the washer. He then took off for the bathroom where he was in the shower within seconds. Kyle followed him into the bathroom as Shawn's beautiful ass disappeared as he pulled the shower curtain. 'Hey, would you wash my hair?' Shawn called out from behind the curtain.

'Sure, just a minute.'

Kyle enjoyed washing the homeless waif's soft long brown hair. He pulled the curtain back a bit and was in the shower standing behind Shawn. Shawn was standing under spray of water wetting his hair. After getting completely wet Kyle grabbed him turning him around facing the back of the shower and began working up a good head of lather. 'Keep you eyes closed,' Kyle said as he took the spray nozzle and began rinsing the waif's hair.

Once Shawn's hair was rinsed of the old shampoo and dirt from work Kyle began lathering up the beautiful head of hair again. Kyle was becoming somewhat aroused as his hands were stroking and working the suds through Shawn's soft hair. Kyle again rinsed Shawn's hair and then put conditioner in it. After the conditioner Kyle began soaping up Shawn's back. He was moving his hands all over the back side of the younger boy's body working up a good fluff of suds.

Kyle reached out taking Shawn's arms placing his hands on the back of the shower wall. Shawn was bent forward at the waist slightly as Kyle began washing the waif's pits. Then moving forward slightly to get to the front of Shawn's body Kyle's body and semi hard cock made contact with Shawn's ass. He reached around to wash the front part of the boy's body. Standing in that position Kyle's semi hard cock had found a home in Shawn's warm wet ass crack. Shawn sighed and shivered at the touch.

Kyle began playing with Shawn's nipples as he was washing the front of Shawn's body. In a matter of minutes the small buttons were hard as rocks. The younger boy began cooing like a dove inviting Kyle to continue. Kyle repositioned his cock with the head upwards in Shawn's ass crack and then inched closer; his cock was now fully erect and well-seated in the waif's ass crack much like a wiener in a bun. Kyle decided to go for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The older boy had yet to see his roommate all boned up. He'd seen him flaccid and a semi erect state a few times, but no boner. As Kyle's hands dropped to Shawn's crotch area he found what he was looking for and it felt like a magnificent male specimen. He stroked it a few times trying to sense its full length and girth. From what he could feel it was of respectable size. Then he went for the testicles.

As Kyle fondled the scrotal sac he could only find one nut to play with and wondered what may have happened to the other. Shawn was still cooing with pleasure. Kyle bent forward whispering in Shawn's ear, 'I want you tonight, baby.'

Shawn spun around grabbing Kyle hugging him around the neck kissing him with great passion. The two stood there in the shower kissing passionately rubbing their hard cocks together. Their bodies were still slick from the soap. Shawn broke free and whispered back in Kyle's ear, 'Me too.'

With that the two rinsed off and then Kyle dropped to his knees in the tub. With one hand he grasped Shawn's respectable size cock pulling it down to his mouth where his lips closed over a pink cockhead and then he began ministering a blowjob. Shawn squealed with delight holding onto Kyle head as he sucked on his cock. Suddenly, Shawn exploded in Kyle's mouth, filling it with his sweet man milk.

After the blowjob Shawn was on his knees duplicating the process on his roommate. Of course Kyle was able to hold off his orgasm for a few minutes longer than his younger protégé. Then both men finished rinsing off and drying their bodies. They dressed for dinner, nothing fancy, just casual attire to wait for a call from Ian.



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